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  1. Interesting…. Do you use this method for highlighting details, or for varying the tone of large areas as Adrian was doing?
  2. Certainly looks different to the last set of pics! How do you dry brush acrylics, they dry out so fast on a pallet? Dave
  3. Keith, I’m curious why you’ve taken a different approach on the lower surfaces to the upper ones? I ask as I have a few biplane kits in the stash with horribly scalloped wing surfaces that I would like to improve, and I’m on the lookout for good ways to do that! Dave
  4. Thanks for posting the photos Ian, nice to put faces to names! But I can’t believe Johnnie is the only one who has bought anything?? Dave
  5. I’ll be following along, making notes…. Have this kit too, eager to see what you make of it. Doubtless you’ll make a grand job of it Alastair! Dave
  6. Another great result Roger! I’ve enjoyed following this one and all the other outbreaks of Swordfishery, so much so that I took the plunge and have added the Airfix 1/72 kit to the stash…. Though I may go the pre-war all silver route (whenever I get to it) Dave
  7. Don’t know how you build such a lovely thing in so short a time! I really like the clean-but-lightly-faded finish, spot on for me. Dave
  8. Simply gorgeous! A lesson to us all! Thanks for sharing the build with us Bill Dave
  9. Will tag along please, dare say I will learn a lot about rotary craft, from my start line of total ignorance. Just been googling “BERP” for starters! Dave
  10. “That’ll do” as they say in Yorkshire, apparently. Blinking marvellous I’d say! Dave
  11. Just recently, when I go to a topic it opens at the top of page 1 and stays there - previously it would scroll automatically to the first Unread Reply. Is there a setting I can’t find? I’m using an iPad. May be related to other scrolling issues I’ve just read about? Dave
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