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  1. Tim R-T-C

    Telford 2019

    First Telford this year, its a pity to hear about the food options being limited. I was at the big Warley Model Rail event last year (the rail equivalent of SMW) and they had a whole fleet of food trucks there in the hall with a superb array of options. I'll stock up on trail mix for the day...
  2. Just announced, a big prize raffle with some top prizes on offer.
  3. I've got both, lets see how much time I get in October. Hope to have a something complete for Telford.
  4. Oooh, my wife just saw those 8a decals so I guess I'll be ordering a set too! Is there a European supplier or do you just order direct?
  5. Hi all, I would be interested in this one. Recently picked up a USS Balao kit which I plan to paint in a mix of red and white primers... I have also got an F14A with Final Countdown decals somewhere in the stash that I need to built at some point.
  6. Plenty of these on Amazon too. I found several reviews on a 1.144 scale kit which complained it was too small, others giving a product negative reviews because of slow delivery or Amazon mix-ups. Whoever gave the general public the ability to "rate" products or services was the worst person of all!
  7. I remember going in the late 90s, always seemed very busy. Picked up a 1.288 scale Russian Antonov kit at the shop - I should built it someday! It seems so daft that despite strong interest in watching planes - especially among "the general public" - that viewing galleries are essentially extinct in the UK now. Considering "security" is the primary reason given - surely it is much better to have all the spotters in one neat spot than scattered around miles of perimeter fencing?
  8. Unfortunately railway modelling has become more of a collectors hobby - almost everything is made ready to run and even preweathered in many cases. Given the popularity of 1/35 rail vehicle kits, perhaps some locomotives will eventually appear.
  9. Little stunners! Top work on the rigging especially.
  10. Hi all, I'm not a regular plane photographer - mostly when travelling on holiday. Back in Autumn 2015 we went to Peru for some hiking and had a four hour layover in Lima. A found a nice quiet window and was treated to some incredibly diverse displays of military aircraft and vintage 737s. Here are a few highlights which I hope may be of use for some. Apologies for the very grainy photos - not expecting to be getting any plane photos, I only had a bridge camera with me: Peruvian Naval An-32 takes off from Lima by Timothy Young, on Flickr Peruvian Navy An-32 departing Jorge Chavez Airport by Timothy Young, on Flickr Peruvian 737-200 OB-1841-P pushes back by Timothy Young, on Flickr Peruvian Air Force An32 taking off from Jorge Chavez Internatio by Timothy Young, on Flickr Peruvian Navy Beech 200 lands at Jorge Chavez Airport by Timothy Young, on Flickr Peruvian Navy Fokker 50 landing in Lima by Timothy Young, on Flickr Aer Carbie An-32 OB-2098-P at Lima by Timothy Young, on Flickr Aer Carbie An-32 OB-2098-P departs Lima by Timothy Young, on Flickr Peruvian Air Force Mi-17s by Timothy Young, on Flickr Peruvian Police Mi-8 PNP-501 in Cusco by Timothy Young, on Flickr Amazon Sky liveried An-32 OB-2085-P by Timothy Young, on Flickr
  11. Read the whole book in three days, absolutely superb. Not a technical book, there are plenty of those already, it covers first person accounts from those who flew the plane during the war. Very well authored, with an easy to read flow, it covers the iconic Battle of Britain but also later campaigns over France, Africa, Italy and the East, it deals with post-traumatic stress and fatigue and in probably the most interesting chapter, about the ATA, it discusses the women who flew the planes and the institutional sexism they faced - for example, they were never taught to fly instruments, leading to many unnecessary deaths when weather turned nasty. Currently only £3 at the Works!
  12. I've got a couple of Revell Warrior MCVs with Exercise Iron Hammer decals that I was going to make up into a diorama set during this exercise, if this would be eligible? If so, put me down.
  13. Hello, Not joined a GB before, but I have some 2mm whitemetal road vehicle kits that I have been putting off for a while, so might be fun to build these to deadline. Could even include the full diorama with cardboard buildings?
  14. Tim R-T-C

    Printed models.

    If this is the end of modelling, then dicast should have finished it off years ago!
  15. The trailer is rather confusing, I don't get how the plot as written works in a First World War setting - but I'm sure it will make sense when the film is watched. I find it amusing that people are jumping all over "historical inaccuracies" already when we don't know any of the context yet.
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