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  2. Got my AirModel tripod or Dreibein as it's called on the box: Obviously I couldn't wait to get it out of the bag, and I was curious how I'd wrap those tread parts around the 2mm tubing that's supplied. Turns out it's not that difficult All you do is press it over the tube before you fold it, and push it in with tweezers so that it conforms to the shape. Then flatted out the foot pegs, fold it and slip it onto the tube. I propped each one of mine up with tape rolls at the correct height, and applied a little CA to the joints. Couldn't be bothered with the soldering iron for such a small non-structural job. It's currently setting up stuck to a blob of Blutak on my keyboard, so I'll have a bit of a go at the rest of it while that's happening. It's a nice set, with PE, resin and brass parts that leaves nothing out apart from a couple of bits of 0.4mm brass wire you need to link the hooks to one of the blocks, and the engine bearer, the latter of which I won't be using this time around.
  3. Monogram Hurricane 1.48 scale

    Love it, really makes me want to build a Tropical Hurricane, very nice build.
  4. F/A-18E VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks

    Very nice!
  5. 1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    That is a fantastic looking cockpit!
  6. Colours of FOST Dauphins?

    Many thanks Woo - have searched online to see what red Bond Offshore used but to no avail. Looks the company has been swallowed up by Babcock so probably asking the company is likely to draw a blank as well. Why are the needs of modellers not considered in corporate takeovers????!!!!!
  7. The Sign of FOUR

    hard boiled, twenty minutes
  8. I'm trying to be positive, in fact in positive I'm trying Kinda To be honest though I can't see yet how I'm going to remove so many acres of plastic and still have a fuselage This might, yet, be a dead parrot (blue?) 💩. 😱
  9. Italeri 1/72 SU-34

    A magnificent build.Captures the real thing,especially with the warload.
  10. 617 Sqdn Canberras: nose flash colours

    Agreed, James. I think I am safe with a red flash on an MSG/Black airframe according to all our cited sources. David
  11. The Queen settles a jammy situation

    We say scone like in 'phone. You wouldn't say fon after all now would you? And say, that spray can idea is brilliant. I could make a fortune marketing it as "Typical English Breakfast Food Spray" to the locals. Over here anything even vaguely British is considered posh you know.
  12. RAAF F/A-18F+ in 1/48

    yeah, more or less! there might be a different rear cockpit instrument panel included (check instructions) and do not add the wing tip pods nor pylon mounted jamming pods
  13. SAAF Dakota - ESCI kit

    Top class build and finish. Colour scheme superb.
  14. British nuclear weapons - what colours?

    Originally as manufactured they were white, Then all tactical bombs were repainted deep bronze green in the late 60's early 70's time frame. (same for WE 177) If you think that the delivery aircraft at the time that carried them externally, for example Navy aircraft had white undersides which the bombs matched, and canberra carried them internally and had silver bottoms, but when aircraft started to be toned down with camoflage the bombs started to stand out and compromise the camoflage so they were repainted. Selwyn
  15. P-61 Black Widow.

    Thank you. I think I might adopt that approach, it's just not worth the stress.
  16. Depends on how close you position him to the action, so perform your own risk assessment before you begin your diorama
  17. GWH F-15I to build F-15DJ?

    Luigi, I want to build the DJ, specifically the 2013 Aggressor with Splinter camo in two tone blue. The speed brake is not a problem since it will be closed.
  18. MC.72 fuselage radiator

    The rear fuselage radiator was only used when additional cooling capacity was required. For the record flight of 181 it was not deemed necessary and therefore was not installed
  19. HMS Victory Diorama.1:72.

    Superb workmanship John and a great lesson in seamanship for us land lubber's!
  20. Hapag-Lloyd Express 737-400 - Big Yellow Taxi

    Very crisp looking Dave. Must agree with everyone how well the 3D windows just seem to add so much realism to the already excellent finish. Chris.
  21. Yep, again I agree.. not my finest hour (excuse the pun..). They are trenchlke - not sure how to overcome that, although the panel line wash doesn’t help I guess. It really has made me think I’m probably going to start again the whole collection in 1/48th... back to the drawing board... The colours are MRP lacquers - lovely. And they have ready made RAF colours - although I have lightened the RAF Dark Brown - just looked too dark to my eye in this scale. On the plus side - excited about ordering a Blenheim or Defiant in 48th! As regards a 109E in 48th... Eduard or Airfix? It’s not too bad.. the challenge is to thin the edges of the opening and the door has to be sanded back to wafer thin or will look silly... The canopy is also overly thick - another problem with 72nd - I ended up ordering a vacform but only used the centre section in the end. I presume the Tamiya 48th Mk1 Spit is the only option? While I’m at it I may as well come clean.. the camo is the wrong pattern for this aircraft and on top of that the colours are reversed! You live and learn (but just think how perfect my 48th will be after all these mistakes! ). I hadn’t noticed that in my defence - that’s where it fits on the model? Thanks for looking in though - more to come and hopefully back up to standard... Cheers Guy
  22. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    It has - it's on the ATO website here. It looks like this is on its way from 1 July and we're stuck with it.
  23. That's a masterpiece.
  24. Today
  25. Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne

    Returning to the hobby after a very long gap; other hobbies, life, money, girls (not so much the latter) took me away from the hobby when I was about 15. I'm now 31 and giving it a second go. I was never a pro, but for my age I was above average and a best in class competition in the air cadets. I was always so chuffed and proud. Roll on nearly two decades and I'm back. I joined the grumpy old scale modeller's group on facebook and have ended up spending £350 on supplies, an airbrush, and compressor. Feels like I never left! Have started a simple OOTB build, an Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost and have been using old spare parts to practice spraying. Enjoying it. See you around with the umpteen questions I will no doubt have!
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