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  1. ...Code 8 was already released as a full movie back in 2019. Nothing inovative but still not too bad. I think it never made it to the big screen....at least not in germany.
  2. I remember that Revell once offered a model kit of the Sand Crawler from the Lynch Movie. Revell Article No. 1776. They also had the Ornithopter (1775) and the Sand Worm (1778). All these Kits are pretty hard to find and a bit smaller than the Monster above.
  3. Working on the completion of my Neon Genesis Evangelion Model Kit Collection i shortly receives some small parcels from Hong-Kong and Australia: These are the 3rd and the 14th Angel (Sachiel and Zeruel) that appear in the TV Show and the following Rebuildt-Movies. Both are from Bandai´s LM Line wich means small figure with a limited amount of detail. But to my knowledge Bandai is the only manufacturer who has released any NGE-Angels at all. Sachiel is also available from the LM-HG Line wich is a tiny bit larger than this edition but even harder to get. The last Angel to
  4. .....So here are the first pictures with UV/Blackligt LED´s. The LED on the Left is 3 mm, the right is 10 mm wide. Cameras with their RGB Sensors are not fully capable to capture the wavelenght spectrum of fluorescent colours as the lay partially outside the colour Triangle of the sensor. These are the Turbines with pure yellow Pigment wich gives the most vibrant and brightest colour. The Small Turbine on the left is with pure blue Pigment. In Reality the Coulour and brightness gradient is not as extreme as on the picture. The Big Squadron Turbine is colure
  5. The inside of the Drill Hole has a rough surface wich is obviously not good for the transparency. But you can smoothen the surface by applying some drops of Liquid Cement. I used Mr. Cement Deluxe but any other liquid Cement should work as well. Before Treatment; After Treatment:
  6. The Small turbines (for the Revall Haunebu) can take 4 mm Drill Diameter wich is enough for the placement of 3 mm LED´s. The Larger Squadron Turbines can take up to 10 mm LED´s. The Dremel only takes up to 6 mm Drill Diameter. The Rest must be drilled out using a conventional Drill.
  7. Over the last days and weeks i have tried out castings with various Pigment combinations. Lessons learned: It is easy to overdose the pigments wich leads to a reduced transparency of the resin (wich you can see at the yellow and the blue turbines). Here less is more. You can achieve a good saturation witth just a very, Very, VERY small amount of of Pigments but still maintain the Transparency of the Resin. Next Step is to drill holes into the bottoms of each Turbine ad then check how they react on Normal and UV/Blacklight LED´s. ....to be continued.
  8. ....thank you Will! I will bookmark this site. The pictures of the sprues are indeed interesting. Unfortunately i do not see much information about Figure Dimensions. The examples i checked had mostly the dimensions of the box just like HLJ. But always good, to have a second imformation source available in you backhand!
  9. Thank you Will! For curiosity: What is Hobby Search?? Up to now i have used scalemates.com as my main information source about model kits but they don not have much information about Evangelion Kit Dimensions. HLJ is also not very helpfull as they ofter list the box sizes instead of the model sizes.
  10. I wish they would offer some PE Boarding Ladders that suit to the 1/32 Scale Vipers from Moebius Models. Similar to the Star Wars Hangar Bay Equipment that they offer in 1/72 Scale.
  11. Hi Will, I agree witth you, Scales of Bandais Evangelion Kits are a bit challenging as there is no real "Original" for calculating the scale. For curiosity: How big is your LM-HG EVA-01? Around 25 cm?? I have the Perfect Grade Version (unfinished), HLJ states a Figure size of 35 cm and one of the Kit Reviews on YouTube states that this correspond to ~1/60 Scale. The RG Kits that come out now are around 18 cm tall and i think i read somewere that this should correspond to ~1/144 Scale. For my clumbsy hands the small RG´s are a bit too small, therefore i prefer the old
  12. @TheVoidDragon: The figures that come with this Kit are definitely not in scale with the rest. Rei is about 7 cm high but the Entry Plug is significantly shorter....pretty uncomfortable for poor Rei...
  13. Today i got i an old Bandai Kit of EVA Unit 00 from the classic Anime Series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. This Kit is from the LM-HG Line from 1996. It is difficult to find information about the Scale of this Kit but i hope it is a bit larger then the Real Grade (RG) Version that will be released this or next year to promote the Rebuild Of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Movie that shall come out January 2021. After Rewatching the Rebuild Movies shortly i ordered some of the old ANGEL Model Kits from the same Series, also from Bandai, hope they will arrive during the next days....
  14. ....am i the only one who cannot open or see the picture in the previous post?
  15. Welcome Carl! One nice Gimmick of this figure is that the dorsal plates come in clear plastic. This means if you are brave enough, you can drill out a hole through the body and insert small LED´s to creat "glowing" dorsal plates.
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