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  1. Excellent job there Andrew, I second sinnerboy's comments - that seascape is rather impressive (would love to see a breakdown of construction in future builds) - really helps make it look like a photo of the real thing. David
  2. Just going to get me my chair and order in a tonne of popcorn. Good luck Steve. David
  3. Looking very neat, how much tape did you use up there? David
  4. When doing the Airfix Belfast, many moons ago and now lost to time, I opted for beige with brown inserts and they looked decidedly odd and completely spoilt the wider camouflage scheme, even to my beginner's eye, but I still remember that eyesore. As Tcoat has said above, I'd do a darker wash to make them pop out a bit. David
  5. Oh me oh my, that's simply gorgeous, echoing above comments - v crisp details. I have also learnt that I can use human hair for rigging (or at least blame a fading hairline on modelling)...so thank you. David
  6. Simply unreal levels of quality here, in every little detail to the overall scene, enjoyed reading the build log too - thanks. David
  7. She chased Scharnhorst occasionally too, though i suspect with differing ratios of corticene/semtex on her decks each time... As this v interesting extract from the Hood website, written by Ted Briggs, mentions: http://www.hmshood.com/crew/remember/tedflagship.htm. David
  8. Blimey that escalated quickly, you might just hit those dates after all. I don't worry too much about exact shades, as these wouldn't 100% match prescribed colours and light/weather effects it to an observer ("What do you mean it's too dark? It's an overcast day!" etc). And always interesting to see the deck material arrangements on 'ood from those wiser than I, reinforces the patchwork nature of her 'upgrades'. Keep up the amazing work. David
  9. Very good job on what is a very handsome boat (and on all three). I also bought this as a quick build but my clear coat murked it up, so it's back in the stash awaiting a snow diorama setting another day... David
  10. Great build, like it a lot, really looks like a photo of her docked at harbour. Also agree on the quality of Flyhawk kits, they're really something. I would be interested to know what parts or kits you used for the harbour as I am interested in doing my own. David
  11. There was a hull seam? Good job! Much better than I managed to hide on my trumpeter wisconsin and why I've decided to keep to waterline versions in future. Happy masking. David
  12. Unbelievable build there, amazing work. I'm going to have to read that build log now instead of doing actual work , ho hum. David
  13. I think that sea is better than some of the scaleaton videos this post directed me to (thank you)! Brilliant build too. David
  14. Beautiful build, seabase is amazing too. Sorry to hear about the mast tribulations, I've found this stuff only happens with those creations that are the most stunning, but come back to it after a bit of a break (but I actually quite like the look of her how it is now). David
  15. Good start, I've had to use quite a bit of putty to fix hull seams etc on a similar kit (their wisconsin)...but seems like you've fixed it here. pe looks great, totally agree with Rob. David
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