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  1. A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire ! Fantastic achievement, you truly made a silk purse out of a sow's ear !!!! Congrats to you !
  2. Hello Ad-4N, for your kind comments. Step 1 : engraving the fork with a drypoint following the profile of the tyre in order to create a groove as a guide. Step 2 : drilling all along the groove with a 0.3mm drill using a proxxon at the lowest possible speed. Step 3 : sanding the edges and finishing the job with a touch of Tamiya thin glue green cap. I hope it will help.
  3. @billyharry2000, interestingly this Mirage IIIC became pilot's favorite after its repair at Dassault's facilities since its electric harness and several other stuff were changed and updated . As a consequence it became the more reliable bird among the fleet. One last word : check your PM .
  4. Splendid Sluff ! Top notch in all aspects, the idea from the base is brilliant. I love your rendition of the bird.
  5. Hi all ! Some updates : Following Robert's infos ( thanks again for your proposal mate ) , I finally realized that I actually had the book , this one : And rediscovered on page 106 a second photograph that I'd always considered the same as the one quoted above on the second post . But it was not !!! It's another picture taken during the same flight . So , my problem is solved , my A4D-2 will have a black antiglare panel and will be adorned with the roadrunner . Thanks to everybody for the help provided , once again , you fellow BM modellers are top notch ! Regards, Remy
  6. Thanks very much Robert . Extra help is still required , if possible . Regards to all . Remy
  7. I'm convinced , but it may only be a way, not to produce a fake ( thinking about it , it's seems a non sense ) but just to get a cleaner , more readable picture . Thanks Julien .
  8. Thanks Steve for your reply ! Much appreciated ! In fact I'm the happy owner of an example of the decal sheet 48-763 for my project ( and I'd love to have my " bravo" adorned with the roadrunner ). To answer your question : I have a downloaded example of the photo in higher resolution , and it really seems that the areas in black such as antiglare , tactical codes , or even roundels were modified ( some pixel kind of thing around those areas and no trace of red rescue arrow ). And, I've have 2 good resolution pictures of A4D-2 of VA-36 circa 60/61 with no road runner and grey antiglare panel . It's seems roadrunner first appears on charlie models while VA-36 was on the Big E . This said ... the picture attached to your post confuses me .... again ! and maybe your supposition may be right regarding a commemorative decoration before switching to the C . Does anyone else can help ????
  9. Hello and thanks for searching , unfortunatelly this is the picture which was photoshoped ...
  10. Hello all ! I've been collecting documents about the A4D-2 from VA-36 for several months to start another Haseg Skyhawk . And ... despite some pictures and profile available on the Net depicting thoses scooters with : - black anti glare painting on the nose - a toon roadrunner on intakes , it's seems that this is wrong ( pictures seem to have been photoshoped , mixing scheme with later A-4C aircrafts ) . I came to the conclusion that these aircrafts had all early B scooters caracteristics and in particular : medium gray anti glare painting and no roadrunner on intakes . If someone has accurate infos about those VA-36 early scooters thank you to provide any ! I've always been blown out by the kwowledge shared on BM and I sincerely hope that some among you fellow modellers will confirm my analysis or , why not , provide the picture that will unconfirm it . Best Regards . Remy And ... be sure that even as a french citizen I deeply miss your formidable Queen Elizabeth II who was a truly friend of France .
  11. Hi all. Thanks for your comments . The kit is still waiting for my mojo to come back . Motivation to finish it is slowly growing .
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