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  1. I have (and now of considerable value) a Ki -21 kit issued under the Revell (GB?) label. Bought some time in mid 70's. Various posts have questioned if it is really 1/72 as there were quite a few Japanese issues in 1/75 at that time. Also from whom the mould originated and where it is now. At one time it was rumoured that a ship transporting it sank. But it's not Hasegawa for sure or it would have been re-issued from time to time as have Nell, Peggy and quite a few others.
  2. I think a new-tool of either of the above (or any other non-Japanese aircraft) would warrant a 'News Flash' interruption to BBC\ITV or anyone else's programmes. However, specifically: - G4M1: the most likely new subject but did the new Emily sell? If not, no 'Betty'. - Ki-21 Sally. Very unlikely to come from Hasegawa, even less so from any other Japanese source, and surely not at all from elsewhere. I'm advised that the war is (understandably) not much talked of in modern Japan, and the 'track' record of Sally isn't that good. Largely used for bombing (near) undefended cities, it suffered heavily against credible opposition eg AVG over Rangoon. At least its IJN equivalent, Nell, could claim success against 'Prince of Wales' and 'Repulse'. Meanwhile Hasegawa are 'sitting pretty' with what must be fully depreciated moulds. Many such as F-11F 'Tiger' or Ki48 'Lily' are unlikely ever to be tooled by others and even their Skyraider remains unchallenged. Indeed looking at their Newsletters it's hard to see what is truely new. Could anyone advise?
  3. I emphatically plead 'NOT GUILTY' to starting a rumour. What I said was '...with any luck Airfix just might announce...' Maybe I could have said 'It would be ironic if...' I contend that a Privateer is a credible, though unlikely, subject for Airfix to tool. - Credible since there are extant examples, it saw service with several organisations, had a range of colour\finishes etc. - Unlikely since, even in that size, there are many other better known 'competitors' for funding etc: Halifax, Lincoln, Liberator, Catalina not to mention various 1/48 subjects. However if Airfix ever did tool a Privateer, then 'Blunderbuss' would certainly be a good or even likely choice of 'marking'. Eye catching, amusing, well documented, no part-clad figures etc. As it happens I have an unbuilt kit + Cobra improvements set + Black White Dog decals. Were I ever to bring the three together, I would feel it ironic if Airfix were then to grace us with state-of-the-art kit! Don't get me wrong; I'd love to see this happen though I don't think it will in my lifetime. Check my details to see how old I am...
  4. With any luck (though not for you !) Airfix just might announce a new tooling at Telford with 'Ol Blunderbuss' artwork: it was fairly well recorded.
  5. I was going to try vac-forming the (side panels) as those on the Tamiya are separate, and the shape is fairly simple. Have an uneasy feeling that the top is different too...
  6. As a torpedo bomber (yes I know it could also carry bombs) there would surely be no need for Oxygen
  7. As one who had intended (and still does) to build from Tamiya and Arma (now Brengun) where is the intake for the pressure cabin?
  8. I'm sure that Airfix are well aware of the 'development potential' of the Mosquito, so there must be good very reasons why there is no apparent provisions for these. Time and money probably and maybe experience. Time: The necessary research, design and as suggested, tooling, will all delay the release. It also prevents the designer addressing other subjects 'in the pipeline'. There's also the possibility that someone else (was it Special Hobby?) 'will get in first' so to speak. Money: Airfix must have been in a parlous state at the beginning of the year with only the Spitfire Vc of 2020's releases made and earning money. Happily they've caught up with only the Tempest now listed as 2021\2. Also any money spent on developing other variants is essentially 'dead' and of no value until these are released some years later. Get the kit on the Retailers shelves and earning money as soon as possible Experience: Need I say more? They've made enough 'development releases' Whitley, Lancaster, Victor, Kate to know what works best.
  9. Everybody, it seems, assumes that because draughsmanship is of a high order that the plans must be accurate. Bently reversed the colours of wingtip lights ie Green to port, Red to starboard .....
  10. Having started the original thread re black and yellow bands, I was quite unaware that they were preceded by black and white. A little academic since they appear to have been applied only ? to F-86A's and the only such 1/72 kit is the Matchbox. Rather 'Matchbox' in terms of accuracy and detail which is perhaps why it is no longer available. The webpage link is a fascinating look at service life 70 years ago. Thanks for posting it.
  11. USAF F-86's in Korea were invariably marked with black edged yellow bands around the fuselage, outer wings and often the fin. Does anyone know the required dimensions for sizes and positions ?
  12. And I thought they were the same size as \ interchangeable with those of the Sea Vixen.
  13. You must have a different edition of 'Spitfire - the story of a Famous Fighter' as P210 in my edition (Serial Number 474 at a cost of 45/- )is a Glossary of abbreviations! Seriously though, the difference between F, LF and HF variants was the engine fitted. This may or may not be traceable from the serial number. Spitfire - The History is a bit vague here.
  14. - Although there has been plenty of pre-release information eg Box Art, for Tempest V and ll, I've yet to find anything for Tempest Vl . Has anyone seen anything? The website seems not to have a 'future releases' section and Hannants don't list a ll, though one can be confidently expected. - There will clearly be a separate sprue for the engine, prop etc for the Tempest ll, but can the Vl be built 'direct' from the V kit or will it too require a separate sprue? Difficult to tell from published pictures of V sprues.
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