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  1. Whilst on the way back from the garage yesterday afternoon I spotted , within the space of around 2 minutes , a mint dark green 1974 TR6 , an equally mint Old English White 1964 Austin Mini 850 & a 1991 Mk5 Escort . I only saw the Escort in the distance so don't know what exactly it was , but it was a 3-door & appeared to be wearing some sort of factory bodykit so I'd have to assume it was one of the more sporting variants .
  2. On the way to the supermarket this afternoon I saw a Jaguar XK140 roadster in Opalescent Pearl Blue with chrome wires . Very nice car .
  3. How strange . The cockpit in my MB5 fitted absolutely fine. In fact , the only issue I had with that kit was the well-known problem with the canopy , which simply won't fit since the base of it is at a different angle to the aperture on the fuselage . This , incidentally , is easy to fix . If you saw the canopy in half and mount the sliding part open you can't really see that the back edge of the screen and the front edge of the sliding canopy aren't at the same angle .
  4. As far as I'm aware , Williams Brothers still exist , though under different ownership . It's also my understanding that S&M Models are the UK distributors , so it may be worth asking Mel Bromley at S&M if he can help you out . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  5. On the way to Sainsbury's in Nantwich yesterday afternoon I followed a BMW 2002 cabrio , the one with the fixed centre roof section , targa panel in front & a thing like a pram hood at the back . Immaculate in bright orange .
  6. I just love those Vanden Plas 1100s and 1300s . I was surprised to see that was a Mk 1 - never seen one before just the better looking , in my opinion , Mk 2 and Mk 3 with the cropped rear fins . Back in those days , the Vanden Plas nameplate really meant something and they were finished off in the Vanden Plas factory at Kingsbury - walnut veneer , Wilton carpet and Connolly leather , just like a Rolls Royce which had shrunk in the wash . Casting my mind back to the 1960s , however , I recall a BMC , or it may have been BL by then , advert which stated that the ADO16 had more rear legroom than a Silver Shadow , so maybe it hadn't shrunk that much .
  7. The other day , whilst at Morrisons petrol station in Nantwich , I was rather surprised to see on the forecourt a Citroen CX . It was a slightly rough round the edges 1980/1 Series 1 on a W plate . It's so long since I saw one that it took me a few minutes to remember what it was called .
  8. This is my 4th motorbike model in the last couple of months . It started life as the standard version of the Tamiya Honda CB750F but , having recently built the "custom tuned" version , I found on that kit's decal sheet a pair of CB900F side panel decals & so decided to build it as a 900 which , I believe , is identical to the CB750F apart from the engine capacity . I didn't fancy any of the suggested colour schemes , so decided to paint it FIAT Broom Yellow & , having seen photos of full size bikes with all-silver wheels rather than the recommended black & silver . As with the Ducati which I recently finished , I had no success with the chrome exhausts , so I stripped off the chrome & sprayed with Humbrol Metalcote polished Steel . The only other deviation from standard was the pair of rear-view mirrors , which were left over from my Honda CBR400F build & which I preferred to the kit's round ones . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  9. Thanks . Glad you like it . As regards the footrests , the folded one with the rubber on it is the rear footrest . The front one is the plain silver item which has the rear brake pedal attached to it .
  10. This is my third Tamiya motorcycle in the last few weeks & started out as the Mike Hailwood Replica but , like the Honda CBR400F I finished recently , the decals didn't really want to play ball , taking ages to release from the backing sheet & then very prone to breaking up , even after overcoating with Microscale Liquid Decal Film . I'd already sprayed the red by the time I had the decal problems so decided to leave it as it was , but substituted gold for the green , with black striping from Xtradecal . I managed to salvage the two large Ducati titles for the fairing & , fortunately , the instrument decals . The other main issue was the exhausts - I couldn't get a decent chrome finish on them so used Metalcote Polished Steel , which gave a look with which I was happy . Everything else was completely OOB & went together very well for a kit which is nigh-on 40 years old . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  11. Over the last few weeks the only things I've bought have been 3 1/12 scale motorbikes - Tamiya Suzuki RGV Gamma (XR89) , Tamiya Honda CBR750R & Aoshima Kawasaki 900 Z-1
  12. That's come out really nicely . It builds surprisingly well for such an old kit .
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