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  1. Another outstanding Meteor! Love this, and those 2 sqn markings look really good on it. Nice camo colours too.
  2. Love that, what a gorgeous Meatbox! I like those markings, they capture that exciting and colourful period of RAF flying perfectly.
  3. That would be brilliant, thanks again @At Sea!
  4. Looking good! I've got to get one of these if I can find those decals. That green filler looks good, is it easier to apply than that Revell putty stuff?
  5. The undercarriage is very fiddly in places. The main oleo is ok but there's a few extra little pieces and they're tiny even in 1/48th. To be fair the holes on the oleo are reasonable for them to fit in, but you need a good set of tweezers and a steady hand!
  6. It's a great subject, looking forward to seeing the finished model. I always thought it strange that the combat role for these Canberras was always listed as 'visual maritime reconnaissance'. Why not jamming Soviet electronic comms!? Or maybe it was ...
  7. I found this on Twitter, shows the upper surface and roundel size and position well ...
  8. I've only just seen this but my god it's insane, in a good way!! Wow! I wouldn't have even thought it possible, from pretty much nothing. A 1/48 Dominie is one of the kits I'd like more than any other. There's no chance I could ever scratchbuild though, so hopefully Airfix or Hasegawa et al do the honours one day. Absolutely brilliant skill and amazing result this.
  9. How come you chose to handpaint them? Are the decals poor quality?
  10. And there we go! Looking ok, always a relief when the demarcation line is straight and no seepage.
  11. Ready for bagging. Quite a nice simple shape to wrap the snakes around, not as many nooks and crannies as with Harriers or Tornados. Just hope the grey takes smoothly. I'll try it on the tailplanes first in case of bubbling.
  12. Thanks chaps, always encouraging to read such nice comments. It's only from following WIPs and advice on here really that I've attempted these mods, but they're not too difficult once you start - not if I can manage it! I'd certainly recommend giving it a go if you have one in the stash, the fit is nice despite the issues.
  13. Some progress today, I sprayed the undersides BS626 satin light a/c grey, then once dry masked up the whole underside ready to spray Tamiya AS-30 dark green all over the upper surface. Once this is properly dry tomorrow I'll start making the blu-tack worms and cut up carrier bag combo ready for spraying the satin dark sea grey. I just hope there's no bubbling when I spray on the grey. Since the issues with the Canberra I've sprayed the green first and it was ok on my Harrier.
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