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  1. Fagot is a wood wind instrument or a bundle ( of wood or iron bars) not a slur on gay men or a brand of cigarettes Cheers, Moggy
  2. There's a definite '60 vibe to this colour scheme Cheers, Moggy (owner of too many Felixstowe flying boat kits - none of them built)
  3. Moggy


    A few thoughts on Ebay, PayPal et al. Doing business with Ebay has turned into a increasingly abusive proposition; unless you're selling in volume it's not worth the effort since the only one making a profit is... Ebay. The seller gets paid in aggravation and an increasing feeling of being badly used. I dumped Ebay a long time ago. Giving Ebay direct access to your bank account is daft 1. they have abused this as aptly described by several posts above. My workaround was to have an special bank account used only to receive payment and then immediatlely
  4. The owner of S&M recently died Moggy
  5. For some great filking with @vppelt68 new text: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRrZlEF7-SU Toto - Africa (Karaoke Version) Man - it's addictive. I'm forced to build a SAAF Boston to get rid of this earworm! Cheers, Moggy (searching for my Airfix Boston and ESCI decals - retro build)
  6. It feels right - while the Defiant class is a superior design, production couldn't get going as fast as needed. So, enter a staple of naval history: lashup of existing decommisioned ships still extant. There's a sad part to this: small corvettes and torpedo boats are (let's be up front with this) disposable. So the crews are (probably) young, enthusiastic, with little experience. The officers probably have a handle on what the survival rate might be. In DS 9 sixth season episode 6 "Sacrifice of Angels" Starfleet uses about 70% of the Miranda class light destroye
  7. I love your design - it looks like all engine ( warp 9+ at least) big on power resources for strong shields. Highly manouverable probably A huge complememt of quantum torpedos I hope! The Galor-class spoonheads don't have a chance Live long and prosper, Moggy (Trekkie since age 7)
  8. I just couldn't help myself - I put on Toto and sang your lyrics Brilliant - matches the scansion and meaningful text too Thank you! Cheers, Moggy (got thrown out of Cats Got Talent Too)
  9. Whether a Royal Flight Viking is a better start point for a Viking 1B than the other boxings is unclear (at least before I get my box) However the Viking 1A was the designation for the early Vikings with fabric-covered geodetic wings and tailplane (basically the Wellington wings). The Viking 1B had stressed-skin wings and tailplane - and a 28 inch / 71 cm plug in the forward fuselage mainly to increase passenger capacity. When I bought my Viking box the only two still available were the BEA Viking 1A (the box art shows an early BEA 1A) and the Royal Flight boxing -
  10. The Lord of the Rings (Frodo Baggin's book) is written in the Westron language It has quotes in High Elvish though Cheers, Moggy
  11. Changing the windows / doors on the Valetta fuselage is a lot easier than sawing off two fuselages (in just the right spot and 90 degrees to center line) to join together. I'm waiting for my own Viking; I was forced to buy the Royal Flight box because the others were sold out except the early Viking 1A (that has different wings to all the others) Cheers, Moggy
  12. But then the elevators have been moved off position. Cheers, Moggy
  13. This is just brilliant modelling On top of which it's a science fiction subject shows an exquisite taste Cheers, Moggy
  14. Silly me - the tanks are in 1/48 Cheers, Moggy (owner of 12 1/72 Mirage kits)
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