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  1. KH's availabillity was always difficult. But since they kind of stopped producing kits earlier this year, there is not too much KH left in the ordinary channels!
  2. both can be build to a very presentable standard. KH needs more research (weapons, pylons, etc...) Airfix could be build out of the box, but needs aftermarket cockpit, nozzles, wheels, for improved detail.
  3. wow! lots of inter service rivalry here! and lots of "open" discussion on how to not admit something you have undeniably done....
  4. fuselage closed the front gave me a hard time.... and it is not caused by the resin cockpit, less so by the resin intakes! but is glued now, my only reasonable issue is a huge gap between the port wing lower side and the fuselage... not sure where that went wrong! BAM resin intakes glued as well,. no issue at all just need to better paint them on the inside! I especially like the attention to detail. you just see the engine face from certain angles, and you can see the ram panel and the auxiliary intake! put some weight into the nose, just in case.. fit seems good maybe I will add the anti static strakes as well at a later date....
  5. Ah-64D us also good news. Hope that some get a reasonable chance to come to Europe!
  6. I still think we will eventually see it ... Metal has been cut, at least to testshot quality, so the most expensive part of the development invest was done!! Would be uneconomical to totally ditch them, no?! Let's assume the have no big issue of course.....
  7. I would not let myself confused by these numbers... most likely a question of including the pitot or not. .
  8. Wow, what a heavy loadout! Congrats!
  9. Wow great results! Can't see the C10 currently, but judging by the other, this is also a gem! You absolutely nailed them!@ Edit:, now all photos show interesting armament on the C10!!
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