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  1. Thanks, I now found something decent in the EU... most places either have it at €100++ or not any longer, meaning they seem to be unable to order more Let's see if Minihobbues strategy pays off! I second the high price issue...
  2. Is this kit actually available anywhere? Was the first run that small and already sold out?? The Su-33 I mean of course Thanks!
  3. Very nice work! I did not expect a Pakistani Tempest at all!
  4. Great job, great paint and decalling work! Tomkitty at rest, in oversleep!
  5. on Mirage III and 2000s, I always, without any exception I think, I try to take care of this fuselage wing joint separately, meaning I glue the upper wings to the fuselage first. all the other joints are easier to deal with or correct afterwards... the Kinetic MIII is a very big improvement over the M2K by the way quality wise!
  6. a bit more on the burner can... it is really great use of kit parts and PE (Kinetic did a far worse job on their nozzle 3 decades later ) a bientôt!
  7. Nice! A real scale and jet classic! Did Japan really use the Aim-4 missile?
  8. Wow! What a fantastic Typhoon! really great modelling here!! I guess you need a Tornado and a Strike Eagle as well now! my only complaint is the Trumpeter rear fuselage shape that stands out a bit...
  9. Wow! Such a great vignette! Crossing its own defenses....
  10. Nice, looks fantastic! But what a shame destroying the nice meadow Not amused.....
  11. got it started! sprues PE, that is supposed to enhance the typicly weaker cockpit and nozzle areas.. this one is rather comprehensive and also caters for doors, etc... I guess I will use a resin seat, the MIII pitot seems about right for this one, and some Brassin pylons.... they look rather different and bigger then the plastic ones.... will have to reseach a bit! started on the mostly PE afterburner and nozzle area
  12. I was thinking already once about straying into 1/72 just for this kit! Don't build it too impressive! Which someone would do it in 48th... Hope you start her soon!
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