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  1. Wow,thats an impressive aeroplane,i never realised how big a machine it was.Nice models.
  2. I have only just seen this post,am in shock,i always looked forward to his builds and managed to help him out in sourcing a kit for one of his projects,a true master of his craft. My condolences to his family. Neil. ana fatalbert.
  3. Absolutely fantastic build of my favourite WW2 aircraft.Thanks for sharing.
  4. Looks like a Scimitar to me,i have a couple in the stash and if they come out like yours i will be happy.
  5. Another couple of queries to be answered please. The crew cabin window position,i seem to remember as moulded on the kit, a,its solid and not a clear item, and b,its in the wrong position. When i started this kit(more years than i care to remember)i opened up the circles as molded by Airfix.can one one you fine people give me the correct position please.I have the plans from the Warpaint book but they dont match the Airfix kit. Second question,if one was to look backwards whilst climbing the entry steps,what is there under the crew compartment floor.is it just a bulkhead or are there any details that i can add. Many thanks again Neil
  6. Nice video, but it said blue steel didnt enter service,i beg to differ.
  7. After looking at Generals build pics i now understand the wing tips a little better now. Thanks again Adam,gonna pm you regarding those drawings. Regards Neil
  8. Hiya everyone,i hope you are all ok.Am in need of a little assistance.I have a very old part complete Airfix Vulcan that i have stripped down with the intention of back dating it to a B1a using the flightpath set.I have cut the wings in accordance with the instructions and now i need some of that advice.The white metal wingtips dont seem to be long enough.The only thing i can think is that they sit behind the new resin leading edges.if thats the case i have either cut the leading edges at the wrong panel line(i dont think thats the case)or i haven't trimmed the wing tip enough(also i dont think this is the case either). Any Vulcan experts out there who have done this conversion have any pointers please.Many thanks Neil
  9. We call them giraffes, or steps
  10. Nicely done sir
  11. I think it would be probably easier to put the new two seater nose on the airfix kit rather than change the fuel tank and wings on the Sword one.
  12. Yeah,i know all about the Matchbox kit,we are old friends so to speak.I have converted several to T4 and T5 configeration using the original Airfix kit.But the Matchbox wings are terrible.Thanks anyway.
  13. Thanks Duncan,much appreciated,the Trumpeter kit sounds truly awful.Am pretty sure Airfix is the way to go,i think i may just have to bite the bullet and go for it lol.
  14. Hiya everyone,hopeing someone may be able to help me out,i have an Odds & Ordinance two seat lightning conversion that is ment for the Trumpeter 1/72 lightning kit.Am erring towards a T55 but i hear that the Trumpeter kit is rather lacking in accuracy.So i thought can it be used on an airfix F6 kit.So the first question is has anyone actually used the Airfix kit with that particular conversion or would someone have an Airfix kit and a Trumpeter kit that they could compare fuselage dimensions with. I know the belly tank on the trumpeter kit is too big but what about the fuselage forward of said tank,does it match the Airfix kit in that regard.I hope my ramblings make sence lol Cheers for looking, Neil
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