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  1. Today I started with doing some dishes.... em that is I washed the resin parts in water and detergent as to remove and release agent from it. But we will go on to the yummie parts right away! Let´s have a look at what kind of RAT Jetmads brings us. The parts are 3D printed and has exquisite details that made me feel a tiny bit panicky as I cut the printing supports. incredibly enough I didn´t destroy anything. After cleaning the parts I went ahead and inpaled them on toothpicks and readied them for primer. First I primed the parts in Alclad flat black primer and then I shoot Alclad gloss black on top. The reason for shooting black first is that you need far less gloss and you get by with thinner coats that prevents details lost to paint buildup. I then shot a thin coat of Alclad White Aluminium on top of all parts. With all that the canvas is ready for details and washes and stuff. I can whole heartedly recommend this page for looking up refs, I doubt you´ll find better pictures of the RAT anywhere else. The page is run by a mate of mine so do tell him how good his page is http://www.plasticwarfare.se/2014/11/viggen-details/ On to the painting! I have no idea what these things are but they have a goldish-greenish tint to them and when the judges are squinting to see inside the RAT housing it´s fun for them to have somethinbg to look at So I used Citadel Auric Amor Gold and then a heavily thinned coat of Balthasar gold and then a drybrush of Retribution Armor (yeah, all Citadel paints) I then finished off with Citadel Nulnoil to get those details to pop. THen it was time to detail paint the RAT housing. nothing fancy really, some blue on connectors and sandt yellow for labels and some black and white for the gauges at the bottom right. And a Nulnoil wash on top of it all. Next it´s some cutting into the hull! Well not as dramatic as it sounds since Jetmads had the foresight to give you the option of either opening up or let it be closed. No worries if you ruin the piece cut out since there is a 3D printed door with sweet details. Well the blow out door has to be cut either way but it´s like only covered by a thin layer of flash. So on with the cutting, a few pulls with a hobby knife and I was done. Only issue I have is that the upper edge is quite thick, I don´t think I´ll do anything about it since the whole RAT housing is made to fit as it is.... choosing my battles, I am Ok I call the RAT done! I´m pretty pleased with it A dry fit into the airframe shows how much will show. And some pics of the RAT With that I´m done with todays update! Cheers! P.S. Follow me on Patreon and get those juicy updates before everybody else and see what other sights I have to show check the link in my signature, all are welcome
  2. I'm a wee. It worried about the instrument panel.....I think the details are way to soft and undefined. I'll cook up something
  3. Thanks it's is a like building a model out of aftermarket parts
  4. Thanks Ah well, it is not a kit that falls together by itself and even if there is a correction sprue for the most glaring faults it still has issues. Be prepared to use putty and sandings and keep an eye on the refs! I sometimes wonder how a Tamiya take on Viggen in 1/48th scale would have looked.......deeeeeeeeep sigh
  5. Thanks it's simply a fantastic model :.
  6. Time to put the seat to rest! I added the decals... lovely things that conformed perfectly and they are thin. And then I carved the lost ejection handle, yes I know it doesn´t look perfect but nor does it have to....no point detailing something that noone will see, I choose my battles. And the finished bang seat with it´s saftey handle in place as well .....now I just have to put it somewhere for saftey where I won´t destroy it until installment in the cockpit! There.. on to new goals! Cheers!
  7. Thanks, Yeah, the harness is spectacular and somehow the printing proces made the straps have a fabric like texture that looks great after a thin wash. Thank you
  8. On with the seat... I primed the parts in Alclad gray primer. And the shot white aluminium over the seat frame Love the harness, painted in light ghost gray and XF-11 JN Green With that I put the seat together....I like what I see I painted the parapack in the seat with dark green FS34079, the seat cover in XF-61 Dark green, the seat cushion headrest and anklepads are painted in XF-70 IJN Dark Green, the top headrest cushion is in RLM 25 Bright green (the cushions are a variation of the two depending on wear and when they were changed) and finally the seat parapack is in XF-62 Olive drab.. I washed it all in citadell Nulnoil and then drybrushed with flesh and light gray. Now only decals are left...so I´ll seal it all in a gloss coat and put on decals and final touches before Iflat coat it. Cheers!
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