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  1. I am at a bit of a loss as to which new kit this discussion is about. Is it possible that we are getting a 1/72 Scale kit of Brexit? If not,then i’m Not sure what it is doing in a Rumormonger Nurnberg thread. Sorry, but I keep clicking on Nurnberg 2020 hoping to find news of a previously unknown new kit.
  2. Does that tail look a little off, too tall and too narrow at the top?
  3. Another really tempting and needed offering. To bad I can’t purchase and build a render. These guy’ are either deeply capitalized or determined to frustrate us. Hope it is the former.
  4. Terrific news, now, if only their release schedule can begin to match their announcement schedule. Have their 1/72 Sonia and it’s a really good kit. Skipped the Claude because I have Fujimi’s which is way more than satisfactory. Nothing else to buy, yet.
  5. The link works but the Lone Star shop is not open. Maybe February according to the website which contains just that message.
  6. I would speculate that there is a very good chance we’ll se a whole series of Centurions once we see one. That is Dragons track record with every kit they release. The big question is when we will see one.
  7. Available now for preorder at hobbyeasy.com in Hong Kong. I order from them all the time. Very good prices and very quick shipping (to USA anyway). Stated release date is February 15. Hobbyeasy’s release date estimates are usually quite accurate and updated regularly if anything changes. The two listed for that date are a bog standard MT-LB and a MT-LB 6MB.
  8. Do you suppose that rather large collection of 1/72 targets has any connection to Modelcollect? Some duplication but many unique items. I suppose “competeter” is a word that doesn’t have much meaning in Communist China but do we think Hobby Boss and Modelcollect are related enterprises or competitors, IAW are molds being shared here. In any event, I am holding my breath for the DANA.
  9. I’m saving my Matchbox canopies and the rear fairing on the Matchbox fuselage. Ought to be able to work something for the mandatory (for me) open canopy look.
  10. Very well indeed. I always open my canopies so fit is a little less critical. It remains critical for the front windscreen and that is a drop fit. Bill
  11. The Viscount has been released and is very nice indeed. Only a 700 now but an 800 is in prospect.
  12. Thanks, answered my questions about a questionable decision.
  13. Is it really true that new release has on landing gear. Sprue shots seem to show gear wells but no gear. Just cancelled my “watching” at the big H until I can be sure. Maybe a later version that includes gear?
  14. IMHO, every Extra Dark Sea Grey I have tried in 60 years of modelling needs blue added to look right. The sea greys were blue greys and the blue effect seems stronger as the shade darkens. Started a thread a couple of years ago, Is EDSG a blue or a grey? Consensus was on blue, which made me feel better.
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