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  1. Tiger331

    Hasegawa 1:48 MiG-25RBT Foxbat

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know if the Hasegawa boxings of the ICM 1:48 MiG-25RBT Foxbat include the original (inaccurate) forward fuselage parts or the corrected ones that feature in the Revell re-boxing of the RBT variant ?. Thanks
  2. I think we need to keep this in context and let cool heads prevail before jumping to conclusions. The comments about model companies taking notice of 'experts' is perfectly valid and some, as we know, have capitalized on this potentially useful commodity through a very proactive consultative process. GWH and Kinetic (through personal experience) are two that instantly spring to mind but there are others. Under normal circumstances I would be very concerned with the images from ICM as shown. The nose and tail contours in the 'box art' image ring instant alarm bells being way too short/bulbous and tall, respectively, but the artistry is not up to ICM's usual high standard so I think it is a very early version for purely illustrative purposes only. The photo of the 'test shot' (if it indeed that) is also of concern although distortion must be factored in. The engine nacelles appear too long (especially at the front) and this accentuates the short nature of the nose contours but, again, I think we need to be cautious in over reacting since this is an early mock up. The overriding consideration for me is ICM's recent record. Unlike other manufacturers that appear to alternate between the very good, good, bad and ugly, ICM have been pretty consistent with their accuracy and quality of product. Notwithstanding the issues with the first MiG-25 Foxbat release (which they quickly corrected, I hasten to add), AFAIK their Heinkels and Dorniers have been sublime. OK, they are not 100% perfect and the Luftwaffe experts are far better qualified than I to speak to their overall accuracy but I have examples of the Heinkel He-111 and Junkers Ju-88 and I am very happy with them. So, for now, I have every confidence that ICM will do us proud and produce a worthy successor to the Monogram kits which have probably seen their day.
  3. Tiger331

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    My first 4 kits are on their way - All being well should get here in a couple of weeks. I'm assuming that a FGA.9 (and the foreign derivatives of this Mark) can be produced quite easily from the kit, given the 'pen nib' tail fairing is included ?. AFAIK modification work is limited to re-scribing the flaps when in the stowed position and adding 230 Gallon drop tanks and inner pylons from the Academy or Flightpath sets ?. If there's more I would be grateful for further guidance. Cheers
  4. Tiger331

    Harrier T4 1/48

    Ottimo e Complimenti !
  5. Hi Folks, Just wondered if anyone had tried fitting a 1:48 scale Black Box resin F/A-18 Hornet Cockpit Detail Set (designed for the Hasegawa kit) into one of the new Kinetic kits ?. I have several of the former and do not want to waste them if they will work with the newer kit (understanding that some fettling may be involved) Thanks Mark
  6. Tiger331

    MRP Mr Paint - Clean Up Medium ?

    Thanks Tim, Yep.....its more for clean up...............the paint looks to be wonderfully thin already.
  7. Tiger331

    MRP Mr Paint - Clean Up Medium ?

    Apologies if this topic has already been covered (I did search). I have just acquired some of the MRP Mr Paint range that are produced in Slovakia. Very nice paint but I would like to know what type of thinners I should use and the best medium for clean up ?. It described as an Acrylic Laquer paint so probably cellulose thinner but it would good to have a definitive answer based on other modellers experiences. Thanks Mark
  8. Great story and Great model.......I must admit to really liking the P-47D Thunderbolt in RAF SEAC colours/markings. One of my late Father's work colleagues in Cyprus also flew P-47s with SEAC. I remember he was of large stature and the P-47 was just about the only fighter aircraft in the RAF inventory that he could fit in !. Anyway, well done Sir !
  9. Troy Thanks.......I actually read Jon's blog shortly after posting my original message so I understand the issue is with the older sheets. IIRC the older, original issues did have a 'different' look right enough including B&W decal placement instructions. Thanks Mark
  10. Jon, Great build and a great finish but could you elaborate on the FCM decals please ?. I have several of their sheets for future projects and they look very attractive. It was alarming to read that you evidently had a bad experience with yours !. Thanks Mark
  11. Tiger331

    PC-9A & Texan II - Differences ?

    Not an expert on these training aircraft. Are they one and the same (with minor modifications). Thanks Mark
  12. Well.....all your hard work paid off, anyway. Well Done, Sir ! I agree that Kittyhawk do tend to over-engineer their kits although this is often necessary to produce the different variants. I can do without open panels, air brakes etc if they do not fit in the closed position. It can be done (Great Wall Hobby have proved this) but Kittyhawk have a way to go yet.
  13. It cannot be long before Kinetic develop and release a kit of the early generation Harrier family. They have done much of the work already with their FRS.1 and more recent T.2/4/8 T-Bird so I do not imagine it will be long before we see the AV-8A and GR.1/3 variants !. Very nice rendition of the Monogram kit in the meantime, though. Well Done, Sir !
  14. Totally agree..... Further, I'm really looking forward to the advent of a new Douglas A-26 Invader family. Having had my hopes dashed with the Must Have ! kit (which turned out to be a re-popped Monogram-Revell kit with engraved lines and the same inaccuracies as the original) I am very pleased to see this appear in ICM's release programme for 2019 - Personally, one of the most exciting pieces of news in recent years, up there with the Airfix Hunter, Tamiya F-14 and Spitfire Mk I, Great Wall Hobby F-15 Family and ICM's very own MiG-25 Foxbat family. I'm further encouraged by the fact that ICM, like GWH, will quickly correct obvious errors after initial release so if there are any issues (and I suspect there will not) I have every confidence we will get a long-awaited state-of-the-art kit of this Douglas classic. Hooray !
  15. Tiger331

    `Repeat Please`

    They say you "learn something new every day" and that's a fact. I have watched the Battle of Britain countless times over the years and that is one of my favourite scenes but I never realised until now that they had used Buchons to make up the numbers. Thanks for that tc2324. Well Done, Sir !