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  1. This is brilliant news, I've been after one for ages but they were always at least £60 on ebay! Not sure how much work it would take to make it into a mid-80s 67 ARRS MH-53 though. Probably one of those conversions that seems simple til someone comes on here and says something like the fuselage needs stretching or similar things beyond my capability!
  2. Before I start spraying, does anyone know if Tamiya rattle cans AS-25 and AS-26 will be 'close enough' to match mid-80s Eagle colours of FS36375 and FS36320?
  3. Very nice! I've built two Airfix Lightnings, one as an F1 and one as an F3. From what I recall the only slightly dodgy fit was the nose ring but it wasn't that bad. It's a really nice kit I thought, still have two in the stash to make as F6s one day. I like the Lightning but I'd agree it wasn't my absolute favourite, it's grown on me more over time as modern jets get more and more boring. Nothing can displace the Victor as my all-time favourite. Unless it's a Canberra perhaps. Or a Jaguar.
  4. Having finally beaten the intakes into some semblance of order I've made more progress with the Eagle. Main airframe done and silver metallic areas sprayed.
  5. Looking good! Nice markings too, those 29 Sqn triple Xs always look smart.
  6. Beautiful KC that! I'd love one of these with the Big D tail markings. @bar side you're so lucky living near the 'Hall and 'Heath! I bet it was unbelievable in the 80s. Always wanted to but for various reasons never been able to move down that way, so trips to Norfolk to see my mum have to suffice. My missus wants to move to the Cotswolds in a few years though, so obviously I'll be looking for a nice place near Fairford. I'll pretend to be as surprised as her when the B-52s fly over the garden!
  7. It's outstanding craftsmanship. More like engineering than modelling, a completely different world to the lumps of sanded plastic I haphazardly glue together and spray! Looking forward to seeing it completed.
  8. The intakes are a pain to fit. They're a tight squeeze widthways and the right one seemed to angle out very slightly, and looked a tiny bit further out from the nose. I had to sand down the fairing against the nose on the right side and both needed filler; the left one on the top and the right one on the side.
  9. Nose attached. The fit is actually surprisingly good, it shouldn't need much sanding at all. Just hope it stays on.
  10. This is looking brilliant, great interior detail. Wanted one of these for ages, if I can ever find one for a reasonable price! Looking forward to watching your build.
  11. The cockpit is such a tight squeeze I didn't need to glue it! I cut some plastic from the sprues to act as a support and guide for the nose section for when I fit it to the main fuselage. I've a feeling the join line might need some filling and sanding!
  12. Thanks @Blacktjet, I had no idea of that - great photo too, it looks like a really well made diorama! Once I'm done with this USAFE phase I may well be tempted to make a start on Winston.
  13. Thanks @lksavidge! I'd like to make an F-4E from Spang at some point too, that Euro 1 look is cool. Must have been an interesting place to be during that time.
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