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  1. Simply stunning, I wish I had a 10th of your skill and the cockpit interior could easily be taken for the real thing!
  2. It's almost a shame that the upper wings have to be fitted, as it will hide all the fuselage detail below! Oh, and to all those intending to compete in the next SMW modelling competition, I personally think we are looking at the Grand Champion!
  3. Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated! Tony C
  4. Quick question regarding Pre-orders, are you saying that no pre-orders will be accepted at all, or just for AMK Avantgarde range? If no pre-orders are to be accepted at all, what happens to those already placed? Many thanks Tony C
  5. All I can add is to say that I wish I had a tenth of your talent and skill! As an aside, I wonder how a Fury would have flown, without the upper wing in place, it just looks right!
  6. Haven't commented much but have been watching with great interest, so it's good to see your back to the grind stone and those guns look great Maybe that could be your next build, a 1:6 or greater range of machine guns? Anyway, carry on the good work...
  7. I would say that what you are seeing, is the leading edge of the armoured plate glass, with the screen framework removed, to allow the cowling covering the fuel/oil tanks, to be removed easily and quickly! But that's only a guess!
  8. Been watching from the shadows but just wanted to jump in and add my praise! I haven't built a ship for many years but watching your work is certainly inspirational
  9. For RAF4EVER, someone would offer a cigarette from a packet, saying "Cigarette?" to which the answer was "Yes, I know!"
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