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  1. Valuable insulation for the forthcoming chilly weather. You must absolutely make sure to buy enough new kits that you don’t have to disturb this vital resource before the spring. looking forward to another masterclass in the application of the colour yellow. Craig.
  2. I did indeed and it looks a every bit as good as you’ve heard. So good in fact that it would seem to render the vast amounts of aftermarket items Eduard flog for it superfluous. Craig.
  3. Fantastic result Alistair. But of course we expect nothing less from you. Craig.
  4. Ooh nice choice, I’m looking forward to this one. By the kind of coincidence you wouldn’t believe in a work of fiction, I bought Eduard’s 1/48th depiction of the aircraft on fire in the box top picture from Wonderland at Scale Scotland. Some day I may even get around to building it. In the mean time, I’ll lead my modelling life vicariously through you. Craig.
  5. Took a few days off BM and when I get back it’s nearly done! Producing a finish that good would be a fantastic feat on its own but doing it in such a short period of time is nothing short of miraculous. No idea how you’re going to top this in your next build, but I’m sure you’ll think of something. Craig.
  6. That last one's a funny looking aircraft. Unlike your mosquito which is looking gorgeous. Craig.
  7. Shaping up to be another masterpiece Alistair, Tempted to get my own copy out of the stash after seeing this, though my workbench is already piled up with half-finished projects. I'll look for the man leaning up against the wall and snoring gently. Craig.
  8. The comparison between the Spitfire and the tail plane was amazing. I had no idea this thing was so big. Hang it from the ceiling? If your joists are up to it of course. Craig.
  9. For myself, I regret nothing. I do have one slight concern though Alistair. Are you sure you're up to this colour scheme after your recent whoopsie with the Spitfire invasion stripes? I'll get my coat, Craig.
  10. Now that you've shown what you're capable of, I really think you should buy another one and build it with the transparent fuselage so all that lovely detail isn't hidden away. Shouldn't take you long now you've got the hang of it. Craig.
  11. That's disappointing to hear Mark. Get that soldering iron warmed up! Craig.
  12. Top notch dirtying up, I’m astonished at how you can bring something so mundane (and presumably so small, even in 1/32) as that tarpaulin to life with just a bit of colour. Is that it sitting over the top of the gubbinses in the gunners cockpit by the way? Craig.
  13. Ooh, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul. Craig.
  14. Belt sander? Seriously, maybe a bit of very fine sand paper wrapped around the end of a cocktail stick or similar? Ca canny as they say in my part of the world. It’s looking too good to mess up now! Craig.
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