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  1. I remember buying the F-21 Aggressor variant of this kit back in the 1980s for less than two pounds on my way home from a Friday early shift as a long weekend-off project before starting nightshift on the following Tuesday. At that time Italeri had the reputation for offering cleanly moulded kits at more realistic prices than much of their competition but I suppose business got in the way , continued growth is everything and once you have grown into your market increased prices are the only way to keep growing.
  2. Des

    US Coast Guard HUS-1G (later H-34G) Fuel Tank

    Had Schiffer's Sikorsky H-34 An Illustrated History by Lennart Lundh delivered today which merely describes the tank as being an external 150 gallon auxiliary drop tank carried on the port side and as other respondents have mentioned photographs seem to show a generic style of tank carried by various late-war/1950s USN/USMC propellor fighter/attack aircraft including the Skyraider as well as other contemporary types such the HU-16 and CH-37. The book does mention that the US Army experimented with carrying various types of tank on both sides of an H-34 in April 1961 but the limited increase in range of an added tank on the starboard side versus the difficulty created in using the cabin troop door made it impractical. The US Army at least considered the mount itself to be excessively complicated and there are two close up photographs in the book which maybe best describe it as two tubular A frames secured above the cabin windows and to the lower fuselage with a stores release unit braced where they meet from which the tank is suspended , flexible fuel piping and relevant wiring connects with the top side of the tank towards the rear of the release unit and feeds down into the aircraft on the lower fuselage /underside join.
  3. Des

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    The excellent Syhart 48-915 decal sheet for the Rafale B/C/M in French service with full stenciling including weaponry to use with my half dozen stashed 'squalls' , rather hoping that this might be updated at some point to include units that reequipped with the type after 2014. Added another half dozen of the Aero Research titles that have been transferred to PDFs to my growing library - Skyraider , CAG's , Aggressors ,USN/USMC Collection , US Army Collection , USAF Phantoms.
  4. Des

    Getting PART photo etch in the UK?

    I wanted a PART set for a different aircraft during the summer and got it through Martola in Poland , took about a week from order to delivery as I recall.
  5. Des

    Fujimi E2C Hawkeye - 1 72

    I bought their first release back in 1970 as a good but basic early E-2A variant but they updated the parts subsequently to cover E-2C and CJ variants and have re-released it several times with different decals , it was also reboxed by Heller. As I recall only internal detail was a pair of chairs and pilot figures , no separate control surfaces and 'see-through' engine intakes/exhausts but went together cleanly.
  6. Des

    Still buying 2nd hand kits at model shows?

    Case of Caveat Emptor with second-hand kits. All to often something second-hand catches my eye at a model show and my brain tells me that I could use one of whatever it is so dash in , purchase before someone else with the same poor reasoning skills beats me to it only to later regret at leisure. Had an idea for a 1/48 MiG-21MF so did just that with a second-hand KP kit at a model show last year , later same morning bought a brand new Eduard MiG-21R for not a lot more from Black Mike and when I got home discovered that the 'sealed and intact' KP kit was minus instructions , decals and transparent parts. Fortunately the Eduard kit has optional open/closed canopies so the latter is fixable , I have a set of instructions lying about from an old build and the decals would need replaced anyway but it still rankled.
  7. Des

    Bae Nimrod MR.2P towed radar decoy - where ????

    By any chance did the removed fairing have a dayglo '+' on the nose? Saw a couple of Nimrods with this marking but no idea what it might have been for.
  8. Des

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Really liked these back in the 70s but bought a couple from Poundland a while back and didn't think they were as nice , pastry seemed very bland. Don't get me started on Wagon Wheels , Curly Wurlies or Chelsea Whoppers !!!
  9. Des

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    Thought they were - sheet reference is 04962 - 0240C , recall reading that most Revell decals printed in Italy were either from Cartograph (sheet reference suffix 'C') or another Italian firm whose name escapes me at the moment but it begins with "Z" and (sheet reference suffix 'Z' oddly enough).
  10. Des

    Phantom FGR2 Recon weapons load?

    Had a look at a few sources for images of 2 & 41 Squadron Reconnaissance Phantoms with the EMI pod carried and setting aside the publicity images with full loads of missiles and Rocket Pods/Cluster Bombs the standard day in/day out fit would seem to be EMI pod on the centreline , Drop Tanks on outer wing pylons and Strike Camera in the forward port Sparrow bay. Inner wing pylon use would seem to have been optional and when carried were not fitted with Sidewinder Rails but sometimes carried a CBLS which would be consistent with the secondary ground attack role that these squadrons had and would allow crews to get the most out of any training flight. In a Cold War scenario I would have imagined that it would been a case of dash in/get the imagery/dash out without being loaded down and slowed down with air-to-ground weaponry or being distracted from the task by having air-to-air weapons and getting into a fight although I do not know if the alleged Harrier/Jaguar tactic of 'dropping its knickers' in a low-level tailchase would have encouraged the carriage of a 1,000 lb. bomb or two.
  11. Des

    Revell FGR2

    My goodness , that particular penny had not dropped until now.
  12. Des

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Definitely the Heller parts marketed by Plus Model with a new more extensive decal sheet with two each of USAF/USN options and with two different levels of their own aftermarket resin/etch 7010 as shown with replacement resin engines etch aerials and 7011 which included extra resin for control surfaces and wheels as well as additional etch with cockpit and wheel bay detail.
  13. Beyond mine as well until Wonderland Models were offering them for a very , very reasonable price as a 'Show Special' many years ago at an RAF Leuchars Airshow where hours of fun followed trying to protect a very large and not too sturdy box sticking out of their largest carrier bag into typically moist September air from stray feet while trying to juggle that , a walking stick and a camera as I went round the static display , pre-digital so there was winding on and off of 35mm film as well ...... happy days. It is a nice kit and would benefit from a lot of extra internal detail work which is what put me off building it although I suppose the sensible thing to do would be to build the interior as a series of mini projects between other jobs , there was briefly a large photo-etch sheet available from a now non-existent French firm which I only ever heard about after they ceased trading and would seem to have been even more expensive than the kit. I bought the Lela Press book on the Super Felon a couple of years ago so the references are handy if I ever make a start. Perhaps it might even make a reappearance one of these days if Heller ever get fully back into their stride.
  14. Des

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Thanks for the heads up , have noted my interest.
  15. Have quite a few of the older Heller kits - 1/40 Fouga Magister ; 1/50 Vautour , Falcon 20 , Alpha Jet , Alize as well as the more recent 1/35 Super Frelon ; 1/50 Puma , Gazelle , Ecuriel/Squirrel ; 1/48 Mirage IV , Mirage 2000N and 1/72 Transall , Noratlas and in some parts at least F/TF-104G.