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  1. Well that determined resolve lasted for less than a week . . . . . but there is a certain (very , very weak) logic. My Airfix Club membership like many of those who bought into the relaunch has been extended until 31st. January and currently has a 10% discount. I picked up a copy of the 2022 catalogue today and for the relaunched relaunched Airfix Club from 1st. February the 10% discount is not listed among the benefits. I know that I will eventually want one of the new Buccaneers and give in anyway and perhaps pay over the odds on eBay when I do so therefore it made good economic sense to just pre-order it (and the Anson I intended to get anyway) today and actually save money . . . . . as a certain Russian accented Southern African Mongoose would say . . . . . SEEMPLES !!!
  2. Airfix Magazine and Airfix Catalogue available as separate items in my local Tesco this morning although the catalogue rather oddly (I thought) was a 'Buy Two Get £4 Off' Clubcard Offer , suppose could always give one as a present to partner , family , significant other with highlighted gift suggestions. Regarding postal problems , ours returned to normal daily deliveries albeit mid-afternoon rather then the long-established lunchtime during December from a previous rather hit and miss service for much of the second half of last year and during the last week or so we have even gone back to morning deliveries which we have not had for a long time. Whether that means the local posties are now free of Covid or whether the latest wave has yet to hit them remains to be seen. There are obviously problems in the system affecting different areas with First and Second Class deliveries from some places arriving here within two to three days while from others deliveries are now stretching to ten/fourteen days. Hannants which has been mentioned would seem to be on one of the distribution routes badly affected as with two envelope sized decal/etch orders made late last year their normal two/three day delivery slipped to ten days with both and I am sure that they are just as frustrated by this as their customers might be.
  3. According to the newly released catalogue the Hawk will be the new 'Club Kit' for new and renewing memberships taken out after 1st. February.
  4. 2022 . . . . must buy fewer kits , so two weeks in and I have only bought two so far , must give myself a pat on the head instead of the slap I have been threatened with. Via eBay Increased my 1/48 Kingfisher count from one to three Revell 85-5260 1/48 OS2U Kingfisher , 2011 final release of the 1966 Monogram parts with a USN only decal sheet. Monogram 5488 1/48 Hi-Tech Kingfisher , 1993 release of the 1966 plastic parts with an added etch metal fret and expanded USN/RN decal sheet that has been standard since the late 1970s. Second came with Modelaid International Magazine , August 1987 containing an article on the Kingfisher . . . . . OH , those thirty-five years old prices in the adverts !!!!! From The Aviation Historian Latest subscription installment – Aviation Historian Volume 38 and as always a wealth of interesting civil and military articles covering a range of eras.
  5. If only they had named it Spitfire , would be well on the way to a kit of each individual aircraft in multiple scales.
  6. A wide and varied range and to be encouraged even although I do not do much 1/72 modelling these days. Obviously makes good sense especially in today's rather strained business environment not to to overstretch into multiple scales but the projects here perhaps illustrate the gaps in the 1/48 market for UK/European subjects especially.
  7. My reserved copy and stock on the shelves were in my local newsagents this morning (Thursday). For any who do not have a set aside or home delivery arrangement might be worth checking out supermarkets that normally stock it , in previous years Tesco has had it bundled with a copy of the Airfix catalogue for less than the combined cover price. PS just checked the Key website and the bundle is available post-free in the UK for £10.48 - https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/AF22BUNDLE/AirFix Catalogue 2022 BUNDLE
  8. Closest to a dark scheme I can see was on the F-106B that were passed on to NASA for various test programmes which had a very deep dark band running along the fuselage from just under the windshield to the tip of the airbrake but the remainder of the airfrake remained initially in ADC Grey and on at least one in white.
  9. Definitely the Anson , would like the Buccaneer but to be honest at that price and with the last double pack release of their original1/48 Bucc still among the hundreds of kits in the loft cannot justify it . . . . . YET !!!!! Pity that the Victor re-release does not seem (at the moment anyway) combine the options from both previous releases as was done with the recent Valiant re-box. Admittedly that involved parts from a separate update kitas opposed to the Victor K.2/BSR release which were additional sprues which might be a production issues.
  10. Pre-internet it used to be the case that one would enclose return postage with submissions so that any rejected material could be returned with/without helpful advice from the editor , the alternative being that unsolicited submissions with return postage might well be binned. When I used to get out and about more there was one aviation magazine that I used to send images to occasionally and after they started to accept submissions electronically the first I would know if anything was being used was when it appeared in print as opposed to my material being returned in an envelope with my handwriting on it. Electronically the first thought would be whether an editorial email address is being used or a business address , as a matter of practice the latter might not forward submitted material to the former who likely work from home as opposed to being present at the registered business offices. By the nature of email I can see arguments for the editorial team wanting to avoid what might turn into long-drawn out e-mail exchanges for rejecting material so it might well be policy not to engage. Maybe an idea to contact the editorial team of any magazine you might be interested in writing for , letting them know what you might be working on and asking if they might be interested in the subject and also ask if they have any guidelines as to any in-house style , image size , backgrounds etc. rather than submit a completed article out of the blue. My own connection with aircraft modelling magazines started with a 'Letter To The Editor' sending an image of a then fairly recent aircraft modification referenced but not illustrated in an article which led to a conversation with the editor and a suggestion that I write for him , usually on one or other of whatever list of projects I have a mind to do next and usually at my own increasingly slow speed.
  11. Sign of the times , everything is going up but it only seems to be the increases to more expensive items / services that we really take note of. For a while every now and then my wife or I will point out an increase on some item of weekly grocery shopping and we will dismiss it 'as only making a few pence of a difference' whereas in reality on low value items it equates to a lot of double figure percent increases that are gradually mounting up. Although we still might be tempted to think of Airfix in terms of pocket money prices at Woolies it (like Italeri and more recently Revell Germany were for a time) left the bargain end of the hobby some time ago for much of its range although fortunately has not yet reached the level of Hasegawa excesses for their largely aged product line.
  12. My memories of the 1/72 'Limited Edition' TSR2 release was that production numbers were intended to be limited to demand (as you might recall many major sellers requested that the item be pre-ordered to ensure deliveries) and not that it would never be re-released again although the inference was that it would not be produced again for some considerable time. I did write to Airfix at the time of the original release asking if they would consider a full colour stencil decal sheet for 'what-iffers' with any future re-release and was told that it could be considered in due course as opposed to being told that there would never be any future re-release.
  13. I am not a subscriber to Key Aero , internet search took me there , no idea it was behind a paywall , please do not jump to conclusions.
  14. Seems to have been one or two WE177 side-by-side presumably depending on target. 1983 photo in the linked article - https://www.key.aero/article/buccaneers-nuclear-bite - on the subject shows a XV Sqn. aircraft in 1983 on the range with CBLS in weapons bay instead of WE177 , two tanks inboard , ALQ-119 & AIM-9 outboard.
  15. Only as a route to further tunip production.
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