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  1. My daughter's kitty, Agent Cooper, watching TV. Chris
  2. Humbrol 85 is a semi-gloss black. Whit I have done in the past is to use flat black and when fully dry, I would rub a finger over my forehead or the side of my nose, to pick up a bit of skin oil that collects on those places. Then I would lightly rub the finger over the flat black. It will put a bit of a shine on it, but not too much. Chris
  3. No worries! Just me, being my usual anal-retentive self. Just ask the wife! Chris
  4. Nice work on the map and book. Realistically, any map, logbook or documentation would be removed from the aircraft by the crew when they left. Nothing would be left inside for possible spies to find. Chris
  5. Ha! I should have done a GOOGLE search first! I found this and he's actually spraying the colour I'm going to use. Chris
  6. That looks great! Hey, my Dad was in the RCN during the war and was on an escort destroyer from 1941 until early 1944. Who knows, maybe he escorted you Dad's ship at one time. Chris
  7. Looking good! One small question, if I may: Why clear line for the brake lines? Would not the original be metal tubing with maybe some rubber section where it needs to bend around the oleo? Chris
  8. Thanks, guys! I have very little airbrush experience and that was last year, using some Tamiya with their X20A and Gunze-Sangyo with the Leveling thinner. Both worked quite well. Now that some warmer weather has started to arrive up here, I can open the basement window and experiment with Citadel and water. Would I used windshield washer fluid to clean the airbrush or some isopropyl? Chris
  9. As there is a very limited supply of paints available up here, on The Backside of Beyond, these being Tamiya and Citadel, what would be a good thinner to use with Citadel Acrylics? I have Tamiya X20A, Tamiya Lacquer and Mr. Color Leveling Thinner 400. I also have Tamiya Paint Retarder. Chris
  10. Lookin' good, Dave! My kit just arrived yesterday afternoon. So far, I've only spent a couple short sessions oogling and fondling the part trees. One thing I did notice is that the bomb doors used when the torpedo is fitted looks like it shows the inner doors folded up inside the main doors. Chris
  11. Greetings from north of the 49th! Chris
  12. My Beaufort is here! And quite quickly, too. I ordered on the 8th and it was mailed out on the 10th. It arrived here, this afternoon, on the 16th. That's the best time ever for Hannants to The Backside of Beyond! Chris
  13. A few years ago, while playing with some add-on lenses for my phone camera, I used a sheet of white legal-size paper as a background for an old 1/72 Opel Blitz. Chris
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