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  1. Thank's Harry,it was mixed from Tamiya dark gray a slight blue tint added with Medium blue and lightened a touch with white to counter the gloss coat which darken's down when applied.
  2. Just been down the LMS I see the Char B and Renault tank set has been re-released.One for a future build!
  3. Hi folk's,must have spent an hour in the LMS trying to think of something for this GB,as expected the Provost was out of stock and aircraft wise I just didn't fancy what was on offer given the time limit(I reckon over the Sunday/Monday I might get 4-6 hour's where I can get up into the loft).I'd alway's wondered what these kit's were like so although I'm not by any means a figure painter I grabbed this one for just over £7 after discount so if it goes pear shaped it's only the price of a couple of pint's.Photo's as soon as Flickr is back online.
  4. Thank's Silenoz,everything fit's beautifully I glued the upper wing's and one piece lower wing together before fitting and it clicked into place without a hitch not a jot of filler was needed to get to the primer stage.
  5. Off tomorrow so popping into my LMS,I bought the Provost T4 last week for the Trainer's GB and I know it's a prime candidate for this GB but doubt he will have re-stocked already failing that it will be whatever I think can be done as I'm at work this weekend 2-10 so the plan is Sunday morning with maybe an odd hour after 10 depending on the morning's progress,Monday I'm off but the missus has plan's so It'll be a case of grabbing what time I can at the bench.Can't wait though
  6. Another good shout Dave and a brave choice of scale for the time allowed but looking at the part's it make's perfect sense.
  7. That look's a stunning little kit great scale for this type of GB too!
  8. It,s certainly on the shortlist HB!
  9. Many thank's for the comment's,there didn't seem to be the part's required for the NF3 in this boxing certainly only one canopy type in the box,King Kit have new and pre-owned boxing's in stock I've always had great service from them over the year's.
  10. Morning all,built for the 50's Nato GBt but missed the deadline,all down to messing up the tip tank's as decal's were useless and my attempt(s) at the red white and black chequerboard finish with paint and decal's failed miserably.Anyway rather than bin it I opted to finish them in gray just before the squadron's painter's got to work.I liked this my first kit from this company I believe there are shape issues and there are a couple of fit issues but nice all the same,many thank's for looking. Build here.
  11. Morning folk's,priming a couple of GB build's today including the Provost.
  12. Hi folk's if I tried to get those tip tank's right one more time I think the kit would have hit the wall! so let's just say the aircraft has just been delivered and waiting to for the unit colour's to be added.As done as it's going to be.
  13. Pete(PeterB) kindly sent me a set of original decal's for my Maryland so that confirm's it as at least one build in SAAF colour's,I might have another go at the Beaufighter which I loved doing a couple of year's ago for the BM 10th anniversary GB the other kit I'd like to do is the Sea Fury we'll see. The Beau would have to be in full D-Day stripe's this time.
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