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  1. Looks interesting though I'm only 1/72 However a minute scoring with a pointed scalpel is required to correct the spelling: AUFBUCKEN to the correct AUFBOCKEN
  2. Just finishing one myself. I'd describe it as 'adequate'. Fuselage a little skinny, small parts rather crude (perhaps molding limitations) decals fragile. Instructions call for bulge over wheel well: just plain wrong, misses little bulge IFR? under rear f/u, radiator too shallow, etc. Annoying, but correctable. Hope Xtradecal/Hannants can 'follow up' my call for 'red' stripes to go over gun apertures. The kit ones just disintegrated. Yes: there might seem to be a 'call for' a 1/72 'mainstream kit: from whom? At Telford KP turned down flat the idea of 'extending' Vc to Xll.
  3. Actually, if you did use a 'current' toothbrush and provided you rinsed it really well you'd be doing yourself a favour (or favor) if you are American! Hypochlorites are good disinfectants and your toothbrush would then be bacteria free. Also bristles on a 'current' brush are likely to be stiffer (and so better scrubbers) than on one that was 'past it'. That said, I too would always use an old toothbrush, of which I retain a few for similar such uses. Toothbrushes are better cleaned with Hydrogen Peroxide. Hope this isn't too much off thread: from Hasegawa/Mania 'Kat
  4. Is it possible that the bio-degradable plastic Airfix now use restricts how sharply detail can be molded? I also suspect that sharper detail costs more or all kits would have it. That said, Airfix are for the mass market where cost is important.
  5. But did the Sea Vixen and Javelin sell? Airfix were going to re-issue the Sea Vixen, then withdrew it. However the costs of the original tooling must surely have been well and truly written off, so in a sense the selling price would have been subsidised. As for the Javelin, notwithstanding that Airfix don't downscale, they try and diversify. Recently, and off the top of my head, there have been Hunter, Phantom, Buccaneer, with Vampire, Vulcan and Sabre to follow. So one could say that Cold War jets have been well represented.
  6. I'm told (others may have better information) that it was quite 'acceptable' for US firms to offer bribes providing they were reported as such in Company Finances
  7. This is in fact just one of several Tempests he flew: well known because there's a good captioned photo of it showing the burn damage received after being hit in the leading edge tank. He received a DFC (I think) for bringing it back. The Tempest website (would have no idea how to link to it) shows his various victories, both here and during a brief spell in 3 Squadron. Although the serial numbers are listed, that's not always the case for individual aircraft letters. To confuse matters these would surely have been re-allocated for replacement aircraft. What's more he flew sev
  8. I never expected them to. Like the Spitfire Vc, just a simple 'plain vanilla' kit aimed at the junior modeller to encourage him (or her) to move on from 'lego type' assembly to real kits like the ones that Dad used to make.
  9. By some miracle of modern technology, the text is omitted. It asked which light was to the front. For what it's worth, the Airfix Spitfire 22 has these same lights, in the same order, with red to the front.
  10. Unless I've missed it, why no Sea Fury?
  11. Indeed yes, but what I was trying to say that among single seaters there's a limited choice. And there is (or was) a Beaufort at Hendon. Not too hopeful of your Battle though. Also the Corsair had, like the Beaufort, UK users. The point I was trying to make (you are welcome to disagree) is that an F4U would be a natural, next to follow the Tempest. Alas I fear only an F4U-1 with, like the Spitfire Vc, no inbuilt follow-on potential.
  12. Don't seem to be able to get the full (original) post. It is a prediction, based on the sort of subjects that Airfix are currently tooling. I was going to keep this till somebody started an Airfix 2022 thread! However since we are still more-or-less 'on thread' I'll continue by asking by asking 'What will be Airfix's follow on subject to Spit' Vc, and Tempest?' Initially quite a choice, but: - Many (Buffalo, P-39, F8F, Japanese, Russian, French) not well enough known by general public who make most of the purchases. - Too large (P-38, P-47, Avenger): remember we are looking
  13. I doubt if the Airfix rendering will offer much improvement over the Heller kit! Like the Spitfire Vc, I suspect it will be aimed at those who have built their Lego-like models and want to 'move on', so fineness, accuracy, recessed lines etc won't be important. A good all-round kit at a pocket-money price. Like the Vc, I doubt there will be inbuilt features to allow conversion to 'near-relatives', in this case Tempest ll or Vl. Likewise my hunch over an F4U-1, though in this case it will have separate outer wing panels (full span and clipped) so allowing the wings to be folded
  14. I have a hunch that Airfix will tool a new 1/72 F4U-1 with folding wings, which will be on a separate sprue. First will be FAA with rounded tips, to be followed by US with 'full' tips. A 'follow on' from the Spitfire Vc and yet to come Tempest V. To be released within the next year or so, to be well ahead of the next 1/24 subject: F4U-1.
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