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  1. Very nice, the Wildcat looks great too
  2. Hi everyone, Finished this one just after the Invader, so thought I`d subject you to some photo`s My latest attempt at Academy`s 1/48 P-47N kit Finished to represent a Very Long Range Thunderbolt to go with my VLR Mustang I did a bit ago As usual, mostly from the box contents with a few embellishments here and there. The biggest one was to make the front of the engine more like a P-47N one....... .......so I chopped the front off the Academy engine and cobbled a new one together from bits and pieces from the spares box, stretched sprue etc smaller changes include: reshaping the propeller blades, replace gun barrels with metal tube, brake pipes, ignition harness and tank braces from wire The decals came from Super Scale International sheet 48-956 and went on beautifully Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  3. Beautifully finished Jug there Mike and the three look great together
  4. Hi Ad, Sorry I didn`t, there`s nothing too technical going on: On my first attempt ( the Farmgate one ) I`d already fitted the nose before deciding it wasn`t right, so I just chopped the nose off at the joint and made new ones. On this one, I glued some plastic sheet on the inside of the nose where the cut outs are, then when the nose and shim were fitted and dry I just used a bit of filler to smooth it all out. Cheers Russ
  5. Really nice Mk IX there Alistair, beautiful job
  6. Great looking Wildcat there Jean, in my favourite Wildcat scheme too. Really nice work
  7. Fantastic Tempest there CC, love the peeling paint on the cowl. The two look great together as well
  8. Thanks Ad, Yeah all done with various hairy sticks, I`m no sorcerer though, just had to meet a man at a crossroads one night Glad you like it. Cheers Russ
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