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  1. So, historical accuracy isn't that important to you. Oh well! Chris
  2. The central gear casing on the engine should be painted Humbrol 85 satin Black, not grey. All Bristol engines from the early 1930's up to the early post-WW2 era were painted with black. Airfix's painting instructions call for this colour. Chris
  3. Retirement. The best career move I ever made! Chris
  4. Looks good. Why did you paint the front of the cowling like that? Was it to simulate the exhaust collector ring on a Swordfish? Chris
  5. This: https://indoorgamebunker.com/how-to-thin-citadel-paint-for-airbrush/ Chris
  6. Actually, that Hudson is flying toward the camera and away from the background splash. If you look closely at the Hudson, you can see the two nose guns on the upperside of the nose and the turret is behind the cockpit canopy. It still wasn't carrying a torpedo as a Hudson was neve meant to carry one and never, ever did, that I know of. Chris
  7. More info from Carl: " This is an interesting query. I fear that I am no expert in either the RCAF Ansons nor their colour schemes and markings. Mind you, anybody who would claim to be such is suffering from egotistical hypertension. The Anson was the most numerous type ever acquired by the RCAF – a total of 4415 of all Marks. Their colour schemes etc., particularly of the Mark I, are myriad. I attach a few photos that may be relevant to the query. The Anson pictured in the initial post and the majority of those in the images below are presumably from 1 Air Navigation School, Rivers, Manitoba. Furthermore, the images on the nose presumably indicate the Flight [?] to which the aircraft were allotted. I attach photos of those from C,B and E. The first photo is simply to indicate how both yellow and white can be appropriate for the serial numbers. " Carl Chris, for Carl
  8. The nose art could be like this Anson, as provided by this image from Carl Vincent ( @Carl V ). As for the yellow bits on a BCATP Ansons, there's this: Chris
  9. They can also be seen here: https://www.super-hobby.com/catalog/Aircrafts.html?search_category=100069&search_keywords=Swordfish&search_buy_mode=full_offer&search_price_from=&search_price_to=&search_only_bestseller=&search_only_new=&search_news_from_days=30&search_delivery_from[d]=&search_delivery_from[m]=&search_delivery_from[r]=&search_delivery_to[d]=&search_delivery_to[m]=&search_delivery_to[r]=&search_sort=d_score&items_per_page=30&dk_szt[46761134]=1&newsletter=&last_active_input=search_buy_mode&search_attr_1[1%3A72]=t&search_producer[100022]=t&start=0&grupa_p=1&filter_changed=t Chris
  10. At least one Wellesley was tested with a torpedo. Chris
  11. It depends on which particular version of the Airfix kit you are building. Airfix makes at least 6 Swordfish kits with most having all the same parts but not all are needed for every version. As you didn't post a photo of the kit box or the instructions, we have no idea of which Swordfish you are trying to build. Is it the pre-war Swordfish? Is it the Taranto raid Swordfish? Is it the Channel Dash Swordfish? Armament would depend on when and where it was. Chris
  12. If you're up for some provincial travel, thee are other aviation museums in Ontario: https://www.museumsontario.ca/MayisMuseumMonth2021/aviation-museums#:~:text=Aviation Museums 1 Spirit of Flight Aviation Museum,Canadian Flight 8 Jet Aircraft Museum More items Chris
  13. I think the two side aerials were moveable to the outboard so it could cover a wider area during a search. When something was picked up, they could be swung in to make a narrower beam to track the target more accurately. Chris
  14. I don't have much photo intel on the colour of the radar on these aircraft. Mostly, it looks dark, but that could just be the natural metal colour, not necessarily black. Chris
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