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  1. Although several companies brought out decals in 1/72 for the Whirlwind none seem to have taken the step into 1/48 as mentioned although a potential solution for some of the markings could be to use the Montex Mask set and paint them yourself if you felt comfortable with that , here is a link to availability in Australia - https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-paint-masks-stencils-montex-mon-mm48394?zenid=ef1d047041a3c051aaacebb876d6a45d I have the kit lying in my stash and had hoped for decals in due course but have resigned myself to using generic sheets whenever I get round to it.
  2. Some more Schiffer reference titles - More Painted Ladies - Modern Military Aircraft Nose-Art and Unusual Markings by Randy Walker. Firepower - A History of the Aircraft Gun by Scott Vadnais & Bill Holder. Northrop P-61 Black Widow - The Complete History and Combat Record by Garry R. Pape with John M. and Donna Campbell.
  3. I have a complete Word-doc list by sheet number with year of issue and brief but not exhaustive description of contents by aircraft type and units which was made to catalogue my own collection , happy to pass it on if you pm an e-mail address to send it to.
  4. excellent job and great idea for the photographic background.
  5. Des

    Pre-owned pricing.

    Something to be aware of with shipping costs on eBay items from other countries. I recently was interested in buying a kit from the United States which I thought was maybe a little bit overly expensive but had a ludicrously high shipping cost , the seller was open to reasonable offers so I offered a combined price for kit and shipping. However the seller had to decline because he used eBay Global Shipping and had no control whatsoever over the shipping costs set by them , obviously could not take the suggested lower price on the selling cost of his item alone and generally was not inclined to deal with the 'difficulties' of international shipping himself even although this would be cheaper than the eBay service and might encourage more overseas buyers.
  6. Tucano did a circuit of the town at low level about half an hour ago so possibly another detachment at Leuchars , funny how what was once everyday has become exciting. Then again 1215 & 1630 Thursday as well as being heard but not seen 1030 Friday , not quite up to the levels of activity 10-15 years ago but still appreciated.
  7. Des

    USAF P-38 Lightning

    Thanks to all for their interest , their comments and the imagery , thinking about getting round to building one of the F-38s sooner than I planned.
  8. Shapeways seem to represent a number of different 3-D printing operations , I recently bought items from them that had been printed by another maker that they act on behalf of and the standard of the finished product was outstanding , their communication excellent and delivery was quick although they do explain that some items are printed to order so that could stretch a little bit. The only other comment that I would make is that once VAT , Shipping and their handling charge is added your price will increase although as with the items I bought it would seem that your alternatives are also rather limited.
  9. According to Scalemates - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kitech-08m-3214h-dhc-4-caribou--134895 - the moulds were with Kitech at some point. Built the Hobbycraft release which was a straightforward enough kit and had a novel way of dealing with a lack of cabin detail by providing the seat back webbing as decals to be applied on the inside of the windows , the kit was however a dedicated tail-sitter and I seriously misjudged the weight required to avoid this.
  10. Two sets of 1/48 3-D printed Sikorsky H-19/S-55 wheels from Shapeways , beautifully rendered but once VAT , Shipping and Handling costs were added cost as much as one of the Revell kits. A second-hand copy of A Rare Benedictine by Ellis Peters which adds a little bit of the back-story to the Cadfael Series. Don't normally look at the book aisle in Tesco but Vietnam by Max Hastings and Arnhem by Anthony Beevor caught my eye this week in a two for 8 pounds offer. Added some more Schiffer reference titles to my bookshelves - Painted Ladies - Modern Military Aircraft Nose-art and Unusual Markings by Randy Walker Aerial Firefighting by Wolfgang Jendsch which is a hefty but well illustrated tome Tactical Air Command - An Illustrated History 1946 - 1992 by Michael Hill Some of the Aldi special offers in modelling tools - Razor Saw Set ; another set of Mini Drills ; Table Vice ; Magnifying Glass Stand with Grippers ; Magnetic Pick-up Tool and Inspection Mirror
  11. Very nicely done. Has anyone ever come across video of the Hercules broadcast by the BBC as part of a Newsnight programme not long after the Falklands War about the Ascension-Port Stanley Air-bridge flights with AAR from Victors over the South Atlantic with the introduction to Handel's Zadok The Priest played as background music , stunning combination of imagery and music.
  12. Des

    USAF P-38 Lightning

    Have been wondering about this for a while although despite having a couple of stashed P-38 kits it is not a project that I am about to start very soon. I have read in a couple of books that while most P-38 were withdrawn at the end of WWII small numbers of the fighter variant (as opposed to the reconnaissance F4/5) survived in service as late as 1949 which should have had them carrying the current (post-1947) red/white/blue full colour style of 'Star and Bar' but I have never been able to find any images of aircraft in these markings. Anyone ever seen any and can provide any other information such as unit markings etc.
  13. Hi Duncan, 151 does not seem to be on the Scale Aircraft Modelling sheet but what I used yonks ago were the 151 Sqn. bars from Modeldecal 93 for Meteor twin-seaters , still available for 3.99 - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MD093
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