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  1. So what does an iconic E8 in Korea carry - teeth! Decals for 144th armour are rather sparse, but I am building a P-47D at the moment for a seperate project and it happens to have decals for 1944's The Bug which just happened to fit nicely to the front of the Sherman. Perhaps somewhere in a US tank maintenance team here in Korea was the cousin of a WW2 P-47 mechanic Varnish has gone down since and starting on the mud tonight. Its a wet autumn in Korea so time to get grimey...
  2. Figures added, reposed with heavy duty pliers and a couple had to be bifurcated First layer of Olive added
  3. What a fascinating design of ship, this period had some beautifully complex designs. A stunning model, well presented.
  4. Hello all, A little late on the scene perhaps but hopefully should get this one wrapped up before the buzzer. Korea, autumn 1951 A pair of US Army M4A3E8s pass by a medical jeep which has stopped to investigate an unexpected object... So I'll be using the Arrowhead Minatures whitemetal E8. This is the best I can do for a box and sprue shot! Its one of their more detailed models with four hatches available although no interior detail. Some superglue and the main form goes together. Left the open hatches off for painting. And lo there were two. I closed a hatch on each for variation. Next up, figures and primer.
  5. Oops, looks like I have some catching up to do! I was planning a Japanese setting for a post-war E8, but alas a building kit I needed for the diorama has apparently disappeared from my stash. So instead a Korean War scene is shortly underway....
  6. Hello all, I've got a few RAF aircraft in postwar Middle Eastern service and looking for some suitable support vehicles. Particularly to find out if Jeeps or AEC Matadors were used and if so, in what colour schemes they would have worked. Many thanks Tim
  7. Well thats embarrassing. But probably a lot easier to find a suitable model for!
  8. Lithuania eh? That would make for an interesting proposition Sign me up.
  9. Beautiful build and that weathering is lovely. Wish I had gotten a flight on one of these back in the day.
  10. So this is going to go down to the wire. Delays on the Frogfoot have slowed it down, but the recalcitrant Sukhoi jet is now painted and decalled, so I spent last night making an inspection ladder for the MiG. Tonight after a quick 5k and a visit to my parents should get this project complete in time for the GB gallery
  11. So this one will go down to the wire! Over the last couple of days it has been primed, coloured and decalled and is now recovering from the varnish. Just got a quick charity 5k to run, then this evening to wrap up model and base
  12. Following with interest as I have one of these diminutive types in the collection. Good work so far. Normally I get one opened up, see all the sawing required and put it away again!
  13. Flight from Kharkiv 2022 A tough diorama to build but a very important one. In a conflict awash with reports of military statistics and geopolitical turmoil, humourous pictures of Ukrainian tractors and legends of ghostly aces, it is easy to overlook the sheer scale of the humanitarian tragedy - the Red Cross reports over 5 million citizens have left the Ukraine to find safety and millions more have been displaced internally. This would be the equivalent to the entire populations of Scotland leaving their country and the entire population of Wales forced to abandon their homes - to seek refuge with family, friends or just relying on the kindness of strangers - never knowing if there will be anything left to return to. The aim of Flight from Kharkiv 2022 is to represent and remember this human tragedy. The figures are all based on photographs from the conflict - people forced to flee with their entire lives stuffed into a suitcase - from small children to the elderly. The military aspects are deliberately pushed into the background - an abandoned, burnt truck, so iconic of the early weeks of the conflict, provides an ambiguous background, the fate of its occupants unknown. Those trundling past don't even turn a head, they have already seen much worse. Yet there is defiance and perhaps hope in the spirit of a people seperated by conflict but refined by a new found national identity, epitomised on the global stage by the iconography of the sunflower. It seems almost banal to discuss the technical aspects of the scene, but the figures are from Preiser 1/160 N scale unpainted selections, the shopping trolley is etched steel from an American model railroad selection, featuring a resin cat from Heroes Models of Italy. The truck is a Kraz-258 from the Eastern Express 1/144 Airport Service collection. A very rough, short run type injection kit requiring a lot of fettling. The scene sits on a 10x10cm canvas with the roadway lines made using a Printscale decal lines set, appropriately a final touch that was made in the Ukraine.
  14. Personally I think it often looks very scruffy - you have a nicely laid out display table then piled up in front are stacks of decaying old kit boxes. Perhaps the solution is to let clubs who want to sell, rent an adjacent small table for 2nd hand sales, so the organisers get some additional revenue and it keeps boxes off the floor.
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