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  1. Looking good so far. What yellow did you use, is it from a rattle can? I've got one of these along with a Wessex, Whirlwind and Sycamore to do, all in RAF Rescue yellow!
  2. I made the top nose aerial from wire and the lower one from some tiny bits of plastic.
  3. Thanks for the comments chaps! Pleased with how the line came out especially. Could do with the beige green being more glossy though.
  4. What a superb helicopter! The paintwork is outstanding quality. Strange how Italeri call it 'UH.5' in American style when it should be 'HU.5'.
  5. The fit of the wings was better than I was expecting from such an old, basic kit, although the starboard one needed a bit of filler. Then sprayed with Humbrol 90 'beige green'. It dries remarkably quickly.
  6. That's fantastic, especially given it's such an old kit. It's probably worth buying an old Frog or Eastern Express Sea Vixen after all if they can look this good.
  7. Stunning model and presentation! I can't believe how soon these were retired, they must still be almost immune to air defences, especially in less advanced, sandy target areas.
  8. Thanks Steve, I was wondering if I might try and find a new canopy. I found a spare cockpit tub that seems to fit perfectly...
  9. So, a bit of time after watching the rugger for some more scratch building, admittedly not to the usual standard you see on here, but it should do the job, especially at this scale. First off, I made a bulkhead so the fuselage isn't hollow through the intakes. I made an instrument panel from a bit of spare plastic, and just used blu-tack to fill in the hole inside the jet pipe. All interiors painted matt black. Next up, those strange wings with no wheel bays. Luckily, Novo had etched an outline where they should be, so I cut around it then filed around the edges. It was quite tough plastic, but I'm pleased with the result. I'll worry about how to fit the oleos later!
  10. Firstly, the solid cockpit with disembodied pilot's head (already decapitated in this photo) had to go! Then I cut out the solid block to open up the cockpit ... ... and tidied it up. I found a few scraps to try and make a rudimentary cockpit from.
  11. Hot on the heals of the Sea Venom comes another little-publicised Royal Navy jet, the Supermarine Attacker F.1. This kit is even more basic than the Frog Sea Venom! This is all there is ... Look at these! Most basic decals of all time? Luckily I had these left over on an old aftermarket decal sheet!
  12. WW139 as aboard Ark Royal in the mid 1950s This Sea Venom was the second one delivered to the Royal Navy (the aircraft now preserved at the FAA Museum being the first) and served until 1961. The old Frog kit had its challenges but was a simple and enjoyable build. Just a few extras I added; the strakes in the intakes and some cockpit detail that you can barely see. I also used a vac-form canopy very kindly donated by @perdu that I cut to display open. I was pleasantly surprised by the decals, I thought they might break up but they were fine.
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