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  1. A brilliantly turned out Phantom Well done
  2. When I looked at the first photos, I thought it was the real aircraft photo for reference. Your build on this model is outstanding. Absolutely well done
  3. Fantastic turn out on my favourite fighter. Absolutely well done!!!
  4. Hello to all. Futher to the WIP on this restoration of the old Airfix F-16, here is the finished model. Landing gear and wheel bay doors were missing so I 3D printed replacements. The decals are reprints of a Hasegawa set. It was not easy fitting Hasegawa ones to an Airfix kit bit I think it turned out ok. I think I preferred 260+ decals on my Phantom! I put my Red Arrows Hawk and Gnat alongside to show my little collection of display aircraft.
  5. Every time I see a Tomcat the line “I feel a need for speed” pops into my head. Awesome result.
  6. Truly outstanding collection. My wife complained about me buying an Airfix Stirling and Tomcat yesterday. I’ll show her this to show he what a collection could be like
  7. Loving your work and the interesting tid-bits of historical information about the subject aircraft. I prefer the Razorback Thunderbolt to the Bubbletop - don’t know why - probably because I’ve only built the Razorback. I’ll have to get a bubbletop sometime to accompany the one I’ve got.
  8. When I first looked at the pictures at the Hunter itself, I thought it was a photo of the real aircraft. Then a second later, the background registered. Excellent result. Very well done
  9. Lovely looking Hurricane. Just goes to prove the Hurricane looks good whatever colour it is painted Well Done!!!
  10. Beautifully done. its clear to see the amount of detail you put into this stunning model.
  11. Truly amazing result. Very well done
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