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  1. Unfortunately the Victor has never been covered by Amercom , the Valiant if it appears in the series is good for the price although the upper wing to fuselage joint is a bit obvious and the underside of the wings sit a little proud. Unless they come up with anything different in the seven models still to be announced I doubt that I will be buying any more of them but no problem to pop into my local WH Smith every second Monday to morning to see what appears.
  2. My newsagent once explained that with these part-work series he normally gets the first few issues sale or return without asking for them with the previous issue being recalled before the next one comes out but after the first few he has to order issues specially for customers who have placed an order and has only a limited time to return them if not sold which is why some months after the event some newsagents have a pile of various part-work issues going cheap as they attempt to recoup some of their loss when customers with orders let them down. On the other hand it does seem that my local WH Smith gets one or two shelf issues in for some series long-after the initial promotion period so possibly they have a different deal going on. Although their website - www.100yearsoftheraf.com - is not set up for it at present perhaps back issues of the series might become available later although the shop link on their website presently goes straight to the Amercom website which has a Halifax that seems to be "Friday the Thirteenth' available for 15.40 Euros from Poland. Don't know if it was showing previously but the website now reads that there will only be 12 issues in the series and with five issues already accounted for and the Dakota, Lancaster , Wellington, Valiant and Stirling in 1/144 scale ; Meteor, Hunter, Lightning, Jaguar, Tornado GR.4 and Typhoon in 1/100 scale ; Hawk , SE.5a , Bristol Bulldog , Vampire and Gladiator in 1/72 scale still available in RAF markings via Amercom from previous series (some of which were pretty poor first time round) already exceeding that number it will be interesting to see if they introduce any new models or different colour schemes for existing ones.
  3. Not a practice that they are in the habit of following and in any event the FG.1 sold well enough despite any detail issues and it is hardly likely that their customer base are going to don their high-viz jackets and take to the streets about it.
  4. Picked up issue 3 today from WH Smith with a 1/144 scale model of the Vulcan B.2. Other than an aerial plinth between both pairs of engines it is the same model of XH558 as with their Giants of the Sky Collection right down to the blue coloured serial on the tail but not so nearly well put together as first time round. Flying Fortress is the next issue in two weeks time and the image shown has changed from the US example seen in the publicity leaflet included with issue 1 to an RAF 'BU" coded 214 Squadron example in Green/Brown over Black , 1/72 Hurricane follows two weeks after that.
  5. Des

    Hasegawa F-104G in 1/48

    Sprue 'M' is the one with the inboard pylons along with some twin-seater specific parts in the TF-104G/F-104D/F-104DJ kits
  6. Des

    Hasegawa F-104G in 1/48

    I have PT40 - TF-104G Starfighter (Luftwaffe/Italian) and it includes parts (not all required for the kit) for centreline , underfuselage missile pylons and an inboard wing pylon for each side. I also have PT20 - F-104G Starfighter 'Nato Fighter' and it only has parts for the centreline and underfuselage missile pylons.
  7. I never suggested that it was a bad kit merely that it was an incomplete kit of the very specific variant of the aircraft that it is being marketed as. I have previously made a 1/48 U95 pod for a JA 37DI which was not a particularly challenging task and since then Maestro have produced one in resin but considering Special Hobby prices their not including the pods which contribute to the title claimed on the box seems a bit off.
  8. Des

    Lightning F.6 IFR probe colour

    I have always thought that they were black as well and a quick google image search confirms the probe as black with a steel coloured head on a variety of different operational aircraft in all colour schemes , maybe Airfix got their reference from a preserved aircraft which are not always the most accurate sources.
  9. 'Electronic Warfare Aggressor' but it seems no Electronic Warfare Pods or do they follow at extra cost?
  10. Hachette do seem to have a rather casual approach to customer service and distribution but at 160 pages for 9.99 covering most if not all variants and operators with almost 270 images, 10 three-view colour schemes , 55 colour sideviews, some double-spread artworks and cutaways I reckon that it will make a cheap and handy first-port-of-call on the reference shelf. Will be interested to see if that is it with their intended series or if a volume 3 will turn up somewhere around February/March time.
  11. Saw the Halifax in my local WH Smith last Monday the 26th. so the Vulcan should be next in a weeks time on the 10th.
  12. Has anyone come across the Harrier volume from Hachette , advert in the back of the Spitfire issue said due out in November. No sign of it in any of the places that I saw the Spitfire being sold. Nothing ever heard from the 'appropriate department' from my September query with Hachette and no response at all to my second in mid-November. UPDATE , found it in my local Tesco later this morning having been delivered over the weekend , no mention of whether or not there will be an Issue No.3 and if so what it might be.
  13. Des

    Camouflage details for OV-1B Mohawk in Korea

    The colours in the image are a little off as the lightest green shown seems to have been grey according to other references I have seen. Back in March 1966 Flying Review published a couple of black and white images of the aircraft when seen in Japan with a caption describing it as being the standard USAF tan and two greens SEA scheme with the grey from the undersides carried on to the fuselage and wings but when compared to the images they printed there only seem to be three rather than four shades of colour involved. While researching a magazine article on the aircraft a couple of years ago I was sent a couple of photographs, copyright unknown, of the same aircraft and an OV-1A in similar but not exactly the same colour scheme which showed the lighter colour to be a light grey not disimilar to the underside grey mentioned by Flying Review and two greens wrapped around the fuselage and on the upper surface of the wings , presence of the large yellow 'US ARMY' logo under the main wing and different background shade suggested that the original olive drab was retained there. As for the reasons behind the scheme I never really got to the bottom of that but there were some US Army UH-1 operating in similar colours in Vietnam around the same time and the NC-123K Black Spot also in a multi-tone camouflage including grey briefly operated on anti-interdiction duties over Korea before deployment to Vietnam , so possibly a trial scheme which had no real benefits. The greenish cast to the image shown in the posting above is quite possibly the basis for some rather contradictory information given in a Warpaint centerfold feature in a February 1974 issue of Aviation News, that image with date etc. can be found at - http://www.gonavy.jp/bbs2-ov1f.html - as can a view from the front of the same aircraft in which the greenish tinge is less pronounced and more obviously grey.
  14. Des

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    Would agree with that. For a number of reasons and other commitments I have not completed a model for about a year now although in that same time have bought over a dozen mainly newly released kits along with with maybe a couple of rarely seen items (to add to the existing stash) on the basis of having them handy if I ever do get round to making them because in the main many manufacturers seem to do a single production run before either changing the moulds for a different variant or setting the kit aside for an indeterminate time before re-release.