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  1. Lets get politcal then, the Palace of Westminster is built on the site of William the Conqueror's first palace.
  2. Same here, I have every issue from the start 'til the current day, with the exception of the Jay Laverty years! My pet hate, especially when the accompanying text points out some minute detail which is all but invisible or has even missing due to having been cropped out in the image editting process, really, really, REALLY grates! Plus, why do we need a clean paint brush pretending to paint or an airbrush hoovering above the model, in the pictures? I'm sure most of us, by now, know what a paint brush or airbrush look like!
  3. I'd love to listen but unfortunately it means listening to Jeremy Vine himself! Not to be recommended at anytime...
  4. I have a few crowns and half crowns but aren't that rare and also have some George III pennies but most are extremely worn. I'll have to dig them out and take some photos!
  5. The more I see of these Dragon Apollo builds, the more I want to have ago myself. If only I didn't already have nearly 500 other kits in the stash...
  6. Born in 1960 and during the late Sixties/early Seventies, I lived in Cippenham near Slough and a friend and I would regularly cycle across country to Windsor and it become our playground and can remember swimming in the Thames as well, without any issues! On top of this, my sister being 7 years older than me, left home in 1972 to become a nurse in London and having moved from Cippenham to Aylesbury by this time, I would regularly take a train from Aylesbury to Marylebone, drop down to Baker Street round to Manor House and then take a bus to Stamford Hill to spend the weekend with her. The only time I was accompanied was if I was given a lift back to Manor House or my parents visited for Sunday lunch and I went home with them! These days, my daughter won't let her eldest son catch a bus or cycle 7 miles, which can be achieved without using main roads, to school
  7. I'm guessing but can't be sure, is the barman (or in these days of equality, a barSheila) Australian, by any chance?
  8. Not strictly true, as the Moon is moving away from the Earth at the rate of around 3-4cm per year!
  9. Not a fact, more a question relating to the spacey things already mentioned! If the Universe is expanding, what's it expanding into? Or is it just there? No beginning, no end, just going on and on, for all time, not that time actually exists!
  10. Hopefully it will be ready for Telford, if so, I'll be picking one up
  11. On a similar note, is someone from Goole known as a Goolie? Sorry, that may not travel across the pond!
  12. A moving tank track, when in contact with the ground, does not actually move!
  13. If I remember correctly, unless you have a payment card saved against your account, you cannot put anything on back order! Could be wrong though (as I normally am, according to SWTSSBO)
  14. Now that's Worthy of a double
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