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  1. Lord Riot

    Bentwaters F-16s

    Great info, thanks! Tamiya it is then.
  2. Lord Riot

    Bentwaters F-16s

    At some point I'd like to make a 527 AS F-16 as based at Bentwaters, all too briefly, in the late 80s. I believe they were block 30 F-16Cs; can anyone tell me if there is a suitable 1/48 kit to represent one? Would any F-16C kit do or are the different 'block' versions quite obviously different?
  3. Lord Riot

    Bristol Sycamore 1/72 - S&M Models

    Thanks for the advice Ivan, very helpful, especially the bit about being a tail sitter, I've not seen that with a helicopter before.
  4. Lord Riot

    Bristol Sycamore 1/72 - S&M Models

    Lovely Sycamore, looks great in the rescue scheme. Did you have any issues with the fit or anything else? I've got this kit in my stash, I'm hoping to do this, the Airfix Whirlwind and Sea King and a Matchbox Wessex all in RAF Rescue yellow.
  5. Lovely Jag! Colour looks spot on to me.
  6. What a beautiful Vampire. How big is it in this scale?
  7. Lord Riot

    Airfix 1/48th Hawker Hunter F6

    Absolutely stunningly made kit, and a beautiful aeroplane. I've managed to find Italeri and Academy Hunters in 1/48 for around £10 each on ebay - with my lack of ability a £30+ Airfix one is a waste, but in the right hands it obviously looks utterly brilliant. For an average (at best) modeller who just wants a big Hunter with nice RAF markings, is there a huge difference between those kits and the Airfix one? I wish West Raynham was still operational; it's really close to my mum's house!
  8. Lord Riot

    Airfix 1/72 Victor B Mk.2

    Lovely looking Victor!
  9. Lord Riot

    Rare birds

    There's definitely F-16 influences there! In real life they look a bit smaller though. I'm trying to find an F-5F from the same maker, AFV of Taipei, they look good kits. Quite a few 'hobby shops' here but they stock mostly Transformers or remote control stuff rather than many kits.
  10. You can never have too many Victors! Thanks for the tip on the intake.
  11. Lord Riot

    Rare birds

    I'm currently in Taiwan, as one does, so couldn't resist these two indigenous beauties from 'Sky Hawk Models' in Tainan. Incidentally, a number of F-CK-1s are actually based at Tainan AB, interestingly situated almost in the heart of the city itself, unlike RAF bases that are generally out in the sticks. I won't be starting either just yet, but once I do I'll continue this WIP ... They come with some great decals and extra parts including metal etching and probe ...
  12. Stunning Victor, absolutely beautiful example of my favourite aircraft. Tempted to do mine without the Blue Steel, the clean look is a good one.
  13. Fabulous! Great to see kids still into the art of model making. She's done a fine job of it too, way better than mine were at that age. You know you need to buy her an Airfix Vulcan for Christmas!
  14. Lord Riot

    A-10A 81 TFW RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge

    Brilliant hog! I used to love hanging out near the end of the runway at Bentwaters watching these come and go. Sadly missed in UK skies.
  15. Lovely kit this, I made one as a grey/white MR1, and have another in the stash that I'll do hemp. Watching this build with interest.