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  1. I think that's an affliction that most here suffer from. Remember to share any particularly nifty devices with the rest of us! Craig.
  2. I know the feeling. I used to be able to unload my finished efforts (not there there is a great number of those) in my office at work but for the last year... Have you considered the CedB ceiling solution? Sadly, my man-cave roof is too low for that to be a viable solution for me but you might have better luck! Craig.
  3. I find 1/48th has a lot to commend it, especially when the eyesight begins to dim a little. Give it a go! Craig.
  4. 1/48th! And it looks like a beauty! Like many here I'm sure, the chippie was the first aircraft I ever flew in so I see several of these in my future! 13 AEF? We flew with them from Lossiemouth. It was always a laugh seeing a wee space cadet all done up in the parachute, mae west and bonedome! I still have my old ATC logbook so I know exactly which aircraft I'll be modelling! Craig.
  5. Ooh, I envy you. I was actually checking on the Wonderland site to see if the new Airfix Chipmunk was out yet (sadly not apparently) when your post popped up. My work is making noises about returning to the office so perhaps I'll manage a lunchtime visit in the not -too-distant future. Are you thinking of picking up anything in particular? Craig.
  6. Because you didn't have enough on the go already? It's not another Hurricane by any chance? Craig.
  7. Just came across this (sorry, I'll try to pay more attention in future). Highly entertaining as ever Ced, and interesting to see the current state of the 1/144 art (though I fear that my eyesight is no longer up to the task) but I do have one small note of criticism if I may? I don't think you're taking full advantage of the mobile twirler and noise maker. As well as all the stirring tunes, why not include lengthy samples of Merlins and DB601s at full chat, interspersed with cries of "Achtung Spitfire!", "Yellow-nosed bar-stewards 6 o'clock high!", and the ever popular "EEEIIII-OOO
  8. That’s turned out very well indeed. Makes me glad I pounced when I noticed that my LMS had a couple in stock! Craig.
  9. Very nice Alistair. Time for the washes? Craig.
  10. Very nice work with the hairy stick! You might like to look out for some of @CedB's work in this site. Practically his entire output is hanging from his ceiling. It'll give you something to aspire to! Craig.
  11. Much cruder than that, I'm afraid, it's all Peco code 100 OO gauge. It's supposed to represent an unspecified part of the Scottish region in the BR ferret and dartboard era. I really do need to get back to it but these aeroplanes are so darned absorbing! And not only from my wife! The cats also tend to view it as their territory, in fact one of the next things I need to do on it is to erect some cat deterrent measures (I'm thinking electric fence). Craig.
  12. Funnily enough, I originally bought the weathering powders to use on the half-built wildly over-ambitious model railway which occupies the other half of the loft my modelling workbench is located in. I really need to get back to it, my other half is eyeing up the space it occupies as a potential quilting workshop and I need to defend it at all costs! Oh, and nice looking wagons! Craig.
  13. Having laid off the coffee for several days, and banished Rollo from the room, I touched up the bottom of the shark mouth. I forgot to take any pictures of the result but trust me it looks great. If I'm not wearing my glasses. And the light's bad. Next, I applied myself to applying a Flory wash called 'Grime' to the pony with the following results: Wow! Alistair was right, that really does hide all the mistakes! Let's get the prop and the wheels on and we'll call this sucker d...What do you mean, I have to wipe it all off again? Rel
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