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  1. hi folks,a mix of silver and dark earth dry brushed on the after the tape was removed and a bit of touching up a very dry brush of nato black to dull the shine I think once under matt coat should look fine.
  2. Great start Craig looks a cracking kit to was it a Revell original or a re-box of the Accurate Minitures kit?
  3. I did look at the Trumpeter kit Wez it's a great looking kit be interesting to see it built.
  4. Hi folk's she's up on her U/C now and first steps to paint the front cowling starting with a base coat of silver.
  5. Thank's Stix I got into a 1/32 run of kits a few months ago and a bit bogged down so these cheap new tool Airfix kits are a tonic, might do one or two more for this GB.
  6. Hi folk's with the Beaufort stalled waiting for a matt coat and the interior green out for another project this afternoon I started this build. a dry brush and tape harness and details picked out with a cocktail stick for now.
  7. Hi folk's well a drop in temperature over the weekend meant a session or two up in the loft so a bit of interior work on a couple of kits,paint dry brushing and kit IP decals used.Masking tape harness and a few swipes with a pencil too.
  8. Superb work Troy shows what fun these Matchbox kits can still be especially with the supplied bases,I'm waiting for the Char B/Renault to arrive for the Frech fancy GB.
  9. Excellent work Chris beautiful paintwork,another aircraft I'd love to see a new tool from Airfix.
  10. Superb work Owen and that panelling technique will be finding its way onto my next build,as for the rib I doubt even the king of anorak's would have noticed it.I just picked up a Trumpeter Wellington and after seeing your's I realise how overdone their ribbing is.
  11. Welcome Mark here's my favourite previous build in Russian colours.
  12. Hi Folk's,aother little build will be Airfix's excellent P-40 at the time of Pearl Harbour December 1941. This is my 5th build of this kit and may not be the last! £6:99 at Jadlam this one, very tempted to add their Zero now.
  13. No Madalo I foolishly bought a couple of other kits ie their F-86 Sabre which was Hellers still nice sprue's but the decals were of no use also a Me109 kit which had good decals but a horrible kit inside! Check the boxing's origins and be prepared to buy AM decals is the best option with these kit's.
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