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  1. As I am in corrections, I did the new merciless comparison below: It mainly shows that my rubber joint is much too thick, and that my deflectors are still a bit too low (and maybe also a bit too short). I have to remove them one more time and bring the necessary improvements. To be followed... Cheers, TMO
  2. Hello chaps, Even if I was very busy these days (pro and perso), I could find the time to make the necessary corrections mentioned above. Even if all is still not perfect, here is a little update showing where I am now: Cheers, O
  3. Thanks a lot, mustang1989 and JeroenS! Your kind words and likes are exactly the necessary encouragement I needed, while I have to make delicate corrections on the windscreen, the windshield frame and the body in front of the latter... I will detail these corrections once done. Cheers, Olivier
  4. Hello chaps, In the previous post, I said there was a big gap under the windshield both sides, that I had to fill. I was wrong... I have now to unstick my deflectors and glue them again in a better position. This doesn't mean I won't have any gap to fill under the windshield, but it will avoid to get a wrong shape with an elevated windshield... This shows one more time that we always must check, rather than trusting our feelings (the deflectors, assembled first just with dsa, seemed to me well placed while they weren't)...
  5. ... unless I try to solve the gap problem before glueing the windshield on the body... I could apply a little silicone lubricant on the lower part of the frame to avoid the adhesion of the CA there, even if I have to apply a new coat of Chrome on the concerned area. I should choose the latter option, that seems more safe as done now rather than later, while the build will be further advanced... To be followed...
  6. Hello chaps, I would like to come-back on the new generation CA I showed in my previous post: I bought it 3 days ago (7,38€ at E. Leclerc) for 3 g. and the LED light (pity, impossible as far as I know, to buy the tube alone). Even if it is a bit early to draw definitive conclusions, I'm not afraid to say that this new generation CA is a revolutionary product. I just used it to reinforce substantially my fragile and temporary assembly deflectors/ windshield, using my 0,3 mm tip home made CA applicator and curing with my LC lamp, by capillarity, and
  7. What do I get with these square rods in place, when my deflectors take place on them? Is this square shape acceptable on the further visible portion? definitely not, as the pic below confirms: Conclusion: I must get a rounded shape in this area, on the inside.
  8. Hello chaps, I am rather happy to show you my last update: Now I have to check this assembly on the assembly doors/ body, with a dry fit: Cheers, TMO
  9. Thanks a lot, johnlambert, Hamden and Ghost69! Among the little corrections to do before the assembly of the deflectors, there was this narrow Chrome rod to represent: Seen from the rear: This narrow Chrome was not represented up to now, or rather it was included in the rubber joint made above using the Evergreen L shape 291. I just had to turn it from rubber color to Chrome with Molotow LC: Cheers, thanks for watching, TMO
  10. Dear Manu, Seeing your incredible work (1/6, what a scale!), especially the figure, recalls me inevitably my 806 build. I really wonder how you could get such an amazingly realistic face. Can you explain us how you did that? it is just magic for me. Do you intend to apply a kind of weathering on your engine? Cheers, Olivier
  11. N.B: Daniel (dbostream) is OK to take up the inlet air challenge without promising anything of course. I am sure he will get a better result than my 2D one. If so, I will replace it, definitely. I gave him by PM all measures necessary...
  12. Thanks a lot, mustang1989, Poul and Hamden, for your likes and kind comment. It is important for me to feel that some modelers are interested in my build, considering the time it takes me to share it with you. As I said above, for the next steps, I will try to avoid touching with fingers (even gloved) as much as possible the Chrome painted frame: Call for contribution: I am not totally happy with my 2D air inlet on the dashboard, that is not at the level of the rest (without saying the rest is perfect). If any of you is OK to represent it as well as p
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