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  1. A very beautiful night bird! Did you freehand the tight mottling?
  2. Have I heard someone calling out for a Yak-9? Hi there, Mr. Thompson! The Il-2 is pretty well covered in 72 scale, with kits from Tamiya, Academy, Kovozavody Prostejov and Eduard. If you want a Yak-9, options are limited. I'd rather welcome a rebox of the Dakoplast Yak-9... which has become hard to find by now.
  3. That's a beautiful model with lots of nice details. Competition standard! Well done, Sir.
  4. Great paintwork, very attractive model!
  5. That's a great build. Very impressive result from such a dated kit.
  6. Thank you very much for information. For the most part, I did follow Eduard's instructions, as I could not find any original photograph that would make me any wiser regarding the wheels, wheel wells and bomb racks.
  7. Yes, included in Eduard's "Royal Class" boxing.
  8. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Eduard Spitfire IXe, built from the "Royal Class Boxing". This aircraft was flown by Maj. Vasiliy Antonovich Matsievich of 29. GIAP, in 1945. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Major Matsievich was the commander of 29. GIAP in May 1945. He started his flying career during the Russo-Finish war in 1939/1940, scoring his first two (shared) victories on an I-16. Later in the war, he flew Hurricanes, Yak-9s and the Spitfire. He scored 5 more kills: one Ju-88, one He-111
  9. The fuselage camoflage is very attractive, similar patterns can be found on late-war Ju-88s/Ju-188s. You did a good job replicating the "Giraffe scheme"!
  10. Nice one, Libor! The Special Hobby kit is a treat.
  11. Hello and thank you for your interest! The camo demarcation lines were laid out with Uhu-Tac (aka Blu-Tac) sausages, starting with the lightest color. This allows better control of the shape, in my opinion.
  12. Almost too good to be true! A new tool Il-4 would be very welcome.
  13. Looks really good! Interesting background story, too.
  14. Hello Andy, we do not use a light box - just a table with white paper, with a reflective sheet above, coupled with multiple flashlights to avoid shadows. Best greetings Roman
  15. Thank you! And, I will continue to do so, givven my rather extensive stash of Eduard Fw-190's. When this kit came out I bought not only the 'Royal Class Box' but several others as well (for the additional decal variants)... the same accounts for Eduard's Spitfires, one of those will be next.
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