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  1. Have you tried searching out some back issues of French language magazines such as Le Fana de l'Aviation , Air Action , Air Fan or RAIDS Aviation for example? There are also a couple of French language books on the subject that might help. Without a lot of digging out and searching I could not be sure of the split between IVA/P coverage in them but in English I recall some articles in past issues of Air International , Aviation News in its current form from KEY , Air Forces Monthly as well as World Air Power Journal & the later International Air Power Review.
  2. Picked up my October issues at my local newsagent this morning and they have been informed by their distributor that the November issues are expected on 29th. October. As it seems to have been a printing problem with the October issues then the preparation of the November issues would have been going ahead as normal although I suppose that once printed it might be an option to temporarily warehouse it to maximise shelf time for the belated October magazines although that would depend on the distributor changing the recall date which with my own newsagent tends to be a couple of day
  3. Recently had the data recovered from an external hard-drive that went wrong and was looking through some old shipping photos that had been taken locally and I came across this one of the Alserbach then operated by Alstership. Full frame it looks like one of many coasters that come and go around here but then the logo on the funnel , all it really needed to finish it off was a touch of smoke. Did a search on the IMO number and it is now operated by someone else under carrying a different name and has lost its herbal adornment.
  4. My copy of the magazine was delivered this morning.
  5. From Amazon The Nimrod by Martyn Chorlton published this week by Amberley Famous Russian Aircraft : Sukhoi Su-24 by Yefim Gordon and Dimitriy Komissarov published by Crecy The Mig-21: The Legendary Fighter/Interceptor in Russian and Worldwide Use, 1956 to the Present by Holger Muller published by Schiffer as a 2018 English translation of a 2012 Motorbuch publication in German From The Book Depository USAFE In The 1980s by Adrian Symonds also published this week by Amberley Legends of Warfare : Republic F-84 – Thunderjet , Thunderstreak and Thunderflash by K
  6. Just received an email from The Aviation & Military Book Centre that they are in stock and have now ordered both , looking forward to seeing what the next new titles are later in the year.
  7. Suspect the usual confusion between similarly named but completely different magazines from a different publisher. SAM arrived as usual but SAMI and its stablemate have not , newsagent looked into it and was told they were delayed until the 9th. but still no sign.
  8. In the early 1970s lived near a shop that got all of the FROG and Matchbox new releases as they came out but was transferred in 76 and along with family commitments gave up modelling for a couple of years so missed this but bought the Revell re-release in the late 90s and later finished it in RAF Dark Sea Grey/Dark Green over aluminum in 151 Squadron colours as a 'What If the RAF in the 1950s/60s had been run by adults' project after listening to a talk given by a then very senior retired RAF Navigator who had trained on Javelins then flown operationally as an Observer on Sea Vixens and reckon
  9. Via eBay 1/48 Monogram A-37 Dragonfly , 1995 release as 5486 Troop Seat sprues for the Revell 1/72 C-54 From The Aviation Book Centre The Air Staff and the Helicopter and The General Staff and the Helicopter both by Chris Gibson and published by Blue Envoy Press as ProjectTech Profiles From Anybook.biz Second-hand copy of Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft 1969/70 for £11.50 including delivery From Local Newsagent Another copy of Key Publications Combat Machines No.6 Avro Vulcan , first one had an unfortunate accide
  10. There some shots in these postings that might help although you will have to scroll down to get them - and and
  11. Des

    AC-47 in SEA scheme

    Like some other usually 'black-bellied' special operations types their US based training and conversion units often had examples with grey undersides instead as in the case of at least some of the AC-47 flown by the 4412 CCTS ('IG' tail code) which trained 'Spooky' crews at England AFB.
  12. Still available direct from Key and reduced now to £4.99 - https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/B660/Combat Machines - Hawker Hunter - although no idea what their shipping to Australia might be. Also in previous years they have held a lengthy 'Black Friday' sale from late November until Christmas and beyond where prices on older titles are often reduced even further which might help if they do it this year.
  13. Via Amazon British Heritage – British Military Jets by Kev Darling , published by Amberley From Local Newsagent Key Publications Combat Machines No.6 - Avro Vulcan by Tony Buttler From Black Mike Models Various Mr Surfacer primers and Mr Color paints (never tried the latter before) hand-delivered within Angus by Duncan
  14. Picked this up at my local newsagent this morning where it had just arrived today , same style as the Hunter and Buccaneer previously and an interesting reference for £7.99. https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/SPECCMVUL/Combat Machines - Vulcan
  15. Now released (and ordered) - https://www.aoadecals.com/48017/home.htm
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