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  1. Great modelling! AND anything Flygvapnet is automatically high art Cheers, Moggy (Swedish Air Force fan)
  2. Herding cats is easy - you only need charisma... and a lot of tuna fish. Cheers, Moggy (we cats must stand together!)
  3. Welcome to the party Beautiful models! No need for excuses Cheers, Moggy
  4. Watery Owls? Don't mention the war! Cheers, Moggy
  5. The jeeps look like the ones we used for strategy games (tabletop games, that is ) We mass painted them by the dozens - together with tanks, trucks, artillery, platoon pieces... We had a great time Cheers, Moggy
  6. The force is with you young Skywalker Impressive... Most impressive! Perhaps you're stronger than the Emperor has forseen. Jedi-class kitbashing AND interesting subject. Cheers, Darth Moggy (owner of both Aurora Jet Commander and Aerocommander )
  7. Moggy

    Brazilian P-47s?

    @Paramedic I have a few publications on this subject. If you're interested send me a message Cheers, Moggy
  8. My models almost always involve sawing off large parts of the kit. I'm in! Cheers, Moggy
  9. China?? How does China come into this?? I doubt Dassault is going to sell Rafales to Argentina - mainly because Argentina doesn't have the cash. Yet before Brexit the EU was duty-bound to preserve the UK's territorial integrity - so once that no longer applies Dassault has a freer hand. It's interesting that you name AUKUS: France lost a huge contract for nuclear subs because of it. The French never let a slight of this magnitude go without riposte. If the AAF had the cash Dassault would be declaring a bumper dividend over the Argentine contract All of this is of academic interest only since the AAF doesn't have the cash for Rafales. Cheers, Moggy
  10. There are magnificent pictures of the JF-17 during its participation in Anatolian Eagle 2021 exercise in Scramble n.507 August 2021. Some more pictures https://aviationphotodigest.com/anatolian-eagle-2021/ good pictures excellent info https://theaviationist.com/2021/07/14/anatolian-eagle-2021/ same pictures better resolution BTW what the AAF really wanted was the Rafale. However it costs 70 million Euros a piece and - the UK being a member of the EU at the time - the EU frowns upon the sale of weapons to countries challenging ownership over territories under the sovereignty of a EU member. The EU does protect its members states' territorial integrity so an out-and-out attack against EU member states' overseas possessions would most likely end in massive economic sanctions and possibly military intervention. After Brexit that clause no longer applies. Cheers, Moggy
  11. I don't read Murdoch's rags. Half of Britain's recent problems has been exacerbated by a consistent low standard of journalism in his papers - and holding Britain's politicians to ransom to boot. Ever heard of the Leveson inquiry? Google it. Regarding the bombing: https://www.rferl.org/a/russia-britain-hms-defender-black-sea/31334242.html https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jun/24/british-warships-might-enter-crimean-waters-again-says-minister The Russians have (BTW Putler himself) claimed to have both fired warning shots from Rubin-class patrol boats and then Russian Naval Aviation aircraft bombing directly ahead of HMS Defence's course. The bombing itself is in some doubt. However the aggressive simulated runs (if no bombs were involved) by Russian attack aircraft were most real. One easy-to-find printed sources: Air Forces Monthly 2021-08 p. 7 I have more but it is long past my bedtime I will not be at home tomorrow or saturday so I can't continue contributing in this thread before Sunday Cheers, Moggy
  12. The UK would have kittens if the US sold Argentina F-16:s of any description. From an Argentine point of view it would be a rerun of the A-4AR weapons situation with the US promising to deliver significant numbers of them "on demand". Translation: you pay for the boom-boom but we keep the toys here and decide if you're allowed to play with them. Do you know any country that would put up with that? Putler just bombed the RN with inert bombs in international waters in the Black Sea. If you want to meditate on UK defence needs and possible threats Russia sounds like a far more credible threat than Argentina. Cheers, Moggy
  13. @tempestfan I think you're underestimating the Argentines. In the early 90's the US sold the AAF (modified) A-4AR that - among other things - had a variation of the F-16A radar. The Argentine Air Force promptly went through the software code and improved it to the later standard, improving it to F-16C standard (in some aspects slightly better). Argentina exports technology; radars, satellites, software, etc. Argentina's nuclear program built its own nuclear power stations (based on the CANDU) including the entire fuel cycle. The only reason it doesn't have nukes is that the govt. in the early '90:s decided it was a bad idea - guaranteed to fuel a nuclear arms race in South America. A treaty with Brazil on nuclear weapons capped the development of nukes to 0 nukes. As I wrote in an earlier post once she had resolved the territorial issues with neighbouring countries the Argentine govt wanted to diminish defense expenditure to a minumum (BTW this had the side effect of demolishing the armed force's power in politics; the 1976-1983 military junta was the last) It had developed the missiles to use them - the US paid Argentina to stop the program. Both Syria and Iraq were extremely interested naturally and that was the US's interest in stopping the missile development program However Argentine nuclear expertise is one half of the Brazilian development of nuclear submarines. Cheers, Moggy
  14. The one question I have been waiting for somebody to ask is "who is to provide the weapons?" It has the potential to turn into the same problem as the fighter procurement has. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Summary: Since their last Mirage was retired in 2015 (they have become fairly desperate - making the AAF look at almost anything) the only choices left after the Korean deal fell through seems to be either the MiG-35 or the JF-17. Comparison - the MiG-35 is more technologically advanced and supported by an organization that has provided world-class fighters for a very long time. The Pakistani fighter is produced by an organization with no such experience. Both use the same engine (Klimov RD-93) JF-17 single & the MiG-35 twins. The MiG-35 has significantly wider radius of action, heavier payload, superior speed, more pylons for payload. Avionics; JF-17 has latest Chinese tech used on the J-10 (Flanker fighter). The MiG has comparable Russian tech again with a better support organization. (Whether the Russian tech is superior is a matter for discussion). Armament: the MiG-35 uses Russian hardware R-73 & long range (BVR) R-77. JF-17 uses a mixture of western (AIM-9L/M Sidewinder - not the latest) and Chinese BVR PL-12 & PL-15 same as used on the J-10. Both aircraft have cannon (similar) and can carry a variety of modern guided ordnance. Both have IFR capability. The financing is as important as the fighter itself: Russia has not presented any such plan. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* This could mean that the JF-17 wins by default - if the Argentine government and the AAF really make it happen this time The political dimension is complicated too. Buying from Putin would be a fraught decision, since Russia is aggressively persuing an increasingly nasty cold war with the West. While Argentina has good relations with the Russian Federation, she has clearly no intention to align herself with Russia. Argentina has always been aligned with the West. Buying from Pakistan is practically buying from China via an intermediary - and leaves the question of providing the boom-boom open to more problems (Sidewinder anybody?). Russia makes its own world-class ordnance - thus bypassing further restrictions. Both options fly in the face of existing technology in AAF use - it would mean converting to different technology (as opposite to western) "Is this actually going to happen this time around?" your guess is as good as mine Cheers, Moggy
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