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  1. Those two curved frames won't meet in the middle - the two pipes that run aft on the top of the engine stop it from meeting:
  2. It's as far back as it'll go: I've been test-fitting the cowling, but without that bar being fixed in position, I can't tell if the pins go in the related slots in the bar. The bar just pushes down. I don't know what to fix it to.
  3. I'm not sure where this long bar (54) is supposed to go. The instructions are not very clear as to where the end fits. There are two curved arms on each side of the nose, which don't meet in the middle. Is the notch in the bar supposed to sit between these two arms?
  4. Wings on, and engine covers pushed into position. It's starting to look like a Spitfire now! Quite a bit of work needed to fill the joints between the fuselage halves and wing roots, but I am going to lose some of the raised detail.
  5. I'm really impressed by how well this is fitting together: Or should I not have said that yet... It's quite fiddly getting the bracing struts in, but so far, the two halves of the fuselage have just clicked into place around the engine. On the tail end, there are two hinges for the rudder that need to be enclosed between the two halves of the vertical stabilizer, which will be another fiddly step. So far, coming along together nicely!
  6. This is a nice touch: There are small hinge parts for the elevators and rudder.
  7. Ah ok, I think that's what I'll do - I haven't glued 5A in place, so it's free to turn. If I leave 10 out, I can just push the prop in as the last step right?
  8. Okay, step 2, and I'm already stuck. How does the propeller shaft (10) fit into the propeller? It looks like the shaft fits from the inside of the engine, and the propeller connects to it when it's installed: But, do I have a deformed shaft? It's got a lobe on one side of the shaft, giving it an oval shape, whereas the propeller has a circular hole. And they don't fit together... In addition, why is it important not to fit part 9 at this point?
  9. Some early filler work already: The first few steps are to assemble the engine, including the addition of the propeller. Each of the propeller blades as some sort of dimple, which is going to need some work to smooth out.
  10. It must have seemed even bigger as a kid! Hopefully you enjoy this build along with me!
  11. Thanks for that. I am missing that too, but it was more the stencil data that I was looking for. Airfix replied at 8am this morning with the instructions, which I'm really impressed with.
  12. It looks great, and there's not as much flash on there as I was expecting, after having seen some reviews on YouTube. The surface detail is really impressive, I just hope I don't lose too much of it during the sanding sessions. I had a look on the Airfix website, and the community page has similar issues from other users, some have posted screenshots of the correct instructions but they don't load. I've emailed to see if there are updated instructions available.
  13. They could both be right, but usually, the decal instructions tell you how to do both options. These are the decals that were in the box: The box art shows KLB with the sky underside, and LOB with the black/white underside. But the decal instructions only cover KLB on both sides of the sheet.
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