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  1. Lord Riot

    Handley Page Victor B.1 and 2 differences

    I wish Airfix would bring out a B.1. Is the Airfix K.2 due out soon? Still need to build my B.2 first! Is it a good kit?
  2. I've been Googling for some time now and looking on ebay and amazon, but I can't find the right colour. Does anyone know what spray paint I could use for satin hemp please? I really don't want to have to use those post-application 'glossing' sprays, clear sprays, etc either as I've never done that before and wouldn't want to mess it up. Anyone know where one can buy satin hemp spray cans, or a close enough match that will look good enough on a Nimrod from 6 feet away. I'm no pro or rivet counter, but equally I don't want it to look orange/pink/brown. Thanks
  3. Lord Riot

    Original Frog Javelin

    Brilliant painting and finish. Very nice Javelin.
  4. Great project, well done! I love that brown camo Herc!
  5. This isn't modelling, it's world class professional precision engineering. Your skills are Ronaldo to my Sunday league clogger. Hats off to you, and a standard most of us could never achieve. I don't know how you have the patience or skill.
  6. Lord Riot

    FM Breguet Alize

    Superb. Not seen one of these made before. Kind of like a French Gannet.
  7. Lord Riot

    Diamond Hunter

    Stunning. Nice to see another Hunter!
  8. Lord Riot

    Vulcan XH558 - Airfix 1/72

    Looking stunning! I can't wait to start another Vulcan now. Brilliant paintwork.
  9. Oh wow, that's amazing! Puts my 1/72 one to shame! Beautiful model.
  10. Fantastic - it must have been a wonderful time to be there. It's so quiet there now even compared to the 90s.
  11. Brilliant looking Sabre! Looks like a nice place to live too, must be a thriving cafe culture there which is always good. One of my all time favourite footballers, David Silva is from Gran Canaria too.
  12. XE599 was delivered to the RAF on 1st May 1956, serving with numbers 8 and 208 squadrons as well as 74 squadron, before being converted to an FR.74 (serial no. 535) for the Singapore AF. Her nose is now preserved in Australia in those markings. This model reflects her in the halcyon days of the RAF, high speed silver flashing over the East Anglian countryside, a glimpse of the famous tiger stripes that 'fear no man'. The Tigers received Hunters in March 1957, with the F.4 version replacing Meteor F.8s until the F.6s arrived in November of that year. They flew from RAF Horsham St Faith alongside 245 squadron until moving to Coltishall in June 1959, in preparation for receiving Lightnings in 1960. The old Airfix kit is over 50 years old, with little cockpit detail, and some parts seem a little thick, but I think it's a nicer shape than the Mistercraft one: Colours used were dark sea grey spray, Tamiya XF-81 and auto-spray silver. It needs quite a bit of nose weight and will still tail sit even now if tipped back. WIP here:
  13. 39 sqn were based at Wyton until 1982 (before 1 PRU renumbered as 39 in 1992, then moved to Marham), so XH168 would definitely have been at Wyton in the late 60s-early 70s.
  14. I'm pretty sure that all Canberra PR.9s would have received the green/grey camo with light aircraft grey undersides by the late 60s. I found this photo on Pinterest of XH168 which is labelled as being taken at Abingdon in 1971. Camo but still with type D roundels. Looks nice! Looks like she was with 39 sqn by then too.
  15. Lord Riot

    An old Hunter

    Pretty much ready for decals once the canopy is on. I was slightly tempted by 56 sqn but I think this one will still be 74 'Tiger' sqn from Horsham St Faith, Norfolk in the late 50s.