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  1. I believe it was an Eastern Express kit. Still have in the stash. Eastern Express is a Russian company that (at least according to another since suppressed thread had it’s molds made in Ukraine). Understandably hard to come by now although Chinese ebay sellers are still a possibility.
  2. Box art is a start. Let’s have it!!!!
  3. Hope they will do something about those 3/4” think RAM patches but not hopeful.
  4. OK, I’m convinced. Joined the club and ordered the red box since that seems to be the only way to get the FR9 (it was absent from this years list of new releases). Not so sure about the club thing. Club membership, red box price, and. Hornby’s legendary overseas shipping cost made it a $75 kit. of course, I won’t be getting it anytime soon because of the hacked Royal Mail’s inability to dispatch export packages. Maybe the FR9 will be in 2024 program before the Royal Mail unhacks itself. Once again modelling desire trumps economic good sense. Not the first time for me, but I shall have an FR9 !!!!
  5. Xtradecal sheet for 5 & 9 still available (barely). Bet it will be reissued.
  6. IT LIVES !!!!!! Who says miracles don’t happen any more. Thinking about building one more than Fairey did..
  7. Yes, they were on full release. They were a partnership with A Model and very nice as you say. I have two of what I believe were three boxings. 72-31 which had two RAF silver era examples, one with yellow and the other dayglow. Also, a mostly red private example. 72-33 which had markings for Sudan, Oman, Malaysia, and Burma. The decals were clearly A Model productions. Perhaps A Model will be able release them again at some point in future. They were surely molded in Ukraine. That has already happened with Mel’s Canberras.
  8. I was trying to say a build of 5 (five) Cougars, not a build of a -5 Cougar. You are correct that there is no such thing.
  9. That’s a real bummer. Great kit available only to club members. People like me can’t join. I can understand trying to incentivize membership but I can’t understand not letting some people join. A heavy penalty for the Declaration of Independence but, on balance I’m still glad we dumped old King George III. C’mon Airfix.
  10. The Academy is a much newer kit. It has recessed panel lines, clearer and more precise clear parts, the conversion friendlier parts breakdown and the parts to do an open canopy.
  11. Been thinking about a T-37 for a long time. Spent enough time researching shapes to have built a couple. Finally concluded that you can make one from an Academy A-37. Mostly involves leaving parts off (thank you Academy for a thoughtful parts breakdown). The real challenge comes with the engine bays. Those on the A-37 were bigger than on the T-37 due to larger engines. But where? Seemingly endless gazing at photos has convinced me that the bulge is on the lower side. Upper side contours seem unchanged. I think the Academy plastic will allow for for quite a bit of reduction on the lower side. Of Course splitter plates are required on the T-37. My candidates come from the Hasegawa F8F-8 Cougar. They are just about the right size and they were not used on all Cougars. I have a selection left over from a 5 Cougar build. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it! Any wisdom or corrections welcome.
  12. Airfix’s TBD can still make a great showing. Adapt a True Details resin interior, add a vac form canopy and some Yellow Wings decals and you have a really nice additions to a yellow wings collection.
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