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  1. Those annuals, were they just a collection of articles taken from the previous years Volume or was it new material?
  2. Tony C

    Humbrol Enamel Paint

    French uniform but only a guess?
  3. Tony C

    HMS Manchester

    PINK? PINK? PINK? In His Majesty's Royal Navy? It’s not Operation Petticoat, you know!
  4. Tony C


    Mooo-ve on, nothing to be added here!
  5. Normally, I just run a scalpel blade under the PE and lift it away. I'm then usually left with the dried glue on the plastic which I remove with a fine sanding stick, so that the plastic isn't damaged too much. Hope that makes sense...
  6. Maybe Starfix are moving upmarket!
  7. Tony C

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    It would be doubly funny if it wasn't so true
  8. Tony C

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    I understand and can see your point but at the expense of dispersing the collection around the country, some probably to never see the light of day again? I think not! As for you comment about the Sunderland, I couldn’t agree more! My mother taught me that if I had nothing good to say, say nothing but maybe a Ducking Stool for the Head of the museum could be employed! That last bit is said tongue in cheek!
  9. Tony C

    Aircraft Modelling magazines

    I started with SAMI about 1996/7 when I was in WHS, looking for something to read. Up to that point, I used to buy models from a local newsagent or toy shop and reading that issue, was the first time that I was even aware that there was an ‘aftermarket’ market not knowing that resin, photo etch accessories or decals were available! Since then I have collected every issue of SAM from issue 1 to the present day bar for the Jay Laverty era, all of SAMI, complete bound issues of the Airfix Magazine for Modellers from 1964 - 1984 and am still looking for certain issues post 1984! And even though I only started reading Airfix Model World last November, I am only 12 issues short of the entire set! I have the first 11 volumes of MAM, every issue of MAI up to the last issue, the two volumes of the magazine that Spencer Pollard edited before is was incorporated back into the military modelling magazine, the titles of which, I cannot remember! Then there’s around 120 issues of the Profile Publications (red and a few blue issues) currently being collected, Aeroplane Monthly from the early days up to around 2004ish, Avaition News, several partworks, though I only got these as they were part of a package I bought. I did have every issue of Flypast from issue 1 up to 2006 but was made an offer I couldn’t refuse and sold these on. My problem is that I hate to throw reference material out but I also find that the older magazines, far more readable and will most likely continue to add to the library, as and when I become aware of other series’!
  10. Tony C

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    Ok, second picture, what the hell is that, in the display case that looks a bit like a nerf gun?
  11. Pleased about that, I did wonder if I should said anything so I’m pleased that no spanner’s were thrown! Continue the good work...
  12. Been lurking in the background, popping in every now and then and can only agree with what has been written above, regarding the paint work, However and I hope that I’m not about to throw a spanner in the works but somewhere back in the cobwebs of what passes for for my memory, I seem to think that the flap area was interior grey/green? I’m not sure if this has been discussed earlier and being of a certain age, could easily be totally wrong or could it be that the colour of the flap area could possibly depend upon where the airframe was manufactured but either way, it doesn’t distract from what is a enjoyable, for me at least, build!
  13. Tony C

    Horsefly bites?

    Just another thought, if you run out of Marmite, Bovril, or even the poor mans Marmite, Vegemite, beef OXO cubes but they may be a bit gritty.
  14. Tony C

    Horsefly bites?

    Would you mind if I don’t as while I don’t mind loading the pistol, I tend to leave others to pull the trigger! It’s more fun that way....
  15. Looks great, I’ve been considering something similar but considering is as far as I’ve currently got! I don’t know if its of interest but I do seem to remember reading somewhere, that the CSM engine bell was also damaged in the explosion but cannot find any pictures which show this!