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  1. Hi folk's here's the sprues. I did a bit cockpit work a year or two ago just some harness to add and still within the 25% rule.
  2. Hi folk's this has sat in the stash for ages so time the beast was set free,records galore and a few first's too.A simple kit with minimal parts but a few idea's to liven up the the painting in mind.box art for now spru shots ASAP.No drone version mind!
  3. Afternoon Folk's,mask on,mask off and lower surfaces finished. Aifix decals are now up there with the best and they seem to be overtaking even the AM guys I wonder if there may be an extra income in Airfix branded decals to compliment their kits the way Esci used to.
  4. Hi folk's,if there's a good side to covid it means being housebound has meant more time at the bench so more Progress on the Gripen.
  5. Hi folk's a bit of colour for such a dreary day,built for the prototype/special scheme GB a classic Red Arrows Hawk,thanks for looking in. Been a colourful GB for me so far with a few more planned.
  6. Hi folk's just finished the upper painting which has gone well,now attention turns to the lower wing stripes.
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