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  1. Evening folk's,after a second coat of primer I used three shades of green sprayed into the highlight and low light areas,let it dry for day then glossed for the decal's.
  2. I've just picked up a real sow's ear from e-bay in the form of Zhengdefu's 1/48 M1A1 THEN found the review which reveal's all! worst issue is the six pairs of road wheels instead of seven I suspect those naughty folk's at the factory might have put a Tamiya example on the box art! Still it was only 10 quid posted has the motor present so the Grandson can play with it when it's done https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zhengdefu-df516-m1a1-abrams-tank--581229
  3. Hi folk's I was trawling through e-bay yesterday and came across a kit of the Abrams in 1/48 which was released by the Chinese firm Kit tech,a quick search of reviews threw up very little except a glowing review in which the reviewer quite rightly panned it as a very poor man's Tamiya! Great I thought I love a challenge so for a tenner with free postage it's now mine brand new still sealed so the motor should even be there to drive it so after the GB the Grandson can play with it now another reviewer points out the kit has six sets of road wheels instead of seven so I susp
  4. Afternoon folk's,with all other projects stalled due to lack of supplies I've spent a few hours over the weekend on this old girl. The plastic is horrible,hard,shiny and hates glue! first job was to beef up the none existent cockpit so I added consoles,a yolk, instrument panel and the tube(no idea what it was) that ran from the cockpit to the rear position.Once the seams were fettled I gave her a brush coat of primer to see what filler is needed before a second coat which is the wing and tail joints.
  5. Hi folk's,quick question if anyone knows,my Kiwi Corsair has the Frog kit decals the colour call out is blue gray upper surfaces and folding section of the lower wing with the rest of the undersides white is this correct?
  6. Stunning work Adi the aircraft is superb in it's own right but the diorama setting lifts it way above,close that access door as Kieth has pointed out and it's faultless!
  7. Evening folk's weathered and glossed the undersides,tomorrow time permitting I'll get the stencil's on then I'm at a dead end as along with the spitfire a lack of matt spray will stall any more progress.
  8. That's a beautifully built 109 Erik not a variant we see very often but I bet it inspires a few more builds!
  9. Superb build Ben looks great,built one a year or two back cracking kit too.
  10. looking at the intruder tankers of the other squadrons in Dennis's link they are in the same scheme as the kit,if I can prove VA-196 still had the tanker in the war we may be on,the squadron were on board Independence during desert shield but left the theatre November 1990 so not their during Desert Storm,
  11. Thanks folk's I need to dig further as I said this scheme is Gull gray over white more akin to the Vietnam era aircraft the one in the photo appears to be all gray but with the hi viz markings.
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