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  1. I like the Kagero books best. On the technical side, they contain very useful scale plans and drawings, which seem to be very accurate. The photo captions should be taken with a grain of salt though.
  2. I totally agree! I have built one so far, which was a pleasant experience (except for the decals). The Heller M4A2 gives plenty opportunties for French/Soviet lend-lease vehicles! It's almost as good as the Dragon kit, but cheaper.
  3. The Matilda looks splendid in its three-tone-suit.
  4. Despite the problems mentioned it turned out pretty nice!
  5. Dear fellow Britmodellers, my first completed AFV in 2021 is the 1/72 Special Hobby Marder II. This kit was originally released under the 'MK72' label in 2011. It's a highly detailled quality tooling, on par with the latest Revell releases. Coincidentially, other versions based on this chassis (StuH Grille & Marder III) will be released by Revell Germany, according to their news announcement. I especially liked the one-piece tracks that simply wrap around the drive sprocket, as link'n'length tracks in 72 scale frequently cause me problems. I painted
  6. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my first completed model of the year, the 1/72 AZ Model Bf-109 G-14AS "new tool 2020". No changes have been made to the external shape and dimensions, but the interior parts have been modified for a much better fit. Both the cockpit/fuselage and the wing/fuselage joints are much easier to assemble, literally 'klicking in place'. The boxing of the G-14AS is identical to the contents of a G-10 kit. That means it is not entirely correct, as the G-14AS had two filler caps relocated. Previous boxings of AZ's G-14AS included additiona
  7. Lieber Heinz, schön dich auch in diesem Forum zu sehen... best greetings from Vienna Roman
  8. That's a neat build of a very attractive aircraft (the Yak-3 and -9 are among my favorites of the Soviet arsenal). In my opinion you captured the color scheme quite well! I'm a bit irritated by the red stars along the cowling which seem to be printed out-of-center. A common problem with some decal manufacturers.
  9. Very attractive model! The IBG kits are really good. I had the very same problem with the wire on my Scammel SV2 truck... it's difficult to replicate a natural 'hang' in small scale.
  10. ... there was also an announcement from AZ Model in the same year:
  11. We have been waiting long time for a new mould Mosquito! A most welcome release.
  12. Thank you very much for explanation, I am not too familiar with SEAC/RAAF markings.
  13. What a great build of an iconic aircraft, flown by an iconic pilot... His grave at the Wiener Zentralfriedhof (Vienna Central Cemetery) is well-kept and always beautifully decorated. Here's a picture from my visit in 2018.
  14. That's a beautifully neat build of a very interesting aircraft! The stripes are decals, I assume - or did you brush-paint them?
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