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  1. A very interesting build and looks great so far. I hadn't seen this conversion kit before, will have to keep my eyes open for one.
  2. One of the Hellcats or similar which fought in dark blue and were later painted in bright yellow or red, would make a great half-and-half build - but not sure what sort of records exist for these, in fact I belive most of those used post-war never flew in anger, being produced very late or after hostilities finished, so in fact they may never have actually carried the USN Blue scheme at all.
  3. Layout done, figure from Heroes Models Italy. Just need to add the numerous aerials the Cessna carried - and take some better photos too
  4. A nice build and some interesting photos. Do you know the date of the period shots? I wonder what the German division was doing, apparently parading through this Dutch town.
  5. Thanks for the reviews, the Netflix algorithm knows me well enough to recommend me this, this morning and looks worth watching. Now if only this could be a series of Forgotten Battle films, covering all sorts of neglected WW2 history, that would be amazing.
  6. Just found this thread, a very interesting production and its always fascinating to see vac-form kits in progress. Look forward to seeing more. Czech aircraft are quite fascinating and their love of aviation design seems to have transferred down to the model plane world where it must be considered the centre of European kit production. In fact from the interwar period I just ordered a Zlin XII and BH-9 kit from a new Czech 3d print manufacturer - a lot easier to work with than vacforms for sure!
  7. It will be H for Humbrol based on the colours. Although do note that Humbrol 159 is only available in enamel - aside from a few mini-pots of acrylic 159 included in the Airfix Cromwell starter pack.
  8. It shouldn't need to. Scan the advance ticket and scan the passport letter or app - I assume that the venue's machines will allow them to authenticate a passport QR code automatically. If anything it will be a lot quicker since everyone will have an advance ticket or IPMS card, no queues to buy at the door. The only problem is if people decide to start causing trouble and trying to quote reasons why they shouldn't have to show a pass etc. and this holds everyone up.
  9. Would a catch-all 1942 GB to merge those propsals be a possibility?
  10. This clickbait title got me twice now - shows how effective it is! Thought it might be a GB proposal for night or bad-weather dioramas....
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