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  1. See if this helps- I strongly recommend getting this monograph, as the scale drawings are in 1/48 and also clearly show the external differences in all the Brewster variants. Mike https://www.modellingnews.gr/el/νέα-μοντελισμού/brewster-f2a-buffalo-f2a-1-f2a-2-f2a-3-topdrawings-no51-kagero-2018
  2. Are you sure that's not a real U-2? I had to look at each photo a couple of times to make sure. Not only did you get one of the most realistic bare metal finishes I have ever seen, your photography skills are pretty darned good, as well! Awesome job, sir! Mike
  3. That's just perfect in every way! Sir Sydney sure knew his way around a single-engined flghter! The Tempest II was made for desert colors. Thanks for sharing your museum quality build with the rest of us lesser types! Mike
  4. Just when I think one of your builds can't get any better, you spring a Buckmaster on me! As stated above, a beautiful build of a not-so beautiful airplane. Exhaust streaking is especially impressive. Never realized how small an airframe the Hornet was until you see it next to a Beaufighter or Brigand, which is one BIG twin! A- I wish I had your skills, and B- I wish I had your productivity! Keep 'em coming, Tony! Mike I agree-aftermarket cowlings and cooling fans would be ever so nice! Maybe the talented gang at Red Roo would consider doing a set along with props? (At the rate you are cranking them out, they could recoup their tooling costs with your purchases alone!)
  5. @Sky Keg @jimmaasor @LDSModeller might be the men to help you. Until then, see if these are helpful: Mike https://kw.jonkerweb.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=725:brewster-b339-buffalo-uk&catid=83&lang=en&showall=1&limitstart=&Itemid=545 https://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Brewster-Buffalo-F2A-blue-print-development-history.jpg
  6. @Adam Poultney, Thanks for sharing the great Vulcan pics! What a magnificent beast! (My pre-ordered kit is supposedly on its way- can't wait to see it!) Mike BTW- following your build and taking notes! FWIW, the aircraft on display outdoors at Lackland AB here where I live all have wire mesh screening over intakes, cowling fronts, and exhausts; and almost all have the wheel bay openings skinned over with aluminum to keep all the nasty Texas critters out- your wheel bay photos reminded me!)
  7. Brush painted? Seriously? Brush painted? I am selling all my airbrushes! What an amazing build, and I can't top or add to what the others have said. If @tonyot, the Grand Master of the Hairy Stick liked it, then you have truly done something awesome! Mike
  8. None of the Regia Aeronautica colors/markings references I have specified the width of the yellow prop tips, but from looking at photos, I would say 3-4 inches would be pretty close. Mike
  9. @Nachtwulf, According to the information in the site I have linked below, the Sea Fury vertical fin had a zero degree offset. Hope the site is helpful for your project. Mike http://soyuyo.main.jp/seafury/seafurye-1.html
  10. Antti- I agree; I found two other written sources that gave this FS number, which is also known as Radome Tan, BTW, as the FS595 equivalent for chamois primer. It also appears very similar to the mustard/yellow primer that was used on Hawker Sea Furies. Mike
  11. Plus, the product descriptions are so funny! Mike
  12. A Wyvern or Sea Fury spinner might be close... Mike
  13. Looks pretty darned good to me- nice to see one in SAAF colors/markings, too! Mike
  14. @leyreynolds, Can't help with Chinese colors/markings, but here are some reference sites for the interior. The usual caveat about using a restored aircraft as a reference applies! Hope these will get you started. Mike Scroll down to see some interior photos: https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/vultee-bt-13-valiant-walkaround/ Some interior views: https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/vultee-bt-13-valiant-walkaround/ cockpit tour: https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=70809 good views of both cockpits: http://www.maam.org/aircraft/bt-13.html
  15. That's what I have also found after looking at written references; it appears the flat floor was introduced late in D-25-RE production and subsequent; I couldn't any reference as to what block it was introduced on -RA P-47's. Gabreski's D-25 was a very early example, and it did have the corrugated floor. Mike
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