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  1. Hi folk's,cockpit painted and detailed. I built the wings over the weekend without hassle,a dry fit shows a snug fit so tomorrow I'll glue them in place.
  2. Two cracking builds of this new kit Tony,great finishing on both.
  3. Evening folk's finally managed to get some supplies from the LMS so can move on this build.She's on her wheel's and ready for a dark wash then her matt coat.
  4. What a transformation she's looking a million dollar's right now!
  5. That's a superb build and finish Chris,what a great scheme too 10/10 mate!
  6. Outstanding workmanship,one of the best builds I've ever had the pleasure to have seen
  7. Great photo's you could have some fun making up your own scheme too! A start on the cockpit made,about fifteen parts make up this first stage.
  8. Hi folk's my stalking for another subject has paid off and also taken me in another new modelling direction,build number two will be Revell's Space shuttle which is my first spacecraft subject since Airfix's Lunar module back in the sixties. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04544-space-shuttle-atlantis--237843 No idea what is in the box but it should be fun.£12 on e-bay secured it.
  9. I've actually set foot in my LMS for the first time in nearly a year! I now have white paint and can get spraying on my A4.
  10. Great to see this kit Cliff,I couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy on e-bay who had an original for sale at £400 for month's!
  11. Not at all Pat I'm not 100% sure if I'll go ahead for this GB you never know what e-bay will throw up maybe not even an aircraft.
  12. Sadly it's in good old 1/72 scale Pat but something in the bigger scale might come along!
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