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  1. I was following your first build of the 300 SL and will be following the new one just to see what can be made out of this kit and maybe get some inspiration for my build (which will start somewhen in near or not so near future ). If you chrome your knock-off nuts with Molotow Liquid Chrome you could do without priming it glossy black first. So the risk of hiding all those details could be minimized.
  2. Superb build of a beautiful old truck. For a few days now I walk past an old Saurer fire engine parked on the area of a truck garage in my neighbourhood. I don't know whether it's still in service but it looks as if it was ready to drive to its next mission at any moment.
  3. A thinning ratio of 5 (Primer) : 1 (Thinner) usually works for me (@ about 15 psi, using a .4 mm nozzle)
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