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  1. Stunning rendition of this beautiful and important aircraft. Very, very impressive.
  2. Thanks Ralph, it certainly does! I’ll try building those separate ones and see how it looks. Thing is, there’s nothing in the kit for the part behind those that joins the rear fuselage, the kit part I painted is all one piece. Might end up having to splash out on one of those that @bar side suggested. Or can Aires one like in @Dads203’s superb build.
  3. Brilliant! Makes mine look average at best. Is that an aftermarket jet pipe, it looks amazing.
  4. I cut the centreline pylon a bit shorter and filled the gaps with firm sponge, before adding some old etch for the underside part. I’ve only ever seen photos of 527th F-16s clean apart from this pylon and wingtip Sidewinder training rounds. I scratch built a little air scoop for under that side leading edge as the kit didn’t include one. Ready for spraying. I sprayed the fin separately as I think it’ll be easier for masking, etc when it comes to spraying the sides and underside. I’ll also mask the fin for the dark grey areas of it. And after spraying the dark grey … I’ve been wondering whether to get an aftermarket jet pipe. This is the kit one, which I painted to see if it looks good enough.
  5. I have the Kinetic CF-188 in the stash to do as a German based 1st Canadian Air Group jet. It looks like a truly excellent kit.
  6. That’s one of the best seats and cockpits I’ve seen. Outstanding work.
  7. Cockpit done, just need to paint the shrouds, etc. The seat is a really tight fit!
  8. Does the British Antarctic Survey aircraft have an Aussie registration?
  9. The wheel bay looked a bit sparse so I added a few bits of wire and a sponge pad to represent the interior. It won’t be hugely accurate but it’s good enough for me and adds a bit of interest.
  10. Thanks chaps! @bentwaters81tfw thanks for that info, looks like I’ll have to find an aftermarket canopy then. That’s a shame. And I really need to get to that museum one day!
  11. I needed a bit of plastic card to fill the gap between wing and fuselage at the rear join point, just ahead of the flaps. Filler and sanding required to hide the join lines and try to give that smooth F-16 wing/body blend.
  12. These are outstanding photos, what an amazing opportunity you had. I wish the Typhoons had squadron markings!
  13. Outstanding photography. Lovely to see these big American bombers in the UK.
  14. Oh wow, I think that’s one of the very best Chipmunks I’ve seen built! Absolutely delightful and so well painted.
  15. A 1/48 Scimitar would indeed be superb, and while they’re at it perhaps a 1/48 Swift, or is that too much to ask for?!
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