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  1. Whilst I do sell on eBay, I'm an individual not a company and haven't had any issues to this effect so you are most likely to be right! I guess being an online entity with no face-to-face contact, they can do as they please and as will all large corporations, the only real winners, are the shareholders and owners! Whilst I do buy from dealers direct, I would also love to see an alternative auction site to eBay...
  2. The problem I've experienced is that eBay aren't interested in the buyer, only the seller!
  3. Welcome to my world, which for me at least, normally occurs minutes, if not seconds after a brand new blade goes on! Last time, I managed to place a brand new scalpel blade in the tip of my thumb, down to the bone and managed to get to the kitchen sink, before it fell out. Its strange how long it takes for the pain to register, still a bit of swearing, some (lots) thin super glue, a plaster or two and back to the bench! Mind you, modelling with your thumb stuck up, isn't that easy but probably easier than trying with your palm cut, happy mending!
  4. Why make things easy when you can do it the British way, it is after all, a national obsession to confuse the hell out of the rest of the World! Rule Britannia everyone
  5. I look forward to following this build, its bound to be educational
  6. away with you, its my pension fund Well thats what SHTSSBO, fortunately she doesn't know the true cost of my little room!
  7. Excellent, thanks for that and will have to start looking for copies of these titles, to add to my collection. I already have SAM from issue 1 to date, excluding the Jay Laverty period, every issue of SAMI and Airfix Model World, I collected MAI from release until about a year ago and also Model Aircraft Monthly for the first 11 volumes. I also have almost all the Airfix Magazine for Modellers and the Airfix Magazine from January 1964 Richard, I had but hadn't forgotten about Scale Models as I already have about 7 volumes from throughout it run but produced my list minutes before I left for work but your input is greatly appreciated! Finally, if anyone is looking to dispose of modelling magazines, outside those I already have, please feel free to contact me, I may be willing to take them off your hands for a reasonable cost, including P&P as collection would be a problem for me, outside of SMW at Telford. If anyone can add to the list of magazine titles beyond those already listed, for Military Aviation, ships, space (not SF unless combined) Vehicles and Military but I do not have any interest in Radio Control, please feel free to do so, I and will endeavour to keep the list updated! Much appreciated everyone PS, I should emphasize that I am not looking to pick magazine up to sell on, only for my own library!
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know of there is an online listing for model magazines published in the UK since, lets say 1960? I'm thinking that instead of renewing my subscriptions to some of the current crop, I would start to buy older magazines, as these tend to have more content that I'm interested in and have recently found three that I wasn't even aware of... Below is a list of those that I am aware of, with the first 3 those recently discovered... Air Forces International Plastic Aircraft Models Modelaid International The other better known titles, to me anyway are... S.A.M. S.A.M.I Model AIrcraft (and its earlier titles Model Aircraft Monthly) Model Airplane International Airfix Magazine for Modellers Airfix Magazine Airfix Model World Military in Scale Military Modelling Tamiya Model Magazine Quarter Scale Modeller I'm sure that there are loads more that I have forgotten so please feel free to add to the list. Interested in all genre including Military Aviation, ships, space (not SF) and Military but not Radio Control. Many thanks for taking time to read the above, Tony Magazine Listing of magazines regularly available from UK newsagents Air Forces International Aircraft Modelworld Aircraft Modeller International Airfix Magazine for Modellers Airfix Magazine Airfix Model World Army and Navy Modelworld Hornby Express Modelaid International Model AIrcraft (and its earlier titles Model Aircraft Monthly) Model Airplane International Modelworld (for Almarks) Model and Kit Review (for Ducimus) Military Hobbies Military in Scale Military Modelcraft International Military Modelling Military Vehicle Modeller Model Art Model Military International PAM News (assume that this is the same title as Plastic Aircraft Models but listed in case it is a different title) Plastic Aircraft Models Plastic Kit Constructor Quarter Scale Modeller S.A.M. S.A.M.I Scale Models Scale Military Modeller International Seventy-Second Scale Modeller 21st Century Plastic Modeller Tamiya Model Magazine World Models Subsciber only magazines IPMS Magazine Tankette
  9. Brilliant, it makes me want to get my Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach kit out and finish that off! But then, I need to finish the 1:48 Canberra PR.9, the 1:24 Harrier GR.3, the 1:48 TSR.2, 1:48 Seafire XVII, 1:48 Spitfire Vb Trop, 1:48 Spitfire VII, 1:48 Martin Baker MB5, 1:48 Me 109E-3, 1:48 Bristol F.2b (possibly beyond hope), 1:72 Esci Bishop SPG, 1:76 Matilda II. Then I want to build a series of 1:48 Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tempests and not to forget the 514 other kits that need to be built before I move on. Can anyone tell me who I need to speak to, so that I can live long enough to build all the above and all those kits that haven't been bought or released yet?
  10. Brilliant finishes on both Neil, well up to your usual standard
  11. Agreed, one of the best I've seen
  12. Tony C


    Let me begin with stating that my belief is that the current human population is far too great to be supported and will, at sometime in the near future, become unsustainable and is likely to collapse! Are we at that point now, possibly! I accept that my knowledge of viruses and how they mutate, is extremely limited but as history shows, the Spanish Flu epidemic, as with the Plague/Black Death, came in two waves, with the second waves being more virulent than the first and if I remember correctly, in both cases, the second waves caused far greater deaths than the first. Therefore unless the world remains in isolation and assuming that Covid19 follows this trend, my gut feeling is that it may begin its second, mutated wave around November/December time and whilst vaccines are being developed, will they be able to deal with the mutated form? Additionally, at the time of the Spanish Flu, I think that the world population in 1918 was around 2 billion as opposed to nearly 8 billion now, how do we fund, produce enough vaccines and distribute them to 8 billion people? So, I do not think that SMW2020 or the Warley shows will go ahead, I do not believe that there will be any airshows, not many sporting events, if any and many businesses will go bust but the one thing that is certain beyond the results of the virus, is that the one industry that will survive and even make money, will be the Banking sector!
  13. Thanks for the replies and apologies for not having acknowledged your response earlier, having PC, Mac and iPhone issues since they all upgraded last week () which I am trying to, aimlessly, solve! Anyway, much appreciated and have added the stuff to my Must Buy & Try list!
  14. I've followed your build from the shadows and it looks great As an aside, I've read quite a few good comments about UMP/Stynylrez black primer but have never used it myself, what makes it good when compared against Mr Surfacer sprays or is it just a personal preference?
  15. Brilliant, it sure looks like a show winner to me
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