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  1. Simply staggering work here. I actually prefer the brass strips overpainted, I can't imagine they'd leave it as normal brass in wartime. Bit bling-y for my liking. David
  2. Sacrilegious Rob! The 747 was held together with majesty and wonder! And rivets...probably some gaffer tape too. Last one I went on was a Virgin flight and (I didn't expect it, she was an ol lass by this point after all) didn't creak too much! The power though And honest to the modelling gods, the return night flight was on a busted 3-month old 787! That I specifically paid more to get on and see just how amazing it was. But that was poor airline maintenance (broken lockers, trays, toilets, seats, TVs, etc) than the plane's fault. Lighting still nice though. Never could fathom what happened on that plane to break so much in so little time. David
  3. I believe @ArnoldAmbrose is correct, most modellers seem to paint them brass anyway, but whether they were subsequently painted over I don't know, which would make sense, but not sure that was actually done. I believe most navies did similarly before replacing with e.g. semtex or nonslip paint around the 30s and 40s. Could be a if it ain't broke don't fix it sort of thing; tied in with 1930-40s oil restrictions on Japan to develop alternatives, or funding put into other research. Dunno. Hood website has this documented for that vessel and an internet search of corticene will likely include RN sailors mentioning keeping the brass strips nice and shiny. The National Archives has research on the alternatives and testing thereof, but Covid got in the way of me accessing (what I believe will be quite a 'dry' document)... Sorry, turns out I like prattling about decks...but don't mistake my lay opinion for fact, or what @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies or @dickrd might more correctly input. Anyway, these builds are looking real nice! David
  4. Coming along nicely at a pace. I just purchased the matchbox version of this and will be 'borrowing' heavily from this log. David
  5. Thank you for this new supply of profile pics. The longer I can keep my mug away the better (for all you, I have to look at it every day...). But seriously, oh lordy she's gorgeous. Not in the Hood, Tiger, Kirov, etc sort of way perhaps, but definitely in the: 'here's the bloody Warspite' sort of way. More businesslike if you will. My fav. Also thank you, more importantly, for giving us some detailed images for future building. Just wish she was moored in the Thames... David
  6. Didn't understand your instructions for the underside there at all (I think more my lack of sleep than your wording), but looks v fiddly and something my flailing fat fingers would've mangled up no end, so good job. There are wood packs that provide deck edging of wierd shapes etc, that may be useful for the tramway/catapults, otherwise may require you to use the excess wood deck to score and cut to shape? i.e. to make your own planks and then cut the wooden deck to size... Personally, I would just claim that's where the wood stopped to stop interference with the tramway/catapult and paint the underlying deck where the wood should be a dirty steel colour. I'd then shove a plane over the top just in case... David
  7. Hi Thomas, I don't have the instructions nor this kit, but if you can post pics of them I'll definitely try to help. Otherwise I'd suggest searching 'britmodeller airfix Trafalgar' online and trying to see if you can view what others have done in a build log. I see @SimonLbuilt a really good looking one here, and might be able to help? David
  8. The detail you proceed to go into still amazes me even after all these posts, specifically the first photo above. I don't know why, it's not surprise at this point, but definitely admiration. My only surprise will be if it cannot actually lift off into low earth orbit! David
  9. I didn't know this either until a sleuth of the ol internet following on from your above post, but apparently so! Don't take my word for it though. Looking good Jeff, I really like how those turrets have turned out and have no fear the boats will present any kind of insurmountable challenge for you. David
  10. Really helpful John, thank you, it's for a 1/350 Titanic model hull that a certain whippersnapper, let's call him Captain Duke D'Galaxy, had a go at many moons ago. This method will save considerably compared to my first pass - which was largely successful but made an unholy mess as well. David
  11. There's something particularly pleasing to the Tempest imo, not so much when reproduced in mustard yellow, but looking forward to seeing this progress. David
  12. Not much you can really say about the Spitfire that hasn't been said before. Perhaps the most gorgeous of fly-y things. Good luck with the modifications. David
  13. The Lancaster (III/Sp) was one of my first models when I was but a wee lad. I remember being so excited when completed that I didn't notice the door being opened in front of me on its maiden (and consequently final) flight. Hope this one is progressing well and lasts longer than mine. David
  14. When overseas travel used to be a thing, I'd specifically try to book a 747 flight, in the hope they'd rev it up and then release the brakes before takeoff. Favourite part of the holiday! If this looks half as good as the previous one, it'll be gorgeous. David
  15. Comprehensively seconded. Finally, a plane this fake admiral can get behind. David
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