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  1. Anyone expert in using FR24 or any other FREE (!) aircraft tracking apps? Sometimes I see RAF Hawks, Hercs and choppers on it, but never Typhoons, and if I scroll to other countries no military stuff at all. I get the security aspect so maybe it’s not possible, which of course is fair enough. But if it is possible, how can I see things like German Tornadoes or Lakenheath F-15s on any of these apps?
  2. Finally made a start, as usual on the bang seat first. It looks pretty nice, especially as you get some metal seat belts too. The etch should bring it to life a bit. There don’t seem to be decals for the headrest sides though, probably have to raid the spares drawer for those.
  3. That’s turned out lovely. I remember having one of these as a kid too!
  4. That’s an outstanding build, brilliant finish. I thought that cockpit close up from above was the real thing at first, one of your reference photos. Amazing.
  5. Thanks! I just used a standard spray paint I found via Google, it’s probably not accurate enough for serious pros or rivet counters but it looks like silver to me!
  6. Cracking Typhoon that, looks like 1/48 it’s so detailed. Brilliant painting.
  7. I couldn’t wait to start this brilliant new Harrier kit that my dad very kindly bought for my birthday recently! Not only that but he included a set of extra decals too. The kit decals are superb. I like how the fuselage roundels include notches cut out for the intake doors. I’m actually not sure what option to make yet. My favourite Harrier markings are 233 OCU wraparound camo, but I already have the Airfix one in those colours and will be making my Kinetic T4 the same. So I’m thinking No. 1 Sqn for this model. But will it be
  8. Thanks Keith. Yes me too! Though I’m still waiting for delivery of the Airfix Sabre I paid for before Christmas!
  9. Fair enough, I guess I was thinking of Airfix Valiant and Xtrakit Scimitar prices! And now I’m older and less interested in fashion I can a pair of Converse trainers for about £40. There are always outliers, and I guess manufacturers have their reasons, but in my opinion, and my value set, I believe £45-£60 for 1/48 jets is too much. I think something like the Tamiya F-16 Aggressor should be about £25. im not saying I’m right, or that I have any idea how the market value is set, that’s just my opinion of what I think they’re worth. Until I find bargains for about that pric
  10. It’s crazy how prices have increased since I returned to the hobby. Admittedly until about four years ago I hadn’t made a kit since the late 80s, so obviously with inflation etc I knew they’d be more, but, the prices for 1/48 Cold War and modern jet fighters are insane in my opinion. If the Airfix Javelin was £30 I’d buy two or three, as it is I bit the bullet for one. Same with the new Kinetic Harrier. I suppose it’s because our hobby is specialist with relatively limited numbers interested, compared to say, PS games or trainers, so rather like technical publications they have to be
  11. Thanks for the likes and comments gents. It certainly is very small, only about a 6 inch wingspan!
  12. My first build of 2021, and a nice simple one to get back into it. This Special Hobby Vampire is a nice little kit and fits together really well. It does need a lot of nose weight though! I made this one out of the box, including the decals for 601 Sqn.
  13. Outstanding! The paint weathering along the rivets is amazing, so realistic. Possibly the best B-17 model I’ve seen.
  14. Stunning Eagle that, beautiful finish. 30 years ago, jeez. Why is it going so fast!?
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