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  1. Hi B,all allied equipment used in N W Europe after D-Day carried a white star as identification mostly to avoid air attack be friendly aircraft usually on the roof,turret top or bonnet but this spread to smaller stars on the sides too,great progress I'm liking the look of this kit never seen one in the flesh.
  2. Actually looking at this photo I'm not sure the YA-10 Canopy wasn't bigger than later aircraft off the line I forgot I had photo's of my HB Thunderbolt in their easy kit range. https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/fairchild-republic-ya-10a-thunderbolt-ii/ Found this interesting,maybe the Hog's not so ugly as it could have been! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQsnuM-lZKw
  3. Hi foik's,well this took an unexpected turn,I had an hour to kill before our regular Sunday night movie so broke out the parts with the intention of maybe getting the wings done an hour later here we are I have to say fit is spot on with just a little filler and sanding when the time for priming is here,dug out a better seat from spares and there's a big old chunk of fishing weight in that nose!
  4. Hi folk's still a bit of tidying to do once the canopy is fitted properly but for now I'll give the Matchbox builds a week of I'll not get much time at the bench next week anyway.
  5. Hi folk's got her on her wheels and left to dry overnight,thats all I'll get done till next weekend now any bench time next week will have to go to other projects.
  6. Hi folk's. I'm very aware that you guys often get forgotten when it comes to GB's Space never seems to come up or fit into those GB's making the cut but we've a classic Revell/Monogram GB covering every subject from the early days of the firms output to 1986 so anyone with a suitable kit is more than welcome!
  7. Great choice Jean,as I'm sitting this GB out I can follow some of the other trials and tribulations for a change,now this is a kit I have never seen or built before probably only one of the very few Airfix kit's I can say that about!
  8. Came across this photo in my old now full flickr account she still hangs from the cieling and really could do with a wash down. The venerable 1/32 Spitfire.
  9. This and the Fury look superb in the Gallery I must try the Alclad Aluminium soon.
  10. Sign me up Robert nothing spectacular Hobbyboss aggressor in 1/72 just noticed it on Amazon last night £6.25 posted can't refuse an offer like that!
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