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  1. Lovely kits, these. Cheers, Andre
  2. Please note that the JaBo options would not use the AIM-9 catamaran. Cheers, Andre
  3. You're in luck then: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-4548-f-89d-j-scorpion--140621 Cheers, Andre
  4. Love that base! Great trick with the sandpaper. Cheers, Andre
  5. I have most of their initial boxings and none have instructions which show the wings swept back. Even though the F-111E instructions show a built kit with the wings tucked in. Go figure. Cheers, Andre
  6. It depends on which Kfir. The C1 and C2 used FS34227, while the later C7 used FS34244. HTH, Andre
  7. You'd have to sacrifice those lovely flaps and slats, plus the glove flap which tends to be open when the wing is swept forward. Also, there is no sweep mechanism. It's not too shabby - not as crisp or refined as the Hase, but a close second. Plus, the wings can be made to move. If that floats your boat. Cheers, Andre
  8. Plus, there's something about that big honking Pave Tack. Cheers, Andre
  9. That... is simply awesome. Great build and finish! Cheers, Andre
  10. Not very widely. Their best known use was in the Transatlantic Air Race: https://www.jetartaviation.co.uk/2019/03/transatlantic-air-race-harrier-xv741-heading-to-brooklands-museum-for-public-display/ A few times they were fitted for deployment to: After retirement some airframes used for aircraft handling were fitted with them as well: Cheers, Andre
  11. What he said. Classic 104! Cheers, Andre
  12. Great build - thanks for posting! Cheers, Andre
  13. Well, that's better than the other way around... Cheers, Andre
  14. The first thing that strikes me with the Hase is the straight inner walls of the intakes, the real thing has compound curves. Still, for many years she was the only game in town. Cheers, Andre
  15. Hook

    Junkers ju 88 Post war

    Forgot about that one! Well, they do look rather similar. Cheers, Andre
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