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  1. Eduard lists an 8-rocket set of British rockets with the 60lb warheads in 1/48 in the Brassin range: stock number is 648394. See if that is the type you need for your project. Aerobonus also did a set: stock number 480-067. Mike
  2. According to discussion on the P-51 SIG, the 111th TRS did not adopt the N5 squadron codes until 1945; I think there was no squadron code as such before 1945, just the individual aircraft + flight letter aft of the national insignia, so what style of code a 111th TRS Mustang displayed would indeed depend upon the time period, as Hornet133 has stated. Bottom line- go with a photo! Mike
  3. Great link, @Rich B- thanks for sharing it. As Graham stated, I also have read that Luftwaffe bombs were finished in 02, 65, or 76- for what it's worth. BTW, the US ordnance article JPuente was referring to was from the old Replica in Scale modeling magazine; I have that issue and in addition to color and detail notes and photos, there were black silhouettes of the major bomb/depth charge types in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scales. Volume 2, no. 3-4, spring and summer, 1974. As an aside, there was also am article on modeling Sabre variants, including scale drawings and conversion details- bear in mind there weren't very many kits out there in 1974. Too bad @Sabrejet wasn't around when we really needed him! Mike
  4. Yes! I KNEW I had read somewhere there was something wrong with the Airfix prop- thank you so much for the photos and clarification, Chris! Mike
  5. The Gee Bee in The Rocketeer film was a Gee Bee Z, not an R like this model. See the link to a neat video of a very nice replica Gee Bee Z. Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og1MHoYY-mc
  6. Wow! Very, very nice XVI, Fuad! The riveting is very precisely done- have to learn how to do this, as I think it would really enhance some models. Glad you didn't weather the bejeezus out of this one, as I would have been tempted to cross the pond and smack you around a little! Seriously, you are a very consistent and skilled builder and painter, and I marvel at each and every one of your finished replicas. Mike
  7. Sacre Bleu! Are you SURE this is not a 1/48 kit? Very, very nice model that we seldom see! Mike
  8. First off, I finally see somebody who has almost as many paints as I do! (But I bet I have a lot more Pactra and Floquil than you do- ha!) Very nice workbench, too! I agree with the diecast comment regarding this kit, but you have made as good a model of it as any other I've seen! (Bet it even brings a smile to @canberra kid's face!) Very, very nice Canberra! It always amazes me that Airfix can do so many nice subtly detailed parts on their new releases, but continue to mold kits with such wide panel lines- they do seem to be getting better, but there doesn't seem to be consistent improvement from kit to kit. Sorry to drift off-thread, but the comments made and your outstanding build in spite of the kit's issues reminded me- much like the discussion on the Airfix and Fujimi Spey Phantoms. Mike
  9. What the others have said, and I echo the comment about it being the best Airfix XIX build so far! Mike
  10. Thanks, Graham, for the correction- I was afraid I might be wrong. Mike
  11. Tony, Try this link! Mike http://www.falconmodels.co.nz/clearvax/set46.html
  12. Justin, Awesome 20th FG Mustang! I like the asymmetrical finish in the wheel bays, which was often seen on bare metal P-51D's- nice little detail. One observation- hard tp see on your photos, but did you leave a "ghost image" of the black identity wing and stabilizer bands that were overpainted with OD? That would be the only thing I could think of to take this outstanding build up another notch. Like the partially bled down fairing doors, you have portrayed some little details that make this a replica, not just a model. I am also planning to do Happy Jack's Go Buggy, of which a beautifully restored example is based here where I live- I get to see and hear her fly over my house all the time! (See the link below for restoration photos which also illustrate the same wheel bay treatment as your model!) Well done! Mike http://midwestaero.com/site/Photo_Gallery/Pages/Happy_Jacks_Go_Buggy.html
  13. @tonyot, Didn't Falcon or Squadron do a set of vacform transparencies for the 1/72 B-24M? Mike http://www.falconmodels.co.nz/clearvax/set46.html
  14. I remember reading about this wreck. My personal opinion is that they should try to recover this P-38 and display it in a museum in its current condition, as the elements will surely destroy it over time. The IWM, Air Force Museum, and National Museum of Naval Aviation have done this with several of the wrecks that they have recovered over the years. Perhaps a museum/ display dedicated to all of the aircrew/aircraft who lie in Wales? Mike
  15. IIRC, Dennis, the kit prop was molded with the pitch the wrong way around, so wrong rotation for the Bulldog, but hopefully somebody can confirm, as it was so long ago, I'm kinda fuzzy on this little detail....too much modeling trivia for this old Mk 1a brain/memory bank to retain! (Maybe a reworked Watts Gladiator/Hurricane/Spitfire prop might work?) @Graham Boak will know, I betcha! Mike
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