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  1. The main external difference is the cropped wingtips on the FB5 and the ability yo carry rockets or bombs.
  2. Lovely work,welcome to BM,any chance you could share some more of your work
  3. Great minds obviously think alike Giorgio if i could get my head around posting pictures i would post my progress.I also have some Seafires on the go,a 1b,11c and a mk 111. One cant go wrong with the fleet air arm.
  4. Many thanks sir,am sure i have one of those in the stash,i will seek it out.
  5. Oh,just a thought,could i use one of the prop/spinner options from the new Airfix Vc Spitfire?
  6. Many thanks AWFK10,much appreciated
  7. Hi all,i have two Airfix 1/72 Hurricanes that i am fiddling around with,one is the 1970's mk1,accurate in shape but basic in detail,the other is the more modern 11c that is a nice moulding but has its problems.The 11c one i have is from a twin boxing that came with a Swordfish and includes the hook to make it a Sea Hurricane.My question is..... a, would adding the hook to the early Airfix Hurricane make it a Sea hurricane 1b and b, is the Pavla DH hurricane prop the correct one for a sea hurricane 1b. Thanks for lookimg Neil
  8. I worked on those around 2000,i dont remember the Hunter,when was that obtained,does anyone know.I was up there 2 months doing radio mods.There was an excellent model shop which i spent an awful lot of time and money in lol.
  9. Thanks Mike,i might give one a go,i dont have the room for for a normal compressor so this might be the answer. Neil
  10. Has anyone got the mini airbrush from neatandhandy.com,i keep seeing it advertised on face book,its a small airbrush with a rechargeable battery powered compressor that literally sits in ones hand for about £50 -£60.Lots of people post beneath the advert saying how great it is but i take that with a pinch of salt.So anyone bought one and had a go with it,thoughts? Neil
  11. Thanks for the heads up Blacktjet
  12. I have heard good things about the Highplanes kit,but getting hold of one is a whole different kettle of fish.
  13. Thankyou sir,you are a star
  14. Thanks mate,that narrows it down a little am in the same position,i have the right mag in a bix in the loft,but A ,no idea which box and B,just getting to them is a pain.I have found some on the internet but need to play with a photocopier to reduce down to 1/72,a job for Monday at work lol.
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