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  1. Interesting color scheme indeed! I've not seen many "white spine" Hellcats so far. I like the chipping on the wing leading edges; the exhaust stains look good, too. That's common with all the new 1/72 Eduard kits! Tolerances are so tight that pre-painted parts won't fit, as I learned with my Fw-190s and Spitfires.
  2. Finally finished ... good work! What a heavy bird! Still large enough in 1/144.
  3. Beautiful! The markings (especially the skull) reminds me of the 1/72 Matchbox kit which had similar appearance.
  4. Paint wings and fuselage BEFORE bringing them together? That only works with a Tamiya kit and is a testament of their tooling quality. Nice Jug!
  5. A rather unusual aircraft, the first time I see a model of it! Looks good in its shade of greys. Interestingly, although painted in military colors, the model does not carry any national markings. Is it some kind of 'clandestine operations' plane?
  6. This lines up with Valliant's "Airframe Album Arado 234" which contains the above mentioned photographs as well as a color profile of a C-3 of III./KG76. The aircraft in the color profile does not have any codes, only the Werknummer (250008) on the tail fin.
  7. Excellent build, very realistic worn winter scheme! I had problems with Zvezdas tracks as well. If you paint wheels and tracks seperately, they won't fit together, so tight is the tolerance. Of course you also cannot recreate the characteristic sagging of tracks, so prominent on IS and ISU tanks.
  8. A totally mixed bag. Some of their new releases - like the 1/72 Tempest and the 1/72 Lavochkin La-5 - are smooth builds. Sometimes, the box contains a re-box of old Smer/Heller moulds. scalemates.com is a good source to identify the origin of the contents.
  9. The beer bottle turned out very realistic! I like how you created the fake foam inside. The little aircraft on the side is pretty nice, too.
  10. Finally, after so many years of waiting! I expect the Zvezda kit to be accurate and easy to assemble, just like their Yak-3. For me, this is the most exciting announcement in 2021.
  11. I have built both Trumpeter & Airfix Wellingtons. The main difference is the amount of detail on the inside - that's where Airfix is the clear winner. In my opinion, Airfix also has the edge on the geodetic surface structure.
  12. Thank you for generous offer Mr. Kjetil. I will use leftover bombs from my Tamiya 1/72 Il-2 Sturmovik.
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