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  1. Three good spots today - the red TR6 that I've seen before , an old boy on a 1950s Matchless single but , most surprisingly , a 1973 Austin Maxi 1750 HL . I can't remember the last time I saw one .
  2. Absolutely excellent job . To add to the appeal , I think it's the first time I've seen one of these built .
  3. I had one of these turn up today . I have to say I was surprised at how crude it was in places - in some respects the 1/43 version is better !! Still , should be a fun project , though I'm still debating whether to build it as a road car or the rally version as supplied .
  4. Went for some petrol this lunchtime and , as I was pulling onto the forecourt , an utterly immaculate burgundy Morris Minor 1000 Traveller was just leaving .
  5. Not really . The best kit is the Heller T3 , but of course it is just a T3 . If you want a fighter version you need a new rear fuselage for the Airfix FAW9 to either correct the narrow rear end or convert it to another of the fighter variants . The Frog/Novo FAW9 is more accurate in dimensions than the Airfix , but MUCH cruder and needs a Freightdog radome . The Mistercraft etc kit is basically a reworked Frog kit with better-detailed jetpipes and the option of an FAW7 rear fuselage . If you just want a Javelin , go for the Heller T3 if you can find one . If it must be a fight
  6. Saw a pre-war Austin 7 saloon driving through Nantwich the other day , looking very smart in dark green
  7. I recently won on EBay a Gunze Sangyo Lotus Elan , which arrived in the post yesterday . Seems a nice little kit , though it suffers from the usual Gunze obsession with moulding far too much of the kit in flexible vinyl rather than hard plastic . In this case it involves most of the interior and , most oddly , the sealing rubbers for the front and rear screens which are intended to be glued over the clear screen mouldings - bizarre !!!
  8. The Gremlin has definitely not improved with time . It's still had a massive beating with the ugly stick and nothing will ever change that . On a more aesthetically pleasing note , I saw a lovely red TR6 this lunchtime . Looked very smart . I've also spent the last couple of weeks getting up close and personal with an MGB historic rally car which we've got in for a rewire . The customer supplied a new wiring loom which I've been modifying to remove the bits we didn't need , add extra bits that we did and repurpose some of the bits to do a different job . I thought the loom looked
  9. I agree totally . The AFV Club , originally Skybow , late Tiger I is a superb kit . The only downside is the rubber tracks , which are reckoned to be extremely tight . Skybow did an aftermarket set of individual link tracks which are much better , though challenging to assemble . These have also been repopped by AFV Club , though the price has increased dramatically . I've had a couple of Skybow sets from Parabellum at around £4.50 a set , but the AFV ones are the thick end of 20 quid .
  10. Gentlemen , I thank you for your suggestions . Like both of you , I also thought Elfenbein , but I just had this nagging doubt because the turret has no roof and the vehicle could , at a push , be regarded as open-topped and therefore to be painted Dunkelgelb inside . I had largely discounted this as it would have made the vehicle very dark inside , but it's good to know that others also regard Elfenbein as most likely
  11. The other day I acquired a Tamiya Sd Kfz 250/9 halftrack . I've pored over the instructions and , whilst they quote colours for detail painting the interior components , I can find nothing detailing the overall colour of the interior . Can anybody throw any light on this ? John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  12. If you think that's ugly , take a look at the Rolls Royce Cullinan .
  13. Can't really come up with a top five , but what I'd really like to see is all the old 1/32 Airfix car kits , apart from the ones they're always reissuing . The Marina, Maxi , Sunbeam Rapier , Renault Dauphine all spring to mind , but what I want most of all is the Kansas Kruiser , the customised Cortina issued around 1980 .
  14. Keith Will you please let us all know how you get on with the Gravity Paints . I , for one , would be very interested .
  15. Vesa is quite correct - around 10-12000 units per year , split between the Bentayga , Flying Spur and Continental GT variants . Sadly , the magnificent Mulsanne ceased production early last year . With the demise of the Mulsanne , we also saw the end of the wonderful L410 engine , the pushrod V8 which has powered Bentleys since 1959 and , of course , Rolls Royces when they were still proper Rolls Royces rather than BMWs . As regards the current cars , there is still a lot of hand work in them and the W12 engines are still assembled on site , though there's nowhere near as much as there wa
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