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  1. I know what you mean . The RS2 is getting increasingly hard work to manoeuvre at low speeds . Still , that's what you get with a 2.4 turn quick rack .
  2. Yes , I think you're right - can't see you'll get more than 7's under it without arches . They look much better without arches though and they're much easier to get through narrow gaps .
  3. That should do the job . Presumably unarched if it's running a Baby Atlas .
  4. I assume you're in car 66 with Graham Phillpott . What engine's in the car ? The entry list gives a capacity of 1988 , which isn't something ringing any bells .
  5. If you're still looking , I have a complete F6 kit that you could have for £13 including postage. PM me if you're interested . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  6. Rob Thanks for the offers . I will e-mail you tomorrow when I have access to a PC rather than just a phone . Cheers John
  7. Ah but £3.95 was serious money in 1975 . Adverts in that issue of the magazine included the Matchbox series 1 aircraft kits at 30p & the 1/8 scale Airfix Honda 750 Four at £2.40 .
  8. Thanks for the responses chaps .
  9. Yes , I remember that . It was reviewed in Airfix Magazine . I don't think it was one of the mainstream companies who produced it though - memory suggests it was someone I've never heard of before or since . Thought so - Lemarka Reproductions . Advert from Airfix Magazine June 1975
  10. Good afternoon all At the St Ives show on Sunday - great show by the way , congratulations to the organisers - I acquired from Pat at Collectakit an original issue of the 1/72 Revell F-16 as shown in the image below which I have borrowed from Scalemates for illustration purposes When I bought it , I thought it was a YF-16 but a little research suggests it's one of the F-16 FSD aircraft with a spurious serial number in the colour scheme of the 2nd YF-16 . Can any of the experts out there clarify for me what it really represents ? It looks a nice-enough little kit but I have no idea of how accurate , or not , it is . Can I ask for comments on that as well ? Any help greatly appreciated . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  11. rs2man

    Sherman Mk II .

    Dragon also did a British Sherman II , which they called El Alamein Sherman . That also came with sandshields & appropriate decals
  12. rs2man

    Pre War Hurricanes

    As requested
  13. Strange - I've always found Creative to be very good at replying to e-mails & to have excellent customer service in general .
  14. Very true . It all looked a bit odd because the engine capacity was listed as 3500cc & I'm not aware of any Aston with a engine of that capacity . The original WO Bentley designed engine as fitted to the DB3S & DBR1 wouldn't go beyond 3 litres & the later Tadek Marek engine started at 3.7 litres in the DB4 . I wish I could remember the registration number so I could do some more investigation , but it's gone clean out of my head - it's my age you know
  15. Saw an Aston Martin DB3S in Nantwich this afternoon . I ran the registration through the DVLA website and it was registered as an Aston Martin but first registered in 1970 , so presumably a replica , though a very good-looking one .
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