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  1. Does anybody know when the announcement will be made? I'm looking to 29th as it's my birthday and right at the end of the month, so anything sooner would be a 'bonus'. The announcement of a Spitfire XlVe (for reasons given in an earlier post) would make an excellent 'present', to be followed up by test shots at Telford and release at Christmas. Dream on.
  2. This has already been announced: release around Christmas if I remember correctly. Even if this had not been, look at the B\C sprue layout and content.
  3. I’ll suggest that ‘mystery announcement’ will be of a Spitfire XlVe. It bears the same relationship to the Merlin variants as the P-51B/C does to the D. No shortage of excellent kits of D’s or Merlin Spitfires but hitherto no ’quality’ B/C or XlV . By all accounts the B/C was a runaway success, so it would make good sense to repeat with the Spitfire. I’ll guess, initially, high back with fuselage parts on a separate sprue: low back (on its own sprue) to follow later. Don’t think we’ll see a ‘c’ wing: not that many built. And when? Well 29th is my birthday: or is that just wishful thinking? Oh yes: I’ve never been right with any prediction…
  4. Surely the Sea Hawk (I think the oldest of the list?). Now, as is Airfix's custom, with folding wings. As a Bridge Player I'd 'have' to go for Ace Diamonds. The all red (forget which aerobatic team) would be stunning. There's also Black and Yellow Suez stripes.
  5. Thank you for this. Don't think I would have ever found it otherwise! There's no (to me) self evident connection \ link to Alclad II as was. Always thought they were Acrylic, rather than Enamel, though don't really mind. Incidentally I use Nail Varnish remover to clean my airbrush and leave the nozzle assembly in it till required. Will be curious to see if the bottles are the same size. At Telford I was, very generously, donated a rack which still has quite a few vacant spaces in it.
  6. I did indeed. The Website (via Google Search) shows just 'Hobbies' and of Alclad there is no trace. Based near Norwich so presumably the correct one. Mil Spec (nothing to link it to Alclad) gives just 2 subjects! - AK interactive Slime and Grime.. - AK interactive Metal Burnishing Fluid Hence my posting!
  7. None of this is what I was really seeking - see original posting. Metallic colours are widely available. It's the 'ordinary' colours I was after. If there is a dispute over the 'ownership' of the name this would explain why they can only be found by 'remaindering' from existing stocks. To define my objective, met by Alclad ll, but who else? - Ready to spray - Prefer Acrylic. - Aircraft colours - Colours MUST be referenced by 'system' eg FS number, RLM, BS etc. Yes, I know there are some that don't use these eg Japanese, Israeli in which case this MUST be used as part of the identification. Likewise some 'unique' identifications such as PRU Blue, Aotake. Too often paints are merely identified as Mid Tan, Light Grey. Yes: I know the Xtracolour/Xtracrylic do this but they aren't ready to spray. Likewise some manufacturers sometimes and inconsistently add, say, and FS number. Often this isn't listed on the description and can't easily be seen on the picture of the bottle: Almost as if they were embarassed to show it! As a Post Script, I do like the little glass ball that Alclad often include to help mixing. Not obligatory as I have now a small stock of them.
  8. I'm puzzling over the caption with Red 2. My limited German translates it as 'The next man the same lady': a subtlety I can't follow.... While I'm here, what is/are the difference(s) between D-9 and -11?
  9. I've not seen the decal sheet, but Airfix would be wise to provide the leaf in both colours and let the modeller decide.
  10. I had no idea that they Poland 'handed over' so much. This merely reinforces my point! As for the suggestion (from yourself and others) of further Japanese releases, and in view of the reported of 'above expectation' sales, these will surely come. However the 'lead time' required makes it unlikely they will be the subject of the August announcement.
  11. The Poles did not and still do not like the Russians: don't want to get political here! On a purely factual note they are giving\lending\passing on their Soviet Aircraft to the Ukrainians.... So not much hope for any Soviet subject!
  12. The picture is in the Squadron/Signal 'In Action' series #39 pp20. By now surely out of print. For the record, it is Turkish. From port side, fuselage insignia reads OK-14, though that's not a very precise description: limited by available typefaces eg '-' is in fact level with the bottom of the characters. Though it can't be identified as such, it's a Vc according to the caption.
  13. Does anybody know when in July they will be making their announcement? We're already at the end of the first week.
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