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  1. Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  2. Nice! I like you spinning props. Can you tells us how you did it? Chris
  3. The only other aircraft I can think of with a prop like that is this Miles Master. Chris
  4. It may not be that easy to make a regular Blenheim prop look like that Rotol unit. Chris
  5. dogsbody


    Greetings from Western Canada. Chris
  6. dogsbody

    Pre War Hurricanes

    And another good topic has turned into a large urination contest. Chris
  7. I was away for two days and just got back yesterday afternoon. Glad I got in early to another Ced-fest. Chris
  8. Wow! Dric, that looks awesome. I'd be happy as heck if my Hurricane turns out half as nice as yours. Chris
  9. The missus and I were down to Edmonton a couple days ago. I didn't get to any hobby stores, but I did go with her and our daughter, to Michaels. It's a chain of craft stores. They do have a small scale model section, but there were no kits that interested me. I did buy the set of small clamps that looked like they might be useful. As the missus had a voucher, I got it for half price. Chris
  10. Dear Dr. Quack, When you post the Flickr BBCode, do not use the " Insert Image from URL " button. Just post the code directly into the reply box. Chris
  11. Not all nail polish remover has acetone in it. Check the label before buying. I have never used it on styrene yet but it does a great job on unglueing your fingers. Chris
  12. Moa, you have gasted this old Canuck's flabber! Truly a most excellent build. Chris
  13. It's been one year and 8 months since I started my 1/72 Airfix Hurricane and it's not done yet! So to take only 7 months to build this and to fabricate all the extras is just pure magic. When you consider just how little of the original vac kit is in this beauty, it's totally amazing. Chris
  14. Right. No shiny prop hubs. Black all the way. Also, in reality, it would be either torpedo or RP's but not both. Chris
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