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  1. Welcome to the forum John, looks like you're (re)starting the hobby with the right tools and ideas! I may be down in the wilds of Kent but my family roots are in south Lincs, Thurlby (near Bourne) to be precise. I know the area pretty well and spent many summer holidays there when I was a mere stripling.
  2. That's a very nice build, well detailed and well executed. Looks really good! Another option for fixing windows, canopies and other clear plastic items is Deluxe Materials Glue 'n' Glaze, PVA-based and made for the job (the clue's in the name!).
  3. Hmmm... that would make a great fun project - I wonder where I could find a suitable Moke kit...
  4. Whatever struggles you're having with the airbrushing, the results look fine. If I may, can I pass along a couple of tips that might help you? 1> Remove the masking tape as early as you can, and 2> Leave the model for a few days for the paint to fully harden before putting masking tape on it, both tips intended to avoid any possibility of the tape lifting it off. Really looking good so far!
  5. Still progressing slowly. Doors now complete apart from glazing... ...the lighting has not been kind to these images! The exterior chromework is now complete - much use of Molotow and 3mm masking tape involved! I could only do this on certain days due to an annoying intermittent tremor in my hand, hence the delay since the last update. Thanks for your patience!
  6. Wow, where to start... Conventional superlatives seem to be totally inadequate. This car simply looks...real. No matter how closely you look at the details, the engine bay, the cockpit - everything looks real, even down to the suggestion of mud in the tyre treads. Indistinguishable from the real thing is about the greatest compliment you can give any model and this certainly qualifies. Amazing job.
  7. Neddy

    Say hello

    Hello back atcha! I used to live in South London (Eltham/Mottingham) back in my yoof but for the final two years there I was Chairman of the Escape Committee and finally got away down into deepest Kent about 45 years ago.
  8. '60s Mustangs - can't get enough of 'em. This'll be good to watch.
  9. Coming together well. VERY neat and detailed engine bay.
  10. Greetings from about as far south as you can get before falling off the edge.
  11. Good set of photos! I agree though, the better the photos the more imperfections they show up - so much so that I often take pics to inspect mine closely sooner than relying on the naked eye.
  12. You have my sympathies. I've only ever built one Fujimi kit (the Miura in my avatar) and I found the fit and finish to be supremely awful.Still, these things are sent to try us and it looks like you're fighting it every inch (2.4cm) of the way. Good luck with the rest of it.
  13. Thanks! I'm actually quite pleased with the finish. I took my time over it and used nearly the whole can but it was worth it.
  14. Excellent start, especially the ignition wiring. Very neat job.
  15. As I was saying many weeks ago, the sprayed 'shell has now had plenty of time to harden while I was otherwise occupied with the lunatic project you may have noticed elsewhere in these hallowed portals. I'm now back working on this one and have started populating the engine bay - battery, heater, brake master/servo and bracing struts added so far.
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