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  1. Russian D-30th - hello from sixties
  2. Anyone knows what is wrong with previous release?
  3. No nazi plane in USSR! These moulds did not go to NOVO.
  4. Herald was very nice - it was sold in USSR (like most others ex-frog kits) under digital index, not a real name. Now it is rarity, moulds are presumable lost. Boeing 707 is still alive. https://ark-models.org/catalog.php?cid=341&lng=2
  5. No stencils in both releases. Very bad. It maybe not so important for luftwaffe lizard and JASDF Aggressor but very important for luftwaffe splinter, marine and usual JASDF scheme.
  6. Some time ago Raymond said that will be no more early announcements - kit will be presented at the time of release. So i hope we will see Pucara soon (and Mirage F.1 and other announced kits).
  7. This range of kits uses same detail sprues. So overscaled spinner (and whole nose follows), exhaust and some others mistakes are on their places. Not this time again
  8. https://www.eduard.com/store/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-48/fw-190a-3-1-48-1-6.html
  9. Out of stock. Quick look to the russian i-net shops shows rare presence of the A-4. A-5/A-17 kit is absent for long time.
  10. Wheels CMK Q48142 Bae Hawk 100 series Wheels set for Airfix 1/48 http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/cmkq48142.htm Looks very good. It is not the same incorrect wheels as in this set http://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/shop/hawk-undercarriage-4143-p-33557.html
  11. Hello! Did not understand - wing is 10mm greater in wingspan only or in chord too? Thanx.
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