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  1. I was thinking about public flogging, perhaps these two suggestions could be combined. Cheers, Andre
  2. That's about as stupid as drunk driving. And should be punishable by having your licence revoked for the rest of your life. And having your car impounded. Cheers, Andre
  3. Hemp yields about six times the amount of paper as trees per acre. And grows back within the year. Not to mention it was deemed a strategic good up to WWII, due to it being used to make canvas. Battles have been fought over hemp fields. Of course, then DuPont quite successfully demonized hemp in order to push their invention nylon... Cheers, Andre
  4. What's not to like! - thanks for posting. Cheers, Andre
  5. They aren't shaped like a Lightning, basically. Cheers, Andre
  6. The Naught y Words Filter strikes again? Great work on the Hunter!
  7. Hook

    JASDF Blue Impulse

    The T-2 is now better served with the Platz kit; the two other kits are still the best out there. Cheers, Andre
  8. Nice, always good to see an IDF/AF Skyhawk. Cheers, Andre
  9. Cracking! I don't think the weathering is overdone, personally. Cheers, Andre
  10. This thread may be a reasonable starting point - HTH!: Cheers, Andre
  11. Very nice, love the subtleties of the finish! I do wish Eduard would do another production run of these... Cheers, Andrd
  12. Well, I am not the one claiming it isn't just a mockup but a functional prototype. Cheers, Andre
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