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  1. Still a great little kit Ian,top job,lovely finish!
  2. Cracking job Ratch makes a very interesting option than the Luftwaffe schemes.
  3. No issue from me Cliff could just as well be a classic US kit GB!
  4. Certainly not in my price range but for those who are prepared to pay the price go for it! I wonder if it was wise of WNW not to have slipped one or two iconic WW2 subjects into their catalogue during their time there's no doubting the quality of those beautiful biplane kit's but it's a very limited market especially given the number of folk's on this thread alone prepared to pay for a subject close to their heart's,I'm always a bit saddened to see Revell's kit getting a kicking yes it could have been so much better but for little over twenty quid it's a great kit for those trying out the scale for the first time and with a smallish amount of money for a good shaped spinner and wheel's can look a lot better. Edit.Oh and where the Hell is a new tool 1/32 Hurricane hiding? There a folks out there paying £30 to £40 for Revell's ancient kit every time one pops up on that auction site talk about a missed opportunity!
  5. Thank's Bernd,yes classed as one of their easy kits cheap but looks like an F-18 ideal for those who enjoy the painting more than the construction. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/F-A-18A-Hornet-1158180.html
  6. Hi folk's in what is turning out the least productive year since joining the ranks here in 2013 I may have reached double figures at last in finished kits for the year.Bought on a whim as modern grays really put me off reasonably happy with this easy kit.as usual no ordinance is supplied and as the Blue Angel scheme was not inspiring me a set of Italeri decals were used to represent a Finnish operated machine,thanks for looking in.
  7. Great original take on the 162,love it!
  8. That's a stunner Jos,two of my fave's a Skyhawk and a Blue Angels scheme!
  9. That's another fine build Russ,love the weathering really bring's the detailing out.
  10. Thank's Flight line. Thank's Stew,first impressions are good, a dry run of the major part's show a good fit only the hinges for the airlerons are a worry all done in PE of which I'm not a great fan other than that the usual Trumpeter fare just the right amount of detail for most. I had a punt on their 1/32 Hellcat for £27 again no other bidders so I was lucky enough to nab it the next day.
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