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  1. Splendid !!!! Your build is excellent and the paint job exceptionnal !!!
  2. Very nice model . Your painting is beautiful. It seems the back seater is a little bit out of scale . Congrats for this rarely seen Viggen.
  3. Good news !! See you .... let's say .. by year end !
  4. I remember this kit was considered as gem when it was released . It still is and your work on it is very convincing . And ... it's a french one . Good choice for that also .
  5. This kit is a real PITA an your job on this extraordinary beauty is fantastic . A pure joy. Thx for sharing with us .
  6. Hi Andy , Skyhawks are equipped with only one landing light , on the right door . I don't believe argentinian Skyhawks were exception . I didn't notice the 2 ones on your model which is , again , brilliantely executed .
  7. As a Skyhawk addict , I love your job on this one. Your painting is very convincing too. Anyway I have one question about the landing light : shouldn't it be located on the starboard main door?
  8. Hi guys . I've been back at the bench : washes and weathering : check ! See you Rémy
  9. Very nice rendering . Congrats to you .
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