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  2. No worries Richard And thanks Ray !!----- lovely photos......and in depth information......... in my haste I forgot to mentioned the sqn it belonged too. The two seater in your picture looks very nice.............2nd round of torture calling Rgds
  3. Very nice job Derek, really good effort. Jim
  4. A man in New York decides that after seeing many single women, that he could make a lot of money by selling them husbands. He opens a shop with 6 levels of men, the only rules upon entering are that you can only pick 1 man and if you go up a floor, you cannot go back down except to exit. One day Mary visits the shop as she really wants to get married and have children. On level 1 it says "These are nice men". She thinks to herself that it's ok, but she could do better. She goes to level 2 and it says "These are nice men who have great jobs". She thinks for a minute before deciding to go to level 3. The lift doors open and the wall says 'These are nice men who have great jobs and own property". It just keeps getting better and better Mary thinks, she decides to go to level 4. On level 4 it says "These are nice men who have great jobs and own property who love romance". Mary is stunned, but curiosity gets the better of her and she proceeds to level 5. On the wall it says "These are nice men who have great jobs and own property that are romantic and love children". Oh wow thinks Mary, everything she has ever wanted and she is really tempted to say and select her new husband, but if this was level 5, what was on level 6 she wondered. After thinking hard, she says no to level 5, if this was all her dreams surely level 6 would be all that and more. The doors to the lift open at level 6 and there's nothing there, just a small sign that says "Welcome to level 6, you are visitor number 145,334,395. There are no husbands on level 6, this level just exists to prove that women can never be satisfied. Thank you for visiting The Husband Shop". Now the owner of The Husband Shop didn't want to think himself sexist, so over the road he opened up The Wife Shop. Level 1 says "These are pretty women". Level 2 says "These are pretty women who are rich". Unfortunately no one has ever visited levels 3-6.
  5. Absolute perfection, really nice job. Cheers Jim
  6. Thank You all for the Compliments and information. Cheers Bill
  7. Beautiful looking finish mate.
  8. wow!! superb! got to try out this method
  9. BV 141 is a fascinating machine. It was a kit which was always a talking point when displayed in my childhood display case (upside down fish tank .. complete with crack in one pane of glass!). Look forward to seeing the completed item here sometime soon.
  10. Today
  11. Hi Guys, first of all thank you for your comments. I basically stuffed up when deciding on the camouflage colour, I followed the Tamiya guide which is TS-46 light sand which was only available in a rattle can. Instead of doing my own research I looked for an equivalent at my local hobby shop and found the Testors Sand FS33531 was the closest. After applying the paint by airbrush I realized it was that it was a bit on the light side. I was so happy with model overall as it is my forth model I have completed since returning to the hobby now that I have retired. The gun and exhaust stains may look amateurish to some but I am happy with it as I am still finding my way. In normal light the camouflage contrast is no were near as vivid as in the photo's and I think if I try to rectify my mistake it will is highly likely that it will turn into a disaster. After all modeling is self satisfying and I am extremely happy with the result and will continue to strive and learn more with each model I make. Thanks again to everyone. Jim
  12. Thanks Roy. It took a little trial and error before I stumbled upon the technique. I figured I'd share for others who may have tricky floor patterns to solve.
  13. Continuing to work the IP and cockpit. Bent the PE rudders into shape and installed into the tub. A few other little things added and general touchups. Here's the IP in its current state: and set into place on the tub just to give a feel of how things are going to look when all done: Bad news is that my paint shaker is kaputt. Seems that some CA found its way down the shaft and seized it up. I managed to break it free but now it does nothing when I turn it on. I'm going to have to open it up and see what's going on... maybe there's a fuse that blew? I really love that little paint shaker, if it's dead for sure then I'll order a new one. Good news is I received another reference book in the mail. Lots of good pictures plus some really detailed line drawings. See an example below (posted for review purposes only, just to be legit).
  14. I'll echo Vandellyn - great work and awesome photography. Do you mind sharing your photography lighting setup?
  15. Woman: If you were my husband l would poison your coffee Man: if you were my wife l would drink the dam thing boom boom
  16. What kind of detail? have a look here http://airwar.ru/enc/spyww2/bv141a.html http://airwar.ru/enc/spyww2/bv141b.html the photos enlarge, you can run the site through translate, but the pics are the most use. Given it's an old Airfix kit, I'm not sure what you are planning. If you want detail build you might want to keep an eye out for a Hobby Boss 1/48th kit. sticking "BV-141" into google gets lots of useful images https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=bv-141&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj99bvW7uHUAhUFC8AKHRb1Dd0Q_AUICigB&biw=863&bih=468 this maybe the best? http://aircraftwalkaround.hobbyvista.com/bv141/bv141.htm but spend some time having a look about. There are builds of the Airfix kit about, oh, here's a review of the Valiant Wings book mentioned by Graham but if you should be able to get enough info from an image search if you don't want to buy a book for one project. HTH
  17. Czech in box review with pics: http://modelweb.modelforum.cz/2017/06/29/172-focke-wulf-fw-44f-stieglitz-kora-models/ V.P.
  18. I have somewhere but not sure where at the moment. However, the Skua and Roc shared the same wing fold mechanism so you are sorted as far as that goes. From the pictures though, I feel that a Roc with folded wings is not appropriate for your diorama; see what it would do to the radius of fire to the turret! Martian
  19. Nice result on the canopy Peter. Well done! Out of interest did you try pulling a canopy with the protective film still on one side of the PETG sheet? Seems you can do this, pulling the sheet so the film is sandwiched against the mould. Apparently the film peels off once cool and can help with the finish of the canopy. I'm guessing you heat the sheet on the opposite side to the film as this would be the logical way to do it on your vacform machine. Heating the film side sounds like a really bad idea to me! Also don't ask me which protective film you remove if there is a difference between them. Dave
  20. I'm so late that I'm in a different suburb, and not even sure if it's the same city. Better late than never, though - can the teapot be squeezed? A.
  21. Same wing fold as the Skua which would mean that the turret's range of traverse would be limited with the wings in the folded position. I don't know but I would not be at all surprised if Crisp was not already working on that question! Martian
  22. Thanks Crisp, I'll give it another try. Martian
  23. Trying to find an older F-14A, the Monogram mold before Revell changed the molds. What was the original kit # ? Was it 5803 with the orange box?---John Monogram 1-48 Tomcat by jvandeu53, on Flickr
  24. Best wishes to Mrs. Spadgent Johnny. Remember to tell her; Forty is the new black! Hang on ? Nope, I got that wrong. You're only as old as the woman you feel! ! Think I got it wrong again I'll try again. Forty is the new thirty! That's it ! Don't forget to give her some of these, if she's anything like Mrs. T, she likes them more than she lets you know: Best regards TonyT
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