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  1. I can only suggest that the roundel was changed to indicate that the aircraft now belonged to a PR unit: a simpler solution than a full repaint. And the guns? Well presumably retained for self defense.
  2. Reverting to the original topic! As alternatives to the Lincoln, very much in third place after a new Halifax (though my first choice) would be a PB4Y-2 Privateer.
  3. There was a 1/72 Chipmunk once, now presumably out of production. Unlikely to re-appear soon so as not to 'steal the thunder' ....thunder from a Chipmunk you might ask. Maybe you could pick one up 2nd hand. In a polythene bag as I recall.
  4. Not mentioned, at least recently, is that the aircraft shown in the Aeroplane Spotter, has a 'B' type roundel on the fuselage. How does this date the photo in relation to the others? Once the Ju86 'threat' had passed, survivors were converted to the PR role, for which B type was the norm, yet the barrels of the machine guns are clearly visible.....
  5. But they have to be widely distributed, well known etc to the people who are likely to buy them. This is fine for Eduard (with its neighbors) based in the former WarPac region, but not so good for the UK and NATO/English speaking areas where I suspect most of Airfix's sales are. Ask yourself, from Airfix, which would sell more: a (retooled) Seahawk or a MiG 19?
  6. CMK make 'enhancement' sets, designed for Hasegawa. Cockpit, wheel wells, control surfaces etc All in stock at Hannants
  7. I see an element of personal preference here: "I know it would sell ...." How about the much requested Venom, or re tooled Sea Hawk? Both served with forces outside UK.
  8. a) The Revell one has serious accuracy issues. b) The Airfix mold is very old. In particular the clear parts are very poor.
  9. Without going too much off-thread, wouldn't a new Halifax be a better choice than a Lincoln?
  10. Airfix don't do 'conversions' of the type you describe. Better look to ?Blackbird? who did a conversion from a Lancaster to a Lincoln. Not for beginners but a posting, some years ago, showed that in skilled hands a fine result could be produced. The same goes for a Manchester, oft requested of Airfix. On the Hannants website there are future Blackbird conversions (or should it be 'reverse engineering') from a Lancaster. True these are all Avro, but why does nobody want an Albemarle? An important type, no line up would be complete without it...
  11. Recent postings seem to indicate that heating tubing to the two guns was removed: ie they were unnecessary. It’s my belief that most gun seizures and stoppages were caused by ice either ‘joining’ parts so they couldn’t move/flex or ‘enlarging’ them eg links, ammunition so they couldn’t pass through various apertures. In the UK water water could be present at any time in the form of condensation and/or rainwater collection in aircraft parked outside. In the desert: well need I say more! There’s an oft repeated tale of combat between a Ju86 and Spitfire Vll high over the UK. The bat
  12. Per earlier post, heating for the Starboard gun could have come from the radiator (standard arrangement?). However on the Port side there was only the oil cooler so maybe a heating pipe that side only.
  13. A master at my school was known as 'Jumbo Jennings' on account of his large size. Was 'Jumbo' Genders so named for the same reason?
  14. A point not so far mentioned is that the photo in the (Aeroplane Spotter) article shows the fuselage roundel being of the B type. All others of BR114 show the 'standard' C1 type. Curious: perhaps the photo was not, as the article supposes, of BR114 but another of those modified....
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