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  1. Not meaning to urinate on your parade, Tony, but those items on top of the nacelles, behind the cooling gills are not intakes. They are the outlet from the oil cooler. Chris
  2. dogsbody

    Covid Jab

    We're not even close to that, with our leadership. Chris
  3. dogsbody

    Covid Jab

    Ah! The provincial governments of Canada. No one can eff things up quite like they can. Here in Alberta, they don't even have cards yet. Chris
  4. As someone who grew up on a farm with various animals and who also assisted with the raising of 3 children, I'm a bit wary of " brown " stains on anything. It's usually something unpleasant and smelly! Chris
  5. There's been a recent update of the forum by the host/server that's had a few small changes, as usually happens. I'm sure @Mike will be by soon the explain it better than I have. He's way more knowledgeable about such things. He is our king, after all. Chris
  6. Here are a couple more from the IWM, showing the black frames and different turret body colour. Chris
  7. Love those Fordson tractors. We had a 1952 Fordson Major on our farm, in Nova Scotia, where I grew up. Another farmer, who lived across the river, also had one. They were the only Fordsons I ever saw, at least in Eastern Canada. Chris
  8. dogsbody

    AK Real Colours

    I recently bought some AK Real paints, but haven't yet had the opportunity to use them. I have read that Mr. Color Leveling Thinner works quite well with these paints. Yesterday, I had to drive my daughter south, to Edmonton and I spent the night there. This morning, before I returned home, I hit a few hobby shops and I found a bottle of AK Real Colors High Compatibility Thinner. So I guess I'm ready to use this with my paint. Chris
  9. Whoa! How'd I miss this? Some great photos there, Dennis. Thanks for posting. Chris
  10. No fires up here this year, though it has been quite smokey a few times. Right now, it's good. Chris
  11. The IWM Defiant photo collection: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search?query=Boulton-Paul Defiant&pageSize=&media-records=records-with-media&style=image Just click on each image to see it larger. Chris
  12. The Lancaster and the B-29 for sure. I'd have to look through my collection of old kit instructions to see what else there might be. Chris
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