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  1. The cockpit window part seems a bit odd shaped, it doesn’t quite fit. I’ll try and show it as if the pilot has a window open on the ground! Or does anyone have a spare they don’t need? A bit more colourful with the green cheatline decals added. I’ll let these set before gluing the engine pods on and adding the cabin window decals.
  2. Wings added, starting to look a bit more like an aeroplane now.
  3. At last, a bit more progress! After a holiday in Northumberland and then having to wait for a supplier to send the correct paint (I’d received a clear spray instead of the gloss white I ordered), I’ve finally been able to spray the fuselage. This should progress quite quickly now as it was holding up the rest of the build.
  4. That’s absolutely stunning! Those decals are very impressive and the colour looks superb. Beautiful model. Zvezda kits seem to be really good but I don’t want to buy anything from Russia so I’m having to stick with ancient Airfix kits!
  5. Wings sprayed. Always a relief to see nice straight lines. Colours are ‘chrome silver’ and Tamiya TS-81 light grey. Close enough for me.
  6. Made a start this afternoon, and it’s a really simple kit. Only one page of instructions and few parts. This one doesn’t include clear strips for the windows, which doesn’t matter as they’ll be covered with decals. I very roughly painted the rear inside as I’ll display it with the rear stairway ‘air stairs’ open, though I doubt much will be visible once it’s sealed up. I’ve no idea what colour the air stairs actually were, but with some artistic licence perhaps they may have been a carpet in Alitalia green … Fuselage glued together after adding nose weight.
  7. Superb! That’s exactly how I’m hoping mine will turn out.
  8. My next airliner kit after finishing the DC-10, and something a bit smaller this time. Looks a reasonable kit for an old Airfix, I’m not too fussy about the panel lines, just want to add another 70s/80’s airliner to the shelf. I got this one on eBay for a bargain, under £20! I’ll be making it oob, in the Alitalia colours. Nice that this has window decals! I’m fairly sure it’ll be a straightforward build, looks quite simple. There may be a number of inaccuracies but it’ll be good enough for me as it is.
  9. It was the Jaguar that I cut the flaps on, the Bucc I left as it was, though I’ll probably have them down if I do another one. It took quite a lot of work on the Jag though. Could do with new toolings of both these kits really.
  10. That’s a very neat little model, very nicely made. The exhaust staining is incredibly realistic too, excellent!
  11. Excellent! That looks great in the demonstrator colours, very original. And beautifully made.
  12. That’s amazing, brilliant detail! Very eye-catching livery too.
  13. @Alex1978 are those Frog kits any good, better than the Airfix one do you think? I might try one of those if it’s better than Airfix, which like you say wasn’t a great fit from what I remember!
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