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  1. Meteor. Still a few target tugs knocking around in ‘66 weren’t there? And Winston at the TWU!
  2. Despite being in the grey scheme, this particular airframe had black belly tank stripes instead of white, with just one pair of white stripes on the gunpack.
  3. The decals are so old they’re difficult to soak off. I needed to slide them off with a sharp knife as they didn’t float loose.
  4. Red Top training rounds finished. The kit doesn’t come with a HUD so I made one from a piece of thin clear plastic. Seat and windscreen added.
  5. Outstanding work, on all three! Beautiful colours all of them, looking just right. And those jet pipes and rear fuselage metal areas on the Typhoon look real. Brilliant. You do need a Harrier though!
  6. A bit of morning work today, and very nice shiny ring! Rear bulkhead for the cockpit in place too. I scratch built the yellow thing and the two levers for the canopy which I’ll display open. I used kitchen foil for the nose ring, smoothed out as much as possible with my thumb, glued around the outer rim then cut to shape with a sharp knife. It isn’t perfect but still better than just paint as there were a couple of scratch marks on the plastic where I’d sanded down the parts that joined the sprue.
  7. Thanks Andre. I like it! Although it doesn’t show up much on dark grey it’s great on the paler greys.
  8. Strange mushrooms around here. I used the Mig panel line wash for the upper wing surfaces. It’s quite thin, so doesn’t really highlight them much but maybe because they’re already dark sea grey. The stance is good, no tail sitting!
  9. Main oleos added, and I finally over painted the stress panel under the wings. Thoughts, comments, advice ... ?
  10. This is looking fantastic, beautiful colours! I remember making the Frog kit, they’re tiny aren’t they.
  11. It will be the same old story. Puma retired without replacement, promises of new but fewer helicopters in a few years, so resources stretched even thinner to cover the ‘capability gap’, until the bean counters then decide we managed with said capability gap thus proving we don’t need replacements. RAF shrinks further, famous old squadrons never return and the lads and lasses at the pointy end have even less air support to call on when we find ourselves suddenly needing it.
  12. I was thinking about that while working on the kit earlier. I remember going to that soaking wet Last, Last Lightning Show as a kid in 1987. I wish we still had an Air Force like that now. I’ve pretty much given up with spotting, photos and air shows, there’s nothing worth watching anymore apart from the occasional trip to Lakenheath.
  13. The jet pipe area needed a bit of filing to fit.
  14. Light bulb changed! A shame really as the red one looked better.
  15. Red Top training rounds coming along. I painted the underneath of this clear part red for the light, so it looks like it’s clear from the side and red from the top.
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