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  1. I assumed only rel. few imported, and longish oop... market dictates price... One not in the US
  2. very nice result! never heard of a Viggen C before.... thanks!
  3. Great little plane! Definitely not one of the usual suspects!
  4. Looks good! The BEAST variant The Russians deployed some to Kosovo just at the endtop Allied Horce in 1999 much to the embarrassment? of Nato....
  5. I'd also support the return of Cartograf! All the above is a bit my feeling as well ( few new own interesting kits, lack of content in the Limited Editions...) Can't be all due to their fire in Dec.... The Will continue to support them lot if stuff is simply great! Love most if their modern weapons sets, as they come with adequate decals AND great detail!
  6. I think it is 2 As and 2 Bs lost, no?
  7. That was a requirement, low pilot workload for flying tasks, coupled with high automation and self-testing ... Let's see if maintenance costs can also be brought down!
  8. exdraken

    Africa GB chat

    Amongst others, Egypt and Morocco use Alphajets! In thjs GB here, you can build nearly everything... just need the right argument
  9. It better be lower! There will be a magnitude fewer available, and they vost a magnitude more! I hope they will be a magnitude more efficient as well
  10. Reference for what exactly? Modelling? Markings, development history? For great photos and detail photos this one is great: https://www.casematepublishers.com/distributed-publishers/hmh-publications/eurofighter-typhoon.html
  11. I was not sure with the GR4a was the line scanner ever operational on it? or was it just missing the gun and had a ballast scanner... ....
  12. Known to whom? USAF vs. Navy? The Aim-54 is old and out of service. ... I would definitely like more info! Just stating that is not sufficient for the Guinness book
  13. Is it only me or am Ì missing numbers???? Maybe they mean world record for the F-15... or the 53rd wing, or... Love those marketing statements!
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