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  1. Thats a cracker, really liking it As an aside and not related to your modelling and I realise that it could be camera distortion but have SH fallen into the same problem as Grand Phoenix did, with regard to the propeller hub shape? Looks fine in images 2 and 3 but the rest seem to show a slightly bulbus outline!
  2. Aaahhhh but.... Nope, can't think of a rational argument, guilty as charged!
  3. Another one of those "why do we add all that detail, when nobody will see it" builds! Love it...
  4. Queue an appearance on Loose Women, pleading all innocence, that she's no more than a hard done by, greatly misunderstood, lass, recently dumped by her over-sexed boyfriend, which in return is greeted with much sympathetic nodding of heads and gushing agreement and understanding from Janet Street-Porter and all the others! This will then soon be followed up by an appearance on Big Brother or whatever the current 'Look At Me' programme is, a nice 6 figure appearance money in pocket, then her story sold to all of the Red Tops, a 3 book contract with some publisher, another nice 6 figure appearance money in pocket, job done, with change! Sad but that appears to be the way of todays society. PS As I write this, I'm reminded of someone, can't quite put a name to the face.... PPS Yes I can, Katie 'Jordan' Price!
  5. Tony C

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    Sorry its late but
  6. Might need a Buccaneer in my life, as well as the Gannet!
  7. Tony C

    1:72/1:76 conversions

    Thanks all, I've got almost all the Airfix mags but didn't even think about them Reading time ahead, me thinks Cheers Tony
  8. I recently obtained Airfix's 1:76 Cromwell and have so far enjoyed the build... There are still things that I need to change but I would now like to look at building and modifying other kits from Airfix, Matchbox/Revell range of 1:76 or 1:72 kits and would like to ask the Britmodeller Assembly, if there are any other publications, apart from the Airfix Modelling RAF Vehicles by Gerald Scarborough, which I already have, which include plans, sketches and conversion ideas? Thanks in advance, Tony
  9. Tony C

    Thunderbolt GA.1

    Thats great and another airframe that looks better as a two seater rather than a single seater.
  10. What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? Don't ask me as I don’t know and I don’t care!
  11. I used to have a 3.2 V6 GT, brilliant car until it lost one of its cambelts, closely followed by popping a spark plug. I'd still have another though, just love Alfa's!
  12. Tony C

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    I'm sure that neither Jenko, Admiral Puff mean anything nasty nor would I think that Kiwidave4 would take any offence Personally, my feeling about the archeologist joke is that its worthy of the emoji not to mention Spookytooths' joke just prior! Keep 'em coming...
  13. I work with someone that actually uses this stuff to remove, amongst other hairy areas, nasal hair and has mentioned that the reported pain is very real, if he's not quick enough! You'd have thought that someone in their mid 40's would know better but we are talking about someone who was dared by their 8 year old son, to shave his eyebrows off and did so!
  14. Another Fozzy Masterclass, your ought to write a book!
  15. I bloody hope not, Veet is more reliable and saves any unwanted nicks! Or so I'm told...
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