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  1. Thank you. The reference and photo you attached help a great deal. It certainly looks like the added 3 inches in length is ahead of the guidance fins. I'll proceed with the modification based on that unless someone comes up with contrary information. I'm always impressed with the collective knowledge of people who inhabit this group.
  2. Can anyone help me with some information about the AIM-9B FGW Mod.2 Sidewinder (sometimes identified as the AIM-9F)? This was a German manufactured, much improved, version of the AIM-9B produced in large quantity and widely used by several NATO air forces. I am trying to modify existing 1/32 scale AIM-9B missiles to the FGW Mod. 2 version. Numerous sources cite the length of the FGW as 2897mm vs. 2820mm for the original -9B. ( 77mm or about 3 inches longer). The guidance fins and wings appear identical. My question is: where was this extra length positioned? Ahead of the guidance fins or behind the guidance fins? And how did the extra 3 inches shift the positions of the colored bands marking the warhead and the rocket motor? If there is a web site with this information, I would very much appreciate the URL or link. Thank you.
  3. Can anyone tell me if Stoppel Decals is still in operation? I sent in a decal order ten day ago using the procedure on their web site (item, quantity, my address, my Paypal address). No confirming response; no activity on my Paypal account. I then sent them a follow up email yesterday asking if they received my order or if I made an error in the ordering procedure and how to re-submit the order a make payment. No response...... crickets! Soooo.... are they out of business or just very slow? Anyone know of another email address other than the one on their web site?
  4. Can anyone tell me if the two newer Italeri 1/32 TF-104 and RF-104 kits have decals with re-sized roundels? The decals for the first issue F-104G had oversized Italian roundels (? maybe other nations also? Can't remember) and would like to know if I should plan to look for aftermarket decals. Anyone know of a good source of decals with correct size Italian roundels? Thanks much.
  5. There is a very nice set of scale drawings in the IsraDecal publication F-4E Phantom Kurnass in IAF Service. Ra'anan Weiss 2008 ISBN 978-965-7220-05-4. Also, there is a long out of production resin Israeli pylon produced by AirDoc in 1/48 scale that you might find on the secondary market. I am fervently hoping that the upcoming Zoukei-Mura F-4E will include that pylon and the Israeli refueling probe. Or trigger the aftermarket guys to produce one.
  6. For modelling purposes (external appearance), what is the difference between CBLS 200 and CBLS 100? Is it just the rocket launchers at the side or are there other visible differences? I have the Hasegawa Japanese weapons kit and was hoping to model the CBLS by just leaving the rockets off and filling the attachment holes. This thread has me thinking this might not work? Any CBLS 100 available from other aftermarket producers? Thanks for any info or advice offered.
  7. SharkOwl, I cannot tell from your message wording if this an opinion, prediction, or a statement of known fact. I have been following the discussion about this upcoming kit for almost a year now. Your previous messages about this kit are much appreciated. This kit is my single most anticipated future release. I've been checking message boards every day for an announced release date and sprue photos. If indeed these options are not in the kit, I (like you) will be very disappointed. While I'd guess the aftermarket companies would eventually make good such omissions, they should not have to! Please clarify the basis for your last message: prediction or known fact? Thanks.
  8. Were there any new announcements at Scale Model World? I've followed the discussion about the lack of new announcements from Airfix and seen a bit more information about previously announced upcoming kits, but nothing really new. Did any of the smaller aftermarket producers announce new items? Did the Revell 1/48 Beaufighter break cover?
  9. Did any Hurricane Mk. I aircraft serve in the early years of the Pacific War? Singapore? Java? India? I can find lots of references to Hurricane IIb use, but none for the Mk. I. Are there any published or on-line profiles or decal sheets? Thank you.
  10. Thanks to everyone who commented on my question and shared their knowledge. That last set of photos was just what I needed. It seems to show that the rear of the metal tank has a very different profile (truncated cone?) than the paper version. Anyone know of a kit or aftermarket 1/48 version of this metal tank? The paper ones are easily available in several kits and from aftermarket, but I have never seen a 1/48 metal version with the more pointed rear half.
  11. I'm planning to model a British P-47D Thunderbolt in WWII Burma operations. I want to load it with two 500 lb. bombs on the wing pylons and a drop tank on the belly. I have seen photos of these aircraft carrying 90 imperial gallon drop tanks that appear shaped like the 108 US gallon impregnated paper tanks used by US aircraft in Europe. Are these the same tanks? There seems to also have been a different style 90 imperial gallon drop tank sometimes belly mounted on spitfires. Could this have been the tank sometimes used by Burma P-47's? My available photos are not detailed enough to say for sure which tank was used. Can anyone shed some light? Thank you.
  12. I don't have any photos to attach or link to, but I can tell you where you can find a very good close-up photo. Borrow or buy a copy of The Modern Early Viper Guide by Jake Melampy 2011. On pg. 141 there is a very good close up photo of this RWR antenna (clearly shows that this antenna is mounted slightly left of a/c centerline). An on facing pg. 140, two slightly further away side views that show shape. Perhaps another board member has this book and equipment to scan and post this photo? (Comment: I consider this book a must for any modeller of early block F-16 aircraft and one of the treasures of my library.) If you are a serious F-16 wonk, find a way to acquire this book ..... and its sister publication on the F-16C. Are you modelling a Block 10? I've been researching a conversion of a Tamiya F-16C back to a Block A. Hoping to start on it soon.
  13. Thank you Nils for generous sharing of your knowledge. I think I can move on to the next stage of my planned model.
  14. Thank you very much Nils! That is exactly the information I was seeking. A follow-up question if I may: It sounds like you are saying three color schemes: 1) natural metal with white/gray wings 2) overall light gray and 3) olive green over gray. Am I correct in reading this to mean there was not an overall silver paint used on Norwegian Starfighters? Some photos I have seen have aircraft finishes that look very much like an aluminum paint. Perhaps just a result of lighting or film use made the light gray finish appear silver? Again, thanks.
  15. Thanks Martin. I followed the link and ordered the NAP#3 Luftforsvaret book. Too bad the NAP#1 Flyvevabnet book is sold out; I would have ordered that one too. Maybe I can find one at a second hand bookseller. Still hoping someone out there can quote the roundel diameters for Norwegian Starfighters.....
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