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  1. Mirage IIIE No.501 / 3-IB EC1/3 'Navarre' Nancy-Ochey, France, June 1985 This was built from the old Revell 1/72 kit from the 1970s. Not the best Mirage kit out there nowadays by a long way but it's been in the stash for so many years and it was time to build it. The inspiration was that Modeldecal sheet with those attractive EC1/3 anniversary markings. The French are usually very good at anniversary schemes, and though this one is quite simple it's also very French and looks good. The kit was basically OK. It gave the impression that it had been scaled down from t
  2. That is something else. What amazing modelling. Brilliant
  3. Brilliant modelling. What a riot of colour. Your canopy looks really good - you certainly mastered the art of moulding your own and of masking as well.
  4. Nicely done, but I think you should make it clearer when you're just whiffing around! What's wrong with a 'real' one anyway? All those lovely Canadian colours or ANG varieties!
  5. Hi Liam. Thanks for your comments. Maybe I should have put this one up at the same time (converted from the Roden Super VC10 kit):
  6. Hello Malc. Just had a look at your Lotus 101 WIP and that is excellent modelling. My F1 modelling so far has been limited to Tamiya and Ebro kits but I’m tempted to try something more adventurous now. Maybe a Tyrell or Ligier from the Brundle era. Anyway really well done on all that detail and that lovely yellow Camel finish.
  7. Hi there. Yes it’s 1/72. Wingspan about 22cm. Thanks for your comments
  8. Beechcraft King Air 200 45 (Reserve) Squadron, RAF Cranwell, 2021 Mach 2 kit as marketed by Two Six Models I picked this one up from Models For Sale a few months ago, mainly because it included a really nice set of decals for the current RAF training version. The kit was typically Mach 2 – lots of flash, nearly unusable transparencies, wings at odd angles if you assemble it straight from the sprue, brittle plastic, etc. Ironically the cabin windows were moulded quite well and would have been usable, but alas the windows were too small and had to be drilled out
  9. Love those Britannia’s. Have you got shares in Roden? I think they should send you a free kit or so for your support. I bet you built the old Frog kit years ago. I certainly did. I remember it started out as an unpainted BOAC machine (apart from the white fuselage top - brush painted badly with Humbrol gloss white - probably a single coat as patience wasn’t easy to come by back then) with kit decals. My Dad used to take me to the Battle of Britain air show at Coltishall or Waddington back in the day and I remember seeing an RAF Britannia in the flying display. Within an hour of getting home th
  10. Thanks Paul. Maybe we should arrange another Meteor meet when it’s playtime again
  11. They look really good together, Paul. I think I’ve seen one or two of those at a model club (in a galaxy far far away it seems!) but won’t it be good to get back to all that
  12. Beautifully done. That is top class modelling
  13. Thanks Glen and good to hear from you and looking forward to a good chat again at a model club sometime, somewhere, maybe....?
  14. Hi Ian. The cabin windows are actually decals, but I managed to salvage some clear bits of the kit windscreen. The windscreen outline decal was quite a bit bigger than the kit transparency so needed some carefully camouflaged touch ups with grey and black paint. I like the look of the nose overall on this kit, though. It captures the VC10 look better than Airfix, and many times better than the Mach 2 1/72 kit.
  15. BOAC Super VC10 Mid 1960s This is the Roden 1/144 kit with Two Six decals built from the box except for a bit of sanding around the nose to reduce the sharpness of the change in profile from parallel to tapered in plan view, and addition of the two small fences on each wing leading edge. I also emphasised the flaps, slats and spoilers slightly by some light scribing before highlighting with mid grey paint to get them to stand out a little more than the panel line engraving, which is nice but just a little heavy for this scale.
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