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  1. exdraken

    Grumman Gb Chat

    Will we see an AMK Kitty in this GB? Should I would I could I? Hasegawa A & D in 48.... plus resin....
  2. exdraken

    F-14D Bombcat

    Limited number of squadrons yesm but nearly unlimited number of possible coloe schemes, loadouts and weathering states! VF-2 Bounty Hunters, -31Tomcatters, -101 Grim Reapers, -213 Black Lions Do I miss one?
  3. nice that KH comes up with a correct bomb rack type for at least conventional bombs!! don't think that the ICM double side by side bomb rack was used operationally for conventinal bombs!" maybe special weapons.... the BM and R-60 load out on the other hand...
  4. maybe not as sophisticated, but probably working better? at least longer in service!! is the Iraqi scheme legit for this version?
  5. yeah! but where to get a base kit from nowadays??? should I hack up my built one?
  6. exdraken

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48 --> DECALS !

    as promised some decal work! Decals are from Isradecal, usually know for well researched and high quality! I am not fully convinced with all they did design wise, what, no alternatives right now! (I assume that the markings for the Israeli machines are spot on!) not sure how the white fuel tank marking band are supposed to fit...... hard to say if they are more correct for my Syrian plane at all.... Stencils are mostly Airfix, the Ejection triangles actually the only viable option ,for being readable and way ahead of ISRADECAL..... all in all it looks busy , not all stencils were applied though..... cheers, Werner
  7. exdraken

    trumpter 1:32 mig 29m

    Nice work!
  8. exdraken

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48 --> DECALS !

    obviously nobody really can.... yeah,, the color photo is a bit suspect, if it is really an original color and was not coloured later,.... still many variations possible... maybe the light one was more earth and less sand.... I will nor repaint as of now, as I have to apply decals tonight... with some panels opened as promised
  9. fantastic! wish there was a decent one in 1/48...... happy painting!
  10. I like your progress!! looking good!
  11. I would say the IIIC is the one that made the Mirage famous....! But...
  12. exdraken

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    wow, that is really great work! PS, not so exited about the old school rocket launcher loadout though...