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  1. exdraken

    Test Ops FB-111A

    Great stuff, thanks!
  2. after the PE session, tonight some resin for a change! Cold War Studio makes a very nice replacement fin, in the correct angle! including a drawing in order to to do wrong again the original kit's fin resin replacement in the correct, mot backward leading form and after the cut no to cut the other half exactly the same, and hope for the best when gluing it together
  3. That looks good already! You could give the cannon pack and break a darker shade, and you are good to go!
  4. exdraken

    Hungary reporting for duty, kincsem...

    same size, maybe even more a challenge and even better!: https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/hnaircraftkits-hph-models-mig15bis a new flat could be nice as well as a side effect of this GB?
  5. just bought this kit myself!! great result! Obviously Russia put those unloved planes to good use!
  6. exdraken

    Hungary reporting for duty, kincsem...

    Yeah! Trumpeter does one. And a quite good one it is! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-02204-mig-15-bis--114326
  7. exdraken

    Tim's Fiat G-91R

    Looks good in clothes!
  8. exdraken

    Hungary reporting for duty, kincsem...

    Still no BigMiG... only a MidMiG maximum.. Who is gonna do a 32nd one!!!???
  9. exdraken

    MiG-23MF "459" Trumpeter 1:48

    Great one! A bit shiny maybe....but that is probably the light!
  10. exdraken

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25PDS 'Foxbat-E'

    Very nice result! Does it stand a bit high? Maybe just me though! I'd love to see some huge missiles.... What were your main obstacles?
  11. exdraken

    F-86A in 1/48

    looking fantastic!!
  12. fit is ok, but plastic is soft.. front is closed there is a small light in the nose, coverd by a transparency! starting to look like a MiG-15! and I did some PE work to get me started..... on lading gear doors...... cheers!