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  1. Following MA's taking over the reins of SAMI, it took be me 7 months to get the last two issues from my last subscription, constantly feeling I was being fed a bunch of lies, with no apology given or even what could possibly be construed as a genuine reason for the delays. I have refused to renew and also haven't purchased another copy, either online or off the shelf! I therefore have no interest in what their excuses are or will be but if they do turn up at SMW, I wonder how many back issues they will have on the stand?
  2. You can't beat Giles, I think I'm around 10 copies short of the complete collection! There's so much going on in the cartoon, beyond the joke itself, it's not just a case of reading the punchline! As for Grandma, her parrot was also a regularly hidden within the Giles house! Also a lover of the Andy Capp cartoons.
  3. Thanks James, I've already got that picture and think that the underwing serials are 48" but was hoping for clarification
  4. That's interesting, any idea of the sizes used and would the differences be specific to aircraft based on certain ships/bases? I've got a build stalled, as I'm trying to ascertain the sizes for WT987 during Suez . TIA
  5. Wonder if MA will have a stand at SMW this year
  6. Modelling taken to an incredible level... I know it's a model, I know it's a model, I know it's a model etc, etc, etc Every single switch, lever, instrument and knob, looks like it works, that seat looks like the pilot literally just climbed out! Think I'm about to cry
  7. Hi All, I'm currently building a 1:48 Skyraider AEW.1 and wish to finish it as WV178 as operated during the Suez Crisis but am stuck with regard to the 36" markings. I've spent the evening cruising the internet but haven't had any luck and would like to ask if anyone can advise, if any company manufactures 1:48 RAF Post War 36" letter/number decals in white? Many thanks for any assistance offered, Tony C
  8. Thanks, just what I was after
  9. Quick question regarding propellers on Mk.I-Mk.V Merlin powered Spitfires. In the absence of photographic evidence, is there a way to find out which airframes' were fitted with a Rotol or a de Havilland propeller? TIA
  10. Simply stunning, I wish I had a 10th of your skill and the cockpit interior could easily be taken for the real thing!
  11. It's almost a shame that the upper wings have to be fitted, as it will hide all the fuselage detail below! Oh, and to all those intending to compete in the next SMW modelling competition, I personally think we are looking at the Grand Champion!
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