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  1. I was actually looking for the Negus British Airways version of this kit, but I couldn't find any. I'm not sure i know what the early BOAC scheme looks like. I am surprised the lugs and notches of the engine mountings just don't match up! I had to cut the lugs out. Even then, it was a tight fit - they wouldn't fall out even without cement. Looking forward to seeing your 707!
  2. Another classic airliner completed. This is the Airfix Boeing 707, which has tooling from 1963, and decals from 2015. There weren't really any issues with this build, other than the way the engines attach to the wing with little notches in the pylons that are designed to hook onto lugs in the wings. These lugs were too large, or the notches in the pylons were too small, but they didn't attach easily. I had to cut out the lugs and slot the pylons into the wings. Also, the wrap-around decals of the nose were difficult to apply because of the t
  3. I have only seen those decals in 1:144, but I don't know who makes them.
  4. I've made a few of the Concorde kits in 1/72, from Airfix, Revell, and Heller. None of these are in production anymore, but it looks like Heller is going to release the 1/72 kit again, in both standard kit and starter set with paints: https://www.heller.fr/en/80469-concorde-af-1000804690 https://www.heller.fr/en/56469-starter-kit-concorde-af-1000564690 No idea if it's new tooling, but judging from the diagrams on the boxart, which are the same as in the instructions of the older kits, I'm guessing it's the same tooling. I definitely w
  5. These look great! I'm looking forward to the re-release later this year. Does the standard kit not have an offset nosewheel then?
  6. When I built mine, I didn't assemble the nose gear as the instructions told me, because I have snapped nose gears off many times. Here's step 2: This is what I did: I assembled 166 and 167 to the nose gear bay. I didn't install 168 (or the nosewheel bay doors permanently) until the build was complete. I pushed-fit the nosewheel bay doors for painting. The bottom tang of 166 does not stick out that far, so it is fairly protected from knocks. When I finished the build, I lifted out the nosewheel bay doors, t
  7. Oh yes! Now you reminded me, I have seen one! It was the oil spill response 727, which I saw flying over the Solent when I lived in Portsmouth. But it was half-way between Southsea and the Isle of Wight, so it was pretty far away - I just recognised the silhouette of it. I did see the 727 on Flightradar 24 on approach to Lasham yesterday or the day before. And I saw a blue and white private 727 on approach to Le Bourget some years ago as well - it's all coming back to me now!
  8. I would love to see the Revell and Airfix builds side-by-side when they're done!
  9. Which one are you building? Do you know what, I don't think I've ever actually seen a 727!
  10. I've just completed this build, the latest in my old airliner kits. I really enjoyed this build, but it's taking longer than I'd like because of work and bad weather outside (I use rattle cans outside). I don't have any liveries with green, so I thought the Alitalia livery would add something interesting to the collection. This is I-DIRI, Citta di Siena. The previous Airfix 727 I built had the Iberia markings, but I used Humbrol gloss white, which yellowed really badly over time. This time, I used the standard Halford's appliance gloss white, wi
  11. Did you get a paint sample to use, or just to do a colour match?
  12. That's beautiful! Seeing your build inspired me to get the same kit in United Airlines livery!
  13. That's looking beautiful already! The Landor livery is so smart in my opinion.
  14. I bought a sheet of 777 Air Austral decals from 8A, and I was really impressed with them. The carrier film was really thin though, which I wasn't prepared for, and I lost a cargo door because it folded up on itself when it came away from the backing paper. My own fault though, but I was really happy with the results.
  15. It's looking great already! What colour did you use for the upper fuselage?
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