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  1. I've got one like that, also called Tilly by coincidence. I'm pretty sure I know what's in her head though. 50% where's the next meal coming from?, 30% mischief and 20% stubborn and wilful disobedience. She's a terrier though so it comes with the territory Sorry, back to the skilful modelling. Craig.
  2. Good looking grandchild Ced, you look chuffed to bits! And what a good guard dog! Nice catch on the outriggers too. Craig.
  3. Thanks Heather, that's a relief. I'd swear never to do another Luftwaffe splinter scheme but I've bought all this paint... Two updates in one day! How long can our hero keep up this breakneck pace? (spoiler, not very long) The masking is off and the result? Undeniably rough in places but it will do with a little sorting. And look! the greens were different colours! Craig.
  4. 5 Days to Go!!!! So as forecast, I spent yesterday evening applying large amounts of masking tape to the Heinkel. It may just be my growing befuddlement but I found it incredible hard to keep in mind that the tape needed to cover the bits of RLM71 I wished to retain. Also, hint to ICM, next time, try printing the plan view of the painting guide in colour, not two similar shades of grey. Anyway, eventually it was done and after a thankfully trauma-free session with the airbrush, we have: Apologies for the c
  5. Thanks Charlie. I had to pick a couple of black hairs off the newly sprayed Heinkel yesterday so in some ways, he's still with us. You speak too soon Mr. Dapple as I shall relate: 6 Days to Go!!!! I cracked open a new jar of Tamiya's interpretation of RLM71 and made free with my electric mixer thingy before carefully decanting precisely the same proportions of paint and water as I had successfully used on the underside into a mixing jar. The airbrush was charged and directed at the model. My powers of expression fail me when trying to describe the
  6. Hi Chris, Things are looking great and you would never be able to tell from the photos that you had airbrush problems. Good save! Looking forward to seeing the finished article. Craig.
  7. 7 Days To Go!!!!!! Now that's more like it. What was the trick? Well I did exactly what you're not meant to do when debugging things and changed two variables at once. It's either reducing the spraying pressure to ~12psi or switching to Tamiya acrylics. Enthused, I spent my extra hour this morning applying vast acreage of masking tape. I'm off to apply one of the two near-identical versions of green onto the upper surfaces. Fingers crossed! Craig.
  8. Well, I popped into the LMS for a couple of pots of paint at lunchtime and emerged with this: This is entirely your fault Ced and I hope you're sorry. In fact, so pernicious is your influence that I'm even thinking of building them wheels up and using the included stand. What's wrong with me? I was amused to see, on perusing the instructions, that Airfix have got around the problem of the Mig 17 having no nose to stick ballast in by including an oil drum to prop up the tail. Cunning! Craig.
  9. Good to know! Yes, I do that at the end of every session. Maybe I should do it at the beginning as well! Thanks again, Craig.
  10. I've got a Sparmax TC610H+ compressor+tank. I only ever use acrylics in my airbrush. This started when I tried out the Stynylrez but that may be a coincidence. Thanks for the suggestions Jan. I think my next step is to strip my airbrush completely down and see if I've missed anything. Craig.
  11. 10 days to go!!! So much for my confident assertions. I thought I'd get the first coat of RLM65 on last night and ended up with this: (This is after two coats. The first coat was even worse). A closer look: Oh deary me. Time to apply some Vulcan style logic. As the first picture shows, my faithful old paint mule was similarly afflicted so it can't be a property of the model (which I had wiped down with IPA beforehand anyway). Regular readers will recall that I had the same issue with the primer so it can't be the paint. I used
  12. Great to hear the wee guy's out of the woods Ced. You're doing far too good a job of these, I can see a scooter in my immediate future! Craig.
  13. Nice pair (fnarr fnarr snurff etc. etc...). Finbar Dinmont
  14. 13 days to go!! Because none of the main decal manufacturers have had the foresight to produce a decal set for the aircraft I'm building, I have to provide the markings myself. Luckily, the markings on this aircraft are all straight lines which makes things a bit easier. I can use either the kit decals or the Montex masks for the "1H" on the fuselage sides but I also need an "FT" (with the "F"s in yellow) on the fuselage sides and a full "1H FT" under the wings. This involves cutting several parallel strips of masking tape of exactly the same width. Luckily I have a tool for that:
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