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  1. What an excellent link, thank you for sharing.
  2. Elementary Series 7 - The Final Series on DVD , watched 1-5 free on Amazon , paid for 6 and rather than wait to do the same once 7 becomes available bought 7 on DVD. Morton's USAF Fighters - Service markings 1947 to Present. Corgi Vanguards VA08607 1/43 Diecast Dunbartonshire Constabulary Jaguar XJ6 from eBay , seen them a couple of times pre-regionalisation when they strayed across the county boundary , ours had dayglo stripes along the sides they had theirs in parallel along the boot and roof then closing into a 'V' shape on the bonnet , very classy.
  3. I have noticed the inconsistency with pricing but imagined it was a case of sellers picking up end-of-run factory bargains at their end and passing the benefits on to the customers. As a result I have bought a small number of KittyHawk /Trumpeter/Hobby Boss kits direct from China for around half of the UK RRP including usually free or modest shipping and not been disappointed , nor have yet been picked out for duty and service charges which makes a big difference. For these I have always used sellers with goodly feedback across the board and their only neutral/negative referring to delivery times as more often than not that can come down to unreasonable expectations on the part of the buyer , expect next month delivery rather than next day or next week.
  4. My wife was contacted this week by a seller wanting to know why she had left negative feedback for a recent transaction despite leaving a very positive comment. She was quite puzzled about this as she has only ever left negative feedback once and that was years ago after what was essentially a fraud so she got on to eBay and explained that she had left positive feedback for this latest seller , had not got the 'are you sure you really want to do this' dialogue box that accompanies (or used to accompany) leaving negative feedback in case she had made the wrong choice accidentally and was not happy that this had happened. Got an email back to say that they had changed it to positive but no explanation as to why it had shown as negative in the first place. Yet another way in which eBay's 'perfect' system fails again.
  5. Without going digging in books at this time of night I am sure that the original batch of GR.1B to 12 and 617 Squadrons were a single overall grey possibly DSG but these later adopted the DSG/Camouflage Grey scheme. In a good light with a fair wind behind them the difference in the two-tone scheme could be quite noticeable but more often than not in typical UK murk and for all the reasons you mention it became a bit harder. There was however a period of a few years as the MSG scheme was adopted and parts 'borrowed' from other airframes that many GR.4 took on the look of Berlin Brigade AFVs with multiple individual panels in all shades of the greys in use and including those from the F.3 Air Defence Schemes and ARTF 'Operation Telic' scheme along with others that did not appear on any of these schemes while mixes of pylons, tanks and pods could be seen in all sorts of colours including DSG/Dark Green , Overall Green , Desert Pink as well as the other shades of grey used elsewhere on the aircraft. Well worth researching for a more unusual approach to the Tornado. DISCLAIMER - I do not have any financial interest in Tamiya or other Masking Tape manufactures.
  6. At one time I had unbuilt examples of the Revell , Aurora and Starfix kits but sold them as a job lot a few years back , from what I recall Revell was a bit sharper and finer although Aurora had one or two better detail features and a cargo frame but worse drop tanks and that the Starfix kit seemed to be a mix of the two.
  7. I used to do that then adapted the idea slightly by filling the largest open area of the gap with a piece of scrap plastic or sprue , rub it smooth then roughly scribe the horizontal groove before filling the gaps above/below the wing with PVA glue and giving the whole seal a coat of the same , when tacky disturb the surface slightly to give a textured material effect , paint when dry , rub a pencil across to highlight the groove and the texture and then matt finish to give the rather grimy appearance of the original.
  8. Des


    Set of plans available with the Warpaint on the Javelin - https://www.guidelinepublications.co.uk/index.php?GOTO=453&PICFILE=453&STKNR=453&STRH=&ORDN=&RNZ=197618&THISVIEWMODE=2&SUPPLIER=&FINDRETR=&WIDENET=&CATEGORY=4&SUB=2&VWW=1 - which include the different radome shapes. Up until the reheated variants alternate versions had a UK radar with vertical radome hinge line or a US radar with angled hinge line , rather typical UK industry/Military thinking on not putting all their eggs in the one basket.
  9. Could let you have the decals from the 1996 Revell re-box of the FROG MR.3 (placement instructions at https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04101-avro-shackleton-mr3--115012 ) as they are probably better quality and more accurate than the Chematic kit which has an MR.2 paint scheme on the box-art , pm me with your postal address if they will be of any use.
  10. Have used them a couple of times and great service , shipping a bit more expensive than some suppliers but they use reputable carriers with a global reputation so tracking all the way and no chance of parcels ending up in the road grit bin down the street unless of course that actually is your designated safe place.
  11. 48th. Wedding Anniversary this week and my true love gave to me - The new 1/72 (although 1/48 would have been more appropriate) Revell Shackleton MR.3 to join their earlier AEW.2 and their even earlier FROG as well as Chematic MR.3 Re-pops along with the Airfix MR.2 in a neat pile on the 'to do' shelf with the Aeroclub Conversion and Decal sets on top. A Transcend StoreJet 4 TB Portable Hard Drive for whenever I actually get round to sorting all my images. files and projects etc. out. A new 'cloth bunnet' after I jumped a generation and went back to my Grandfather's preferred head-wear earlier this year. Also managed a trip to 'The Works' this week and picked up the following for thirty pounds - Haynes Manuals - North American F-86F , Mikoyan MiG-29 'Fulcrum' , Falklands War Operations Manual. Imperial War Museum Collection - War In The Air - Second World War In Colour (UK & Commonwealth and US) Amberley - Hurricane Manual 1940 and Spitfire Manual 1940 A Pack of Silver Gem Stickers from the 'Works Make & Create' Range , 400+ round , domed , reflective self-adhesive stickers which look as if they will make suitable 1/48'ish aircraft light lenses which I hope to try on a project later this week , only lost a pound if they do not work. Four Aero Research downloads - 2 X F-14 Tomcat , S-3 Viking and Modern Propliners , no new releases for December so a chance to catch up and other than their 'Ultimate Racer' Collections which are way out of my area of interest that is me up-to-date with all of their collections that have been made available for PDF Download so far. And finally in the lots of money spent but nothing to show for it category- Annual Renewal for Car Tax and TV Licence (Car Insurance and Recovery Scheme follow next month).
  12. And therein lies the rub , other than reviews of the latest kits or the occasional editorial request to pursue a specific theme most of us who contribute written work for print magazines are modellers pursuing our own modelling projects to our own individual whims and invariably out of our own pockets. My own output has been rather reduced over the past year or so due to commitments to other more time consuming projects and in any case I do not build review models but when inspired by some passing illustration or new kit (more often new to me rather than new to the market) I source the relevant references , plastic , decals and paint and make a start. It is essentially my modelling project rather than a nascent magazine article and gets finished to a standard that pleases me so if the seat, cockpit detail or whatever is poorly rendered in the kit I will either attempt to remedy this myself or if this is not feasible replace with aftermarket in order to finish my modelling project in a way that pleases me. If the model works out as planned without any major disasters along the way and if nobody else has covered anything too similar recently it might end up being submitted for consideration with any aftermarket changes clearly explained for those who are happy to build solely with the parts supplied just as I will be happy with my effort on my shelf.
  13. Airfix 1/48 GR.3 kit is essentially their GR.1 kit with GR.3 decals. Main visual differences are the colour scheme and the pair of aerials on pre-Grandy GR.1 on the spine cooling vent behind the cockpit instead of the later single secure radio aerial during the conflict and on the GR.3 , most of the later GR.3 changes had to do with cockpit displays, computer processing power and weaponry. Original entry to service colour scheme was Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey over Light Aircraft Grey later changing to a Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey wraparound scheme although there was an overall Desert Sand test scheme flown with 6 Squadron markings in the late 1980s as well as some Arctic schemes usually replacing one of the camouflage colours with White ARTF. Very early service examples had a pointy nose until the LRTMS became available. Good reference and listed by squadron for changes in aircraft and colour schemes over the years is Jaguar Squadrons by Richard L. Ward and Yves Fauconnier and printed by Ad Hoc Publications.
  14. While The Works continues to sell selected discounted examples from the range of aircraft subjects does anyone know if Haynes have given up on adding new aviation subjects to the range? E.E. Lightning and D.H. Sea Vixen have both been showing on Amazon for well over a year first as 2019 releases but now as currently unavailable and I wondered if anyone knew what was happening with the series.
  15. Not resin but harder plastic than the older Airfix etc. polythene figures that takes paint and glue from Valiant Minatures 1/72 VM003 American GIs 1942-44 ( https://www.valiantminiatures.com/product/vm003-american-gis-1942-44/ ) includes some as separate parts , Only ever had a now long-gone freebie sprue of them that was given away with a magazine years ago but they looked good , maybe worth getting in touch with to see if they might sell separate parts or sprues to get the number you need rather than having to source boxes full.
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