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  1. Dear Poul, maybe it didn't, indeed, and maybe even it is an optical illusion (notice that, on the previous pic, it is the armrest that seems to protrude). Honestly, at 1/16, it is really so subtle anyway that it doesn't matter. More important is to decide what option to scratchbuild the rather complex Chrome support. Considering the dimensions and the Chrome aspect, I tried to use tin sheet (1 mm and 0,6 mm thickness assembled for now)... More as soon as possible...
  2. Thanks a lot, Roger! Indeed, I feel better, but my right foot problem (Morton neuroma) is not yet solved for now and nights are still a bit difficult because of pains. I hope it will be OK soon... Let's come-back to the build: thanks to Bernard, I have precise measures for the armrests. Here they are: To be followed...
  3. Thanks Poul, I think I will keep TMO for now, avoiding too frequent changes of pseudo. I was happy, as I could (thanks to Thierry) export as STL my main files (window and door opening handles). The I could go on the Photon slicer and prepare several handles, adding the necessary supports etc. I also redid the leveling step on the printer itself. Briefly, I was about to reprint, when I got a message saying that an update was necessary. I tried to find this update but didn't succeed. I finally sent a message to the Anycubic after-sale support. They should contact me soon and I hope I w
  4. Thanks a lot, CC! I could finally, using your hints by PM, be able to modify (and so to save as STL) my window opening handle. I must say I seem to have used Fusion and the Anycubic software in another life! I have forgotten nearly everything (rather alarming), and it will be a big effort to print again with good results the pieces. Furthermore, CC has suggested me to change TMO for WAMM (What A Mad Man), that sounds vigorous (I am not so currently...). What do you think of this idea? I did so, Poul, but I could not complain because Oupsmodel made a refund (not the one the
  5. Hello chaps, First I apologize for being silent these last times, but I had some health problems (not totally solved, pity) that kept me away from my workshop. And when I was a little better, I decided to bring to a conclusion the amazing reorganization of this workshop. I won't post another pic of the latter, but I may say it is now really as I wanted. As I need to reprint the window and doors opening handles, broken, I needed to come-back on Fusion 360. Yet my free subscription is over, and I don't know how to extend it. I am for now in "just read" mode, and I supp
  6. Pity, I won't solve this, Roger, except that I will boycott Oupsmodel from now... Thanks a lot, I know I am very lucky with such a bench now. The only thing I miss is natural light (my bench, unlike our cars, is in my fairly spacious garage). Except natural light, it is a very comfortable place for modeling, with reversible air conditioning and dehumidifier, that allow me to paint even in wet conditions. The dehumidifier allows in addition to set as fast as possible materials such putty (TEP, Surface Primer etc.) N.B: this model, great and rather
  7. Hello to all, First thanks to Escaflowne for his contribution. I have been silent for 1 week, mainly because of back pains (again...), then because I again spent a lot of time to clean, reorganize, rationalize my bench (about 15-20 h spent and definitely an even much neater working area). I can't detail here all the ideas and things I did to improve the ergonomics of my workstation and so my modeling experience, but there were many: I also took advantage of this breathing to think about the next steps: One thing is nearly sure:
  8. Hello to all, A little update, as my ashtrays are finally over: I am happy with the Microscale satin varnish. It provides a nice satin look, may be used as with a paintbrush, as with an airbrush, it is thinned with water and cleaned with alcohol in US bath, like acrylic paints. I recommend... Cheers, TMO
  9. Hello chaps, I have been very pro busy these last days, meaning very few time for my favorite hobby. When I had a little time, I have sanded the Surface Primer and applied with a paintbrush the Vallejo Off White again (better coverage than directly WW airbrushed). Then I have sanded up to 12000 grit (Micromesh) the ashtray frame made of tin sheet, getting a nice bare metal look). Finally, after masking with care the latter, I have just applied a coat of WW with my airbrush. Here is the result: Cheers, TMO
  10. +1! It was important to mention it... But the most impressive for me in this amazing build remains Bordino's head. I wish I had your recipe for mine...
  11. Thanks a lot, Roger! Even if there is still quite a lot of job to do on them and around them, I think I made the right choice with the tin foil, and I think I am on the good way for an acceptable result in this area. I appreciate a lot your constant support along my build, it is very important for me. Stay safe too* and good night... Olivier * Luckily, I will have my Covid vaccin recall with Pfizer BioNTech on Wednesday as more than 50 years old health pro. Pity, no vaccin for back pains...
  12. Dear Manu, I totally suscribe to the comments above. As I said to you in PM, it is a fantastic build, at an incredible scale, and it is very interesting to see how the same subject (the Fiat 806 in this instance) can give very different results. This confirms, if it was necessary, the artistic dimension of model making. Little Andy had offered a very original and artistic version, with a very personal weathering, Harvey (I have no news from him and I miss him, I hope he feels fine) had like you 100% scratch built, an incredible 1/12 version (we still expect the final result), Hanne
  13. Thanks, Poul, and yes, delicate and not necessary good though... Before going further, I applied another recipe: the 0,01 mm tin sheet is thin but not as much as BMF and here, it is an advantage as it allows to get a more regular surface (not perfect but acceptable imho), while the BMF (too bright in addition), enhanced every little defect of my ashtray frame one: N.B: my few dedicated "followers" know how I like the tin as versatile material. It appears that, in this situation too, it is probably the best option, in this very thin thickness, 0,01 mm...
  14. Hello chaps, I was far from my bench Thursday and Friday (a small escape at Valberg, a pretty winter sports resort in the Alpes Maritimes for snowshoes excursion with my wife and couple of friends, that unhappily made me relapse in the lumbago...) and, as often, coming back, I was finally not very happy with my rear bench. Too much grain (too much paint in my mix with alcohol thinner) and still little defects requiring corrections: I decided to rework (sanding with 400 grit sanding sponge above) a bit and apply a new coat of WW. Finding the right ratio paint/ th
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