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  1. 100SQN

    Paint Colour Selection Tool ?

    Thanks Michael. Thats the one I was looking for. Shame its gone
  2. 100SQN

    Paint Colour Selection Tool ?

    Seasonal greetings A few years ago I used to use a website/tool to help me identify which colour paint to use when building my models. You would start my importing an image of your subject into the tool and then select any colour from the image. The tool would then suggest a number of paints, from different manufacturers, which closely match the one you selected. Unfortuntely I lost all my bookmarks, including the link to this website when my PC broke last year Does anybody know of this website or use anything similar ? Cheers, Simon
  3. Hi, I'm currently building a 1/32 Mig-3 (the white one with blue underneath) but I'm not sure which blue to use from the Vallejo range. Could somebody please advise ? Thanks, Simon
  4. 100SQN

    Modern US Aircraft Carrier in 1/700 or 1/720 ?

    Hi, Thanks for responding. I think I'll be going for a Trumpeter kit Many thanks, Simon
  5. Hi, Could anybody recommend a modern US aircraft carrier in 1/700 or 1/720 please ? I've never built a ship/carrier before so I haven't got a clue which kit to go for. The ones I've seen so far don't seem to have much detail. Any recomendations would be much appreciated Thanks, Simon
  6. 100SQN

    Aircraft carriers with a water base ?

    Thanks Paul for all the info, that's really helpful. Here's the model which comes with a water base..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8u1sq2bAu4 Skip to 1 minute Cheers, Simon
  7. Hi, I recently watched a review of the Trumpeter 1:700 USS Lexington CV-2 (1942) and noticed the model came with a water base. I've never built a ship or carrier before so I wasn't aware that some came with a base. Is this common or just a Trumpeter thing ? The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking to build an aircraft carrier (US/UK) but I feel I would really struggle to build a water base for it. So if a model came with one included, that would be a bonus. Could somebody recommend one with a water base ? Thanks, Simon
  8. 100SQN

    Tamiya 1/48 Sea Harrier

    Thanks. That's what I thought when I saw the price Cheers, Simon
  9. 100SQN

    Tamiya 1/48 Sea Harrier

    Hi, I was surprised to see the Tamiya 1/48 Sea Harrier in a local shop the other day priced at £12. Is this a good deal or am I missing something here ? For a Tamiya 1/48 kit I would expect to pay twice that. Cheers, Simon
  10. 100SQN

    Lotus/Caterham Super 7

    Thanks for the replies. Does anybody know of any similar models such as the Ariel Atom, Nomad or BAC Mono ?
  11. Hi, I'm considering buying the Tamiya Lotus Super 7 in 1/24 scale but I would like to convert it to more of a racing version. Is there any after market conversion sets available ? Also are there any other models similar to this car available ? Such as the Ariel Atom, Nomad or BAC Mono Thanks, Simon
  12. 100SQN

    Matt varnish for enamals ?

    Hi, Could somebody recommend a matt varnish I could brush over my Humbrol enamals please ? Also any advice to brushing on a matt varnish would be much appreciated Thanks, Simon
  13. 100SQN

    Top Turret on B-17

    Hi, I'm considering buying a 1:72 B-17 but I've noticed that the top turret seems to be higher on some versions of the B-17. Is this true ? Cheers, Simon
  14. 100SQN

    Airfix 08002 Lancaster 1/72

    Hi Ian, A fine tribute to a fine aircraft. I believe my grandfather worked on W4999 when he was based at Waltham Thanks for sharing. Simon
  15. 100SQN

    Where to buy 1:32 P-47

    Hi, thanks for the quick response. Sorry forgot to mention I'd prefer the bubble top version of the P-47 Cheers, Simon