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  1. I'm really enjoying this build, sorry I haven't commented yet! I'm working on a post-war Finnish G-6 as part of my "Minor Gustavs" project, but yours is definitely more colourful than my version will be! She's looking great and I'm eager to see her all done--what's left to do?
  2. I've been busy moving and such so progress has been slow, but my goodness there are a lot of decals to apply! Getting there, but still many more to go...
  3. Thanks, Wulfman, and thanks for asking! Let me recap Phase one is completed to represent a Hurricane on every continent: Australia, USA, Argentina, Poland, Iran, Egypt Civilian interlude: G-AFKX Phase two is underway... completed so far: France, Soviet Union, Belgium, Ireland, Yugoslavia (Kingdom and Republic), Turkey, Netherlands. and now India ... and still to do: Portugal, South Africa, (and maybe Greece--which my wife has as a WIP) Phase three: Japan (underway in the Turning Japanese GB), Germany, Italy, Romania, Finland So, by my count seven left to go, or eight if my wife decides to finish hers!
  4. Ok, decaling has begun! Not the highest quality decals, but they are going on just fine. Hopefully the Microsol takes care of the carrier film so evident in this photo...
  5. Dark Green is on now, just some touching up to do now. I'm using Vallejo's Dark Green.
  6. There is actually lots to do on the Diana... first blue on the relevant spots, oh, and the exhaust stacks attached. Then gunmetal on the upper cowl MGs, red on the fuselage, wings, and stabilizers, and black on the (DF?) loop. This all took awhile, but was surprisingly enjoyable. Eduard would have me apply some eye-straining amount of red underneath the wings, too, but I drew the line there. I'll have better photos of some of this soon, for now a coat of Pledge is drying to seal it all in. Once dry, I think it will be ready for decals.
  7. Glad you let me know about this one, Mark, I'll follow it now too!
  8. Well done! I'm impressed with the effort--I can't imagine painting checkerboard!
  9. Happy to see you modeling again, @2996 Victor! I'm watching this one with interest!
  10. I got the Czechoslovakia (KP S-199) wheel wells painted and nearly done the inside of the UC doors with RLM 66 (Tamiya XF-24). I am actually using the doors from Airfix because they are molded with the legs on them and for Czechoslovakia they are both the same colour (more or less). This way I can save the separate pieces for Slovakia where the legs and door colours are different (in other words I'm trying to make my painting life easier).
  11. With the underside camo complete on Portugal (Arma Mk IIc), I pulled the tape off the green stripe. Of course, it was a disaster. I am terrible at masking... I especially found it difficult to get the tape to conform to the fabric "ripples." I am so frustrated with this that I sanded it as best I could and simply painted the whole underside MSG (Tamiya XF-19). I am considering using a decal for the stripe. I think something like this could work, and may pick up some white and yellow while I'm at it to assist with the Phase 3 axis versions (Romania and Finland will have yellow stripes and Italy a white one). Otherwise fuselage stripe masking may kill my modelling joy
  12. Rear wheel is mounted and Pledge applied to the underside. Initial coat of Dark Earth on top... this is Tamiya XF-52. And almost ready for Dark Green...
  13. I've applied a layer of Pledge before I move on to painting the wheel wells and this blue that the S-199s apparently had in what-must-not-be-random-but-seem-to-be-random-spots... You can see the eight or so little blue "spots" I am talking about on the forward fuselage (including the air intake) here (not sure why I can't successfully rotate this picture, my apologies....). Meanwhile, I'm preparing the props for (left to right): Finland (Airfix G-6), Czechoslovakia (KP S-199), and Slovakia (Airfix G-6). Yes, I opted for yellow on the S-199 because it was my favourite colour out of what I considered possible (yellow, white, or same green as camo). I attempted to drill out the MGs on the Airfix props, and I think with a touch of panel liner they will look at least a bit better than as originally molded by Airfix.
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