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  1. How wonderful! I’m admiring your CAD skills as a retired drafter.
  2. The nearest i can come up with would relate to a ‘swing arm’ as in a motorcycle suspension or ‘Wheel fork’.
  3. Nice progress. The Porsche (BBS?) wheels look good. I coloured my MB wheel centres, it may not work so well in your case.
  4. That looks like a fun build and quite a painting challenge after dealing with those bubbles in the chrome embelishments.
  5. May i suggest something which may assist in eliminating 'masking bleed'? Before applying the black, try spraying the wet edges of your masking with a coat of clear. That should seal any gaps with a non-intrusive tone and block the most of the black from following any capillarities. Nice build.
  6. As no Australian Britmodeller seems to have posted one yet, I have most recently purchased two DDA brand 1/25 Holden Monaro GTS kits. Long awaited these are based on DDAs own die-cast models which are widely distributed in specialist shops and motor parts outlets. Of the pair purchased, one is stock 308"V8 4 speed 4 door GTS sport sedan, the other is the same basic kit but 'slammed' and fitted with a twin-turbocharged LS1 V8. There are two other kits, a 6 cylinder three-speed family sedan and an overexcitable supercharged 'door-slammer' for burn-out duty. Here is a link to the front page of a shop which sell them. https://www.manscalemodels.com.au
  7. Welcome from an old boomer in Geelong. You shall be in good company if your introduction is anything to gauge from. Grant
  8. Hi Sercrets, I have several 1/48 Falcon vacuum formed canopies for P-51s left over. (I have given up 1/48 because of space to display reasons). Send a PM with your postal address and I'll get one in the mail to you as a secret Santa gift. Grant in Oz.
  9. My Dad lives at RAAFA Merriwa in the retirement village on Sir Hughie Edwards Drive in Western Australia. Hughie won a Victoria Cross during the BoB by leading a raid on Bremen in bomber variant Blenheims https://www.awm.gov.au/visit/exhibitions/fiftyaustralians/17 Perhaps that may be a worthwhile subject? G
  10. Thanks Kodiopa for alerting me to the JDM Mini. Perfect for Moogs personal Mini from Mighty Car Mods Youtube diy series. Tho' without the Honda 2.4 litre engine. Found one and ordered it. Grant
  11. No you aren't, tho' I was thinking of the underside of an egg. G
  12. Always up-to-date eh? The bayside city of Geetroit has had quite a deal of free movement possible for most of the last six weeks provided one doesn't go to or from Melbourne. My deprivation have been the quarterly trim and family visits to home. Nice whittling by the way. I must send you a sample of Queensland Rosewood gathered during my road trip to Cairns in April. G Not scared of wallopers.
  13. Interesting! I need neither a haircut nor shave, (in my opinion) perhaps he is going to help out at the barber of Pako St? Or is he coming to 'rock' the apostles?
  14. I recall that conversation Steve. I also recall an earlier effort you showed at your home. Shall be tagging along on this build, best wishes. G
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