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  1. Fantastic modelwork! AND excellent bare-metal job. Besides a Mirage model is in itself high art Cheers, Moggy (admirer of Mirages of all marks & models)
  2. Excellent work! Impressive paintwork - a great practical lesson I feel exactly the same about some of the resin aftermarket - many pieces are relatively easy to replace with scratchbuilt styrene giving a stronger bond and less fragile to manipulation, Cheers, Moggy
  3. Moggy

    Use it or lose it!

    My daughter wondered what to do with my stash, reference books/mags etc. once I'm gone. I told her to buy a canoe, pile all on top of my husk, push it out in the fjord and then ignite the lot - instant viking funeral! She was less than impressed though Cheers, Moggy Moggysson the Styrene Raider - terror of the seaside hobby shops
  4. Moggy

    One hit Wonders.

    Oh dear - I've put my foot in it... The only defence I can muster is that it was German pop music - with a more restricted diffusion in other language cultures. They even released an english language version. Cheers, Moggy
  5. Moggy

    One hit Wonders.

    99 Luftballons by Nena Cheers, Moggy
  6. Moggy

    cancelled shows

    One more: CANCELLED - 08-Open IPMS Stockholm show (including IPMS Sweden's Nationals) 2020 Cheers, Moggy
  7. Moggy

    Lock Down.

    And now for something completely different: Starfleet's Got Talent - Ship's band Coronavirus concert! Cheers, Moggy
  8. Silly me. ...sigh... Sorry - next time I'll come with something not published here, hopefully. Cheers, Moggy The Forgetful
  9. I've found a couple of (useful) pictures in my computer: The last picture shows the diesel-engined Ju 86Z (Captain Obvious strikes again!), however the internal details are exactly the same. Cheers, Moggy
  10. Moggy

    Lock Down.

    This article in the Washington Post has an excellent explanation of the four possible models to curb the pandemic: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/?itid=sf_coronavirus Cheers, Moggy
  11. Hidden under a mass of bovine manure are a few pearls... There is a series of Sci-Fi Short Film (professionally produced) under the name DUST. The films are made in many different countries. Creativity excellent - they put to shame most feature movies. I'm a hard-core SF fan (since I was 7 y.o.) so I'm not easy to please Cheers, Moggy
  12. Moggy

    Lock Down.

    You can give poor Mr. Kato a treat through the open window - drop it from the window and he'll jump on it! Cheers, Moggy (We cats have to hold together)
  13. Moggy

    Lock Down.

    I think the word is wanderlust Cheers, Moggy
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