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  2. Nice build what paints are you using ? to my eye those cameo colours look a little bit too light .
  3. Another Tiffy? Seems to be the trend nowadays... Very nice and tidy work on the big beast! You got the engine and radiator cover fitted very smoothly, they're a pain!
  4. Nice one mate.
  5. Yes, a big crew travelling up by minibus + from IPMS Avon, with Ian from the F16 SIG (and a member of our club) displaying next to us. We are in our usual spot in front of the Anson in Hangar 1. Always a big favourite for us.
  6. Show-off! Those sparkplugs were just the thing! Very nice instrument panel too!
  7. Silvering, where? They look to have gone on pretty well.
  8. It's funny but looking at those jetpipes this morning (on my phone) I'm very unimpressed. I think I'd better think it out again. Maybe another go with a softer brush? I'm also going to try to differentiate the nozzle petals with washes. I've been looking forward to retirement for years so that I can spend more time making beautiful models. The bitter irony is that I'm not as good at this as I used to be. I can't get new techniques into my head for one thing. Well, I can get them in but they fall out of my memory while I'm making a cup of tea! And of course, my hands and eyes are definitely wearing out so the old stuff, like dry brushing enamel, is also degraded. Oh well...
  9. Good start. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
  10. tastes like ... er, um ...
  11. Thanks for the tip with the decals.
  12. After posing a question in the Cold War forum regarding the B-47, I thought why not start a WIP-thread on this build. That might put enough pressure on me to hopefully eventually complete this build. It all started with a visit to my LHS where I spotted the Pavla resin cockpit set for the Hasegawa B-47. Turned out a customer had ordered it, but in the end never bought it. I had long been considering getting this set for the B-47 kit buried somewhere deep down in my stash since... well, a long long time ago. So I thought this is my chance, and bought it. So after a bit digging deep in my stash I eventually found the kit. If you look carefully you can actually read the price tag. Yes, it says £6.95! That's how old it is. Bought at W.J. Walker's in Hackney, a shop now long gone, on one of my visits to the UK. This kit has been reissued a couple of times over the decades. But I think this is one of the very early ones.It was top of the line when first issued, But by today's standards it is a very simple kit. It is reasonably accurate, but has raised panel lines and rivets (B-47s were flush riveted!), nice wheels but simplified gear legs, a very thick canopy, very little cockpit detail, the RWR antenna and bomb aimers periscope on the tip of the nose incorrectly positioned on the centre line instead of offset to port, missing landing lights on the inner engine pods, substandard decals which have yellowed over the years. But nevertheless, with a bit of work it can be made into a very good model. So the Pavla set is quite extensive and will do wonders for the cockpit. It will require some very fine detail painting, especially the two instrument panels. Unfortunately the vacformed canopy has some nasty scratches on one side. Luckily I have a Falcon vacformed canopy which I will use instead. The main resin "lump" has to have some of the resin trimmed off in order to fit inside the fuselage. This is clearly shown in the instructions. The areas that have to be removed are also marked on the resin. After that I did a dry fit which looked promising. But when I dry fitted it in the port half of the fuselage, the crew access passage didn't line up properly with the crew door. The whole resin piece needs to be moved 4-5 mm to the rear. But to do this I had to remove just over 3 mm from the rear end of the cockpit insert in order to clear the front end of the forward wheel well. For the time being the cockpit has been put aside and will be dealt with later. In order to be able to start this project, I had to make sure that I had proper decals for it. A search on the net showed that Warbird Decals had issued four sheets for the B-47. One sheet with stencils and wing walk/ways, and three sheets featuring individual markings. Unfortunately most of these were sold out almost everywhere. But Warbirds themselves had the stencil sheet in stock, and Sprue Brothers had one of the other sheets in stock. So both of these sheets were ordered last week, and three days ago the sheet from Sprue Brothers arrived in the mail. (Sorry for the slight out of focus. Printing is actually very sharp.) Just waiting for the other decal sheet to arrive. Since the kit has raised panel lines, I have started to rescribe the kit. She scribing is actually not that difficult and doesn't take that much time. What actually does take time is the sanding afterwards, especially since some areas on the wings are not even and the thickness of the trailing edges are not constant. So I have spent several hours scribing, sanding and polishing. So far one wing, one stabiliser and one wing tank is more or less done. Meantime, I'll carry on scribing and sanding, scribing and sanding...
  13. Awesome!
  14. Nice metal chipping on this one! Bombphoons are always welcome. and this one is beautiful! I need to start one myself...
  15. Looks a little naked without bombs or rockets, but otherwise it's a good model! Very nice!
  16. Looks great Well done Martin H
  17. No word from WETA about their back orders. I'm not particularly surprised by that.
  18. Absolutely superb, Rod, many thanks and well done.. I have intermittently mucked about with half a dozen different Chipmunks over a 43 year period and thought I was reasonably knowledgeable about them but that's a massive overhaul of my understanding.
  19. Interesting scheme, will follow
  20. Air tanks looking good Rich, also castings look like they don't need to much to clean up , how much do the wheels and rims weight? Regards Richard
  21. Today
  22. Superb Cat with great paint and weathering, nice to see a Latin one something different Guy
  23. Thanks Homebee, I'll do this although I'm well aware I wouldn't have the courage to invest in producing kits. Also at the risk of being accused of shameless self-promotion, a Chipmunk differences article has just been posted on HyperScale. See
  24. Filler wasn't coming out of tube so rather than unblocking nozzle, thought that all I had to do was squeeze the tube a little harder.... right up until the moment the bottom of the tube split, depositing contents all over me....
  25. Which screws is this?
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