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  2. PK 605 - HP Heyford

    WOW, I tried to buy one but no luck so far. I'll be watching this site.
  3. Sea Gladiator

    Done quite a bit of painting and masking, so just catching up with the photographs. There are 7 different colours on this little airframe, so masking has been fun, even for brush painting. I have done in little 10/20 minute sessions before going to work in the morning, hence the lack of photos. Here's the underside, the black is Revell Aqua and the white Citadel Ceramite White. Took about 3 and 4 thin coats respectively.
  4. T-55 STGB @ 14

    Ah, that would have been me, sorry to cause confusion! V-P
  5. Suppose I should introduce myself...

    Think it's because I put them on google photos, am trying again with imgur... (photo courtesy planespotters)
  6. My sin. I missed Telford this year as I promised 825 Junior that I would come and watch the opening game of his University American Football season. It gets worse, it was in Birmingham, only 40 minutes away from SMW, he wasn't able to play as he was injured and they got thumped. Ah well, saved me a bit of money, eliminated SWMBO ire and there's always next year.
  7. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    How about, being on holiday in the west country, you decide to go into the R.Signals museum and see the teleprinters that were state of the art when you were in, now displayed as relics........and that was 30 years ago. John.....pass the methotrexate and diclophenac.
  8. Phantom F4K

    Intakes on. Needed a tiny bit of light sanding to get a tight fit. Not a bad fit for a 40 year old mould.
  9. Another for the GB, the Matchbox Char B1 bis and Reanault FT17 diorama kit. Matchbox certainly had a hit on their hands with the ingenious idea of adding mini dioramas to their AFV range. I built loads of them in the seventies. i didn't get to have a go at this particular set though. Time to rectify that omission! A start has been made. Some of the parts are tiny. It's amazing the amount of detail crammed into such little kits. I'm enjoying things so far, assembly completed in a couple of evenings, undercoats on, a bit of filling and rubbing down next in line. Right, I'm off into the garden to find a bit of brick to grind up. A bit of dirt and sand would help things along as well. Get me, gardening at the weekend. How very suburban. Tony.
  10. Dornier Do 18-D

    Tony dear, I hope you paid for the cheapest of those Archimedean they all come from China when they are ready in the same big steel box atop a deck And they all break I have three sets Guess what? About 60% broken though the sets ! Still it is lovely to dig out a hole so quickly, shame the drill self sacrifices in the process I will never tell which of my models carries infinitely small bits of metal in their structures
  11. Matchbox GB II - Build List

    Build List edited New build - PK-104 - Curtis SB2C-1 - Romeo Alpha Yankee PK-117 - Hawker Hunter T.7 - Rabbit Leader PK-176 - Char B and Renault FT17 PK-605 - Handley Page Heyford - Unkempt Build Tally (as at 18 Nov) Total Builds = 72 / Total Subjects = 56 / Gallery Entries = 10
  12. Hi John Thank You for gently correcting my failing memory. I'd forgotten the IPA bit which would have made my last build rather easier....
  13. Dear sirs, re the discussion of those partial-deck carriers being not eligible: I just don't get the idea of you getting a carrier theme GB and then you want to restrict it so much. "Things that fly on things that float" - does that definition rule out the semideckers??? Not imo. Please re-consider! Best regards, V-P
  14. I picked one of these up yesterday - looks very nice. As @Scott Garard says, the windows look fiddly.
  15. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    As it’s supposed to!
  16. GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War

    Yes, 80 years from the beginning of the Winter War and 75 years from the end of the Continuation War. Although we turned our coats upsidedown and forced the Germans off Lapland with the third, the Lapland War, until the spring of 1945. That was a nasty one too - but Finland was threated by the Soviets entering (what was left of) our country to push the Germans away if we don't do that ourselves. Being between a rock and a hard place, that's the story of Finland between 1939 and 1945!
  17. Tut how vulgar. The phallic outline

    Your wish is my command. http://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/news/local-news/pilots-moment-madness-doodles-private-379842
  18. Nah, that was just Lady M burning the remnants of last years 'medicinal weed' harvest, right now we have the happiest pigeons in Lincolnshire. Good point about the by-pass though, sadly it'll pass within blunderbus distance of Melchett Towers reconstruction of the Somme that doubles up as a garden in the summer months, (upside is that it'll provide moving targets for the gamekeeper when he has a quiet moment or two). I've instructed Darling to set up the fairy lights this year, oddly he was very enthusiastic. The name of your analyst for starters.....it's not Gag Halfront by any chance?
  19. Whilst waiting for the Tempest to dry, I've made the cardinal sin and thought about starting another kit before the first one is finished!! I promise not to start this one until I have at least one in the Gallery, however I felt that I needed to commit to my next build - so this is it. Should time permit, I plan to enter a Purple range kit (Tempest), one from the Orange range and possibly an aircraft kit from the Red range as well. The Orange range choice wasn't easy as I have quite a few great kits to choice from. Strong contenders were the Wellesley, Norseman and Skyknight, however this boxing of the Hunter was too good to resist. Now let's be honest - the Matchbox Hunter is not the most accurate of Hunters out there. As T.7's go - apart from the Xtrakit version (expensive and hard to come by), and a pricey conversion to convert the (now) pricey Revell kit - this is the only other 1/72 Hunter T.7 out there. I have roughly placed some of the kits parts alongside a set of Warpaint plans and surprisingly, they don't look that bad. The front windscreen is quite mis-shapen and the exhaust is horrible, The wing shape appears out and the leading edge dogtooth is in the wrong spot - however (hopefully) it'll all look like a Hunter by the time I'm finished with it. IMO - the kits strong points are its relatively minimal trench lines, detailed wheels (probably the best I've seen) and that lovely smooth Matchbox plastic. The Blue Diamonds decals are also a bonus and gave me the inspiration to add another colourful aerobatic model to my collection. I'll park this WIP for a while until the Tempy is finished. Cheers.. Dave.
  20. I have seen the future 'past' it will be Airfix boxed, believe me Quite a few extractor marks of course but most of them become hidden behind assemblies. The bomb bay doors Tremendous I know a lady who fitted them too...
  21. You are doing a real good job. Having built a Mikro-Mir kit recently I can feel your pain but that's the price of originality
  22. What have you purchased 9

    Timing belt and sundry idler pulleys to fit my WRX. Now installed and running. (4 cams... what a pain.) @Beard I bought a pair of HD380 Pros a few months back; makes my beaten-up old ears work a little bit better than I imagined they could!
  23. Just a seat pan is correct, there is a separate alloy backrest thingy (which swings away for access) and a headrest within the fwd canopy arch. I wouldn't use a whole seat if you don't have to.
  24. Thanks Keith - we'll see whether I can fit them later... Thanks Cookie and Giorgio The painting isn't up to Stew standards but good enough for the ceiling... and possibly some close up photos later. Possibly. Thanks Stew, appreciated!
  25. Bandai's Executioner OOB

    He looks great. I really like the way they've used the black accents for the executioner. Out of interest, have Bandai retooled the helmet to make the black section a separate part, or is it a decal? Andy
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