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  1. Thanks alfisti Thank you so much Oh, not to beat my own drum but I will have the build published in Phoenix Aviation Modeling sometime this year
  2. The Gigant Viggen did well at the last weekend model show It got me a Special Honorary Mention, or a Silver if you want :D Otherwise I dominated the ScifiFigure class with winning the class with my Mando and Grogu figures, Special Honorary Mention with a Warhammer 40k Warglaive and a Honorary Mention for a Warhammer 40k Palladin...so gold, silver and bronze
  3. Thanks Mike Oh I am..feels always better when you get a bit of distances to the build and you start forgetting the snafus Thanks russ The photohoot was a bit challenging. I had dismantled my little studio in my hobbyroom (my eldest is taking over the room so I have to make my hobbyroom mobile) The 9del is so big and I had to think about a easily dismantleable studio for our kitchen. I used the stove and a old curtain for a backdrop. Thank the splinter is cool isn't it Thanks Roberto The kit IS massive! If you look at the main wheels in certain angles you see that the last wheel in the bogies has collapsed a bit
  4. Thanks Sam lol in the market for a Viggen are you?
  5. Thanks so very kind of you Thanks Lord Riot I'm blushing
  6. Outstanding! Just love the faded paint!
  7. Thanks ciefnet "aggressively good"...I will steal this expression just so you knwo
  8. LOL you are too kind....well modeling is like art, the objekt is abandoned never finished
  9. Thanks Pantherhawk Thanks coneheadff Thanks Mike I don't know about perfect but I'm pleased with it
  10. Indeed.....I would love a Tamiya take on Viggen
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