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  1. I'm glad my RN ships are waterlined
  2. Scuttle counting, the nautical version of rivet counting?
  3. On my Ark Royal I used a wooden deck for the first time (Very Fire set but probably similar). I had no problems with it. I painted the fittings first and it stuck to the painted surface fine. I clear coated the deck with flat lacquer and weathered and darkened the wood with a light coats of an oil wash. I took a different approach to the anchor chain. Because it is so hard to see when the model is together I used a cheap chain that was in my stash.
  4. Good job on the tripod, I've been working on mine on and off and finally realized that Very Fire didn't do a very good job on the shape of the Met platform. I will have to redo the rear part of it to get it all to line up correctly. I'm seeing more things in the Tetra detail set that the Very Fire set doesn't have but also the reverse is true. The rear supports do go through the compass platform deck down to the base of the funnel. Also, the two lower tripod platforms railings were covered with canvas. When I started my model I was willing to go with what came with the kit but I find myself going down the rabbit hole more and correcting things that I should have done much earlier in the build.
  5. Yes the photos are from the Warship quarterly. Someone in my modeling club was selling them off years and I bought some of the issues that had interesting articles. It was a minor miracle that I was going through books and rediscovered the photos before the build instead of after I built it. There are some nice photos in there
  6. It looks like I'll be in the same boat. I will work tomorrow and then close my office for a while. It is starting to hit the fan in Texas. My wife has a very compromised immune system also so we will be trying to isolate ourselves as much as possible. The only bright spot is the possibility of more modelling time. The model shows in the area are being canceled one after the other.
  7. I wonder, would the interior of the gun shield be painted white? That's a heavy duty cutting block
  8. That’s how I did it. I did a Western Desert Matilda tank diorama a few years ago and used this technique to wear the desert camo back to the original green. I used an old brush with cutdown bristles. I have more experience with brushes than sponges and felt I had more control. The author of the article said it was tedious, he should try doing it across the vast expanse of the Ark Royal. Ship models is a whole different experience. I got my ship weathering tips from the armor guys though.
  9. Also I just noticed the ready ammo boxes between the Vickers in the top photo in post 803 look like they have angled tops. The Very Fire ones are flat.
  10. I’ve painted, paint chipped and weathered the hull already. For a summer of 40 I went with moderate paint chipping overall concentrating on upper hull, under overhangs and along the waterline. A lot of paint chipping was approaching the look of a lousy weathering job on the model. I’m going for the look before the lower hull was repainted. Your talk about walls has me reconsidering how I want to display these items realistically for the time period I’m doing. I’ve been on vacation so I have had too much time to think about all this.
  11. I took one look at the Very Fire instructions and went with the North Star Vickers. About half of them are done. I left off the shields though for the early war ship. Maybe added in the Oct 40 Liverpool stay? The devil’s in the details
  12. I’m always happy to support Mr Roberts and will order it. Although I need another book like I need a hole in the head. My house is going to capsize from the weight
  13. Not only a great story with dramatic twists but very well written. Thanks for the clarification about the cats l like the posts with the builder’s plans. If you have a chance could you post the plan of the front of the island? I really appreciated the one of the back of the island.
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