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  1. You do realise that after the superb sea vixens in 1/72, @1/24 scale,if this isnt a fully functioning,rotor folding,door opening,wheel turning replica,we are all going to be very disappointed
  2. I say the same thing every year,Scimitar ,Scimitar,Scimitar.in gods own 1/72 scale.Come on Airfix you know its got to be done.
  3. No time soon then lol.
  4. Thanks for that Dennis,I hadnt thought of the drones,i had forgotten all about those.I have done a bit of googling and it appears the FTS unit opperated airframes didnt last much longer than 1955/56.But it has got me wanting to dig out an old Frog FIV when i get back home and build one of them.
  5. Hi all,whilst on holiday i have been reading Meteor Boys by Steve Bond (Grub street),a book i can heartily recommend, and there is a story about two Meteor FIV's colliding in 1955.They belonged to 12 FTS based at West Zoyland in Somerset.Now i didnt realise that RAF still used the FIV that late in the 1950's,Would anyone know when the FIV's were finaly retired.Many thanks. Neil
  6. Absolutely stunning work,what it needs though,is a Firefly FR1 in korean war markings as a stable mate .
  7. I can recomend a set of smoothing broaches.These are tapered reamers where you can enlarge a hole from .4 mm up to 1.4 mm.You can get a set from ebay for £11.49.There are also other sets that goes from .6mm up to 2mm and .7mm to 3mm.I find them very handy.
  8. Hs Trident BAe 146 Boeing..... 727 737 747 Airbus A320 Cessna..... 150 172 Citation Dhc Twin Otter And a twin engine propeller job that i cant recall the name of out of Panshanger.(possibly a comanchie?)
  9. That looks like a Sea Harrier ladder,the RAF Harriers had use of a set of steps.
  10. After you have completed this epic build,will you ever go back to normal kits?it would be like going back to fuzzy felts after this lol.What are your plans for your next project or have you not thought about it yet.
  11. Thanks everyone,much appreciated
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