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  1. Thank you! Yes, actually it was planned as an export version of P.11, but ended up as more capable successor. Entered service in 1936 and used extensively in combat by Greece as a front-line fighter. Used also in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Rendered obsolete by late 30s'
  2. Royal Bulgarian Air Force, 2 Istrebitelen Orliak (Fighter Regimen), December 1938 - Karlovo Airfield Built almost OOB (except thee engine) with the red decals discarded in favor of Hu 60 to have the colour uniform, same with the flag on the rudder. Quite a few scratchbuild details on the engine required to look decent at least. I have used the vacuum canopy, but TBH there is not much difference. I used the injected one as a template to cut the masks At least intermediate skills required, imho P.S. Just after the shooting I realised I've missed the Pitot tube - in place n
  3. Thanks! It was a pig from what I have read, even with two engines for MiG-17 Thanks! I am sure the visibility should be terrible... Thank you, sir! Your build was my inspiration :). It's Avis of course, not Amodel for sure! I will edit it. I have modified the main undercarriage replacing the oleos with metal tubes to strengthen, again following your build and the issues you faced. No need for additional support so far Thanks! I was a bit nervous during the process, to put it mildly.... But I closely followed the excellent build @Flanke
  4. Finally I overcame the beast! Yes!! Warning: stay away from it, unless you have nerves of steel!
  5. Thank you! I really don't know about the bridge. She was sunked so early in the war that I was not able to find any survived photos (still, there should be). I was relying manly on other people's builds, where no one expressed any concerns on the matter.
  6. Just finished my latest project - one of my very few 1/144 models. This one is breeze to build - just shake the box! Painted with MM Gunship gray and weathered with oil paint's wash. Tiny, tiny cockpit, but still visible, so I had to address this and to add some details (seat belts, control columns) Overall a nice, easy and quick build. Great company for my 1/144 B-58 Hustler
  7. WOW, never heard of this! Nice peace of information, thanks!
  8. This is one of my older models - HMS "Zinnia" build with the help of the WEM photo-etched set. The model took silver medal from the European Championship Class "C" in 2014
  9. My next lockdown model is now officially finished I used the Eduard photo-etched set, together with metal gear from Scale Aircraft Conversion [SAC-72106]. I must admit some of the parts were particularly fiddly like the arresting hook and the bits and pieces for the landing gear (as shown by the close-up shots). For the high visibility markings I used MM Semigloss Orange #1595. Overall, I am really satisfied how it turned out. Enjoy!
  10. Don't know about you mates, but this lockdown unleashed the inner beast in me For this build I took inspiration from the the wonderful Attacker build presented by @Navy Bird here: All issues described were present in my kit as well, except for the misalignment of the fuselage halves. I have added the boundary layer plates, reshaped and boxed the tailhook compartment (albeit a bit deeper then needed) and the tailwheel well too. Added the aerials, scratchbuilt a new tailhook. I regret not opening the canopy as the fit of the closed one was awful. I like the "pregnant" look with the
  11. Thanks and completely agree! When I think of having Sword's F-80, T-33, Banshee and others I feel the goosebumps...
  12. Thanks! Yes, it is from Noy's Miniatures line and actually representing Vietnam era air base
  13. Actually no, never had it. I think it was quite rare back then and not reissued in the last 20+ years
  14. Hi, mates! I present to your attention my next finished model started about 6 years ago and finally completed due to me staying home for most of the time Well, this one took a toll on my nerves... Multiple fitting issues that plagued me to the very end! You know the drill - a LOT of filling, sanding, correcting, dry fitting again and again and still there are certain places that could look better. And finally the NMF... Oh, not to forget the blue decals on the wingtip tanks... I had to completely cut their noses off as they do not conform at all with the tanks' geometry and
  15. Thank you for the nice words! Great photo! So, they were supposed to be used in a ground-attack role, judging by the configuration?
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