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  1. Owning up is the best strategy. Denying it (in the face of growing evidence) blows it up much bigger with a corresponding increased fallout and further loss of credibility/prestige. On the event, this ghastly error has robbed Iran of any legitimacy and (eventual) sympathy regarding the pursuit of further revenge attacks. Letting grunts run around armed with MANPADS near a busy airport is... well... I lack words. Here north of the Öresund TV has introduced the population to the families of the murdered passengers - they should show that on Iranian TV. Moggy
  2. The picture reproduced in the media (seen elsewhere in this thread) purporting to be the missile that allegedly brought the 737 down shows the tail of a missile lying in a piece of ground you can find anywhere in the Middle East. When you see a picture of a piece of ground on the internet w/o any geographical context (such as an identifiable geographic landmark) it is impossible to fairly link it to a particular geographic spot or timeframe. Without a reliable source... my first guess would be a picture taken in Syria, The Internet is awash with similar pictures showing expended ammo taken in Syria, The bomb: two "ticketed" passengers failed to board the crashed aircraft - a classic tactic to get the luggage (bomb) onboard w/o getting blown up yourself. It obviates the necessity for trigger-itchy missile crews, hacker intervention, the extremely unlikelihood of an automatic defence systen w/o whitelisted airspace in the immediate vicinity of Iran's busiest airpost, the incredible stupidity necessary to manually launch missiles at a registered flight on the normal flightpath out of Iran's busiest airport, etc. See? Much simpler. On the other side no-one has claimed the responsability for bringing down the plane. My personal view? Wait for reliable information before passing judgement. Moggy (with no axe to grind)
  3. A simpler explanation: a bomb? The missile debris is completely out of context - it could be anything anywhere. For example - Iraq must be almost paved with expended ammo this days. In this age of fake news, together with the confrontation between Iran & the US I would not rush to conclusions. Moggy
  4. The research is as enjoyable as the model building! It not only gives you info on the color scheme - it helps getting the model "right" plus beaucoup inspiration. Cheers, Moggy
  5. Regarding cockpits in 1/72 - I almost always use vacform canopies instead of the injection moulded one that comes with the kit. This gives a lot more visibility to the detailed cockpit. Still, the only parts that are really visible with a closed canopy are the ejection seat, the coaming and (probably) the instrument panel. Dark-painted cockpits doubly so . Yahu does beautiful ready-painted IP:s. So a good resin ejection seat may be worth more than etch in a cockpit. Othe useful parts are thin-to-scale landing gear details. Lately etched sheets's prices have increased to ridiculous levels esp. when you discover that it has fewer useful parts and a number of what can only be called "generic" parts. Elder sheets had both a lower price and (often) double the number of useful parts! As I said - etch has its uses but it is not the be-all end-all of modelling. Cheers, Moggy
  6. I use a lot of etched parts. That said, it only makes sense when they're actually visible. I build exclusively in 1/72 and more often than not I have cockpits and cargo bays open - I make a lot of small detail parts myself with plastic card, strips of various materials and adapt etched parts from sheets not made for the subject I'm working on. Check the etched sheet to see it it has the parts you consider useful before you buy it. Not all parts in the etch sheets need be used. However the important part to remember is to build what YOU like the way YOU like! Cheers, Moggy
  7. ...the place I meant is at the end of the gunner well slightly inside the top of the fuselage, Am I making any sense? Cheers, Moggy (increasingly confused)
  8. I was referring to the kit part in question. Look at the end of the Lysander canopy - there's the placing for the D2 part. BTW I scanned it from the original magazine for the purpose of helping Procopius' Lysander build - it was not "found" on the Internet. The rest of the article is thus available on request I have no doubt that the book you mentioned has the most complete information regarding the Special Duties' Lysanders Cheers, Moggy
  9. In this cutaway picture there's what you were searching for (I think...) Cheers, Moggy (big library)
  10. Please don't - it is perceived as demeaning in Latin America Cheers, Moggy
  11. Brilliant idea! Some examples: ...the list extends to most British-produced aircraft, sp. after 1945 Cheers, Moggy
  12. Man, for that view I'd put up with living in a shack Moggy ( the Ancient Mariner)
  13. Moggy

    Telford 2019

    Great cosplay! What are you wearing Grandad? Cheers, Moggy
  14. Small world... I was there at the competition demobuilding (IPMS Göteborg) and I judged the class this Su-7 was part of (1/48 Jet)
  15. The Neptune is hiding under a pile of books (Neptune books of course). With the G.222 finished - I'll tease out of its hiding place. I have an interloper though - a Spanish Civil War SM.79 first series. Please don't throw stones at me now. Cheers, Moggy
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