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  1. jannie

    "Like" broken (and other, like, things...)

    Well - Vivaldi still works, and Chrome (even after clearing cache etc and killing all cookies) is still broken. I have no explanation as it used to work fine until last week. I did update my Java installation late last week which may or may not mean that Javascript (I'm assuming that when you hit "Like" it runs a small Javascript applet locally) now uses a different install than what it was using till then... But then it should be broken in Vivaldi as well I would have thought.
  2. jannie

    "Like" broken (and other, like, things...)

    Heck, I'm one of those lazy buggers who 1/2 the time forget to do a "like"... If I have ever done it more than 10 times in one day I'd be surprised. Good idea tho and I'll keep that in mind for future reference
  3. jannie

    "Like" broken (and other, like, things...)

    Thanks, Big X - much appreciated. EDIT: I still can't "Like" your comment though!
  4. jannie

    "Like" broken (and other, like, things...)

    That's exactly the same error I am getting in Chrome - even after blowing away all my cached data and cookies going back to the Beginning of Time. It was working perfectly fine still until day b4 yesterday (Jan. 31, 2018). Very strange indeed. And same O/S + Chrome works fine on my laptop (but is running via VPN through my company network, so to Britmodeller it would appear that I'm on a different IP address and a different geographical location (and different ISP too). At this point I guess I'll just carefully back out of the room and never use Chrome on my iMac again (for Britmodeller that is).
  5. jannie

    "Like" broken (and other, like, things...)

    Hi Mike Thank you for taking the time to look into this - BUT... My work laptop (also running KDE / Ubuntu + Chrome) works perfectly fine, so I checked my personal machine again (iMac Retina + MacOS High Sierra + Chrome = FAIL) however Vivaldi browser works great, and not only that but images that I post shows up as an embedded image (which also stopped working in Chrome but in Vivaldi seems to work - Ju 87B-2 below should show up for example?) ...So basically I'm saying it MUST be a local Client / Cookie issue. Thank you again for the advice, Mike. EDIT: Nope, cleaned my cache and cookies all the way back to when General Electric was still only a sergeant... Made no difference.
  6. Hi Artie My understanding was so that it would sell for crazy prices on eBay, but I just checked - there are a couple available at the moment and the prices seem not much different from what you would have paid in a hobby store a few years ago. So I stand corrected - serves me for not checking my facts at CURRENT time. I am guessing that I will just go with one of the eBay kits. Britman's suggestion to see if I can find the Dynovector kit locally is a good one as well - but as they say, a bird in the hand (eBay) is better than...
  7. jannie

    "Like" broken (and other, like, things...)

    Yes, perfect (all of them). Must be Karma for being... (oops, I almost said something counter-culture).
  8. jannie

    "Like" broken (and other, like, things...)

    Thanks guys. Truly strange. I'll wipe my cache & cookies completely and see if it makes a difference... Logically I don't expect it to, but you never know (still not working ATM for me).
  9. Good evening Since last night I find that I can no longer do a "like" on other members' posts. I was thinking that perhaps it is an issue with my personal system (both Firefox and Chrome on MacOS High Sierra) but then saw that my work machine which is running KDE on Ubuntu 17.10 is having the same issue (again, Firefox + Chrome doing the same). An error message pops up - "Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content." My assumption is that it is something server-side and hopefully not permanent... Or perhaps Bill gates is having his revenge?
  10. You're most welcome Kursad, and I my observation about your product were totally earnest - your decals and the included research material (can't just call it "instructions") are second to none.
  11. Hi Phil - for your enjoyment, I developed a love for Classical Music lately but from time to time still run my old Dinosaur Rock that I grew up with (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Yes etc): EDIT: I tend to run the Yamaha (A-S1000) on the left most of the time, simply because of the cost - a set of KT88 or KT66 Gold Lion power tubes have a life of about 1,500 hours and cost about $200 for a set of 4!
  12. Thank you Jeaton! FWIW I HAD to sand it down - it was kind of smelly!
  13. You bet. I am ALSO obsessed with audio equipment - on top of all my other "problems" I have in life I probably can be classified as an audiophile as well, some of my other "builds" are Tube (thermionic valve) audio amplifiers... It's close to 3 AM here where I'm at else I'd have posted a pic or 2 of the "rest of the room" (it's actually supposed to be my office, I work from home in the Software Industry as an Analyst / Engineer / Code Monkey). Some days I bitch about my job but in reality I have it good, my boss does not care whatsoever how or when I do my assigned projects, as long as I pump out code... Which gives me an opportunity for "relaxing stuff" going on here on the side in parallel with the more serious "bread-and-butter" stuff. -- Jannie
  14. Hi guys Thanks a TON for all the positive comments - I somehow think it's the first time I have ever posted anything on Britmodeller ever (other than my usual inane chatter). Very much appreciated, gives me some hope & courage to post more stuff. Regards to all!
  15. Thank you Corsair. Obviously its a favourite subject of mine as well (I am really more into RAF / FAA / SAAF subjects usually). I'll keep that in mind - I have the old Monogram 1/48th kit PLUS a set of Fox One decals for which I paid a sum of money which shall remain a secret forever (from my Better Half). I should have waited, Caracal released the same set in 1/48th recently. Anyway I plan to do it in one of the Convair Development aircraft schemes as well.