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  1. Welcome aboard Dermo good luck with the build!
  2. Welcome Gary,and you've brought along a real beauty too.
  3. Great to see this kit turn up,always loved the artwork.
  4. Great choice Paul these real oldies are what makes these classic GB's.
  5. Actually a lot happier with this one Cliff,easier on the old eyes size wise!
  6. Evening folk's.kit arrived today here's what turned up. The seller wasn't sure all was there but looking at his photo's it looked to be and it was. Had a clean up of the major part;s which were relatively flash free,it's a 1993 boxing but the kit is molds are over 60 years old now. And how much fun can you have for a mere £5 !
  7. What a stunning collection bound to inspire a few more into the GB.
  8. Superb build Beefy what a great tribute and a Gateshead lad as well.
  9. Hi folk's,would I be right in thinking the LAV series of AFV's would be allowed I believe they were Canadian in origin?
  10. The wife painted the garden seat with Hammerite (green).I tried it on an old kit and it looked OK so I'm thinking their gold might work.I sprayed the base in primer last night so a start has been made.
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