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    Mig-25 kits

    I'm starting my research for a future build of a 1/48 Mig-25 PD/PDS. I would value some advice or opinions on which kit to use: ICM or Kittyhawk? I have a 2013 Brit Modeller message string started by Ya-Gabor about the Kittyhawk kit and it identifies many corrections that could be made. Many of them are within my skill level, or use aftermarket parts, or I would be willing to ignore. How does the ICM kit compare to Kittyhawk? I 'think' it is more recent. Is it more accurate or easier to build? Which would you recommend? I have searched for, bit not yet found any head-t
  2. I am modelling a 1/48 German F-104G using the (beautiful!) Kinetic kit. I want to represent a Quick Reaction Alert aircraft mounting a B43 nuclear weapon. Requesting help on two questions that I have not found answers to yet: 1) How were the B43 fins configured? In an "X" configuration or a "+" configuration? The Eduard B43 is molded in a "X", but the Daco detail has B43's molded as a"+" and specifically say the bottom fin was left off. Also, the "+" with bottom fin omitted would give more ground clearance. I'm leaning toward the "+". Anyone know for sure?
  3. Can anyone tell me if the dual store adapter that was sometimes carried on Tornado GR.1 belly pylons is the same as the carrier used by F-104G and Harriers? (those I can source) If the Tornado dual stores adapters are indeed a different device, is there such a beast in 1/48 scale, either as aftermarket or included in a kit? I need 4 of them for an Operation Granby Tornado I am preparing to build. Thanks for any information offered.
  4. Do either the Revell 1/48 GR.4 or IDS kits have the British style under fuselage pylons? Or any aftermarket sources?
  5. Love this kit! Does anyone know if Eduard has announced plans to produce a F-6D photo recon version?
  6. The Geoff Thomas Royal Air Force THUNDERBOLTS book says that many (?most?) SEAC Thunderbolt's factory finishes were re-painted at modification centers to the Temperate Land Scheme before being issued to operational squadrons. I am in the decaling stage of modelling one of these. My question: does anyone know if the factory standard data stencils were re-applied over the new paint? I cannot seem to find any period photos that are close enough to see any stencils if indeed they are present. I'm grateful for any help on this question.
  7. There is a very old Microscale decal sheet, #48-24, with markings for a P-38L "Droop Snoot" (serial no. 425605) used as a personal transport for Gen. George Straetmayer Commander of US Air Forces in Burma-India. The aircraft is natural metal finish with standard late-war US markings and a small badge representing his command. Maybe Tamiya will grace us with an extension of their beautiful 1/48 P-38 line and eventually issue one with the glass nose? If so, lots of aftermarket decals are sure to follow.
  8. Can anyone tell me if the P-47D-25 has a panel line on the upper rear fuselage from the canopy to the tail fin? Or is the upper rear fuselage covered with a single piece molding? I've checked several sets of plans and many photos, and cannot find a solid answer. Thanks for any help.
  9. Did anyone hear any interesting future projects news at E-Day?
  10. Can anyone tell me when Beaufigher Mk. Ic aircraft switched from drum magazines for their 20mm cannon to belt feed magazines? Was it done at some specific date or block number in the production run? Or did it occur in dribs and drabs as a field modification and when the mod kits may have become available? Specifically, I am trying to determine if Australian 30 Squadron aircraft were likely to have had belt fed cannons in spring 1943. I am grateful for any solid information or informed opinion anyone is willing to share.
  11. Thank you. The reference and photo you attached help a great deal. It certainly looks like the added 3 inches in length is ahead of the guidance fins. I'll proceed with the modification based on that unless someone comes up with contrary information. I'm always impressed with the collective knowledge of people who inhabit this group.
  12. Can anyone help me with some information about the AIM-9B FGW Mod.2 Sidewinder (sometimes identified as the AIM-9F)? This was a German manufactured, much improved, version of the AIM-9B produced in large quantity and widely used by several NATO air forces. I am trying to modify existing 1/32 scale AIM-9B missiles to the FGW Mod. 2 version. Numerous sources cite the length of the FGW as 2897mm vs. 2820mm for the original -9B. ( 77mm or about 3 inches longer). The guidance fins and wings appear identical. My question is: where was this extra length positioned? Ahead o
  13. Can anyone tell me if Stoppel Decals is still in operation? I sent in a decal order ten day ago using the procedure on their web site (item, quantity, my address, my Paypal address). No confirming response; no activity on my Paypal account. I then sent them a follow up email yesterday asking if they received my order or if I made an error in the ordering procedure and how to re-submit the order a make payment. No response...... crickets! Soooo.... are they out of business or just very slow? Anyone know of another email address other than the one on their w
  14. Can anyone tell me if the two newer Italeri 1/32 TF-104 and RF-104 kits have decals with re-sized roundels? The decals for the first issue F-104G had oversized Italian roundels (? maybe other nations also? Can't remember) and would like to know if I should plan to look for aftermarket decals. Anyone know of a good source of decals with correct size Italian roundels? Thanks much.
  15. There is a very nice set of scale drawings in the IsraDecal publication F-4E Phantom Kurnass in IAF Service. Ra'anan Weiss 2008 ISBN 978-965-7220-05-4. Also, there is a long out of production resin Israeli pylon produced by AirDoc in 1/48 scale that you might find on the secondary market. I am fervently hoping that the upcoming Zoukei-Mura F-4E will include that pylon and the Israeli refueling probe. Or trigger the aftermarket guys to produce one.
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