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  1. Wow- what an incredible job! SBD's look great in NZ markings, too! If the photos were shot in b&w, you would not be able to tell this was a model. Very realistic colors and weathering. Mike
  2. 72modeler

    A-26 in Pacific- decals?

    You might look at Osprey Combat Aircraft vol. 82, A-26 Invader Units of WW2 for photos and color profiles- there is a section on PTO Invaders. You could then go to the Kits World website, as they have several A-26 decal sheets with markings for ETO/PTO/ and Korean War Invaders in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale; I'm betting there are not nearly as many references or markings choices for the PTO Invaders, as they got to the theater so late in the war and did not seem to have nearly as much nose art applied as their ETO and Korean War cousins. You might also try a search of the bomb groups that flew them, or better yet, one of our resident Invader experts might be able to help you more than I. Mike
  3. 72modeler

    Japanese Navy carrier aviation

    Thank you for sharing this website- it looks like a great IJA/IJN modeling reference! Mike
  4. Oboy, oboy, oboy, oboy! I can see a No. 2 Sq Butterworth IIIo in my future! Way to go, Special Hobby! Mike
  5. Ed, The ole gal still looks pretty good for pushing 40! I'd be hard-pressed to do half as good, even with a more state-of-the-art kit...and this was before resin conversion sets were commonplace! Nice model! Mike
  6. 72modeler

    F-86F-40 Sabre 1:32

    Yesss! Love the scheme and markings, too! Very nice build. Mike
  7. Wow! Outstanding model! Excellent finish and decals Mike
  8. 72modeler


    Not my scale, but you might try reading these- can't speak to the accuracy of the reviews. The Spark 'Vark was an awesome jet! Mike http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=12764
  9. 72modeler

    Mitsubishi B2M2 Type89-2 in 2nd Sino-Japanese War?

    So good to hear you're still around, Nick! Mike
  10. 72modeler

    Mosquito XVIII

    I couldn't find any decals, despite a pretty decent search. You might try making a mask for the yellow and the red portions of the letter 'O' as it is a rather unique squared-off font, or cutting yellow decal stock and then red decal over it. Wish you hadn't brought this up, as that is the very same Mk XVIII that I have alway wanted to do. If you don't have the MMP monograph "Shipbuster" I would get it, as it has excellent detail photos and diagrams on the airplane. I have attached a link to a build posted here on BM that I think will be useful...I think he made a mask for the code letter. Alleycat did a conversion and decal sheet for NT225, but it was for the 1/24 Airfix kit, IIRC. (A decal sheet that has Luftwaffe codes might have a red 'O' with a yellow surround, but most likely won't have the correct font- worth a try, though!) Mike https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/15969-tail-dragon/&do=content&type=forums_topic_post&change_section=1
  11. 72modeler

    F-4EJ 306 squadron colors, markings

    Dennis, Yep, that's the one! Pretty Phantom, is she not? I hadn't thought about checking with Junchan- will do that; he's kinda the Japanese Old Viper Tester when it comes to jet photos! Thank you so much- I owe you my friend! Is this the greatest modeling website or what? Mike
  12. 72modeler

    F-4EJ 306 squadron colors, markings

    Thank you so much! My jet references are mainly Century Series and older; don't have nearly as much on the moderm weenie cookers! Mike
  13. 72modeler

    F-4EJ 306 squadron colors, markings

    Zach, That sure looks like the same one! Now I just need a photo or drawing that shows the underside, as looking at this photo, it appears there are two colors underneath the wings for sure. Thank you so much! Mike
  14. 72modeler

    Red Flag 81-4 - 118th Tac Fighter Squadron

    The Hawgs will be missed when they are gone....what a magnificent airplane beloved by its pilots, from everything I have read. Great photos, as usual! Mike
  15. 72modeler

    Red Flag 83-2: 335th Tac Fighter Squadron

    Those can't be real Rhinos- where are the pre-shaded and inked panel lines? Those are some beautiful F-4's, Sven! I had to wipe the drool off of my laptop screen. Thank you so much for sharing these Seymour Johnson birds with the rest of us! Mike