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  1. 72modeler

    RAAF Beaufighter MkIc A19-54

    Beau-ti-ful! Loved the scheme and the markings! Well done! Mike
  2. 72modeler

    Best ju87

    I need new glasses, I guess! Don't know where I got the DB603 fact from, (My modeling buddy says he knows where I pulled it of, but there are ladies present!) but as you have pointed out, it's not correct for any of the Ju-87B through Ju-87G variants, I also found that according to one written source, the Jumo 211J series was 15.5:" longer than the Jumo 211A and Da of the Ju-87B, so that looks like it would account for the longer and revised nose contours of the D/G's. To redeem myself, I have listed the following- hope I got it right this time! Mike Ju-87B-1 Jumo 211A Ju-87B-2 Jumo 211Da Ju-87D1-5 Jumo 211J Ju-87G1-2 Jumo 211J-1
  3. Alan, Whew! For a minute there, you had me worried, but since I have no standing whatsoever amongst my peers and those who have forgotten more on most subjects than I'll ever know, I can breathe a sigh of relief! One of the greatest things about BM, in my opinion, is that it pretty much doesn't matter what my interest or knowledge on a given subject is, there are people out there who have much more than I....and the other wonder of this site is- they are so willing to share it with the rest of us! Thanks for your input; I might now be persuaded to do one of my Corsairs in RNZAF markings, but I think I need to work on my fading and weathering skills first so as to do the model justice. (But, you can rest assured my roundels and bars will not be!) Mike
  4. 72modeler

    Best ju87

    Graham, I pulled my Airfix Ju-87B-1, Fujimi B-1, Fujimi D-2/8, Fujimi G-2, and Academy G-2 kits to see where the length discrepancy is located. On a fuselage half from each of the kits, I measured from the edge of the firewall to the rearmost edge of the rudder, measuring along the horizontal panel line that runs from the firewall to the rudder post, as that appeared to be the most consistent spot on each of the kits. They all measured 27' 9". Then I measured the length of a cowling half from the Academy G-2 (Their D-2 kit would be the same, as the G's were converted D's) and the Fujimi G-2 from the front edge of the cowling at the spinner backplate to the rearmost edge of the cowling, along the horizontal panel line that runs above the cutout for the exhaust stacks from front to rear. The Academy cowling is 9" shorter than the Fujimi cowling. It appears that maybe Academy was not aware that the D/G variants had the longer DB603 than the B's Jumo 211 and used published dimensions for the B? Best I can do at this point, and I hope I have shed a little more light on the subject. (I wish I knew how to post photos, as it would make a lot more sense laying out the kit parts along with a scale ruler- need to work on that one!) Mike
  5. 72modeler

    Best ju87

    Graham, I do not have an Academy D-2 or D-5; I only have the Academy G-2. I do have the Airfix B-1 and B-2, as well as the Fujimi B-1, D-2, D-5, G-1, and G-2 kits. I can check the lengths of the Airfix and Fujimi B-1 kits against the D-2 and D-5, which are identical except for the wings, as well as the MMP drawings of the same. As you probably are well aware, the B's had the Jumo 211D and the D/G's had the DB603 powerplants, so that might account for the difference in length, as I think the fuselages aft of the firewall were the same. In William Green's Warplanes of the Third Reich, the length of the B is listed as 36' 5" and the D/G is listed as 37' 8 3/4" I can measure the length of the Airfix and Fujimi B kits against the Academy G-2 kit if that will help you. Let me know. Mike
  6. 72modeler

    Dornier Do17z

    IIRC, the Do-17, Do-215, and Do-217 had ailerons that drooped slightly when the flaps were extended, soooo if Shelliecool can drop the flaps, she's good to go! Easier, though, as you have said, would be to deflect one aileron up and the other down. Mike Just now noticed Michelle is a she, not a he, so have corrected my post comments! That popping noise you hear is me pulling my big foot out of my mouth- sorry, Michelle! Mike
  7. 72modeler

    Back To The Hobby

    Wow! All are very, very nice builds, but the P-40E and F-84G are the class of the field, in my opinion! Mike
  8. I think that maybe because the RNZAF roundels appear to have been painted in a lighter shade of blue than the RAF roundels, some decal makers have interpreted this as being a faded blue and produced their decals accordingly. I would think that having very faded national insignia would not be very wise in a combat area, and thus would tend to be repainted when necessary. I see a lot more photos of very faded and well-used RNZAF Corsairs with freshly painted roundels than vice versa. Good point, Alan! Mike
  9. 72modeler

    Oh look, a Tempest

    About the same time that Kermit Weeks in Florida gets his Tempest II in the air! (Besides, it's much prettier!) Mike
  10. 72modeler

    A Good Hampden?

    Uh, oh- the worms are back! Mike
  11. 72modeler

    Best ju87

    You aroused my curiosity, Graham. I have the Academy and Fujimi G-2's as well as the MMP Ju-87 monograph pretty handy, so got them all out along with my trusty 1/72 scale ruler. The overall length listed for the Ju-87G in the MMP reference was 37.73 feet, as measured from the tip of the spinner to the tip of the nav light on the rudder. The Fujimi G-2 measures right at 37' 6", which is pretty good, as far as I'm concerned. The Academy G-2 measures 9" short in length, with the discrepancy being between the firewall and the base of the spinner; it is also 3" short in depth, with the discrepancy being that the oil cooler housing is too shallow by that amount; in addition, the Academy G-2 has the intake for the oil cooler 3" further forward than the Fujimi kit, when one cowling half is placed against the other and when compared to the scale drawing in the MMP monograph. Good eye, my friend! It does look like the 37mm cannon housings and barrels in the Academy kit are nicer than those in the Fujimi kit, which look a little aenemic; when I opened my Fujimi kit box, I also found 37mm cannon I had removed from my Revell kit, and they were as good or better than the ones that come in the Academy kit. Since the Academy kit hadn't been released when I got my Fujimi Stukas, I must have robbed my Revell kit to replace the rather soft and aenemic ones from the Fujimi G-2. Hope thus helps! You get bonus points for the photographic memory! Mike
  12. 72modeler

    Your first aircraft model ?

    Just discovered this discussion- many fond and happy memories while reading all of your comments! My first was the Aurora 1/48 F9F Panther, bought by my Dad at the Itazuke AB base exchange in 1955. I was so dumb I cut out all the decals and glued them to the model...wasn't that was what the raised outlines on the kit were for? I do vaguely remember that the probe on the nose kept getting knocked off. Mike https://boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Boxart-Collection/AURORA/MILITARY-AIRCRAFT/JET/Aurora-F9F-Panther-2nd-Blue-Panel-FFOAN
  13. Sorry, Troy! I was so excited by the link to the build article you posted, I didn't look to see it wasn't your build- I'm not much use to the world until my second cup of coffee, as you can plainly see! Thanks for the correction. (That scraping sound you hear is me removing the egg from my face!) Mike I do have the CMR resin and AZ Models injected kits, but neither really captures the salient features of the airplane well; the CMR kit being one of their earlier releases. That being said, they are both very workable and are, so far, the only 1/72 injected examples that I know of.
  14. 72modeler

    Best ju87

    Fujimi do the Ju-87B-1/R, Ju-87D-2 and D-5/8, and Ju-87G-2, with the D's and G's being offered with standard and extended wingtip boxings. They are very good kits, considering their age- nicely scribed, decent interiors, and fit very well, but the ailerons and flaps are molded as part of the wings, so the fairings are solid and if you want to display the control surfaces deflected, you're in for some fiddly work! Transparencies are very nice, and are in two pieces- pilot and gunner, but closed only, and IIRC the internal framework of the real thing is not represented. They can be had for pretty reasonable prices. I would suggest a cockpit set and etched set for the harnesses and the gunner's seat, which is not very well done. If you're doing either of the tank buster versions, I would suggest replacing the cannon with the Quickboost resin set or the Armo turned metal barrels. The Academy Ju-87G is also excellent, but only builds the G-2 variant. The Airfix kit, in my opinion is by far the best early Stuka and can be built as a B-1 or B-2 variant, the difference being in the prop and oil cooler, which is catered to by means of separate cowlings. The Airfix kit is the only one to my knowledge that provides the bombing observation window in the belly as well as the cutout for the same in the cockpit floor. I have all of the above and can pull them out to answer specific questions, should you have any. Not knowing which specific versions you might be interested in, here's a brief summary of the biggest differences- you can go to sites on the internet for detailed descriptions of each variant. Ju-87B-1 Ju-87B-2/R different cowling and prop; -2R's had provision for an external fuel tank under each wing Ju-87D-2 had standard span wings; DB-603, radiators moved to underside of wings; wider chord prop with larger spinner Ju-87D-5/8 had extended span wings, same engine, prop, spinner, and radiators as D-2 Ju-87G-1 dedicated tank buster built from existing Ju-87D-2's; had standard span wings Ju-87G-2 dedicated tank buster built from existing Ju-87D-5's; had extended span wings This should help get you started- the experts will be along shortly. IIRC there was discussion on this same topic a while back- you might do a search for "best 1/72 Stuka" Good luck! Mike
  15. Sort of off-topic, but Troy, you did a bang-up job on your Spiteful! What a beautiful airplane! If you put it next to a Mk1a, it's hard to believe they have the same ancestry! OK, back to the topic at hand! Mike