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  1. Thanks, James! I've heard the fit of the Hobby 2000 (Dragon) kit is awful, but it serving me well as a kit to cannabalize! The wheel masks worked out. After paint and a wash, here they are with one side done. Meanwhile the a/c itself is all black now. Next I'll unplug the wheel wells and touch the aluminum up around there.
  2. I realized that at least some of the Hobby 2000 kit stencils are likely appropriate on this P-38M-turned-P-38L. Also, some of the masks might be useful, although I don't think the canopy ones will work. I've gone ahead and stenciled the drop tanks and feel this adds interest, so will likely continue stenciling elsewhere as the feeling hits me...
  3. I went ahead and put a little map together for this project. I have coloured in all the countries which are being represented with a "last legs pony"--a World War II-era American fighter ending its life in the Caribbean. As originally introduced, the following countries are being represented by the true "ponies," the P-51 Mustangs: 1. Costa Rica (completed) 2. Dominican Republic (completed) 3. Haiti 4. Guatemala These countries are being represented with P-47s: 5. Venezuela 6. Colombia 7. Mexico 8. Cuba I had added Brazil to this list with a P-47 too, but I'm going to drop Brazil from this project (it will show up elsewhere, don't worry ). The remaining four countries are being represented with unique types: 9. Nicaragua: P-38 Lightning (WIP as part of the STGB) 10. USA: P-39 Airacobra (it's a USAAF a/c, but was based in CuraƧao) 11. Honduras: P-63 Kingcobra (was going to be a P-38, but I'm excited to build my first P-63) 12. El Salvador: FG-1D Corsair (this is a new addition--El Salvador does not border the Caribbean Sea, but close enough, right?)
  4. My T-6 is finally here! I've cut out the ADF antenna piece for the Haitian P-51D, but it has yet to be installed, as all my focus right now is on the Nicaragua P-38 over in the STGB, which I am hoping to finish by Dec 11!
  5. Wheel wells stuffed with tissue... And Tamiya rattle can semi-gloss black spraying is underway:
  6. Perfect, I think in combination these responses answer my specific question and better define the GB boundaries more generally: i.e., can sea air be smelt or not? I think my Uruguayan Hellcat is more in line, then and my Salvadorean Corsair will need to wait.
  7. In this case what I have in mind is one of the Corsairs El Salvador used in the 1960s, although I think it's a good question to clarify generally for this GB. I have another option that's "more" maritime, but the land-based Salvadorean Corsair is my first choice.
  8. @TonyOD trying to determine if this means, for example, any FG-1D Corsair could qualify (i.e., even if land-based) given that it is designed for maritime environment? Or are we looking for examples that are specifically operating in a maritime environment?
  9. Primed (you can now see the installed air intakes and radar pod fairing): There are still some gaps and seams to deal with around the radiators and nacelles. I did some more work on these (sanding, super glue in the gaps, etc.) but am probably moving on and letting well enough alone. I always find gaps and seams challenging, but particularly in these spots. Next, some rattle can aluminum sprayed into the wheel wells. I see now there is a depression on the radar pod fairing I'll want to address.
  10. Love your scratch built radio! The wheels look great! Your care with the kit is showing! Well done and excited to see it come along.
  11. My Dragon/Hobby 2000 kit was waiting for me when I got home. These are the pieces I need, albeit it is just the fairing from the radar pod I need, not the whole thing. Now assembled: With the pod cut off the fairing, I have attached the three parts. The fairing needed some filler, so I stuffed it with putty and sanded flush. Then masked the cockpit to spray primer.
  12. For a variety of reasons I have not updated in a long time, and I won't bother getting into all of them. Mostly I had been waiting for my Dragon kit to arrive so that I could pillage it for parts (the air intakes and radar fairing), and I had included this AM gun set in that order as well (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/master-am-72-096-p-38m-lightning-50-cal-brownings-and-20mm-cannon-tips-with-flash-hider--968748) which I thought might be a nice upgrade on the Hobby Boss one-piece nose and guns. I had ordered these in September, and was honestly losing hope they would be arriving. I still have not received a package I ordered from the UK in August, and I have pretty much given up on that one. I know Royal Mail strikes probably impacted it, but still three months later seems insane... Anyway, the good news is now Canada Post tracking shows my Dragon P-38M kit has arrived in Canada, so presumably will be in my hands soon-ish. A couple of weeks ago, however, I realized the clock is ticking on this GB so I should not delay any longer. So, I moved forward with a few steps... For example, the nacelle "mirrors"--Hobby Boss has molded these incorrectly as circular clear parts, as @fox1_BE pointed out to me, instead of the oval they should be. But, I won't bother with this. I sanded them to fit and went ahead and painted them aluminum (they are just dry-fitted here). More dry fitting to determine weight required for tail-sitting prevention as recommended by @Andwil and @trickyrich above. As @Andwil guessed, it looks like 7 grams in each nacelle will be enough. With that determined and installed, I glued on the nacelles. Unlike most of the rest of the kit, the fit on these is not perfect, with several steps to sand and clean up. Unless primer reveals otherwise, I think we are in good shape in this regard now. Here she is with nacelles affixed, but nose dry fitted (you can get a sense here for how this piece is ripe for an upgrade). Despite the fact that 14 g seems adequate, I decided to try out my liquid gravity product and stick some in the nose. Here it is stick in some CA. With the liquid gravity installed, I glued the nose on. Of course, this almost certainly means the AM guns won't be used, since I don't imagine drilling into the nose will work very well now. Oh well. Main UC legs are glued as well, now. And that is more or less it. I am out of town for a bit, but when back and assuming the package has arrived I will get those air intakes and radar fairing on and she should be ready for primer at that point. Fingers crossed, but given her all-black camo, I assume she will move quickly to the finish line once I get back to her.
  13. South Africa is languishing, but my version of G-AMAU as part of the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes megaGB is all done! She is now featured in the GB gallery: And here again is the WIP:
  14. As a "civilian interlude" in my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project, I was excited to enter this GB with Hawker's G-AMAU as it was, more or less, when it entered the King's Cup Air Race in 1950. The kit is Revell's Mk IIc, with a few small parts swapped out with spares from other Hurricane kits and the six-stack exhausts from an Eduard Spitfire kit. Here is the WIP in case you're interested: And the WIP for the Hawker Hurricanes around the world project:
  15. Alright, a few more, and I'll add to the gallery soon. Thanks for all the encouragement, advice, comments, likes, etc.!
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