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  1. any idea when the Sea King will hit the continent? (in plastic form please!)
  2. Nice! And nice scheme! The Soviet VC-10? I'd probably in for one!
  3. "Worn out" for sure us not a "time" thing alone, more like a combination of number of injections ( cycles) , machine / process used, plastic, temperature etc.. apart from the mould material. Then there is pins, and alignment fairings etc.... maintenance, storage, etc... I'd imagine a typical Hasegawa was produced in less numbers than a typical Monogram one... Interesting topic!
  4. any reviews or builds out there anywhere already? review here! I need one I think.....
  5. Wow, thanks! Any camouflaged two-seaters remaining for training? As Romania has retired their Lancers this year, not too many -21, remaining I guess! A couple of airworthy ones in Croatia And if course many F-7 variants... Incredible life span!
  6. that are the small tanks included in the Hobbyboss kit, still in plastic unfortunately , sorry!
  7. Yes, Hobbyboss and Eduard Mirage IIIC kits
  8. Great model! Never heard of Pannon before of course! How was the kit?
  9. Very nice!! A grey Hunter, not the most common one!
  10. Wasn't there a PDS as well? This being the upgrade version of the P to close PD standard?
  11. If they can be launched from bombers, maybe also from Su-27s and MiG-29s...
  12. Wow, really great work! And India had great schemes on their MiGs!(-21, -23, -27) Are there any still operating ?
  13. Wow! Would love to see them in a high quality and large Format book! That would do it justice!! I'd be definitely in for such a pictorial... Maybe coupled with some great stories.... 😉
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