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  1. Probably going to have to DIY, but that's easy enough in 1/24. Which aircraft is it?
  2. The usual elements of the used market - check eBay and the second-hand kit dealers, and the Sales & Wants section here
  3. I stand corrected: glad to see that they have now at last been relisted
  4. The ex Red Pegasus G-HUNT, G-FIRE and G-FURY decals are not currently available. The Red Pegasus site says that following the sale of the business you'll only be able to buy the stuff from the Drawdecal site in future: the Drawdecal site doesn't list them, though it may some day. and hooray! They are now up on the Draw Decal site after a long absence: thanks Magpie22 for the update If you want to do G-FIRE in the short to medium term it's either Draw Decal or commission your own decals in 1/72 or do it the easy way and use the new Airfix kit in 1/48.
  5. Feel free to explain why it is too dangerous to stow boxes of belted .303 in a bin at the side of a blast pen and where you would consider to be a safe place to keep it within reach of the aircraft you are about to re-arm. Inside the blast pen in a bin embedded into the relatively munitions-proof structure is surely safer than anywhere else in the immediate vicinity? The pen already contains an armed and fuelled fighter for much of the time, so how is a box of ammo in a bin an unaccceptable raising of the risk?
  6. Have a look at these https://www.501csw.usafe.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/436959/70-years-later-fighter-pens-still-tell-story/ https://www.somersetheritage.org.uk/downloads/publications/Culmhead.pdf https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1444385 https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1020978 ... all of which collectively give a substantial amount of information on Type B and Type E fighter pens but do not, as far as I can see, directly answer your specific question about the stowage. Given what we kno
  7. There was also the 1/32 Revell one from '72, which got a reissue last year https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-248-hawker-siddeley-harrier--187441
  8. Last out in 1997 I see, I wonder if they irreversibly changed the tooling to make the more recent Sea Harrier versions?
  9. As with BM itself the internal search on Scalemates may not be your best choice. In general googling the formula Maker Subject Scale Scalemates e.g. Airfix Bentley 1/12 Scalemates will take you straight to whatever kit you are looking for.
  10. There may or may not be, but good luck anyone whose business model is selling a lot of expensive resin or PE for stuff that no-one really builds, outside a tiny niche interest. Even the decal action has always been minimal compared to the popular scales, and frankly decals are easy to scale up in situations like an RAF service Spitfire I where you don;t have to have anything carefully fitted to the accuracy quirks of a specific kit.
  11. I think it's as simple as: go look in the RFI section here and see how many 1/24 Spitfires there are, and how many 1/48 Spitfires.
  12. Also the later type circular-intake oil cooler, in fact quite a lot of stuff there which will be used on various V kits in due course
  13. Indeed, and the two old books remain incredibly useful and easily-followed how-to guides for gussying them up using little more than some scrap materials and modelling skills. The 1/24 kits have never really attracted a lot of aftermarket, presumably because they sell in such small numbers compared to the mainstream 1/48 kits
  14. Having been outdoors for 46 years, and as far as I know not run or maintained in any of that time it is very unlikely that they are viable candidates to be rebuildable to flying condition, but those engines are still much better off removed from the airframe and safely in the dry somewhere than continuing to rot outside in the rain with the rest of it
  15. These 1/24 kits are massive investments with a limited niche customer base and the company has very limited capacity to invest. In any given 2-3 year period they can either do a new Spitfire or they can do a new something else. We could have had a replacement 1/24 Spitfire I and 109E, but then we would not have had a completely new Typhoon and Hellcat. They've chosen to do new subjects and it's hard to say those kits should have been sacrificed when the old ones still make money. Are you not familiar with Scalemates? You can look anything up there and see its lineage
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