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  1. You can take a gander through these WingLeader Hurc photos: https://www.wingleader.co.uk/ww2images?limit=20&page=5&searchType=any&searchString=hurricane Chris
  2. So far, in my very brief use of my Badger 150 IL airbrush, the only Tamiya I have sprayed is XF-16 Flat Aluminum. It was thinned with X-20A At about 45% paint to 55% thinner with a few drops of Tamiya Retarded added. Sprayed great and dried quite quickly. I let it sit for about an hour before I touched it and it was fully dried. Chris
  3. As for storage, I have a couple old Testor paint bottles that I have cleaned out and I keep my mixed paint in those. I also have a small box of 8 Pollyscale bottles that I bought years ago that can be used for the same purpose. Chris
  4. The Lancaster design was based on the Manchester, which was originally to have had a retractable ventral turret. That turret was usually not fitted as it caused too much air drag when lowered into position. That space was used later as a mounting spot for H2S radar and the FN-64 ventral turret. Due to wartime commitments, I would say the blanking would be in that place all through production. Chris
  5. I have found that some of my old Polly paints have gone quite thick over the years. I have no immediate need to use these paints, but I'm just wondering what's a good way to thin the sludge? I guess water and a good stir would be the best starting point. I do have a jug of distilled water I can use. Can it be thinned enough for airbrush use? Curious old dude needs to know. Chris
  6. Somewhere, in one of these books, it does say something about the engine/mark switching, but i don't remember which one and I don't have the time or inclination to go through them and look. Chris
  7. While looking through my old attempted Hurricane build from a few years ago, I had used the white 1500 as a primer on my paint mule, during my first airbrush usage. So it must be fairly easy to use if I pulled it off okay. Chris
  8. There were examples of B.I/III Lancasters that started out being fitted with all of one engine but were later fitted with one or more of the other engine. It all depended on what was available at that particular moment. Chris
  9. It's 12C with a breeze, at 2:30 pm. When I got up at 8:00 am, it was 6C. Chris
  10. As I've gotten older, I find I don't tolerate the cold as well. Probably because I spent too much time outside, at work, during the frigid northern Albertan winters. Also, it may be a side effect of my blood pressure meds. Getting old sucks rodent rectums! My post-menopause wife now seems the find normal room temperature too warm, so she like the room to be no warmer than 20C. So most of the time I'm wearing a sweatshirt or a sweater over a teeshirt. Chris
  11. Greetings from way off to your north. Chris
  12. Actually, on the Merlin-powered Whitleys, it looks like the masts were on the port-side of centre. The Tiger-powered early variants did have them on the starboard side. Chris
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