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  1. I completely agree - I think that's why I end up doing another Concorde every once in a while!
  2. I do! But I have a load of other commercial airliners to make too - it just always seems there's another Concorde build going on!! Having said that, I only have one more to make - the Airfix 1:72 in Landor, to go with my Heller Air France and Revell British Airways builds. Then I will not have more space for any more 1:72 builds! Unless I buy another house...
  3. Thanks a lot. Here's the memory-jogger: The one up against the Heller monster is the Revell version.
  4. Thanks, I tried using Autoglym polish for the first time, seems to have worked quite well to get the shine.
  5. You should crack on! You're that close already!
  6. I'm glad I was still able to find this kit on ebay so I could have another go at it, but I was expecting to have a problem with the decals for a kit of this age. They handled beautifully though! The box was still wrapped in cellophane, so I think that helped preserve the decals. I bought the 1:72 version about 7 years ago, and the box had already been opened. When I put the decals in the water, they instantly disintegrated...
  7. Yer I'm sure you can use Revell decals on it - I've used the Airfix Chatham livery on the Revell version, for one that I made for a friend. The Revell one has a pitot, but it's very thick and looks too long. Here's my Revell build in Landor, next to the Heller 1:72 version: You can see all the extra decals.
  8. There is also a 1:72 C-5: https://www.anigrand.com/AA9001_C-5B.htm
  9. I was going to say the level of detail, but both have differences. This is what I've discovered so far, (and what I can remember from each build): The Airfix moulding has raised panel lines, and the Revell one has recessed panel lines. The Airfix moulding was very clean and crisp, and had zero flash. The Revell moulding was riddled with flash. The Airfix moulding has the nose moulded in the raised position. The Revell one has a separate nose, but the flight deck windows are a single-piece flat section, which is incorrect if you build it with the nose lowered. The Airfix version has holes for the cabin windows, but no transparent windows to fill them. However, the holes are very small, so I'm sure you could do some Clearfixing if you wanted to fill them. The Revell version has moulded recesses for the windows, which will need drilling, or filling and the application of decal windows (not supplied). The Airfix version has the primary and secondary intake ramps, with a full-length splitter between the engine trunks. The Revell version does not have intake ramps, and the splitter between the engine trunks is much too short. The Airfix version does not have any fan disks. The Revell version does, but you can see both of the fans at the same time when you look into the engine because there is no splitter to divide the engine trunks. The Revell decals are much more complete, and include the no-walk markings and de-icing markings for the wings along with various warning signs and hatches. There are no such markings for the Airfix version. The Chatham livery on the Airfix version is not correct, in that it has no feathering on the tail, or Speedmarque ribbon. The Speedmarque ribbon is too small. The Revell version has the correct shading of the Chatham livery, and the correct size Speedmarque ribbon. Neither kit has engine exhaust details (apart from the thrust reverser buckets) - the exhausts reveal the empty box of the engine nacelles. Neither kit has mud guards for the nose and main landing gear, which the 1:72 version has. Both kits look good when made!
  10. When I was about 5 or 6, I remember annoying my dad in the local toy store when I saw the Airfix Concorde kit for sale. Eventually, he bought it for me, and I made such a meal of it! I was really excited about doing the Landor livery (which is still my favourite), that I didn't have the patience to do the red stripe properly. I ended up with an unpainted kit, with gaps all over the place, and only the front part of the red stripe in place. But the Landor tail looked good! I've already built the Revell 1:144 Concorde in Landor, but I always had this desire to do the Airfix build again - and do it correctly. I know the Airfix kit is very simple, but after some of the other builds I've made, a simple kit makes a nice change! I built this one right out of the box, using the Airfix decals, and no modifications or additions. Opening up the box brought back all of those memories from when I saw the kit for the first time. It was a very short build, so there's no WIP thread for it. Seeing the Landor red stripe brought back the same feelings of dread too! But I think I managed to do a decent job of it this time, almost 30 years later.
  11. Thanks a lot! Yes, there was a short WIP thread: to be honest, it was a simple build, but it took me a long time with the work I was doing on the house, plus the delay I had with building up the courage to paint all of the wheels. There are no dimensions on the box, and I've got it hanging up from the ceiling now, but the span is roughly 47 cm, and the length is about 50 cm.
  12. I just saw this photo on Airliners.net, and it shows how different the pearl grey is compared to the white on the Chatham jets: https://www.airliners.net/photo/British-Airways/Boeing-747-436/5639125/L
  13. But you don't need a magnifying glass to do that I just checked the An-225's wheels and they don't have the best definition between hub and tyre either. I think I'll start on the gear first, then at least it's out of the way before I run out of energy...
  14. Thank you. Something looks odd about the nose to me - looks a little too flat on the upper surface, which makes it look too pointy. I always thought the C-5 had a bulbous front end, but it's been a few years since I was last up close to one at Fairford.
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