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  1. Moggy

    Airfix 2020

    ...while we are at it - my wish is that Airfix gets rid of the trench digger in their employ I can (and often do) my own panelling - but it is far easier when I don't have to start by filling a massive amount of trenching - the differential in hardness makes the repanelling a LOT more laborious. Cheers, Moggy
  2. Pure steampunk. Cheers, Moggy
  3. Ok! they are in an Aviakuleksia book on the S.55 The drawings (made by a knowledgeable Brazilian) show the camo & markings plus a good idea about what the Brazilian Navy's S.55 looked like Give me your email address and I will send you the material (via Firefox Send) Cheers, Moggy
  4. @dora How about the S.55A? Brazilian Naval Aviation had six units. I have found two photos only (and a few drawings but it doesn't count ) Cheers, Moggy
  5. Moggy

    What are you reading?

    It's a brilliant novel - I read it in the original Spanish I warmly recommend the other three novels in the series... These are independent novels in the same "world" with characters reappearing; there is no particular order to the series. Cheers, Moggy
  6. A few suggestions: IPMS Gothenburg's annual competition ART in Miniature (7/8-9-19) theme for this year is Limited/Small wars! Time parameters: 1915-1990 The 1990 cut-off date decision was taken in order to avoid hurting sensibilities - the Yugoslavian wars alone are a very sensitive subject (lots of refugees) and we want to avoid coming across as mindless idiots trivializing human suffering as a hobby Of course on the open competition tables you are free to present models of whatever era or war you please. A short list of suggestions- I'm mainly into aviation but most of the following have a surface component LATIN AMERICA Chaco War 1930-35, Bolivia, Paraguay The Amazonas' Wars: Colombia-Peru Putumayo War 1 September 1932 – 24 May 1933 Peru-Ecuador Paquisha War 1981 Peru-Ecuador Cenepa War 26 January – 28 February 1995 Ecuador-Peru 5–31 July 1941 Football War Honduras- El Salvador 1969 The Nicaraguan - Contras War 1979-1990 Malvinas/Falklandskriget 1982 EUROPE Russian Civil War 1917-22 featuring Russians of several colours, US, Great Britain, Japan, the Baltic states, Finland, Austro-Hungarian POWs Polish invasion of Russia, Bielorussia, Lithuania 1920 Ukrainian Independence war 1920 Greek-Turkish war 1919-22 Spanish Civil War 1936-39 Greek Civil War 1946-49 Turkish invasion of Cyprus 1974 MIDDLE EAST Kurdish revolts in Irak 1921-30 Israeli Independence War 1948-49 featuring Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestina, RAF Suez Crisis / Sinai War 1956 Six Day War 1967 Yom Kippur 1973 Libya-Egypt War 1978 Iran-Irak 1980-88 Lebanese Wars 1975–1990 AFRICA Abyssinian War 1937-38 Algerian Independence War 1954-62 Congo Wars 1960-65 Angolan Independence War 1961-1975 Rhodesian Bush War / Zimbabwean Independence War 1964-1979 Namibian Independence War 1966-1990 Angolan Civil War 1975-2002 South Africa-Angolan “Border Wars” 1975-1990 Uganda-Tanzanian war October 1978 - May 1979 Libya-Chad Wars 1978, 1979, 1980-81, 1983-87 featuring France, Mali, Chad, Libya ASIA Soviet-Japan Khalkin Gol 1937 Indo-Pakistani war 1947 Indo-Pakistani war 1965 Indo-Pakistani war 1971 (East Pakistan/Bangladesh independence war) Indonesian Independence War 1948 Indonesia, Holland Indochina del 1, Frankrike 1948-56 Malaysian Emergency 1948-60 Operation Firedog Indonesian–Malaysian (Singapore & Commonwealth) confrontation 1963-66 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 1979-89 Conflicts OUTSIDE the Limited/Small Wars scope: WW I WW II Korean War USA in Vietnam 1958-1975 Balkan wars This ought to whip up some interest! All suggestions welcome Cheers, Moggy
  7. I seem to remember some sort of treasonous statement about the British Army by Capt, Blackadder to the effect that said army was generally used against people armed with papayas, tall elephant grass and the like. He should be broken to the ranks and chastised with a cricket bat to his naked buttocks Eton-style. The Ubuntu naming commitee is known for its ferocious love of animal alliteration; the operating system is pukka and a more than worthy replacement for Crapsoft's OS. Sorry for my flagrant anachronism.. I will have to check my TARDIS for chronometric errors! Cheers, Moggy (running release Disco Dingo)
  8. You sound like the Linux Ubuntu naming commitee Cheers, Moggy
  9. Anything with the three crowns on it looks magnificent If it happens to be a Canberra doubly so! Cheers, Moggy (three crowns country denizen)
  10. In my generation doing something like this was a ticket to a military academy. This required having parents with the wherewithal - and usually not into smacking their children. Cheers, Moggy (wholly unmilitarised!)
  11. Moggy

    Airfix 2020

    Chaps, a 1/72 C-130 should be a good bet. 1) No serviceable kit - I've built all three existing C-130 kits more than once, The Esci/AMT kit has a lot of basic and very visible errors. The Airfix kit from 1971 is gone (stupidly turned into a bad representation of a AC-130...) primitive kit good basic shapes (except engines) tools must be kaputt by now. Italeri's is 37 years old has a number of faults plus being a fairly primitive kit. 2) Extremely well known by modellers - well exposed in daily press so most people knows of its existence w/good rep... 3) Very many users ( about 60+) and many variants. Well exposed users: USAF, USN, RAF (Falklands exposure!) almost all NATO countries, most of the Americas including well-publicised Falklands user Argentina (goes nicely together with existing theme), Canada, Australia etc. Used in any number of conflicts / UN use in humanitarian crises (again more exposure in media). 3) R&D sources too numerous to list! 4) It (Italeri) has more or less been in constant production so it definitely has a market. So... what about it? Surprise kit in 2022? Cheers, Moggy (about to start a Italeri/ESCI two-into-one kitbash as a sacrifice to the gods of plastic - that should do the trick)
  12. I'm in. What I usually model falls almost always in the "small wars' " category Cheers, Moggy PS. I see I'm no. 30!
  13. Silly question: when does this GB begins? This would be a great opportunity to do my TARDIS or an Enterprise... Maybe Reliant? How long does the GB run? Cheers, Moggy
  14. One possible solution: 1- buy "Liquid Gravity" 2- drill a small hole under the nose 3- fill cavities with Liquid gravity! For an encore: drill small hole behind the cockpit but forward of the landing gear, drip white glue into it and then fill cavities with Liquid Gravity. This should be a better alternative to destroying the A-4Q:s If it doesn't work - make small stands and glue the wheels to the surface :)) Cheers, Moggy
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