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  1. I cant belive some of the coments on this thread,some people are very naive.
  2. Is this an 'informed' hunch or just wishful thinking?ie,can i get my hopes up lol
  3. How the Red Arrows keep surviving is beyond me,surely a display team is a luxury,and am suprised the BBMF hasnt gone the same way as the RNHF.
  4. Are the two Scammell trucks still in the catalogue for a future release or have they been dropped?
  5. Lovely work so far,i have read somewhere that the Matchbox Beaufighters radome is a little on the small side,i dont know how true that is though.
  6. There was an issue of this kit relessed by Airfix that included metal parts and some etch.Maybe it comes from that.
  7. I think its incredible that they were in use at all.I wonder if they wore contemporary camouflage for example earth and dark green over yellow,or if they retained their civilian markings at all.A fascinating little bit of history.
  8. I have just found out that several Avro 504n's were used as glider tugs and on radar trials upto 1944,i am gobsmacked,i never knew they were still in use that late,would anyone be able to give me anymore details as to markings or even a photo of any of these machines.Many thanks. Neil
  9. The ducks ar*e as we call it looks pretty good in my opinion
  10. Thats the back of my head in the Marshall Video where we are towing the aircraft into the paint shop at 00:05.Am also in shot looking through the open window when the view is from the front 00:14.
  11. Fame at last,thats me on the brakes in the video above ,just a little note re your excellent cockpit assembly,the two bottles at the front by the crews feet are oxygen bottles,they are black with white tops not red.
  12. Wow,sounds like major work,i tip my hat to you sir.
  13. Yes please that would be fantastic, thankyou very much ,your right it is the revell one,i checked it was all there before the mem sahib took it,and i noticed Revell on the instructions. May i ask you what corrections you have done to yours please. Neil
  14. Many thanks Niall,i think the part of the decal sheet i need is just black on clear backing,until i actually get my greedy mitts on the kit itself i cant be sure.I have ordered clear and white just in case.,thanks for info
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