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  1. No. In the end I just bit the bullet and bought an Infinity. The trigger us much better and the ability to pre-set the maximum paint flow rate is a godsend.
  2. Thanks. Those are very useful links. I've managed to pick up a Revell USS Wasp kit at a sensible price, so I may build it as is and change the subject to a Gemini recovery. I've still not decided. It would be useful to understand the differences between Wasp and Ticonderoga before making up my mind.
  3. As far as I am aware, Mach 2 use relatively cheap resin moulds, rather than the very expensive metal tooling used by mainstream manufacturers such as Airfix.
  4. I currently building a model of a mid to late 1950s US military truck. The outside is olive drab. Can anyone tell me what colour the cab interior is likely to have been painted? Thanks
  5. On of the gazillion ideas I have involved making a mini diorama of a Soyuz capsule being recovered from the snow-covered steppes of Russia. The model will be in 1/72 scale. (see image in link below) I have two queries. 1 - Can anyone help on how best to model this type of vegetation at 1/72 scale? 2 - What is the best product and technique for modelling this type of snow cover at between clumps of grasses at this scale? Thanks
  6. I'm a spacecraft modeller with a bazillion (that's a real number, honest!) idea whizzing around my head of modelling projects. Two involve producing little dioramas of spacecraft being recovered by ships. I'm going to have to go with 1/700 scale due to display space restrictions One subject would be the USS Donner (LSD-20) recovering the second Mercury capsule flight (MR2), the other would be the USS Leonard F Mason (DD852) recovering the Gemini VIII capsule. However, the first problem I've come across is getting hold of the relevant kits. Blue Ridge/Orange Hobby did the USS Comstock LSD 19 (The ship of the same name LSD-45 is a different design) and JAG made a model of a FRAM II upgraded Gearing class destroyer. However, neither seem to be available any more so it's a going to be a long hunt for second hand ones. The second issue is that I've never built model ships before, let alone ones at such a teeny scale. Can anyone point me in the direction of handy video guides/websites/books on the subject? Thanks
  7. Amazing build. Incredible dedication, and superb building skills. Thank you so much for sharing. You have also done me a great service. Because this is SO good, I am now satisfied that I can never reach this standard and thus I am much more content with my own meagre efforts.
  8. Hi I'd like to make a model of the carrier USS Ticonderoga CVS-14 picking up the Apollo 17 command module in 1972 I'm looking for something between 1:500 and 1:1000 scale. There appear to be an offerings from Atlantis in 1/700 scale. Is this the only model, or are there others or can another Essex/Hancock class carrier be converted? Thanks.
  9. Hi I'd like to make a model of the carrier USS Ticonderoga CV-14 picking up the Apollo 17 command module in 1972 I'm looking for something between 1:500 and 1:1000 scale. There appear to be several options, including offerings from Hasegawa, Trumpeter and Atlantis. Which model would everyone recommend? Thanks.
  10. I'm looking to buy some red 1/72 scale Remove Before Flight tags. Eduard seem to do two different sets #73008 and #73044. I can't see what the difference is. Can anyone help? Thanks
  11. I've just pressed the 'buy' button on an Elegoo Mars 2 mono printer and some water washable resin. This will be my first foray into 3d printing. I'm not anticipating doing huge amounts of printing and have pretty limited space to house everything. I've been looking at options for curing lamps, turntables and containers for washing and it strikes me that buying separate curing lamp, turntable and containers for washing may actually take just as much room as a Mercury curing/washing station, which are on offer for less than £100 at the moment and should be less faff to use. What are your thoughts on this? Are they worth it? Thanks.
  12. Being a spacecraft modeller, there are precious few models available, with many of the more obscure subjects only being available as 3D printed models. One kit subject I'm after is only available as a 3D printed model. The cheapest I can find is £42, yet I can download a high resolution STL file for free. I'm thinking more and more about buying a resin 3D printer and will probably go for a Elegoo Mars (not sure which model to go for yet). So, I'll be wanting to print one-off high resolution parts and speed is really not much of an issue. What resin would you recommend I use? Thanks
  13. https://www.buythis.co.uk/product/9018/neilsen-hobby-knife-with-5-extra-blades
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