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  1. great GB! thanks Dennis @Corsairfoxfouruncle for being such an incredible host! was fun, learned a lot! hope to see many at the next heavy GB, the Panzer III GB starts soon
  2. Are you really sure giving up 48th scale in favour of 72nd is such a good idea model-accuracy wise for jets/ fighters? I have the feeling that the bigger scale is the more innovative in at least the last 10-15 years... Concentrate on quality vs quantity? Sorry for bringing up this here! Especially looking at your latest Tornado F3..... that is top notch and hard to achieve in 72nd I guess...
  3. She turned out fantastic!! Whatever your issues were....
  4. Panther tank french colors done and 2 Tornados finished ... so on with this girl here! way too much rest for the poor Mirage! HUD (was this a genuine HUD back then?) and blast shield glued on canopy masked, sits nicely! I am currently just wandering what to load her with. until when did Israel use the original French (i.e. finless non jettisonable 500l tanks?) this one, already in Argentine service of course also had the jettisonable tanks... https://k61.kn3.net/taringa/3/3/A/C/1/F/27flanker/57B.jpg https://
  5. the Ersatz M10 is somthing very intriguing! although not entirely successful, it actually looks quite purposeful! great model!
  6. calling her done! great fun GB, my 4th tank! Panther V Ausf G French Forces Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf G Friul late tracks Brachmodel decals ( @Foxbat) WIP hope you like her, a bit different than the usual Panther for sure! cheers, Werner
  7. I need to call this finished, probably won't get wprking on her tomorrow anyways... but I hope I did her justice! better daylight photos hopefully soon as well thanks everybody, especially @Foxbat for sending me the decals love the Friul tracks by the way! tracks in motion, under load tracks at rest I only glued the sprocket by the way! all the rest is kinda loose! so be careful when handling it!
  8. I just put mine next to a T-55.. and gosh the Panther is big! great work on both your Panthers!
  9. Which era do you want your F-16 depected in? That would govern the load out... 90s, 2000s, 2010s?
  10. Eduard brassin ones are surely too! For Harm there is also cmk: https://www.cmkkits.com/en/detail-sets-accessories/agm-88-harm-air-to-surface-missile-nato-us-lau-118-launcher-adaptors-2-pcs-1-48/ AMRAAM missiles also come in Hasegawa's weapon set E or MENG missile set. Kinetic also has one. Italeri and Revell Superhornets also come with HARMs, ( and Amraams)
  11. Harm ( and Amraams) missiles are included in some kits, but unfortunately I am not aware of a weapons set incl Harms.... (edit, see below!) Are you prepared to spend money?
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