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  1. It's always been my opinion that the Blue was RAF blue: the same as used for vehicles. It was, after all, readily available.
  2. I learnt at Telford why, for the first time, a scale down (1/48 to 1/72) was made. Covid made it impossible to visit 'chosen' subjects, and Airfix had to rely on data already held. Presumably because it was a good seller and not too recent, the Meteor 8 was picked. This then begs the question, what other 'forced choices' were made because of Covid ? We might see some in the New Year announcements, after which the impact will begin to lessen. My wish, and it can be no more than that, would be a Sea Fury. Mustn't drift too much off thread.
  3. It has been said, I forget where, that they won't release a Hampden until the Cosford restoration is complete.
  4. You 'pulled me up' on this last time, hence 'basic' engine! That said I can't believe that some parts aren't the same. Even so, there is still commonality of the other parts I mentioned. My belief if that if the Hellcat sold well, the Corsair is a 'natural' follow on
  5. Corsair is not wishful thinking. Airfix already have a head start with the Hellcat. Same propeller, same wheels, same armaments, same basic engine. As for German, surely an Me262,
  6. There was a kit issued by 'Attack Squadron' a few years ago. They were taken over by Brengun, though it's not currently listed on their website. A 'comprehensive' resin kit with photo etch, printed film and some 8 decal schemes, though only one RAF, post war. Not an easy build, but in skilled hands (alas not mine) a good result can be produced. This was all detailed 'somewhere' on this website, though I haven't looked.
  7. Though I've only seen it on this site, it looks something of a disappointment, and not much of an 'advance' over the earlier Hasegawa G4M1 rendering. The more so since the much more detailed Hasegawa G4M2 (complete with Okha) is priced at £39.99, whereas the subject kit is £44.98. Yes, I know the £ is weak but ....
  8. Perhaps if it sells well it will encourage Airfix to tool its, as yet un-tooled contemporary, Venom FB1.
  9. Now that's an interesting thought. I'm told that Airfix can't 'rebox the SR53 as it won't fit their current Series 1 boxing. Perhaps Xtrakit could oblige .....
  10. Good luck for those to whom such subjects appeal. For my part, and others who have so far posted reactions, I'd rather see 'better' toolings of Venom FB1, Sea Venom, Javelin, Sea Vixen, Attacker. Even Hornet if one can find accurate plans. It strikes me as rather odd that one has to look to Trumpeter for a Wyvern!
  11. Sounds logical, but they normally send out their mailing on Sundays. That is the day on which the week starts, and so would be next week. However we've been told this week, so it must be tomorrow, the only day left. If anyone in Hannants, with 'influence' reads this could they please, next time, give an actual date when the announcement would be made.
  12. The more I contemplate my rather hurried earlier posting, the more I'm convinced it should be a Venom FB 1. per Wiki' 375 built, yet I'm not sure this variant has ever been issued in kit form! Surely lots of users (indeed worldwide use) and hence 'finishes' and Printscale have even produced decals for a 60 Squadron machine based at Tengah! Now that brings memories, of my unit (414 Signals) working with them on PI's (Practice Interceptions) in the mid-50's. Mustn't drift 'off thread' but its differences from later marks surely merits a new tool. Conversion, though doubtless possible, would be tedious...
  13. British Post-War jets not yet mentioned? And in two 'boxings' - Sperrin, 'original' and test bed for RB211. - AW52 flying wing - De H 108 Swallow (the two variants). Yes, I know ? has or is just about to release the first variant, so both variants. Manufacturers don't always know what others have in the pipeline! - Venom\Sea Venom. Lots of scope there. - Those long forgotten 'development' aircraft between the Sea Hawk and Hunter. Does anybody know when: it's already Wednesday and I don't want to go through the 'agonies' of ARMA.
  14. Thank you for this: your information on 'past releases' is much better than mine! However a re-boxing (under the Xtrakit label) of a MPM Allison Mustang could, curiously, be described as a 'New Xtrakit' though not a 'new Kit'! Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be no more than a re-boxing under the MPM label of an existing kit.
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