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  1. Truly amazing ,am going to miss popping in for updates on this,it has been my favourite build on here for months.
  2. Oh come on,that was two years ago
  3. Wow beutiful work Barzin,i love the F5 aircraft and yours are particularly well done.
  4. If i recall correctly it is the old Frog kit.
  5. I think the only thing that would tempt me to 1/24 would be a DH Vampire.Single seater prefered but happy if a T11 is produced.
  6. Small world ,have been furloughed since March,beginning to forget what they look like lol.Had one fly over me the other day though,out here in welwyn garden city.
  7. Yes,if you zoom in to the centre wing area you can see it more clearly.The wooden part was at the very forward end of that box structure above the flight deck.It may have been changed to a metal one later on,That box structure was a nightmare,it was all bolts and flimsy anchor nuts.Many a time i got to the last bolt and the nut would fall off inside,it would all have to come to bits again to change the anchor nut. But saying that,i prefer them to the J's,thats a differant can of worms altogether lol.
  8. If you google c130k mach loop and look at images there is a picture where you can zoom in and see said fairing.Its located next to the center escape hatch.
  9. The original probe was the same as a Vulcans,the fairing between the box and the flight deck roof was made of wood.The whole istalation was a bit of a heath Robinson affair but it worked.Where the pipe enters the upper falsework on the r/ h wing there was an aerodynamic fairing we called the Elephants ear, because it was shaped like an elephants ear lol.Damned if i can find a picture of it though,sorry,someone may have an inflight picture showing it if your lucky.
  10. Am going to pull up a stall and make my self comfortable, I grew up on Frog and Novo kits
  11. Thanks David,,that radome reminds me of the one fitted to the as6 avenger.
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