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  1. In the silver, it looks like something Flash Gordon should be piloting. It really was a good looking aircraft, pity it was a killer. You are doing a fine job of portraying its sleek lines Alistair. Craig.
  2. Good news all round. We get to see the finished article and SH make some money out of the deal. Well good news for everything except your bank balance! Craig.
  3. Just catching up… what an excellent job Alistair. I would say that this is conclusive proof of my contention that the P51 B/C with Malcolm hood is the best looking of all Mustangs, especially when done in this colour scheme (takes cover from the incoming deluge of dissenting opinions). Craig
  4. Been away for a few days and just catching up with this… what a shame Alistair but I have no doubt you will surmount the difficulties with your customary elan. Craig.
  5. Beautiful, just beautiful. I like the way you make producing works of art like this seem effortless. I was just reading in the new edition of Airfix Model World that the initial production run of this kit has sold out and I can see why. Craig.
  6. I would like to put on record my strong disagreement with this statement. This just keeps getting better and better Mark and I'm sure a spot of simulated grime will serve to disguise the brick joint. Craig.
  7. Whatever you call those colours, they're looking damn fine Alistair. This is really turning out to be a beauty! Craig.
  8. Good job you put it on that cutting mat. If you've laid it directly on the worktop, you would never have found it again! Is this some exotic Colourcoats hue I'm not aware of? As expected, this is turning out superbly. Looking forward to the paint, whatever colour it turns out to be. Craig.
  9. A thing of beauty Cookie. Craig.
  10. Baby steps, baby steps. Just don't get distracted by all those other projects! Craig.
  11. Welcome from another East Lothian resident! There must be something in the water… I suspect you may have found your spiritual home here. Enjoy! Craig.
  12. it’s statements like this that make me very glad you don’t work on the ECML. Well Alistair, I finally got around to buying the Arma Wildcat at the Perth show in a no doubt vain attempt to emulate your fantastic build of that kit, and this thread will doubtless lead to me adding the Arma Mustang to my must-purchase list. I’m looking forward to seeing the fantastic job you do of this. The headmaster of my primary school (whose name I seem to have forgotten, well it was 50 years ago) was a former Lancaster pilot who had known Leonard Cheshire and on several occasions, he told us children of his great admiration for the man. Craig. (I’ve just remembered. Mr. Watkins!)
  13. Yes, great show I thought. I’m now reviewing my numerous purchases and wondering where on earth I’m going to put them since shelf space in the man cave is at maximum capacity. Good job I didn’t buy that 1/32 Lancaster @Duncan B was trying to press on me! Craig.
  14. Isn’t that the whole point? Craig.
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