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  1. Trenton guy

    Valom 1/72 DH-91 Albatross

    Very, very nice. I have the kit and now I am really inspired.
  2. Trenton guy

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    As to the need for aftermarket, does anyone agree that the Sword lettering (NAVY, etc) looks a little anemic, or is it just me.
  3. Trenton guy

    Aichi B7A2 Grace 1/72 Fujimi

    Simply superb. I mistook the first black and white for the real thing. Now that’s a model!
  4. Trenton guy

    Neptunes, can someone enlighten me please.....

    Big differences: 1) clear nose replaces forward 20mm.gun turret. 2) canopy profile raised and bulged. 3) ventral radome location moved aft. 4) MAD boom replaces the rear 20mm gun turret 5) jet engines added under wings outboard of.nacelles Some of these P2V-7 features were added to P2V-5’s as production progressed but the -5 never featured the revised RA dome location nor the reprofiled canopy. The dorsal turret featured on both but was later removed from -7’s.
  5. S.6 and S.5 both!, Died and gone to heaven.
  6. Can’t wait! Please open preorders soon. Don’t want to miss out, and don’t let the carping get you down. Your willingness to support these kits is much appreciated. Looking forward to more airliner decals of CARACAL quality.
  7. The best place seems to be hobbyeasy.com. They seem to get them all, provide for pre-orders of “coming soon” items and they have excellent service and prices. I have had very good luck with them. Located in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t order anything of Chinese manufacture anywhere else.
  8. Great build and great article in AMW. Bought a second copy of AMW and pulled the article out so it would never be far from my S&M kits. For those lucky enough to still have one Dave Butress’s long ago DB Resins B.2 conversion for the Italeri B-57, it contains the correct wheels, intakes with starter cartridge, white metal nose gear with better wheels and mud guards (albeit one piece), resin injection seats and a full resin interior (including nose gear well) that can be finessed into the S&M fuselage and double as a nose weight. Never used mine because I felt that a neat join between the set’s vacform goldfish bowl and it’s resin rim was beyond my skills. It will go to good use now.
  9. Squadron USA has it in stock. Mine is in the hands of the United States Postal Service.
  10. Trenton guy

    Revell Boxes

    Everybody has a friend, even the lowly boxelope.
  11. Trenton guy

    Revell Boxes

    Not sure if this is the right place since this is “modelling related”, I think. Anyway, The postman just brought my new Revell 1/72 RAF 100 Years Typhoon and Hunter 9, courtesy of the big H. Oh what joy, real top opening tray type boxes. What a way to celebrate 100 years of the RAF! Still a little flimsy but whose complaining. Hope this is the death knell of the “ boxelope”.
  12. The shape is the outline of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. It is a popular summer vacation spot, especially with me (40 years and counting). It’s unusual shape often serves as its logo.
  13. Trenton guy

    1/48 MiG 15 new tool

    How about Tamiya?
  14. Trenton guy

    Vietnam Chinook Rotor colour

    The ones I saw were black. Observed in the Central Highlands, 1968-1969. None were gunships but I can’t imagine that they were different.
  15. Trenton guy

    RAF phantom colour

    Flint Gray, FS 36314 is available in the fast disappearing Testors Modelmaster II line. Best of all model paints IMHO, sadly discontinued by Testors. Not to be confused with the not so great Modelmaster line which remains. Go figure. Modelmaster came first and included mostly modern USAF/USN colors. Sprays poorly, impossible to cut a fine freehand line and a rough gritty finish. Modelmaster II, came along later, sprayed beautifully yielding a very smooth finish. One could cut an incredibly fine freehand line with Modelmaster II. Additional USAF/USN colors plus all the WWII colors, as well as modern Russian were in the MM II line. For some strange reason the MM colors were never reformulated to match the quality of MM II. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Flint Gray—get it while you can!