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  1. Quiet week , only purchase has been 1/48 Minicraft 1/48 Beechcraft F-33 Bonanza , the one with the normal style of tail that for reasons unknown costs around twice as much for the three extra parts as the one with the original butterfly tail but looks like a nice kit of an aircraft from an area of aviation that is not too well covered in model form.
  2. The RAF has never operated any specifically designed SEAD aircraft and instead relied on pods and missiles fitted to otherwise standard fighter-bomber types when needed since the technology began developing in the late 1960s (Martel seemingly did not cope with extended exposure to extended 'cold soaking' so Shrike was borrowed for the Falklands and the later UK built ALARM has now been withdrawn) but in the main the UK now relies on the US to provide such specialist capability and for all the reasons given above that is how it will continue for the foreseeable future.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this Czech language book and could tell me if there are any decent reference photographs/drawings of the interior of the rear cockpit area converted for the camera pack on the L-29R?
  4. Bought a pair of Roden 1/48 Fairchild AU-23A Peacemaker kits for 14.99 each at Time Tunnel Models at Drem near North Berwick while I was on holiday over that way this week and what a great shop it is. Could not post before because Britmodeller and my Tablet do not mix for some reason but when I was there on Monday they still had quite a few in stock ( https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/roden-fairchild-peacemaker-model-3799-p-64534.html ). Also picked up an Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR.3 Starter Set for 5.00 in a charity shop in the same area , brain was not working and it only dawned on me later that it was the 2009 boxing of the old kit , however still got two brushes and half a dozen little tubs of hopefully usable acrylic for my fiver. Other Charity shopping got me the Complete Dad's Army and a twin-pack release of both old and new Italian Job films, all still sealed and for a couple of pounds each. And on a slightly different tack had a visit to an open afternoon held by the volunteers over that way who are drawing close to completing a full-size flying replica of a Sopwith One and Half Strutter , absolutely fascinating and a real labour of love.
  5. Caught up with some of the latest Aero Research collections released as PDF Downloads - Gooney Birds 3 , Worldwide Military 2 , USN & USMC Collection 6 , F-18 Hornet 1 , Propjets 1 , Early JetLiners hopefully more of the Worldwide Military Collections will follow as they offer a wide selection of 60s & 70s types. Also had the latest in the Hachette Air Power series delivered via my newsagent - No. 7 The Avro Lancaster.
  6. You do not mention scale but as you refer to the Hasegawa Kit I am guessing it is 1/48 in which case you could try and find the currently out of production Xtradecal 48001 which has markings for 111 and a 43 Sqn. Phantom FG.1 in the grey and green colour scheme (72003 was the 1/72 scale equivalent but is also out of production).
  7. Discussion here explains that the short tail was used but was raised on a plinth and so was not quite so short and also on Harriers with PWR on the fin leading edge the short fin was not quite as short as those without it.
  8. Gunships - The Story of Spooky, Shadow, Stinger and Spectre by Wayne Mutza , published by Specialty Press bought new on eBay , includes some unusual aircraft getting gun-pods strapped onto them in the 1960s Saving Grace , second-hand DVD from Amazon , the idea for 'Doc Martin' but much darker humour. 1/43 Corgi Classics 1929 Thornycroft Lincolnhire Constabulary Police Van picked up for a tenner from a stall at a Fly-In to add to the boxes containing my die-cast collection - another one of those 'must do something about it one day jobs'.
  9. 52 visitors flew-in while I was there 1015-1715 on Saturday and 30 (20 new) 1315-1615 Sunday , very nice weekend.
  10. For those in the North-East of Scotland within striking distance of Montrose the above can be highly recommended this weekend on Saturday and Sunday the 24th. and 25th. August - https://visitangus.com/events/montrose-air-station-heritage-centre-family-open-weekend/ In addition to the usual Museum activities with preserved, replica and aircraft under renovation there will be a fly-in on the adjacent playing-fields at Broomfield which in previous years has seen up to forty aircraft visiting on each day and is a very photographer friendly location with parking on-site. This year Vintage Cars will be displayed alongside the parked aircraft and there will be opportunities for Microlite , Gyrocopter and fixed wing trial flying lessons. For modelers the Museum's kit collection should be open and I would imagine second-sales available while there is normally a small number of second-hand kits and books on sale through the organisers of the fly-in at the tent there. My own interest is to park myself down at the fly-in and take photographs but from all accounts especially from friends with children activities at the museum are worth visiting.
  11. Des

    Junkers ju 88 Post war

    Have the book on order and due this week along with the other three parts of a four-part series in Le Fana , part I have already has artwork of 188 10.S.10 in overall green along with a yellow/sand over grey 88 but was hoping that bleu or even bleue might get a mention somewhere.
  12. Des

    Wessex HAS.1 Sonar

    There are a couple of images of the rear cabin of a RAN HAS.31 and of a Type 194 Sonar Head in Haynes Westland Wessex 'Owner's Workshop Manual'.
  13. Nice surprise this morning , had forgotten all about an order to Lucky Model made seven weeks and one day ago using a promotional anniversary code and their cheapest slow boat from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China shipping option so now the proud owner of a 1/48 Kinetic 'T-Harrier' for thirty-two pounds delivered and very nice it looks too although I will be resisting the urge to put it at the top of the build list ..... must finish what I have already started ..... should finish what I have already started ..... might finish what I have already started .....
  14. Ginter Naval Fighters No.20 Grumman AF Guardian by Rob Kowalski new on eBay from Wordery Specialist as a reference for the Special Hobby kit I bought last week.
  15. See Dave Fleming's post on the recent Italeri Harrier re-release , No.185 at
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