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  1. Northern soul... Bagpipes? Cheers, Moggy
  2. Now I'll have to build TWO single-seat Venoms - one Aeroclub and one Rareplane to propitiate Tamiya to release a 1/72 Venom! Cheers, Moggy
  3. Aeroclub did a VERY short-run kit of both the Mk.1 and the Mk.4. RAREPLANES did a brilliant vackit of both versions. All of these have been gone for a long while... safely hiding in attics and wardrobes all over the world. I'll better get cracking with mine: that's bound to propitiate a single-seat Venom kit from Tamiya Cheers, Moggy
  4. The external LaCie disks here are mechanical not SSD The 2 years free recovery service can for a modest sum be extended to the disk's full 5-year guarantee Mike is quite right on his evaluation of external SSD vs. mechanical I'm laboring under the influence of COVID and today is the first day with fever under 38 C during the last 7 days. Two of those days were 39 C totally knocking my socks off... Thank science for a triple dose of the vaccine! Without which I probably be explaining myself to Saint Peter. In other words my overheated hardware makes my mental processes slightly unreliable ...Mother says that my guarantee run out when I filled 18 so no help there Cheers, Moggy
  5. What you describe is the very opposite of backup My choice would be the LaCie rugged external SSD. mechanical HDD I use two 5Tb and a 2Tb as external backups. Well worth the money, come with 2 years recovery guarantee. USB 3.1 so nice speed, never had a problem I have been using their earlier brethren since 2014 - never a fault. When disconnected they are rated for 90G fall Works well in both Windows and Linux environments Buy the right equipment and it will last you a long BORING time - yes the best that can be said of a backup (system) is that's boring. No excitement whatsoever Cheers, Moggy
  6. Classical phishing. If the email has a link - DON'T use it. (Almost always) there's nothing wrong with your accounts; the idea is to get you to change your password in a manner calculated to deliver your new password to the phisher. Cheers, Moggy
  7. I checked the Flypast article. Well written with a number of interesting pictures and colour profiles. No S.65 though It's all straight out of Porco Rosso - or rather where the anime makers got their inspiration from I'm still waiting for a kit of the Mamma Aiuto pirate seaplane bomber Cheers, Moggy
  8. ALL the pictures? or just the S.65? I'll see what I can do Cheers, Moggy
  9. I checked my library: Schneider Trophy Aircraft 1913-1931 by Derek N. James It has a few pictures and a three view drawing of the aircraft in question. Wings Over Water: The Story of the World’s Greatest Air Race and the Birth of the Spitfire by Jonathan Glancey - interesting technical description of the S.65. ICARE 189 Schneider Cup 1913-1931 (french aviation history mag) It has a beautiful collection of pictures of the aircraft involved - this includes two rather good pictures of the aircraft in question. Cheers, Moggy
  10. It's F10's (wing 10) second (blue) squadron's emblem. Swedish Air Force of course! Cheers, Moggy
  11. Brilliant modelling! Cheers, Moggy
  12. Man - this is one incredible bit of modelling. Hats off to you! Cheers, Moggy (very very impressed)
  13. Airfile produced a book named Air War Over the Falklands. However the cover proclaimed it to be Air War Over the Falkands Most embarrassing Cheers, Moggy
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