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  1. About all I have regarding the belly recess is this, taken from Monogran Close-up # 23. If the recon versions had this, I cannot say. Chris
  2. And some of us don't understand all of it! Chris
  3. What I was just thinking, too. Chris
  4. So it does! I had just checked if IWM photos, but not any of my books. Chris
  5. Take a scroll through this book: https://www.scribd.com/document/329542602/Mushroom-Model-Magazine-Special-Orange-Series-8103-Westland-Lysander P.S: My name is on Page 3. Chris
  6. If it's for a WW2 build, then the maker's name would not have been painted white. I've just looked at a lot of WW2 Spitfire photos and not one had the white lettering. I'm not sure if the maker's name is even molded to the tire's sidewall of WW2 aircraft tires. I couldn't find a clear enough photo. Chris
  7. Greetings from Alberta! Where y'at? Chris
  8. My youngest daughter is a trained makeup specialist who works at a local boutique. She got me this to polish up some landing lights. Chris
  9. Greetings from western Canada and welcome to the forum. I think your modelling skills look great, especially compared to anything I've ever done. Archeology! My second most favourite subject next to aircraft. Chris
  10. I have a hard enough time with English and it's the only language I know! Chris
  11. Tamiya makes panel line accenter in 3 colours. Perhaps the grey one? Chris
  12. Greetings from western Canada and welcome to the forum! Chris
  13. I'm not sure. All I have and use are these: Chris
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