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  1. Really nice,and thats an Ingenious use of an 1/8 skin pin,might have to nick that idea ☺
  2. fatalbert

    F4u-1 corsair flaps

    Yeah ,I know,but I just like the look of the corsair with everything hanging out,thanks for the heads up though ☺
  3. fatalbert

    F4u-1 corsair flaps

    Thanks Dennis,have ordered an aires set,cheap as chips off a well known auction site. Neil
  4. fatalbert

    F4u-1 corsair flaps

    Hi guys,does anyone know if any of the available 1/72 corsair kits has a deployed flap option,or is it an aftermarket only option.Cheers........Neil
  5. fatalbert

    L & S 1:1 scale guns

    Back in the eighties,being into the good the bad and the ugly, I bought a peacmaker revolver blank firing replica,the blanks were enormous,full size If I recall,well i only fired the blasted thing twice,once in my bedroom,I was deaf for about five minutes after,and the second time I fired it was on guy faulks night.about a foot of flame shot out the front of the thing and it was bloody loud.curtains were twitching from the neighbors.scared the hell out if me so I gave it to my older brother.as far as I know its packed away in his loft somewhere.I dread to think what would happen if one was caught with something like that now. Update.... Was talking to my brother last night about the peacemaker,he says he handed it into the police during one of the amnesties,rather.glad about that lol.
  6. fatalbert

    Chieftian in 1/72?

    Roco minitanks did a cheiftain,not sure how accurate it was though,I think it was ho scale.
  7. fatalbert

    Early RAF Hercules colour question.

    Interior colours are mainly matt sky ,back in the days of the brown scheme the undercarriage areas would have been painted aluminum.
  8. fatalbert

    The sound barrier

    Have read that he isn't very warming to the English full stop.
  9. fatalbert

    The sound barrier

    Hi everyone,a quick heads up for you all,the Sound Barrier is on this afternoon on Talking Pictures TV at 3.35. If your into early British jets you will love it.
  10. Wow,that's superb,makes me want to dig out a biplane and have a go.☺
  11. fatalbert

    Bv P170 - Coming to the end

    What a bonkers design,it would be a nightmare to taxi lol.
  12. fatalbert

    Which WW2 aircraft would you pick?

    As long as it was serviceable,the westland whirlwind,just because it looks so cool ☺
  13. fatalbert

    US Navy to buy an RAF C-130J

    Have heard that the A400 has a cracking problem with its airframe,but that might just be rumour.