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  1. It’s so depressing isn’t it. The best trained professional soldiers in the world constantly hamstrung by bean counters sat in safe offices who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. And we’re meant to be becoming more flexible and responsive, yet the major tool to achieve that is being taken away and inadequately replaced. Why do our lads and lasses whose lives are on the line always have an arm tied behind their backs by damn accountants? They’ll be just sending everyone to the hot dusty places on EasyJet next, then chartering foreign coaches to battle.
  2. Fantastic photos of a relatively unheralded type. I remember these used to fly in BAe Woodford quite often during the 80s. No idea why, but always nice to see them. A 1/48 Airfix Jetstream and Dominie would be brilliant!
  3. Great to see a Puma in proper camo again! Looks fantastic.
  4. Fabulous photos! Great to see the old Puma still going strong, and that the RAF still does have a SAR capability! Those Sea Stallions look awesome, in every sense of the word. I wish we had about four squadrons of those!
  5. Fantastic! I wish we still had an Air Force and capability like that. I love the accents too, much better than some of the slurred ‘gangsta’ speak and incessant ‘literally’s one hears today. The good old Pathé news announcers were best, could do with more of that kind of thing. It still strikes me as odd that any Air Force with ambitions and responsibilities can feel it can do without Hercules. It must be a bit frustrating now for the lads entrusted with actually jumping?!
  6. I wasn’t happy with the seats, despite trying to paint as carefully as possible. So I decided to cover most of the kit’s strap details which looked very inaccurate compared to photos of the real thing, and scratch build a few straps and hoses. Bent wire for the hoses, Tamiya tape belts and seat pads. I glued the wire hoses with superglue so hopefully I’ll be able to bend the pink tube part to shape once the seats are in the cockpit tub. I’ll just dry fit them first to see how it’ll all fit.
  7. Great looking replica, and brilliant to hear at least part of her is being restored.
  8. These are incredible, very special! What a fabulous collection!
  9. Thanks! I really hope so, especially in 1/48. An Airfix one with the option of a T2 would be perfect …
  10. Having purchased my 1/48 Revell Tornado as used without decals, I’m wondering what the best solution is for the cockpit. I’m building a mid/late 80s GR1, and looking at decal options for instrument panels I can only find the very nice looking Kits World 3D set but for a GR4. My question is, how much difference is there between the two, would I get away with it if it’s just a few little buttons, or is it quite obvious? Are there any GR1 instrument decals out there, I couldn’t find any on eBay.
  11. I’ve made a (slow) start, just got the seats painted though nowhere near done yet. It’s too hot to sit up in the study for long doing this. Too hot to spray outside too. Seats are medium sea grey, it looks close enough. I think once put together they should look ok, I don’t think I’ll need aftermarket ones. I need to find some instrument panel and side console decals though, way too much detail to paint those!
  12. I’ll second that. We all need more Canberras in our lives! @canberra kid your PR7 looks gorgeous. I suppose I’m asking too much for Airfix to do a new tool B2 in 1/48 with options for a T4, and a TT18 with 100 Sqn decals … Having said that, the Alley Cat conversion set in 1/48 for the T17 was excellent, even I managed to produce something mildly reminiscent of one of Wyton’s finest … https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235085461-ee-canberra-t17a-wh902ek-no-360-squadron-raf-wyton-1987/
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