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  1. Past hour
  2. 80's Front Line Asia, only 2 more needed!!

    Hi all,I have been a member for awhile now, but never tried a group build before.I wonder if this is a good one to break my duck.Could not see a duck on the emoticons.
  3. 1/350 America

  4. 1/350 CVA-64 Connie

    Almost done with the hull. island is next.
  5. What have you purchased 9

    Has it arrived yet? I'm curious to know what it has in addition to the Eduard plastic parts. I've got a Hasegawa A-9 and F-9 (Panzerblitz) in the stash, however the Eduard F-8 has the Panzerblitz rockets anyway. thanks Mike
  6. Minion's Finnish pencil

    It’s really looking good now Craig. All the ICM kits I’ve tried have had very good engine and gun detail, no need for after market parts. This one is clearly the same; the engines look superb. You have a steady hand to be able to drill out the sights in those guns ! Looking forward to the next instalment . Best regards TonyT
  7. FOUR better - or worse!

    banjo catfish at sundown
  8. DET-250 - 1/35 by Red Iron Models

    This is a beautiful job of weathering!
  9. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    For the record, Twin Otters have 3° of dihedral regardless of undercarriage fitted. The only visible external difference (apart from the obvious) is that the floaty bird gets finlets on the tailplanes. And looks a lot better. In the process of preplanning my Otter, I've made up a jig to help in getting that 3°, and also to prevent the 'oops, that strut's a bit short' issue that I've seen on finished builds in the past. I'll update my thread soon. (Sorry that the jig is too late to help you...)
  10. Douglas World Cruiser

    I think the blue is too light. From 1917/18 into the early 1920s the blue on the blue/white star/red was lighter than the blue of the 1919 -1941 period but not that light The 1917/18 to early 1920s blue was similar to the RAF blue of that period - an ultramarine blue. I find Revell 51 paint a good match. I had time for modelling on Thursday but not the ability. I have a right eye infection at the mo and it hinders model making a bit Just need to do overtime on Saturday/Sunday
  11. Eduard 1/72 MiG-15

    Masked the canopy and sprayed some primer. I also drilled out the holes on the piece that goes under the canopy. The real one has lightening holes so why not? LOL
  12. Some detail painting and inst. panel decal: And the sub-assemblies ready:
  13. it does look strangely similar to the old tool kit if we are to believe these are 100% new moulds --- old kit for reference -- https://www.super-hobby.com/products/item_name-189105.html
  14. Some 1/1 modelling! A-10

    Just A-10's then. One wouldn't do it to a new Spitfire then?
  15. Yesterday
  16. 1/48 Stuka recommendation

    Revell doesn't help with the confusion - they have their old 1/32 kit with the red snake markings, Monograms old 1/48 "G" model, and a rebox of Hasegawa's 1/48 B/R kit with red snake markings. Your next challenge is - was the snake red/white or camo/white, and was it on left side only, or both sides! Hubert Polz would be proud of the confusion he's caused with these markings!
  17. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Make a start with Fujimi-san. They're a quality kit and despite what's said, I can't see the Airfix version being as 'nice'. It may have more working bits, but going by my new Airfix kits, they've got quite a way to go to catch up in the area of fine detail. I'm sure it'll be a nice kit, but they're not up to Japanese quality yet. Now I'll put my fireproof undies on and wait for the napalming! PS. I'm willing to be proven wrong, and I'll be putting my money down for a couple of the new Airfix F-4s unless they're total pants. But let's wait for the plastic before we get all defensive, eh?
  18. this one: https://www.super-hobby.it/products/Wamod-putty-for-plastic-models.html
  19. What's red and wails?

    that's really nice, but in answer to your title question. Maurizio Arrivabene 5 secs into the Singapore GP.
  20. FRS.1 Sea Harrier front wheel whell

    Awesome detail photos! Thank you so much for sharing them! Perfect views of the details often overlooked in walkarounds shot by non-model builders. Mike
  21. Dornier Do 18-D

    surgical precision there Mr. Baron. Do the doors open inwards or outwards ? With the upper and lower doorhatchopenypanelthing it looks like you'll have plenty of scope for some nice detailing in there.
  22. Dennis, for GB photos I use a simple all-mobile workflow- phone camera to Flickr app to in-Flickr editing to copying URL to BM. This despite me being a 'proper' photographer with a fair whack of digital gear. It's all about convenience. A tablet makes the job easier, but only because of the larger screen, the method is the same. You may already know this, but the trick to good mobile phone photos is to make sure that there's plenty of light. You'll need more than you think. Much much more - small sensors lose a lot of ability as the light decreases. Just keep snapping until you get what you need, and delete the rubbish. When you find a floaty plane, you're more than welcome to join up - we're not stopping until Jan 7th. Plently of time! (Says he, who always runs out of time.)
  23. Dear Epimedium, Thanks for the information. I think the AZ kit will have to go on the to-do list. Kind regards, David
  24. Big As MAZ

    impressive it is. I'm looking forward to your adventures in sheet metal land
  25. B-17 model kits 1/48

    good detail point just about visible here, note how the vents actually deflect the oil from the engines, leaving clear spaces there was a better one here but it's been PB... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=47569
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