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  1. Thank very much! I used to really dislike painting around curves - I dreaded peeling back the masking tape to find the paint bled underneath it. Then, I'd have to touch up the paint by hand and the result was always unsatisfactory. That was the case until recently, where I read on this forum that people use Tamiya curved masking tape. I found it in my local hobby store, so I was pleased to find it, and I have discovered it gives great results. I still have loooots of kits to finish too, but I also have the ceiling upstairs that I can use
  2. The one thing I'm concerned about is if I move home... I already lost many models during my move back from France, and I've spent the best part of 3 years rebuilding. I wanted to take this one to show my parents, but I don't have any special boxes (or coffins) for my models. When I went to Telford, I was surprised to see no-one had suffered any damage during transport! I say give it a go!
  3. Thank you kindly! I have three more to build! It's nice to see someone from Celle here - I was born in Bad Fallingbostel!
  4. I really haven't found any of them to be that bad to build - I'm not sure if people are put off by the inaccuracies of this kit, or if they have had serious problems when building it. As long as you have the expectation that it will require a lot of filler, especially along the wing root, I think you should be fine. The wing root on the upper surface is 40 cm (16 in) long, so it requires some effort to fill it. Add to that the cumbersome size, it can be unwieldy, but I never lost my motivation on this build - whereas on some small kits, I've lost interest halfway through. I've never seen the Nitto kit! It's not a brand I know about, and I haven't seen any Nitto kits in my local model shop, but I will keep an eye out for it! I've also built the Heller 1:125 kit (I've got another one of these unbuilt), but it has something odd about the nose, specifically the visor. It's designed to have nose-up or nose-down options, but the nose-down option has a special shrunk visor, which looks odd.
  5. Three!! Wow, which liveries will these be in? You're going to be busy with those three and the 1:72 Concorde!
  6. There is definitely a kink in the tail, which does look more pronounced in the 1:72. Depending on the angle, the kink does look quite sharp:
  7. Landor is my favourite of the liveries too. It's taken me this long to get the courage to build it in the Landor livery because the thought of applying the red stripe terrified me.
  8. They look really smart those two A320s! I like what you did with the cabin windows especially.
  9. This is a beautiful build! Very well done!
  10. Many people don't like this kit (I've even seen someone bin theirs!), but I've really enjoyed building it. There haven't been dramas, even the red cheatline down the fuselage was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The decals were still fresh and went on really well. I don't know why people are so put off by this kit! In my opinion, this kit turns out really well. The only thing left is to do some touching up of the gloss white on the visor, where very small sections peeled off when I removed the masks. This is G-BOAA: With nose and visor drooped: With fleet mate G-BOAC (from the Revell boxing): With G-BOAC and F-BTSD (the Heller boxing): With all three noses drooped: I've got another Heller box upstairs; I do regret not having the landing gear down on F-BTSD.
  11. In this photo, it shows the windows are similar in size to a passport! I wonder if the window frame is the same size as a "normal" commercial airliner? https://travelskills.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Screen-Shot-2016-01-21-at-3.36.09-PM.png The PE set looks really extensive - I completely didn't remember it was available. I'm sure it would look really smart with all the extra details!
  12. This is the finish I got with the appliance gloss white:
  13. How far did you get with it? Seeing how well your other builds turned out, I'm sure you'd do a great job with this one!
  14. I found if I use white primer, I can't tell when I have an even coat of white gloss over it, unless I start holding it up at angles to the light. I guess it would be easier with an airbrush, but I use rattle cans outdoors. For me, it's easier to use a different base colour, so it's easier to see when I've got a nice even coat of the gloss white. The particular paint I use (Halford's appliance gloss white) covers the base coat well, but it's probably not available in the United States. It would be interesting to see how the equivalents would perform if you can find anything similar in the hardware store or automotive store.
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