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  1. Very nice rendering . Congrats to you .
  2. Hi all ! Too much work to give time to my A-4 during the last weeks ... But I'll finish it later . Thanks again for the fantastic vibes in this GB !
  3. Pretty courageous !!! Welcome on board !!!
  4. Hi. Very well done. You're not the first one who removed the alignment pins to great profit. I'll do that for my next one.
  5. Very well . I'll rush to pass the cut ... hopefully !
  6. Thanks mate , but considerring that my bird was roughly over the 25% rule , I can't qualify for the final vote . That's not a problem anyway .
  7. Good morning , afternoon , evening ... whatsoever ... you all ! So ... decalling lasted for ages ....because these are decals a bit old and thick and some incomprehensibly do not react, but not at all to microsol . And , in addition to that, having photos of the real aircraft, I modified the location of certain things, so I had to cut and take marks to put all that back in the right places and I took the opportunity to cut out as many decals as possible. There is still some touch up paint to do and also a fierce work with Tamiya extra strong decal softener , anyway it has received its livery afterall . Sorry for the ugly pics , but I absolutely wanted to show you the bird tonight. See you soon for the rest .
  8. Salut Jean . You're gonna make it !
  9. Terrible fate or a kit ... Sorry for you and I wish you a smooth , pleasant , fun and rewarding next project.
  10. Hi ! You are beautifully upgrading the standards of this vintage kit . Your job is remarkable.
  11. Truly it does . The trick now will be avoid a toyish looking scooter.
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