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  1. Like the idea of that S.1 from the new Airfix kit. I would be careful about the yellow interiors though. I've also seen photos where the undercarriage legs etc look a yellow shade, but I was also working at Brough from 1969 to 1974 and only ever saw the standard glossy light grey/blue colour (Airfix suggest using Light Compass Ghost Grey which looks a really good match). I know that's a bit late for S.1s but I've seen nothing to suggest the interior colours were changed.
  2. Hawker Siddeley Kestrel FGA.1 Tripartite Evaluation Squadron, West Raynham, 1964 This is another one that was finished many years ago but has recently seen the light of day again. It was based on the original Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR.1 kit with parts from a Heritage Resin conversion. I didn’t actually use any resin but the white metal nozzles were needed. The Tripartite decals were also from this source. Canopy and cockpit interior were from scratch – I think the seat was a spare from the Skybirds 86 Scimitar kit given to me by Mike Eacock many years ago. Nowadays I don’t think I would have been quite so out there with the metal finish, but anyway here it is:
  3. Now that is something special - very well done. I've built a couple of Matchbox Buccaneers so I know what your starting point was, and you've absolutely transformed that kit into a gem of a model. From one Buccaneer man to another, if you haven't already bought the new Airfix kit go and get one now! It's just so good - looks exactly right.
  4. Very unusual and very nice Paul. Didn't Aeroclub do one of these years ago?
  5. Ah RAF Newton. Did my first ever flight there - Chipmunk of course. I was in the ATC squadron at Holbeach at the time. No Meteors by then though. Must have been 1963 or 4
  6. The dayglo was good old Humbrol Fire Orange, applied over firstly white, then a coat of matt orange before the dayglo.
  7. Thanks Ian. You are right about the nose gear and wheels. I had a look at the Revell 737 800 kit to get an idea of replacement wheel size, but I thought they looked too small - should have gone with that though. The overall nose shape just doesn’t look Boeing for some reason. It looks strangely like a TU154 in profile! Something to do with the slope of the windscreen I think. Anyway the next one will need a bit more work. As for what’s up next - I’m tempted to say Tridents again but that’s such a long term project that something else is bound to turn up first in the airliner world. But before that, on with that new Airfix Buccaneer.
  8. Thanks. The two seater is actually the Heller / Humbrol Bobcat kit which I posted up recently along with the TAV-8B
  9. I hadn't seen them for a long time either! I seem to remember bringing them along to a club meeting a long time ago.....but maybe not!
  10. Very nicely done. I used the Syhart sheet in 1/72 and was very impressed with it as I'm sure you were. The Revell kit looks very good, but like all other Rafale kits as far as I can see it has the very early (possibly just prototype) wing tip launchers for the MICAs. This is the production version without those bulges on the inner surfaces:
  11. Meteors in 1/72 These are various Meteors built over the years 54 Squadron F.8 from the Aeroclub kit: 23 Squadron T.7 converted from the Frog F.4: 64 Squadron F.8 converted from the Frog F.4 using the old Aeroclub conversion set: 1 Squadron F.4 - Frog kit rescribed and detailed: 25 Squadron NF.14 - the original Matchbox kit:
  12. Early Harriers - Airfix or Esci / Italeri ? Just thought it would be helpful to see both 1/72 Harrier GR.1s next to each other. My own view is that there's little to choose between them. The Airfix kit perhaps has a slightly better shape and cockpit / undercarriage detail is better, but the Airfix panel lines are way more prominent that those on the Esci / Italeri kit, which is quite noticeable o n such small models. As an aside, I was disappointed to see the difference between separate tins of Xtracolour RAF Dark Green as both these models were painted with Xtracolour. Airfix kit is 4 Sqn's XV791. Esci kit is 233 OCU aircraft.
  13. Thanks for that. Always good to get some first hand feedback! I will have a rumage around my Harrier spares to see if I can find some outboard pylons
  14. Thanks Selwyn - yes you are right of course. I seem to remember one of these on the line at VL in 1982 or so. Also corrected my OCU error - should be 233 OCU of course!
  15. Thanks John, but it is actually the Revell kit. Decals were from Classic-Airlines.com.
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