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  1. Magnificent. truly magnificent. a work of art for sure. I would echo other co-respondents recommendations for the books ("A Separate Little War" and Les Taylor's Banff Strike Wing book - The latter provides some real atmospherics since it includes many photos of life behind the scenes too). Some years ago I had to go to RAF Lossiemouth on business and on the way home to Edinburgh I decided to take an early diversion and drive past Dallachy and Banff. I did not have time to visit either site although I did pay my respects at a memorial that sits on the opposite side of the road from Dallachy (I
  2. Very nice...... The F4U Corsair in a Aeronavale scheme, especially with Suez Campaign stripes is one of my favourite aircraft and you have done a superb job with this one. Well Done, Sir !
  3. GREAT JOB !. I really like the classic Bomber Command scheme and you have got it spot on with this unusual Lancaster. I am particularly impressed with the cowling rings and the weathering that has not been overdone. Well Done, Sir !
  4. Rich, Thank you for posting this and for your open and honest appraisal of the merits (or otherwise) of this kit. Don't get me wrong.........I have seen some very nice builds of this kit but some of the reviewers would have us believe its a shake n' bake kit when I always suspected it was not. I had the same story with the Great Wall Hobby MiG-29 Fulcrum. Granted it all came together in the end but it was certainly not an easy build like those from Tamiya. I appreciate that for many (including myself) half the enjoyment comes from facing and overcoming challenges with a kit but it
  5. Similar thing happened to us going into Little Rock one day in January. We waited for a spare to arrive from Lyneham. When the STC (Special to Type Container) arrived and was opened, it was empty. So we waited another 3-4 days for another.....same thing happened again.....another empty. Then some bright spark 'realised' that Little Rock was a C-130 base and that we could borrow a spare window from the USAF and get on our way to Nellis and Las Vegas. a seven day trip turned into a 18 day epic !.
  6. Brilliant...........Love the P-38 and especially this new Tamiya kit. I have two in the stash (one is earmarked to be a F-5A) and really hope Tamiya follow up with a P-38J since I have a ton of decals for those natural metal examples. Great, great diorama, Sir that has been beautifully executed.
  7. Not a subject that is normally on my radar (although I do remember my Dad enjoyed building the Airfix kit all those years ago). I have a number of GWH fast jets so I know what to expect with the quality but this is very nice.....superbly finished. Well Done, Sir !
  8. GREAT JOB !. A lovely job............very subtle weathering which really sets off this model. Well Done, Sir !
  9. Excellent............A very nice example which just goes to prove that you can produce an interesting model, even with a so-called dull overall grey scheme. Great weathering that looks just right. Well Done, Sir !
  10. Great job..........I just hope my current WIP looks as good as this one. Well Done, Sir !
  11. Very nice..........Good to see the classic F-4M in a different scheme. Nice job....Well Done, Sir !
  12. Thank you for posting this RFI. I have one of these kits in the stash which I am planning to build in memory of my Late Father. The Avro Anson was one of his favourite aircraft, along with the DH Mosquito, Saunders-Roe Princess and Vickers Wellington. I remember him telling me about a number of memorable trips in that he had taken in the Avro Anson during his training at No.1 Radio School, Cranwell and later at RAF Locking so I thought it would make a nice tribute. You have done a great job with what looks like a challenging kit but, knowing John Adams as I do, I have every confide
  13. Currently reading 'At Her Majesty's Secret Service - The Chiefs of Britain's Intelligence Service, MI6' by Nigel West, which was a Christmas present from my Mum. A fascinating read so far.....I had no idea, for example, that the UK was indirectly supporting the little known guerilla war being conducted by the 'Forest Brothers' against the occupying Soviet Forces in Estonia (where I currently live/work) and the other Baltic States during the 1940-50s. My other bedside companion is one of MiG Jimenez's Weathering Magazines covering 'The Beach' in preparation for starting a diorama p
  14. Agreed, Given the T-33 is a re-boxed Platz kit, it does seem to be good value when compared with buying the Japanese boxings from the Far East and then dicing with the possibility of import charges. Many others obviously think so too. The Big 'H' sold out on their first batch of the kit within days of receipt and I had to source one from my LMS.
  15. John, Funny you should mention this since the same thought entered my mind. In fact, I think several of the manufacturers are having fun with this at the moment. I recently bought the Aerobonus (Aires) 1:48 scale Russian Military Trainer pilot figure (QAB480225) and this too looks remarkably like V.P.
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