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  1. I was wondering the same, as I was thinking it was either the 1/48 kit, or he went the extra mile and dropped the flaps, which is not an option on the 1/72 kit. Either way, it's a very nice Corsair! Mike
  2. I am soooo sorry, Alan, but I couldn't remember your user name, and I knew Troy might be able to help Peter out. Thanks for your post, which I will file with all the other RNZAF Kittyhawk goodies you have given us! Mike
  3. Outstanding job on both! I think the two-seaters are even more handsome than the single-seaters. As good as the Sword kits appear to be, I think Airfix missed a great money-making opportunity by not doing T4/T5's in either or both scales.... and I'm on THIS side of the pond! Mike
  4. Got this from a longtime friend, model builder, and former college classmate. Some classic USN props/jets, including S2F's, A-4's, F-4's, F8U's, A-5's, and SH2 Seasprites. I noticed none of the A-4's, F8U's, or A-5's had red-edged landing gear doors, but slat coves, flaps, and speedbrakes did appear to have red applied. I hope you enjoy this British Pathe video! Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl-aUcOWFME
  5. I think U.S. type but maybe @Troy Smith might be a better authority on this matter, You can also search for RNZAF P-40E's and K's as there were several really good discussions on RNZAF Kittyhawks a while back. Mike
  6. I think all the b-1a/u1's in photos that I recall had either a black stencil style or a solid style. The one captured by the USAAF, marked FE-610, had a solid style outlined in white, but IIRC this was applied after capture along with other spurious markings. The two seat trainers might have had the outlined solid style, but I think I am correct that you just wanted to know about the nightfighter versions. Mike
  7. Looks like Revell did, by the looks of this box art! Mike https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/hnaircraftkits-revell-bristol-f2b-fighter
  8. This is the one I have always wanted to build. Need to check all my 56th FG references for the two uppersurface colors; off the top of my head they look like dark green and medium sea grey, but maybe ocean grey. Mike https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-47-thunderbolt/p-47-thunderbolt-lm-j-44-21117-named-teddy-of-the-56th-fighter-group/
  9. Cockpit looks great! You nailed the interior green (FS34151) cockpit color, and the Airscale placards look like the real thing, too. Can't wait to see this puppy in TSS! (Going to be a BPF kite, by any chance?) Mike
  10. If it's their N, that's about the only nice part on the sprue! It was as bad a P-47N as the old Heller kit with the reversed airfoil on the wings! Mike
  11. No, I haven't but I will check both kits and do some measuring and get back to you both on that issue. You will have to make mounting locators for the transplant, as the C-series crankcase is longer than the earlier engine and doesn't mount the same way in the two kits. You might even consider cutting the Bearcat cowling from each fuselage half, which would facilitate mounting the new engine as well as letting you eliminate the inside seam because Monogram didn't mold the cowling as a separate piece. Mike OK, went up to the hobby room/stash and pulled both kits. The diameter of the Monogram R-2800 (Which is NOT the same as the engine in their P-36- my mistake!) is a scale 3' 9" or 15mm; the diameter of the R2800 C-series in the Revell P-47M is also 3' 9" or 15mm! Dennis, if you are going to use a Revell engine in the Monogram kit, you will need to test-fit it into the mounting lugs that Monogram has molded in one of the fuselage halves to see if it extends the right amount ahead of the cowl ring, as the engine in the Revell kit doesn't use the same mounting method- it attaches to a firewall bulkhead piece. Might be another good reason to cut the Monogram cowling off, glue it together and take care of the inside and outside seams at the same time you determine where the engine needs to be mounted, if the location needs to be adjusted from where Monogram has it. Next time I do the Monogram kit, that's what I'm going to do, which will also give me access to the area under the cowl flaps to detail them, like I did with my F8F-1. Hoping this helps both you and Andre. Mike
  12. While looking for more information on the Junior Burchinal F-86D discussed in an earlier post, I came across this document that is a very interesting read. It describes the process/problems certifying ex-military jet aircraft in the U.S. as well as a list of each type by its N-number/serial number and owner. I thought it might be of interest to many of you, but especially @Courageous @RidgeRunner and @Sabrejet as there were numerous F-86's and FJ Furies listed! Mike https://books.google.com/books?id=LyBQBwAAQBAJ&pg=SL1-PA6&lpg=SL1-PA6&dq=F-86L+N5169W&source=bl&ots=5T0E-6G3KH&sig=ACfU3U2oh8wvPQw3NoSmMLxyWuJerBWsXg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi57vDIpqriAhUQcq0KHRdrBPwQ6AEwC3oECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=F-86L N5169W&f=false
  13. I vaguely remember when I built the Aurora P-38 back in the day it had yellow USAF wing marking decals! Looks like they got part of the markings right, after all! Mike
  14. You are correct, Dennis. The F8F and F4U-4 and subsequent used the C-series R-2800 that had the cylindrical crankcase with all of the attachment/reinforcement bolts. The F6F and F4U-1's used the earlier R-2800 with the rounded crankcase. The kit engine is not accurate for an F8F and is the same casting as their P-36, IIRC! The Revell P-47M has a very nice C-series R-2800, but that's am expensive way to get a good engine. I'm giving serious thought to using the crankcase of one of my Revell P-47M's to make a mold to cast C-series crankcases to use on R-2800's from other kits, as resin engines are pretty expensive and a pain to assemble and paint, as Silenoz has stated. Mike
  15. Don't get me wrong, WIP- the GT6 was a sweet little machine- one of my college mates had one and it was a blast to drive; much better all the way around than the AH Sprite and the MG Midget; it also had a sweet exhaust note! Having said that, I preferred my Opel GT! See the link to the magazine ad I was talking about- isn't that Shuttleworth's Mk Vb? We now resume our regularly scheduled broadcast. Mike https://hushkit.net/2013/03/04/triumph-spitfire-versus-triumph-spitfire-cars-fight-their-flying-namesakes/
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