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  1. fatalbert

    Aldi Airfix starter kits .

    The Welwyn Garden City branch was well stocked yesterday.
  2. fatalbert

    What to do with a Frog DH Mosquito

    Thanks Troy,I have ordered a set of those,thanks for the heads up ☺
  3. fatalbert

    What to do with a Frog DH Mosquito

    Thanks for all your suggestions guys,I think I have had a bit of an idea on where I am going to go with it.An aircraft in an airforce that accidentally shoots up its own army's armoured cars in the desert. Thats the only clue your going to get ☺,sorry no.prizes for correct answers.
  4. fatalbert

    What to do with a Frog DH Mosquito

    That's an interesting idea,I wonder how feasible that would have been in reality.
  5. fatalbert

    Does anyone make Mosquito 100 gallon tanks in 1/72?

    What are the ones in the Airfix kit?
  6. fatalbert

    What to do with a Frog DH Mosquito

    Thanks for the suggestions and memories☺,I cant build it without tinkering,I just cant live with it lol,talking of memories I dont remember the frog kits,my first mosquito was the original Airfix one,am glad I dont have one of those as its worse than the frog one.I did wonder if it was possible to convert it into a FMA IAe.24 Calquin,but looking at them,I think its a conversion too far.
  7. fatalbert

    What to do with a Frog DH Mosquito

    Well,I was in the loft the other day looking for a Matchbox Mosquito that I want for a future tt39 project when I came across an old forgotten Frog kit of DH's finest.I seem to recall acquiring it at a swap meet many years ago.It had already been started.At some point someone had hacked the nose off of one of the fuselage halfs and it was missing the removed part so it went in the stash,forgotten until now. What to do with it.any suggestions?I have been thinking of putting the matchbox nightfighter nose on it but what to do with those undersized engines,Maybe a crashed airframe diorama,?Any ideas for me to ponder would be gratefully received☺ Neil
  8. fatalbert

    Cmdr Dunning Sopwith Navy Pup

    That is fantastic,what a brilliant diorama,I love it ☺
  9. Lololololol thanks,am blind as a bat
  10. Oh wow,any idea on price yet?
  11. fatalbert

    Bfpo advice

    Thanks chaps,we havnt got a mess for him yet,just the bfpo number but am sure any post will get to him,the ship isnt tgat big.☺,thanks for the help,its much appreciated
  12. fatalbert

    Bfpo advice

    Thankyou John,your a star ☺
  13. fatalbert

    Buying and selling

    Who knows what situation the buyer is in,they may have lost their job or had an unexpected bill like a car repair.
  14. fatalbert

    Bfpo advice

    Thanks john,so it is ok to put his ship name on the envelope?
  15. fatalbert

    Bfpo advice

    Thanks guys,we are just wary of putting his ship on the envelope due to security reasons,