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  1. Lovely work, especially the underside demarcation. I'd never seen the aerilons in different shades like that before, was that a standard thing or a one off?
  2. Its very well written, not many military history aviation books go back to 2,500 BC! The Buchon probably won't be in scale for me, but I have got a recipe for blending a 109 with an Eduard Spit to make one...
  3. Finally managed to get some varnish on these two, so on with the wash next. Pictures from 2005 show them rather weathered. Until then they have been busily intercepting mysterious intruders to Czech airspace...
  4. Thats not how it works I'm afraid. Deliveries below £135 must have UK VAT added by the vendor who must be registered with the HMRC and submit accounts quarterly for them. Deliveries over £135 will attract VAT and customs duty (up to 25%) and vat on this as well, plus the delivery firm service charge.
  5. Every story has a side less told. I like to explore the forgotten sides of conflicts - in this case the Iraqi conscript army forced into a war against a vastly superior foe against whom they stood no chance, only to return home to turmoil. March 1st 1991, the crew of an MT-LB arrive into Basra. Sent first to Kuwait, then with a fleet of T55s on a hopeless attempt to counter the alliance armour streaming into Iraq, the young conscripts, some veterans of the later stages of the Iran war, have spent two weeks travelling across the desert in perpetual fear of air strikes, n
  6. Thanks, yes he should have packed his bag more carefully! Just finished my latest addition to the series. All authentic 1980s tags. Will get some more pics and make a thread at some point.
  7. Beautifully done, particularly the weathering and mudding of the vehicle.
  8. You'd be surprised, building a 144th scale plane is often no more fiddly than any other scale - if you can model a 48th scale cockpit, you can make 144th scale landing gear!
  9. Oooh, I was going to plump for the pre-revolutionary Iranian scheme, but that Yemini example is wonderfully niche. Decisions decisions! Two questions for anyone in the know. 1) What are the dimensions of the kit (need to check it will fit my slimline cabinets) 2) Does anyone make photoetch airliner doors? I fancy making a vignette with passengers boarding and want to simulate an open door (although I might just paint the actual door black to avoid having to cut open the fuselage).
  10. https://www.authentic-airliner-decals.de/ 747SP - https://www.authentic-airliner-decals.de/epages/17895661.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/17895661/Products/D144-BO-11A-SP Authentic Airliners are highly regarded, they have lifelike windows with some open and closed blinds and some people visible - although whether this is suitable for your project you'd have to consult references - did these planes have standard seating? Some people just use the cockpit decals as these look superb. Unfortunately due to political decisions, you have to order €155 minimum from the
  11. Just seen the original post, I love the JP and this is a beauty.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55757931 UK businesses finding exactly the same issues exporting now - customers being stuck with unexpected bills, returned items are stuck at the border and they will have to pay high costs to get them back. Again the reason why many firms are not shipping to/from Europe at the moment. Small businesses selling direct to consumers are being told to set up delivery warehouses in Europe to distribute their product. I don't think the tax advisors have any comprehension of what a small business is.
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