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  1. Excellent choice James I have the ICM Ju88 nightfighter in the stash so can appreciate the quality of the 215 I,ve just given it to Luke so dont be suprised if it makes an appearance.
  2. Thanks Craig,I know I've told the tale before but as a kid sticking Saturday morning kits together Dad rarely looked over the top of his newspaper to see what I was doing but It must have been Airfix's Lightning I was building at the time that caught his attention he instantly recognised it and told me the tale of his near miss during the war in Italy when driving in a convoy they were attacked by a pair of American lightning's which obviously he survived he was never interested in aircraft at all but he was always in awe when the Hawker Harrier or Concorde were on telly marvelous he'd always say.
  3. Afternoon folk's,I was going to sell this with some other kits but thought no lets build her as looking around they are pretty hard to find out there I seem to recall picking her up for about £20 from E-bay last year. The big attraction is the very simple 2 part fuselage and wings and a dry run shows a flawless fit too. So off we go with the cockpit which should look good once painted and detailed.
  4. hi folk's started this one over the last few days,decided on an OOB build then decided to do her old school on a stand and crew her with some Airfix pilots as the Frog ones looked like Aliens.Gone together OK a lot of filler though especially the wing roots.
  5. Thanks James,I'm busy flogging off some of the few kits in the stash over in the selling section but I may as well build what I already had commited to in this and other current GB's then I'll see where things lead when I see the quality in some of the kits Luke's been buying maybe it's time to buy less but spend more for some subject's I've always wanted to build i.e.Special Hobbies 1/48 Firefly,Trumpeters Westland Whirlwind etc slowing down a little!
  6. Ooh that Academy Martin Mariner looks nice just saying....
  7. Evening folk's lets see how we get on with the new workspace.Cockpit painted and detailed to a standard I'm happy with for what will be seen and the scale.
  8. Sod the issue's it's a simple build and I do love that scheme too!
  9. Look's a cracking kit George love those figures I think there's a set in my Zvezda JU88 that now need to be used! Great work so far.
  10. Cheers James,the guys that did the insulation said the type used was safe to be around just not to be walked on or disturbed so we've been able to roll back just enough to get the table and chair in and a bit of wriggle room to work.The big issue is storage and display so I won't be buying to build like I used too I might go down the less kits bigger scale route I always say "not paying that much for a kit" then spend the same on three if that makes sense I'm eyeing Trumpeters 1/24 Hurricane with the funds from what I've posted over in the selling section here.
  11. Thank James,once I sort out a space to work and track down a little table I'll have a "test" build so I may be back in a few weeks to this GB.
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