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  1. It's a 'V' Vulcan or VC10
  2. Tiger331

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    History now with the Springboks victory ......but any discussion would probably not last as long as that which follows that forward pass in the Wales-France game. Gatty more or less hinted at it with his comment about the best team not winning the game.....never heard him say that before (guilt trip, maybe ?)
  3. Tiger331

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Whoever wins the South Africa-Japan game later on today will get to the final and beat the ABs. Based on entertainment, skill, intensity and passion, S.A. and Japan have been the two best teams in the tournament so far (and this from an England fan very pleased with yesterdays performance - Eng vs. Aus is always the most important game to win).
  4. Tiger331

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    Especially if England bring on Ben Stokes for the National Anthems and to stand alongside the team to stare New Zealand down as they perform the Haka !
  5. Great model..........superb finish..........as one of the other co-respondents says.........a nice change from the weathered, post shaded, panel lined wonders...... How did you get the props to work.............a fan or motors ? Well Done, Sir
  6. Don't see many of these completed in spite of being a relatively easy build so I was very pleased to see this one. Great job !. I have a couple in the stash....one will eventually emerge as a VNAF MS.500 Criquet.....I think the other one will be from the Balkans Theatre. Superb finish on your model....Well Done, Sir !
  7. You don't see many of these kits made up and especially not in RAAF colours. Fortunately I got to see one or two during my time in Singapore in the 1970s and Down Under in the 1980s. You have done a great job on this one, no mistake. Well Done, Sir !
  8. BRAVO ICM ! Not another ME Bf-109, Spitfire, P-51D or F-104 but something that a lot of us have been eagerly waiting for !. I will repay ICM handsomely for releasing this kit.
  9. I get the argument for the ME Bf-109, Spitfire, P-51 Mustang..........no right minded kit manufacturer is going to pass up the opportunity to introduce at least one of these icons into their catalogue since it is bound to be a commercially attractive proposition.......and whilst the F-104 is another icon from a different age (and, BTW, one of my favourities too) I simply cannot see the commercial viability in producing one so soon after the Kinetic kit. I realise there is a Asian market for the F-104 given its Service with Japan, Pakistan and Taiwan but judging by the amount of Japanese literature that I have seen on the other types I have listed (much of which I have got), I feel sure they would be equally well received, particularly as there is no real competition on the market (unlike that which will be on the market when the AMK F-104 kit hits the shelves - Kinetic have already released German, Japanese and Taiwanese boxings of their kit). Mark
  10. Just what we need......another F-104 in 1:48 scale ! And BEFORE anyone comes out with that boring age-old "If they don't have it in their catalogue they are not making any money" adage (which is pretty obvious !), the argument I would make is that, right now, any company willing to produce an accurate and easy to assemble 1:48 scale Fiat G-91R Gina, SEPECAT Jaguar, AV-8B Harrier II, Dassault Mirage F.1 or Blackburn Buccaneer is likely to make more from this investment than another F-104 to compete with the superb Kinetic kit and not-too-shabby (especially with the DACO improvement set) Hasegawa kit.
  11. Jon, Thanks for posting this (and the WIP). You may recall very kindly selling me one of the Wingman sets earlier in the year so I am now set !. I'm not a huge fan of Israeli subjects but the AH-64D is an exception and I have a previous Hasegawa AH-64D under my belt so I'm confident about doing another one. Whether I will be able to match your immensely high standard will be another matter though. Well Done Sir !. Mark
  12. Hi Folks, Looking for some advice from the paint experts. I'm doing a MiG-21 with a standard natural metal scheme that had a Dark Green colour applied over it for camouflage purposes. On the original, the overcoat chipped quite badly so I have given the model a couple of quick coats of Tamiya natural metal spray. My plan was to apply some chipping solution on those areas that need it and then apply an acrylic green colour over the top but I'm a bit concerned about whether it will stick ?. Thanks
  13. Superb, I have never really found the T-34 to be particularly inspiring as a subject but you have produced a very interesting model - Excellent detailing and some of the best weathering I have seen. Well Done, Sir !
  14. Tiger331

    RIP Phil Camp

    Folks, Just heard the very sad news from a fellow SIG member that Phil Camp has passed away after a short battle with Cancer. For those that may not know Phil, he was a keen photographer, acknowledged expert on the Indian Air Arms and well respected co-author of several books on the subject. He and Simon Watson (of The Aviation Bookshop) were very regular travel companions to India where they were granted unfettered access to the Indian Air Force, even in the days when visits were not that easy to organise. I probably only met Phil once or twice a year at air or model shows during my irregular visits to the UK but he was always very polite and professional in his dealings with me in the RIAT Media Centre or during our short discussions at SMW. Phil will be sorely missed by a great many people in our SIG and the wider aviation/modelling community. RIP
  15. WELL SAID, THAT MAN ! I could not have put it better myself.......just purchased my first AMK F-14D this weekend and looking forward to its arrival here in a few weeks time !
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