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  1. Past hour
  2. and slowly but surely she progresses........ Lovely cockpit work
  3. Da! Apparently armed with rolled-up copies of Pravda if the box art can be believed....
  4. When i saw title i was hoping for a T90 with flashing blue lights Brilliant pics please don,t stop posting D
  5. Nice start. Be aware though, it's made of a funny type of plastic. I've seen others built on here, and people have had trouble with glue and paint adhesion. Matt
  6. Cheers Richard I packed up the model room last night except for the 4 Brachios that needed a coat of Flory to bring up their skin textures. I wiped it off this morning before work and here is the last update from the dino laboratory in Hampshire before I get myself set-up in Buckinghamshire in a few weeks time. I have an electrician booked to light and wire up my new mancave next week, so as soon as I have my oil filled radiator up and running, I'll feel confident to move all my paints and chemicals into my new man cave and pretend that I need to spend more time at Helen's house in Bucks before I leave Hamps in March - in other words, to spend time in my new cave ! Its only taken me 3 months to get the cave build, insulated, lined and snagged so I'm almost there now with both the hosue move, model space move and completion of the 7 Brachios diorama Brachios 1, 2, and 3 have been packed up, ready for their new place of love and attention (new Man cave below), minus shelves and the white paint I need to do tomorrow to make it nice and bright under the new strip lighting John
  7. Its been a while since my last visit, and a happy 15 minutes just spent catching up.......... respect!
  8. Sunny (in January!) Friday morning BUMP......
  9. Hello Alexey, The first post here was 30th of June 2016. I am very sadly not sure how much I will be able to oversee this, and other GB's I'm involved with this year. This is a shame for this one in particular as it has personal relevance (Burt Munro), and is also my joint favourite modelling theme. I am currently able to post as much as everyone can see I'm posting on BM. I love it here, but my health has not been my friend for some time. I want to thank you Alexey (Pin) for all your support through this. If it becomes too much and we have to call this GB off, I will go with that. It's not fair to expect one bloke to do it all. All the best TonyT
  10. Ah garbage and now lack of effort - been attending airshows long?
  11. a gentleman never does
  12. Nice cut and shut! What decals are you going to use? Bob
  13. Thanks folks The windscreen is on now, but I've had a mishap with it. I used my now-usual technique of wicking Tamiya Extra Thin into the join with the fuselage, but the combing is a very close fit with the glazing above the framing lines which wasn't apparent until I touched the glue brush and it drew the glue up the inside of the glazing. If I get another Eduard F6F I'll make sure it's a -5 so I can swap out the spare -3 windscreen, but for now I'll just live with it. I haven't built the wings yet, but the glazing was sprayed Interior Green. I've black based the fuselage, cowling and tailplanes & elevators with Alclad black lacquer base which is smooth and fast drying. I don't want to commit to the Eduard plastic guns yet but am shying away from spending money on Master guns for the time being. Oh - and I was pleased to find a photograph of "my" Hellcat - now I have a good steer on the nature of the paint work on this particular aircraft. Now to see if I can approximate it! The free-hand spray painted numbers on the cowl might be a challenge, but at least the photograph shows the non-specular sea blue and intermediate blue to be a fairly sudden transition on the fuselage, whilst the intermediate blue to insignia white transition is very rough with apparently several horizontal passes with a spray gun to try to blend them on the cowl, but with a sharper transition on the rear fuselage. The semi-gloss sea blue transition to insignia white on the leading edges of the wings is sudden and the transition is at the extreme leading edges, rather than wrapped under the leading edge a bit like some I've seen. Any thoughts on the propeller hub dome? Insignia Blue maybe? I've seen many that are intermediate blue but this clearly isn't.
  14. They are both great builds. I am in awe. I had an AModel IL-20 at one point but the size was an issue for me so I sold it. I love the IL-18/20/22/38 series and remember seeing them everywhere in the 1970s (the IL-18s, of course), although I remember the Indian Mays at Dabolim (Goa), flying and parked, as well as in the opening flypasts at the Yelahanka show. Sadly nowadays they are more keen to show off their "airliner"-P-8s :(. Martin
  15. No, unfortunately not. It would have been nice to see the lights in person. I suspect it will too, but since, as Portaler said, it'll require re-doing the base coat, top coat and chipping, I'm just going to leave it. I really don't know why it didn't occur to me to fill it at the time. I'd been looking at the ref pics for days and knew full well there wasn't a panel line there. Just a bit of brain fade, as I was thinking too much about the painting. You caught me, they're from my stash of 1/12 paint brushes . No, they are in fact the kit parts. Just need detail painting. Andy
  16. I wouldn't mind a garden that messy, be a lot more fun that my current one. Steve.
  17. Dogs are tough nuts to crack. I interrogated one for three hours yesterday and he would not tell me who was a good boy.
  18. Another update bit more action, more characters, more irritatingly expensive Andromeda
  19. Thanks, yes I was a bit annoyed when I sanded off the ridge on the nose, at first I wasn't sure how I'd fix it, my first thought was thin stretched sprue. But after sitting on the idea for a while I thought I'd try some Mr Surface between thin strips of tape, and it worked a treat, so easy to do and with a wee bit of careful sanding you get a perfectly thin raised line! Will have to try this on other projects!
  20. The poll doesn't seem to be working for me anyone else?? Cheers everyone for a great GB!!
  21. Yes, it was in a field just outside Farnborough as he'd forgotten to fasten his seatbelt before doing a split S off the top while deploying smoke from his vintage Meerschaum.
  22. Nice going Mrs Stix, my first armoured vehicle never looked like that.
  23. Thanks for that advice. Seems my Paveways11 will have suddenly become Paveway 1V. Laurie
  24. Hi, I have the Revell 1/72 Tornado GR1 (4333) kit with the bag still sealed but no decals or clear sprue along with the C Scale Tornado F2 AFV conversion kit (AC14). This has the resin nose cone and fuselage plug plus the white metal wing root fairings, fin camera housing and missiles etc. Free to a good home for the cost of the postage. cheers Bob
  25. I always imagined that they would sort of 'sit down' like a ostrich or a chicken, thereby making the job a bit easier for crew. Still, the main access was on top as I recall, so it still could be a bit tricky.
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