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  1. That is so good. Superb. It’s got me going up to the attic to fetch a couple of F-4J kits.
  2. Brilliant. I can’t imagine how much masking tape you got through but it was worth every centimetre.
  3. Now that's really smart. Excellent modelling. Never thought I would be interested in an Easyjet Airbus but you've changed my mind.
  4. Glad to see you’re still modelling Paul. That one’s come out pretty well. Nice subject. Who knows, one day we might get back to meeting up at a model club.
  5. Martin P6M-2 Seamaster Naval Air Station Harvey Point, North Carolina, 1959 1/72 Mach 2 kit Surely one of the coolest looking aeroplanes of all time, the Seamaster was just a step too far into the field of far-too-expensive-aeroplanes. In some ways it captures the spirit of 1950s military aviation in America in which anything was worth a try. I bought this Mach 2 kit at a good price (£40) last year but really never thought I would build it. Opening the box revealed the size of the beast, but also revealed huge amounts of flash and poorly moulded parts with rough sur
  6. Beautifully done. Love those early Tomcats. In the UK we used to see Atlantic Fleet F-14s at airshows during the late 70s including VF-32. At Farnborough 76 there was a fantastic F-14 display and it turned out that one was going to VF-24 after the show - such a shame it wasn’t carrying any squadron marks at the time. Thanks for reminding me of those exciting times.
  7. That is superb. Really like those early Italian markings with lots of red stencils. Those ejection seats are some of the best I’ve seen. The straps look real - as does all the rest of it!
  8. Thanks for the link Space Ranger. I had seen this article and I was pleased I started with the Mach 2 rather than Anigrand kit. I'm actually somewhere near finishing it now and the experience wasn't anything like so traumatic as I thought it was going to be when I opened the box (apologies to Moa for hi jacking the Seabee post to talk about a Seamaster!)
  9. Love that comment - made me laugh out loud. Nicely built Liberator too!
  10. From Mach 2 standards to Moa standards is an amazing transformation. You remain in a class of your own when it comes to these rare civilian aeroplanes. I am currently building a Mach 2 Martin Seamaster and I totally agree with your summary of these kits. I started with moulding a new canopy and built the rest around it!
  11. That really looks the part. Excellent modelling. I have one of these in the stash plus decals for a KLM 63 and I’ve been trying to find a decent picture of the wing top surfaces to work out whether the central area was natural metal or coroguard / grey painted during this era. It’s very difficult to tell from photos. Can anyone help?
  12. 8 Hi Gary. Thanks for your comments. How I handled the main gear was to leave it loose in it’s location slot rather than fixing it. I put some scrap plastic on the top of the slot to prevent it from slipping out. It means you have to paint the leg before you put the fuselage halves together and then be very careful not to damage it during the rest of the build. The aircraft then stands on its nose and outrigger gears, with the main gear free to touch the ground.
  13. I meant that the kit doesn't include rudder pedals, not that the Puma doesn't have rudder pedals!
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