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  1. Monogram/Revell reboxing of the Hasegawa A-4 with Blue Angel decals. Phase Hanger resin bang seat. Paints were MM Blue Angel Blue and Yellow and AK Extreme metals..
  2. Very nice kit with superb fit overall. No problems to report.
  3. Kit: Hasegawa A-4C Scale: 1/48 Paints: MRP Decals: Victory Models
  4. Kit: AMK Kfir C7 Scale: 1/48 Paint: mostly Tamiya colors Extras: Eduard cockpit PE
  5. Extras used: Furball 48-049 decals, Steel Beach ESC pipes, resin seat, Flory Dark dirt wash, Paints and colors used: Model Master LGG and DGG for the airframe and MM Engine Gray for the spine and tails
  6. Kit: Hobbyboss TA-7C (depicted as an EA-7L) Scale: 1/48 Paint: Mr. Color #307, and #308 Extras: OOB with Fightertown #48064 decals
  7. The Tamiya Tomcat has officially become my all-time favorite kit. I'd build a dozen more of them (if I could afford that many!). I enjoyed every minute of this build. Thanks for the kind words.
  8. Out of Box build with MRP paints and Fightertown decals (FTD 48011)
  9. Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa Scale: 1/48 Type: TA-4J Adversary Extras used: Fightertown Decals, "Fightertown Scooters" FTD48-026 Paints and colors used: MRP-240, MRP-100, MM FS36495, MM FS35109 Out of box build with Fightertown decals.
  10. Hasegawa 1/48 A-4E OOB with FTD 48-027 decals and Aero Masks camo patterns (AM48-A4012) for the paint scheme.
  11. Hasegawa 1/48 F-4EJ OOB with CAM decals 48-044
  12. Kit: Meng Scale: World War Toons Scale Paints: Tamiya My first foray into the "dark side" of armor building. Fun little kit that I couldn't resist!
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