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  1. Is Italeri's a new kit? What's in the box? Cheers, Moggy
  2. Possibly two years from the present - right now I'm building a series of transport aircraft in 1/72. On the modelling table there's a C-46 (William Bros) being detailed inside and out from scratch. It's getting deployed flaps (more saw and plastic card) and open cowlings with detailed engines - more resin and plastic card It is to be painted as serving in the IDF-AF Israeli Air Force ca. 1948 Next in line is a DC-6 T-51 Fuerza Aerea Argentina converted from a Heller 1/72 DC-6A - more saw and plastic card After that: C-54 5-T-1 COAN Revell 1/72 kit; for once OOB I still have to complete a J34 Hawker Hunter conversion in 1/72 Swedish Air Force and a C-47 TC-33 FAA (Italeri 1/72) that are almost finished! What are you building next? Cheers, Moggy
  3. I have a Classic Plane 1/72 (made in Germany) Pulqui II kit - resin with vacu canopy Here it is: Decals are nice, canopy very transparent and has not browned - I bought this kit 20 years ago Hope I have not hijacked this thread! Cheers, Moggy (Fuerza Aerea Argentina fan)
  4. A great weight of (dumb) bombs was required in order to ensure hitting any target at the time; The Tucc carries "smart" bombs thus the new paradigm is "one bomb one target". Furthermore the Spad was a WW II design for a carrier-based torpedo/day bomber. The Tucc flies from land; this makes for a lighter aircraft rather than one constructed to enduring continuous controlled crash-landings on a carrier deck. In other words - the aircraft in question were made for completely different environments. There's an abyss between them technologically speaking.
  5. Many many thanks for the tip! I see the future now... USS Reliant appearing over my modelling table for a First Build... err Contact Cheers, Moggy (live long and prosper)
  6. Beautiful model! Did you scratchbuilt the lighting or did you get a lighting kit? I'm planning a 1/537 Reliant build and want to light it I am very much grateful for any tips regarding the lighting "modelling" Thanks in advance, Moggy the Trekkie
  7. Here's an interesting article on JF-17 quality https://www.globaldefensecorp.com/2021/10/18/pakistan-quietly-grounded-all-jf-17-block-i-fighters/ Dinky doesn't quite cover it.. With Putler on the rampage any notions of buying Russian are gone for good - if it ever was a viable option The PRC has excellent relations with Argentina. Ultimately the Argentine Air Force needs an interceptor force like any other nation and has a right to it. We'll see what happens. Cheers, Moggy
  8. I have a few pictures; not much to show right now Maybe I'll post them in the WIP section Cheers, Moggy
  9. The french seaplane (greyish light blue) I named is placed at the picture's far left I could see the Arado 240 but not remember the name I mistook the black thing Arado Ar 68 for a Lysander The only other seaplane I can see is a couple of floats bottom left. Is that the putative Zero on floats? It is sad to see so much work going to the recycle bin Cheers, Moggy
  10. The Polar Lights' Enterprise is 1/350 The AMT/ERTL Enterprise(s), Reliant, etc are 1/537. Not as gigantic as the Polar Lights but still rather large Cheers, Moggy (Star Trek nut)
  11. I can see: f-104 starfighter he 51 gannet x2 lysander? do 335 possibly x2 b58 henschel he 126 There's a French fighter seaplane I just can't remember the name
  12. I have a plan - when things begin winding down start doling them out to youngsters so somebody gets some use/happiness out of my work. This is to be done in reverse order of quality and or sentimental value Last time I moved I took about 50 unfinished models and gave them to a young boy living in the same building - together with non-toxic plastic glue and a selection of Humbrol tins that had been hanging around my modelling table forever. Seeing his face light up (and his mother's) was more than worth it. The way out of an embarrassment of riches is... to enrich other people with it Cheers, Moggy
  13. Brilliant modelling - great skills. I love the opened flaps, slats and spoilers. It raises the realism - it turns a sausage with wings into a high definition model of an everyday working aircraft. The wheel well detailing and the well-worn looking paintwork is excellent I admire your model very much. It i the kind of modelling I aspire to. Cheers, Moggy (very much into 1/72 transport aircraft)
  14. Unfortunately no... The Trident is a fine aircraft but outside my areas of interest; almost all of which are in military use. Right now I'm working on a William Bros. C-46 in which I've cut open the cargo doors and constructed a detailed interior - a detailed cockpit is next. Deployed flaps and exposed engines are to follow once the fuselage is complete The original object is a C-46 used by the Israeli Air Force 1948-49. Cheers, Moggy (difficult kit division)
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