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  1. maverick_62

    Bf-109 E-1

    Bf-109 E-1 Eduard ProfiPack. Was build simple out of the box. Thanks for looking, and Merry Christmas!
  2. maverick_62

    SU-27UB 1/72

    To my mind any external equipment (armaments, fuel tanks, etc.) on the aircraft is violating the purity of aerodynamic forms. IMHO of course once again.
  3. maverick_62

    SU-27UB 1/72

    SU-27UB 1/72, built from two kits, Trumpeter was taken as a basis, and Zvezda as a donor. The main idea using Zvezda kit, much better geometry of the air intakes, but their installation to the Trumpeter was not so easy, how it's may be seems to the first look. Also from Zvezda kit was used landing gear, wheels, some elements of the exhaust nozzles, decals. In addition to this Eduard PE, pito tubes and gun barrel were made by hand. Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome.
  4. maverick_62

    I-16 ICM 1/72

    Hello, David! Bonnet strap in this case, it's simple aluminium ring was made on the lathe. Thickness approx. 0.05mm, width something about 0.8mm and diameter equal bonnet diameter. With best wishes, Sergey
  5. maverick_62

    I-16 ICM 1/72

    Hello everybody! The old ICM kit (repack by MSD). The main problem of the kit, it's the absolutely wrong canopy form. So the canopy and some of the other elements were made by hand. List of the handmade parts: - gun barrells and pito tube were turned of steel; - exhaust tubes were turned as well of copper wire and then painted by lifecolor acrylic; - restraining strap on the bonnet was turned from aluminium rod as a thin ring. Yes I know, to cut out from aliminium foil is more simple way, but so it's looks better. There is no historical prototype for camouflage scheme. Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome.
  6. In generally the ICM kit makes positive impression from it's building, and what's especialy surprised for me, decal is excelent. The model was completely assembled out of the box. Handles on the cabin and rear bampers it's the only parts were made by hand. Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome.
  7. Good day, everybody! The multirole Mi-35M attack helicopter is a comprehensive modernisation of the Mi-24V. The model was builded is out of a box include native decals, with the exception of some elements were made by myself. The camouflage scheme is absolutely free. Thanks for looking.
  8. maverick_62

    Catalina, Academy 1/72

    Thanks for all for replyes. Glad you liked it!
  9. Good day, everybody! Catalina one of the elegant and interest flying boat, IMHO. The old academy kit with some additional part, such as quickboost engine, eduard PE, decal sheet on Argentina color scheme FCM (microscale print). And a little bit of scratchbuilding Any comments are welcome. Thank you for looking.