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  1. My copy delivered this morning and looks great.
  2. Mine arrived this morning, quick skim through and looks good.
  3. From Postscript Books Rails Across Europe – Northern and Western Europe (2016) Rails Across Europe – Eastern and Southern Europe (2016) Rails Across Britain – Thirty Year of Change and Colour (2017) From Generations Gone on eBay Rails Across Canada – A Pictorial Journey From Coast To Coast (2015) Rails Across Australia – A Journey Through The Continent (2016) All by David Cable and all published by Pen & Sword. I bought Rails Across North America a couple of weeks back when on offer by Postscript and as I commented at the time it was more for the ph
  4. I bought a Tucano kit from Alec a month or so back and had problems with the site too , he has been dealing with family health issues for quite some time but I used AlleyCatModels@outlook.com to get in touch and he does reply and is very helpful when he gets the chance to deal with email. Like many in the hobby he is a one-man band juggling a lot of balls in the air like the rest of us under the present circumstances we are all in.
  5. Was watching it on Flight Radar as it made its way up the east coast at fairly low level hoping to get sight of it up here in Angus but after some even lower level flying over the sea off Leuchars (lots of little circles at 180 kts. and 0ft. - the world's first aquaplaning A400?) it crossed inland over Dundee heading your way.
  6. As with the other comments a soft brush does the trick. Always find it best to decant a small amount of the KLEAR into another container as a little really does go a long way , take care to draw the surplus off the brush onto the edge of whatever you have decanted it into and apply slowly and smoothly. As well as providing a high gloss for decaling with a bit of trial and error testing a mix of Klear and Tamiya X-21 Flat Base can provide anything from a just off-gloss through satin to matt finish that applies just as easily and dries just as quickly for a finishing coat
  7. Classic builds of classic aircraft in classic colour schemes.
  8. Des

    Covid Jab

    67 & 68 respectively and no qualifying health conditions but my wife and I got our appointment letters for Round 2 yesterday set for next Tuesday morning which will be 10 weeks and 2 days after the first. Letter header mentions Pfizer but no idea if that is because we got that first time round or if we are getting it again this time , policy I believe was that it could be any combination but no idea if they are actually doing that. Oddly I also got a Podiatry appointment this morning after a phone call yesterday late afternoon asking if I could fill one of several cancellat
  9. Contacted David Friday afternoon about my copies and we discovered that it was a system rather than a post issue in my case which he quickly resolved and all of the subscription copies plus one or two more arrived this afternoon. Package was accepted by my beloved who from the weight jumped to all sorts of conclusions and accusations about my spending , easily dodged because that spending was months ago . . . . . .wait till the five railway books I have ordered arrive later in the week (temporary aberration m'lord won't happen again).
  10. From Amazon A-1 Skyraider Illustrated by Lou Drendel and published through Amazon , latest addition to the series and first for this year which came out in print form this week , good bit thicker than many of the other subjects and accordingly a little bit more expensive but essentially well covered except perhaps for the RN's AEW.1 and their later use as target tugs in Sweden which only get a double-page spread between them , picked up a few Skyraider books over the years and quite a few new-to-me illustrations in this. From Tesco SPYPLANES Airborne Espionage-Essential
  11. From Poundland Nearest Poundland is 13 miles away and this is the first time I have been near it in a year and tried a 180g Dark Chocolate Twin Peaks Bar “Inspired By The Wrekin & Ercall Hills” which apparently must look like V1 Launch Ramps , very nice Toblerone substitute for a pound and not as cloyingly sweet as the real thing has become From Postscript Books latest catalogue for about a third of cover RRP How To Fly A Battle Of Britain Fighter edited by Campbell McCutcheon , published 2014 by Amberley as a compilation of WWII Pilot’s Notes Rails Acro
  12. Nicely done although the flat white GPS aerial on the spine had replaced the twin yellow UHF aerials by the time that scheme was applied.
  13. Definitely no in both cases I'm afraid. However , another look at the photo in daylight and I realised what was niggling me about it and makes me even more certain that it was a full-size Trade Event 'plastic' replica is that it has the four pylon wing of the GR.5/7 but the FLIR and radar nose of an AV-8B Harrier II Plus although the detail around that area in particular is very vague.
  14. Came across a picture of a Harrier GR.5 in a wraparound desert colour scheme in a second-hand book that I have just bought. Book is ’80 ANS DE COMBAT AĖRIEN’ by Tim Laming & Jeremy Flack published 1998 by ETAI in France as a reprint of a 1996 original by the Promotional Reprint Company Ltd possibly as ‘80 Years Of Air Combat’ or similar. Book is in French throughout and is quite possibly a straightforward translation although the number of French types covered suggests maybe a modified reprint. Type of book that might be sold new in Garden Centres or unlikely chain stor
  15. From Amazon Des Mirage et des Hommes : Du Mystére-Delta au Mirage III F3 and Du Mirage F1 au Super Mirage 4000 (The Mirage and Men: From Mystére-Delta to Mirage III F3 and From Mirage F1 to Super Mirage 4000) both by André Bréand , both published 2015 by Ėditions Cépaduès , history of the Mirage family in two heavily illustrated A5 volumes although text in French throughout From World of Books Thinking The Unthinkable - RAF And East German Fast-Jet Pilots In The Cold War by Nigel Walpole , published 2020 by Air World an imprint of Pen & Sword , well-illustrated in b
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