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  1. A working link: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=61658.12. Chris
  2. Your photo is unviewable. Just that old flickering grey bar. Chris
  3. This help? The photos above are from: Ali d Italia 7 - Breda Ba-65 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_A.80 Chris
  4. Is this caption wrong? A Grumman Martlet naval fighter of No 888 Squadron Fleet Air Arm taking off from the deck of HMS FORMIDABLE in the Mediterranean. One of the coldest jobs in Northern waters is that of the aircraftsmen who sit on the chocks, as the engine of the aircraft is run up. An aircraftsman on the chocks as a Grumman Martlet of (No FN 144) is warmed up on board HMS FORMIDABLE. These are not Operation Torch Martlets, so was the squadron number changed at some time prior to that operation? Chris
  5. This two give you both two-blade Watts and 3-blade Fairey-Reed props. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Gloster-Gladiator-Mk.I-Mk.II.html https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Gloster-Gladiator-Mk.II-plus-Skis.html You could also ask to see if anyone has the Watts in their spares. Chris
  6. Paint test done. The Mr. Hobby colours don't match the G-S colours. Maybe I should have bought Mr. Color? All paints got a double coat. Those Mr. Hobby paints are quite thin right out of the jar. Chris
  7. But please paint over that bright shiny copper with something more steely, heat-stained metal looking. Chris
  8. A small paint question. If i still have some paint that has been thinned for airbrushing, could I use that with a hairystick to do remedial touchup work, or should I just use less thinned paint. I do have Dark Green but my Dark Earth is all gone. Just yesterday, my mail order Mr. Hobby paint arrived but I'm not sure if it will match the older Gunze-Sangyo I used on the Hurc. It does have the same numbers on the bottles, so a match test is probably in order. Old G-S: New Mr. Hobby: Chris
  9. Do you live in Canada, too? I know that cold weather is on it's way up here. So far, we've only had one light frost, but as was said in Game of Thrones: Winter's coming! Chris
  10. This just arrived in the mail. From Sunward Hobbies. Six days across Canada, from the time of ordering. Chris
  11. Don't forget Ian Paice. One of my all-time favourite drummers. Probably my favourite DP album is Fireball. Chris
  12. I've got a couple Smer re-pops in the stash. I'll be watching your builds. Chris
  13. I've been waiting to see if anyone would do this kit. Chair pulled up and refreshments near at hand. Chris
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