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  1. Hello fellow 144 modeller! Just wondering where you sourced the decal strips from for the canopy? They look very useful.
  2. Looking forward to seeing this. Watching with interest.
  3. I love adding support vehicles and figures to my 1/144 scale scenes as they can be rather diminutive without, although a lot of improvisation is often required. My 1/144 Mustang pilots at RAF Boxted hitched a lift on a whitemetal Dodge WC from Arrowhead Miniatures - all figures are suitably butchered N Gauge figures, encouraged into stances by a scalpel saw. Meanwhile my 1/144 Bird Dog has an N Gauge Nissen hut, playing the role of a Quonset hut in Alaska, Summer '67. And for some even more unusual scales: My 1/100 diorama representing the first flight of the Komet with pilot Wolfgang Spate talking with Hanna Reitsch and Herman Goring uses a Zvezda Opel Blitz truck and 1/100 generic figures with some head swapping and detailed painting. The 1/288 scale An-32P is serviced by a whitemetal GHQ 1/285 Kaz66 fuel tanker in civil colours and a basic plastic landrover in the same scale from eBay, plus some generic 1/300 figures.
  4. What a fun little plane and determined build! Where did the pilot sit? I would love to see this plane with the pilot sitting in a central dome above the engine.
  5. So how many figures will people be getting to cover the decks?
  6. As a 1/144 modeller, most of my kits cost less than £10... Could sometimes get three or more planes for that price! My last build was a £3 King Cobra, with decals stolen from a £2.50 kit with a figure from a £4 pack of figures. I would certainly take part in this one.
  7. Forgot to post the final shot. Here the display is, on the table at Halifax show today.
  8. As a veteran railway modeller, I can't make a kit without a base or scene of some sort, so I prefer my planes and vehicles if possible to be 1/144 scale for simple practicality! I like more unusual topics - early jets are a favourite, but I am open to themes of any era and setting.
  9. I belive the Rubicon Stug iii is quite simple - 1/56 scale with a moulded track and wheels. If you want one to eat though, stay away from the Arrowhead whitemetal kits though - they've got lead in
  10. There were two all-white UN marked Mi8s flying most days when I was in Mazar-e Sharif last year, not sure what their role was. Apart from that, the airfield was all NATO forces.
  11. Phew, thought I might be out of place I love unusual naval projects, so following this with interest.
  12. Stunning build. Is the deck decal from flightdeckdecals2400? Thanks.
  13. Interesting to see this built up. Cardboard kits are so challenging. I saw that one of the Peco firms are producing an injection model of this same prototype this year.
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