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  1. Thanks, that’s the price I’d expect to pay. Think I’ll give him a try.
  2. 1952, a Hawk P-51 Mustang. I think it had all of 10 parts. Coming up on 70 years.
  3. Very interesting. Can’t wait to order (assuming I can ever find a second Beaufort). Knew a new vertical stabilizer and engine cowls would be involved. Didn’t know nacelles would be different also. Guess that’s why we wake up each day, and check Britmodeller.
  4. California should be easy but I bet not. I’m never getting to any of those other places. The best the US can offer is Peeru (Peru) Indiana and it’s neighbor Mylan (Milan).
  5. Then imagine me, a New Jersey kid try to buy a rail ticket to Loughborough at the Bedford rail station. Got one for Luckbro (I think). Did arrive safely at Donnington in the end.
  6. Isn’t that a fine kettle of fish. What’s going on Airfix. Just secured mine for a reasonable price and very high shipping cost (on eBay). Can’t wait any longer. Like the Buccaneer, this one will be started the minute it hits the bench, w hat’s the use of tooling a much wanted kit and then not having it for sale. ONLY AIRFIX KNOWS !!!!!!
  7. I would LOVE to be able to fill some ejector pin marks on that kit.
  8. Wonderful. I’ll believe it when I see it. Mars Models seem to have extraordinarily long gestation periods. Still good news —— some day.
  9. Maybe we should re-title the thread as “Impossible Airfix Lincoln”. Wish it wasn’t so but I fear it is.
  10. This has happened before. The, at the time, much anticipated and much delayed Swift showed up in my LHS in New Jersey when it wasn’t available anywhere else in the world. Do they do this to torture us?
  11. The lack of an intake right under the propeller spinner. Compare it to other engine cowl views in the CADs. Also, the small conical radome and extended wing tips are pretty unique to the mkXV. The mkXV had single stage Merlins.
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