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  1. For those of us in 144th they've completely lost interest, we don't even get reissues now. Superb kits like the Ju-52 are long out of production.
  2. Oops forgot about this one. Fortunately most of my stash is under £10 so I'm going to try and find the most audacious diorama ingredients I can
  3. Old school model railway modelling - when you needed a degree in engineering to complete a model and if all the parts were included it was a miracle
  4. I was just going to ask a similar question I so hope you don't mind if I tag on here? Has anyone got the monster AK Interactive FAQ on figures https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/faq-scale-figures-book-ak-interactive-ak630/ Massive book and suitably massive price. I was just wondering if it was mostly for 1/10-ish scale busts, or if it was worthwhile for 24th and 35th scale too.
  5. Of course our hobby pricing makes much more sense.... So this highly accurate, easy to build Tamiya plane costs £20 Or this resin model which needs 100 hours fettling, was designed in someone's garage and will leave you with COPD is £120
  6. This is my default film pairing for watching with takeaway pizza. Can watch them endlessly. Have you seen RIPD with Mr Reynolds? Plays out like a prototype for Deadpool combined with Men in Black.
  7. More Doozy resin pieces and ETA diorama graphics, with a handy Master Box figure again. Easter Sunday walk, San Francisco aka. 'get your dirty dog away from me'
  8. Good work and lovely clean finish. These were recently re-released by Mark 1 models in a 2 in 1 boxing with nice decals. Hannants have them.
  9. Be aware, emails can have spoofed senders. In fact most spam is sent by mimicking an account.
  10. I'd be interested, lots potential. I don't normally make 'action' dioramas, but I made this emergency scene last year And as for Peacekeepers, this little Bosnian war vignette too.
  11. I can't promise anything to the standard of that Emil But what I lack in modelling I can make up for with silly backstory.... such as this for my newly finished G-10. Here we meet the brave comrades of the 33rd Rifle Division, battling deep into German territory they helped capture the airfield of Jüterbog, one of the last left defending Berlin. During the capture they were instructed to try and capture the Luftwaffe planes intact, so they could be studied by Soviet scientists. Although most of the planes at the airfield had been destroyed by
  12. So like many of my vignettes, this one started completely unplanned. I picked up the Mark 1 F104 two seater double pack with the intention of making one in Pakistani colours, then looking at the other schemes available noticed the Tiger Meet/RIAT 1991 scheme. Some research showed the plane alongside a Fouga Magister (and I think an Alpha Jet), so of course I had to recreate the scene. 5911 Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter Turkish Air Force by Graham Tiller, on Flickr Fouga CM-170R Magister 544/312-TM French AF GI 312 by Graham Hutchinson, on Flickr
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