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  1. Thanks, @opus999! I really like this camo too! I actually wasn't going to build Yugoslavia twice, but could not resist doing the Kingdom's version when I realized I had the AZ decals leftover. Cheers.
  2. After the rear wheel and exhaust stacks were attached, I put the roundels and fin decals on Republic of Yugoslavia (AZ Mk IV). The fin flash is too large versus the photo, and the roundels seem to be missing some yellow if you look at the photo of the BF109 in the Belgrade museum, but I think they look pretty nice, and they are settling in well. @Supercuber says there were no upper wing decals, and I can't find any photographic evidence that would suggest otherwise, but AZ does provide them. I have been painting the rockets as well and was going to go with a single colour . . . . . . but I've decided the RAF museum's Typhoon's rockets make a good template for rockets in 1/72: So, I will leave the rocket heads with the XF-73 and use a darker, richer green (maybe XF-13) for the bodies.
  3. I did manage to prime the remainder of what I needed to on Turkey, India, South Africa, Portugal, and Netherlands, but mostly I've been keeping up the Republic of Yugoslavia momentum today. Top coat is nearly done except for some minor touch-ups as well as the cockpit green "headrest" and black upper "dashboard." . And I started painting the rockets as well as India's bombs. I'm using XF-73 for these.
  4. Things are moving fairly quickly with Republic of Yugoslavia (AZ Mk IV). I put a thin layer of Pledge down underneath and popped the roundels and then the pitot tube. Most of the other bits are painted or well on their way, but you can see the rockets sitting here as well waiting for some sort of green paint. She wears a single upper colour, in this case I'm using XF-77 (something like FS 35237--thanks again, @Supercuber), and this is her after two thin coats.
  5. I finished dealing with all I wanted to in terms of gaps and seams on Republic of Yugoslavia (AZ Mk IV). I used heat on the rocket rails to get them to conform to the wing, and that worked fairly well. But, some of the resin reacted to the heat in such a way that is a little bumpy in spots I can't reach with sand paper. In other words, I have left it as "good enough" and proceeded with the underside camo. This is Tamiya XF-23 I am using; might be a bit on the light side based on the description provided by @Supercuber who identified the underside camo as FS35450, but I think it will do.
  6. Very interesting, thanks for sharing @mark.au! At this point Belgium has both a Pledge coat and matt coat over top of the 25, but I assume you would suggest I could still give it a go again? Cheers!
  7. I have only ever been interested in WWII so never paid any thought to the USAF SEA scheme. I looked it up, and I think you may be onto something. Maybe that Caribbean sun is making the grey look particularly creamy. I believe the Dominican P-51Ds actually came from Sweden though so not sure Cavalier was responsible for the paintwork?
  8. The mail brought me some goodies today, and I can introduce the second Mustang kit, this one will be Dominican Republic--the only build of this project that should be all OOB! The two main sprues and clear sprue are the same as the starter kit above, but there is an additional sprue with this kit providing an alternative prop and rockets and bombs. The decal sheet includes the Dominican Republic option. Not so sure about a white underside?
  9. Although Ireland is again waiting for warmer weather, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I) managed to get her matt coat up top on Saturday, and I was able to pop her canopy on, do a couple of touch-ups, and she is done! I photographed the underside before I mounted her. Then set her on a 1/48 stand I had available. Someday I will attempt better photos, but this will do for now.
  10. Ireland (Arma Mk I) had landing gear installed (somehow I find putting the wheels on the Arma kits tough because the tires are flattened off, but lining them up perfectly is tough). Then, during the balmy, above zero temperature last week I prepped Ireland and Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I) for a matt coat. You can see that in the end the transparent film around the 105s has "disappeared" nicely. So, matt coat went on the bottoms . . . . . . then began working on the ID lights. I flipped Ireland over and attached the prop and antenna mast, but did not get a matt coat on top before the cold came again (-22 C right now, with -30 C wind chill).
  11. Thanks, Carlos! I have ordered from Aztec and have these three on the way... This one will supply me with Guatemala and Haiti (P-51Ds): This one Honduras and Nicaragua (P-38s [I think L and M, respectively]): And this one will have the P-47Ds: Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, and Venezuela.
  12. The pile of propellers have been painted and Pledged, awaiting installation. I junked the prop for Ireland (Arma Mk I) and started over (its the one with the Sky spinner below)--still struggling to get these Arma Mk I props and spinners to go together properly. Arma really improved the design with the Mk IIs--that gorgeous green one is Portugal (Arma Mk IIc) and I am particularly excited by that spinner colour. Portugal will also get a fuselage stripe of the same colour which is supposed to be something like the green in the Portuguese flag. Besides Arma Mk I props and spinners, I somehow also struggle with yellow tips. Arma includes decals occasionally, but those proved more frustrating than painting, but I've never had yellow tips I was especially happy with. I have tried a few techniques, but now am just free-handing and content with "good enough." Besides Ireland and Portugal, we have Turkey, India, South Africa, Netherlands, and Republic of Yugoslavia here, all with black spinners.
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