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  1. Ha, did you think I'd forget the Friday update,eh? WRONG! here it comes! A bit of this and that The big boy next to a 1/48 scale brother HAppy news, I got a friend to make me a correct F4 wing shield and while waiting for the decals to arrive I set out to do some small stuff that still needs to be done. I´m not entirely sure what those plates are but they are painted and glued now. NO worries that they have a slightly different hue, they aren´t gloss coated like the rest of the kit A good time to finish the forward radar sensors... They are primed in flat black and I masked off the forward parts... ... To paint the rest gloss. Then I masked and painted the aluminium part.... And topped off the caps with a liquid chrome pen I put the sensors aside for now and sanded the gear bay doors.... darn layers! After repriming one looked good... While the other still needs work, demn it....well the thick primer coat has to cure before I can do anything. Well then, time to cut the cabbot from the block, fragile thing...hoping for the best! I somehow managed to not damage it...yay, good for me! It fits into the canopy like this and the hinges of the canopy are part of the cabbot I cleaned the cabbot and then I glued on the rear mirrors. Then a thick flat black primer coat and off to cure. Next I added the fins to the drop tank...incredibly thin and fragile....and full of printlines. I finish today's session with glueing on the radar sensors, they look really smart Hope I get the decals tomorrow then I can start with the decals this weekend. Cheers!
  2. Thanks... should be doable I have the Lonestar resin cockpit, SBS gun tail, Fischer seamless suckers and slats, master pitot tube, white metal landing struts, Aires exhausts....3 F-102 seats would be in good company
  3. Hi, Now with my Viggen build on the home stretch I've started thinking about my next build....and I'm considering the venerable Monogram B-58 kit inn1/48th scale. I've been lazily gathering refs and I'm going to throw a question out there.. I have a neat cockpit set in resin and ut have those pods the crew sat in, but I have seen Hustlers without the pods and having ordinary ejection seats. My question is: what are they and where can I find nice resin seats? I would prefer not to use the pods since they cover so much of the cockpit and I want to show off the cockpit! Cheers!
  4. And it's Sunday again Shiny! I detailpainted the main wheel wells with some gray panels and i painte the pipes with a silver pen. Checking my refs I saw a gauge on one of the panels, could be a G meter for the ground crew to see how much G forces the fuselage has sustained. I had a nice decal I could use anyway And put in place. Next I had to glue these small things in place, I think they are for when ground crew loads the pylons, they fasten a mobile hand cranked winch in them Glued in place, I will hand paint them later. I noticed that I had not got rid of those print lines from the main gear doors so more putty ....yay. I had to sand all wheel well doors Then I primed the forward radar sensors in Alclad flat black. And the outer faces of the MLG doors got primed in gray and then painted in the belly main color. LAstly I put down a few layers of gloss varnish over all. There that´s all for today, tomorrow some wheel well weathering and other small stuff Cheers!
  5. Ah, Friday again and here thngs are moving on at a steady pace. Well well, masking wells. Today I decided to try something new for the intake lips coroguards... a black pen! I only masked thin strips... Well that turned out good enough, maybe next time instead of masking the entire thing I should use a pen instead OK I'm sorry about the white balance, the light conditions changed faster than I could change the settings Anyhoo....I filled in those pesky little spots with stripped paint. A bit of polish on that and we're fine. Now for the masking bit......ugh. Made a couple of inside the well masks too since the walls and the ceiling in the wells are different colours. About the colour, it was hard to determin if the ceiling is in anodised aluminium or painted in a light gray... Had me pondering for a bit before I tried two different grays and ran with this lightgray with a pull towards blue as to make contrast to the gears that have a lightgrays with a pull towars brown. Then I masked the ceiling and shot dark green on the walls. And here is the result, I will start detailpainting later Cheers!
  6. And it's time for the Sunday update. Much ado about nothing Right, this is where I left it yesterday... Now for one of the most boring paintjobs there are, the protective tape on the wings and fins edges! They are in black and to avoid overspray this means a LOT of masking for little gain, but it has to be done! Sheeesh, an hour later the masking was done and ready for a minute and half paint session! And after carefully removing all masking all of this is the result Alright that´s enough for today... more masking tomorrow with the intake lips and the main wheel wells....at least that will be fun Cheers!
  7. I have to share this! A mate made me new F4 wing shields, I refuse to use the rubbish jetmads put in the box, and they have arrived! They are magnificent, just look at this! Cheers!
  8. Hemorrhagin hades! That was so quick I missed it was done!! Such a lovely build! A very clean model and it looks smashing on it's stand! Very nice paintjob and I'm happy to see it's not a putty hog! Hat's off, hope mine will be at least half as good as yours when I get around to it! Well done Alan
  9. Thanks Alan all but a clear canvas.....imagine when all the decals and weathering are in place....that's when I breath life into it and give it it's soul
  10. Ah, Friday again and here is a small update again. Moving on After finishing that splinter cammo one would think that the model is all but finished but no. Now it's about making the canvas ready.... everything up to this has been a transport distance and there are more to do before it is time to breath life to the model and give it a soul. It's a serene moment when you move on to the small stuff. First off is to paint the regulator and you also see the edge of the cover that shuts the reverser slits in supersonic flight. I begun with masking I masked the fin tip as well. Then I shot Alclad Gloss Black Base I use Alclad Airframe Aluminium to get that shiny base that I can work with The next step was to shoot Alclad steel and then remove the mask. I shot Alclad Gloss Black Base on the fintip and the nose cone. Then I bettered the intake lips with Alclad white aluminium I'm thinking of leaving this beauty spot as is in fact you will find lots of these on real Viggens too....the paint shop wasn´t manned with modellers There you go Next on my to do-list are the black edges on the wings and fins, fix the forward radarsensors, do some bettering painting here and there and from there move on to the wheels and struts. Cheers!
  11. Thanks I think putting on decals is nastier
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