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  1. Only time I ever entered a competition was at a small event which no longer exists , from memory that may have actually been the last year on which it was held , can't recall now if it went ahead the following year and I just didn't bother with it or not. Asked what the competition classes were and was told 'adult' or 'junior' were the only two available for aircraft. At the end of the day turned out that there were in fact many more scale/kit/genre related classes every one of which (including forementioned 'adult' and 'junior') were won by someone wearing a badge labelling them as 'committee' or 'official'. Other visitors commented on that not being unexpected so possibly explained why there were so many empty tables that had been set aside for clubs within reasonable distance who had not shown up to use them.
  2. Once attended an aviation group meeting with talk from a very senior retired RAF officer who had trained as a Javelin Navigator towards the end of its service and then did an exchange tour as a Royal Navy Sea Vixen Observer and he reckoned that there was not much if anything to pick between them especially as far as his job was concerned.
  3. Some new release publications this week and hopefully a couple more to follow next From Amazon Flashpoints , by Michael Napier , published June 2022 by Osprey , at two-thirds RRP for a 368 page well illustrated hardback looking at the influence of airpower in various Cold War-era conflicts Aero Research Latest PDF download release Worldwide Military Part 10 to add to the collection. From Editions Heimdal L’Armée de l’Air en Indochine (The French Air Force In Indochina) 1945-1956 , by Alain Crosnier , pre-order published June 2022 by Editions Heimdal , 254 page hardback combining a two-part paperback series arranged by role and then by unit, French language throughout but lavishly illustrated.
  4. Has long been a sign of the affluent times in which we live among perhaps a loud minority in most hobby fields that if you've got it flaunt it , 'attention' is all. Used to spend time hovering around a couple of military aviation photo websites but eventually they became a showground for those with the most expensive kit taking fantastic photos but absolutely no idea what the subject was - their chosen subject at the moment is aircraft but could just as easily been trains , butterflies or whatever. Now find that my now occasional visits there are confined to the 'Vintage' sections covering older subjects taken with more modest equipment at a time when the photography tended to be ancillary to a wider interest and knowledge in aviation itself. Applied to modelling the same can happen perhaps if one has come to the hobby more recently or is easily influenced by fashion. For some the much wider variety of finishing products and the like seems to imply that what went before is redundant , likewise to some there are manufacturers whose products are beyond question while there are older kits which solely by reason of age are obviously rubbish and where every new release must have its attendant crop of detail/replacement resin/etch/decals. Wonder how many Border Models Lancasters will be bought and aftermarket accumulated purely because of the cost? " Why would you want to build an 1970s Airfix thingummy straight from the box brush painted using Humbrol enamels when everyone knows that whoever's latest kit with added whatnots finished of course using the latest airbrush techniques and the trending 'authentic' pastels , paints and powders is the only way for a real modeller to do it ? Oh , and don't even think of that new kit coming out next year , the artist's impression shows that the urinal tube is definitely in the wrong place ! " In our society one-upmanship to some extent or another seems to be part of the human condition for some in every field of activity , have always found that there is no reasoning with those so inclined so just keep smiling , don't make eye contact , keep your back to a wall and sidle slowly towards the door and leave them to it . . . . . or is that just being snobbish?
  5. Here are a couple of Rafale B in the foreground alongside a Typhoon T.3 and FGR.4 beyond taken during the arrivals day for the RAF leuchars Airshow in September 2012 , groundcrew in white overalls are for a senior French AF officer flying in one of the Rafales. Aircraft are fairly evenly sized although the Typhoon has a decidedly nose-up sit.
  6. Interesting to see that so many of the range are still available.
  7. VEB Plasticraft used to do one of these many years ago and I got one from Hannants long missed Christmas Clearance lists. Was one of their more detailed models with good interior detail although unusual construction with cabin windows/interior walls and seats for each side as one-piece inserts in clear plastic but with a little care built into a nice model , interesting to see how these compare.
  8. Via Amazon English Electric Canberra , by Ken Delve , Peter Green and John Clemons , published 1992 by Midland Counties , second-hand for £7.50 including postage to compliment Ken Delve’s most recent collaboration on the Canberra from Fonthill of which I took delivery of Volume 1 last week. From Amazon WHALE - A-3 Skywarrior Illustrated , by Lou Drendel , new release this week in his Aviation Art Inc. series published by Amazon , usual format with author's original artworks/images/manual drawings , had decided to give the P-40 Warhawk title a miss last month but this is more to my interest and can hope that the B-66 Destroyer might follow soon. From Guideline Publications Publications in lieu for a recent article which I thought brought my Warpaint collection fully up to date until I saw the DC-3/C-47 as a new release in the latest SAM and fills also some gaps in other series. Warpaint No.66 - Bristol Bulldog , by Richard J. Caruana ; Combat Colours No.1 - Bf109E On The Western Front 1940 , by Peter Scott ; Combat Colours No.3 – P-36 and P-40 US Service 1939-1945 , by H C Bridgewater ; Combat Colours N0.4 - Pearl Harbour And Beyond December 1941 to May 1942 , By H C Bridgewater and Peter Scott ; Combat Colours No.9 - Mitsubishi Zero , by Nicholas Millman ; Warpaint Aviation No.1 - Fall Of Iron – Light And Medium Bomber Aircraft WWII , by Gary Hatcher & Chris Meddings ; Armour In Profile - Armoured Fighting Vehicles Of The U S Army 1945-2018 , by M P Robinson , David Grummitt & Leif Robinson , Guideline In Action No.1 - Atlantic Resolve - NATO’s Show Of Strength In Europe 2014-2018, Vol.I : Armour , by David Grummitt ; Warpaint Armour 2 – NATO Armour 1991-2020 , by David Grummitt.
  9. Kate Bush is climbing up the music charts. Top Gun is a huge box office success. Relations between the West and Russia are plummeting. The British Government are squaring up against the Unions. The oldest US President (to date) is in office. . . . . . only need Bobby Ewing to come out of the shower and show that the last forty years have been a dream.
  10. By coincidence got a delivery from Postscript Books this morning which included Made In Scotland by Carol Foreman which has an entry on A.G. Barr. They first marketed Iron Brew in 1901 and continued to do so until 1946 when with new food labelling legislation about to be published they decided to change the name to the current Irn-Bru because it was neither brewed nor did it contain more than a trace of iron although their competitor's widespread use of the original name suggests that the legislation would not have applied anyway.
  11. Likewise , Iron Brew tends to be the name of choice used by the usually poor competition although Lidl's own brand diet variety is actually not too bad.
  12. Remember the Revell kit when it was first released in the mid-1960s , amazing kit for the time especially as so much of the Revell catalogue back then still relied on 'fit the box scales' and embossed markings. Optional short/long noses and wingtips , radar scanner detail , good cockpit detail for the day and lots of 'working bits' - swing wings , moving tailerons , retracting undercarriage with fold-down mainwheel action , hinged undercarriage doors , removable escape pod . . . . . apologies if I missed anything. The first Airfix F-111 followed around the same time and to my early teenage eyes at least was a bit of a disappointment in comparison. Recall that the Revell kit was released a few times after that including as an RAAF F-111C but no idea if all of the optional parts and working features continued to be included.
  13. From Fonthill Media Until today my only delivered purchase this week had been. Canberra – The Greatest Multi-Role Aircraft Of The Cold War (Volume 1) , by Ken Delve and John Sheehan , published by Fonthill Media and released this week , pre-ordered copy and very much looking forward to Volume 2 in the next few months. Then I went to The East Neuk Model Show this morning New From Black Mike Models Valom 48011 1/48 Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander kit , Belgian Air Component boxing New From Alex Crawford Combat Meteors , by Alex Crawford (and signed accordingly) , published 2021 by MMP Books , and a chance to apologise for having bought the Javelin book elsewhere after speaking to him at Perth , .co.uk/.com confusion with addresses. Second-Hand From Various Club Exhibitors Monogram 5415 1/72 Boeing 737 kit , always wanted to get one of these , all 34 parts with most still on their sprues , going to be a challenge or perhaps an easier ‘what-if’. Kitty Hawk 80111 1/48 Dassault Mirage F1CT/CR kit including Syhart Decal 48-060 1/48 Dassault Mirage F1JA 1979-2009 Ecuadorian Air Force decal sheet – what a lot of weapons and other stores in the kit !!!! Eduard 8223 1/48 Grumman Hellcat Mk.I/Mk.II Dual Combo kit , albeit with only one complete set of parts/PE and partial decal sheet , looks to be more in proportion than the Hobby Boss kit I built a couple of years ago. Modeller’s Datafile No.4 - The Avro Lancaster , Manchester and Lincoln , by Richard A. Franks , published 2000 by SAM Publications. Airfix Magazine Guide No.11 – RAF Camouflage Of World War 2 , by Michael J F Bowyer , published 1975 by PSL. And came home to a delivery From Key Publications Some of their latest book and bookazine releases. British Aircraft Of The Falklands War book , by Lee Chapman , mainly illustrated by more recent images of preserved aircraft and reenactors rather than period images. Air Forces Of Latin America – Colombia book , by Santiago Rivas. British Airpower Yearbook 2022 , Air Forces Of The World – North America , US Air Forces In Europe 1942-2022 all bookazines.
  14. Excellent well organised show as always. Saw some lovely models , bought some kits and books both new and second-hand , was meeting my wife for lunch so none of the very tempting Scotch pies but did have a very nice chocolate doughnut. Hope that it proved to be a good day for the club , exhibitors and vendors.
  15. XV466 was a Phantom FGR.2 not an F-4J(UK). Internet search by serial should find other images although the white tail (both sides) seem to be dated around late 1991 , possibly to provide some 'in-house' aggressor training. 1/72 Decals - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72290
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