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  1. Thanks again chaps! I began all now the 2nd bike (the engine is ever assembled and painted) for which my own WIP thread will be very useful. Considering the experience I got with the first build, this second one should take much less time, especially since it will be a bit less detailed and since I will not spend time posting in the forum this time. I hope this 2nd bike will be finished end of this year or beginning of 2013. For the ones who would like to take a look to the WIP dedicated to this Pedrosa Honda Repsol 2014, here is the link:
  2. Thanks a lot my friends for your likes and kind comments. Here are, as promised, the last pics of this finished build, showing close-ups of several areas: My bike is gonna take to way to my dental office where it should be temporary displayed near the Fiat 806 (both builds being 1/12 scale), waiting for the 2nd bike. After having been crucial for the build, the jig will be very useful for the delicate transport in a shoe box: And a few hours later: Funny to associate such different models, but after all, the scale is the same (1/12) and, even if they are about 87 years apart, it is precisely interesting to see the evolution in design between 2 GP beasts... Anyway, this association should remain temporary, as mentioned above. Happy modeling to all, and, as says Hamden, one of my most faithful follower in the WIP, stay safe! Cheers, Olivier
  3. Hello my friends, I brought the last necessary corrections to my build and the latter is now finished. I invite you to see the last pics in the RFI section below: Thanks a lot to all for watching, encouraging and helping! Cheers, O
  4. Hello to all, When I began the build/ thread dedicated to the Honda Repsol 2014, it was to take a break while I was struggling with paint problems on my Ford Mustang 1964 Convertible. I then thought I would build it straight for the box or nearly so. It appeared very quickly (as Jochen had foreseen) that it would turn to a highly detailed build, using several details sets (mainly from Top Studio but also from Blue Stuff, Decalcas, Tamiya etc.) and bringing also my own touch for many details. It appeared then that it would be a pity to hide all these details, wires, cables under the cowls. I decided then to keep only the seat/ tank cowl, while all the other ones would be exposed separately. Then came other ideas: build a second bike, that would be the Marc Marquez one (this one is the Dani Pedrosa, using the Pedrosa Blue Stuff set), with a bit less details and with cowls assembled on the bike. But this, with probably a mechanic working on the "naked" Pedrosa bike and Marquez sitting on the one to come, and if possible with a little paddock scenery, is for later... I thank warmly here all my followers in the WIP section, who encouraged me and sometimes, gave me a hand to avoid errors. In particular, gamblor 916 was my GP expert, me who was up to now totally ignorant on motoGP. I am very happy with the result, especially since the last build I was able to finish was the 1/48 Nieuport Ni 11, in May 2020. I apologize for the Mustang followers, this build will go on waiting, but I prefer to go on and begin asap the 2nd bike. I will not open a new thread for this 2nd bike, but I will do that later, when it will be time to add characters and scenery. And now the last pics of this highly detailed Honda Repsol 2014: Some more pics will be added asap… Cheers, Olivier
  5. Thanks a lot gamblor for this suggestion. It is good to know such a clear epoxy resin exist, and maybe I will order some. But now that my front racing stand is built and painted, it appears that it doesn't give the bike more stability. That is why I will probably represent only one front stand, while there will be of course 2 rear ones. Even if I still have a little time to spend on this bike (piping and front fender), I couldn't stand removing it of its straightjacket (the so useful Marco Model jig) and to present it for the first time with both racing stands: To show the beast with its cowls, I chose to change the cardboard for a Grey one (Meng cutting mat), more suitable with a G.P paddock: Now a word about the mechanic I'm supposed to represent. I got a few weeks ago the Kitano head that is really great. Pity, Ron was right, the Tamiya body is oversized and the head is too small for such a body. I began to decrease (quite a lot) the neck but it is the whole body that will require a significant reduction, what will not be so simple (probably easier though than when I turned Sir Lawrence of Arabia piggybacking on his bike into Pietro Bordino sitting in his Fiat 806, see the thread dedicated to this build). Cheers, O Edit a bit later: I also had the idea to show the bike with a driver on it. Of course, as you know, the driver will jump the 2nd bike (yet to build...) that will have all cowls assembled, and the combination, boots and helmet are not at all the colors of Honda Repsol. It will be another challenge to change Valentino Rossi with Ducati colors into Marc Marquez with Honda ones, but it is though interesting to see that, except hands that can't hold the handlbars for now, the position of the driver (who is correctly sized, him) is really convincing imho:
  6. Thanks Roger! Maybe it is possible, but I don't know how to proceed, especially since they are clear parts... I have time to think about this problem, since the 2nd bike is yet to build. Cheers, O
  7. Hello my friends, I didn't tell you, but I ordered a few weeks ago the Top Studio Racing stand set (ref. 23008) in order to get front racing stands, like we may see on some pics taken in the paddock: I thought that these front stands would make more stable my both bikes, and that would also bring a plus to my scenery. Too eager as usual, I began to assemble them (and also the rear stand for the 2nd bike) without noticing that the tripod arm, on the TS front stands, was not present on the above pics: After removal of the wrong arm, I thought all would be fine except that, BUT another problem appeared: Here is what I decided: I would use the Tamiya wheels on the TS rear stand (requiring corrections, see below): For the front stand (s), I will have 2 options: - represent only 1 front stand (fe for the Pedrosa bike) and in this case, use the third Tamiya set of wheels I have) - represent both front stands using the small TS wheels. I will go for this option if the front stand brings a real plus in term of stability. A suggestion? Cheers, O
  8. Hello my friends, A new update tonight: The beast with her cowls, front fender (the latter will be assembled after last pipings at the front) and racing stand: Cheers, O
  9. Hello my friends, A new update on this Sunday: when looking at pics, I wondered if the stripes on the fuel tank, seat and rear cowl were Black or Dark Blue: This color issue solved, I could go on: The anti-slip knee anchor pads provided by Tamiya are much too thick (clear polystyrene parts). Decalcas provides better ones in the windshield set, but imho, the best ones, self adhesive, are given by Blue Stuff. More, they are faithful to the Pedrosa ones, that are bigger than Marquez ones. You will have to engrave many holes with 2 needles (a narrow one and a wider one) but it is worth it: Cheers, O
  10. Hello chaps, Back home after nice and sports holidays at Kitzbühel, in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol (e-bike, paragliding, hiking etc.). Just before leaving home, I had worked on the undercowl. It was nearly over, it is now OK: Back home, I got in my letterbox the Blue stuff set that I had ordered to get a new 26 decal. I applied it over the previous one. Happily, the wrong Black corrections were nicely covered, and I didn't need to apply Black again in the top square into the 6. On the other hand, one more time, I had folds problems with this decal. These folds appeared after the setting: Cheers, O
  11. Thanks for this funny post, Jochen (would you mean I am a bit perfectionist??). In fact, the rear cowl being itself not in place, I thought I could put none of the 2 options, what would fix the question of this brushed alu cap… A pic showing the rear cowl naked (without cap or camera) would be great of course, I personally couldn’t find it in the net. On the further Marquez bike that will take place near this one, the rear camera would be assembled.
  12. If he may ride with both options, it seems logic that the camera is installed at the last moment and probably not while the rear cowl is not yet in place. Pity, the oval piece is not provided as an option in the Tamiya kit. I will need to scratch build it…
  13. Hello chaps, About the rear camera, I wonder if, since my rear cowl will not be in place on the bike, it is relevant to represent it. On most of the pics, there is, instead of the camera, a metal cap: Now regarding the error I made with the 26 inscription, I had several options: - leave the number with the error, to avoid risks associated to new corrections - do corrections with a paintbrush, as I did wrongly with Black. The Black corrections done were ever very delicate and consequently not perfect. - order a new Blue Stuff Pedrosa set to get a new 26 decal and place the new decal over the previous one. I chose the last option... Cheers, O in holiday
  14. Thanks a lot gamblor for these precisions about the cameras. And pity, you are right about the black portions in the numbers, as this other pic confirms: I will try to do the corrections made necessary by this error as well as possible... Cheers, O P.S: thanks too, Steve! I had to choose between "thanks" for the kind comment and "laugh" for the last part of your post...
  15. Hello chaps, A new update tonight, while I will be far from my bench in the next 8 days: I got just today the RB Motion tiny parts I had ordered, and could so go on and finish the upper cowl job: In order to fix better the nylon net in the concave inside, I glued tiny portions (1 to 1,5 mm diam) of dst. If you use this technique, don't remove the dst, leave it in place. If you do, you will get little yellow spots: Rear cowl: Cheers, O
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