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  1. dogsbody

    What came in the mail yesterday.......(not a model)

    Seen plenty of various D9's around Suncor in my 35 years there. Chris.
  2. dogsbody

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Steven, has the cold weather hit down there yet? When I got up at 07:30 this morning, it was -34C. It then warmed up to -24C this afternoon. Chris
  3. dogsbody

    Canadian Hurricane 5656

    Lucky sod! Chris
  4. dogsbody

    Roundel colour paint matches

    I don't remember where I found this. Dull Roundel Red - Mix of 75% flat Red (XF-7 ), 25% NATO Brown (XF-68) Blue - Mix of 95% flat Blue (XF-8), 5% flat Black (XF-1) Yellow - Flat Yellow (XF-3) with a tiny amount of flat Red (XF-7) Chris
  5. I've got this one, showing the interior of the early windscreen without the bulletproof glass and reflector gunsight. Chris
  6. dogsbody

    Moving Time Again

    Mike, I was just wondering if you were thinking of going the Tapatalk route? There are a few other modeling forums out there that have gone there, It alright and not hard to use. If I can figure it out, you know it must be dead easy. Not that I'm pro Tapatalk nor against it. I'm just curious. Chris
  7. dogsbody

    Dual control Lancasters.

    VR*A of the CWH, taken at CFB Greenwood in the early 90's. Chris
  8. dogsbody

    Fire Extinguishers: US Bomber Support Set

    Do these help? Chris
  9. dogsbody

    Any Canadians here?

    It's the same temperature up here right now and the forecast is about the same. Another freezing winter, up here on The Backside Of Beyond. Chris
  10. Some Tamiya mixes that may be useful. Chris
  11. Notice, if you will, that there is no horizontal frame between the flat windscreen section and the rear windscreen frame member on the early Hurricane. Chris
  12. dogsbody

    RAF 500lb GP bombs mid 1930s - colour?

    Look at the colour of the bomb this armourer is sitting on, the one he's working on and the one behind his right arm. These are a buff colour. Chris
  13. dogsbody

    Hi from cairns australia

    Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  14. dogsbody

    Hello from Yokohama

    Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  15. dogsbody

    Our best friends

    Sushi went on Boxing Day, two years ago. I feel your loss. Chris