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  1. Gorgeous tonka! Really like the weathering
  2. Thanx JF keep your eyes peeled and there will come more....just got an order for 3 more viggen
  3. Thanx:D very kind of you He was and promptly ordered 3 more Thanx Mike
  4. Thanx Gary I got 3 more on order from the same guy
  5. Thanx Stephen Thanx Joachim yeah I know a few out of focus slipped through unfortunately but it is easy to scroll past them overkill number of photos is kind of my trademark my thinking is that I rotate 3 turns around the model from above angle to level to capture all fabulous angles of a jet and then add detail pictures of areas of interest:D
  6. Thanx Alan I think I cracked the code on how to weather the viggen splinter scheme and make it look realistic, really pleased with the result. And the customer promptly ordered 3 more viggen so I assume he is pleased Thanx Pete with ready cut masks it is not that bad, just be careful while masking Thanx Alan it is my 4th splinter scheme so I got a few under my belt. the totally black background was achieved with editing in Adobe light room Thanx Iceman11 The AJ could only take Falco
  7. Thanx SAT69 I've seen a picture but I was told that apparently they never loaded 4, only 2 either on the body pylons or the wing pylons. Thanx binbrook87 I used cheat ready cut masks so it wasn't that bad Thanx Shaun
  8. Thanx Gary post shading it in zinc chromate yellow really brought it to life. Thanx Vesa well I cheated with pre cut masks from maestro Thanx Brandsaw the white markings are peacetime exercise markings to improve visibility. Later dayglo stickers were used but specially on grey viggens. The white paint was acrylic and could render fantastic streaks when flying in wet conditions.
  9. First off, sorry for being absent for a while...it´s been, you know....life :P Anyways I´ve put togehter a AJS37 Viggen from Tarangus and it´s not for me! No, it´s a comission build! My first but not my last :D To please a paying customer I set out to make a kit fit for a model show :D I added CMK wheels, CMK reverse thrust paddles, Pilot replica ejection seat, Master pitot tubes and Eduard Mavericks on pylons from Maestro and some Moose Republic decals Armed with all this after market I made this, painted with MRP.
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