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  1. Wow, what a fantastic rarity! I also decided to go for 144 for large subjects.... not that I would have done loads if them though... yet!
  2. Looks fantastic!! Iraqi and Libyan Blinders for sure are of the rarer species out there!! Kit looks great as well
  3. Thanks, my bad.. the 144 one is from Micromir.... I am not so much into 1/72 ...
  4. Very nice!! The green one is im 1/144? I think it came out after Trumpeter's version, no?
  5. Wow, great work!! Those HARMS are a dangerous touch!! I think I have not heard about the Orange Hobby – AL-31F Nozzle set.... any verdict?
  6. Is it the same as on the Jaguar nose actually? The GR5-9 Harrier did have it as well, no? Or was that only a camera?
  7. That is of course a pity! GWH missiles are top notch and one piece... maybe cost indeed is a factor
  8. Those are the real gems .... Algeria, India, Malaysia, Kazakhstan... lot of grey though, but at least they seem to fly....
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