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  1. Lord Riot

    Shackleton MR2 - Airfix 1/72

    Cracking Shack that! Looks good with the white upper surfaces. Nice little diorama.
  2. Lord Riot

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk1

  3. Love this, these Airfix Hunters are looking superb! Think I might have to save up. And for 56 sqn decals. So many options! I like the weathering on this too, nice stains and darker lines, what did you use?
  4. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thanks @Mikey-1980 those are superb! PM sent.
  5. Thanks @Mikey-1980, really appreciate that and any advice!
  6. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thanks @Mikey-1980! I think she'll be out of the bag, although I'm surprised Airfix didn't include any cockpit decals, especially for a kit of this size! I can't afford a resin cockpit though so I'll just try and paint it as best as I can. I'd like to display her canopy open though, so might raid some other cockpit decals from something! Is anything in the kit glaringly inaccurate?
  7. Thanks Mikey, I'll get some TS-13 then. Definitely looks the part on yours, very realistic. I'll certainly be using any resources I can, there seems to be a lot of variation with these Canberras.
  8. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thanks @canberra kid, I'm glad you said that, I was planning on using light a/c grey underneath! @Mikey-1980's WIP will be really helpful too.
  9. This is looking superb! The gloss laquer you used, how easy is it to apply, do you just paint it on? It doesn't leave brush lines does it? I'm about to start this kit in the very same markings, but I only have satin aerosols (dark sea grey, light a/c grey and tamiya as-30 green) Will I need to use this gloss laquer or do you think she'll look realistic satin?
  10. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thinking I may go for this option, if satin spray is glossy enough, and if they still had underwing serials by the mid 80s.
  11. Following the recent arrival of my two Revell Phantoms I was tempted to make one, but for some reason this ebay bargain (hence no box and cut decal sheet) was calling out to be made first! I love Canberras, as well as being superb aircraft they empitomise a glorious era for British aviation and bring back memories of their surprisingly loud flights over Norfolk on summer days. I remember seeing a T.4 near the spotters lay by at Marham in the early 90s, whilst parked up on a grass verge nearby was an old style travellers' wooden caravan; it was like going back in time to the 50s. Back in the present day, of course the Canberra has sadly gone, another victim of the government's short-sighted and unambitious ceding to the bean counters with no defence or aviation knowledge. However, once again I digress, back to the kit! I'm undecided on the scheme to go for, although I favour the camouflage it seems this may have been gloss. I only have satin sprays, can anyone confirm gloss only or is there evidence of satin green/grey? Secondly, the instructions say no serial under the wings, but I've seen photos of green/grey Canberras with this, and some without. @canberra kid if you have time (and inclination), please do you have any info on options for a PR9, circa 1984-90ish?
  12. Lord Riot

    Tornado GR-1A conversion from IDS

    If it's any help, the technique I use is similar, but I use cut up shopping bags stuck to the 'sausages' - you can kind of bend them round to fit weird shapes. White-tac is better than Blu as apparently it doesn't leave any grease marks on the paint.
  13. A better view of the underside.
  14. Thanks for the comments chaps, really appreciated! It was quite a tough kit in places, the intake fit was poor, and the jet pipe nozzles, and the fuselage join needed some sanding, plus the wheel bays and airbrakes were empty so I added a few little bits, other than that apart from the markings she was oob. It'll be interesting to compare with the Italeri one when I get round to it.
  15. Taking one back to a more exciting time for plane spotters, particularly in East Anglia. Skylarks singing to the sunshine to break the silence over Honington after a couple of other Tornados did a touch and go; warm grass smell drifting over the fence, blue skies lighting up the apron. ZA407 sits between sorties as the RAF trains crews for its 10 operational Tornado squadrons.