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  1. Can't help about Poland, but I do no think Syria ever operated the MiG-19 in Syrian colors. When (if) they were delivered, than to the United Arab Airforces , so the (military) union Syria had with Egypt that time...
  2. Very nice build! A bit of weathering/ panel line wash would help to break a but its uniform grey colors
  3. Very interesting and sound thoughts imho! But hasn't it always been the case that wrong decissions not being cirrected early on un a project get very costly to correct later on if possible at all! With these projects czrrently goining on over 2 decades, engineers still iron out / fix mistakes being made for what ever reason long time ago... And yes, electronics have come a long way and are really helpfull! But can't as you say overcome physics or major design flaws like exsessive drag, etc...
  4. Those are the notches we refere to. Not the kink on the second set of fins. Supposedly one of the specific characteristics of a Magic II missile, apart from the seeker head
  5. Probably a best seller wonder why not earlier though!.. maybe some deal with wingman models? But @Uncle Uncool, just recently I ordered myself a South America boxing Regarding Pucara.... I would love to see it as well...but Kinetic has switched to more mainstream subjets recently...
  6. Oh yeah!! I want to so something similar with a 48 Ja
  7. Question is always what you want to detail , what you want to achieve and invest in terms of resources and time! Aires and Eduard Resin and PE lines have you civered pretty well for cockpit, nozzle, gear bay etc. There once was a nice seamless intske awailable as well... Hannants is slso s good place to search for sets by the way... Or just build the Hobbyboss one for training
  8. And out of curiosity, what is the answer and verdict? I have one myself waiting to built ( and that someone comes along with Tripple Plow 1 intakes in 48th...
  9. exdraken

    Freedom models

    The freeeom model kit is quite state of the art and very recommened!
  10. Do I understand correctly that the resin set need to be pre-orded? Those 1700 l tanks are needed for all export Mirage 2000 exept Brasil and Quatar (which uses both types, thanks @eclipse )who got used French 2000 l tanks! Wonder why by the way!
  11. How close do you want to get? Paint scheme? Markings? Mark details? All above mentioned represent very well unmistakenly a Hawker Hunter! There is also a Academy / Italeri one in 48th. Depends on your resources, experience and mojo!
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