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  1. Nothing to do with aircraft at all , came to me in a dream that they are relaunching the Airfix Railway System and Airfix Motor Racing in a very cunning plan to rejuvenate Hornby Railways and Scalextric.
  2. Could add - Some people will say "There is a 'fatal flaw'" in what will at best be a CAD impression or 3D printed mock-up
  3. Is anything that they have LIDAR'ed recently likely to make it through the various research and design processes into production and release during 2019 or would it not be more realistic to imagine that whatever this announcement may or not be has been progressing through their system for quite a while?
  4. Des

    Northrop RF-5A

    Fascinating stuff , have bookmarked it for future reference if I ever get round to the Kinetic and Tiger Hobbies kits that I have set aside.
  5. Des

    Northrop RF-5A

    I have an old copy of Zlinek dated November 1992 which has 1/72 drawings for all variants from T-38 through F/RF-5A to F/RF-5E if that would help , shows camera window locations but no interior detail of the camera bay.
  6. Thanks for that. Dated 2014 but I don't recall ever seeing before which makes me wonder if that release and the magazine which I have since seen in a couple of shops in this area are perhaps a regional test launches to test potential sales as has been done with other part-works in the past. I got in touch with Hachette in the UK back when I first posted this and after a couple of weeks got a response telling me that my enquiry had been passed to the appropriate department to reply direct but as yet nothing else heard which perhaps supports my suspicion that it could be a test launch , will see if the release of the Harrier in November actually happens and if that throws any more light on future releases. Since discovered that they launched a French language series ' Avions de Guerre ' ( http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?t=199721 ) at the end of 2017 with 58 titles listed of which No.16 is the latest to have been released , started with the Rafale and seem to be in hardback with a different cover design but seems unlikely that the two series are unrelated , perhaps same basic material with an English speaking editorial team.
  7. Heard but not seen despite the clear blue skies today a pair of Tucanos doing aerobatics from the sound of their engines rising and falling. Passes for great excitement in a part of the country where days like this would formerly have seen non-stop low-level fast jet transits and exercises.
  8. Des

    Tornado GR.4 No. 2 Squadron 100th Anniversary

    I have never ran my hand across one to check but from getting access very close to that area on a GR.4A several times I would say that the sensor window and the seal around it are flush with the surface of the surrounding panel.
  9. Des

    Reverse painted SEA camouflage, I'm curious ;)

    Thanks very much for that Martin , very clear from those images and obviously the EF-105 project I had based my understanding on was a bit of a hybrid , roughly but not quite fully conforming to the pattern.
  10. Des

    Reverse painted SEA camouflage, I'm curious ;)

    Sorry about that, I came across the term a while back when building an EF-105F which was described as being in the reverse scheme and from that took the term to describe a general but not too precise transposition of the tan and green areas as was the case with that particular subject which led me to think that was also the case with the example on the Print Scale sheet. I take that there a lot more to the difference between standard and reverse schemes that has passed me by.
  11. Des

    Reverse painted SEA camouflage, I'm curious ;)

    https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72029 - No.2 on the first page
  12. Thee was a lengthy discussion Turkish F-4E here , nothing I can see specifically about an aftermarket 1/72 scale pylon but perhaps some references that might help in making your own -
  13. Des

    Reverse painted SEA camouflage, I'm curious ;)

    I have only ever read of it when applied to the F-105 but just carried out a very quick and entirely unrepresentative , unscientific test using the search term 'F-4C Vietnam' and within second came across Print Scale decal sheet 72029 for various USAF Phantom variants in Vietnam and it has an F-4E in a reverse scheme , certainly something worth investigating further. The idea of the reverse scheme on the F-105 was to further camouflage formations of bombers from North Vietnamese fighters so its use on Phantoms in the bomber role seems reasonable.
  14. 1/72 scale Multi-option VC10 with parts to enable all versions (including the RB211 testbed) to be built with full cockpit, cabin and hold detail , decal sheet covering every aircraft in every livery and all for an RRP of 29.99 BUT does not include the Vickers badge detail on the control column yokes so the whole exercise has been wasted. On the other hand every chance it will be a set of plastic parts in a predominately red coloured box.