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  1. ....if that is the original from the 2019 WF then it is probably one of the original 3D prints from Kaiyodo. Unfortunately i was only able to get one of the Re-Casts from E2046, as the original was completely sold out after the WF:-( There must be some other figures from the same range in the making, listed as Android 01 Bust, Android Type 02 but strangely still displayed as "coming soon" since ages...
  2. As far as i remember ony Kotobukiya had released a 1/100 scale YAGR-N101 Aircraft (...i assume that is what you mean with HELIJETS) a while ago. You might still find it on ebay. But according to HLJ this item was discontinued.
  3. .....not really Sci-Fi, but at least Fantasy....ish: Some nice Viny Figures from Star Ace Toys came in during the last Days. Nice Retro-Style Boxart! One is King Kong from Legendaries KONG SKULL ISLAND (2017) Movie. The other one is the Cyclops from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958). The surface Structure of this figure has for sure more potential for a "realistic" painting than the pure brown sceme seen in the movie or on the boxart.
  4. Talking about Batman: I could have sworn that there was a model kit of "The Bat" from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES by Moebius Models. But checking their website and Scalemates it seems that i am mistaken. Does anybode happen to know something about a "The Bat" Model Kit?? I mean the flying ......thing whatsoever from the Nolan Trilogy, not the Batwing from BvS: DoJ
  5. Revell and Squadron models have released some Flying Saucer Model Kits based on the Haunebu Design Concepts from WWII. More from the "What-If" Corner than extraterrestrial Space Ships.
  6. The Moebius Kit with the Bane Figure (Moebius Article #967) contains all parts required to build both versions: Either the "normal" Batman Tumbler from Parts 1 and 2 as well as Bane´s Version with Rocket Launcher seen in The Dark Knight Rises. I would be curious to see some direct comparisons between the Bandai and the Moebius Version. Moebius is probably not on the same level of Details and Precission like Bandai but of course the size also needs to be taken into consideration.
  7. I just watched the Movie Saturday evening. Not really a "Must See" under any aspect but still quite entertaining. With a lot of cool velicles and tanks that i would love to see as model kits. But i would be curious, what Waves motivation was, now to create a model kit from a over 30 yers old movie?? I mean, Venus Wars is not as popular as 2001 or Ghost In The Shell for sure....
  8. Nice! I was not aware that there is another manufacturer - beside Moebius - is offering a Batman Tumbler. For curiosity: Why did you choose the Bandai Version and not the one from Moebius (larger, cheaper)?
  9. ....nice! It would have been great if any manufacturer had ever issued a nice injection model Kit of the Roger Young. I had the Resin version from Monsters in Motion a while ago. But i send it back because the quality of the casting was REALLY Bad. Most likely from the original molds already past overdue.
  10. I think the Mecha-001L is just the Meng internal Article Number for this Model Kit. Their Website clearly names this article as "Evangelion Unit-01". Therefore i would not expect any license issues.
  11. Hi Dazz! This is getting a bit off topic considering that we are in a Model Building Forum but who cares;-) I think we both mean the same thing. But to be precise (at least in my interpretation): The End of Evangelion (1997) is a retelling of the last 2 Episodes from the original TV Show. The Rebuild of Evangelion Movie Series (consisting of 1.0 (2007), 2.0 (2009), 3.0 (2012) and 3.0+1.0 (2021) is NOT a retelling. This is a continuation of the Story after the third impact took place in The End Of Evangelion: - Gendo initiates the human instrumentality with Rei ->Third Impact - Rei refuses Gendos Controll over the instrumentality project and asks Shinji instead if he wishes to stay inside the unified LCL Soup....thing...whatsoever OR return to the (individualized) world again that has caused him all the suffering we know from the TV Show. - Shinj decides that he wants to return to the individualized world and meet the whole funky bunch again - Reset (=Rebuild) of the World to the time of Shinjis arrival in Tokyo 3 but now AFTER the third impact has already taken place (just look at the colour of the sea: Red vs Blue how it was in the original first episode of the TV show). This is were the Rebuild of Evangelion Movie Series starts. Almost same story but now more influenced by Shinjis wishes and desires that lead to the story drifting off more and more from the original (TV Show) Story line as we can see during 2.0 and later. That is what i wanted to say when i wrote that the Rebuild Series is NOT a retelling of the original story .....But that is just my personal interpretation. I do not consider myself the center of the universe and i am perfectly fine with anybody having different perspectives and interpretations. Probably only Anno himself knows what went through his brain when he went through this 25 year birth process...
  12. I have just receives som information from the Meng Support: - A "General" (=unpainted) Version of the Mecha-001L is planned - I would definitely go for that version! - And: a Mecha-002L is in the pipeline as well:-) But no details up to now what that will be
  13. Nice! What a cool fusion!! But not SUCH an absurd idea, keeping in mind that in Japan even Shinkansen Trains were made in Evangelion Colours. So why not a Raptor
  14. Agree, the paint sceme ant the "humanised" Torso Shape is clearly from the Rebuild movies, not from the original TV Show. The RG Series from Bandai seems to really popular. But seriously? 18 cm?? here i would preferr a bit more "Size for the Prize". That is why i have plent of Bandais LM-HG Evangelion Kits on my shelf (...and the one and only PG). Not on the same level of colour separation and posability like the RG´s but i would paint them anyhow myself. And i am to old to play with my Kits, therfore posability is not so important for me. The Meng Mecha-001L (Eva-01) and the Mecha-003L (Transport Platform) arre curtrently on Preorder at HLJ for 105 and 58€, sounds ok imho. Curious how much shipping costs will come on top..... The Meng Article Numbers (-001L: -003L) makes me wonder if there is a Mecha-002L in the pipeline? Maybe something for Asuka??
  15. .....I know what you mean, thinking about my age. I would not say, that the Rebuild Movies are a "retelling" of the story from the TV Show. It is more a continuation of the Story, after Shinjis response to Rei´s offer seen in the End Of Evangelion. Still pretty shure i did not get or understand the full picture of the story, even after rewathing the Rebuild Movie Series, now with 3.0+1.01 as conclusion........probably need to rewatch it again
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