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  1. HI all, I am wanting to recreate a US Navy E-6B in 1/72 scale. I have a spare Airfix E-3D as my base kit and have procured the Mercury E-6 set from Flightpath along with Wolfpak decals. However, to make the E-6B I will need a 1/72 milstar radome. The only one I can find online is the Spectre Resins / Wolfpak resin offering which is no longer available due to the untimely death of Mark Bilas. Does anyone have the potential dimensions of the milstar radome so that I could look at scratch building one or getting one 3-d printed? Any other suggestions appreciat
  2. BD757

    Airfix 2021...

    I think Airfix have done well considering the current climate we are in. I will personally have two large boxes of V-bomber plastic heading my way in 2021 that will keep me well occupied until the next announcement (at Telford?). I hope they sell tonnes of chippies, mossies and vamps!
  3. Sorry to hear this Alan. I love my Vulcan and look forward to the future when I may be able to put some other IFA models into my collection. Stay well and safe and hopefully see you come out the other side. Regards, Neill.
  4. Same here! Would love the 10, Voyager and Tristar but will need to budget!
  5. Just my tuppence worth but I would be surprised if Airfix haven't thought about the P8. I know they want to stay away from having to pay licence fees etc and Welsh Models have just released theirs but the aircraft ticks so many boxes that have been mentioned as prerequisites for a new Airfix kit; The P8 would sell well in the UK and offers a route into the North American market (as well as Norway, India etc) As with the Valiant add-ons they could do a 'special' weapons bay set for incremental sales If engineered correctly elements of the mouldings could be re-used for an E
  6. Hi Colin, Would be very interested in the Airseeker conversion set but will not be at Telford and am having some issues sending PMs to you. Many thanks, Neill.
  7. Simply unbelievable skill on show here. Just what a WIP should do - make me want to crack out the kit and get cracking! Can't wait to see more!
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