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  1. dogsbody

    Bristol Beaufighter TF.X (03943) 1:48

    So Revell didn't mold a separate exhaust collector ring for the front of the engine cowling ? Well, that's a fail. Now the modeller will have to carefully cement these together and try to remove the 3 seam lines. A separate piece, like almost every other kit manufacturer has done, would be a better choice. Chris
  2. The collector ring: Chris
  3. dogsbody

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    No worries. I bought one with filters years ago. It's still sealed in a big Ziploc bag. Chris Yep. Did it in I.G. Chris
  4. dogsbody

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Thanks, Terry. Yes, I looked at your build as soon as you posted it. That came out really nice. Just because I was using my phone camera, I tried a couple cockpit shots. Here they are. Chris
  5. dogsbody

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Thanks, Dennis. That's just the kind of intel I was looking for. Chris
  6. dogsbody

    The Weather,

    This afternoon, up here on The Backside Of Beyond, it crept up to a brisk, windy 5C. Winter's coming! Chris
  7. dogsbody

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Hi-de-ho peeps! Another question for you masters of models. As it's getting into cold weather up here ( at 3:00 pm it was up to 3C ), I guess I won't be using my Tamiya rattlecans to paint my Hurc on the back deck. I have a couple option for painting: Option 1: brush paint it with either an acrylic ( Tamiya, Gunze Sangyo, Polly Scale/Polly S ) or my old Humbrol Authenics. Option 2: I break out the airbrush and attempt that. It's a Badger 150 IL. I used it once over 25 years ago, so my experience is zip! If I go this route, I thought I'd use Tamiya paint. I have colour mixes to get good colour, paint retarder and Tamiya thinner. I also have an old, small filter/fan unit. It's probably not the best but better than a boot to the man-vegetables. I'm leaning toward the airbrush. Any advice any of you may have will be gratefully appreciated. Chris
  8. dogsbody

    Kids and the future of modelling

    Good on ya, Tom! Chris
  9. dogsbody

    Checking in

    Hello from Western Canada. Your story sounds a lot like mine, except I stayed with 1/72 scale. I have not completed any kits in over 30 years but I am now slowly working on an Airfix Hawker Hurricane, with the intention of completing it. Chris
  10. dogsbody

    Hello fellow modellers!

    Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  11. dogsbody

    Acount troubles

    I write all my username/passwords on a Post-it note and keep it near the 'puter. Chris
  12. dogsbody

    Hannants Wins Again!

    Right! I still haven't finished the Airfix Hurricane I started back at the end of January. Chris
  13. dogsbody

    Hannants Wins Again!

    On Tuesday morning, September 11, 20018, I ordered two of the newly released Special Hobby RCAF Northrop Delta kits. Today at high noon, September 18, they arrived. Only 7 days from the UK to Northern Alberta, Canada. Seeing as Canada Post is about to go on strike again, this is practically a frikkin' miracle! Thank you again, Hannants, for your most excellent service. Chris
  14. That's a real beauty. Good back story, too. Chris