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  1. That is just absolutely beautiful! The shock diamonds look fantastic, too!
  2. I think applying the smoke first will outline and highlight the frames, which should make them easier to see while painting the frames.
  3. Oh, I see what you mean now - the prototype didn't have a visor window, I don't think. It had a metal visor with those small side windows only.
  4. Is it too big for a wood glue window?
  5. I didn't paint the frames myself to be honest - I used Tamiya smoke spray to give a tint, but it also had the effect of highlighting the frames, similar to a panel wash.
  6. I put the textured side out, because this is the side to paint for the frames. It will be easier to see the balcony frames if these are on the outside.
  7. Oh I think I see what you mean - one side of the clear part is textured, the other side is smooth?
  8. Hey. I'm not sure I know what you mean by balcony cleat. There are quite a few balconies on this model!
  9. I had a difficult time with the wrap-around nose decal for the BOAC 707. The decals were too thick to wrap neatly around the nose, and I ended up with creases. If I did it again, I would mask and paint - I was curious to see if this kit had instructions to paint the blue, or if they supplied wrap-around decals. Are there clear parts for the windows?
  10. I had this one on pre-order until I learned what Vintage Classic meant. I had already built one of these using the prototype decals from F-DCAL, and it went together quite well. I'm not overly fussed on accuracy issues, but the two engine nacelles didn't have a splitter plate to separate the two intake trunks. I did scratch-built them with plasticard. I saw there is a Concorde gift set available to pre-order on the Airfix website, with the product number A50189. It doesn't have the Vintage Classics V-number or label on the page, so I'm not sure if it's a re-release
  11. Thanks, I didn't quite get it right symmetrically between left and right - on the right side, the blue goes too high up. The gold cheatline is supposed to be interrupted by the wings, but I didn't get the level right. But from underneath, no-one can tell!
  12. There is a drop-down menu on the webpage with a scale to select: https://www.f-dcal.fr/decals/index.php?id_product=1499&controller=product&id_lang=1
  13. F-DCAL has British Airways Negus, Chatham Historic Dockyard, and Landor decals in 1:144, which can be rescaled to 1:72. So even if the Heller Air France kit is the only offering, there are British Airways decals available for it.
  14. A faff is a nuisance, or faff around is to do things in a disorganized way. The BBJ will look good! With split scimitar winglets?
  15. I used to have a coworker from Houston, and I asked her if she fancied going for lunch. She laughed and said she only heard "fancy" for things like "that's a fancy hat". Until then, I never realized how much I used it: I really fancy some chocolate, I really fancy a nap, I don't fancy going on holiday right now... This kit was great, and it was a quick build - no fit issues, filler only really needed around the flight deck windows transparency, and just a few wheels to paint. And we had good weather, so I was able to use the spray paints outside. During the winter,
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