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  1. Moggy

    Airfix 2020

    Chaps, a 1/72 C-130 should be a good bet. 1) No serviceable kit - I've built all three existing C-130 kits more than once, The Esci/AMT kit has a lot of basic and very visible errors. The Airfix kit from 1971 is gone (stupidly turned into a bad representation of a AC-130...) primitive kit good basic shapes (except engines) tools must be kaputt by now. Italeri's is 37 years old has a number of faults plus being a fairly primitive kit. 2) Extremely well known by modellers - well exposed in daily press so most people knows of its existence w/good rep... 3) Very many users ( about 60+) and many variants. Well exposed users: USAF, USN, RAF (Falklands exposure!) almost all NATO countries, most of the Americas including well-publicised Falklands user Argentina (goes nicely together with existing theme), Canada, Australia etc. Used in any number of conflicts / UN use in humanitarian crises (again more exposure in media). 3) R&D sources too numerous to list! 4) It (Italeri) has more or less been in constant production so it definitely has a market. So... what about it? Surprise kit in 2022? Cheers, Moggy (about to start a Italeri/ESCI two-into-one kitbash as a sacrifice to the gods of plastic - that should do the trick)
  2. I'm in. What I usually model falls almost always in the "small wars' " category Cheers, Moggy PS. I see I'm no. 30!
  3. Silly question: when does this GB begins? This would be a great opportunity to do my TARDIS or an Enterprise... Maybe Reliant? How long does the GB run? Cheers, Moggy
  4. One possible solution: 1- buy "Liquid Gravity" 2- drill a small hole under the nose 3- fill cavities with Liquid gravity! For an encore: drill small hole behind the cockpit but forward of the landing gear, drip white glue into it and then fill cavities with Liquid Gravity. This should be a better alternative to destroying the A-4Q:s If it doesn't work - make small stands and glue the wheels to the surface :)) Cheers, Moggy
  5. Good show! your A-4Q x3 I've dug up my Fujimi A-4Q conv... seeing your work inspired me :). The best way to get the Light Blue markings on the tail fins is indeed the way you did it; that's the way I do it too. I build Argentine aircraft; the best representation of the Argentine flag Light Blue (in acrylics) is Tamiya XF-14. A couple of pictures (I should have done this earlier!) 3-A-304 the wings get really grubby during sustained operations. Compare with the fuselage Cheers, Moggy
  6. Current conversion/detail sets: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/military-products/military-aircraft-conversions/1-72-scale/freightdog-1-72-douglas-a-4b-p-skyhawk-falklands-set.html https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/military-products/military-aircraft-conversions/1-72-scale/freightdog-1-72-douglas-a-4c-skyhawk-falklands-set.html I saw you had "Jamas seran olvidados"; not easy to acquire! Another very useful book is the Jorge Nuñez Padin monography on the A-4Q (I have a copy) https://www.aviationmegastore.com/mcdonnell-douglas-a4q--a-4e-skyhawk-argentina-navy-sa24-padin-sa24-south-america/product/?action=prodinfo&art=80698 Cheers, Moggy (who has an Fujimi A-4Q about half way)
  7. regarding the Super Puma - it belonged to the Argentinian Coast Guard (then under partial jurisdiction of the Navy). It was commandeered by the Army to serve as personal transport for Gen. Menendez. Total waste of resources Cheers, Moggy
  8. For the decal sheet above: http://www.condordecals.com.ar/condordecals/cp_producto_detalles.php?rubroID=11&subrubroID=10&prod=128 I've bought decals from them - good decals, usually well researched. Seamless transaction Cheers, Moggy
  9. Regarding the NATO use of '104: The F-104 was designed as a point-defense interceptor (maximising takeoff to combat height characteristics) carrying only air-to-air missiles and a gatling cannon (F-104C). Lockheed then sold it to NATO air forces as a fighter-bomber through dint of massive bribery - most notorious being the Netherlands' Prince-consort Bernhard. Once you take an (extreme) point-defense interceptor and start hanging all sorts of nastiness from its wings and try low-flying seat-of-the-pants acrobatics you have a recipe for disaster. As Giorgio puts it better training and a better appraisal of what the F-104G could and could not do led to a much better rate of loss / flight hours. Cheers, Moggy
  10. How about the Avia 199? The Israeli pilots that flew them 1948-49 had a lot to say about this aircraft - none of it good Three-fourths were written off in accidents directly related to mechanical failure - the rest were immediately retired after the war's end... mainly because no pilot would fly the Mules. Mule was the unflattering nickname given this aircraft by the Czech Air Force pilots What do you say? Cheers, Moggy
  11. Moggy

    What are you reading?

    I liked the series very much. I understand the changes made - those allowed for a compact format instead of a long meandering series. Both the book and the series are good Cheers Moggy
  12. Moggy

    What are you reading?

    Altered Carbon & Neuromancer Cheers Moggy
  13. Beautiful model Antti! Beautiful pictures too Thanks for your offer - I'll take you up on it when the time comes Your model inspires me... Cheers, Moggy
  14. It looks magnificent! I'll check the building thread I'll check the fuselage diameter. The only sticky part seems to be where to cut to replace the nose with the Airwaves' resin nose Cheers, Moggy
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