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  1. Work In Progress

    Spitfire DP845 performance report

    The fact the F2G is very nearly twice the weight of the Spitfire XII has a rather greater bearing on its need for horsepower than the radial versus V-12 engine question! Both wonderful aeroplanes though.
  2. Work In Progress

    Available kits of the Hampden?

    Yes, the Bilek kit is Airfix
  3. Work In Progress

    Available kits of the Hampden?

    The Airfix kit is not at all bad for its age and still worth building if you use the Falcon transparencies and don;t mind adding a bit of interior detail, plus re-shaping the wing-tips slightly. You can rescribe or not as you see fit. The AZ rendition of the Valom kit is quite nice and signifcaintly more modern. AZ one here: and here: Good example of what you can make of the Airfix one wit ha little modelling work here :
  4. Work In Progress

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    Surely nothing bespoke is actually needed? They only made eight, five saw actual service and not for long at all. It's all just going to be standard kit decals and generic Xtradecal dull red codes and eight inch serials, isn't it?
  5. Work In Progress

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    It's a rash supplier who makes after-market products for non-existent kits
  6. The sliding window in the door is hilariously wrong on the 3-view renders, as clearly shown in delide's photograph. If you tried to slide that wedge-shaped window back it would fall straight out of its tracks! The tracks are, of course, parallel.
  7. Work In Progress

    Spitfire exhausts: rounded or fishtail for MK IX ML214 "5J.K"

    Yes, that photo is a V, probably the airframe serialled BR329 (though I have seen some sources claim it was wrongly serialled and was actually BR321) on Malta. The fact that the colouriser has just left the fuselage in black and white is not helpful. As usual, colourised photographs are a menace.
  8. Work In Progress

    any news regarding the do 335 in 1/48 scale?

    The best place to ask for speculation about future releases is on the forum which exists for the purpose https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/153-the-rumourmonger/
  9. Work In Progress

    Spitfire exhausts: rounded or fishtail for MK IX ML214 "5J.K"

    Yes, they're directly interchangeable
  10. Work In Progress

    Sptfire XVIII wing, again

    Very true, which is not widely appreciated about the 21-onwards wing - in terms of pure outline it's just a different clip on the same basic shape, and the airfoils and washout are the same as before. Though in that case the completely different ailerons do give it a strong point of visual differentiation lacking from previous production wings
  11. Work In Progress

    Spitfire Camo Application

    And if we're going to reduce the thing to its logical conclusion, many Spitfires did not have camouflage demarcation lines at all.
  12. Work In Progress

    Sptfire XVIII wing, again

    The wing dimensions and shape are identical, so you can tick both those off your list.
  13. Work In Progress

    Spitfire Camo Application

    "All Spitfires?" No, they didn't. Practically nothing is true of "all Spitfires" apart from the name and the existence of frame 19. Most were painted using flexible mats to mask. Feathering between upper surface colours was therefore pretty tight and in small scales e.g. 1/72 and 1/48 then hard demarcation looks better than any attempt to do it freehand with an airbrush. Demarcation between upper and lower colours is generally hard. There was an almost interminable, and on occasion somewhat intemperate thread on the subject here, to which I doubt anything significantly new and enlightening will ever be added
  14. Work In Progress

    Baders hurricane

    Gleed's Hurricane I was also one with metal-covered wing
  15. Work In Progress

    Airfix 1/72 Martlet IV to F4F-4?

    Seriously, swap it for an F4F-4 kit.