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  1. Well... you shouldn't flash your CAD skills around
  2. Thanx think I used every painting and weathering technique I know on it
  3. Awesome! Looks like it comes straight from the drop ship!
  4. Thanx geedubleyer I had me some fun Thanx Stephen Thanx Roberto I tweaked the pose a little bit to get it dynamic
  5. Thanx Steve happy you noticed the posture, I tweaked it endlessly to get the right dynamic feel. It really feels like a still taken in midstep
  6. More Warhammer to come Thanx for the look Glue safely, Cheers!
  7. I did not reflect on what version....kind of just went what looked nice, it's got feet but they are folded up.
  8. Thanx Steve indeed, I got lots of tank vibes
  9. Well.... I couldn't help myself, here is another figure Thanx for the look Glue safely
  10. Thanx Serkan Thanx Orion yeah, it was a beast Thanx Matt This is the actual jet I built, the picture is taken by Jan Jørgensen for his wonderful Viggen book and I tried to match the weathering as shown
  11. Thanx Robert The last iteration of Jaktviggen... it was pretty potent for its day as a BVR platform. That huge radar married with AMRAAMs was a deadly combination add an advanced fighter link to that. Thanx Mike it is one of my favourites too
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