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  1. Many problems with this build, indeed, my friend, but I promise you I will not abandon it! Cheers, O
  2. Hello my friends, Again a very challenging step to get convincing hoses both sides of the front fork: This step over, I should probably go on with the handlebars and dashboard... Cheers, O
  3. Hello my friends, Furthermore, I noticed on my docs that applying the same color on the both seat cushions was an error: Cheers, O
  4. Hello chaps, The challenging step of front fork (big) improvement using the Top Studio detail set is nearly over: Cheers, O
  5. Hello my friends, I want to share with you the YouTube video that is the best reference for my build, even if some other ones are useful too: A big thank you to the author, ODDEYE109! I just began the work on the front fork. I first applied a coat of X-11 enamel thinned with X-20 on the Tamiya parts B21 and 22. Then the 2 arms of the fork were assembled: The video mentioned above allowed to bring useful precisions for a faithful replica of this area: N.B: I thought I could use a stretched cotton swab to get the clear soft tube, but cotton swab sticks are nowadays made of cardboard instead of plastic tube, for ecologic reasons. I will try to find (Aliexpress?) such 0,6 mm clear soft tubes. Any suggestion welcome on this point... Edit a few hours later: I have ordered on Aliexpress silicone soft clear hoses in 0,5 and 1 mm diameter (the smallest sizes I found). But the delivery date being very far, and as I couldn’t wait so long, I thought to another option, looking closely in my bench. And I found the solution (certainly better than the ordered silicone hoses): Cheers, O
  6. Hello my friends, My left side, with many improvements brought mainly thanks to Top Studio, is now over: I have to add some missing elements on the right side now, before going on with further challenges, probably first with the front fork and wheel assembly... Cheers, O
  7. Hello my friends, A new update regarding the job on this left side: Cheers, O
  8. Hello my friends, Well, adding the Top Studio elements with their wires on the left side is, how gamblor916 would say, "when the fun starts"! Little by little, though, with a lot of patience: This step of the page 6 in the TS instructions is yet far from being OK. Oxygen sensors, clamps, loops in which the wires must pass etc. are still to add. Cheers, O
  9. Hello my friends, A new update, while I assembled the right exhaust and added some TS and Tamiya parts both sides: Left side, this metal arm (much simply represented by Tamiya) is to assemble: The Top Studio Super Detail-Up set allows to bring many improvements to the Tamiya kit, even for some elements that will be totally invisible such the section 8 (that will be hidden by the attaching undercowl). The section 5 is the one to follow if you want to represent accurately the above metal arm: Cheers, O
  10. Hello my friends, This chain will definitely have caused me some headaches, but well, it is now in place. All is not perfect (with the experience gained, I would certainly achieve a better result if I had to do it again), but I though consider this result acceptable, the defects being probably scarcely noticeable when the build is over, with many elements yet to come. Cheers, O
  11. Hello chaps, The challenge now is to close the chain while getting a good tension of the latter... Cheers, O
  12. Good suggestion, gamblor916: I would have preferred you to be right, Urshimato, but imho, the swing arm is mounted correctly and can't go any further: Last check, that I should probably have done before, instead of trusting in the TS instructions: If I refer to this measure, the TS chain would be so 17 mm too short, my estimation being still below reality... I decided to contact Top Studio about this problem. Here is my e-mail content: Hello, I bought the Top Studio 1:12 Chain set for Tamiya TD23177. I built the chain to the suggested lenght, 145 mm, but it appears that this lenght is too short, it should in fact be about 162 mm (lenght of the Tamiya chain, by the way). I hope I will have enough links and nipples to get the right lenght. I suggest you to bring the necessary correction to your instructions, to avoid other modelers to meet the same problems than me. Indeed, it is only chain in place that I found that. You can see in my Britmodeller thread what I mean: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235103982-honda-rc213-v-14-repsol-tamiya-112/page/7/ Thank you Cheers, O Edit a bit later: I decided not to wait any longer to unstick the rear fender. So, I could measure the missing lenght, that is finally between 14,5 mm and 15 mm. I pulled out the assembly tool (that begins to be a bit worn out), the parts and the instructions of the chain set...
  13. Hello my friends, Then comes the rear wheel attaching: Tamiya provides long screws that should come into the rear and front axis holes... Cheers, O
  14. Hello my friends, The engine is now assembled on the frame, using the screws provided by Tamiya (a good idea to provide also a little magnetic screwdriver): The screws are not tightly tightened for now as I will probably have to unscrew them. Furthermore, I said above following as well the Tamiya and Top Studio instructions required a maximum care. But I also have to take in consideration the Blue Stuff instructions, since I decided to represent the Pedrosa bike. Yet when I applied successively the Surface Primer and the Titanium White on the upper cowl, I forgot that, on Dani's bike, the latter has a bit different shape. I have to add resin parts provided in the BS set: N.B: those of you who have kindly followed me in the Mustang thread (I will come-back to this other build as soon as this one will be over, I promise!) know that I had many problems with Surfacer products that damaged the paint by places. It is imho because these fillers were applied on an acrylic paint. If so, as I use only Gravity paints and primers for the Honda, I think I won't meet the same problem here. Cheers, O
  15. Thanks gamblor916 for this info. However, I think it won't be necessary to buy another set (I ever bought quite a lot...). Indeed, by using the dry brush technique, I could get a result that I consider really acceptable for something that will be just slightly visible through the side cowls gaps: Cheers, O
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