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  1. Be sure to post them when you’re done!
  2. Fuad, When you come back, you do it in style! Always one of my favorite Spad ordnance loads, too! Nice to see your modeling skills haven’t deteriorated one bit during your. ‘leave of absence!’ Hoping you and yours are safe and well! Mike
  3. Or, you could do it on a base, chocked and tied down, with the electrical wires taking the place of the tie down cables! Mike
  4. Adrian, Best build of the Sword or even the Supermodel kit I have seen so far! Outstanding workmanship! What scheme are you going to use on the other one that came in the box? Mike
  5. Mike, Good to see you’re still alive and kicking! Can’t really add to the glowing comments of my fellow styrene surgeons, except to say I totally agree! I also appreciate the kit review, as I have the KP kit, but have always wanted to do a Pakistani AF one in the two greys. Don’t be a stranger! Mike
  6. That anybody is crazy/brave enough to build three of these things is enough; but to build them all to such a high standard is another! Well done! The 217 was the most handsome variant, but no longer a flying pencil- more like a flying permanent marker! Mike
  7. Dayam- that’s one outstanding build! What’s not to like- it’s an F-5, and it’s in Sundowners markings! Mike
  8. Crikey- she’s a beaut! Truly a beast, and from what I’ve read, the RAAF really did a great job with them, after some nagging issues with the supplied engines and carburettors were worked out. Best one I have seen built so far-in any scale! Mike
  9. Wish I had an answer for you regarding the interior colors but maybe @Antti_K could help you. From the MMP Finnish Fighter Colors, 1939-45 vol. 2 There was no text regarding interior colors, but the following might be useful: all H-75’s were received ftom German war booty stocks- from captured French and Norwegian aircraft. All were overhauled and repainted in Germany using RLM71 overall for the uppersurfaces and RLM65 for the undersurfaces. Msybe the interiors were repainted in RLM02 or RLM66 or possibly left as they were finished when captured. Around 1943, the existing Cyclone and Twin Wasp powered H-75’s were overhauled by the State Aircraft Factory, so they could have had their original interiors repainted- I have no idea what that might have been. Wish I could be more helpful- if I can find anything definite, I will post it here. Mike
  10. I wish I had a definite answer, but the cuffless square-tipped HS prop was fitted at the factory from the P51D-30 on, and replaced the cuffed HS orop on most Mustangs postwar. I would have posted your query on the P-51 Mustang SIG, of which I used to be a member, but that site is no longer up. I do know that the cuffs on the HS prop were made of a phenolic resin, which have been hard to maintain/repair. The cuffs were there to increase aiflow to the carb intake and radiator/oil cooler, but possibly the radiator and oil cooler matrices were improved at some point, so there was no longer the need for the cuffs, and the uncuffed prop would be easier to manufacture. Maybe one if the SIG members might read this and be able to supply more information Mike
  11. She’s beautiful, Duncan! Was pondering getting this kit, but seeing how yours turned out, I guess I need to snag one! Always thought it was a handsome machine, in a largemouth bass sort of way! Mike
  12. @Tailspin Turtle will know for sure, but I believe the cockpits were all aluminum. Museum examples and those built by John Tischler might have had grey cockpits, but his were all replicas, not original airframes. Tommy will know. Mike
  13. Andre, Unless I’m mistaken, the Vietnamese might have flown ex- South Vietnam AF F-5C’s, but no F-5E’s were delivered to them, nor were there any USAF E’s in SEA. Mike
  14. Jumpei Temma is his name and his webpagexis Wings of Pegasus- link below! soyuyo.main.jp
  15. Thanks, Martin! You can add an accurate Vautour, as the SH kit has a fuselage that is ‘way too fat and the fit is pretty poor- they could have engineered it a lot bettet, but it’s the only one in our scale- wish the late great Gordon Stephens had done one! Mike
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