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  1. I recall that conversation Steve. I also recall an earlier effort you showed at your home. Shall be tagging along on this build, best wishes. G
  2. The term 'B wing' was an armourers shorthand for a 20mm + 2x0.303" per wing. A being the 4x0.303" and C being for the bomb rack capable newly designed wing able to be fitted with 2x20mm. Fitting the necessary radiators to the old style of wing would involve a hideous number of hours. Grant
  3. I'm not sure that's so. when 453 (RAAF) sqn were withdrawn from channel cover duties they handed in Mk.IXs and were reassigned to Cornwall getting issued renovated Mk.Vbs with the above mods. All concerned were unimpressed.
  4. I'm going to chime in here. The term for second-line RAF Spitfires fitted out so was Clipped, Cropped and Clapped. http://spitfiresite.com/2008/05/clipped-cropped-clapped-yo-q.html Grant
  5. I've not had the pleasure of using that brand. Look nice. Measure the sill width of the canopy and a dry fit of the ICM fuselage at the same point.
  6. If you are going for Falcon canopies check the width as ICM were a bit slim at the top of the spine. I put in a wedge of plastic on second build with vacuum transparency. Watching as you go. Grant
  7. The A19-xxx series being British manufacture had a few versions of the Bristol cowl exhaust ring. Most if not all A8-xxx series had late power-eggs shipped from Britain to be installed on the Mk.21 airframes. Hope this doesn't muddy the waters too much. G
  8. I believe that to be correct as I have a spare P-51 tail fin fillet which will not fit any of the P-51B or Cs I've done. G
  9. Heres that drawing which shows the two construction methods. The Mk.I used the left hand method. G
  10. An example of form following function.
  11. Shiny metal Spitfire 5cs. Photos made at Pearce Western Australia in 1945 when Dad was there. G
  12. Well, Darwin Harbour and environs would be tricky even at 1/600 scale. The tidal variations alone would require two sets of scenery for the initial morning raid and the follow-up at noon. The bomb falls and aircraft crashes alone would need a tennis court to encompass. Then there are the shoot-down and strafings as far as Mellville Is. Perhaps 1/2400 may be a better scale? Hold that thought, onward with the Carpathia.
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