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  1. Shoot me down for getting my birdsong wrong, why not! Besides I thought the pidgeons went wooO (not terwhit to, though)
  2. Cooo, a Gannet (Fairey not Feather type), 1:24 scale, with working wingfold, I’m in
  3. Just playing Devils Advocate...
  4. Tony C

    Stories from the courts.

    Whilst not court related, I can relate to this, as in a similar fashion, about 1978, I had been visiting family in Kings Langley and had spent ‘some’ hours in a local hostelry called The Lamb. At the end of the evening, i.e. the Landlord had decided that he HAD to get some sleep before opening up next, sorry later the same day, my Brother-in-Law bet me, that he could beat me home to Aylesbury. Now this was long before the A41 duel carriage had even been considered and the route home went right through the centre of Berkhampsted. As we both approached the outskirts, we did the decent thing and reduced our speed accordingly () but unfortunately, I got caught at the traffic lights, right opposite the Police Station on the high street. Feeling it prudent to stop, I waiting until the lights changed and went for it! About 500 yards from the lights, I’m travelling at just under 80mph, a Patrol car (Mk.II Escort possibly) have the nerve to pull out in front of me. Fortunately there was nothing coming the opposite way so I was able to avoid the car and continued to carry on until I thought better of it and pulled of the main road and went and hid for 30 minutes. After that time, I felt that it should be safe to proceed, in an orderly fashion, feeling that if I was being looked for, they would have given up and gone back to the station for egg and bacon. But no, as I rejoined the then A41, there they were, sitting patiently. I drove past trying to look all nonchalant but luck ran out just before what was then the Tring By-Pass when I was pulled over. Questioning included, “did I realise that I was doing approximately 50mph in a 30mph zone”, (Sorry sir, I wasn’t paying proper attention), “where was my tax disc” (In the post, says I somewhat hesitantly. This was in the days when you could be allowed 14 days grace, after the tax had runout and I was on the 14th day). Now bearing in mind that I had had a drink or a few, no road tax, speeding and apart from the car and myself being checked over thoroughly, I was simply told to be on my way and “to slow down a touch” as they didn’t want to pick me off a lamppost! Oh, I also didn’t have any insurance (just as well I wasmn’t asked) which had run out 3-4 weeks earlier and how I got away with it, to this day, I have no idea! Mind you, the real annoying thing was, that accept for the lights, I would have beaten my Brother-in-Law home as I would have easily overtaken him, on the downhill run from the Crows Nest, the other end of the Tring By-pass. Ahhh, the Days of Stupity indeed...
  5. Tony C

    Off with the Faireys

    Certainly doesn’t look 1:144, brilliant modelling...
  6. Just to put the cat amongst pigeons, 1:48 Lancaster...
  7. Tony C


    I’ve tried varifocal glasses, I tried them for 3 months but in the end, I was spending more time trying to find the focal point, I was taking little notice of much else! Not a good idea, if you drive an HGV for a living. My sister swears by them but having discussed varifocals with other wearers, it seems that those that they agree with, is less than those that cannot get on with them. In theory, a good idea but not for me!
  8. Tony C

    Off with the Faireys

    I've got the same kit somewhere in the stash and love what you've done so far! May well be following you lead, when I get round to building mine. One question though, are the Merreck plans commercial available?
  9. Particularly like the B&W picture, maybe adding couple of LED's to represent candles could be an option!
  10. Tony C

    BM goes down around 6pm every night

    I've experienced similar, though I couldn't say if it was NY Time or any other but at a guess, would say early evening! Normally it happens after I have been on the site and have viewed a few posts then when I try to get back to the previous page, the site will hang then say the it's not possible to reload. As Hendie says, normally back after anything up to 1 hour later!
  11. Tony C

    White bands on SEAC Beau VIF night fighters?

    Only guessing here but would assume that as the Beaufighter was used in the nightfighter role, having white markings may not have been suitable, due to visibility issues!
  12. Tony C

    Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR3 bottlenose

    Strangely enough, I ordered one from Amazon at the weekend, just waiting for it to arrive...
  13. If I were to be picky, though it could simply be camera foreshortening, to my eye the timber roof supports look over scale but other than that, I think this is an excellent build! One of the most interesting books I have read was War Underground (possibly by Alexander Barry), which I thoroughly recommend!
  14. Tony C

    Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR3 bottlenose

    I agree and looking at photos on t'internet 'seems' to back this up! I accept that 'seems' is not very scientific but I've got the 1:24 kit on long term build and intend on sanding the profile down, to a more pleasing shape, unless I learn differently, before I get to that point in the build!
  15. Tony C

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Well, I don't recommend this but... Before my daughter was born, we put the crib up to see if our cat would go in it. After 3-4 days, I found him in it and threw a cushion at him then chased him through the house, throwing the cushion at him, until he managed to get out of the house! Didn't see him for 2 days after that but he never went near the crib again and he and I did make up, as soon as he came back in the house! As I say, I don't recommend the above but it worked, only soft furnishings were used and he wasn't actually hit so I can genuinely say that 'no animals were hurt in the making of this story'!