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  1. Yes , I will be having one of them as well , together with the Jaguar 420 . Never thought I'd see either of these reissued, so I'm utterly delighted . I hope sales are sufficient to encourage them to reissue some more of the old car kits .
  2. The Magnifier reissue of the 1/12 Trumpeter GT40 arrived yesterday . I really didn't need any more kits , especially of that size , but at £63.49 delivered I just couldn't resist .
  3. Wonderful Matt . I love those Heller kits and the XJ-S is one of the nicest .
  4. I received mine yesterday . I think it looks pretty good and will save me the bother of buying one .
  5. It's not mustard yellow , it's Harvest Gold . How they came up with a name like that, I really don't know .
  6. Interestingly , there was an article in this month's Classic and Sports Car about a company which specialises in modifying 'continuation' cars in order to get them through the approval and registration process so they can be used on the road . All the parts they change are returned to the owner in a custom-built fitted case so they can be returned to standard if required . Clearly costs an arm and a leg and I would think the Blower Bentleys will be too far away from modern regulations for such a process to be possible . Far more suited to Aston DB4GT or Lightweight E-Type .
  7. Presumably , being new builds , they will not be road legal in the UK . Seems an awful lot of money for something you can only use on a racetrack.
  8. Just to add further to this , the other day I ordered another kit from Jadlam and , following my previous experience, specifically asked for it to be shipped in a box . It arrived today in a plastic bag with some cardboard wrapped round the middle of the kit's box , resulting in a rather dented corner . I will not be dealing with them again and would suggest that anyone who prefers to receive their items in unblemished condition does the same .
  9. It's not odd at all that AX201 is owned by Bentley . Until we were sold down the river by Rolls Royce Aero Engines, the company at Crewe was Rolls Royce and Bentley Motor Cars . Since Rolls Royce Ltd was bankrupted by the development costs of the RB211 in 1971 and the company was split up , the use of the Rolls Royce name on cars has been used under licence from Derby even though the same cars were being made by the same people in the same factory as before . When VW bought the business , Rolls Royce Derby sold the rights to the Rolls Royce name to BMW , but that was all BMW bought . Anything
  10. Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland do a set of resin Minilites sized to fit the kit tyres .
  11. I think you'd be surprised just how much interest they'd generate . In 40 years time , people would see them and immediately start talking about how they used to have one or how long it is since they've seen one . I was at the garage the other day and did exactly that when someone brought in a Mk3 Cavalier .
  12. On EBay the other day I won a 1/16 scale AMT 57 Chevy Bel Air 2 door coupe . It's been fully built to a so-so standard so I intend to dismantle it , strip the paint and rebuild . I've wanted one for ages but they generally seemed to be staggeringly expensive , coming from the States with the attendant stratospheric shipping costs , or both . This cost me 20 quid plus postage , so I'm delighted with it .
  13. That's got to be the ugliest car I've ever seen .
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