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  1. If you can find them, there are a couple of Airwaves sets. SC72-131 is a brass etch with resin to enable the wing to fold AC72-255 is a brass etch for 'Cockpit Enhancement' though also contains exterior parts eg radar aerials, u/c bay. Looks great on the 2 'sheets' but I feel considerable skill\experience would be required to assemble\install.
  2. Thank you so much for this. For me this book is surely a 'must have'. Can you give me any more publication details. Now all I need to do is to resolve the 'change over' (if there was such a thing) from fabric to metal covered elevators.
  3. Nearly a year on, but I guess this is still the best thread! Having just bought a Sword XlV c/e, I'm surprised to see that the elevators are represented as fabric covered. Eduard, in their strictly Merlin range, include both fabric and metal covered, presumably the latter gradually supplanting the former. So I would have expected the XlV to have metal covered, except for perhaps the first few, although they were surely interchangeable. 'Spitfire the History' where it's hard to separate the wood from the trees, makes no mention, and has only side views. Can anybody clarify? P.S An enlarged rudder was the only readily visible difference of the XVlll and some later low backed XlV's . Does anybody know a source for this?
  4. Is this just 'wish-listing' or is there any basis for a Rumour? Incidentally if the former there's a separate, though little used, section for it in BM....
  5. To you and others who make up mixtures in 'measures', what do you actually use (eg container) as a measure?
  6. Without examination or other means of establishing the pen's materials, I'd say that it is unlikely that the solvent (I'm presuming enamel paint) would affect the pen's seals.
  7. There is in fact no such thing (despite numerous use of the phrase here and elsewhere) as 'armoured glass'. What is in fact being referred to is laminated glass. There is/are interlayer/s of resilient plastic 'Saflex' then from Monsanto or 'Butacite' from DuPont. I worked many years on the former and a short while on the latter. The plastic is tough, flexible and bonds well to glass (so broken glass is still bonded to the interlayer). The number and thicknesses of glass and interlayers is up to the Glazier (for want of a better word). I was only concerned the equipment for its production. Neither of the two above produce it any longer (sold off) indeed Monsanto (who still pay me a pension) no longer exists. I've already gone too much 'off thread' so go to Wikepedia or elsewhere for more information....
  8. Beware! The wings use the same sprue as their D, namely with forward extended chord at the root.
  9. Something like this came up some years ago. As primarily a torpedo bomber, and so operating at low level, there would be no need for oxygen. More likely they are for compressed air to operate various systems eg landing flaps.
  10. You won't get a Stirling as there's no extant example and all drawings have long since been destroyed. Hampden is the only future subject we know for sure, though not when. My guess is 1/72 rather than 1/48.
  11. Firstly the price on e bay reflects the scarcity. A new issue would bring the e bay price down to current price. So who would buy an 'new' Mosquito with an extra sprue for 2 stage or Bomber configuration? - Somebody who didn't buy the earlier version because it wasn't the correct variant? - Those who want to add a second 1/24 Mosquito variant to their collection - over 2 ft span... - Or someone who would (had always) wanted a 1/24 Mosquito but wasn't prepared to pay e bay prices for one, though not too concerned about the variant. Whichever of the above (or any other reasons) I find it hard to see how the cost of extra tooling would generate more revenue than a straight re-issue. An addendum Would also add that beside 'a new sprue of parts being added' would also need new instructions, decals, and boxing. Later (ie 2 stage) fighters were mainly/all radar equiped night fighters so more parts would be needed there too....
  12. Possible, though probably not, in order not to deflect attention for the next 1/24 Alas no easy re-issue in different variants as it was 'predigital'
  13. I wonder if it's not time for Airfix to release a new variant of their (third) 1/72 Mosquito, originally issued some 5? years ago. Some sharp-eyed BM follower noted that the sequence of sprues was missing a digit/letter, so further issues are clearly planned. But what? A single stage bomber or 2 stage fighter. In just over a week we will know, but for me an irrelevance as I have 4 x Tamiya variants, two with the original Arma (now I think Brengun) 2 stage conversions. All un-started.
  14. They told me at Telford there would be a 'K' as well. Not sure of the differences: the propeller and ...
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