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  1. Nice Kate there, I like the flaking `in service applied paint job.
  2. Really nice `Demon Slayer there, beautifully finished, great job
  3. Hi Tim, sorry for the late reply. The base colour was Humbrol 63, weathered with dry brushed areas of Humbrols 93, 110 and 140 Thanks Russ
  4. Looks great Steve, unusual markings too, really nice work
  5. Excellent, really nice Herc` there Gazza, always liked that scheme too. Nice one
  6. Really nice I-16 there Jon, cool scheme. Great job
  7. Great looking MiG there Bryn, nice scheme and never seen those markings before. Really nice work
  8. Hi, I`ve really no idea. I came across the story of Lima Site 85 and started researching it with an eye to making one out of Hobby Boss 1/48 kit. They were supposed to have been armed with rocket pods and a down firing mortar set up in the fuselage. I never found a definite answer to any searches or queries. a few none matching paintings, box top art, opinions, etc In the end I gave up and just built it as a generic transport aircraft. In the absence of any photo`s of the real thing prior to crashing, I suppose if you really wanted you could just do your own interpretation of one, as per paintings and box arts BUT then someone would find or post some actual photo`s and post them somewhere and you`d have to do another one Good hunting Cheers Russ
  9. Really nice Fencer there, great job with the camo`!
  10. Wow! wasn`t expecting that, great scheme and build. Really nice work
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