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  1. Past hour
  2. Prettiest body yet, shame about the colour scheme (boring)!
  3. Note to self: Do not show to wife or you will be grounded and won't be navigating in a Mk2 Escort next weekend.....
  4. Nice build, really like the hairy stick work. Do you find hairy stick slows down or speeds up your builds? Would you use it on 1/48 builds?
  5. Umm, no. They make me take tablets that stop the voices. Mostly.
  6. Nicely done Oddball, this is one of those kits I see but never seem to buy. Good to see it built so well.
  7. SCALE: 1/72 Su-33:HAS Su-25UTG: ART Vehicles: ARMORY
  8. Very very nice indeed, you show a very deft touch. The slipper tank is something new to me, I had to go & look up the SH kits to see it was in there. Then I found a reference to the Eduard boxing of these kits. A learning experience for me. Thanks. Steve.
  9. My Humbrol collection. Some of these are at least 35 years old. Some my be a bit older. Others are fairly new. Chris
  10. I'll take the Fifth
  11. Ahhhh! I'd been wondering what had happened with this build. I see you have been busy! Intriguing approach to building the fuselage - I can see me copying this method one day! 🙂 keep going!
  12. Right Hendie. I'm going to play Devil's advocate here. Why not take a leaf out of the model railway guys book? You can buy a basic coach, and buy an interior seating unit with compartments, corridors etc. Make your interior as a sub assembly on a false floor and then insert it into the shell, then add the roof. Should save you some work, otherwise it gonna be like wallpapering your hall and staircase through the letterbox.
  13. Indeed it was. 'High Speed Silver' was the RAF's colour of choice after camouflage went away in the late '40s.
  14. With Hu65, I think it will depend on the tin/pottle you have & how old it is because there has been a fair bit of movement in colour of many Humbrol paints over the years. My tin of Hu65 is quite distinctly turqoisey. When I did a couple of BoB bf 109s a while ago, I added quite a bit of Hu44 pastel blue to give me a shade closer to my colour cards. It might have been easier to mix it from scratch with 34,44 & maybe a little very pale grey. Steve.
  15. Hehe - Thanks - Loving the encouragement The weekend weather means I'll probably be sitting at my bench rather than on the bike so fingers crossed I'll be able to motor on
  16. Great looking Dominie, the interior shots will prove inspirational when I come to build mine. Love the way the photos tell a story as well. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  17. Hi J-W, Good luck getting a RotaChute - Though a dead end, it is cute. I got mine really cheap at the local Hobby Shop (I think it was about AUS $10 about half the price I've seen it online). I had a look at your FA 330 - Well Done! You've added more detail than me however it looks like you used my initial rigging technique with thread. I had real trouble with tension and replaced it with wire! Cheers Michael
  18. Welcome from further west. I was there for Vera's first official flight, back in '88. Chris
  19. Regardless of which kit is best, thats a stunning finish on this one too. Steve.
  20. I've got an S&M one that will be converted back to 700 (ETPS) someday......😊
  21. I'm not saying that's misrepresentation - but it's misrepresentation ...
  22. A P40 with it all hanging out in the open,well tidy.
  23. Today
  24. A crecking build of a cracking aircraft{IMHO anyway} Well tidy.
  25. and againWell tidy mun.
  26. Go on,do the yellow know you want to.
  27. Very unusual camou on an unusual aircraft,interesting viewing.BTW sorry to hear about Molly.
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