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  1. I see what they called it but that’s not a T-38. It’s a F-5B. The intakes give it away.
  2. A lot of Very interesting” but not for me. That’s where I am also. More than a little disappointing.
  3. OK Hannants. It’s now pretty late in the week.
  4. If I understand your question, they are the engines. The Skyfox conversion replaced the one internal engine of the T-33 with two external ones. don’t know what they did with the now spare internal volume, fuel perhaps.
  5. The link in Homebee’s post above takes you to their website where you can order.
  6. Just the old ones. DC-3 Curtiss C-46 B. 720 B. 707 B. 727 UH-1D OH-6 Cayuse DHC-2 Beaver DC-6
  7. A great kit but a little lacking in radome shape, too smooth a curve. There is a break in the rate of curve that’s missing. Obvious once it is pointed out. Been salvaging mine with radomes from the long ago Revell Mirage IIIE. Revell got it right, all those years ago.
  8. Ah, that long age Seahawk !!! Nose weight but no wheel wells. You can’t have everything. Those Frog kits are very fondly remembered, even if they did cost 2 1/2 times what an Airfix series 1 did.
  9. According to Hyperscale, today, the first release Sprue will include parts for all versions, the P-400, Airacobta Mk I, etc, etc. True to form Arma will release all versions eventually, but it is nice to be able to choose any version from the beginning if you have the decals. My plan is to start wth that very colorful P-39D “UMP” from the 1941 Carolina war games.
  10. All existing P-39 kits have significant shape issues, particularly in the rear fuselage. You can be sure this one won’t. Also, not so hard to convert to early versions using parts from the now redundant Academy P-39’s in the stash (although, if history is any guide, other versions will follow). I for one am very excited about this.
  11. My guess is that the 3D printing will be a pleasant surprise. It has been for me with the Blackburn Blackburn, the Kawasaki P-1, and the 1/700 HMS implacable kits I have acquired. The vac form canopies (especially those side windows) will be as difficult to do neatly as always. If it must be vacform then the whole windowed area needs to be one piece. Some manufacturers are having great success with cleat cast resin but I don’t think printing with clear resin has been done successfully. Tends to come out more like that frosted glass they use in shower enclosures rather than something a pilot could actually see through. Hope I’m wrong about the vacform as those VFR’s look like great little kits that fill a yawning gap in the marketplace.
  12. Just go to welshmodels website. Both the Tiger Force and the Aussie mk 30/31 are illustrated and for sale there
  13. How do we know the plan is scaled correctly? It’s provenance is not mentioned.
  14. Let’s give KP a little love. They are nice little kits and most importantly, they are. A quick count, form an admittedly fading memory seems to be 12 entirely new molds in the last year. I love Airfix kits but 1 new 1/72 mold this year (unless you count the Tempest which was really last years kit), doesn’t make for all that much modelling fun for a mass production modeller like me. Mech the same with a Eduard. Superbly detailed and accurate kits but few and far between. Keep ‘e-mail coming KP.
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