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  1. fatalbert

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Just had a large four engine (piston) low wing aircraft that looked like a c-54 fly over my house in welwyn garden city .I didnt know any still flew,could it have been one or is there anything else that looks similar flying in the uk?
  2. fatalbert

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    That is a good point Mark,I have tried something similar with drawings from a C130 manual with mixed results,but that Hunter wing drawing looks far better than the ones I was playing with.
  3. fatalbert

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    This is why I love brit modeller,Thank you so much that is just the ticket ☺
  4. fatalbert

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    Oh wow Thank you Mark,thats a brilliant picture and explanation.It looks like the set where the pylon goes is set back a little.
  5. fatalbert

    Jb/Airfix landrovers

    Brilliant,thanks artie
  6. fatalbert

    Jb/Airfix landrovers

    Can anyone tell me what mark the jb/airfix 1/76 landrovers are.are they series 2 or 3? Cheers Neil
  7. fatalbert

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    Thanks Tempestfan,I had forgotten about that thread,shame about the warpaint plans,do you know if they are the same as the old aviation news plans,I know they have sourced those on other warpaint publications.The position of the rocket attachment on the hawker hunter seems to be devilishly hard to pin point.I have an old Airfix F6 Hunter that has holes for the rocket positions and I was considering transferring those over to the Revell wing,but am loath to trust them.
  8. fatalbert

    Revell 1/72nd Hunter Resin Intakes Internals?

    I had to put "Hunter" into the search facility as I couldn't find it first go either ☺.
  9. fatalbert

    Revell 1/72nd Hunter Resin Intakes Internals?

    Hi Wez, Allycat do a set,it incudes intake and engine front,it costs £5.50 plus postage. Neil
  10. fatalbert

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    Many thanks for the replies chaps
  11. fatalbert

    Matador models

    Did you manage to get any answers Ian as after looking at their web page I fancy ordering some of the post war brit stuff.
  12. fatalbert

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    Hello,can anyone tell me if the plans in the Warpaint book on the Hawker Hunter show the position of the rocket rails on the outer wing.I have the Sam publications book on the Hunter and the Mark Gauntlett plans unfortunately don't show their location. Many thanks Neil
  13. fatalbert

    Danish Hawker Hunter

    Wow,Thank you for sharing those ,very inspirational☺
  14. fatalbert

    Danish Hawker Hunter

    Thanks mate.
  15. fatalbert

    1/72 Angel Interceptor

    Oooo look what I found...... https://arthurtwosheds.deviantart.com/art/Century-21-World-Airforce-Viper-Interceptor-519861238