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  1. I believe that to be correct as I have a spare P-51 tail fin fillet which will not fit any of the P-51B or Cs I've done. G
  2. Heres that drawing which shows the two construction methods. The Mk.I used the left hand method. G
  3. An example of form following function.
  4. Shiny metal Spitfire 5cs. Photos made at Pearce Western Australia in 1945 when Dad was there. G
  5. Well, Darwin Harbour and environs would be tricky even at 1/600 scale. The tidal variations alone would require two sets of scenery for the initial morning raid and the follow-up at noon. The bomb falls and aircraft crashes alone would need a tennis court to encompass. Then there are the shoot-down and strafings as far as Mellville Is. Perhaps 1/2400 may be a better scale? Hold that thought, onward with the Carpathia.
  6. Did it in front of an audience of critical friends. Glad to see it made it home with out moths and leaves getting into your oggin.
  7. Canning Highway, Victoria Park. Western Australia today, Scads of beautifully restored/preserved Austin Healeys making their way through 11:00am traffic. Adhesive badges on doors, so a rally of enthusiasts. G
  8. An Aussie would think 'yeah, nah' and record regardless.
  9. Hi 757flyer, I received that Hakata set and was surprised at how dark the blue is compared to most other brands. It sprays quite nicely but is a bit translucent and glossy, so undercoats and pre shades need to be right prior to finishing. G
  10. Blinds were visible in all of those portholes. Not necessarily patterned. 15w bulb or 75w overhead lighting? Oh the choices I know the direction I would take. Calico in beige.
  11. An interesting set of photos showing early civil use of the 504 in our town. http://www.goodall.com.au/australian-aviation/west-australian-airways-1/westaustralianairways.html HNY G
  12. Hi Steve, Grand job so far, especially the introductory metalwork. I'm with _matt on the need for a hot job to get good solder flow. Perhaps you could try a heavier tip on your iron, yours looks sized for soldering PE or electronics. G
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