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  1. The Original Airfix Phantom This kit was such a big part of my modelling history that I thought I would build one as Airfix had originally intended. However, I couldn’t resist sorting a few things out – such as the canopy and radome and IR seeker shapes and replacement seats. I also filled the huge control surface gaps and rescribed them. Original decals were used for squadron markings and numbers (note the yellowing!). Airfix got the VF-74 red arrow marking wrong on the fuselage top and I also put that right. Overall though it took me back to around 1970. I also have the very one I built in 1970, now in it’s nth set of markings for a US Marines aircraft :
  2. That's excellent - just how a Sea King should look. It's not often that you see a helicopter model with just the right amount of rotor droop, blades being properly finished with the right colours and markings. The well used orange seat cushions, antennas and weathering also show how much you've put into this one. My log book shows me I was aboard ZA166 for its first flight on 4th March 1982 (Flight Test Engineer at Westlands) and I'm glad it made it all the way through to being a rescue Sea King in MSG and red.
  3. Very neat and very nostalgic. Like some others have said, this one of those early Airfix kits that I've always liked but never got around to. But please fix those drooping ailerons!
  4. Really nice. It's great to see a 1/72 Sea King built by somebody who obviously knows the subject. Great result.
  5. I think you're right about the nose gear. It was a hastily adapted Airfix nose leg which was shortened as there's basically no bay in the Frog kit. I had already shortened it twice but maybe it needs a bit more removing.
  6. Hello Colin. The Firebirds aircraft is the Trumpeter F.1A with Aires resin rear fuselage, changes to the undercarriage, etc. I’ve got an F.2 somewhere done from Hasegawa + Airfix belly - in the attic somewhere.
  7. I think that was my 18th Lightning so I'm not sure I could fit them all in!
  8. The missile was completed way back when I built a Matchbox F.6. Must have been late 1980s or so. The F.6 was thrown out when the varnish went hopelessly yellow after many years - old Humbrol varnish in those days.
  9. Lightning F.6 Lightning Training Flight, Binbrook, 1982 Over many years of building Lightnings I had never bothered with camouflaged machines, but for some reason I thought it was time to try one out. I had an old Frog / Hasegawa F.6 to use so it had to have a belly tank without guns fitted, and this is the one I chose: I decided to do a limited re-scribe, and also I had a spare undercarriage from an Airfix F.6 that made a huge difference. I’m running short of Aeroclub white metal undercarriages so this was really helpful. Decals were my usual mixture of Modeldecal and Xtradecal. The finless Red Tops were from a long deceased Matchbox F.6 Looks OK overall, but I still prefer the natural metal look:
  10. Hello Paul. Some blasts from the past there. I get my Aeroclub Anson kit out from time to time with the intent of building it but it always seems to take second place to something a bit faster (usually a Lightning or Phantom) or something more straightforward (usually a Lightning or Phantom). Well done on the title decals - that is one test of eyesight and determination. Pity they've yellowed. Have you tried the old leave-it-in-sun-for-a-couple-of-weeks trick?
  11. Very nicely done. Looks like you fitted undercarriage and antennas before you painted it! How did you do that? If it was me I would be knocking bits off and searching the masking tape for missing undercarriage doors.
  12. I’m glad it’s not just me who’s got a ‘Too big to go anywhere....’ collection. I just bought a Mach 2 Seamaster without checking out the size first. Anyway, love the Vigilante. It’s one of those special ahead-of-its-time machines. You’ve got a brilliant result from that big Trumpy kit. Just going up to the loft now to dig out my old Hasegawa 1/72 kit....
  13. Yes indeed - plenty of smoke and retirements in 1982. The yellow paint is Tamiya acrylic X-8 Lemon Yellow airbrushed over a base of Tamiya white primer. sorry - just realised I quoted the wrong post. Must do this when I’m more awake!
  14. Just Tamiya seat belts and a couple of wires. The kit provides the yellow ignition leads but they look far too thick and I should have replaced them.
  15. Renault RE30B Alain Prost, British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch, 18th July 1982 Tamiya kit bought in 1985 and spent about 32 years in the attic waiting to be built. Hence very yellowed decals which were replaced with those from Indycals. I nearly sent the decals back as the number 15s were printed in Magenta, not Red. But cleverly they turn the right shade of red when applied over the yellow paint!
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