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  2. Thanks for the tip. I used a dust wash to weather the spare track, as I figured that it shouldn't rust in a very dry climate such as the desert. At least that was my thought.
  3. Nice one! Hope all goes well for you both.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. One of the curiosities of this kit was that it came with a dipping sonar for the antisubmarine version, which you could wind in and out of its bay by twirling the main rotor. I liked this so much when I was a kid that I built it as a hybrid anti-submarine / Apollo recovery version, so that the astronaut in his recovery net was dangling improbably next to the sonar rig. What could go wrong with an arrangement like that? It was a bit of a wrench, this time, to modify the kit by blanking off the sonar bay at floor height.
  5. Thanks TT - well it's assembled but not finished yet; I just have to mask the stripes and bendy bits and leading edges... Wait a minute, wasn't this supposed to be relaxing? There must be something wrong with me... I have a plan for the hanging, hopefully Thanks Admiral - interesting Thanks Nigel and Giorgio - it is cute isn't it? Thanks Tony - do you have your auto-correct set to 'slightly smutty' by any chance? Thanks Keith - it was the colour of the Swiss reference shots Benedikt found but I've now sprayed it with white Stynylrez: in preparation for the red / white scheme on the other site here. Didn't really think it out did I, as I now have some tricky masking before I spray the red: The scheme is just there for rough shapes - the dark will be white and the light areas red. I've also printed out the logo graphics I've edited, just on paper for now to position the mask: then I ran out of mojo after the first line: More tomorrow.
  6. Magnificent!!!
  7. I gave your post a like Nigel, but it wasn't for your broken airbrush! Good luck with mending it.... Keith
  8. Like it! Very neat job, looks good!
  9. Nice progress El Barony. I must say I agree with Ced on the wiper debacle. Micro mesh should see you right. mph and where did you get those watch tool punch things from? I feel another purchase coming on.
  10. Ah, we've all been there.
  11. Some progress today. First, the bad news. I need to have sinus surgery, as it seems the sinuses behind my cheeks and behind my eyes are pretty much closed up due to bone and tissue growth to the point where they cannot drain; the resulting “junk” (as the doc called it) has become hardened and can’t be removed without a knife. Plus, the sinuses have to be opened back up, re-shaped and re-structured. Oh, and they’ll fix my deviated septum while they’re at it. They do this by going in through my nose, and also through incisions they make in the rear upper gum. It’s very rare that they have to make any externals cuts, so I should not look like the loser of a boxing match when it’s over. They tell me I won’t believe how much better I can breathe (once they take the three foot long tampons out of my nostrils the day after the surgery). Sounds like fun. That is scheduled for July 7. In the meantime I'm on a regime of Prednisone and actually feel much better. The good news is that I've made some progress on the F-111B. I've used Perfect Plastic Putty (thanks @Martian Hale) to smooth the seam inside the intakes so it won't be seen when the translating cowl is open. Here is what we're shooting for: The inner lip that you see at the back edge of the translating cowl is what seals with the fixed portion. @Tailspin Turtle has informed me that the shape of this surface is a classic bell mouth shape, and I'll try to make this with styrene behind the cowl, and faired in at the back edge with a slight radius. 151972 did not have the "kink" in the intake ramp, so I previously made new ones from sheet styrene using drawings provided by @Tailspin Turtle and put them in place. I'm not sure whether this early intake design had the vortex generators inside. Maybe Tommy will drop by and let me know. I've also added the ventral strakes at the back, and smoothed them in with Perfect Plastic Putty. The shock cone and the translating cowl will be added much later in the build because I think it will be better to paint them when they are not attached. Next, 151972 had one of the early designs for the arresting hook, with the hook exposed and attached to a structure that also held the tail bumper: I used Tommy's drawings again, and reshaped the resin piece provided in the Pete's Hangar conversion set to match the size and shape shown in the drawings. The tail bumper was modified from the one that came with the kit. This will be smoothed into the fuselage. The arresting hook itself will be scratch built and come along much later in the build. Everything looks pretty rough to me right now, especially when magnified by photography, but they always do. In the end, I think she'll look purty good. 151972 did not have the large triangular vents on top of the fuselage wing glove section, a feature that is really prominent on other F-111 variants. I'm going to fill these in shortly. What 151972 used instead were four smaller, rectangular vents in addition to three on each side of the upper fixed portion of the intake. This is 151971, and it's a bit different than 151972, but you get the idea. I'm going to spend about a month and go through my box containing the Island of Misfit Stickers, and see if I can replicate them with decal scraps. These are the three vents under the wing on 151970: Again, these might be a bit different than 151972 during the Phoenix missile testing at Hughes. At one point, the first two were covered (this is 151972): I'm not sure if these were on 151972 at Hughes, but if they were they'll have to be made from card stock. The pictures I have of 151972 in the scrapyard show the covers quire clearly. The louvers themselves will need to be sourced from decals, and probably won't match exactly. But it should have the "aroma" of an F-111B. I had a good time at the IMPS USA Region 1 contest last weekend, with my Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 winning category and the overall Best Aircraft award. My FAA collection also won its category and the overall Best Collection award. I also got some hardware for my Canberra, Beaufort, and RAAF Buffalo. British subjects can do well in the USA, we're not all just P-51 and F-4 nuts! And I think folks enjoyed the "Joy of Photoetch" as only one gentleman fell asleep. Cheers, Bill
  12. Thank you both for your kind words! Bill cad is putting it mildly, I won't go through every detail but he royally messed her about. She is currently living off savings as he sacked her from his family business when she divorced him! Anyway. That is some great information, really helps me understand what she will be going through. She does know it's going to be really hard but also that it's her only option. Others that have been through the same have basically said it's hell but after they recover they feel amazing and they are cured, I really hope that's the case! Amazing that you were in remission for so long but terrible that it did come back to you, you are obviously a real fighter and truly wish you the best for your treatment. Simon did I not tell you they had arrived safe and well?? I though I had! Sorry if I had not. They are a massive help thank you again. and an envelope arrived from the US of A today for cookie, that was bloody quick! Cheers mate! update after the weekend hopefully. Rob
  13. I completely concur Bill ! And my Revell kits will have to make do with those they came with! Amazingly patient work Crisp! Keith
  14. Dear Codger, please don't finish this masterpiece yet...and the little lady is comfortable in the box, so why take her out of her sleep?
  15. Historex Agents in Dover used to carry them. Don't know if they still do. However, you can get the entire range direct from source in Russia here: I have dealt with this store many times for Live Resin products (I can't paint figures to save my life, but the Tank figures do look attractive) and have found them - thus far anyway - to be excellent. No problems with payment, delivery, out of stock etc. I've been lucky enough never to have been rummaged by Customs but that is a risk when buying outside the EU. If you want to buy within the EU customs border, try Modellbau Koenig or Der Sockelshop These are both in Germany and both carry some of the Tank range. Again, I have dealt with both several times and found them to be infallible so far. And no worries about customs duties.
  16. Nice one Kevin great scheme too!
  17. Lovely pics. Two thingsThe Mustang taxiing(or was it) withoiut cowls and spinner...Hmmm. Second The Stephenson Hanagr with viewing gallery. How lomg has that been the case?
  18. After buying some high performance wood hardener and filler earlier this week to repair some rot on the patio windows , I purchased the AZ Chipmunk today. Looks ok for a short run kit, prob no worse than Airfix version given the rivets and lack of interior and better looking wheels on the AZ kit
  19. Visualization and thinking through the build sounds like good advice, thanks. Where can I find Phil's videos?
  20. Today
  21. Much better! I'm afraid my tip is to avoid inkjet printers and use a laser printer. Much better results than any inkjet decals I've ever tried. On the home stretch now, need to tidy up, do gear & engines, aerials, a bit of weathering (but not too much).
  22. Well I finally have a rolling chassis! Everything screwed together really well and I don't think it is looking as toy like as I initially feared. I have also made my only concession to the planned OOB build which was to replace the frayed old string that was supposed to represent the hose with some 5mm flat shoe lace which works out roughly to scale for a 4" fire hose. This was then added to the rear body assembly which consists of the chemical tanks, hose real and ladder rack.
  23. I'm beginning to wonder if we will see the Venoms from Pilot Replicas. The 1/48 Saab J21 and J29 kits seem to have disappeared, Hannants and Spruebrothers do not even list those at all. Does anyone know what's going on with this company?
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