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  1. That biplane wouldn't get off the ground with the weight of Johnson's ego in it.
  2. I decided to compromise with the nosewheel door, as there's equal evidence for lights and no lights, so I did lights plus code letter decals. My models always look so horrible close up!
  3. At least they haven't opened it up to the public with some god-awful, bright coloured and untidy looking winning design by someone's child making it look like a giant toy. But I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Just paint the thing grey with a white fuselage top and dark blue cheat line and a nice big Union Jack on the fin. What's happened to taste these days?
  4. The Airfix Lightning is lovely, in its F1/F3 guise and F2A/F6. This is how my early boxing F1 turned out: The kits have really nice decal sheets too.
  5. The decals for the walkway lines on the wings are awful, very thin and break too easily. I just about got them on but I'm considering using the Modeldecal ones instead. Same with the step markings below the cockpit. Not tried the roundels yet.
  6. This is the Xtrakit F8. I'm sure better modellers than me equipped with aftermarket bits could get a nice Meteor out of that kit:
  7. That's a stunner! Really stands out in training colours, can't have been easy getting those demarcation lines so neat either.
  8. No I think you've opened a very interesting conundrum Robert; it looks like some NF11s have nosewheel door lights and some don't! Maybe a later addition?
  9. Thanks Robert. I did wonder about that, but in the end I thought I'd best go with the photo. What's going on here ... Looks like a white 'R' on a black hexagon, would they put it over the light? Maybe the instructions have the nosewheel door upside down!?
  10. Sounds like what I thought would be a straightforward build between administering filler on Meteors is going to be a bit more involved than I expected! I shall carry on regardless and see how it shapes up. Another opportunity to practice scratch building. Not sure what I can do about the blunt wings though, sounds like a lot of filing needed. The decals actually look nice, hopefully they take ok.
  11. Frog? Oh dear, I guess it'll need a bit of work then!
  12. As I finish off the Meteor I'm going to be researching ready for the next kit, this lovely Revell Canberra in 1/72, before I do another Meteor. The big 3 sqn tail markings look great. Has anyone built this kit, any issues I need to consider?
  13. I made the little connectors from the mudguard to whhel hub with some thin pieces of wire.
  14. Wow, didn't know there was a kit of this, looks superb! Might have to see if I can find an ebay one some time. Looking forward to seeing this build.
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