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  1. Bagged up ready for the green. Next up, the best bit (hopefully!) … the big reveal!
  2. This is brilliant, I’ve sometimes wondered about trying this one day. I didn’t realise it needs a new panel on the spine though, just the nose and jet pipe area. Great start anyway, what colour & unit markings are you thinking of modelling it as?
  3. Something to consider regarding the underwing serials for later. I noticed in both these photos of 613 Sqn Vampires that it looks like the serial is presented as one inboard of the roundels, whereas the instructions and indeed most other photos show the serial split, with two digits on the undercarriage doors. I’m assuming, given the evidence, that although these are the only examples I’ve seen of it presented on the wing only, that this is how I should apply it, not on the undercarriage doors. Anyone have any more info/photos/thoughts? Instructions say to split the serial.
  4. A rare moment of sunshine to spray the grey, and I must say I’m pleased with how smooth it’s turned out. I’ll leave it to dry overnight now before adding the blu-tack worms and making up ready for the dark green.
  5. Superb! Always good to see a Taiwanese aircraft modelled.
  6. It’s a cracking little kit that Airfix Sabre, and yours has turned out beautifully.
  7. Absolutely outstanding. Victor, Vulcan and the displays with tributes to the crews. Superb.
  8. Been busy on this today and got quite a bit done. Main airframe fitted together although the nose area needed filler and sanding as well as the cockpit bulkhead sanding down. Silver undersides sprayed.
  9. That’s stunning! Amazing detail and that aftermarket really makes a difference. Superb.
  10. That’s absolutely gorgeous, what a superbly painted Victor. Looks brilliant in camo with the 57 Sqn badge too. Does the kit fit together well? Any issues?
  11. I spoke too soon about how great the fit is! It may just be me cramming too much noseweight in of course, but I had to trim quite a bit off the rear cockpit bulkhead to get the nose section together. The wings fit fine, just the nose pod that was awkward. It still needs some filler along the join line.
  12. Thank you @Adam Poultney, that’s really good info! I’ll certainly be applying it when I start the build. I remember your Vulcan ‘rivet counting’ thread so that’ll be a good point of reference for some of the lumps and bumps. Appreciate your input mate! Interesting about the radome camo pattern, I hadn’t noticed that but it’s something I’ll need to mask correctly when it comes to spraying. I’ll get those decals in the post this week.
  13. Some progress today, it’s a nice little kit to build this, really enjoying it. Very good engineering by Airfix! I squeezed as much weight in the nose as I could, I’ll add some to the nose cone if I can fit some in there too. Both top and bottom fuselage halves done. I like how you fit so much into the lower half before sealing it up, very simple solution and fits nicely. The tail booms fit well too, no risk of getting them out of alignment as there are slots in the trailing edge bulkhead. Remember to fit the correct one to each side though, with the slot for the tailplanes inside. Luckily I noticed before the glue set! Top half, with a few cockpit details and I have to say very nice instrument panel decals in the kit, no need for aftermarket in my opinion.
  14. After a look around BM I found the discussion on Vampire seats, thanks @franky boy. It looks like they were a sort of brown leather colour, so this is what I’ve repainted, with tan straps. Hopefully a bit more like it …
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