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  1. Agreed! We've always stayed downtown rather than the high-cost, more distant Fairmont. There are some great restaurants downtown. Chris
  2. Was the forward cockpit painted black? I asked that question a few years ago and was told it was Interior Grey-green. About in the middle of the first page: Finally got the link posting figured out! Chris
  3. That was definitely a borderline fugly aircraft, but you're brought it to life. Well done! Chris
  4. The Freightdog set is still available! Freightdog 1/72 Dornier Do 335 improvement set - Freightdog Models Well, crap on a cracker! For some reason, I can't post a useful like to that Freightdog set. Has something changed? Chris
  5. I've had this conversion kit for many years now. It's meant for the Heller Tempest but I bet it could used on some other Tempest kits. Chris
  6. Photos from @Geoffrey Sinclair: From US Archives, they are photographs of photographs Chris, for Geoffrey
  7. Hey! So I'm a bit anal-retentive. Cut me some slack! The missus uses the more vulgar term A$$#@LE to describe me. What a mean ol' woman she is! Chris
  8. Wow! That looks great! Those exhaust collectors are very well done. You've caught hteir colours just right. Did you lighten the AK paints any? I bought some a while ago but have not used them on a kit yet. I did brush out some small patched onto a paper card, to see what they would look like. They are quite dark and I think maybe too dark for 1/72 scale, especially the Extra Dark Sea Grey and the Dark Slate Grey. Chris
  9. This image just in, from @Geoffrey Sinclair: Chris, for Geoffrey
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