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  1. I believe that is one of the ones Stalin caused to be cancelled because it could carry more than 50 passengers. He seems to have thought more than 50 deaths in one crash was too much. Who knew what a humanitarian he was.
  2. Ordered direct from LF on Mar 29. Arrived today in Pennsylvania USA, Apr 9. That’s really good service. Initial examination of parts suggests that the pictures don’t lie. A beautiful kit on the sprues, by far LF’s best. Can’t wait to get started. Sadly, three Bf-109E, a Bf-109G-10, a Ju-88A-1, a Gee Bee, an AMX, a M-346, an F-84F and four 1/700 ships are clogging up the pipeline. Really do need to control my urge to start kits while others are underway. At lest they are all to the decal stage so there is hope for my long dreamed of Wasp.
  3. Just ordered mine direct from LF. Had good experience with them in the past. Also got the masking sets and a set of resin torpedo’s for the Wasp. Also available from the Aviation Megastore, € 170 postage?
  4. Actually not. A few years ago I made a DB-7 from an early stepped nose A-20 and parts from the Hi Planes DB-7 ( engines, nacelles, fin, etc ). imagine my surprise when I went to mask the nose transparency , using some plans and found that the early A-20 stepped nose glazing and the BB-7 glazing were not the same. All ended well but I had to sand all the framing off the A-20 nose, Polish and and then mask a proper BB-7 glazing. Fortunately the overall BB-7 glazed areas were slightly smaller than that of the early A-20. Otherwise disaster.
  5. I actually have one. I like it. Now awaiting the withering criticism for being in sufficiently demanding. Unlike at least one commenter I see no basis to bring criminal charges. Seriously, some of the criticism has validity but it is a very nice kit. We all need to get a grip and that was a great review. And thanks for your common sense comments, Mike.
  6. Amen, and thanks for your comment. I guess one tries irony at ones peril.
  7. I had one of the Cobra kits. Excellent resin. Never built it and sold in on due to tiny vacform canopies and turrets. Beyond my skill to make a good job of so many tiny vac’s. I would buy it again if it had clear resin canopies. The parts shot doesn’t answer the canopy question. Some how I doubt it will have resin ones..
  8. Somebody, I think AML, does a Br-109 recce conversion in 1/72. I have one somewhere.
  9. Very nice. I do wish Welsh would get into clear resin. I am generally not adverse to vac canopies but find the difficult to fit well at such small scales. I like decal windows also but not where you can see thru to the other side.
  10. A render of a two seated appears on the back of the instructions and the unused parts on the sprues also say yes. Goes without saying, mine came on Monday. A very nice kit.
  11. The Mr Hobby thing was about safety labeling issues, same applied to Tamiya Sprays. Both were lacquer based. Both companies water based acrylics were not an issue.
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