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  1. Lucky to have bailed out and survived. There was a tale, somewhere, of a bail-out (I think from a Spitfire) where most of the parachute had been removed for the 'silk' in it ....
  2. Don't agree. Airfix's purpose is to make money. Here we have, not just a Spitfire, but an Airfix Spitfire at under a 'tenner'! A 'pocket money' price and surely enough to tempt a young person to move on from the likes of Lego and start building 'real' models. If this is so, then I'm more than happy live with any shortcomings/limitations if it makes Hornby Hobbies lots of money. I'm hopeful that the Aftermarket will 'come to the rescue' with small cannon bulges, bulged wheel covers, rear view mirror(s), Aboukier filter, and even an enlarged oil tank. I'd love to bui
  3. It may have missed out on the compass, but at least it has a voltage regulator!
  4. Not sure if I have fully and correctly followed all of this most interesting post but : - Is there a rear view mirror? I couldn't see it on the finished model. An earlier post suggested it was the item above\below the control column. - Am I imagining it, but do the main undercarriage legs have 'side braces'?
  5. Good to see such enthusiasm among 'die hard' modelers for this kit. But I'm thinking of the 'non-modelers' who buy them as Christmas presents. What better choice on the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain than an Airfix Spitfire: even in an 'easy to wrap' box! I hope Airfix sell lots and lots of them, make lots and lots of money and help bring Hornby Hobbies well and truly out of the red. Maybe too, to make the recipients (who may not have built a model before) realise that modelling is fun and so take up the hobby and buy more.
  6. Except that this is 'The Rumourmonger'
  7. Don't seem to be able to reply 'directly' to original response but: a (generally) hard, as in 'cat', 'sat', 'mat'. ä (generally) soft as in 'bay', 'say' and so on. German, at least, has 'got to grips' with the matter and for example oe is a recognised alternative to ö. To help in my studies I have, beside my keyboard, an A4 sheet (held in place with BluTack) with French, German and Spanish characters. They all require ALT followed by a 3 digit number such as 135 for ç or 164 for ñ I believe they are from the ASCII code, and there are other 'useful' characters (
  8. A small point, but the name is Rächer, meaning 'Avenger'. If you have a 'proper' keyboard, with a keypad to the right, the character (a with umlaut) can be entered by pressing Alt and 132 simultaneously. If you can't manage that, then Raecher is an acceptable alternative. There is no German word 'Racher'. Gruße (greetings)
  9. The cynical might scoff at the recent ‘announcement’ that there would be an announcement on 6th January, but to me it says it all. And no surprise either. But thank you Airfix for saying it: clearly thinking of Modellers who, in fact, make up only a small proportion of those who actually buy kits. Airfix are way, way behind on their 2020 new releases, with only the Beaufort due before year-end. The rest stretch out to June, so any 2021 new releases are unlikely to be before then. The last time there was no ‘Telford announcement’ was, I think, 2017. For the Trade Fai
  10. So are you saying that it is somewhat equivalent to 'Kilroy' of 'Kilroy was here' fame\notoriety ?
  11. I'd love to continue this topic but it's somewhat strayed from 'What happened to Hasegawa', so I'll start a new one under Chat. Hope that keeps the Moderator happy.
  12. Not 'wish-listing' as it's outside my area of interest but I would expect to see a later, radar equipped, version of the MiG-17 'Fresco'.
  13. Surely you meant to type in another subject - perhaps Sally? Hasegawa have already tooled both G4M1 and G4M2. The difficulty with Sally is the dearth of reliable data. An 'early war' type there's virtually nothing left of them. 'Pacific Wrecks' has only almost unrecognisable wreckage - perhaps not surprising as there was little IJA involvement there, not to mention its replacement buy 'Helen' Just possibly werckage might be found in SE Asia (Burma, Malaya, Thailand) but in what condition? I have a much treasured (and unbuilt) Sally, currently going for around £150 on e bay
  14. And there's another possibility. The white overpainting was applied by US forces! Imagine the situation: a 'top secret Nazi warplane' has been captured intact. Something akin to the near intact Zero found in the Aleutians. The response from Headquarters, Air Intelligence or whoever would have been to hide it, conceal it, camouflage it asap so the enemy can't destroy it before it could be recovered. Now there are plenty of photos of 'uncamouflaged' Ar234s on snow covered airfields and this machine may well have been like them. I don't know if there even are white ca
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