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  1. thanks! yes looks fast and pointy! but not so sure about its actual characteristics as a hot-rod though. very similar to the Jaguar, (same engines, same general shape, but a bit longer) I assume a practical loadout / range is not so great... I assume again, no figures checked and certainly no hands on experience of course, the Mirage F1 (also similar in external characteristics and relatively close to the Jaguar ) would come out on top.... at least on top speed please let me know if you know better BM! would definitely be interested in a comparison! (nearly all Mirage F1s retired (but Iran and some private aggressor companys in the US (DRAKEN, ATAC)), all F1s retired, most Jags (but the finally not reengined Indian ones)retired....so come forward with what you know!
  2. I did not drop it yet, as I usually do close to the finish line, but for now the fit and joint is very good, stable and no filler needed. thanks for your kind words!
  3. all/ most bits and bobs mounted (the rest is antennas I for sure will break otherwise...), some preshading done
  4. Very nice! Great and realistic! Did you do it out of the box? Thanks!
  5. some chain elements: detail is very nice imho! work will also be nice.... lots of nice! wheels: top outer part (inner and outer side) ; down inner part (inner and outer side) 2 complete rollers shown here a little cleanup will be necessary I guess !
  6. Mitsubishi F-1 3rd Squadron " KABUTO Samurai" 1/48 Hasegawa kit and decals ASM-1 Hasegawa Japanese weapons set Reskit nozzles & wheels Beaver Cooperation PE interior FineMolds Pitot done within the fantastic 80s Frontline Asia GB (public voting is on by the way!, everybody (@BM) is entitled to cast their vote !!) WIP here thanks for passing by and leaving a message! Cheers, Werner
  7. Looking very nice! Especially the paint scheme! And very advanced for its time....
  8. Wow, what a nice big scale project! I have this in 48th... waiting to be built
  9. Looks great! You never stop learning it seems! Is this a Sabre in trainer form??
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