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  1. After some experiments i found the followiing setting works best for me: 60% Paint 10% 4030 (Balancing Clear) 30% 4011 (Solvent) This can be processes with a 0,8 mm Nozzle (Badger 200NH) at ~3 bar. Still the needle should be pulled back pretty far for a even spray pattern. And it is recomended to move the needle from time to time to avoid clogging. Not the best setup for fine details but this is ok. Pearlescent Paints in most cases work best when applier evenly on larger surfaces. Coverage and saturation is ok. Createx declares this paint to b
  2. Hi bmwh548! Agree! This is what i will do. @ROW: Nobod else here who has already worked with this paint and wants to share his/her experineces??
  3. ...they offer a wide rage of Paints from Illustrations, Tatoo to Car Paints. It might well be, that Car Applications were their original Product Line. I have feedback now from one of their Technical Supporters who recomendet to increase the thinner percentage up to 20% but not more then 25%. His Pressure recommendation was 3,5 bar wich sounds pretty high for me (......need to think how to avoid blowing my model Kits through the room...).
  4. Good morning Folks! Createx has some nice Pearlescent Paints that i would like to use on some of my future Neon Genesis Evangelion Builds. When going through the first painting tests i had some challenges and therefore wanted to hear if anybody else here has experience to share. Color was prepared according to Createx instruction for Airbrush Colors considering their guidelinefor the painting of hard surfaces: 80% Paint 10% 4030 (Balancing Clear) 10% 4011 (Thinner) >10 Minutes after mixing prior to processing Mixture still looks pretty thick
  5. ..No feedback on my Question from last week? Or maybe an idea were to best ask for this information? ....Or a website with the Bandai Model Kit Release secedule??
  6. Hi Guys! I know this is not really Gundam related but most likely you have better connections to the community than me..... Would you happen to know if Bandai has plans to release another Perfect Grade Kit from The NEON GENESIS EVANGELION Line? Eva-01 was the first Perfect Grade Kit ever released by Bandai and now that the last movie is out it might be the right time to get "back to the roots".
  7. .....Very nice! I have been lookin for Boarding Ladders for the 1/32 scale vipers for years....
  8. The Discovery is definitely the more "Classic" Space ship. Not to talk about the Cineastic Quality of 2001. But a bit difficult to display due to the sheer length of the model. At least when you go for the 1/144 scale Version.
  9. ...aaaah nice! I have the Fujimi Police Car 27 somewehere in my Stash as well. Fujimi has released a nice Series of cars "inspired by" the original Blade Runner Movie. Including the famous Spinner Car, Deckards Sedan and the "Future Car" wich was more or less a black painted and rocked down recycled prop of the Spinner Car as shortly seen in one of the "Back to the Future Movies". I think it was the second.... PS: Just in case you do not know already: Paragrafix has a nice PE Set for the Interior of the Police Car 27
  10. This gives a good impression how the wholes Scenery inside the Bridge can look like once finished, Figures, Chairs, walls and consoles are just for reference and are obviously not painted and finished yet.
  11. ....you lucky guy! What exactly is the content of this PE set? I cannot find anything comparable from Paragrafix etc.
  12. .....wellllll... A Cure for Cancer is something, that i would consider "Brilliant". This is just Paint on Plastic...not to upset Uncle Link! But in any Case: Thank you guys for the feedback!! Next step i will test fit the turbine into the preassembled Squadron bridge to see how the final configuration will look like with lighting. But after that, the Haunebu Project will be put on pause for a while as i will focus on the completion of the ED-209 before i start another project. Stay healthy!!
  13. @FG2Si: ...wow. Have you watched the Clip on Youtube? i have the 1/500 scale Yamato in my HLJ Private Warehouse waiting for shipment. This is about 60cm long. A Andromeda in 1/500 would be a dream but in 1/350 this is unfortunately way outside my Shelf Size.
  14. I found that the air bubbles are way too small for my clumbsy hands, to arrange an effective repiar. Therefore i decided to use them for my benefit when applying the rust wash.
  15. ....Seriously? You mean REAL bone??? I think i stick with the artificial Stuff.
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