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  1. From The Aviation Historian Subscription copy of The Aviation Historian Issue 37 arrived early in the week. From The Aviation & Military Book Centre Latest additions to the Duke Hawkins Aircraft In Detail series and all to the usual high standard 019 A-400M Atlas (delayed from July due to a production problem) , 021 Grumman EA-6B Prowler and 022 C-160 Transall - delighted with the Transall especially as I had taken an extensive photo walkround of a Luftwaffe example almost twenty years ago and then later cut and paste instead of merely copying it along with the rest of that particular airshow coverage to my Desktop , never noticed my mistake and replaced a copy in external storage so lost it all when my computer later quite literally blew up. Avions Hors-Série No.53 Le SNCASO Vautour En Israel by Shlomo Aloni , published 2021 by Lela Presse , French language throughout but with 128 pages, more than 200 photos and 20 colour profiles of an aircraft that seems to get little coverage in the English language aviation press. Via EBay CDR of SNCASO Vautour Aircraft Manuals From Home Bargains Two Christmas Tree Bauble Storage Boxes , 24 compartments each approx. 3.5 in/9cm cubes for multiple/larger spares storage , added a couple of photos at -https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235100494-large-compartmented-storage-boxes/
  2. Hopefully the right area within Tools & Tips. For a long while I have been using compartmented storage boxes for keeping spares in although especially with my almost wholesale move into 1/48 scale the sometimes multiple or larger unused parts take up several compartments and sometimes partitions have to be cut out. I was in Home Bargains earlier today when my wife pointed out (and later bought) Christmas Tree Bauble Storage Boxes for £7.99 each that she thought might be handier for me to keep forementioned multiple or larger spares in. Each of the 24 compartments in a box is an approx 3.5 inch/9 centimetre cube. In my local store they were beside the bulkier Christmas decorative items and I would suspect that they are a seasonal WIGIG items which might not be restocked. Box with hinged lid closed Box with hinged lid open and a selection of 1/48 spares in different compartments , bottom right are 1/48 Airfix Jaguar GR.1/3 Recce Pods
  3. Had no reply from MA since e-mailing on 6th. September to ask if there was any realistic chance of the magazines being sent out. Since seen on the forum here that some customers have been advised that there are no longer any of the elusive issues available and with no contact from them to that effect and no refund having been made in lieu of goods requested a refund last week , surprisingly no response so have now left it in the hands of my bank. No idea what the forthcoming 'exciting' news might be but would not be overly surprised if this will turn out to be yet another rebranding.
  4. Ask and you shall receive . . . . . . just had an email from the Aviation & Military Book Centre that the A.400M , Transall and EA-6B volumes are in stock and have duly ordered the lot.
  5. Any news on the A400M and further releases?
  6. As has been mentioned the angle of the forward starboard Brimstone Triple launch unit is shallower than those at the rear but perhaps this sequence of ZA473 in partial No.14 Squadron markings departing RAF Lossiemouth in late September 2007 might help. Other stores are Sky Shadow outer port pylon , ballasted BOZ-107 outer starboard pylon , 330 Gallon/1500 Litre droptanks on the inner pylons , ALARM on the inner pylon outside shoulder rails , RAIDS on the starboard inner pylon inside shoulder rail , AIM-9 acquisition round on the port inner pylon inside shoulder rail , TIALD on the forward port fuselage position.
  7. From Black Mike Models With local delivery by Duncan ICM 48279 1/48 B-26K Counter Invader kit. From Aerocraft 1 x 1/48 Cessna O-2 Undercarriage Set for the third ICM kit I bought recently. 3 x 1/48 Cessna O-2 Wing Strut Sets with one for each of the ICM kit variants I now have. From Amazon Aviation Art Inc. Export Phantoms Illustrated by Lou Drendel published 2021 by Amazon , the latest in the growing series with the usual mix of photos (mainly colour) , artwork , small-scale plan drawings and some technical manual excerpts including the best part of a page given over to the Strike Camera carried by RAF aircraft , on the other hand coverage is patchy with about a quarter of the book dedicated to the JASDF of which around half of the illustrations are of non-standard colour schemes compared with a page and a bit with two photos for Australia. From Key Publishing Three of the recently published titles from their excellent image intensive Modern and Historic Book Series , ordered Thursday afternoon and delivered Saturday morning with free shipping , perhaps they should handle distribution for other more challenged publishers. Avro Vulcan – The Early Years 1947-64 , Historic Military Aircraft Series Volume 7 by David W Fildes , development and service achievements given year-by-year coverage for that period although the final few pages covering the 'End Of An Era' and the withdrawal of the Vulcan leave me wondering if there will be second volume in the same style covering the last two decades. British Ground-Attack Aircraft Of The 1970s and ’80s , Historic Military Aircraft Series Volume 8 by Chris Goss , following on from ‘Fighters’ and ‘Bombers’ this latest volume focuses on the Jaguar and the Harrier (RAF & RN). Dassault Super Ėtendard , Modern Military Aircraft Series Volume 5 by Frédéric Lert , with the Lynx in French naval service already covered in an earlier volume there is certainly scope for other recent Aéronavale types to follow – Atlantic/Atlantique2 , Etendard IVM/P , Super Frelon , Alize and Crusader to name but a few.
  8. For decades I have hated buying cars !!! Going to a garage, losing hours of my ever-shortening life , feigning interest in all the petrol head details that go on and on , baffled by a interminable lexicon of acronyms when my real interest is something I can get my rather less than athletic arthritic six feet in and out of comfortably. PCP on the current car is coming to an end before the end of the year , the garage I bought the car is no longer a dealer for that make so for the past couple of months have had cold-calls from garages some distance away each informing me that they are they only dealer for that make in my region and that they have been assigned my contract to deal with and need me to travel down to see them ASAP. On the basis that if someone has to phone you to offer you a bargain it probably isn't their hard sell was not encouraging and as I was not prepared to do so instantly their interest sank quicker than the Titanic. With the end of the contract approaching the finance company had sent the settlement figure last week while I was on holiday so the other day phoned the by far nearest dealer (not one of those who had been cold-calling) for the make , established that if within budget my intention was to go for a new car again , the key feature to me was the height of my current car but if they could suggest something else with the same ease of access I would be amenable. Return call fifteen minutes later with the figures , same make and model but a different variant with a slightly different specification (mainly lacking the features of the current car that I never use) , monthly payment two-thirds of the current car , subject to current transport problems their next tranche of cars is expected week after next. Barring a couple of very short follow-up calls regarding colour and detail matters the main business was all done and dusted within twenty minutes. I no longer hate buying cars !!!
  9. Well , from what I have seen in the copies which have reached my local newsagent IPMS USA took out a full-page advert for their Nationals in late August published in the August/September issue which hit the shelves in the UK last weekend a month after the event.
  10. Might find it interesting to check older magazines if you were not already aware . . . . . whenever the holding company takes on a new identity the same names always seem to pop up among the company officers / production team. My order hasn't turned up either , will check bank to see if I have been repaid or if I need to chase it up. EDIT - no refund has arrived so it would seem that they have to be requested individually rather than being made to customers with outstanding orders for the titles which cannot now be supplied..
  11. Been away for a few days so hit The Works and a couple of second-hand bookshops on my travels. The Lions Charity Bookshop In Alnwick at £1.00 each The RAF AT 100 - A Century In Photographs published 2017 by Mirrorpix The Complete Encyclopedia Of Flight 1945 - 2005 by John Batchelor & Malcolm V Lowe published 2005 by Rebo International , typical 'Encyclopedia Of . . . . . ' coverage but a lot of artwork and cutaways from 'Air & Space' and the like. Pictorial History Of The RAF Volume One 1918 - 1939 and Volume Two 1939 - 1945 , both by John W R Taylor (with Philip JR Moyes for Volume Two) and published 1968 and 1969 respectively by Ian Allan , had Volume Three which covered up to the 1969 so at a £1 a pop these complete the set. Barter Books In Alnwick for a wee bit more than £1.00 each Airfix Magazine Guides - No.10 Luftwaffe Camouflage Of World War 2 by Bryan Philpott ; No.14 American Fighter Of World War 2 by Alan W Hall ; No.18 USAAF Camouflage of World War 2 by Jerry Scutts , all published by PSL 1975 , 1976 , 1976 respectively and all as good as if not actually brand-new. Squadron Signal In Action No.100 - S2F Tracker by Jim Sullivan published 1990 by Squadron/Signal Publications. Wolfpack - Hunting MiGs Over Vietnam by Jerry Scutts published 1987 by Airlife. New from the The Works in Falkirk at prices ranging from 10 pence to £3.50 Haynes Owner's Workshop Manuals - The Moon by David M Harland published 2016 ; Spirit Of St, Louis by Leo Marriott published 2018 ; Avro Lancaster by Jarrod Cotter and Paul Blackah published 2008 ; Vickers Wellington by Iain R Murray published 2012 ; Supermarine Spitfire by Dr. Alfred Price and Paul Blackah published 2007 ; Fairey Swordfish by Jim Humberstone published 2014 ; Flavoured Spirits by Tim Hampson published 2017. From Airfix Airfix Club Magazine - Issue 3:2021 delivered while I was away. Imminent Purchase A New TV Aerial , little bits been falling off over the past couple of winters with no apparent ill-effect but no terrestrial signal on our return yesterday and looking up there is an obviously important black box dangling from a wire swinging freely in the breeze so phone call left for local aerial erector to call on Monday but can still access some live as well as Prime , Netflix and catch-up via the internet.
  12. No problem with you saving them for personal use.
  13. Things to do got done quicker than expected so managed to sort these out. HMS Montrose during a visit to Montrose in June 2014
  14. Perhaps the following might add to what you have already found. Did not realise until you raised the topic that EINSA Units were peculiar to the Typhoon but checking back on my own images from visits to Leuchars/Lossiemouth/Kinloss during different exercises I see that they were in use from at least 2004 supplemented by older but similarly sized HOUCHIN units. The following were taken during a visit to a CQWIC at RAF Kinloss in July 2010. The first image shows two EINSA units each with opposite ends showing forward , the second has the square end forward and the last two the angled end forward.
  15. Photographed it a couple of times when it has visited its named port here, could post a few if it might be of interest but with other commitments unless I can squeeze it in tomorrow it would be next weekend before I can access BM again.
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