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  1. Thanks for all for the such kinds of words. You are right Tony. The Airfix kit is better, but it's also require a much work to bring it out as interest model. One of the main problem for all kits (Airfix kit not the exception IMHO) of this model, it's the cockpit windshields shape and size. And i can't say that i'm fully satisfied how i was fixed it on this model.
  2. Thank you for the comment. I'm also sharing this point of view. Two seater modification of this aircraft have a more completed aerodynamics forms to my mind.
  3. Dakota, the old ESCI kit (but i found out about it, only after the building were start began ;)) repack by Italeri kit No 1338. The main and the great feature of this kit it's the quite interest decal sheet. Some extras was used during the process: - Eduard PE for original Italeri. In their application to this kit, all about the cabin tools are ok, but for the flaps instalation some manipulation are require ; - QuickBoost engine, are also designed for the original Italeri, and in this case some troubles during install was found as well; All the other from the box,... almost.
  4. Oh, got it. I've also wasted for a few minutes trying to attach this detail, and on the last photo you can see the final result. Not the best, in real life there are no gap between wheel bay and headlight fixture. But here we have what we have, at least it's not much catch eye to my mind.
  5. I'm afraid i don't quite understand about what you're speaking. As i remember there are no any attachment tabs and instruction just offers the position in mm on the frame for the front wheels.
  6. Hello, Badder You're absolutely right about open hatches, and i'll take that it into consideration, when this tank will becames a part of diorama. The first idea was to build this Tiger with all open hatches, raised turret and 16t strabokran as well. And i hope to make it, when my enthusiasm to this project rise up once again.
  7. Not, it's Rye Field Model kit. Looks like you're right about left fender. It should be on the right side, and vice versa. I've only just now noticed. Thanks for the comment.
  8. Tiger I 1/35, straight out of the box, except the ropes, they are from something office copy machine. Impression from the model,... it's my first and last model from this manufacturer. Very soft plastic, a lot of pin marks even on a small detail, but nevertheless fitting are ok in general. Thank
  9. The main problem it's assembling canopy, where clear part and corresponding (well in the theory corresponding... ) frame have a quite different forms. All the orther, requires some sanding and a little bit usage of putty, but it doesn't matter. All you need it's right assembling order, and not that in the instruction.
  10. Hasegawa/Eduard kit straight out of the box, except additional Eduard PE set, and some correction of the few kit parts were made by hand. Thank you for the looking any comments are welcome.
  11. Replacement technology of the spokes isn't so diffcult. Instruction step by step; 1. Remove two neghboring spokes and then drilling coresponding holes in hub and rim. Diametr 0.3 mm for rim and 0.25 mm for hub in this case. 2. Installing two new spokes from wire. 3. The next two plastic spokes must be cutting and replacing in oposite side of the hub. 4. Repeat step 1-3 until all spokes will be replacing. Removing and replacing spokes by pair and in opposite direction by each other, it's a key moment for keeping hub correct position about the rim. So nothing diffcult, only a fe
  12. Yes patience are required, but it's not so difficult how it's seems, and as i thought for the first look.
  13. Gun barrels were made from steel rod, all the other almost OOB. Thanks for looking.
  14. BMW R12, Zvezda kit 1/35, straight out of the box, the only exception spokes of the wheels from steel wire 0,18 mm. And if honestly the build was just for fun Thanks for looking.
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