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  1. Tony C

    Airframe & Miniature vs SAM Datafiles

    I have both Datafiles and both Airframe & Miniature books and all have their qualities and I didn’t find too much duplication.
  2. Tony C

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    Nope, based on this evidence and as stated above, it’s definitely a Jawa...
  3. Tony C

    Cheap cleaning thinner for Mr Color paints

    I'll echo the thanks for the replies, guess I'll start using Cellulose to clean my 'brushes! Have noticed though, that the seal on my 0.5mm Fluid Nozzle for Revolution CR appears to be crumbling away, despite having only used White Spirit to clean and having only purchased it, around 15 months ago! Is it possible to just buy the seal, or does a complete nozzle have to be purchased?
  4. Tony C

    Cheap cleaning thinner for Mr Color paints

    Won’t the cellulose destroy the rubber and PTFE seals within the airbrush?
  5. As long as it not not another P-51D, Fw 190, Me 109 (unless it's a K), Spitfire Mk.I to IX, XII or XVI, Sherman, Tiger, King Tiger, Panther, Phantom, Egg Shaped tank, boat or aeroplane, Minion...... It would however, be nice to see a series of 1:35 Centurions, interior sets for the Mk.I, IV, V tanks and a series of 1:48 Fairey Gannets!
  6. Tony C

    1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.III

    So, we have another naughty boy who has to go to his room and not come down until he's learnt the error of his ways... Better looking than a Lancaster, that's just not possible!
  7. Tony C

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Doesn't matter if I click on the red dot or the thread title, I am always taken to the last post and I then have to scroll up to find the last post I read! Its been this way since the forum was upgraded to the current format and occurs on both my Mac and iPad. Can't comment on the Windows 7 PC, as I don't use that to browse BM. I'm not sure if it's a forum issue or the way that I have the forum layout set but have sort of got used to it now!
  8. Another vote here for Armory and Black Dog
  9. Tony C

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    I've also been experiencing these problems on my iPad, Mac and Windows 7 PC and thought that I had changed something without realising I had done so, so in some ways, it's pleasing to know that it's not me Anyway, today I decided to venture into the world of computer wizardry and changed the Time Period/Since My Last Visit to Time Period/Specified Number Of Days/2 and it seems to have worked and the two custom streams affected, currently seem to be working as I require. The only issue I had, whilst trying the above on my iPad, was when entering the required number of days and pressing Go, nothing happening regardless of how many times I pressed the button but when going back to the Activity Stream page, the required number of Days was correct Strangely enough, I have 3 Custom Streams, Traders, Buy & Sell plus New Content but the issue was only with my Traders and Buy & Sell Streams! Confused of Irthlingborough
  10. Tony C

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    You have no idea As as for the first two words, Eric Morecombe springs to mind and to paraphrase.... "I'm using the right letters but not necessarily in the right order!"
  11. Tony C

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    In the interest of all readers sanity, please the above At least this time I didn't spend 15 minutes reading, trying to pronounce the unpronounceable only to find that there was no punchline!
  12. Apparently, they are a football team whose supporters tend to live in the past, or rather specifically back in the 1970's & 80's and tend to chunter on about how they have a right to be classified as a "Top, Top, Top team". Or so you'd believe, listening to 7 drivers at work....
  13. Can only agree with what has already been stated, stunning work and a certain show winner!
  14. Tony C

    Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

  15. Tony C

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    Well, that's 15 minutes of my life, I won't get back! Even spent time trying to pronounce the oriental and bloody Welsh names correctly, just in case they were in useful in understanding the punchline and for what...