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  1. All three items now glossed and decalled, posed on the part-painted diorama base
  2. I have no idea why , but it appears that flocking powers are used on women's fingernails . If you search "Velvet flocking powder" on Ebay , you'll find a vast range of colours , available very cheaply .
  3. There's also a half-decent model shop in Bridlington.
  4. Hi Marco If I PM you , may I have a copy of the PDFs too ? Thanks John Green
  5. PK-303 Porsche 917-10 Here's my fourth completion of this Group Build , the 1/32 Porsche 917-10 Can Am racer . With the exception of a little boxing in of the cockpit area , seatbelts, plug leads and a set of decals from Indycals , it was OOB . Paints were a mix of Halfords , Tamiya , Alclad , Humbrol and Vallejo .
  6. It's not a Matchbox original . It's an Otaki kit , reissued by Arii , Matchbox and Airfix
  7. Suspension and engine bay detail painted, engine, transaxle and induction system fitted , wheels and tyres fitted .
  8. Thanks for the info . Very useful to know that is available . I really need to look at Spotmodel more often .
  9. This arrived yesterday . Retails at £140,but I got it from Wheelspin Models in Cannock for £122 including next day delivery by DPD , which I thought was a pretty decent price .
  10. This is true , but the kit is missing both instructions and decals , so isn't quite the bargain it seems .
  11. Gentlemen , many thanks for your most generous comments . Incidentally , I knew that the Healey was an old kit , but it wasn't till I looked it up on Scalemates that I realised it was first issued in 1958 !!! What an amazing kit it must have been back then .
  12. A little more progress with the Porsche. I masked and sprayed the rollover hoop white , then added the pre-painted seats and battery . I could find no car seatbelts in 1/32 so I bought an Airwaves etched set for an F-4 Phantom , which look the part when sprayed red . Wheels have been painted and then matt varnished to take the edge off the chrome and the tyres have been decalled and matt varnished to seal the decals in . The wheels are only fitted temporarily as the suspension still needs detail painting . Finally , and barely visible in this shot , I picked out all the moulded-on pipework in the engine bay with a black Sharpie .
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