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  1. I would say that what you are seeing, is the leading edge of the armoured plate glass, with the screen framework removed, to allow the cowling covering the fuel/oil tanks, to be removed easily and quickly! But that's only a guess!
  2. Been watching from the shadows but just wanted to jump in and add my praise! I haven't built a ship for many years but watching your work is certainly inspirational
  3. For RAF4EVER, someone would offer a cigarette from a packet, saying "Cigarette?" to which the answer was "Yes, I know!"
  4. Its good to see that you haven't given up on the model, sometimes it good to step away, do something else then come back, guess that's why its so far taken me 3+ years! I've put mine to one side as I found that I was studying pictures too much, getting caught up in trying to get everything spot on, with the end result being no modelling was getting done
  5. More for subscribers I guess, but a list of those areas affected by postal delays, has been released by the RM on the BBC News website, pasted below... Ashford (TN23-TN27) Barnsley (S70, S71, S72 and S75) Basildon (SS13-SS16) Bow (E3) Bury St Edmunds (IP28-IP33) Chelmsford (CM1-CM3) Christchurch (BH23) Daventry (NN11) Debden (IG7-IG10) Enfield (EN1-EN3) Grays (RM16-RM20) Hampton (TW12) Highbury (N5) Hornsey (N8) Horsham (RH12, RH13) Ilford (IG1-IG6) Leeds City (LS1-LS5) Lewisham (SE13) Maghera
  6. Just out of interest, is there an inventory anywhere, which lists which airframes that the RAFM holds at Hendon, Cosford, the reserve collection and what has been loaned and too whom? Ta
  7. Humpf, I've been married for 36 years, all I'm allowed is the edge of the bed!
  8. In an 'ideal world', I'd shut Hendon, sell the land and move the entire collection to Cosford and use the money from the sale, for purchases, maintenance . I'd then make the position of Director of the RAF Museum, a Service position to be run by either a Air or Air Vice Marshall, thereby getting rid of the 'public/private sectors from running the site and would want to make the position seen as a premier position within the RAF. I would also make it a Recruitment centre and might even consider having just RAF personnel and volunteers, in all the other positions on site. As for spac
  9. Seems that the November 2020 Issue of SAMI is no longer on the MA website https://www.modelaircraftmag.com/webshop/scale-aviation-modeller-international/sami-latest-issue/ Are we watching a magazine die a slow death?
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