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  1. Nice Ask decals printed by Begemot.
  2. Going well. I already have flown in one of the Azores Airlines´s NEO.
  3. This Modeller decal sheet could be a nice way to get the serial number.
  4. "25211" flown by Lt. Zuhair Dawood
  5. - ASK48004 1/48 Pilot of the Russian Aerospace Forces (summer form) + decals - ASK48004A 1/48 Russian Aerospace Forces Pilot Extended Set (summer shape) + decals - ASK72004 1/72 Pilot Extended Set of Russian Aerospace Forces (summer form) All figures in this 1/48 scale series will be equipped with ASK48100 decals "Russian Air Force Chevrons
  6. Hope to see Iraqi markings for the "Hornet Killer"
  7. Portuguese markings (Hurricane IIC/B and Texan)
  8. Nice to see Portuguese markings but the "Cross of Christ" is incorrect as well as the designation "Maritime Aviation".
  9. https://www.facebook.com/EduardCompany/photos/pcb.4116213085060274/4116210168393899
  10. Decals and masks for the SB-17G used by Portugal in the Azores for search and rescue.
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