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  1. I have the decals on, but still have quite a bit of camo touching up to do. I got the seat installed, too. These Aztec decals are beautiful, by the way, even the shark mouth which I find can often be problematic. The light green I used matches the Aztec FS call out, but it is definitely too vivid compared to photos. Still, I decided to stick with it because I like the look. Anyway, in the photos I have seen FAB 511 is extremely worn, so I suppose one could argue that she may have looked closer to my version when she was freshly painted.
  2. This GB has seen a few Bf 110s, but I don't believe any have been wearing Iraqi triangles! This is the Eduard 1/72 kit, built OOB and a lot of fun was had. Some of the PE is tough to work with and my freehand brush canopy painting was challenging, but overall I'm pretty pleased with her. These were Luftwaffe a/c with Luftwaffe pilots, but wearing Iraqi markings during the Anglo-Iraqi war, which lasted about six weeks. Gives modelers a great opportunity for something a little different! Cheers!
  3. Still in the sausage-making stage... but onto the third colour up top. I've cut out the decals, as well, but there aren't many to use, particularly because I think most (all?) of the stenciling seems to have been overpainted.
  4. All done--what a fun build! In many ways I don't feel like my skills (ugh, that canopy; ugh, PE...) did this one justice, but I sure enjoyed it.
  5. Here's my 1/72 Special Hobby HA-1112, built OOB in the "Peugeot blue" livery she apparently wore when based in Tenerife in 1958. The kit fought me, but I mostly overcame it and actually I'm quite happy with how she turned out. She is one of my "Minor Gustavs" collection, so I'm including a picture of her with he six other Bf 109Gs and derivatives I've built to date.
  6. Spain (Special Hobby HA-1112) is all done over in the Baby Boomer GB! It was actually a tough kit to assemble, but in the end came together better than I expected. So now we're up to seven Minor Gustavs--Finland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. Certainly not perfectly-built models, but beautiful in all their colour and diversity, I think!
  7. That's simply stunning. I just built this kit myself and know the effort required to build it, nevermind your gorgeous paintwork. Very impressed.
  8. My first might have been an Airfix Westland Whirlwind. Wouldn't mind building that again, if I can find one. Sign me up please!
  9. Meanwhile, Italy (Eduard Mk IXc), by the Ionian Sea, is underway in the NATO GB:
  10. Israel (Eduard Mk IXe) is all done over in the Baby Boomer GB. Here she is, shiny and black--this one was a lot of fun! So, that completes the Spitfires-by-the-Mediterranean pair! Here are Israel and Syria (Airfix Mk F 22).
  11. I started getting decals on, and also painted the rudder white and the underside radio pod black. I also have the exhaust stacks installed and the remaining seat belts into the cockpit. Getting close, finally!
  12. Here's another "Baby Boomer" Spitfire, this time an OOB 1/72 Eduard Spitfire Mk IXe in shiny black Israeli Air Force livery of 1955. I built this as part of my Spitfires-by-the-Seas project and she's one of my Mediterranean Sea pair (the other is a Syrian Air Force Mk 22, which can be seen on the project WIP thread).
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