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  1. I have a Matchbox boxing of the old Revell 1/25 Austin Healey 100-6 . Would that be eligible ? If so , it's also a bit started - I glued the body together about 20 years ago - would that be a problem ?
  2. You're welcome . in case you're interested , here's a pic of mine
  3. Hi Andy Ok , the main problem with this kit is the wheels and tyres , which are absurdly over-wide even for a racing Cobra . The rear tyres are marked 12.5 x 15 but they're way wider than that , something like 17 or 18 inches wide . The front tyres are around 12.5 x 15 but have no size marked . When I built mine back in the 1980s , I narrowed the rear wheels to fit the front tyres then cut a sidewall off each rear tyre , cut off a little over half the width of the tyre , superglued the sidewall back on then narrowed the front wheels to suit . Because of the huge tyres , the rear suspension is rather too narrow and also missing the upper wishbone , but it doesn't really show when it's built . The kit is intended to be built with sidepipes so if you want tail exhausts you'll need to fill the big holes in the sides . Everything else is just a general lack of detail for a 1/16 kit - nothing a little work won't fix . It certainly looks good when finished - I'm still very happy with mine . If you want to know anything else , drop me a PM . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  4. Is that the one Stuart Graham used to drive ?
  5. I agree . I've used it too and found it pretty good . In fact , I think it shrinks less than the Squadron putties .
  6. You really had to wonder what Ford were thinking . The Mk3 Granada was a really attractive car , then they decided to facelift it into that .
  7. Well , I have to say that amused me greatly . Serves him damn well right .
  8. I agree - it's a really interesting and attractive model , especially in the yellow coal delivery scheme, which will have vast scope for weathering . I've been pondering on getting one for a while , but have so far resisted .
  9. No , that's a Silver Cloud SIII "Chinese Eye" Mulliner Drophead. One of the most stylish types of coachwork on the Cloud chassis, in my opinion .
  10. Yes I did , but I got them at a show and have no idea who I got them from .
  11. Here's a couple of (rubbish , taken on phone) pics of my latest , the 1/25 Revell 1948 Ford Custom Coupe . It's entirely OOB apart from plug leads and the wheels & tyres , which are Pegasus chrome reverse rims . Paint is Hyundai Sapphire Blue .
  12. Went into E Models in Stoke this afternoon and left with the Academy Lamborghini Countach and the Revell Jaguar E Type roadster.
  13. Thanks for the info gents . I think I'll give it a go
  14. Does anyone know anything about the 1/24 Academy Lamborghini Countach ? It retails for £17.99 , which seems very cheap but I have no knowledge of the kit and don't want to get one if it's actually rubbish .
  15. On the way to Mow Cop the other day I saw a very tidy late 70s Mini van , wearing signwriting for a local farm . On the way to the garage yesterday an apparently immaculate early 60s mk 1 Austin Mini and on the way home an equally smart 1964 Rover P4 .
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