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  1. Nice, thanks! How can one differentiate between A and D models?
  2. Wow, great!! Rarely seen scheme...
  3. Wonder why some airforces used it more than others... India until recently e.g., or Syria until now.... Also Romania used them rel. long.
  4. Wow thanks, how could we?, at least me miss that thread earlier this year?? Interesting photo showing the mid pylon. But if this was necessary or just in place for these statics remains opem to me. ....maye the electrical connection was placed there??? But that would be hard to reach by a standard German technician I guess!...
  5. bon jour mes amis! le Heller classic GB! , oh no, voila: I am not old enough to actively remember the golden times of modelling, but still I have this black box Heller kit in my stash (together with several more recent boxings....) Shape-wise this is said to be THE best Mirage out there, at least in 48th scale. no decals unfortunately in this box... but as aftermarket is an option in this GB, I will see what I come up with! I plan to do a B model, first for not having a 2 seater Mirage on my shelf, and second for that is the big advantage of this box! you can have either! before Kinetic released the D model ~2 years ago, this was the only way to getting a 2 seater MIII.... so , either I will do an Israeli B model of the 6 days war, or a French one... SA would of course also be an option.... some AM will of course be used, I think of a Master pitot, resin seats? cockpit PE? .... what else? cheers, looking forward to start already! Werner
  6. thanks everybody, first coat of paint, (gun metalizer) and the fin, actually the name giving part of the fin (Tornado nickname)
  7. i agree, as was the Gripen with Austria 20 years ago... second problem with Gripen apart from not fully complying with the requirements (not being operational at time of bids) is that it was already declined once by the Swiss public...
  8. Or offsets? Or capability? Somehow I still can't see the need for the offensive oriented F-35... though I fear.... My 2cents: For max air defence capability it should be Typhoon For max operational capability and cooperation probably Rafale And for stealth F-35 obviously... Superhornet comes last but for synergies with the current fleet... So mybe a split buy? 24 Rafales now and whatever the F-35/akternatives to it then in 15 years?
  9. To me it also seems way too polemic... on both sides actually! 40 years after the war it is still mostly a rock with lots of sheep... and 4 Typhoons... And Argentinians could also care more about other pressing issues on mainland Argentina..... and cover
  10. great news, saves me lots of work! I guess @Antti_K will be delighted as well or you may even be the root cause for this product!
  11. Very nice and inspirational! Also your Tornado progress! BUT: coming from the land of Schnitzel, I highly disapprove of putting ANY sauce over or under it!!! Just a slice of lemon and if you insist a bit of cranberry marmalade Take care that Götterdämmerung doesn't happen earlier that way!
  12. moving on Aires nozzles, look like really nice, but not sure if really that much of an improvement... hard to see detail later I guess! swing wing: not sure what to do with the step between wing gloves and upper side of fuselage...
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