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  1. I have a minor complaint if I may. Since this build began, I have been anticipating a climax to this tale of struttery against the odds, victory snatched from the jaws of defeat when all seemed lost, and a searing contest of man against polystyrene. Instead, what do we get? “Then I put the wings and other bits on”. A trifle anti-climatic don’t you think? I have a similar complaint about your Lysander. Next time, do you think you could give some slight indication that this stuff poses at least a minor challenge and give us mere mortals a little hope? Oh, and it goes without saying (but I will anyway), fine fine work. One for front and centre in the old display cabinet! Craig.
  2. I was in the middle of my usual early morning commune with nature/BM catch-up when Rudi joined me via the open bathroom window. He'd obviously had a hard night terrorising the local wildlife and felt he was entitled to a good kip. Luckily, he found a cosy spot to settle in to. Personally, I would have thought this was "where angels fear to tread" territory but he seemed really happy with his new digs and was purring fit to bust. Craig.
  3. I appreciate you choosing this subject Alistair. Normally your builds make me want to rush off and buy the same kit but I already own an Arma Hurricane II so my wallet is safe! Great start, looking forward to seeing how the rest of it turns out. Craig.
  4. Just read through your build thread and am flabbergasted, both at the quantity and quality of your work. I would never have guessed that this little beauty was brush painted and painted freehand at that. Great job! Craig.
  5. Are you sure you didn’t subconsciously do it deliberately to prolong this highly enjoyable build? Craig.
  6. Very nice. Your airbrushing skills have developed impressively fast (he said grinding his teeth with envy). Craig.
  7. My little neighbourhood suffered a power cut in the middle of last night's match. It didn't particularly upset me (I had been endearing myself even more to my wife by pointing out all the mistakes in a program about Julie Walters touring the coast of Scotland by train) but judging by the comments on our local whatsapp group, there's a lot more English people in our little community than I had appreciated! The power came back just in time for the final penalty. You call that tough? I can manage to get no modelling done while working a straightforward nine-to-five in my back bedroom But seriously, oof. You certainly have to work for your kit buying tokens! Craig.
  8. We had a stray, Buster who used to sink his fangs into me (and only me for some reason, maybe because I was the only one daft enough to try to pick him up) with such regularity that our local GP. practice started keeping stocks of an antibiotic especially good for cat bites against my next visit. I’d stagger up to the reception desk and they’d ask “Buster again?” I have the opposite problem with our latest lad Rudi. He’s a real softie and loves nothing better than leaping into your lap and kneading away with his razor-sharp claws through your thin pyjamas as you”re trying to down the first cuppa of the day and restore some level of humanity to your carcass. This serves as a real wake-up call as you can imagine. Quick Alistair! You need to dazzle us with some stunning modelling and distract us from all this cat-related nonsense! Craig.
  9. Hi Chris, You only need to worry about Maisy taking over if you see her practicing using the tin opener. Craig.
  10. Presumably after the vet visit, he was miffed mittens. Craig.
  11. Thank you Alistair, it’s truly humbling to be recognised in this way by one such as yourself. Rest assured that should our dear friend fall for this manage to shake off the terrible burden he is bearing, I’ll be happy to share the proceeds with you since building it myself at my usual rate would likely require me to live to 300. Craig the even more saintly.
  12. It’s tragic to be away from the site for a couple of days and return to see one of your fellow modellers has been afflicted by KAS (Kit acquisition syndrome), a dread affliction which can only lead to madness and extreme poverty. But fortunately, there is a cure. You must cast out all the foul plastic that is afflicting you so and since you are a friend, I will shoulder the burden of disposing of this toxic material for you. Just put it all in a box and post it up to me, I’ll pm you my address. Craig the saintly.
  13. Hi Stew, Seeing your fine paintwork brought back memories of one of my earliest modelling experiences, building the old Airfix Liberator with my dad (we obviously didn’t believe in starting small). Neither of us realised that the olive drab was meant to be matt so we just kept slapping on coats of paint, in the belief that it would gloss up, until that Liberator must have have a paint coat a scale foot thick. Happy memories! You are doing a superb job on these Stew. Hope the markings arrive soon so that we can see the finished results! Craig.
  14. That’s just making use of innovative materials in your modelling. Get yourself a pair of trousers a couple of sizes too small and not only will you be struttin’ your stuff like the Bee Gees, you’ll be singing like them as well. Craig.
  15. Where were you last year when I was building my Hurricane? Do you thing your wing fixing efforts failed because the water was too hot, or was there no hope of fixing them? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that kitten is a real cutie! I’m having to take extra precautions to stop Mrs. Dinmont looking over my shoulder when I’m reading Britmodeller in case she sees a photo and starts getting ideas! Craig.
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