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  1. Moggy

    Does *everything* needs to be primed?

    The only thing I do that can be construed as priming is a coat of Tamiya light grey (acrylic of course) in order to get an uniform surface colour & check for surface defects. I've found that washing the kit parts to begin with and carefully cleaning up the surface with alcohol before painting gives acrylics an excellent grip... at least Tamiya & Gunze paint. As a matter of fact I've tried to clean up Tamiya-painted models painted several years previously with alcohol - to no discernible effect! I ended up sanding down the paint before covering it up with a new coat of .... yes, Tamiyal Light Grey BTW I've tested Vallejo & Lifecolour paints when they were new to the modelling scene. My conclusion was - who needs paint made for plastic that will not stick to the plastic surface!?!? Cheers, Moggy
  2. I have it in front of me and I can't find the Walrus article... ?
  3. Moggy

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    More interesting news - longer article: https://www.forensicmag.com/news/2018/05/virtual-case-notes-shuttered-cybercrime-service-offered-ddos-demand-little-1499? Some of you might think I have strange reading habits... Consequences of having had a unconventional line of work Cheers, Moggy
  4. Moggy

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Iteresting news: https://thehackernews.com/2018/04/ddos-for-hire-hacker.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheHackersNews+(The+Hackers+News+-+Security+Blog)&_m=3n.009a.1730.qf0ao09obf.11y1 If we're lucky the vandals will appear in the customer database Cheers. Moggy
  5. Neptune building continues unabated - if silently. The legwork is somewhat difficult since the original parts can't be used (wrong position) and the kit as out of the box makes it sit parallel to the ground instead of nose high! My tridimensional puzzle: drawing shows where the new position of the landing gear leg (left of center) & new axle forward. The "wishbone" has been modified to fit new position and still has to get a new connection to the forward axle's right end. The total lenght of the wishbone is predicated on the main leg's position and the fact that it fastens to the side of the leg not the front (again plenty of opportunities to get it wrong ) Modified and partially detailed main LG leg Wheel well detail so far! More bits of plasticard & sprue to mimic SOME of the contraptions in the original wheel well More structure in the LG well: .03 mm strips cut from a plasticard sheet (right size strips unavailable) Hydraulic fluid tank - from plastic sheet to... someting resembling the original Now in position with the help of white glue (far better and a lot less messy than cyano) Anothe contraption for the wheel well; unfortunately it turned out to be oversized so I'm doing a new one A view of how the wheel well elements fit together! Wheel well doors turned out to need more work than I anticipated. Plastic card and putty & photoetch... After some swearing about the [REDACTED] etched parts flying into the [EXPURGATED} outer space I ended up with two missing hinges. By leaving the center hinges off the center of the outer doors I hope that they won't be missed... too much! The well doors are now packed down in their own plastic box - there to wait until paint and fitting: probably the last part of the model to be put in place. Those hinges are pretty fragile and I still have to create a contact surface the hinges can be glued to. I will endeavour to write a weekly (at least) report on this project. Writing this summary of my latest Neptune aventures have made some things become clear to me regarding the construction and placement of the landing leg parts Cheers, Moggy
  6. I have some material to be put together in a cogent post chaps! I'm still plugging away - only slower than usual... A F-86D has gotten in the way so I'm building both in tandem which gives me more time to meditate the final position of the main landing gear. There's something wrong with the lenght of either the nose leg or the main legs - in all sideview pics I've seen the aircraft sits nose high. The kit's landing gear makes it stand parallel to the ground. Thanks for your interest - makes the build more interesting for me too Cheers, Moggy (almost complete main LG wells )
  7. Moggy

    Most memorable film scenes..

    the charge of the Rohirrim (Return of the King) LOTR
  8. Coming from you it means a lot! New update coming shortly... Cheers, Moggy
  9. Moggy

    Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    Let's see: Finishing the P2V-7 Neptune has first call above anything else! Print my decal sheet - without which most projects will stall Finishing my Alenia G.222 Argentine Army, Vampire T.11 Chilean Air Force, A-4Q Argentine Navy, An-74 Iran (self-made decals), and a bunch of other hangar queens New builds - CASA 212 Argentine Army (self-made decals) Carriers Ahoy! 24 Mar to 15 Jul - either a Super Etendard or a Sea King - both Argentine Navy (Sea King self-made decals) Airfix: The Golden Years 2 Jun to 22 Sep - Bristol 170 Freighter mk.1 Argentine Air Force (self-made decals) Come to think of it... it fits into the Brits Abroad GB Brits Abroad 16 Jun to 7 Oct - DH Dove Argentine Air Force (self-made decals) Another finishing project - DH Heron AFX in Jordanian markings. I'm afraid I have done more than 25% building. Of course I can always take pictures and submit those to Mod judgement This program is subject to the vagaries of real life etc. Cheers, Moggy
  10. Moggy

    Fairey IIIF Floatplane colour schemes

    I built their Meteor mk. 8. It should have been made a hanging offence. Thankfully it was destroyed during a move - together with what amounted to my worst 9 models. Cheers, Moggy (amid moveus interruptus)
  11. For the fearless modeller: Supermarine Southampton mk III. The Argentine Navy Southampton "HB-6" flew the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII) on a day tour of Montevideo (Uruguay's capital) during the Prince of Wales' visit to Argentina 1931. There's a beautiful Silver Wings resin kit in 1/72 It's waiting for me in my stash; the fit is incredibly good - a Rolls-Royce of resin kits Cheers - Moggy
  12. Moggy

    Fairey IIIF Floatplane colour schemes

    Argentine Naval Aviation I have both the Contrail & the Merlin model kits. Yes, I know Merlin Models richly deserved reputation. Cheers, Moggy (undaunted by odds)
  13. Great subject! The Aermacchi were used by the Argentine Naval Aviation (COAN in spanish) Looking forward to seeing the model completed Cheers, Moggy
  14. Moggy

    Gunze Mr. Hobby Aqueous

    I've never tried... However, once the isopropyl alcohol ran out on a Sunday, First I swore... then I remembered somebody gave me a bottle of vodka as a present. I don't like vodka - and this was cheap Polish vodka to boot So I used it as solvent in an experiment... and it worked! The models in question smelled funny for some time - but it worked. So now you know what to do with cheap Polish vodka. Cheers, Moggy
  15. Moggy

    Gunze Mr. Hobby Aqueous

    I've used Tamiya & Gunze acrylics for 30 years - 90-percent alcohol / isopropyl alcohol works perfectly well. I never went back to Tamiya's wildly overpriced solvent. I routinely mix GS & Tamiya without problems. For the price of a liter of X-20 you could buy an excellent aged single malt whisky. Cheers, Moggy