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  1. exdraken

    V-22 as COD for the new QEII Carrier?

    Maybe it is time to dust of designs like the Do-31 the Pegasus engine sure has some potential left... Tje US needs competition anyways
  2. No Bs .... what a sad outlook without..... late Diamondbacks, or Swordsmen! Never mind , JR VF-103 also only used Bs... oversweep on parked Tomcats? Onky on the boat? - just asking! great job Dave!! PS: I miss the characteristic take off kneeling pisition in this kit!!
  3. Always good to see updates!!!
  4. exdraken

    Folland Gnat F. MK I 1/48 scale by AEROPOXY

    Hi! Will need one I guess then... it is just that I am currrently on holidays in the former Yugoslavia...
  5. exdraken

    ICM He-111 1/48

    They both look great! What masks do you use? I used Montex canopy masks a lot lately! Great material, fit could be a bit better at times....
  6. exdraken

    "Red Eagle" MiG-21

    Great one! It is also interesting to see where these planes came from! The middle east was a good source then! Israel also operated MiG-17 , MiG-21 and 23 amongst others! Some where orchstrated defections, some navigational errors!
  7. exdraken

    Sea Gladiator - Roden 1/48

    Great result!! Rarely seen !! The aluminium looks faboulous!
  8. exdraken

    RF-104G / Italeri / 1:32

    What a masterpiece!
  9. Nice Sabre! Did not build one yet... but they are growing on me!!
  10. exdraken

    1/48 F-86F-40 Sabre, 338 Sqn

    Fantastic model!! Did not know about the Kasl hobby slat set! Looks great!!!
  11. exdraken


    In 32, even a Skyhawk gets big! Nice detail, looking forward to some color!
  12. exdraken

    ICM He-111 1/48

    Multi colored? Looking good for now! Painted markings usually look so much better! Whaz is wrong with the crosses?
  13. Well, what did you expect? Not Airfix , not Tamiya.... But I likd your No 5 ... regarding the colors, you could always mix the 2 to your favourite shade.... or shades!