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  1. The darker one looks like an attempt at dark gull gray. The lighter one could use some white IMHP.
  2. Also a Squadron customer since the beginning. I mean really the beginning —- when the were a retail hobby shop in Detroit. Drove there fron South Bend, Indiana where I was a college student. My new bride came with me. Took all day. Discovered and acquired much of the early Heller Musee series. I was so excited that I neglected to even buy her dinner on the way home. She forgave but 56 years later she still reminds me occasionally. Last time she accompanied me to a hobby shop.. Probably just as well. Later Squadron had a nationwide retail component. I haunted the shops in Philadelph
  3. I built the Cyberhobby version. It was a very nice kit that bore a strong resemblance to a Sea Vixen. For better shape wise than the old Frog kit which I also built (twice, as a Mk 1 and a Mk 2). True, the cockpit is pure fiction. A problem nicely solved by the Pavla set. The radome shape also needs some work but Aires solved that for us. With those two adjustments the kit yields a very nice Sea Vixen IMHO. Cyberhobby kits never were cheap.
  4. But there might be room in the fuselage area just above where there was room for a rotating weapons bay on F-101B. Does seem like a lot of trouble to fit a B bay to a C. Maybe it was an aerodynamic test vehicle and the 40,000 ft thing would have used a B fuselage. Pure guesswork.
  5. I can get it from Germany and I can get it from Italy but I can’t get it from Britain. What’s going on Airfix?
  6. You win. I’ve got 3 stalled Fujimi Tomcats from 1988. Ready for decals. Every time I contemplate restarting I think about how many SF-260’s and Fokker S-11’s I could put in the same display case space and I back off again.
  7. My point exactly. The 240 shared the exhaust of the early 340, a round tubular affair as compared to the later slot found on the Roden kit. Discovered all this while relishing the prospect of using the Caracal C-131 decals on the Roden kit. Ended up ordering a Welsh 240. The slot exhaust supposedly reduced cabin noise. My first flight was in a DC-6. Cabin noise was an issue in those days.
  8. Forgot the reply. Then You’ll need a Welsh kit. Roden is a late 340/440. Difference is in the overwing exhaust outlets.
  9. And the Swift was well known? It’s fun to hope.
  10. Great! So what exactly is wrong with the landing gear on mine?
  11. Got mine this week. Looks like very nice kit. Certainly leaves the ancient Italeri in the dust. Too bad about the missing guns, one piece canopy, lack of the canopy opening mechanism, and the fictional box behind the ejection seat where the mechanism should have been. I can work around all that with some Hasegawa X-29 or Sword T-38 parts. Don’t think I’ll get another until I see what Wolfpack offers. I have high hopes there.
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