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  1. I believe they started fitting the 2H seat into the FGA9 in order to commonise the seat fit and simplify servicing , giving them just one variant of ancient seat to worry about .
  2. I was thinking the kit was a 4.2 since the boot badge on the decal sheet says that , but now you've mentioned the 3.8 I've looked at the pics again and it seems to be a 3.8 - it certainly has 3.8 seats .
  3. Where did you get those figures ? As far as I was aware , Jaguar built 5830 4.2 Series One fixed head coupes . I agree with you about Monogram's Cobra - it was an excellent kit .
  4. Make sure you check the bodyshell . I had that exact boxing , bought new and shrinkwrapped from a shop , and the body was a clear version of the Zakspeed Group 2 racing version .
  5. No photos , I'm afraid , but the other day I saw a 1983 Austin Metro City in seemingly excellent condition . I was somewhat surprised on two counts , that it had survived at all , and that someone had chosen to save the ultimate poverty-spec version, which didn't even have reversing lights or a rear parcel shelf .
  6. Here's my haul from the Stoke show yesterday .
  7. Yes , I can well believe it was new tooling since it's subtly different to the rest of the kits , most notably the chassis , which has cutouts for the exhausts where they go under the side rails , a different , more positive fixing for the gearbox and a modified front crossmember and axle to ensure the axle can only fit the right way round . My Rat Roaster will have a spare 302 Ford motor fitted as I'm pinching the smallblock Chevy and the entire exhaust system for my American Grafitti coupe .
  8. Just seen some pics of the new 32 roadster and a fair amount of it looks very familiar - the blown smallblock Chevy , entire exhaust system and the wheels and tyres are from the Stacey David's Rat Roaster issue from a few years back . I don't suppose there's any chance that the new kit includes the bobbed rear wings and front cycle wings from the Rat Roaster ?
  9. This arrived today. Can't say I'm over-impressed - there's a distinct lack of detail for something costing over 130 quid . There aren't even any plug leads and the whole thing looks like a 1/24 scale kit made 3 times bigger . To make matters worse , whoever packed the kit has included two of the chrome sprues containing the dashboard , brake servo , headlamp buckets etc but failed to include the other chrome sprue with the wheels on it . I've emailed Revell UK about the missing sprue , so we'll see what they have to say .
  10. Yes , it came with a big aerofoil rollbar, flared arches , front spoiler and big Minilites , but I've seen no evidence of machine guns .
  11. Here's my latest , the AMT Sunbeam Tiger modified into a racer . I removed the screen frame and then fitted and filled the dash . I also removed all the moulded-in badging and side trims . Carbs and manifold , sidepipes , racing screen , roll hoop and steering wheel are from the AMT Cobra 289 , wheels from the C1 Models MGC GTS transkit, tyres from the Aoshima MGB and the 3-eared spinners from the Revell reissue of the Sunny/Minicraft Cobra . Harnesses are Eduard . Paint is Halfords Fiat Broom Yellow . Black stripes from an Xtradecal sheet , tiger head decals from an Xtradecal Lightning sheet , race numbers and Team Tiger lettering from an Xtradecal serial number sheet , white roundels from Fantasy Printshop and various sponsor decals from a Tamiya Wolf WR1 Formula 1 car .
  12. I'm very happy to see that Italeri are due to reissue the old Esci group 2 Zakspeed Mk2 Escort but I noticed that Italeri state the main body colour to be black , whilst the original Esci release in essentially the same colour scheme stated midnight blue . Does anyone have any knowledge of which is correct ? Alternatively , were the cars painted different colours ? On a different , but still Zakspeed-related , note I have a set of aftermarket decals for a similar car in blue and white Denim livery . The car still exists , having been fully restored , and photos show it with a solid bootlid rather than one with cutouts for connections to add fuel and oil from outside , as featured in the kit . Any thoughts as to the original in-period configuration of the Denim car ? Any info would be greatly appreciated .
  13. Could I just point out that my build of PK-73 Panther shows my name in black , but I completed the kit and posted to the gallery on 17th March, so can it please be greened-off ? Many thanks
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