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  1. The A-6E is very very impressive for sure, but I think the figures are EVEN more impressive. I do not think I have ever seen any figures presented in such a natural and realistic way before. The maintainer pointing at the insides of the RAT and the nonchalant way the 'yellowshirts' are standing around are highlights but the mule driver is equally impressive. This is one superb diorama !! Well Done, Sir !
  2. Hi Folks, Calling all AFV experts I was just about to purchase a 1/35 scale French Panhard AML 90 Armoured Car when I noticed there are two different and recent kits available from Takom and Tiger Models. At first glance they do appear to be different kits so does anyone know which is the best of the two ?. I know the Tiger kit has a full interior - this is not necessarily a 'must have' for me but overall accuracy is the main priority. Thanks
  3. 15 minutes ago over downtown Tallinn. It's the Estonian Defence Forces Veterans Day today and the Army Air Corps did a neat little flypast in honour of the fallen or wounded Estonian comrades that stood alongside us in Iraq and Afghanistan. Flew right over our apartment
  4. In my last installment, I mentioned the joys of masked filling.....here is the most 'extreme' example to date... At the next stage I encountered two of the more 'challenging' aspects of this build so far. The first relates to the construction of the JASDF specific AIM-9 'catamaran' from DACO. Due to the finer details of these parts, which are a direct replacement for the kit parts, it proved difficult to get them to align properly. The attachment points are very fine so I had to use the model as a 'jig' to align both the mounting frame and to obtain the correct angle for the actual missile rails. It may have been easier to just permanently mount the entire structure directly to the airframe but it eases the painting process to have the catamaran detached until almost final assembly. Once the whole structure had set, I was able to lift it back off the model and set it aside for later. The other area of concern is in fitting the upper fuselage/cockpit section behind the cockpit. This is, so far, the worst fitting part of the kit since it is marginally slimmer than the rest of the airframe leaving a small 'step'. I did try the DACO supplied replacement (which is actually designed to be displayed open to show the avionics bay) to see if the fit would be any better. It isn't but then, as I say, the DACO part is designed to be fitted in the open position anyway. So, I suspect there will be several repeats of the masking process until I can blend in this part with the rest of the fuselage. Hope to get a bit more done over the long weekend.....stay tuned
  5. Having dabbled with both kits, I would definitely go for the Hasegawa offering. The Revell kit is very nice but like its 1:48 brother (which I have also wrestled with) it is quite difficult to build. Yes, the Hasegawa kit is quite a bit more expensive though if you shop around you never know what comes up....some of the Far Eastern kit dealers have them at a good price and they normally fall within the limits for UK Customs and Excise. Furthermore (and for once) the Hasegawa kit comes with a very comprehensive and nicely detailed weapons fit (I cannot work out why Hasegawa are unable to do this with some of their other kits - with the possible exception of the F/A-18 Super Hornets and Mitsubishi F-2A/B which also have reasonable weapons loads included). True, the Revell offerings also provide some attractive colour schemes out of the box but for fit, I would always go with the Hasegawa kit. HTH Mark
  6. Starting to make a bit of progress now......fuselage buttoned up, wings, intakes and nose radome are now on. I've discovered the joys of masked filling this weekend......Cannot work out why it has taken so long for me to adopt this......I've now managed to avoid obliterating, or having to restore, detail to large sections of the model (and I'm normally very careful with the application of filler). It will mean a massive increase in consumption rates of Tamiya masking tape however. The Black Box supplied instrument panel shroud is too big for the Hasegawa kit and has to be shortened (at the front end) by at least 2-3mm. It also needs to be 'lowered' in places in order for it to fit under the kit windscreen. The sides also need some gentle sanding to clear the sides of the windscreen. Constant test fitting does, however, yield a good result and in spite of the trimming it still looks sufficiently 'busy' and is far superior than the kit supplied item. Thanks for looking
  7. Time has crept up on me and I have not, until now, made much progress. That said, I've got the resin cockpit trimmed to fit and it was not as bad as some would have me think. Here's some pre-weekend work......I've done a fair bit more now and the build is progressing well and back on track. I used the Black Box instrument panel but decided to try out some of the Airscale Instrument Dial decals for the larger instruments.....They worked pretty well with some Humbrol Clear and decal solvent followed by another layer of clear (on the dials only) to simulate glass.Weathering was completed with one of Florys washes and some Tamiya weathering pastels for the floor (what there is of it - the cockpit is 'open' (i.e. without a floor) I have also installed the forward (rear ?) section of the Eduard Brassin exhaust nozzle prior to buttoning up the fuselage since leaving the whole assembly off until final construction could be problematical. I discovered the tolerance on the two resin sidebar guides that are fitted to the inner fuselage sides is very tight and I may have struggled to get the whole exhaust nozzle in as a result. It will be far easier to fit the actual nozzle towards the end of the build. More to follow shortly, Mark
  8. Barzin, Great model of a great aircraft.......It is so nice to see the F-5 in one of the more esoteric colour schemes worn and you have done a great job with the subtle weathering etc. I just hope my ongoing IRIAF F-14A Tomcat looks half as good when it is finally finished. It is also great to see Iran on the modelling map too and I look forward to seeing more of your work in due course. I cannot remember Iran since I lived there between the ages of 2-4 years but my family have many photos of their happy time in Tabriz and it looks like a beautiful place !. Welcome to BM !
  9. Excellent model, Johnny ! There is no doubt that Hobby Boss did a really good job with their P-38.....it was a real surprise since it is promoted as one of their 'quick build' kits and whilst some parts are relatively simple, in overall terms it builds into a great replica with great fit, as you say. I am part way through a build and hope to shoehorn a Legend resin cockpit detail set (designed for the Hasegawa kit) into the kit since this one area IMHO that could do with a little extra detail (especially through that crystal clear canopy). You have certainly done the original, and the kit, justice with this stunning masterpiece. We Done, Sir !
  10. I am in agreement with Boman - Having now lived and worked in the Scandinavian/Nordic region for 10 years, I would be interested in this GB so please sign me up.
  11. Andrew, I had previously checked your background story because I was intrigued by the brown radome. The radomes are, indeed, this colour when manufactured and unfinished and in this respect you have nailed the colour. A very clear photograph (albeit of a 111 Sqn FGR.2) on Page 80 of the AirDoc Publication book on British Phantoms (Vol 5 of the Ultimate F-4 Phantom II Collection) by Patrick Martin confirms this. Another photo, on Page 13 of the same publication provides an indication of how these radomes looked after an application of grey that has, then, subsequently faded over time and use. Depending on the light (especially if it was harsh as in Malta and Cyprus during Armament Practice Camps), the radomes could take on a decidedly brown hue, even on the original black painted versions during the late 1970s.
  12. Well.....I have to say you have nailed the colour scheme, which did have that greenish tinge to it in the early days, as others have explained. I fully understand your reasoning with regard to the radome....some of them did have a tendency to 'brown' over time although I am not sure it was to the extent you have portrayed. Nevertheless this is a very fine reproduction of this classic jet and I feel sure that 'Nouj' would be mightily impressed with the finished article after all the work you have put into it. I had the pleasure to fly with him a couple times when we were both stationed at RAF Valley in the mid 1990s. Well Done, Sir !
  13. Great build and finish. What I find particularly interesting (after all the Hoo Hah over the nose/canopy contours in the Rumormonger Section - to which I will readily admit I contributed) is that, when viewed from certain angles, the finished article does not appear too bad at all. Images 1, 6, 7 etc all show the AFV kit in a good light so maybe the contours are not as bad as first feared. Of course, it does not excuse the fact that AFV Club should have really got the accuracy nailed from the outset given their location and the fact that 'their' own Air Force operated the type !. None of this, however, takes anything away from the fact that you have produced a very nice model from this kit - Love the colour scheme which is not easy to replicate. Well Done, Sir !
  14. Here's hoping sales will encourage them to produce a two-seater that I can use to replicate the JASDF F-15DJ.....think of all those marvellous ACM/DACT aggressor training schemes !. Actually.....just noticed on a re-examination of the F-15J notification that they refer to a F-15DJ on the decal sheets so hopefully one is not too far away.
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