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  1. I do like the French Indochine schemes and this is done particularly well. Nicely restrained weathering - from my research these were supplied as new in 1951 and so would look pretty fair - compared to the very weathered Naval planes of the confict like the Corsair.
  2. I used to go in the 90s regularly and it was a great museum but visited shortly before COVID and agree with the comments that it feels very poor now. The power hall was completely closed off, the old station building just feels empty. The warehouse, previously electrical hall had been stripped out and some new piece on history of TV felt very half hearted. Underground Manchester, a previous highlight was completely gone. The Air and Space part felt untouched since the 90s, nothing new, the upper deck entirely closed.
  3. Near us is a town called Idle The Idle Working Men's Club is famous and has a long wait for membership!
  4. Fantastic build and a great history lesson too. That whole region and period is continually fascinating.
  5. Caught this build in the gallery, looks superb. I'll definitely be keeping an eye open for this kit in future.
  6. So this GB almost escaped me, but I managed a last day 12 hour build (with football and gardening interruptions!) of a New York urban scene using resin details, paper accessories and wooden parts for an all plastic-free build. Come see images of the real New York graffiti this was based on in the rather brief WIP thread
  7. So some added dirt and debris and its done Like all my urban vignettes, I only use authentic tags from the relevant city. Here are two of the primary New York tags that appear here Thanks for following this late night completion!
  8. Damn it, going to be a late finish for this one. Right up to the whistle!
  9. Still working on it, cutting some paper details on my lap tray.
  10. Turned my back for a moment and some punks drew all over my wall
  11. So having completely failed to start any of my planned project, time for a six hour super-blitz build and one of my favourite 1/24 urban scenes. Trying a new idea for hanging frame designs. The ingredients After a fair quantity of texture paint and superglue.
  12. Well I supported this GB from the beginning but due to unexpected change in work commitments I have lacked the time to build one of my planned elaborate scenes - my Vampire Movie production scene will have to wait So I have started a super-blitz build to get something through before the buzzer!
  13. Just been notified that my Gashapon Helldivers from F-toys have arrived and I have a handy sheet of French decals for these - so that might be my entry. Just got to decide whether to base them on the Arromanches or one of the wooden decked ex-US ccarriers..
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