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  1. Now this is interesting,Airfix Hampden and Wellington escaped me as did their Catalina!
  2. Put me down for this one please I fancy a crack at the Occidental kit in all yellow!
  3. Faultless so far Craig,just got in from work and the other kits have arrived so I'll post pics soon the Battle looks pretty well molded for its age with good decal's,the Frog Beaufighter has decent decal's too,the Hien is very basic but with a decent paint job the excellent decal sheet should lift it.
  4. Right nostalgia time,dug out this little kit built about four years ago for a memory trip,this is a later Revell boxing but it was one of my favourite Matchbox armour kits.Added a bit of flock and a stick telegraph pole.
  5. Morning folk's,little more progress,"pit" painted with a dry brush of aluminium and the supplied decal used,once the nose weight was added I buttoned up the fuselage and fitted the wing's.Next step is to clean up the fuselage join all in all so far a breeze. Just a touch of filler needed on the port wing joint.
  6. Superb build and finish Brad,those aircraft look excellent too!
  7. Say's it all Kev beautifully done,with all the attention(quite rightly) on this current pandemic this anniversary could easily be forgotten Monday was the 80th anniversary of my Uncles death on the way to Dunkirk 32 of the same company of 9DLI were killed with in single barrage, being a territorial unit nearly all from a small area of the town of Gateshead.
  8. They do look great Dennis,got it for £19:99 at jadlam free postage so not Tamiya prices either,as I said I might try for a pilot figure the only other things that look poor is the wheel detail but yours look nice so maybe a paint job will do the trick.
  9. Thanks Col,the boxing only has the US option which is fine I always like the red outlined stars n bars.
  10. Hi all,I knew the "one at a time" building wouldn't last long but to be fair the Henchel's and SM79 are within a day or so of completion,so I made a start on this one,not much can be seen in the cockpit but I added pedal's and a control stick anyway.
  11. Evening folk's,with the welcome distraction of the Blitzbuild over I had an hour to spare so added the last pieces to these two,next stop the spray booth( Walkers crisp box).The scratch built struts worked out fine and the bombs were hung once matted only the windshields to add and the small bits of rigging.
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