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  1. Thx for explaining , funny indeed since it's exactely the same joke in french !!!! In this case , the aircraft is qualified as a " bombardier en piqué " ( dive bomber ) and the pilot of the aircraft ( le bombardier ) might be called " bombardier piqué " which can be translated by " nuts" !!! BTW , will this original beast be the ne t on your bench ?
  2. I jumped yesterday from you S-3 WIP to this Harrier. I just finished reading this topic .... well , I'm speechless .... one single workd : I LOVE your builds !!!!!
  3. I love that kind of info from the guy that actually flew the bird ! Thx for sharing with us. @Vitaliy : what about a fishbag in the port bay ?
  4. Maybe the most beautiful Panther I've ever seen . Your work is the proof that Monogram kits are tremendous basis than can be upgraded to top of the top models ! Congrats to you and thanks for sharing your WIP.
  5. Phantastic phantom . I'm phan of your work , phor sure !
  6. Beautiful work . I wish I could achieve a simular result with my Monogram one.... not sure ! Congrats !
  7. Beautiful.... love the idea and the final result. Congrats .
  8. Hello Craig. Sidewinders + underwing tanks is a very very rare configuration. I asked a fellow modeller of mine to check in the EM37 book and he just found one photograph of an aircraft on ground display. Most of the time , this is either drop tanks or Sidewinders. I'm a big fan of that bird ! Rgds
  9. Very precise and neat job so far . One of my favorite jet , I'll stay tuned .
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