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  1. Beautiful and highly skilled paint job. Where did get a 1/48 Scale Japanese boffin with such spray painting skills. Just magnificent.
  2. Terrific job on an old kit. Who needs Hasegawa when you have that much skill.
  3. Back in 1966 and 1967, I made a series of Vietnam based aircraft, F-105, RF-101, F-100, F-102 and an F-4 using the then new Hasegawa kits. Ready mixed colors were still in the future so I mixed my own to match photo’s and FS numbers ten available. I was very pleased with the results and those homemade matches have stood up well to the many “authentics” which have followed over the decades. Then, in March 1968, I arrived at Pleiku Air Force Base to begin my year of service in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam. Imagine my shock when I saw the USAF aircraft that were based there (mostly Skyraiders and various type of C-47). The Air Force had not gotten the memo. The colors were all wrong, unlike my matches or any “authentic “ I have seen since. The tan (FS30219) was distinctly pink and the lighter green (FS32102) was light and distinctly blue green. The dark green was true to my match and toes of the later “authentics”. Now, there were no hangers at Pleiku AFB so the tropical sun had undoubtedly done its work and the effect was quite pronounced and unlike any thing I have yet seen on a model. I’ve never built another Viet Nam aircraft.
  4. Stores do seem a bit limited, but the under wing things from two unbuildable ( at least by me) CMR kits and several of the red box version of the old Airfix Bucc should fill the gap nicely.
  5. Most likely. That’s usually the drill with Sova-M
  6. On my workbench since yesterday, courtesy of HobbyEasy, a great and economical source of kits that are made in China. Postage is very reasonable and fast, as well. no, I don’t own stock. Just a happy customer.
  7. A very nice model of something other than a Sea Venom.
  8. As I recall, Magna’s Pioneer and Twin Pin were among their better efforts. Supplemented with resin clear parts and BOA Agency decals, i’m pretty sure that a very presentable model can result. I let my copies of the original kits go in a mass sell off of a collection too big move, several years ago, I ordered my Pioneer from Freightdog earlier today. If it is as I expect then the twin plan will be next. Many Magna kits could be fairly characterized as a “ nag”, but not these, so hope springs eternal.
  9. Mine arrived today. Very impressed with the way Airfix engineered the upper wing/ fuselage joint. Absolutely brilliant. Anyone else remember trying to jam the wings of the Academy kit into it’s fuselage. Airfix’s approach seems to be the only way to get a really good and prototypical appearance, given the prototype’s geometry at the wing root. Nice!
  10. Yes, At one point, a while ago, SH promised all marks of the Sunderland. Don’t know if Italeri’s release of two earlier marks have thrown cold water on those plans or not. Signs of Mk I parts gives hope. IMHO Italieri’s rather deep panel lines create an opening for a full line from SH.
  11. Very good news if Pilot Replicas is still around. I had all but given up hope. The Sk 60 has been on pre-order at the big H for quite some time now. Hope springs eternal!
  12. Westland Wasp conversion CS-07 IS NOT on the website. Too bad.
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