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  1. Plans to spend less in 2021 not quite working judging by deliveries this week and a few more newly released books that I have a notion to buy sooner rather than later. Via Amazon Jaguar, l'adieu aux armes (Jaguar, farewell to arms) by Alexandre Paringaux and published by Zephyr , again like all of the series a bit pricey and in French but absolutely fantastic illustrations of the A and E throughout. F-8 Crusader Illustrated by Lou Drendel and published by Amazon , latest addition to this growing series and up to the usual standard of illustrations, artwork and pers
  2. "Locals report a post flight inspection found creases around the fuselage to the extent, that Royal Mail was unable to unload the mail." A much more original excuse than what has become the usual Covid/Brexit/Christmas mantra from some sellers for non or late delivery 'Stuck in a 737 at Exeter'.
  3. Still waiting up this end of the country for the December issues to appear , distributor has no knowledge either. More of a sideways move than a takeover.
  4. Des

    Old models

    I keep what I have just built on top of the flat bed scanner on my desk or on a shelf in the 'office' for a while and then store them up the loft in the cardboard stacking fruit/veg boxes that you can usually pick up empty in supermarkets , layer of bubblewrap on the bottom of the box to stop them sliding around too easily and another layer across the top to keep dust out.
  5. The Aviation Historian No. 34 subscription copy of the latest issue which was released this week.
  6. What a marvellous build and a great representation of the wear and tear of everyday use. Thought that you might be interested in the following if you ever might decide to do an overall Medium Sea Grey F.3. Taken in mid-June 2009 and manned by a 43 Sqn. crew during that squadron's last week on 'Q' before disbandment but is of 111 Sqn.'s ZE788/HV in a slightly non-standard scheme with 'Fighter Bars' around the fuselage roundel and no tail badge because it had previously been replaced by a 'Royal Air Force Celebrating 90 Years' logo which had since been removed.
  7. Gary has been back as editor of Scale Aircraft Modelling published by Guideline since late summer.
  8. Eventually received the last of items ordered in 2020 , am intending to be more restrained in 2020 but already spent far too much on a book ordered yesterday and then there are the Airfix Chipmunks , Kinetic Harriers , ICM B-26K to come later in the year so maybe not too restrained after all. From Books etc. Jet Flying Boats by David Oliver and published by Amberley ,eventually the third and final part of an order placed during the first half of December and slowly delivered a book at a time at weekly intervals From Model Hobbies Scale Aircraft Conversions 48
  9. Not been in Tesco this week , picked up my copy without catalogue from my local newsagent but did get a promotional email from Key during the week in which the magazine and magazine/catalogue bundle were being offered at different prices. Perhaps just a pricing error at Tesco if they are offering the bundle at the magazine price or a dealer specific offer negotiated by them as they have done with other KEY publication bundles in the past.
  10. Just emailed FSM and got an immediate response from the editor Aaron Skinner that the January issue was a one-off increase for an expanded magazine and that the February will be back to the normal price. re. advice from malpaso I do recall quite a few years ago that our local library started offering such a service and I did register for it but found nothing to interest me at that time although maybe worth finding my log-in details and seeing if it has improved any over the years since.
  11. Just back from my local newsagent who had enquired with their distributor which I think is still John Menzies Distribution about the December issues and was told that delivery had been expected into their warehouse on 24th. December but the magazines did not appear and there has been no further word about them or a delivery date for the January issue.
  12. Just in from collecting my latest issue and after lunch will email Kalambach to see if they can explain what their UK distributor is up to but expect Covid, Brexit , VAT or some other excuse. Have always enjoyed their style of reviews and stuck with it it even when the price increased a bit to be on a par with UK printed magazines but definitely not worth twice that.
  13. Just thinking that the proposed price of the Chipmunk is the same as the 'Kate' kit that was reissued with new markings as the 2020 Airfix Club Kit and with a Spring release date would have it available for the 2021 kit (presuming there is going to be a new kit annually) perhaps with BBMF markings.
  14. Serge battledress uniform irrespective of season or weather , cloth flying helmet with RT , life-jacket , parachute and out over the Forth Bridges with a choice of aerobatics or flying the aircraft over Loch Leven after a brief safety demo on the fuselage that they kept in the building opposite the flight hut at RAF Turnhouse. Recall being told a few years back that current AEF rules on the Grob are rather more demanding regarding safety equipment and that overflying bodies of water is strictly taboo. Certainly looking forward to the kit and possibly an aftermarket sheet with
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