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  1. Well what a result,i managed to acquire my what i would get if i won the lottery kit, for a song,I have always wanted the finemolds 1/72 millennium falcon but its waaaay beyond my price range,however i found a part started complete kit on that well known auction site for a third of the price,i couldnt pass that up.All thats been done so far is the cockpit which i hope to strip and start from scratch.So can anyone give any pointers or pitfalls to look out for,and any must have after market bits you can reccomend. My only problem at the mo is its been earmarked by the mem as a christmas
  2. So i have compaired the two kits,the Xtrakit and Hasegawa kits and my advice is if you want to make the Xtrakit Sea Harrier FA2 then get yourself the Hasegawa FRS1 kit and use it as a Hangar queen.The xtrakit seems to have been based on the Hasegawa one so am going to use the upper wings,exhaust nozzles,exhast sheilds and anything else i can.The wings will need modification but that will be alot easier than adding Vortex generators to the xtrakit ones.Plus you get lots of extra bits and bobs like missiles bombs gun pods etc.
  3. Like the Jaguars solid nose and awful air brakes.
  4. The thing that annoys me with the hasegawa sea harrier is the nose area,its too short.
  5. Now thats a good idea,i have a Hasegawa kit somewhere,i will have a look at that.Cheers Giorgio.
  6. Thanks Smudge,most helpful,i think i will have to go down the same route.Sigh i see many hours of plastic card trimming ahead of me lol.
  7. Thanks,i know what you mean but i have more chance of gluing them than getting a load all made he same shape out of plastic card lol
  8. Hi guys,does anyone know of any company makes photo etch vortex generators in 1/72.I have an Extrakit FA2 Sea Harrier and the wings have no VG on them.The thought of makeing them out of plastic card and getting them all the same fills me with dread . Neil
  9. Every belly skin a set of engines and props plus i suspect some if not all of the truss mounts will be knackered.Maybe they can sell them another ex RAF one.
  10. 1/24 single seat DH Vampire with optional wing tips for F3 & FB5 airframes,alternative RH intake for optional FB9,,fully detailed engine ,rockets,bombs and drop tanks.A later boxing could have alternative booms for an F1 and a pinocchio nose for a Swiss machine. One can but dream.
  11. Now i like that alot,one of my favourite Fleet Air Arm types,i have one in the stash awaiting its turn with the wing fold set.If it looks half as good as yours i will be happy.
  12. Hurry up and finish these Hawks man,am waiting in anticipation for the Jaguars.
  13. When i first got put on the Hercs i was told the K's had the same load fittings as the Beverley.This was due to the fact that the RAF had shed loads of equipment already,that used this system so wanted the same on its C130's. Maybe there is some truth in this.The worst thing about them was that the floors had horrible Hi torque screws that held them down,i wouldnt wish them on my worst enemy mech lol.As a footnote,the Austrian airforce still have the same system as they are ex RAF K's.
  14. Could you put a lump of blue tack in side the turret at the breech end of the barrel.
  15. Wow thanks Radfan,thats brilliant,much appreciated,the project is on hold at the moment.but will file that info away for when j can get back to modelling. Neil
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