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  1. I wish mine had come out that well! Looks amazing.
  2. This is lovely, so well made and superb paint scheme.
  3. Just the canopies left to paint, then it should be ready for decals. I'll probably need to do some weathering behind the exhausts after that. I added a few little extras in both cockpits, though they don't really show much in this scale!
  4. Main airframe painted and tidied up. I went over the sky colour with a clear gloss coat to shine it up a bit.
  5. That's really stunning - fabulous painting and diorama!
  6. Despite its age, it goes together quite well. No major issues so far. Extra dark sea grey upper, glossy, the same as the Phantom.
  7. I vaguely remember that! A rather crude plastic Phantom on a wire you had to somehow guide onto a short piece of carrier? I actually had a metal Dinky Phantom with the yellow bird too, come to think of it. Showing my age now! Though to be fair the only Phantoms by then were RAF ones.
  8. So ... Phantom stays as it is, or a light touch of dirt wash!? I guess it depends on which snapshot of time I want it to represent? Perhaps they were sometimes given a clean up for airshows or inspections? I'm assuming a shore-based one would generally be cleaner than a carrier-based Phantom. I'll keep the gloss as it is, given it represents a relatively early example (1971), but perhaps I need a few stains under the fuselage and wheel bays?
  9. It's an interesting point isn't it. All down to personal feelings I guess. Certainly I could never make fairly recent crashed aircraft. Like Adam says, WW2 would be kind of ok, illogically because it's so far away to me, although I'd still try to make one that nobody was killed in if possible. There's no logic to it though, as I sit here I can see a Vulcan with a Blue Steel stuck under it! All I can say is thankfully Blue Steel never actually killed anyone, quite the opposite in fact, in terms of its deterrent value, so to me that's ok. Crashes seem somehow worse. Anyway, back to the Firefly! I added a few extras in the cockpits, but on closing them up it's so small you can't really tell!
  10. Now that is a stunner! I love USAFE stuff, especially 70s-90s, that's a perfect example. Need to make a start on some of mine soon I think.
  11. @Adam Poultney for me it just seems a bit disrespectful to the lost crews if I get pleasure out of representing something that took their lives. I guess some will see it different and a model can be a tribute, which I totally understand as a different point of view. I just wouldn't want to look at a model on my shelves and think that people died flying the real one. I always feel sad when we lose aircrew, risking their lives to defend freedom.
  12. Continuing the Royal Navy theme, it's way back to the time of HMS Glory serving in the Korean War, with her air group of Fireflies and Sea Furies. First up, the Fairey Firefly. I'll be making it oob as usual but adding a few odd bits here and there. I might try and do a different serial number/code to the decals, as I try not to ever make models of aircraft that have crashed. Only problem is, information from this far back is hard to come by; I have no idea which specific Fireflies 812 NAS used, so it might be time for artistic licence. Nice box art ... It's an old kit, so I assume there'll be errors and fit issues? Anyone have any tips? As a start, I've given the observer a few more boxes to play with, his position was looking somewhat sparse. And the crew can now safely belt up ...
  13. After three days applying the decals, and a few fit issues around the intakes, she's finally complete! It's a great kit with loads of options but test fitting is a must, it's quite complicated in parts, though generally it was nice to make. The detail is amazing and those stencils and decals really bring it to life! I chose the 767 Sqn option as something a bit different as most photos and models I've seen are 892, but I like the yellow bird and big codes on the fuselage sides. I used spray cans because I'm rubbish at brush painting, and although I'm happy with the colours I'm wondering if the EDSG is just a tad too glossy? Not sure how much weathering to add. Overall though it's an impressive kit and a nice addition to my FAA shelf. All comments and suggestions for improvement more than welcome!
  14. Superb Phantom that, great colour scheme too - so well painted.
  15. Almost done! All the small stencils, etc added now, just the roundels and a few others left. It's quite enjoyable if you do it over a few days, there are almost 300 to soak and stick! Anyone know how much weathering this will need? Were they kept pretty clean and shiny in the early days? I'm doing the 767 Sqn one, not a carrier-based Phantom.
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