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  1. stevej60

    Grumman Hellcat Mk.1 (Eduard 1:72)

    They're both looking superb Nigel,great work.
  2. stevej60

    Hellcat MkII

    Great to see a Matchbox oldie in the GB!
  3. stevej60

    Just a Mo

    Ah Ian you have much to learn,on the Panther I forgot to put the front cockpit coaming on before joining the fuselage up and then found the rudder pedal's still on the sprue,forgot to put the prop shaft on the Wildcat's engine inside the way it's meant,and had to split apart the Hellcat's wing's as I forgot to put the wheel well insert's in,and that's just in this GB!Mohawk's looking good be the way.
  4. Excellent work Ed,great finish all round.
  5. stevej60

    RAF Phantom in 1/72... by Matchbox

    Look's stunning,Matchbox kit scrub's up well with a little TLC.
  6. stevej60

    F8F-1 Bearcat

    Now I like that a lot Chris superb smooth finish,I'm on with the Panther in the Grumman GB and have it in mind to build a Bearcat as I've never done one before I've looked at the newer releases but this one may be the way to go.
  7. Beautiful build and finish!
  8. stevej60


    Great Dora Dennis,I love the lines of this brute of an aircraft.
  9. stevej60

    Cat's Eye's Recon Panther.

    Thank's Craig,think I'll prime the yellow with white might make life easier! I'll keep an eye on your build Ian the GSB scheme alway's looked great on the Panther. Cheer's Bob! As soon as I saw it I had to do it. Definitely should add colour to the GB.
  10. stevej60

    Cat's Eye's Recon Panther.

    Morning folk's she's dried nicely so time for a bit of colour,the aircraft has an Engine Gray fuselage which is the first area painted,the rest is yellow with orange banding over the wing's.These aircraft were used by a specialist drone control squadron in the late fifties.
  11. Many thank's for the comment's folk's I was expecting a bit of a "kicking" trying the light wash but thought I'd try and break up the solid blue and obviously a black wash would be wasted,I just took Tamiya ocean gray watered down with a couple of drop's of washing up liquid and ran it into the line's with a thin brush once the satin coat was applied it blended in a little darker which seem's to have worked.
  12. Many thank's David,as far as I can find out this small carrier only served in the Pacific
  13. Hi folk's second build for the Grumman GB is Eduard's 1/48 Hellcat as a FAA machine based at Tricomalee,nice kit not without a couple of little build issues I found the kit's USN marking's a bit brittle and poor in density so ordered xtradecal's AM set Yank's with roundel's.Thank's for looking in.
  14. Hi Folk's,first in a few build's for the Grumman GB is Tamiya's venerable 1/48 Wildcat,nice stress free build there's some lovely detail on this kit despite it's age as the title say's an aircraft of VF-22 on board the U.S.S. Independence,many thank's for looking.
  15. stevej60

    Grumman Gallery

    Hi folk's,second buildis Eduard's 1/48 Hellcat,a decal issue meant AM decal's for a FAA machine.