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  1. Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated Maurice, the WIP pictures, such as they are, have been found and added to the initial post, as for references/sources for the auxillary engine bay, these came from the book "From the Cockpit No.1 - Wyvern" (0-946958-53-X), Scale Aircraft Modelling (Vol 14 or 16, issue 6) and the internet! Everything from the rear of the kit plastic is scratchbuilt BUT, I must stress that my interpretation of this area, should be considered inaccurate, as I was unable to find any clear pictures, which show the area fully! Thanks
  2. Hi Maurice, Thanks for the comment, I haven't yet been able to find any WIP pictures! Although I had everything backed-up on an external hard drive, I am told that a particularly nasty virus attacked my system, despite using AVG Ultimate and as the external drive was attached, everything, and I mean everything was lost (actually the engineer used the word 'fried'! Fortunately, all my photographs were also backed up on CD-ROMs but not my modelling photographs, so only a minor hic-cup but I do still have my Windows 7 machine stored away and am hoping that I may still
  3. Hi Tony.
    I just saw your posting on building the Westland Wyvern model.

    Is there somewhere I could see the pictures?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Tony C

      Tony C

      Hi Maurice,

      I've got them somewhere, if you can give me 24 hours, I track them down and let you know!



    2. Tony C

      Tony C

      Or try this...




      I'm not technically bright so not sure if the link will work or not so please let me know if you have any issues!




    3. Maurice William Hilarius

      Maurice William Hilarius

      Nice model, great pics

  4. I hope its recoiless otherwise he'll going to loose a couple of items
  5. Bruntingthorpe is gone, owners sold most of the site to a car storage firm and it has been announced that there will be no further aviation activities! Cancellation of Cold War Jets open day August 2020. Following the acquisition of C.Walton Ltd and a lease of land at Bruntingthorpe by Cox Automotive UK Ltd. The August open day will not take place. This brings to an end many years of Cold War Jets Open days. This news will be a huge disappointment to aviation enthusiasts across the UK and worldwide. Every aircraft based a Bruntingthorpe has its own unique and distinguished hist
  6. Whilst I do sell on eBay, I'm an individual not a company and haven't had any issues to this effect so you are most likely to be right! I guess being an online entity with no face-to-face contact, they can do as they please and as will all large corporations, the only real winners, are the shareholders and owners! Whilst I do buy from dealers direct, I would also love to see an alternative auction site to eBay...
  7. The problem I've experienced is that eBay aren't interested in the buyer, only the seller!
  8. Welcome to my world, which for me at least, normally occurs minutes, if not seconds after a brand new blade goes on! Last time, I managed to place a brand new scalpel blade in the tip of my thumb, down to the bone and managed to get to the kitchen sink, before it fell out. Its strange how long it takes for the pain to register, still a bit of swearing, some (lots) thin super glue, a plaster or two and back to the bench! Mind you, modelling with your thumb stuck up, isn't that easy but probably easier than trying with your palm cut, happy mending!
  9. Why make things easy when you can do it the British way, it is after all, a national obsession to confuse the hell out of the rest of the World! Rule Britannia everyone
  10. I look forward to following this build, its bound to be educational
  11. away with you, its my pension fund Well thats what SHTSSBO, fortunately she doesn't know the true cost of my little room!
  12. Excellent, thanks for that and will have to start looking for copies of these titles, to add to my collection. I already have SAM from issue 1 to date, excluding the Jay Laverty period, every issue of SAMI and Airfix Model World, I collected MAI from release until about a year ago and also Model Aircraft Monthly for the first 11 volumes. I also have almost all the Airfix Magazine for Modellers and the Airfix Magazine from January 1964 Richard, I had but hadn't forgotten about Scale Models as I already have about 7 volumes from throughout it run but produced my list minu
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know of there is an online listing for model magazines published in the UK since, lets say 1960? I'm thinking that instead of renewing my subscriptions to some of the current crop, I would start to buy older magazines, as these tend to have more content that I'm interested in and have recently found three that I wasn't even aware of... Below is a list of those that I am aware of, with the first 3 those recently discovered... Air Forces International Plastic Aircraft Models Modelaid International The other better
  14. Brilliant, it makes me want to get my Dragon Apollo 11 Lunar Approach kit out and finish that off! But then, I need to finish the 1:48 Canberra PR.9, the 1:24 Harrier GR.3, the 1:48 TSR.2, 1:48 Seafire XVII, 1:48 Spitfire Vb Trop, 1:48 Spitfire VII, 1:48 Martin Baker MB5, 1:48 Me 109E-3, 1:48 Bristol F.2b (possibly beyond hope), 1:72 Esci Bishop SPG, 1:76 Matilda II. Then I want to build a series of 1:48 Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tempests and not to forget the 514 other kits that need to be built before I move on. Can anyone tell me who I need to speak to, so that I can liv
  15. Brilliant finishes on both Neil, well up to your usual standard
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