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  1. Huh? Bad English? Honestly your English is better than that of a fair few Brits I know! from the bottom right-hand corner of Olde Englande. You're amongst friends here.
  2. GSW have a great range of metallic acrylics, better than most. They aren't as easy to airbrush as Mr Hobby Aqueous (my preferred brand) but I'm getting used to them.
  3. Sorry again for the hiatus, blame Real Life and the NHS - not necessarily in that order - for the slow rate of progress! Whilst awaiting the arrival of the necessary white primer I was able to progress the interior a bit further, fitting the pedals and that gloriously OTT shift lever... ...and I couldn't resist having a bit of a dry run with the body/chassis combination... I hasten to add that the moulding seams have been comprehensively dealt with after the photos were taken! I also spent a merry day cutting and fitting the two-piece windscreen glass, working at first from the supplied template only to find it was miles out - I ended up making my own - and the end result isn't bad. I haven't photographed it as the frame is so delicate I'm leaving it firmly on the sprue until the time comes to fit it and photographing it in situ would be a nightmare. Finally today I had a rare free day and thus was able to get some colour on the necessary bits. I didn't bother with any pics of the primed parts as I had great difficulty seeing where the (white) primer went, but I have to admit that Mr Hobby Acqueous Surfacer 1000 airbrushes beautifully and leaves an ideal surface. Finally some colour went on - this is GSW Orchid Purple metallic, a fairly close match for the original colour used... Now I must leave it severely alone for a few days to harden before having at it with 2000 grit W/D and getting a bit of a gloss on it. Thanks again for your patience and apologies for the slow progress. More anon...
  4. Great progress so far, excellent work on the back axle. It's interesting to note that of the several 50+ year old builds in my display cabinet, the only one that isn't gradually dropping apart due to adhesive failure is the solitary white metal MGA which was assembled solely using CA and is still as solid as a rock. About as heavy, too!
  5. I added the Revell version to my stash a short while ago, also for ridiculously little money. I wonder if old 'Vettes are going out of fashion.
  6. Yes. Yes you were. Mind you, come to think of it... 🤖👮‍♂️
  7. Oooooh that SM..... 🤩 @kiseca, there is one EV with character, but it might not be the sort of character you have in mind... ...it's not for everyone but I'd love one and they're coming to the UK soon. The Microlino.
  8. Neddy

    Greetings BM

    Hi Vex, from the bottom right-hand corner of Olde Englande! I was also a long-time hobbyist and got back into it about two years ago, largely due to the support and encouragement given by this forum. I'm now addicted once again and it's all their fault. Let's hope it succeeds in getting you building again.
  9. Do I detect just a hint of bias? 😁 And you're right, the GT6 is an extremely pretty car.
  10. Wow! where would I start - the 'Vette, the 250GTO, the WO196 or the Miura? (wanders off, salivating and counting his pocket-money...)
  11. I've just had a look at their website and have to confess to being SERIOUSLY tempted by the Batmobile kit. All I have to do is find the necessary space and convince myself that it's worth the £2k outlay!
  12. Neddy


    Hi Stick, from the opposite corner of the UK! There are a lot of rekindlers here (me included) so you're amongst friends.
  13. Superb work and no problem at all with pace, you're currently twice as fast as me!
  14. Oooooh gorgeous! I would have given my eye-teeth and my left twiddlybit for one of those when I was a 16-year old but I couldn't afford one. I had to settle instead for a Heinkel/Trojan, one of which is just visible on the extreme right of the frame, that got me on the road on a motorcycle licence and I loved it to pieces.
  15. Magnificent Alvis! What also caught my eye was the Series MO sidevalve Morris Oxford next to it, circa 1953 - I used to have one identical to that back in my teens.
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