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  1. Well I will be joining in but no idea what to do, that banner's got me thinking of Eduard's Gunbus which is an aircraft I've loved since building Revell's oldie many moons ago I've done a trench scene with Masterbox figure's which was great fun Even got arty-farty one evening as I sat looking out the window gave me an Idea!
  2. Still can't decide what to do but we have the Northern show next week so I have the feeling something will jump out,I'll either do a couple of smaller item's or maybe a biggish item,Stirling or even the Lancaster although I think the tooling was replaced at some point a Superfortress at the right price would be a dead cert.
  3. stevej60

    Tamiya 1/48 Meteor F1.

    Cheer's, no Tamiya's box decal's went on a treat to be honest I've only ever had trouble with one Tamiya set which the Mosquito.
  4. Morning folk's second build in the RAF GB was to mark it's entry into the jet age,Tamiya's kit has been around a while but still is a cracking build and a fare size to I can imagine those pilot's progressing from single engine fighter's getting a bit of a shock,anyway here she is and thank's for looking in.
  5. Hi Folk's here's Tamiya's Meteor F1 to mark the RAF's entry into the jet age.
  6. Followed Tony's advice on the wing's and pleased with the result sanded the leading edges for a nice smooth finish. My usual cockpit finish for that busy look,tape harness as normal.
  7. Great VP,let's see what they come up with wonder what they're out scanning now? End of the month sound's like a trip abroad!
  8. True Dave, they've been promp to answer which is a lot more than most companies these day's just it's obvious from my first message that I wasn't after anything just maybe the R'D folk's be put in the picture,anyway I've put a warning in WW2 aircraft discussion here so that's our fellow BM'rs warned when tackling this scheme.
  9. stevej60

    IAR 81 1/72 A-Model

    Excellent work.
  10. That's a superb build of this kit,great job!
  11. stevej60

    Airfix Heinkel 111 h-6 decal issue.

    Hi folk's just a head's up,building Airfix's H-6 the torpedo carrying option which is the box art scheme.VP has pointed out to me the codes on the starboard side are reversed as I followed the colour call out instruction's it appear's Airfix have made a mistake too late for me but beware if your building this kit option,I've looked as well as VP at scores of lufwaffe period photos and found none reversed as per Airfix's instruction's,I've mailed Airfix about this but I think they think I want a spare part instead of just wanting them to let their design team know of the issue .
  12. Got a reply to say that's not the number there's another on the box which I've found and sent,reply sent to tell me that's not the whole number needed sadly I think the point is being missed that I don't want a part replacing I wanted to let them know the error think I'll forget it now and just get on with modelling!