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  1. Great! You built a very early Austrian Draken without dayglow numbers and pre MkII Update! Great work!!
  2. You are of course right in the hump... nur I do not think that was corrected in later boxings either... I did somthing similar in my "Egyptian" RB....
  3. Cold War Studio do one. But it is not wrong per se, just an early version not suitable for some late markings....
  4. Very nice Mirage!!! Great conversion you did here!!! Still a (the) most strangely looking Mirage!
  5. thanks! will try to improve the look of the cockpit later! I like your technique! tonight I mounted the wings and cleaned the fuselage seams .... some filler/ cleanup still needed, but not too bad looking I think! resin dust is king for the time being
  6. yeah because it is 1/24!!!!! fantastic work again! looking forward to more
  7. Wow!! Nice and colorful! What a rarely seen schemem even less in big scale!! Congrats!!!
  8. Wow @Antti_K What a great resource! Just ordered one...
  9. Great work and colors!! Would it really be used as a fighter?
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