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  1. Des

    AMD-BA Jaguar A. Esci, 1/48 scale.

    I built one of these some years ago alongside a Heller Jaguar A and as one of a long line of Jaguar builds/conversions which had left me with quite a pile of spare parts including pylons and weaponry which came in useful on the Esci kit. I would say that the end result looks as much like a Jaguar as the Heller/Airfix offering but as I am not particularly bothered if a part might be a few mm in or out here or there that opinion might not be worth too much. Basically the kit is a better example from the early 1980s, not up to contemporary standards but fair enough and having the Airwaves and Aeroclub items will help with any minor detail issues. Main problems arise from Esci sharing a basically common set of parts for both French and UK built variants so keep an eye open for the differences between the two. An obvious one is that the pylons are of no use whatsoever, wrong style for French aircraft and far too heavy for an RAF/International variant. Also I cannot recall at this point whether the gun muzzle area was correct for the French DEFA or the UK ADEN cannon or somewhere in-between. Other than that I seem to think that it was down to minor details such as the single aerial on the spine, some vents etc.
  2. Des

    25(F) Squadron to reform

    That explains Police Scotland then !! (Dinosaur from the dark depths of time when we did the job wearing collars and ties with nothing more than half a wooden chair leg and a personality to back it up)
  3. Des

    HH-3/CH-3 Jolly Green Giant dimensions?

    Sikorsky 1963 Product brochure shows this as standard across the whole Sea King related family , available on line at - https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Historical-Library/Sikorsky/Current-Production-Models - quite a few older information brochures and the like from various manufacturers on Box Art Den , keep on forgetting that it is there.
  4. Des

    25(F) Squadron to reform

    I think you have summed it up quite nicely. Recall a conversation with someone from the Press Office of an RAF Station housing the MPA fleet while it was still going strong and its future seemed assured and being told that there were more Wing Commanders assigned than there were aircraft based there.
  5. Des

    HH-3/CH-3 Jolly Green Giant dimensions?

    RE - https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Sikorsky-HH-3E-Jolly-Green-Giant-American-Heavy-Cargo-Helicopter.html which looks like a clone of aurora kit. It is the old Aurora kit parts but whether it is actually their moulds or those used for the same kit by Starfix is perhaps another matter. In the past I have had the Revell , Aurora and Starfix kits and found that the Aurora parts were sharper than those from Starfix but the Revell kit actually looked better despite its rivets. Main differences as I recall are that the Revell kit has better drop tanks on the mainwheel sponsons, one piece cockpit canopy and a pose-able rear ramp if you are into that but the Aurora/Starfix kit provides a cargo lifting frame under the fuselage as well as some of the cockpit canopy framing moulded into the fuselage halves. There is another CH/HH-3 in 1/72 in the form of a Snap Together kit by Lindberg , never seen the parts but some of its several releases have had the completed model as box-art and the cockpit area looks more like that of a Super Frelon.
  6. Des

    RAF Camo Schemes

    The Victor colour scheme in the lead up to and during the 1991 Gulf War was the permanent scheme which had been in use since the mid-1980s for large aircraft including the Victor/VC10/Nimrod to tone them down while parked on airfields. The colour scheme of Hemp , a.k.a. Camouflage Beige depending on reference, over Light Aircraft Grey was thought to be close enough to ARTF Desert Sand used during the First Gulf War on fighter-bombers especially when that had dulled and worn through exposure to the elements to make applying a temporary finish unnecessary. On the other hand Tristars were still in their 'airline' colour scheme at that time which was why at least one of them was painted in the ARTF Gulf scheme, all large RAF aircraft started to be repainted grey a few years later except for the Victor which was withdrawn in 1993.
  7. Des

    25(F) Squadron to reform

    23 Squadron was disbanded as a Sentry operator because it was too expensive to have two squadron hierarchies and support staff operating a small fleet of aircraft now less than a decade later despite continuing pressing financial constraints there is a need to have two squadrons operating a different small fleet of aircraft.
  8. Des


    My local Newsagents were not too good for modelling and aviation mags back then but from 1971/73 used to travel a lot through Edinburgh Waverley on my way south and back on courses for the TA and picked up the early copies of Scale Models and Air Enthusiast later renamed Air International which is still running from the big John Menzies booth that used to sit in the middle of the station. Kept copies of what I think were the first three issues of Scale Models with articles on the F-4K/M and USN/USMC Phantoms for years and came across scans of them the other day , cutting edge stuff on the original Airfix F-4 at the time.
  9. Des

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor FR9

    Wasn't aware that June/July had been mentioned , ordered mine and the 1/48 Hunter when they were first announced and at that point was expecting one around October/November and the other November/December , be nice if either or both arrived early.
  10. Des

    Aircraft Modelling magazines

    Fine Scale Modeler has had a couple of mentions and from my own reading of it offers perhaps the best reviews available in an English Language magazine which highlight both 'Pros' and 'Cons' of the kits featured in their Workbench Review. The actual feature articles maybe highlight the differences in approach on opposite sides of the Atlantic and you either like the style (and general lack of full-size references) or don't and often describing the British Army as the 'Royal Army' does grate a bit and come over as a bit amateur.
  11. Nice coverage of the event and well done for for the time and effort made in getting a viewing spot in a crowd that size. All valid points about the BBC reporting , better than some BBC aviation coverage but a bit disjointed considering that it was hardly a spur of the moment decision although that was perhaps down to the commentary team following their script while the live footage was cutting back and forward between formations past, present and future in rapid succession. Nonetheless far better than their coverage a few years back of a D-Day commemoration flypast over Britannia in the Channel where the commentator described each formation which could be heard passing overhead as the camera stayed firmly focused on the oohs and aahs of the great and the good on the boat. Thank goodness that auntie Beeb is not involved in my three days of live streaming from RIAT this weekend.
  12. An Arnhem commemoration would have been something else to have been on, well done. Longest stick I was over on was as 13 in a Sim 22 during that final night jump , went down the Herc and out the door like a train and as we had taken recruits with us to clear up the abandoned chutes et all on the ground were able to walk off straight into the exercise without the usual carrying on while you trekked miles to dump them on the transport and back again. The film was a late 60s early 70s training film to inspire or terrify recruits as the case might be. Saw it a couple of times usually to a ribald commentary from older heads present and once part of the introduction to the TA Para Course at 1PTS when it was at Abingdon , they followed it with a film of the landings during the Rhine Crossing with typical wartime commentary with no regard whatsoever for the Fallschirmjäger Feldwebel doing the course before an attachment to the Parachute Regiment. Later in the course same guy got a bit worried as an RAF Loadmaster conducted us through a foot stomping English rendition of the Engelandlied on the way to lob out over Weston-on-the-Green , muttering loudly about it being verbotten in Germany until an RM Sergeant with typical tact shouted across to ask why if was so ******* verbotten how did he know what it was. Probably have to spend weeks in diversity training these days.
  13. Thanks for posting , 45 years since my last step out into the wild blue yonder which was into the pitch black dark in the UAE but with time you tend to forget the noise and the organised chaos of it all until it was time to stand up. We still had the post-war variety of Dennison Smock back then a bit classier than DPM and never the luxury of a Herc without the centre rows of seats. Cannot find the video on You Tube but do you remember Red On ... Green On .... Go ?
  14. There was a post on another forum regarding one of the other titles from the same publisher saying that there were problems with the printer which have now been resolved but everything is running a little late as a result. Personally I always though the content of MAI was a bit thin and gave up completely when they stopped running Richard Caruana's artwork.
  15. Des

    RAF 100 Years Flypast Over London July 10th

    Looks like the adults have caught up with it as the sentence now includes 'and' and concludes ' in recent times ' to qualify the matter somewhat. Not quite on a par with previous anniversary celebrations but no doubt will be televised with the cameras focusing on the oohs and aahs of the great and the good rather than the flypast. Don't suppose facts actually matter that much to the general public as long as it has the Red Arrows and some pretty smoke.