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  1. Well it is grey on the top and red on the bottom, but this is a very tidy and impressive build. One question though, can C (?) turret rotate past /clear the superstructure (and yes those turrets are quite divine)? David
  2. This bugs me too and I've heard various reasons, but the most logical to me is that it has to do with the clarity (and/or ease) of shouting "zed". Anyone know if this is right as I think shouting x would be less clear? I will practice shouting out the alphabet tomorrow and report back. I've also heard that some poor rating not using the Queen's English properly might say, lord help us: "zee" which could be confused with c or see or sea or the etc. Especially confusing for any Welsh sailors on board too. Either way, Agincourt had a z turret I believe. And some earlier German battleships appear to have a circular naming arrangement when wing mounts were more common (instead of p and q on their UK counterparts). David
  3. Seriously impressive build of an extremely beautiful subject. My only gripe is that you've omitted a full length side picture! How big is she? David
  4. Morning Steve, quite agree on the decks, it why the North Carolina was added to the stash. I can now see why the tub of vaseline is needed, you'd never get it out the modelling room without. Victory up next? David
  5. Looking real nice here already, but if you can do something that good in 8(?) days I think you may indeed need something a tad bigger. I'd be v interested to hear your thoughts after your first resin model as it'll doubtless be something I need to do in future. David
  6. Did I? Hopefully the right answer then! - a friend of mine filed one of those in (thinking a small mouse had been at the mould or something, I dunno). There's a lot of bits here and that detail is stunning, I think this is going to be fun. Oh and that rudder is a thing of beauty. David
  7. Looking good NellyV, probably more rigging on this already than I've ever done across all models combined to date (including those awkward teenage years)! I have plans for something like this in future and found the Rigging period ships book quite useful to understand rigging (on recommendation from somewhere else on this site). Although by the sounds and looks of it, it might be too beginner-y for you, but I got for £1 in sale as an ebook. Now I'll have to get the book above... David
  8. Beautiful model, beautiful ship. It has come out really very nicely and the cleanness of the pe work and rigging is something I aspire to. The only thing I would raise concern about is the working conditions in those 15in turrets, they do look a tad cramped. Yes please on the build log next time and uploading the other completes! If you don't mind me suggesting, after a tank and a plane (both admittedly v good choices - for somethings that dont float anyway ), I think you need something floaty. It'll probably be a great addition to your new child's bedroom (out of reach ofc)! David
  9. And where did this get to my good sir? Hopefully not put back in the stash? David
  10. I was just going to ask whether you'd consider leaving one in black and white as the above looks quite amazing. Funnily enough the model I spent most of the time looking at in the National Maritime Museum recently was the massive (builder's?) KGV by the front entrance adorned with unpainted brass parts, quite stunning. David
  11. I did something very similar with a test build Jon (my first try at drybrushing, not let it set and then going over with gloss). I fixed it by going over the lot with black, blue and greens inks (diluted, anything diluted enough will likely do and applied wih stapling action via a paint brush), which gave quite a nice effect in real life but hard to capture via camera. Essentially it was some kind of glaze/wash but pooled in the troughs to give a sense of depth and took the edge off or otherwise hid the white. David Or you could do that...
  12. Hello Harvin, I've been following the below build and I must say the pe work is quite outstanding (although there are other examples of a similar level on this site). I also recently asked for some further info on @Gisbod's method (and which he gave, I think, on page 15): I'm in a similar position and purchased Tamiya's tugger set and some associated pe for that to test out before taking the jump to more expensive models. For my test subjects I did use a primer coat, although I also airbrush. Strictly I dont know if its needed. On some I used a specific photoetch primer first too, but there doesnt appear to be much difference so far. Basically, hopefully others will have more info than me so we can both learn. David
  13. This made me chuckle, it's more flash than mould! Signing up for another master class. Oh and being International Democracy Day, I'll take the liberty of voting for U-82 please (I wouldn't myself mind, even without brittle plastic, but it looks more visually interesting). David
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