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  1. We've had a couple of really nice classics at the garage recently . Last week a very smart Rover P6B in dark green with tan interior & yesterday a really nice Jaguar E Type Series 2 FHC in Old English White with black interior , running on chrome wires .
  2. How things change . I remember around 1980 , Nick Mason loaned his 250 GTO to Hot Car magazine and told them to drive it hard . He even had an adaptor plate made to fix the 5th wheel to the back panel so they could get proper performance figures . I seem to recall 0-60 in 5.9 seconds , which was strong performance back then and astounding for a 1962 3 litre .
  3. That is , of course , SU's rather than Sun's - accursed auto-correct !!! Wouldn't let me edit the post either.
  4. In actual fact , the racing version has some differences - it's not just the standard kit with some extra parts. The main difference is the bumpers , since the racing one has no over-riders and has locating holes on the drivers side for the number plate . It has the triple Webers , but I can't recall if you still get the twin Sun's. It also has the Coombs style rear arch flares rather than the standard spats . I'm sure there are other differences too , but can't remember off the top of my head
  5. When I referred to their older kits being cheaper, I meant those currently available rather that those which are out of production . I agree about the decals in older versions of their kits. This ýear I've built a couple of their older motorbike kits and had major issues with the decals .
  6. A truly excellent job . It made me smile though because , whilst I know it's a compass in his hand , he really looks like someone trying to get a signal on his phone .
  7. On my way out last night I spotted an utterly delightful pre-war Austin 7 . It was an open top boat-tailed 2-seater in pale blue with dark blue cycle wings . Looked immaculate .
  8. Many thanks to everyone for their assistance
  9. Hi Jamie Thanks for the info , which is most informative . I never realised that the ship changed so much between 1933 & 1938 . I know very little about warship modelling - apart from where to buy the correct paints , of course - so that sounds like a lot of work . Would it be easier , though much more expensive , to combine the two 1/700 Trumpeter kits ? Alternatively , I could just paint the Italeri kit in AP507c & pretend I don't know the difference .
  10. I'm only a very occasional ship model builder but I've seen photos of HMS Hood entering Grand Harbour in Valetta circa 1938 , when painted light grey overall with the red/white/blue stripes on B turret & I would like to build a model in this scheme but it seems the available kits are either earlier or later . As far as I can tell , the Italeri 1/720 kit is probably the nearest to the configuration I want . Can anyone give me a rough idea what modifications would be required to update the Italeri kit to 1938 configuration ?
  11. Excellent job on what I think is by far the best looking of all the mid-engined Lamborghinis .
  12. I picked up the Balloon Car on Ebay just before lockdown for 50 quid delivered , so they are still out there at moderately reasonable money . I agree totally - Bandai did so many great kits , none of which ever seem to get re-issued . I have the Balloon Car , 2 Jaguar XJ-S's & a Pendle Princess , but there are a fair few of the others I'd like to get my hands on , not least the Lotus Espirit .
  13. Yesterday , I too saw a Stag , this one S reg in burgundy & fitted with the factory hardtop . Also , whilst driving back from the garage last night I just caught a glimpse as it went past of what I'm certain was a Ford Pop hotrod .
  14. There must be a classic car show round here today . So far , I've seen a Triumph TR6 in Pimento Red wearing Minilites , a late 60s/early 70s BMW 4 door saloon in white , a Jag XK140 DHC in dark blue , a bright red Mk1 Toyota Celica , a BRG Morgan , a 1970s Mini Clubman in a disgusting shade of dog poo brown , a red Series 1 E-Type Jag , a Diamond White Mk2 Escort Harrier & a burgundy Morris Minor Traveller . All looked to be in very good condition .
  15. Saw a very sad sight last night - the rear end of my RS2000 as it departed for a new life in Skelmersdale . It was hard to part after 34 years , but I just didn't use the car enough & it had to live outside so it was time for it to go .
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