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  1. That's great - thanks for the info! It really adds detail to the kit, but there are a lot of decals on the A380! Here's the decal sheet for the Airbus livery: The markings I was referring to are 79, 80, 96, 97, 58.
  2. That's beautiful!! I've been waiting to see the finished thing! That tail has got to be even more striking in real life. Really well done!
  3. That's looking really good! One question I've had for a while with Airbus aircraft... What is the silver strip for on the underside, aft of the body gear? I also don't know what the black stripes are for, on the upper and lower wing roots. They're provided as decals on the kit, but I've no idea what they're for.
  4. Always nice to see an Airfix Concorde - it was one of my first kits! Which decals did you use? The Air France decals on the Airfix Concorde kits that I've built have been a really light sky blue.
  5. That is outrageous!! You've done a great job on the model, on the weathering, on the photography... Really well done!
  6. I always admire those who can do weathering, and your Harrier looks like a work of art!
  7. That's beautiful! I never really noticed the Mosquito until a friend asked me to do a commission build for him. It's really grown on me! I didn't know Airfix did a 1:24 version of this kit!
  8. Hi, Svake. Thank you, I hope your build is going well. I used a spray paint colour called Racking Grey from Halfords, which is a chain of automotive stores in the UK. Back in 2015, I built my first Comet. I used Humbrol 40, applied with a brush. It's a very similar grey to Racking Grey:
  9. My decals had yellowed, so I left them in the window for weeks to de-yellow them - I wonder if that anything to do with it?
  10. That's kind of you, thanks for the offer. I'm not sure I can save it:
  11. You've demonstrated that this kit can be turned into something spectacular. It looks beautiful. The weathering gives a nice touch too. I have five of these to build, I'd love to attempt the weathering effects that you applied.
  12. In the Humbrol video, he states: "clear is a very thin acrylic gloss varnish"
  13. I've used Humbrol clear gloss for years as a base for decals, and as a protective coat over the top of them - and I've never had any issues. Indeed, it's a recommendation on their tutorial (see 2m:35s): But, I've never used Zvezda decals before - and clearly the ink doesn't like the solvent in this varnish. It surprised me because I've used third party decals that have been silk-screened and laser-printed, and never had this happen before. It's just the blue that this has happened to - the red on the flag is fine, and the black nose decal is fine.
  14. This was a kit that I've had for a while, and decided to crack on with it last week. It's quite a simple kit, but has great detail. I was in the last stages of the build today - I left the decals drying overnight, and applied a gloss coat this afternoon. I used my regular gloss coat - Humbrol gloss varnish - applied with a brush, as usual. When I came back to the model, I found the blue ink on the decals has reacted with the varnish, and it's bled all over the model. By the time I noticed, the varnish had dried, so now, it's stuck like this. I've never had this happen before, but I was actually really pleased with this kit, and was looking forward to having it on display. Needless to say, I'm not going to take any more photos - but I'd be interested to hear if this has happened to anyone else:
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