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  1. Ooh! I'll be watching this space for further developments, Ced. I've got two eastern Europe bagged repops in the stash. Chris
  2. Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  3. Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  4. I just tried to send you a PM but is said you can't receive a PM. Chris
  5. Other than whats on Seawings and The Flyingboat forum, I don't have anything else Lerwicky. Chris
  6. Glad you're back! I can't imagine having to visit a hospital these days, let alone having to stay there for an extended time. I'm just glad my health has been okay this past year and I reached age 66 okay. Chris
  7. I, too, have those two books and i'm eagerly waiting for the publication of Carl's Curtiss fighters. Chris
  8. I wonder if this old vial of glue would still work. I've had it for at least 10 years now. It came in an un-opened FROG P-61 kit I bought. Chris
  9. This one was flown to Canada for comparison flights with a Spitfire. Chris
  10. Have you tried Tamiya's regular cement? It's a bit slower flashing off, giving more time to dissolve the mating surfaces. Chris
  11. This is little Sushi. He was our little mixed breed puppers. We had him from 3 months after his birth, in July 2001 until his passing on Boxing Day, 2016. Chris
  12. On my 1/72 Airfix Hurricane, I used mostly Tamiya Extra Thin. In a few spots where I only needed a small dab, to glue small parts, I used the little tube of Humbrol that came with an Airfix Starter kit. My old ( very old ) tube of Testors cement had turned solid and there are no hobby shops closer the 450 km. away. The Humbrol is a little thin, compared to the Testors, but using a pointed wooden toothpick, I was able to apple small drops where needed. It seems to work well, but I did make sure to allow time of the cement to set up. Chris
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