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  1. There isn't a big second hand market for modern kits - people generally stash away kits for years. There are second hand stands at many shows, but these are often much older kits. Kingkit is I think the biggest UK 2nd hand online seller, maybe worth checking out. Otherwise look on a site like Hannants or eModels and look at the special offers - often a few kits there, sometimes under half price. You can also save money by being economical about paint and finishing products. Collect a few similar vehicles (eg. WW2 US) and you can use the same paints and weathering products on all of them.
  2. Built another of the six, this time with OOB decals... But it didn't last long.
  3. Tim R-T-C

    Book Stash.

    My library, DVD collection and Board Game shelves, plus a model shelf for good measure. Most of the books are history, trains or aviation with the top shelf being paperback fiction. The unusual format is a recent move to make it easier to pull out individual tomes! The DVDs formerly occupied all four shelves, but I halved the collection size by transferring most into folders. It was my primary hobby for many years, collecting unusual films but when they all started appearing on YouTube et al. it rather took the challenge out.
  4. Thanks for the comment. I decided that image was a little pale so reshot to get the nice rich colours on display a bit better
  5. So my solution to the problem was quite simple - I formed it out of putty and sanded to fit, painting on the grills. Not the most elegant or accurate, but passable! Then painted with Revell Aqua and applied the Kuwaiti flag and serial to make it KAF556 and its done.
  6. Or just see if there is a similar scale car kit around with numberplate decal options. Plus bonus, you have another kit to build!
  7. Has anyone built the 144th scale model? I've not seen any reviews or any built up.
  8. Just introduced my wife to First of the Few. The eponymous 1969 film tomorrow of course. Any other period recommendations with decent flying scenes. I've heard poor things about Dunkirk and Hurricane in that regard.
  9. Stunning work. I've (poorly!) built one of these myself and you've made it look outstanding.
  10. Well researched review. From my visit last year, the chadaree is not exclusive, many women (in the urban areas) were wearing hijabs in a more Iranian style. The blue colour however is ubiquitous, even in Mazar and Balkh regions where we were. In fact here is my wife in a shop that sold purely these items, in blue, although in several subtly different qualities. Even under strict limitations, fashion can still be defining. Thought the picture might help anyone painting these figures - definitely a satin or gloss finish needed here.
  11. Look forward to seeing progress, Valom have quite a selection of these types. Interested to see what you make of the etch struts - not sure if that would make fitting the rigging and upper wings easier or harder than plastic struts.
  12. A quick little entry - the Mark 1 kits Mark 14 kit. Pleasant build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235076456-belgian-spitfire-fr-mark-14-autumn-1948/ SC46, formerly RAF RM625 of 1944 construction which did apparently see some late war service. Only lasted 9 months in Belgian service before a serious ground accident led to it being written off. Interestingly in Belgian service the Roman numerals are not used so it is a Spitfire FR Mark 14.
  13. Gloss varnish this morning, fitted the wheels and prop (as usual forna Mark 1 kit, the groves in the spinner needing a lot of gouging to take the blades) , unmasked the cockpit and fitted a whip aerial (a gift from my cat!). Finished. Fun build, thanks for the GB.
  14. Opening the topic up sounds like a good idea, I've often thought a signal box with full interior would make a lovely standalone model.
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