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  1. Jumpei Temma is his name and his webpagexis Wings of Pegasus- link below! soyuyo.main.jp
  2. Thanks, Martin! You can add an accurate Vautour, as the SH kit has a fuselage that is ‘way too fat and the fit is pretty poor- they could have engineered it a lot bettet, but it’s the only one in our scale- wish the late great Gordon Stephens had done one! Mike
  3. Great pics, my friend, and what a great variety of types, too! Thanks for sharing with us!
  4. If it’s any consolation fellows, I’m still waiting for the Albacore and the A-26’s they announced! Mike
  5. There are also raised head rivets on either side of the metal strips that run chordwise on the inner wing roots that are used for walkways- that and the other wing areas as described and illustrated above. Not really a Stuka expert, but I do recall seeing the riveted strips in period photos. Hope this helps! (The Fw-189 and Bv-141 have the same riveted walkway strips, IIRC.) Mike
  6. Dennis, Go to Cybermoder and open up the updated F-100 website- should be enough there on Misty FAC’s to get you started. Pretty sure Caracal did a 1/72 sheet on WW Huns. Mike
  7. Chris, We have had a couple of detailed discussions regarding B-17iG interior colors, which included photos. IPMS Stockholm also did a three-part article on WW2 US aircraft interior colors, and you can do an internet search for it- a well researched and pretty accurate article. You will find some areas were finished in dull dark green, some in unpainted aluminum, and some in untinted zinc chromate primer. In addition, there were parts of the flight deck and bombardier/navigator station that had canvas insulation/sound deadening panels that were in dull dark green or OD. In the unpainted section aft of the radip conpartment, you would also see the stringers and some supports finished in zinc chromate primer. Hope this helps! Mike
  8. Great news, Ed! I would like two sets. BTW, your F-86F slatted wing sets are the bee’s knees! Did I see somewhere that ypu are working on the same for the F-86D? I guess because the belly section is a different contour than the F-86F? Hoping everyone at Red Roo are safe and well! Mike
  9. Actually, Dave; I think it was seven exhsust stacks on each side- that’s what my kit had! Mike
  10. Very nice job on a kit that is not the easiest to build! Only the 2nd one I have seen completed, and it’s a winner. BIG flying boat! Regarding the beaching gear- IIRC, they were painted just like the nav lights- red for port and green for starboard- not a biggie, but some squid is going to see your RFI photos and let ypu know! Mike
  11. Jay Gee, There was a BM’er who was doing the very same build, using the Airfix kit a while back, and a couple of us posted photos and details of both installations. He had to graft on the waist gun blisters from an Italeri kit I sent him, but that wasn’t all that diifficult; modifying the B-25J tail gun position was the hardest part of the buiild. You could do a search for the topic, as it had a lot of detail period photos and text. You will also have to alter the shape of the top of the waist gun blisters, as they were not the same as the ones on the H and J, but the info in the discussion will show this. I have no success using the BM search engine, but I bet one of our regulars will be able to pull it up- good luck on your project! Mike
  12. I am having to use my smartphone to perform any functions on BM, and I’m not familiar with it- either ATT is blocking BM’s server again, or the Russki’s are hacking me. Thanks for having my six, Steve! IIRC, we had a discussion on this topic , and I posted photos of the antenna and fairing; the OP could do a search for it! Mike
  13. I think you can build a P-47D-30 from the Tamiya kit, but you will have to find a non C-series R-2800-59W engine. The -30 had the compressibility recovery flaps as well as the relocated landing light like the M, so you should be good to go, there. IIRC, the -30 used the Curtiss Electric paddle blade prop with the assymetric blades, which I think comes as one of the kit choices. (Not my scale, so I’m not totally familiar with what comes in the box.) You might ask @Tbolt for confirmation/clarification, as he is our resident Jug expert! Mike
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