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  1. Two of our teenage granddaughters are visiting for the weekend and were out up in the town with my wife earlier and brought me back a 100g bag of Clove Rock. Have not had any for years and this was the real thing and heavy on the cloves , right gum and inside of my cheek were quite numb afterwards , quite took me back.
  2. Less chance of Tetanus. There are some days/weeks/months/years when it is better just to go and lie down in the dark , hope that all heals soon.
  3. The listing on the Airfix website for the A11001A re-release shows that the kit contains 142 parts. Just pulled the box for the original A11001 release down from the shelf and that also contains 142 parts. So barring a typo looks like it will not contain the additional 10 parts that were released as A65000 for the Vickers Valiant B(PR)K Mk.1/B(K)Mk.1 despite the box art although the PR windows were always included in the original kit but without spaces cut into the bombay doors for them.
  4. From Key Publications Recent additions to their book . . . . . British Bombers Of The 1970s And ‘80s – Historical Military Aviation Series Volume 4 by Chris Goss featuring David Howley’s images of the Vulcan and Buccaneer in a roughly 90/80 split and from those suffering XH558 fatigue there are only four images of it included. AMARG – America’s Strategic Military Aircraft Reserve by Jim Dunn and Nicholas A. Veronico images of aircraft covered in areas of Spraylat sealant cannot be avoided in such a title but there are also quite a few without in this coverage of current operations there. . . . . . and bookazine ranges Typhoon To Tempest – Evolution Of A Sixth Generation Fighter looking at current Typhoon development work and towards its replacement the Tempest. Boeing 747 – Jumbo From Pan Am to Pandemic looking back at the history and current use of the 747. The Berlin Wall – How Europe Was Divided although some images of the airlift and of troops/equipment more of an examination of the events that led to the wall and then its fall. Drones – Unmanned But On Target current state-of-play and potential future developments. From Model Hobbies British Phantoms – The Phantom FG.1, FGR.2 And F-4J(UK) in Royal Air Force Service 1979 – 1992 by Patrick Martin , published 2013 by Double Ugly! I have a request in the ‘Wanted’ section for the previous volume British Phantoms: FG.1 and FGR.2 (F-4K/M) in Royal Navy and RAF Service, 1966-78 if anyone can help? From Amazon Canberra Illustrated by Lou Drendell , published 2021 by Amazon , latest release in the series with the usual mix of photos , artwork , drawings , history and personal experiences.
  5. Not the Red Arrows as bad weather cancelled their low-level transit up the east coast to Lossiemouth this morning. But NOTAM has been published for tomorrow's proposed return route to Scamptom from Lossie for anyone along the way (or maybe not) - all times GMT so add an hour for BST - FORMATION TRANSIT BY RED ARROWS ACFT ROUTING: 574218N0032021W RAF LOSSIEMOUTH 1110 573734N0031105W SW OF LHANBRYDE 1112 570318N0022948W BANCHORY 1119 564853N0023728W EDZELL WOODS 1121 563904N0024307W NE OF LETHAM 1123 555427N0021223W NW OF COLDINGHAM 1131 550822N0011446W OVERSEA 1140 541354N0004650W S OF PICKERING 1150 532547N0002249W NW OF MARKET RASEN 1158 531828N0003303W RAF SCAMPTON 1200 FORMATION PLANS TO TRANSIT AT 250-2000FT AGL. TIMINGS, HGT AND ROUTE ARE APRX AND MAY CHANGE DUE TO WX OR OTHER REQUIREMENTS.
  6. Many thanks for passing the information on , looking forward to its release.
  7. Recall hearing or reading about this a while back as a suggestion to dissuade nuisance callers and the reply seemed to be that most modern handsets compensate for the sudden increase in noise and dampen the sound although it maybe makes the whistler feel better. No idea if that is actually the case or not although if it were possible to damage someone's hearing by doing so I am pretty sure that it would be a commonly reported occurrence.
  8. My wife has had one for many years so advice as to specifications is well out of date I am afraid but I would suggest if this has not already been tried to try a trial run through a Shopmobility scheme or the like if there is one in your area or a supervised loan from a friend preferably in an outdoor environment as the quality of the ride in a shopping mall is completely different from outdoors. Over the years several friends who have been considering buying one have come along to try my wife's in the medical centre car park across the road out-of-hours and to date all have gone off the idea after trying it mainly because they have reached the idea too late and as a last resort. As most scooters work on a dead man's brake principle some older people are not up to applying constant pressure on the tiller to keep it moving nor have the amount of upper body movement required to safely negotiate their way around in public spaces. I have tried them a couple of times while visiting Alnwick Castle Gardens on holiday and even at six foot tall I find the seating position to be quite vulnerable as it is a lot lower and you are a lot less visible than you might think , the ride on outdoor surfaces can be rough and even the slightest camber or pavement drop is unsettling until you get the hang of it. Don't want to put you off but according to my sister-in-law who was in Social Work an awful lot of them get bought and are rarely if ever used because the intended recipient cannot manage for physical or confidence issues hence my suggestion of a good trial run. On the other hand if the user is able and confident it can be a life changer both around the area in which they live and in revisiting places they thought were lost to them if the scooter is portable. As regards access on and off most that I have seen or even tried usually have raisable armrests and a swivel action on the seat to turn to the side and with usually a low ground clearance easing off onto the ground or back onto the seat is not strenuous.
  9. From The Aviation Historian Subscription renewal time and the arrival this week of The Aviation Historian Issue 36 (anyone for a Victor K.2 ‘Wild Weasel’?) From Mortons Media Pre-ordered new release arrived Century Series Fighters – Service Markings From 1954 To 1988 by Mads Bangsø with over 150 excellent colour sideview profiles although with most being double-page spreads the overlap is slightly distracting Via eBay Foreign Invaders : The Douglas Invader In Foreign Military And US Clandestine Service by Dan Hagedorn and Leif Hellström published 1994 by Midland Publishing , as new unsold old stock
  10. Notice that the blurb on Pocketmag for MA claims that Gary is editor for both that and SAMI , only six years out-of-date then.
  11. Got that Wednesday morning from 'Mary' at Virgin Media Technical Department who sounded remarkably like 'Christine' from Talk Talk Technical Department who had called less than a minute before , let her waffle on for a few minutes while I went a bit OTT . . . . . "WOW , that sounds bad" , "Oh my goodness what can I do" etc. etc. . . . . . before telling her that I wasn't actually a Virgin Media customer then she hung up without even saying goodbye . . . . . a bit rude !!!!
  12. Looking back at something I wrote at the end of 2017 from comparing information from a number of sources it looks very much that only the initial service batch of T.2/T.2A were equipped with two taller of the three different fins trialled. Unfortunately my notes are long lost as to where the original information came from. But from what I concluded the T.4/4A were originally fitted with the single-seat fin with Passive Warning Receiver as carried by the GR.3 which was itself slightly taller than the original GR.1 single-seat fin without PWR. Later as surviving T.2/T.2A were converted to T.4A they received the original GR.1 fin shape as did some existing T.4A which had initially been fitted with the PWR fin. At least some of these T.4A , possibly with a purely flying training role , lacked the LRMTS nose whether or not they had the PWR tail.
  13. Or for the diabetic lifestyle - socks that fall down - any hint of elastic marking my ankle and SWMBO bins them even if there aren't any holes in them yet !!!
  14. A nice set and thanks very much for sharing. Exhaust staining didn't take long to take the edge of the tail.
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