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  1. An un-cropped view. Chris
  2. All I know is what Carl sent me and that the Wellington was at Manston during the time of the Dieppe Raid. Chris
  3. I admit that I forgot I had this book, but I bought it because it's about a Canadian designed and built aircraft that was built in fairly large numbers. There are lots of great detail pictures and drawings in it, too. An excellent book, Nils. Chris
  4. I imagine it was something similar to H2S ground mapping radar. The British were the first to develop it then gave the tech to the Americans. They developed their own system, H2X. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H2S_(radar) Chris
  5. I don't have a photo, but I've got this drawing form Air International Vol. 13 No. 5 November 1977. Chris
  6. All I have and maybe all that Carl has is what he sent to me, to post here for him. His message to me: While going through the photos for the pages in my current Blenheim/Bolingbroke opus which will feature photos of Blenheims with only marginal Canadian connections, I have come across this one. I got the original snapshot more than 40 years ago from the gentleman who was the Engineer Officer of 403 Squadron RCAF for the relevant period. It was taken on or about 13 August 1942 when the unit was detached to Manston in support of the Dieppe operation. It features a Blenheim of 13 Squadron RAF that was involved in smoke laying during the operation. What I am wondering about is the gizmo under the nose which is depicted in the enlargement. Is it some form of smoke laying equipment, a noisemaker or what? I would like to include a little hard information in the caption. The last photo is of a Polish Wellington IV which crash landed at the same place at approximately the same time. Just for curiosity, is there any information available on this aircraft or incident? Chris
  7. While putting some reference books back on the shelf last night, I found this booklet. I forgot that I had it and don't remember when I got it. Aging sucks! Anyway, there are a lot of detail pictures and drawings in it. Chris
  8. Moa! You've slipped another build in and I missed it! But not to worry! I'm here now. Chris
  9. Hey, no problem! Sometimes I do post things that aren't vulgar and disgusting. Chris
  10. As a natural-born Nova Scotian who grew up anout an hour's drive from that brewery, I'd rather lick the cat's sphincter than drink that crap. More like moose urine. Moa, sorry to be so crude and vulgar on your wonderful topic but some things just need to be said. Mike, I have this Canadian Norseman site: http://norsemanhistory.ca/Aircraft.htm Chris
  11. What I do is when I take a picture with my phone, I email to myself. There is a size option in the picture section that lets you size the pictures before you hit SEND. I just pick a size that I now will fit well onto the forum. I also use the photo editing on my phone to trim/orient the image before I send it. If it needs a bit more editing, I just use PAINT on my 'puter. Image is the saved to Flickr for posting here. Easy peasy chicken squeezy! Chris
  12. Here's the date stamped onto my Matchbox kit. I have a few shots of the Norseman at the Alberta Aviation Museum. Not sure how that might compare to the one you want to build, but here they are. This one is stick-mounted outside: Chris
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