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  1. On the lower wing surface, they are not inspection hatches, they are access panels for the wing fuel tanks ,and they should only be on the upper surface, and I removed and fitted lots of them when I worked in the tanks at RAF Brize Norton,and RAF Saint Athan.
  2. They must wake up at Marham every morning and see that beautiful Victor at the gate and feel as inadequate as I would standing next to Emma Watson. It is pity that the Victor at Marham ,is going to be scrapped.
  3. Boeing B-17G-20-BO Fortress: 31435 Delivered Cheyenne Oct 31, 1943; Gt Falls Nov 11, 1943; Kansas City Dec 7, 1943; Eglin Dec 17, 1943; Wright Fd Jan 11, 1944; Kearney Jan 14, 1944; Oklahoma City Jan 26, 1944; Grenier Feb 18, 19/44; Assigned 544BS/384BG [SU-S] Grafton Underwood Mar 2, 1944; Made battle damage landing May 11, 1944. Fitted with fixed, six gun chin modification and returned to servive Jun 6, 1944 and flew a series of missions. (384th BG, 544th BS, *West End*) crash landed Marsden, England Jul 6, 1944. Aircraft DBR. Credit:USAF Serial Listings by Joe Baugher
  4. I took the liberty of approaching 28 Sqn direct and they have promised to be in touch should they find anything in their archives. I later came across an article that sparked a long forgotten memory The unit remained in India until December 1941 when it took its aircraft to Burma. The squadron was decimated in the longest retreat in British military history and was in effect reformed at Lahore after its retreat back into India. I believe that all 28 Squadron records were lost at this time and this could explain why there are so few photo's of 28 Sqn kicking about
  5. After the Blenheim mishap I didn’t want to jump into sanding so looking at the ref it seems the mash computer had no doors so that’s how I’ll do this one. So I need to mask the frame. Tamiya tape for curves and regular masking tape to the rescue. Did they have computers in the Korean War?
  6. This post seem a lot over the top.
  7. Hendie,when were you at RAF Sek Kong,I had 2 tours in Hong Kong,1976-1978.and 1981-1983,was on WSF
  8. Hi Heather,I am new on here,and have been following this build, I have 1 question,about the above picture, I think that one of the underwing serials is facing the wrong way
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