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  1. For aircraft in the most common Air Defence Greys colour schemes at that time Hawk/Phantom/Tornado/some Lightnings Light Aircraft Grey BS381C 627 (Humbrol 166) is usually reported as the more usual colour for undersides. Camouflage Grey is said to be the official name for Barley Grey which was an upper surface colour although whether it is because there was some change in the formula or whatever I have always thought it looked slightly different on actual aircraft , less of a blue tinge , matt rather than satin , more susceptible to damage but that is perhaps merely a matter of opinion.
  2. What a great idea to model two different aircraft on the one model and with the Hawk in overall black there are so many options available.
  3. Nice build of an interesting B-57 version , there was a well illustrated article in an issue of Air International back around 1980'ish about the unit which also operated some aircraft in the overall black and SEA Camouflage schemes as well as the high-viz example you have done so well but cannot recall now if they were also EB-57s or just standard B-57s used for crew flying proficiency to keep the hours down on the actual mission aircraft.
  4. A lot of it was being broadcast live which must have been a bit of a nail-biter for the production crew and the RAF , early Friday evening as I remember it and I should have been on backshift and would have missed it in those pre-VCR days but had been sent on a local training course on days that week instead.
  5. Chicago seems to be a bit of a rift in the space/time continuum for post , my small etch package ordered on 18th. April was eventually delivered yesterday having entered the USPS system in Los Angeles on 21.04 , arrived Chicago 10.05 , left Chicago for unknown destination 14.05 , arrived again in Chicago 17.05 , Departed Chicago 18,05 and then departed Fort Worth six hours later , arrived London 20.05 and then delivered 48 hours later.
  6. From various eBay sellers - Loctite All Plastics Glue MiniWorld A48 53a 1/48 .30 Ammunition Belts x 4 4D Models 1/72 Cougar MRAP kit MaxxPro MRAP ; A Visual History by John Adams Graf & David Cooper published by HobbyLink Japan . . . not quite the same as the Cougar but an insight into the MRAP concept Another Plod Pension Day Book Splurge - from The Works with 20% Discount Code . . . . . The Desert Air Force In World War II by Ken Delve and published by Pen & Sword WK275 ; Restoration and Preservation The Last Supermarine Swift F.4 by Guy Ellis and published by Grub Street (now a 1/48 IM kit ??) Hurricane R4118 Revisited by Peter Vacher and published by Grub Street De Havilland Comet Owners Workshop Manual by Brian Rivas and published by Haynes International Rescue Thunderbirds Agent’s Technical Manual by Sam Denham and published by Haynes . . . . . and from The Aviation Book Centre – The Air Staff And AEW and The Admiralty And AEW both by Chris Gibson The Admiralty And The Helicopter by James Jackson all three are ProjectTech Profiles published by Blue Envoy Press , still looking for The Air Staff And The Helicopter if anyone knows where one can be sourced,
  7. Des

    Possible HMRC scam!

    Always found that a good initial test of any supposed HMRC (or other official body) e-mail contact is the question - have I ever given them my e-mail address?
  8. Just had a Typhoon pass directly overhead flying south and unusually not too high to be identified as such , usually they are heard but not seen.
  9. Bought and have just received a couple of unusual kits from the quite extensive ‘4D Models’ range this week and apologies in advance if these are already well-known but I searched contents and got no results. Before any howls of outrage neither can be said to be at the leading edge of model technology and the buyer is very much getting what he or she is not paying a lot for. The kits are of a ‘click-together’ nature (and from comparing just two some ‘click’ better than others). Across the wider range some are in self-coloured plastic and some have pre-painted parts of which some are in completely spurious schemes with cut-out self-adhesive stickers in lieu of decals where provided. However for a less than enormous outlay I ordered a 1/72 BTR-80 APC for 2.82 and a 1/48 Hurricane for 3.98 including delivery to see what they were like. Searching eBay and AliExpress there are at least three different ranges of 1/72 AFV and soft-skin vehicles as well as stand-alone examples of German and US Halftracks for a couple of pounds each including shipping where charged although it does look like some of the tanks share the same track/wheel arrangement and some do look a bit 'off'. In addition there are more complicated and more expensive 1/72 vehicle kits available with far more parts - a Cougar MRAP with interior detail , Russian S-300 ‘Grumble’ Radar and Missile units as well as a Russian RS-2 Topol ICBM launcher. Other series include 1/144 AFV ; 1/48 aircraft ; various small scale aircraft approx. 1/165 and beyond ; wide-range of 1/6 vintage and modern infantry weapons ; small scale ships and trains ; 1/87 car kits and a couple of 1/72 artillery kits. The latter look very similar to Zvezda items but price at just over a pound each with some sellers. Not all seem to be available from any one seller , prices vary even among multiple listings in the same seller’s on-line shops and in the couple of weeks that it took for my kits to arrive some prices have risen slightly for the Topol/Grumble/Cougar. However having now seen the BTR kit I ordered the two ‘Grumble’ kits as well as one each of the ‘Topol’ and ‘Cougar’. Although some dealers seem to offer them in boxes the items I bought (for price rather than packaging) were in poly bags with no obvious company name although some eBay sellers use ‘4D Models’ but some seem to have been about for a year or two under a couple of different names. Both that I bought are moulded in a hard plastic, the BTR in a shiny green sheen and the Hurricane in matt dark grey plastic with softer white detail parts. I have no great knowledge of AFVs but wanted to check out the quality before committing to the more complicated and expensive items that I actually had a notion to build. The BTR measures out to 1/72 scale and to my far from expert eye looks the part and consists of 20 parts , 8 of which are black wheels with green hub inserts already installed and the remainder in a glossy green self-coloured plastic consisting of a two part hull , three part turret and the remainder consisting of grab rails , a spade and an equipment box. A pair of weights is provided for the hull , 4 metal axles for the wheels and all parts click together very positively without gaps although I did glue the detail parts in place using my usual EMA Plastic Weld and have got as far as applying an undercoat by brush using Humbrol 64 Grey acrylic which took without problems The Hurricane was a bit different , there are four 1/48 aircraft kits available - Hurricane, Spitfire , Corsair , Bf109 – of these the Bf109 looks the sharpest in adverts but is not a subject which has ever caught my interest. Each is offered in a choice of six different pre-painted schemes but with the cheapest sellers the buyer takes pot luck as to which one is sent. With the Hurricane which is actually to 1/53 scale and not 1/48 as advertised all seem to be of schemes that might have been carried by a Spitfire with the one I bought being in bright PR Pink. There are 17 parts in pink painted dark grey plastic , two in clear , 21 in softer white plastic and three black rubber tyres which will all fit together well enough with some scraping away paint, gluing and applying pressure to but do not ‘click together’ perfectly (especially the wing structure) and this is not helped by the blobby overspray on the pre-painted parts. Although detail on the pre-painted parts is a bit heavy handed it does look pretty accurate although there are one or two small lumps, bumps and clips that need to be removed with the flick of a blade. The softer white detail parts range from slightly to far too bulky , some of them are spurious and none responded to any glue that I had available requiring the purchase of Loctite All Plastic Glue which did the trick but cost more than the kit. The hard plastic parts accepted modelling glue well enough and all took a similar Acryllic undercoat to the BTR , no decals are provided but instead there is a sheet of self adhesive paper with very odd markings which would need to be cut out individually , including oddly at least one Spitfire serial. At the end of the day it does resemble a Hurricane well enough to sit at the back of a shelf but despite the low price the effort required to make the white parts usable and then to remove enough of the rather resilient pre-painted finish on the other parts to ensure good glued joints is a definite drawback in addition to the odd scale being problematical for sourcing replacement decals.
  10. Built one a couple of months ago , the windshield sits on a slight lip on the forward edge of the rear instrument panel coaming and the actuating arm fits into a box'ish space on the rear of the windshield although it needs to be trimmed to get a fit , both can be seen in the instructions.
  11. 1 x 1/35 Tamiya MM229 Allied Vehicles Accessory Set 2 x 1/35 Tamiya 35206 US Infantry Equipment Set Modelers Data File No.36 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter ordered Tuesday and delivered this afternoon An Electric Hair Trimmer although still working up my courage to let my wife loose on me with it.
  12. Placed an order with Super-Hobby in Poland on 8th. May and delivered by DHL on the 15th.
  13. I have one item well overdue at this point in time , ordered a sheet of etch with a five pound shipping charge from a dealer in California in mid-April which entered the USPS system a couple of days later and so far has taken another nineteen days since departing their USPS Regional Facility in Los Angeles to arriving at their facility in Chicago , goodness knows how long it will take to cross the Atlantic and then the current week long trek from London northwards once it has , free postage from China is quicker at the moment.
  14. There was a bit of a fuss a while back about that and the impression was being given or taken by some that the roundel was copyrighted and could not even be shown on photographs of aircraft which proved a bit problematical but there was at least one school of thought that the RAF Roundel was actually copied from an earlier French design and that in any case it had been in common usage for so long that it was a bit late in the day to be enforced. However from memory the outcome seemed to be that the copyright was applied to the way in which the RAF had incorporated the roundel into a logo with the words 'Royal Air Force' (with the Y reversed) but that might not be strictly accurate.
  15. A few years back an RAF C-17 involved in an exercise out of RAF Leuchars and on its way back there one teatime flew an approach into Dundee which for those not familiar with the area has its approach from the east overhead Riverside Drive as it runs parallel with the River Tay and is a very busy road in and out of the city at that time of day , can only imagine the response with one of those big grey monsters roaring overhead instead of the Grobs , Beechcraft and Cessnas that make up many of the movements there. At other times it has had Hercules and at least one A400 land there.
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