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  1. Great looking Mustang there, really nice work
  2. Really nice Arado there Jean, fantastic work
  3. Great builds there Tony, fantastic collection too. Really nice work
  4. Great build and dio`, really nice work
  5. Superb Skymaster there Andy, really nice work
  6. Really nice Harrier there, great job
  7. Superb U-2 there Rod, I`m trying to resist buying one and you`re not helping. Like it a lot
  8. Looks good from here, nice job on the tailplanes btw. Nice one
  9. Thanks for the links Mike, there`s some great photo`s and story in there. I think the last time I`d looked at in ( on UTube ) they had it taxiing around the hanger with no outer wings! It`s come a long way since then Cheers Russ
  10. Fantastic job, 72nd too, thought it was bigger. Really nice work
  11. Beautifully built, painted and weathered, really nice work
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