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  1. I'm afraid my junior highschool French from the late 60's did not stick with me. I grew up in a place where even proper English isn't normally spoken. Chris
  2. As it is just a long string of code letters and numbers and not highlighted in any way, I didn't notice it in your original posting. My bad, I guess. Chris
  3. This: http://bulletpicker.com/pdf/OP 1665, British Explosive Ordnance.pdf Chris
  4. Some images that show a good view of a Pegasus engine: I know these are all Swordfish, but they're the best views of war-time Pegasus engines I can find on the IWM site. Chris
  5. She wouldn't actually kill you but make you want her to soon thereafter. I believe Mrs. dogsbody would do the same to me. Those Albertan farmgirls can downright vicious when P.O.'d! Ask me how I know! Chris
  6. Thanks, PC. I don't need them now, as it's too frikkin' cold up here, on the Backside Of Beyond, to try spray painting. At 9:00 this morning, just before the sun cleared the trees across the street, it was -32C. That's -25F for you Americans. Below is a visual representation of how cold that is: Chris
  7. Those roundels look perfect to me and I must say the camo colours look most excellent, too. Those Colourcoat colours are great. Maybe I'll order some from Jamis for my Hurricane. Is there any issue with getting them sent by mail to North America? Chris
  8. Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  9. For most regular, everyday things, I use the email that my phone company gave me when I signed up for their Internet service 17 years ago. works good and there aren't any ads. A few years after, I was told about GOOGLE's gmail and it's large storage and ability to send large files. I use that a lot for for various hobby related information. I can sent files as large as 15mb and I have a 15gb of free storage. So far, in the 12 years that I've had it, I've only used 63% of my storage capacity. If I went back through it, I could easily lower that to 50%. Chris
  10. I thought most brands of acrylic floor polish were basically all the same, as for use in this hobby. Over time and distance, the name of the products have changed, but the formulation stays about the same. I'm not sure about that wood floor polish mentioned above. That may be something else. Chris
  11. Greetings from Western Canada and welcome to the forum. 'Tis a great place. Chris
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