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  1. Brings back memories. Spent a year just a mile north of Pleiku AFB, a base camp called Engineer Hill. Got over to the air base with some frequency. It was the only place for a hundred miles where you could get a real American hamburger. The Army had B rations (think a perfectly circular pork chop coming out of a can). I remember one evening about 7PM when an AF pilot threw one all over the sky in an amazing aerobatic show. My guess is that he went home the next day. that is exactly what the looked like. Great job!
  2. Got a Frog coming from e-bay so I can try it, but if memory serves the Frog nacelles were not separate but part of the upper and lower wings. Maybe only the nacelle fronts can be transferred. We’ll see. Better yet, how about it Aerocraft —- replacement nacelles and spinners?
  3. Price on Hannants dropped to £25 after Wolfpack advertised there at about that price point. We will see what Sprue Bro’s asks in the USA. At that price, I’ll unhappily get one. Been trying to get myself to start the old Italeri one for ages.
  4. That’s a bummer. Didn’t know 3D printed stuff was prone to warping, as is resin. Sounds like a quality control problem since mine was OK. I still plan to order two more and we will see what happens. There won’t be a bright future if a uniform level of quality cannot be assured.
  5. Delivery after October 13. I’d call it a pre-order.
  6. Got their F-4 set from the “big H”. Very impressed with the quality. Ready to use. Good bye photoetch!
  7. Looks like I’m looking at my first Lukagraph kit. A 1/48 Nimrod will be very nice.
  8. Is that the new Kaga in the December releases. There s no Enterprise, Yorktown, or Hornet in the US Navy bot there is a Kaga in the JMSDF. Who won the Battle of Midway anyway? Not to worry, there are plenty of USN carriers named after politicians, some with pretty spotty records. As I understand it ship names are the responsibility of the Secretary of the Navy. The naming convention is that carriers are to be named after famous ships of the Navy or famous battles (victories). At least tradition lingers yet in the RN where they remembered to name the first capital ship of the reign after the S
  9. Wonder if Sword still has the molds for the very decent resin canopy mechanism that was included in their T-38 kits.
  10. Outstanding. Skale Wings are still there. They seem committed to filling real holes in the universe of available kits. Sk-35 shouldn’t be too hard if you have a stock of those Swedish made parts intended to backdate the Hasegawa Drakens.
  11. It was the ESCI kit that had an attempt at canopy actuators (just checked mine in the stash). They were in both the F-5A and F-5B kits. Little arms that attached to the top of the ejection seat rails. I believe that is prototypical for the single seater and the rear canopy of the two seater but not the front canopy of the two seater. My reference point is the 1/48 Freedom Models two seater (bought it solely for reference) confirmed by not always easy to discern photos. They are missing the considerable bulk of stuff behind the seat but it was an attempt. IMHO the best, should I say only, good
  12. Yes, five and dime. Actually it was a J Newberry. The Woolworths next door didn’t carry Airfix.
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