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  1. Thanks, Julien.it is a great scheme and a very nice model.
  2. Definitely helps. Thanks so much. Do you have an alarm that goes off whenever the word Canberra appears in a post? However you do it, it is appreciated.
  3. I’m just starting a 1/72 Canberra B.2, using the new AMP kit. The color scheme will be the early MSG/LSG with white u/s (circa 1953) as depicted on Xtradecal sheet 72301. Not sure what color the wing walk markings should be (I know they varied over time). I think that I have seen something on point here. Tried SEARCH but it defeats me every time (the first thing found with a search, title as above concerned the Sea Vixen followed by many more references having nothing to do with Canberras). Can anyone help?
  4. Yes, that is the one I mean.
  5. The best of good fortune to you. Can’t wait for this one! Hope you have the Electra toolings. That would be special too.
  6. Possibly a captioning error on the website. They wouldn’t try to sell us an A as a B, would they? A P-51 A with a “super decal” would be most welcome.
  7. A long time ago, Microscale did a sheet in it’s attenuated 1/144th series. Good luck with that.
  8. The kit has clear? Resin aft canopies and resin underwing radar with racks. Somewhat accounts for a very high price, no matter how you slice it or who you blame. Sadly the resin “clear” parts are about as cleat as a frosted shower compartment door. Great if you want privacy but that, alas, is not the purpose of a canopy. Cannot be polished up. I tried. My advise is save your money. I fell for two.
  9. At least so far, ARMA doesn’t do big. They also don’t get caught in a rut. If it is really novel I would look for something like an MS-406. If only just novel, then F4F-3. Whatever it is I’ll buy it. For my money ARMA are the best there is right now.
  10. Much needed. Those brass cowl flaps and the lack of anywhere solid to anchor them are the bane of Dora’s otherwise superb kits.
  11. I believe that one of the Italeri boxings had WWII markings and included a six gun nose.
  12. Built the Italeri example in French Indo-China markings. Nice kit. Only real difficulty I can recall is setting the correct dihedral on the wings. The kit joint is very loose and so doesn’t give you much help. The Revell kit is the Italeri one reboxed. I believe Special Hobby once promised a B/A-26 but it never came to pass.
  13. Tried to build this with the RVHP kit. They had some nice schemes. The otherwise very nice vacform canopy was too high, stuck up above the fuselage behind. There was no way to drop the sill or reduce the height of the canopy at the bottom and still maintain accuracy so I tried building up the fuselage depth be hind it. Just couldn’t get rid of the swayback look. Gave up and substituted an Anigrand fuselage. At this point I had one very expensive Sabreliner. Kept the RVHP wings because they had the slats. Only problem there was that the slat tracks on one wing did not align at all with the recesses in the wing. The other wing was fine. Removed the slat tracks and replaced them with plastic strip on the offending wing. There were a lot of them and each had to be perfectly aligned. Life is too short!!! All worked out in the end but where were you when I needed you SWORD? will undoubtedly get one for a more stress free build and without needing to take out a second mortgage (already on the wish list at the big H). Wonder if the OBSCURECO resin F-100 wing could be used if slats are lacking. I believe that the Sabreliner wing was based on that of the F-100.
  14. Don’t have mine yet but there is always sand paper, known to improve shapes. Or a piece lifted from a PR XIX. Agree that shouldn’t be necessary in 2022, especially since AZ/KP clearly knew there was a difference.
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