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  1. dogsbody

    Brief guide to using Flickr

    How do you find out just how much data you have used up. I have 850 images on Flickr but I can't see how much data I have used. Chris
  2. Looks interesting, John. A suggestion, if I may. Your pictures are a bit small, making it hard to see details, especially with my old eyes. If you could please increase the size to at least the 600x800 size, it would make viewing easier. Chris
  3. dogsbody

    Tri Motors in 1/72 or 1/48

    What about an SM.84? Chris
  4. dogsbody

    Hello playmates!

    Welcome back! There are no idiot questions but some of the answers may be somewhat odd. Don't worry though, as Mike tries his best to keep us all on the straight and narrow. It's probably like herding cats. But really? Another bass player! We never seem to get drummers or keyboards. Chris
  5. Another unusual beauty. Your hobby space must be ankle-deep in styrene dust. Chris
  6. dogsbody

    Tamiya Pearl Harbour Zero

    Nice work! I'll be following this build. Chris
  7. dogsbody

    A Butterworth Blenheim

    Just a heads up, but Airfix has gotten some of the colour call-outs wrong. Part # D5, the central bit, where the prop shaft goes, should be painted Humbrol 85 semi-gloss black or any other semi-gloss black that you may have. The three struts can be left 56 or they can be black, too. Chris
  8. dogsbody

    Telford - theft of kits

    Get yourself a small Go-Pro type camera and set up your own security at the next show. Chris
  9. dogsbody

    1/72 Airfix F4F-4 Wildcat - update 17/11/18

    Your cockpit detailing looks great. Nicely done. Chris
  10. dogsbody

    Coastal Command Early B-17s

    I can't see any antenna on this Mk.II but it does have the underwing and nose-mounted aerials. From the IWM. This one, too. After searching through 60 pages, each with 15 images on them, I could not find one with a Mk.I Fortress fitted with search radar aerials. Chris
  11. dogsbody

    F7f3 tigercat propeller and engine

    I've blown up the image and it doesn't look to be red-tipped, but square-tipped. Chris
  12. dogsbody

    I'm in.......twice.

    Your work is great. I've just never seen the Tamiya kit up close before. I wasn't sure what scale it was. 1/72; 1/48 or 1/32. It's sometimes hard to tell just by looking at pictures. Chris
  13. Some images from the IWM: Chris
  14. dogsbody

    Hallo All

    Greetings from Western Canada and welcome to the forum. Chris