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  1. https://archive.org/details/BritishExplosiveOrdnance/page/n11/mode/2up Page 45 Chris
  2. Like this? Photo courtesy of Carl Vincent ( @Carl V ) Also, I think these bombs could have been painted Dark Green. Chris
  3. I've had this kicking around the stash for some years now: Chris
  4. My two largest collections are: Savoy Brown - 22 albums Bob Dylan - 41 albums Chris
  5. Nothing will happen. If you are hand-brushing, it will help in avoiding brush streaks. If air-brushing, it will give you some time for masking removal. It's not necessary to use it. Chris
  6. If using Tamiya, I recommend getting this, to slow down drying time, especially if airbrushing. Chris
  7. Now that's a good lookin' tank! Where in the great, large country are you? Yesterday, it was 8 degrees, light rain with just a bit of snow. Chris
  8. Looking good! Too bad you lowered both ailerons. It should be one up, one down. Chris
  9. Get a bottle of acetone-based nail polish remover. That stuff undoes super glue, for those time when you accidently glue your fingers together or glue something to somewhere you don't want it. Chris
  10. My collection of Allison-powered Mustangs: Not sure of accuracy on any of these. Chris
  11. According to Wikipedia, the Caproni was powered by by Piaggio Stella P.VII, which was based on a Gnome et Rhône 7K, design, that was based on the Bristol Titan 7-cylinder engine. Chris
  12. Like this shot of VR-A, taken at CFB Greenwood, in the early 90's. Chris
  13. My saw collection: I have two different Xacto saw blades. The other one has slightly larger teeth. The Xacto handle with the wooden bit at the end is fitted with a bit of a broken CMK blade. It's great for cutting through thick sprue gates. Chris
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