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  1. Just received the Eastern Express newsletter. They say they are planning to release the 747SP in mid-November.
  2. I have three of their kits (Mercury spacecraft, Mercury-Redstone and Mercury-Atlas) and they look great (only one of them started so far). It would be neat if they could expand the range to include the Atlas-Agena and Atlas-Centaur rockets as well. Alternatively, these options could be a nice opportunity for aftermarket products. P.S. - Their sale seems to be a bit like the DFS sale = neverending!
  3. I'm just starting down the minefield that is building garage resin kits. I'm a spacecraft/rocket modeller and on one of the kits I've got some of the 42mm diameter cylindrical parts have ends that are not exactly what one could describe as square. I have a nice Tamiya #74024 large craft tenon/razor saw (with 0.3mm wide blade) which would be ideal for cutting the ends of these rocket body parts to make them square. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/74024/index.htm However, to do this I'll ideally need a largish mitre block to accommodate the 42 mm diameter rocket stages yet t
  4. I need to recreate some wire 'rigging' on a model I'm building. I know some aircraft modellers use elasticated thread for depicting wire aerials. What make of thread do you use? Thanks.
  5. I'm building a model of the Apollo 7 spacecraft in orbit next to the SIVb upper stage. The inside 'petals' on this rocket stage have some rust colour fillets between the metal skin panels (see photo). I'm planning on modelling this using scribed panel lines, as trying to recreate these as raised features in 1/144 scale is beyond my skill level. The plan would be to recreate the fillets using a panel wash, what would you recommend I use? Thanks
  6. Just ordered a 3M half-mask respirator - £14 inc filters.
  7. I recently bought a 1/144 scale resin kit of the T-38 jet trainer that was advertised as coming with a clear canopy. To cut a long story short the canopy turned out to be translucent rather than transparent and I'm pretty certain they are actually cast from resin. The part is only about 3 cm long. Can anyone suggest a method for making a replacement canopy that is clear(er)? Thanks
  8. I've made my first attempt at spraying some Humbrol enamel 12 (copper metallic) through my airbrush. I thinned it 1:1 with Humbrol enamel thinners and the results were a disaster. All thinner and very little paint stuck to the model. I also had the airbrush clogging all the time and it took loads of thinners to completely clean all the flecks of copper paint out of the airbrush. So I have two questions 1- what was I doing wrong? 2 - should just bite the bullet and by some Alclad or AK extreme metals paint instead? Thanks.
  9. I'm increasingly using lacquer paints and I'm a little concerned that my spray booth may not be providing enough protection for me. So, I'm thinking of investing in a face mask to provide extra protection. What standard of facemask should I be using? Thanks.
  10. I want to build a diorama with a Trumpter 1/72 scale M113 armoured personnel carrier as the centrepiece. Eduard used to do a photo etch set for this model, but it seems to be discontinued. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-22122-m-113-acav--119162 Where would be the best place to get hold of discontinued photo etch like this? Thanks.
  11. My build of the space shuttle Enterprise making it's first landing is progressing slowly. My latest stumbling block is the long nose probe fitted for these ALT missions. My model is based around a modern Revell 1/144 scale Shuttle from the Shuttle and SCA kit. Unlike the earliest Revell incarnation of this combination, the modern version doesn't come with a nose probe for the orbiter. Does anyone know where I can get dimensions for this nose probe? Thanks
  12. I've decidef to forego and interior. The roof above the ejection seats is one of the details I got to try to find more about. There appears to be done markings on the roof, but I can't make out what they are.
  13. I’m a returner and recently bought first airbrush. When I bought it the advice I was given was start out with something simple like Vallejo Air paints. I’ve been getting pretty inconsistent results leading to loads of runs. Now I know loads of people get great results using Vallejo Air paints, so this is undoubtedly my fault. A few weeks ago I tried airbrushing with some Mr Hobby lacquer paints and they were a revelation. Yes they stink, but I’m finding them far less problematic to use. Now the issue is that I make models of spacecraft, so a lot of my painting involves large areas of
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