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  1. I'd second the suggestion of thermo mould and clay replica. Used this method the replicate a lost part on a car engine. Just think out which side you can live with being flat (the bit at the top of the mould).
  2. Very good work and the finished appearance is very convincing.
  3. Exellent work with both the build and the finish. Insiring and daunting!
  4. I'm not sure which impresses more, the ambition or the execution. A truly inspirational bit of work!
  5. Thank you both. Like any modeller my eye is drawn to the bits I'm unhappy with. The later issue kit needs lots of dry fitting and adjusting to get a reasonable result.
  6. Thanks and yes you're right @CliffB tilting middle seats, steering, compartment behind the front seats and opening bonnet (cowl?). In theory the luggage rack should fold too but the moulding isn't defined enough.
  7. Thanks to both of you for the kind words. The models have a lot of potential but need a lot of remedial work and I was only prepared to go so far. As such they were a good way to be riminded of the skills I need to bring back to life. The gloss paint came from rattle cans the polished with T-Cut.
  8. Finished versions. Bought this as an Airfix kit when I was about 8 or 9, so about 55 years ago. At the time it was the most impressive model I'd built. So, slowly returning to the hobby I thought I'd seek it out again. The yellow one is a more recent MPC re-issue. The moulds show all the signs of having been very well used. The dark red (maroon?) one is an original Airfix that had been partially started. Both needed quite a lot of work to get the parts to fit but the MPC still doesn't look quite right. The top cowl/bonnet parts have flattened so that the coach line doesn't line up with the line on the body. Good enough for me as a return subject and a bit of nostalgia. Not a subject I have much affection for other than a trip down memory lane. Rear door handle lost in the recent house move. Any suggestions on how to make a quick & easy replacement rear door handle? h Tyre mark on the white wall from years of storage with a tyre on top.
  9. Looks an excellent balance of weathering, shading and detailing. Well done and I hope to do as well one day!
  10. Hi, hope this is the right section for this query. The family inherited a collection of numbered prints from my father-in-law when he died. It was agree that we would try to sell them and ditribute the proceeds to the grandchildren. Most of the subject are Bomber Comand aircraft as that was where he served. He appears to have had a weakness for 'collectable' RAF based items. There are loads of Bradford Exchange plates still in boxes, which we might be able to give away. At least he was able to enjoy most of the prints which are framed and had been displayed in his house. Based on what research I've been able to do I don't think any of them are particularly valuable which, together with the specialist subject matter, makes finding a good place to sell them particularly challenging. So I'm asking the collective here if anyone knows of a website, dealer or show where we might realise some cash from the prints to pass on? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  11. I remember a formula quoted on a hifi forum that paraphrased advice on a biking site. The maximum items purchased should be a+1 subject to a maximum of b-1 where a=items already owned and b=the number that would cause serious relationship breakdown.
  12. Hi. Wanted to use my retirement to new model making. I've already put too much effort in to the easiest bit - building the stash. In order to limit this I have set myself limits, only 1/48, only RAF and only in service 1970-77. However, from when my younger son was growing up and influencing my choices I also have Necromunda stuff, a Heresy Dragon to build and various Warhammer Quest figures to paint. Should be a while til I need to buy more ...
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