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  1. Lovely work and an awesome collection. I've only done the ECR so far and its a lovely kit.
  2. I'd be in, I have a stash of wargame fantasy figures which I combine with scratchbuilt buildings when I want a break from plane building, I'm sure I could make something unique there!
  3. Some time in September 1940 while the air battle rages, a new forward airfield has opened at the Flying Club in Godermersham, Kent. Pilots from a few squadrons have flown in to examine facilities at what will be a forward refuelling base for them. Famous future ace P. Brothers in LGZ suffered a puncture on landing and sits awaiting repair, chatting with RR. Standford Tuck and the base office. Arther Clowes emerges from the command hut having received word of and inbound Luftwaffe flight. All three pilots would achieve Ave status and survive the war. Watching his plane b
  4. So combined everything together with some Metcalfe cardboard buildings and a selection of figures and its all done.
  5. Hmm my host is online and I can see the pics on my mobile Firefox but not Chrome. Anyone else seeing or not seeing the pics?
  6. Actually managed to get away for a week of climbing in the Lakes, so got this weekend to wrap up the project. Made up the base before I went away.
  7. Lovely work on this mini tank. How was the build, did you clip anything or just glue it all? The couple of 100th scale Zvezda vehicles I've done wouldn't push fit at all and had to be cut and glued instead. Where did you get the decals? I would love to make this particular tank.
  8. I suspect this whole operation is a desperate attempt to reduce the burden on the post office who, overnight, are going to have to start checking VAT due on an infinitely increased number of deliveries as all EU packages suddenly become tax eligible. This means many more packages stopped and grey cards sent out, so lots more work for all levels of Royal Mail. I would imagine that under pressure, they will allow small business sales without VAT collection, but that this means packages will be stopped for processing and payment collection, with warnings of long delays.
  9. Tim R-T-C

    Hobbycraft Stores

    I've seen lots of similar posts on Facebook too. I'm guessing its just not a viable business model any more. With such a wide variety of kits on the market these days, you either need to have a huge selection or not bother!
  10. After several minutes of painstaking research, my best attempt at painting a Hillman Tilly
  11. Following their social media posts - I think every conceivable type has been suggested for their inclusion! However getting started with the basics is important. At present in 144th there are relatively few WW2 types readily available and big gaps in the classic ranges. Eduard make a Spitfire IX for example, but there is no Mark I or V. Some old Revell and Academy/Minicraft boxings occasionally re-emerge, but many of these are 1970s moulds with only very basic details. A number of good and highly detailed models are made by Platz and Sweet in Japan but are generally onl
  12. Started my research with my research assistant on hand too. Looks like my November holiday plans are out so I'll have a week at home to build a stack of Stukas and 109s for this one.
  13. Another congratulations on the award and the diorama is looking great too!
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