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  1. I'm sure the rules changed later than that - we had a Mk2 RS2000 on a B- prefix plate .
  2. Most likely it was exported when new and then re-imported in 1979/80 . Before they altered the registration process in the mid 1980s anything imported was given a registration relating the the year it was imported , not the year it was built .
  3. Saw a very smart Mini 1275GT in Nantwich the other day , painted in that dreadful brownish orange . Looked like it was intended for serious use as it had a roll cage & as it drove away there was the telltale whine of a straight-cut box .
  4. Went browsing online the other day looking for this Whilst looking , I came across this , which I never knew existed : I found the Greased Lightning for a reasonable price at Creative Models , but they didn't seem to have the 53 Chevy until I found one in the damaged boxes section . They both turned up yesterday & I was delighted to find the Chevy's box was only slightly crumpled .
  5. In truth it's a rather odd spec , since it's at least partly Japanese . If you look at the exhausts they appear to be simulating the steel mesh grass fire shields round the actual exhausts which were mandatory for imported cars in Japan in the 1980s .
  6. According to Google , the Jaguar is XZ739 and the tailcode is indeed EU . Apparently it's in 6 Sqn markings
  7. We can only but hope they're all full of cheap Revell kits
  8. I would agree with Julien on this , especially since the S&M kits retail for 45 quid at Hannants & Mel does them for 36 . Incidentally , I was talking to Mel at Cosford & he told me that the new Canberra B6 is a different tool to the B2 & T4 , rather than a modification as I expected .
  9. Yes they were fitted to F2 & T4 . As I said previously , the only Lightning which didn't have the option of the refueling probe was the F1 . Just to be 100% clear , the F1 had no provision for a refueling probe - the aircraft were not plumbed for IFR . The F1A/F2/F2A/F3/F3A/T4/T5/F6/F52/F53/F53K/T55/T55K all had provision for the probe .
  10. This is very true - after you've owned something for a while you get really attached to it . It doesn't just apply to restoration projects either . My RS2 is taxed , MoT'd & insured but hardly ever gets used , largely because my insurer won't let me keep it at home so it has to live in my parents' driveway . It's deteriorating due to having to live outside & lack of use & I KNOW I should sell it but after 33 years of ownership it'll be like having an arm off without anesthetic .
  11. No , they wouldn't taxy with the flaps down . They would be lowered before brakes-off on the runway prior to take off and raised at the end of the landing roll
  12. In actual fact , the only Lightnings not equipped for IFR were the original F1 aircraft . All others could & generally did have them fitted .
  13. Gentlemen I must offer my apologies since I have been the bearer of incorrect information . I stated above that the Plastyk kit had better jetpipes than the Frog but , whilst amending my stash stocksheet yesterday I realised that the kit to which I was referring is in fact by Chemetic . I think they're the same kit , but cannot be 100% sure so , for the moment , my comments above refer solely to the Chemetic kit
  14. rs2man

    Phantom FG1

    Don't forget that Treble One were originally an FGR2 unit . They only re-equipped with the FG1 after 892 Squadron disbanded , in the interests of commonisation at Leuchars .
  15. 71Chally is quite correct - the 1/72 Airfix FAW9 is too narrow at the rear end because they just provided a new rear end to the existing T3 fuselage . The only way to build a nicely detailed and accurate OOB Javelin in 1/72 is to build the Heller T3 . If you're prepared to do some conversion , Whirlybird Models do a couple of resin pieces to do the FAW1-6 or FAW7 rear fuselages , though you can only build an FAW1 , 4 or 5 with the early piece because the FAW2 and 6 have the shorter nose with the American radar . Should you want an accurate FAW9 you need the rear fuselage from the Frog kit , or preferably the much-maligned Plastyk kit . This latter is largely the Frog kit with rescribed panel lines , but the FAW9 jetpipes are MUCH better than the Frog ones .
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