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  1. Yeah!!! What did you do to it? Try to eat it? Did it try to eat you? Poor thing....
  2. They still do, the D model is currently deployed. Operation Barkhane, the Mirages based in Niamey, Niger. The C models just returned home for good, supporting the Ds with guns and twin store carrier for 2 LGBs ...
  3. nice start! cutting up a pilot... dare you!
  4. nice update and great you already started! will save me some trouble! The canards on the additional sprue, as well as the fin are supposed to correct the original parts as in mine, or the resin replacements do. (the canards flaps are wrong shape if you compare them, the fin slightly different proportions in respect to the ~mid fin pitot) great that SH / Tarangus updated the molds. , I need to get such a sprue for my attack version..... . I think the 2-seater already has them included as well regarding the Maestro seat... I can only support your opinion...... looks like s. big time... maybe it was thought for the Airfix/ Esci/ Italeri (not REVELL in your case!) kit?
  5. lack of height, lets first have a closer look, together with an apt seat(kit one? the CMK one has ha harness molded on...) and then decide if I need to adapt it! I was just expecting something bigger.... I also expect to just use the kit cockpit parts, as is will be closed for sure when taking off
  6. thanks a lot for your thoughts, Rich! I am not sure yet if masks or decals for the belly emblem.... but you are completely right, just using the round emblem will not work... luckily, most is flat, just parts of the center need to be stretched, a lot where the cannon fairing is of course.... found the Maestro canards with lowered flaps today.... they where strangely placed with lots of resin ordnance from AM.....
  7. Not going to open the airbrakes again. Some plastic rod and your screwdriver trick will do hopefully!
  8. see what I dug out this afternoon for some reason I could not find the resin canards/ fore planes replacements I should also have somewhere... maybe with the attack version kit? - strange.... hope they will turn themselves in not too soon I plan to do it in full burner take-off configuration just after lift off, as seen personally at Airpower airshow in 2003 at Zeltweg Airbase, Austria... https://i.pinimg.com/originals/af/9b/a0/af9ba06fd189d4dbdd25eb6b39387ede.jpg some reference photos, not mine, but I should have a similar one, of course lower quality and still analouge somwhere as well https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37D-Viggen/377751/L https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37D-Viggen/739958/L https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37D-Viggen/376792/L https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37D-Viggen/374781/L decals are a bit of a problem for this scheme.... there is a great build in 1/72 here on BM, going to take as much as possible... if you have any idea, how to proceed with decals or custom masks of the belly insignia, would be very much appreciated! not started as of yet, just glanced at the many sprues I am not gonna use all of the above stuff, not sure about the Pilot Replicas seated Viggen Pilot, somehow does not look like a tall, big Swede... 2 sets of tyres---- flaps? RAT! yes pylons?... cheers, Werner
  9. Thanks a lot Hewy! Different material, different challenges
  10. Great detail knowlegde here! kind of a re-engineering for modelling purposes
  11. Brassin Alarm missiles! I will get the GRq boxing for sure... the Eduard F3 did sell for more or less the same than the Revell version....
  12. Thanks for the review! Looks quite complete, par maybe different IPs... And again a strange selection of ordnance... 2x 1300l tanks, when 1 Mirage can only carry one at a time, rocket pods ... why? Twin store carrier, but no bombs.. at least those were used on actual C models in Africa until very recently! Only 2 Micas, when a -5 can carry 6, oh well, --- the pylons are there The rest is, and looks quite ok on the photos, at least for synergies with a comming 2-seater! I am really thinking of getting one, even it is not my scale (48) but probably the BEST M2000 out there in any scale!
  13. Ottakringer, vale... Gösser Export maybe you could get, from my home country Styria yeah, the nozzles needs to be mounted a bit deeper (6, 7 mm) , but that of course makes it less visible there is nothing to mount the Amigo parts to, so I improvised and cut up the kit's engine, used it as mount... gives at least some surface to glue the resin to ..... landing gear? there is always (I assume) the great SAC option... for the MiG-23 a new manufacturer produces quite expensive, but hopefully better and stand corrected stuff.... hope to use it soon as well .... but no luck for the Fitter... https://the48ers.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?description=&manufacturer[0]=1246&manufacturer_code=&name=&p=2&price[from]=&price[to]=&sku= closed it is, and not too bad! I did not forget the nozzle. but need to position it a bit more centrally.... (but how ....)
  14. yeah,those MiG-15/ MiG-17s are heavy tailsitters... my MiG-15bis just sits straight, and it has lots of weight in the fron, my MiG-17F simply does not, and she is also very very heavy in the front.... it looks miGtastic by the way!
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