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  1. Just off the top of my head........ No deicer boot at the base of the fin on a k airframe,and two HF antenna wires run from the top of the fin leading edge down to the fwd fuselage.The inflight refuelling probe runs down the top of the rh side of the upper fuselage on a K,on a J airframe there is a neat removabe refueling probe fitted to the LH side of the fuse. The J is fitted with an APU just forward of the LH main landing gear,the K hasnt got an APU. Early RAF J's were not plumbed for external tanks although they are now.One less seat in the flight deck and a differant galley on a J.Differant cargo bay floor on a J.The K used Beverley type lashing points.The J has square windows in the para doors were as the k has round ones and the deflector doors have jato capability on a K(although never used) and the J deflector doors do not.
  2. Was there anything else of interest on the airfix stand?
  3. Have just found a lovely colour picture of XF970 taken around 1966 in Britains Military Aircraft in colour 1960-1970 by Martin Derry.I think this fits my needs perfectly,just need to sort out some decals for the Empire test pilots school markings.
  4. This is fantastic stuff,many thanks for your research and answers chaps,its very much appreciated.I find the history of airframes fascinating,the ETPS story also..The test airframes make a nice change from the normal Squadron ones.
  5. I wonder if the scimitar molds still exist.
  6. Thanks Stephen,i found an interesting picture of that airframe where it came to rest on the racecourse.
  7. Thanks for the replys chaps,i was wondering if any were used second line for anything,like sqd hacks or fighter training,that ETPS one sounds interesting Giorgio,will have to try and find out more about that one.Thanks again Neil
  8. Does anyone know if any straight winged Hawker hunter F4 or 5's were still in RAF service into the 1960's and if so,what unit. Many thanks Neil
  9. Sad but at least its not scrap.
  10. Welcome to the mad house
  11. Many thanks Antti,thats fantastic Neil
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