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  1. Yechh! That ejection seat looks like it should have an Egyptian mummy sitting on it....I'm thinking a LOT of plasticard or aftermarket- lose that lump of plastic! Mike BTW- welcome to Britmodeller!
  2. Maybe mix a little medium sea gray with HU74 and see what happens? HU74 looks too bright yellow to me, keeping photo and computer monitor limitations in mind, Mike @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies I figured that was going to be what you would say- it was worth a shot, though! Thanks for the reply.
  3. The primer that is referred to as "Hawker Yellow" looks very close to commercial aircraft primers that I have seen on many new civil and military aircraft, especially those manufactured in Europe. I did some searching and came up with a yellow epoxy primer PWC-201, applied to modern Hawker/Beechcraft aircraft, but that would most certainly not be what was used on Sea Furies. Using the best period color photos I could find, and keeping in mind the minefield of mixing paint to a color photo, I came up with what looked to these tired old Mk 1a eyeballs as a pretty close match; the FS equivalent was FS33711; if you have a set of FS595 color chips, you could examine that and see what you think. I'm thinking maybe @NAVY870 or @Troy Smith might be your best bet. FWIW, see the link below and scroll down to see this primer applied to the cowling panels of an unrestored Sea Fury- it might be helpful. Help us out, @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies and make this primer available in your outstanding paint line! Mike https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/50807-sea-fury-question/
  4. @Moa Greater love hath no man... Mike
  5. I remembered I had two of this kit, so I pulled them from the shelf- one is an original release, molded in green styrene, and the other is a later release, molded in grey styrene. The newer one appears to have all of the same molding flaws as the one in the photos you posted. The one in green plastic is much better- it does have some of the same sink marks, but they are much, much more shallow and smaller. I agree with what the others have said- take yours back and see if you can find one in the original boxing, if you absolutely want to build one now; better yet, IIRC, Special Hobby announced a new-tool 174 in 1/72 scale quite a while back, and I would wait for that one, as it's almost a certainty that it will be so much better than any of the Heller boxings. Mike
  6. The model and the photography are both outstanding! Well done! Looks more like a much larger scale! Mike
  7. Very nice dash four! That AK sea blue looks very good for the postwar ANA 623 formula. Sure doesn't look like a 1/72 kit. Mike
  8. The old Heller/Smer Tempest still looks good. Very nice model. Heller sure was prolific and did some very nice models, many of which have not been replaced or bettered by new kits. Pretty! Mike
  9. Very nice- both of them. One of the very best of the old Airfix releases. You really did a nice job on them. Mike
  10. That is one beautiful Scooter! Well done, sir! Mike
  11. Does this help? They also did it in 1/72. Mike https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=4&SUB=15&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=207&STKNR=207&STRH=3808&ORDN=2256&RNZ=686700
  12. Ken, Not my scale, but the Sea Hawk has always been a favorite. I have read in one construction/review article that the canopy that comes in the Classic Airframes kit was not very accurate, and the builder used a Falcon canopy, but didn't list the stock number. You might try a search for one. Hope this helps. From the walk around photos, it looks like it would be fairly easy to make a master and form your own. Mike https://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/cleavercashawk.htm
  13. Meant no disrespect- I have all of his books and his work with IPMS is well-known and respected. I meant, in jest, that most pilots don't concern themselves with all of the variants, production numbers and serials, trivial details, colors and markings, etc. that we modelers do- they just get in them and fly 'em! My good friend, who flew F-101B's, has told me I seem to know a lot more about the airplane than he does, but I always remind him that he got to fly them- I can only read about them and build them. Your point is well taken. I will edit my original post. Mike
  14. I have always loved the XB-51! I will be watching your WIP with great interest. I think I have a vacform kit in 1/72 scale. but offhand I can't remember who did it- maybe Execuform? I know Anigrand did an all-resin 1/72 kit, but as I recall it had some fairly serious issues. It always looked like it was going Mach 1 standing still! Mike
  15. @canberra kid John, 1st off- thanks for taking the time to dig up the outstanding references on the RB-57B. 2nd off- is the second camera fit you posted references to the same as the fit in the first photo I posted? Looks like the same configuration to me, but I'm no Canberra savant like somebody else I know! Pilots just kick the tires and light the fires- they're not interested in the minutiae like we crazy modelers are! Your expertise and willingness to share are always appreciated by us lesser modeling mortals. BTW, if they ever relax the security at Lackland AB and there are any detail photos of their RB-57A you would like, please let me know, OK? (I still owe you for the BMk2 parts!) Mike
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