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  1. I recall seeing a glider version of the DC3,note sure what its designation it had though.
  2. Thank you Jun,looks like I need to extend them then ☺
  3. I came across an old pioneer T20 Seafury in the stash and whilst looking at the parts I noticed the tail planes are the same size as the Single seater.Now I thought the the two seater Seafuries had longer tail feathers,I know the special hobby bagdad fury two seater kit has longer ones.Does anyone know if the Royal Navy T20's had standard tails or long ones like the export machines. Thanks Neil
  4. fatalbert

    Typhoon T.T.1

    Thanks chaps,much appreciated.May be a nice what if if nothing else then.
  5. fatalbert

    Typhoon T.T.1

    Hi all,whilst looking through an old profile publications on the Hawker Typhoon,I cam across a profile of a target tug version,Now I have never seen any reference to this machine before.Its a car door type with no cannons with a serial number of SW500.Does anyone know of any photos of this machine, Thanks.......Neil
  6. Hi colin,do you have any plans to reissue the typhoon weapons set,or do you you have any old stock knocking about,thanks. Regards Neil
  7. Wow,it never ceases to amaze me the talent of my fellow modellers,that truly is,a work of art.
  8. Thats excellent,another item you might want to add is a black rectangle on the top edge of the radome.That is a rubber cover for the radome hinges.
  9. Doesn't whirlybird do a P1a?
  10. Have had to remove the carcass of a bird from both the leading edge and the flight deck of some of her majesty's finest,the smell is indescribable not to mention the mess.Have done loads of skin repairs too.Back in the eighties I worked for Rolls Royce at Hatfield on the test beds,we fired defrosted chickens into Jem engines to see what would happen,the engine should contain any broken blades or if not,chuck it all out the back end ,great fun ☺.
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