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  1. Is it bare plastic, or is it primed? You might find with a dark primer, it doesn't bleed through because the plastic is no longer translucent.
  2. Thanks a lot, I'm still surprised it turned out okay. I want to do another with a bit more detailing, especially as I found a mask set to let you do shading for the RAM paint. But I don't think I've fully recovered yet!
  3. I think it's very much like the actual British Airways blue - it's a different blue in different light!
  4. The blue looks much brighter in daylight:
  5. I brushed on Humbrol gloss on mine, and had no issues with blooming. I suffered from an awful case of suspected blooming on my B-2, and it went away with another coat of satin varnish. I'm not sure what reacted with what, but it only appeared after a few hours. The Humbrol gloss has been great so far, but I haven't had much luck with the spray can of it - the nozzle seems to keep spraying even after I let go of the button, which ends up in spatters and droplets all over the model...
  6. That is a really crisp blue! I like it a lot. The masking looks very precise. It's going to be a beautiful finish!
  7. Yer I had to do quite a bit of work on the Concorde: Nose-up is okayish, but I did build one with the resin nose correction, which let me build it nose-down more accurately instead of the kit's flat profile with single window. The only thing with the resin correction is that you need to use decals for all of the flight deck windows, which makes then the clear visor look odd. I think the main landing gear is too long and narrow too, and I don't like the semi-perforated cabin windows. With the landing gear down, you can see into the wings, so I made some gear bay walls with plasticard, and the intake splitter for some reason is far too short, so I built full-length walls to fully divide the intakes all the way to the engine intakes. I don't remember there being issues with the 747-400, but I know some have said the nose is the wrong shape. I did the A319 because I wanted a simple build!
  8. Each one I've built has been fine - I haven't noticed any fit issues. The CFM engine parts had quite a lot of flash, especially around the tailpipe. There was also a bit of tidying up to do on the trailing edge of the wings and around the flap track fairings. Oh and some of the windows needed to be cut out. I didn't have any warping at the wingtips though. It certainly was not as flashy as the Revell 1:144 Concorde!
  9. I'm like a magpie - I love shiny! That's a beautiful finish. Does Alclad go on naturally like that, or do you have to buff it to get a mirror finish?
  10. Are you using the larger wingtip fences? I forgot the ones on this kit are undersized until I went to attach them.
  11. Which blue are you using for it? I had some bleeding around the panel lines too. I need to use a toothpick next time to really press in the masking tape - my fingernails are clearly not long enough. Looking forward to your update!
  12. Thank you. I got quite attached to the A319 over the years, only twice were there equipment changes - to an A320 (G-MIDT), and an A321 (G-EUXE). The box art depicts G-EUOF, which I never had the chance to fly on, but my parents flew out on OF when they visited me.
  13. I use liquid cement with a fine paint brush, but at that time, I can't remember how I did it. It still terrifies me to this day, especially as I get clumsier the more delicate I try to be!
  14. I did that with my recent B-2 build, where I thought I had finished it and then a few hours later, a permanent white bloom had formed all over it. It was about to join the same fate as my second A319, when a member here told me to apply another coat of gloss on it, which did the trick. However, that A319 just pushed me over the edge, especially as I had thought I had been so careful with it, and had spent hours and hours applying the decals. I had attached the antennas last because they usually snap off during the build, and I didn't even feel the cement on my fingers. This time, I put the antennas on before painting, so there was no cement around when I was applying the decals!
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