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  1. I all! I could offer a Meteor..... in Syrian markings! Should I? Airfix 1/48....
  2. Fantastic Rich!!! Hard to top! Maybe you need to spend dome modelling time to create a 2nd floor! Your shelf of dust is definitely vezter then my bench of dust!
  3. great model you did! like your display as well intersting weapons load out! looking forward to see what the UK F-35 will carry in the end..... Asraam is set in stone I assume (test firings took place already), Storm shadow? Paveway IV? Brimstone? Meteor (only externally unfortunately !! (too long? for the weapons bay?)) cheers, Werner
  4. thanks! so, more here: not all bad , some touchups necessary, especially on the other side of the rudder! you live and learn, but for red over white, it turned out ok! and not pink and some grey as main camouflage color as well! I used Revell 378 as recommended in their 32nd scale version... looks ok to me! and again some salt..... you can see, that by now I "actively" removed the stabs and rudder.... could have done that earlier..... cheers!
  5. some more painting was done, the grey (Revell 378) seems to fit quite well, some traces of not very effective salt are still visible!
  6. exdraken

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    http://series-espanolas.com/es/39-se972-rf-4c You might also have a go on these decals! Absolutely recomendable
  7. exdraken

    Macchi M.5. Fly. 1/48

    Extraordinary. And very neat!!!
  8. exdraken

    Tornado F.2 F.3 Early Decal sheet. Who wants one?

    56.... I hope they check the Phoenix facing the right direction on the special..... Model Aliance had some issues there!
  9. Great that you do not give in that easily!
  10. Wow! Fantastic, looking like the real,one! I think that is the first one where I see the engine displayed! Nice work
  11. exdraken

    Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64D Saraf

    Always good to see colors!
  12. Hi all, unfortunately, but in the end predictably, I did not really finish in time..... BUT I will still post updates here if you don not mind! the RJAF HUnters had very attractive checkerboard rudder and fin tips... later those were overpainted, probably white on the tips, and red the rudder.... when exactly not clear, and if on all of them, even less so..... so I decided to take my chances on them..... lots of masking work, as there are no decals as of now... hopefully worth it! white base color 10 checkers on each row (10 squadron after all!) and here on all the required areas! still needs a second coat.... but then .....