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  1. rs2man

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    The OBD system is all very well if it'll actually pick up the fault . My father-in-law hasn't seen his Kia Carens since before Christmas because even the Kia dealer's proper Kia diagnostics set-up won't detect what's actually wrong with it . What makes it even worse though is the attitude of the staff at the dealership , one of whom told him "It's an old car , it's had it's day" . It's 8 years old & Kias come with a 7 year warranty , so it's not an old car in my opinion . The other thing to bear in mind is that , whilst modern cars may be more reliable than older ones , when they do go wrong it'll cost silly money to fix . The father-in-law's previous car was a 2002 Vauxhall Zafira diesel & one day it just stopped & wouldn't restart . It turned out that , rather than having a nice simple solenoid to cut the fuel flow to the pump when the ignition was turned off , it had some fancy electronic box of tricks to do the same job & it was that which had failed . The cost of a replacement & fitting was in the region of £1500 , so we ended up towing it to the scrapyard .
  2. rs2man

    Lucky find... saved from the dump

    Matt , you're a lucky sod !!! What a great find . I've wanted one ever since I read Ted Taylor's article in the Scale Models you mentioned .
  3. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one
  4. Of course it's not . You can never be too rich , too polite or have too many 69 Chargers - in my opinion the best looking of all muscle cars
  5. rs2man

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    We had a white 2016 Mustang in at the garage on Saturday . 5 litre 4-cam V8 & 435 bhp - very nice . I'd have one tomorrow if I had any money
  6. rs2man

    Barracuda Studios opinions

    I don't know how long they take to ship , having only bought stuff from him at Telford , but I can assure you that Roy at Barracuda is totally honest and trustworthy . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  7. Hi Jan Is the AZ Model 1/48 Pitts S2A still available ? I picked up a second-hand one from Hannants the other day and there's a lot of sinkage on the wings , so I was hoping I could buy replacement wings for it . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  8. Picked these three up at Telford : Pre-ordered the Model T from Hannants , so it cost me all of £13.50 , which seems a total bargain for a new-tool kit . The other two I picked up from a trader who had a lot of AMT & MPC stuff he was selling at £19.99 a pop . They seem to have got very expensive of late , so it was a nice surprise to get them at a reasonable price .
  9. rs2man

    RAF Phantom in 1/72... by Matchbox

    That looks great Matt . It's amazing how much difference the radome & canopy make . I saw your model at Telford & it looked really nice
  10. rs2man

    which one to build next?

    Go for the Tamiya kit . It's likely to fit better & Tamiya instructions are usually exemplary , showing exactly what goes where & what colour to paint it .
  11. rs2man

    Old English White?

    You could try Halfords to see if they still do an aerosol for it . Alternatively , Tamiya do a Racing White aerosol which is an off-white .
  12. I forgot that I also recently acquired the Italeri Police Range Rover . I assume it's a reissue of an Esci kit , but it looks nice enough .
  13. Just went looking for this thread & was amazed to find it's nearly 2 months since any of us fessed up to buying anything . Anyway , recently I've acquired 2 of the Emhar Bedford lorries - the long wheelbase tanker & the short wheelbase recovery truck . Both seem like really nice kits . I also picked up an old boxing of the 1/43 Heller Renault 4CV , which is a delightful little thing & reminded me just how nice those little Heller kits really are . Finally , I bought a 1/24 Heller Renault 8 Gordini . This is a typical older Heller tooling in that it seems nicely moulded but it's just a trifle odd in that a fair amount of it is moulded in soft vinyl . I can live with the seats , but the rollcage & exhaust manifold are definitely going to need replacement . Still , where else are you going to get a Renault 8 Gordini ?
  14. rs2man

    1/72 Prototype Tornado - Back Dating the Revell GR.1?

    Just a thought for you - if you just want a red & white aircraft as opposed to an actual prototype , then Syhart do a decal sheet for a red & white German aircraft painted to celebrate 40 years of the Tornado . The paintjob's not the same , but it still looks very striking & would save you the bother of modifying the kit . https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SY72097
  15. rs2man

    Lightning F3

    Fair enough .