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  2. Awesome work! Fantastic diorama and details. Worth all the effort you put into it - certainly the end result betrays none of the problems you say you had!
  3. It's great and if it comes to your area you should go see it. You can see the trailer at this website: http://www.mclarenfilm.com/ So to celebrate I'll share the 1/43rd Marsh Models McLaren M6A I finished this week. Bruce won the 1967 Can-Am Championship in this car. It's an early issue of the kit from Marsh and is all metal. More recent releases have a resin body and more photoetch. I built it box stock and used Tamiya Brilliant Orange for the McLaren orange.
  4. What Color are Luftwaffe Cockpits?

    So would it be safe to do a Battle f Britain timeframe Bf-110D cockpit RLM-66 in the pilots area. And RLM-02 in the rest of the cockpit ? If not please let me know.
  5. Removing Seams - Is there some magic method?

    Scrapers are very handy. Cabinet makers have been using them for centuries. Garlick do a good choice at reasonable prices: http://www.flinn-garlick-saws.co.uk/acatalog/CABINET-SCRAPERS.html
  6. How many of you have Wingnut Wings kits in your stash? and Why if not

    Alas i admire these kits from afar and are some of the finest ive seen in almost 40 years of modelling ... someday i will build one just not tomorrow or the next day.
  7. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Cracking details around the lights etienne Glynn
  8. Matchbox II GB

    The decals and cockpit PE for my Matchbox Lancaster have come in. I'm going to look into getting PE flaps also, but I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a mask set that can be used for it too? There are a number out there for 1/72 Lancasters, but I wouldn't think they would be a simple fit for the older Matchbox kit.
  9. F2G-1 and F2G-2 histories

    72modeler i found this on the airtace.com/corsair listing about 1 paragraph from the top of the page. BuNo 14091-XF2G-1: The rear deck was modified to accept a P-47D bubble canopy so again we both are correct. And i say good sites to use for the future. As for the other question of the F2G in the museum of flight. My read and im admitting not recently was that plane had indeed been raced in the late 1940's by a navy pilot in cleveland. When it was cut from navy roles it disappeared for a number of years. Most assumed it had been cut up for scrap until it was found in poor shape in the late 1960's and painstakingly restored by the museums. Again i digress my research was not recent so i may be a bit mistaken.
  10. Arc Scraper

    Removed as in wrong place
  11. Nice to see a different interpretation of this kit - good work!
  12. Spitfire LF.IX Indochine, Tamiya 1/32

    Just BEAUTIFUL!!!
  13. Today
  14. Fourtean Forecasts

    ain't that the truth
  15. Ultimate laziness?

    I believe it.
  16. I have been looking and asking people for years.
  17. This Ferrari is from 1983

    Really nice build - especially given the base kit!
  18. Thanks Sam! They certainly come up an absolute treat in the hands of a someone with serious skills like yourself. So, theoretically, they should look okay after a ham-fisted maniac like me has had a go. I've got my beady little eye on their bubble-top Mk.XVI. I may have to risk the wrath of the missus and grab one... Cheers!
  19. 1/48 Do-335A

    Certainly are ungainly looking beauties! Wasn't able to do much today, just a little sanding down of some plastic to fit into the wells. Hope to make good progress tomorrow.
  20. The deck is now deck blue and glued on as are the screws. I also assembled the stand, painted it haze gray 5-H and glued it to the hull.---John OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by jvandeu53, on Flickr
  21. Best 1/48 f4u-1 kit

    Mike Esposito ... i apologize to you since we are kind of running away from your original post. What with all this F2G canopy discussion.
  22. It doesn't, what does happen however is that the holes that get punched through the polystyrene gradually enlarge and it compresses into the edges making it harder to stab (bits of sprue) into so needs replacement after a while, cocktail sticks would make it last longer though and when bits do come off they tend to be larger chunks. I've used this with a mixture of cocktail sticks, q tip sticks, (fluffy bit removed of course) and cocktail sticks depending on what I'm sticking to them but having looked at the edge on corrugated cardboard stands recently I might make one like that, they're a very simple construction.
  23. Effects of using Tamiya spray?

    If it's continuing, see a Dr. Yes it could be the paint solely that you've had an adverse reaction to but it could be combined with something else or it could be something else entirely. As far as the paint is concerned, cellulose/lacquer based paints are very unpleasant and even spraying outdoors can get you lightheaded, I've primed and painted full size bike parts on gentle breeze outdoor days and inhaled it still. Cracking open a window if you're having a decent spray session won't be adequate, you should certainly be using a respirator and not one of those paper dust masks, a half decent 3M type with replaceable filters.
  24. 1/72 Bf 109G-6AS

    Stunning model. I just finished mine a couple of weeks ago and I've done it as G-10. I really love the weathering and the overall paint job. Really top notch work mate. Well done!
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