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  1. Denford

    PB4 Privateer

    Unfortunately these are one-piece with a rather unreal cylindrical depression (don't know how else to describe it) between the cowling front and the engine. The purist may wish to remove the engines entirely and 'clean out' the cowling. Replacement engines (white metal or resin) aren't hard to come by and should improve the appearance. The Cobra 'Detail Set' I referred to above, has separate engines and cowlings. I like the thought of Valom tooling it. There are actually more colour (or should it be color) schemes than you suggest. Firetruck red for target aircraft, and 3 tone or overall dark blue for French and Chinese Nationalist users.
  2. Revisiting this posting a second time! - '...we all crave..' looks suspiciously like the royal 'We', in this case meaning 'I'. - Whether a subject is esoteric is rather subjective: I wouldn't call either a P-38 or Tempest series esoteric. So why wasn't a P-38 tooled? Because a Beaufort was chosen instead. Why not the Tempest? Because a Spitfire Vc was chosen instead. - '… many other subjects in different scales'. Remember that this year we have FOUR aircraft. Now admittedly the Vulcan is large, so in its place could have been 2 or maybe even 3 alternatives. There is a limit, and a fairly small limit too, to the number of new subjects that can be tooled each year. This seems to be overlooked by some BM correspondents who submit lists running into double figures! Circumstantial evidence suggests that when Phoenix asset management took over the running of Hornby (2 years ago?) several\most\all subjects were put on hold. Encouragingly, remarks at Telford suggest that Airfix are now 'up to speed'. However as even the smallest subjects takes at least at least a year to tool, one can be optimistic that output will increase, though perhaps not as much as many would wish. As for the subjects there many, such as the Scimitar, which they are unlikely to tool. That said, and even with their perceived selection policy, there are many, many others they could, and one day surely will. But for every one selected, others will be passed by. 'Many be called but few be chosen' is the phrase that comes to mind.
  3. Denford

    PB4 Privateer

    There was a 1/72 resin 'Detail Set' for the Matchbox Privateer produced by Cobra Resin ref CC72019. Very good it is too, and awaits its call to duty. A web search suggests they are part of Lone Star Models who are off line till the end of January. Much of the search turned up their 1/48 Privateer and nothing in 1/72: sorry I can't be more specific. The said 1/72 set doesn't contain any control surfaces and I have my doubts about the elevators which seem, as I recall, to be different top and bottom. Also the rather curious kit representation of the rudder shown as fabric one side and metal the other! Examination of photos of wreckage suggests that it was entirely metal covered. Reliable drawings are hard to find and besides the above particularly confirm or otherwise of the position of the tailplane in relation to the fuselage: again examination of photos (including those of B-24 which must surely be the same) suggest the kit is OK. I have a folorn hope that Airfix may tool it one day, but I would rank it below the Lincoln and a retooled Halifax.
  4. In the case of the Beaufort I'd expect a sizeable proportion of sales to be to Australia: are we still on the Airfix Spitfire Vc thread?
  5. Sorry, but Airfix's objective is TO MAKE MONEY. Hornby Hobbies still owe money to the Bank and, alas, can't indulge in the luxury of tooling loss-making subjects to suit a minority of buyers. Hard I know, and there are many, many subjects 'crying out for new tooling' some commercially viable, other not. At their rate of genuinely new toolings, even the seemingly most probable are in a very, very long queue.
  6. Interesting little 'snippets' of information from the instruction sheet from Aardvark eg: - That a separate, oblique, camera port is included. - There are separate (presumably clear) wingtips for clipped wing builds - The main radiator is in 4 parts! - 2 types of drop tank But most interestingly 'instruction 33' shows the same recesses under both wings of the type to accomodate a 'full' ie Mk lX, radiator! Not sure how the little l/ll/V oil cooler is added. Personally not to hopeful for follow-ons for Vb, Xll, Seafires etc. My gut feel is that Airfix will tool this one to allow virtually any variant of the Vc to built from the box, with anything else having to come from the aftermarket. No doubt we will be drip-fed with information. Does anyone have a better release date than 'autumm'? Saw this before seeing Rabbit Leaders' suggestion that it was for the XlV
  7. Probably to make it easier to remove them from the mould! Italeri did this with the radators of their Vb & Vc and I think likewise, Academy with their XlV
  8. Denford

    Airfix Spitfire Vb

    It doesn't seem right to keep adding to this heading in the 'Rumourmonger' section any longer, hence a new Thread here. An interesting observation from the most recent Aerodrome is that the kit will have 73 new parts. The 'current' Mk l/lla has only 47! W O W. Some, like the (newly added) adjustable radiator flap, are self-evident but one can only speculate how the balance will be made up. The small lugs at the rear underwing suggest external tankage(s), clearly a 'home' ie non-tropical carburetor intake will be included and hopefully an Aboukier too. But that still leaves open lots of possibilities: what do other BM followers think? Clear wing tip fairings (like the Buccaneer) allowing navigation lights for clipped wing examples perhaps. From earlier postings it seems that it will be a 'stand alone' Vc without compromise to Vb or Seafires. If so, then the basic kit could be re-released a number of times (like the Sea Fury) with different markings, parts etc without changing the basic tool. We should be grateful to Airfix for choosing to tool this as a subject and I hope it makes them lots and lots of money.
  9. My italics in your post. Airwaves, now owned by Hannants, made conversion sets and folding wings (using resin and PE) to convert the 70' Airfix Vb to the various Merlin Seafires variants. Very comprehenive they were too especially for the Mk lll. However, and I stand to be corrected, I think only Mks l and ll Seafires were based on the Vb, whereas Mk lll was based on the Vc. How well they would fit only time will tell.
  10. Yes: I can see that. My point is whether wingtip fairings will be included for those who want to cut off the 'full span' tip which must then be faired off.
  11. Just visible on the underside view, the lower wing 'fits into' the upper as indeed do most Spitfire kits. Let's hope they include wing tip fairings (perhaps in clear) for those who want to build clipped wing examples. Also prepare for an onslaught of decals.
  12. Thanks for this: every time such a correspondence occurs, more and more differences between b & c appear! So as blabbermouth says (sorry to appear rude, but that's the name you use!) any Vb is still a long way off. Should be grateful to have a 'quality' Vc without now speculating on a Vb
  13. It's almost beyond credibility that they wouldn't include a standard carburetor intake, even if not for 'immediate use' so to speak. Hope they include Aboukier filter too. Looking far, far ahead, I would expect an entirely separate sprue for a 'b wing' which could, maybe, use the same undercarriage but with the reduced forward cant. Others may know better if this is feasable. I'd also expect any 'b' kit to include an externally armoured windscreen, which few if any 'c's had. It will be interesting to see if there's one on the clear sprue for this 'c' kit.
  14. Thanks Botan for posting the profiles. I've tried following up on Airfix's website which is presumably where you found them, and I think Thanet must still be on platted grass Broadband which times out to the extent that nobody would have a hope of Pre-Ordering. Interesting to see that there are two Propeller/Spinner options, though - at least for the profiles shown - no Aboukier filter. Will be interesting to see if US/South Africa are offered only RAF markings. Very curious to know if sprues allow b wing to be substituted.
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