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  1. Some well protected Resin Kit arrived today: ...This is the W.A.S.P. Insectoid from Keos Masons. I had the Re-Casted 10´´version from GK-Models on my stash for a while. See next picture for size comparison: I am well aware that the business model of Re-Casters like E2046 or GK-Models is at least "questionable". But to my defense: When i bought it the original was simply not available anywere with no indication of a Re-Issue given. Now that the original is available again i could not resist getting me the 15´´ Version. The Details on this figure are AMAZING! This will be so much fun for weathering and washes.....
  2. Has anybody ever tried out the Mission Model Primers on Vinyl? At least they claim that their Primers are intended to work on soft surfaces like Vinyl Tires..
  3. Thank you Michael! ...wow, PVA Glue through an Airbrush? I do not think, i will try this out... But Priming with PU Varnishes sounds doabbe. I have some Valejo PU Varnishes somewhere..... Is there any special reason, why you recomment a GLOSS PU Varnish, not satin or matt??
  4. Thank you Stuart! Unfortunately i could not find any source for Halfords Products here in germany...
  5. Hi folks! During my ED-209 Build i had to realize that Vallejos Acrylic Primers do not bond so well on Vinyl Surfaces (the kit was washed, rinsed and dried before application). Up to now i have not tried out laqued based primers on Vinyl because i have seen several comments that those should be avoided as the agressive solvent attacks the already soft Vinyl. Has anybody here found a primer that works well with Vinyl? Any type of feedback is welcome, positive as well as negative!
  6. ....interesting! How good is your Japanese? Can you translate?? Google seems to be not very helpfull when it comes to asian languages.. And one more thing: Wave has some nice Kits in the pipeline. Personally i am very much looking forward to the new 1/24 Scale Tachicoma from Ghost in the Shell. A Re-Release of the 1/24 Scale Logicoma would make my day
  7. The Red Triangles on the Back are not from the Set of Custom Decals, They are from a general set of Gundam Warning Sign Decals. But for my taste close enough to the "Original" if you compare it to the Movie Screenshot below.
  8. Some lessons learned from working with the Custom Decals: Better apply SEVERAL Layers of Varnish over the Decals. Otherwise they will fall apart when you try to slide them off the carrier. 2 Layers are not enough, better take 4-5. But finally i am pretty happy with the outcome.
  9. ...agree! Just look at Starship Troopers. The first part, not the crap that came after that. Too sad than no ship nor figure from this movie has made it´s way into the model building world. Just the Roger Young Resin Kit from Monsters in Motion (REALLY Bad Casting) and some extremely hard to find Warrior Bug Resin Kits.
  10. Hi Chris, i know what you mean! The "Uncanny Valey" is the area between "obviously not real" and "looking Real" related to artificial human faces (Pupets, CGI, Robotics....). Nobody minds looking at a pupet because this is obviously not human. But some Things that come "close to human" but not close enough to mimig a real facial expression make the watcher feel uncomfortable. My biggest problem with modern SFX is that they have become soo cheap and easy available. When they were expensive the Directors had to be mindfull were a SFX could best be used to support the overall story of a movie. Too much "Style over Substance" in modern movies.
  11. I ruined 2 Decals before in finally was able to position the 3rd one correctly without breaking it.
  12. .....fully agree with you! Definitely a classic, but not aged very well when you look at the Special Effects.
  13. After making some progress on the painting i made the first attempts with the self printed Decals. First lesson learned is that they are VERY fragile. Better use just cold water for not more than 20-30 seconds. Sliding them from the carrier paper works best with a wet Q-Tip. Next step wil be to check how they react on Decal-Setting Solution. ....to be continued.
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