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  1. I'd disagree on none being 'top sellers'. Those that Giorgio lists are still the best around (some by default), even if not all are to modern standards. More importantly, year after year, they appear in their lists which proves they continue to sell and will going on doing so (despite their prices) until something better comes along. Wouldn't hold your breath for F-111 just because there's no competition. The same could be said of many, many other subjects. For a very long time, their few truly new issues have all been types that have served, are serving, or will serve in the Japanese Armed Forces. After the retooled 'Emily' I'm hoping for a new G4M1: there are enough 'examples' (even if not all are fully assembled) around Japan.
  2. Yes: quite a few actually. Excluding Japanese subjects (where in most cases there is no competition), Dauntless and Avenger come immediately to mind with Buffalo and (without going through the catalogue) probably a few more. 'Adequate' though no longer of today's standards, to say nothing of the price... I keep hoping that Airfix will oblige us with an Avenger, complete with folding wings....
  3. It's a pity that Brigade used the Italeri - one of the poorer Spitfire V's - as their starting point. Maybe, some time in the future, somebody will offer a conversion based on the forthcoming Airfix Vc….
  4. Surely they had been eating raw carrots...
  5. Do please give me the name of the silicon (though I think you mean silicone) and also the resin. My wonderful Polish cleaner regularly visits her home town of Krakow and maybe could get me some, then maybe it is available under another name here in UK
  6. Acetic acid is the essential ingredient of vinegar. The vapour can be neutralized in air by ammonia which is just as unpleasant! Without knowing the mixing process etc it might be possible to cover/immerse the curing silicone with a dilute solution of washing soda or sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda) which would also neutralize the acid.
  7. Thanks very much for this
  8. Is it possible to be more specific about the 'flat panel' noted above ? Perhaps a link to a photo or an easily accessible reference. Thanks too for your comment on the G-10 on p 45 of '109 in Action Pt 2'. I had been planning to finish my Revell G-10 in this scheme to avoid having to paint a spiral and also because there were no under-cowl bumps! The kit has 2 glue-on bumps that would have looked just that! Now you have pointed out this detail I suppose I could stick them on and fair them with putty, but the oil cooler....? It seems hard to believe that now, 75 years after the end of hostilities, we seem to know more about the different variants of '109' than ever before! William Green never really mastered the differences, and my one-time bible 'Last of the Eagles' is now no longer the definitive source. What has best taken over from it?
  9. Another 'failing' of the Fujimi kit (series) is that the radiator flap is missing! However Quickboost offer replacements. QB72167 to be precise, though temporarily out of stock at H. Quickboost also offer a number of other Improvement Parts such as Exhausts , Upper Cowling etc..
  10. Special Hobby I would call 'acceptable' except for the outer wings which taper (mainly the trailing edge) far too much and look very noticeable alongside the correct size. Also re-issued by Xtrakit. I'll also mention Xtrakit Spitfire Xll: after all it is Griffon. Again 'acceptable' if the rather narrow rear fuselage is overlooked, and don' t fit the overwing bulges (for the undercarriage) as the instructions advise.
  11. My belief it that all were delivered in PRU blue, though some may have been subsequently had MSG selectively applied. Hence my earlier post that I will be painting mine, fresh and clean, in PRU blue, as it was originally delivered.
  12. We don't know if oblique cameras were fitted, only that the hatch for them was there.
  13. I'm going to finish my PRX as it would have been delivered, pristine PRU Blue overall. Whether it was later (part or fully) repainted then ceases to be relevant.
  14. What a fascinating thread. Every posting seems to give confirmation first one way then the other. Painting my PRX (modified Freightdog conversion) still on hold until there's a clear answer..... But two questions. - Why would the PRX have been painted other that the 'standard' scheme used on PRXl and PRXlX? - Why does it seem that every photo of a PRX has had the serial censored?
  15. Not very easy to get into either! A little academic as it would never have (controllably) flown. I made postings on this earlier. No matter, it's all fantasy anyway, as is the colour scheme. It should have been finished in RLM 91 and 92.
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