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  1. Beautiful one ! Î saw one 1/1 scale last year in the Ilmavoimat museum.
  2. The conflict in South Ossetia also took place shortly before the North American elections, at the time. Pure coincidences of course...
  3. I already burned all my AK material.
  4. 138 days from the US to Portugal. Colombo spotted the Americas in 69 days of travel. Norwegian marks.
  5. I really enjoyed the T.1 version. https://www.facebook.com/473208722883227/photos/a.540040466200052/540041129533319/?type=3&theater
  6. I intend to build mine in Macedonian markings regarding the war against albanian terrorists in 2001. (Battle of Tetovo)
  7. Lovely done. AMK did a great job on the Kfir.
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