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  1. Spot on Gorby! Many thanks. I remember the backing card it came on now that I've seen it thanx Neil
  2. Ok fellow BMers To cut a long story short, I acquired this sander many years ago via a free model sanding pack. I'm in the middle of DIY and I'm finding it brilliant for wood and I'd like to get some more of it, but I don't know what it's called. It's got a metal sheet backing, it's fairly rigid and it has a kind of sanding disc abrasive surface. I've searched the web but (as I don't know what it's called) I'm finding it hard to track down. Any ideas? TIA Neil
  3. That's a shame, I was hoping I was wrong. What we need now is a set of replacement wheels but that would add a chunk of extra dosh on top of the kit price. Ah well, it's back to eyeing my BW white metal kit. Every now and then I get it out, fondle it, come out in a cold sweat and then put it back in the drawer ...
  4. I must admit I find the move of Airfix dabbling in 35th again a bit odd. Unless .... There's some sort of marketing deal in the pipeline with World of Tanks or similar. Not sure how successful Italeri's tie-in with WoT has been, maybe Airfix has been tempted to join in as it connects with a younger market I don't play WoT but the kit list probably covers tanks in WoT, although the tractor is a bit of an aberation. I doubt that would figure in WoT, but you never know nowadays
  5. Thanks guys. Yeah Troy, once I know the Frog kit is a viable alternative I'll put another post up in the wanted section. The first time I had no joy as, lets face it, if someone has built a gannet they're not likely to have a spare canopy. Now that Sword have done the AEW, the chances of someone builiding a AEW conversion is less likely now. But then again there some masichistic modellers out there ... and on BM
  6. To cut a long story short, I've got a Revell Gannet without rear canopy and I can't get a spare from Revell. I asked on the wanted thread a while back and (not surprisingly) I got no joy. If Rob Taurus did a replacement canopy I'd be sorted, but he doesn't. That leaves me options of either a canopy from a Falcon set (£12, a tad expensive just for one canopy) or picking up a cheap Frog/Novo Gannet and making the rear canopy fit, assuming it won't fit in the first place. I know some Frog/Novo canopies are, let's say... a bit ropey, I'm happy to spend some time polishing a but is it beyond redemption? Can anyone shed any light on it? TIA Neil
  7. Once again, some great info, many thanks  That's a good call on the hatch, kinda makes sense I think I'm narrowing the project down to a small hatch (non DV) with cast nose but, as you say, they might have used the most knackered M4s so a bolted nose may have been possible. Kit wise, I need an interior so I reckon the best financial option will be an Academy M10/Achilles married with a Tamiya M4 early. The M10 will donate the interior, nose, suspension (for straight return rollers) and engine deck. Using the Tamiya will keep the price down instead of a Dragon Sherman III. Other bits and pieces should be do-able. Neil
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