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  1. Tom, GREAT Job !......So nice to see the classic C-119 in a different colour scheme.........The USAF, Armee de l'Air and Italian AF aircraft are OK but I have not seen one done in Indian colours before which is strange given the big part it played in Indian Air Force operations over an extended period including at least two conflicts. Well Done, Sir !
  2. Matt, Phew.....I thought my 6 x Zvedza C-130 projects was ambitious !. My time on the C-130 largely predates the 'J' so I will be focusing on the C Mk.1 and C.Mk 3 on which I spent so much time in the early to mid-1980s. One will be the C.Mk.1P in which I completed a memorable Red Flag sortie in 1985 with the 'Chilean Captain'. I do have one of the RAF C-130J 'Specials' to do although, as you say, it will be difficult to decide which one !. You have done a masterful job on these and I was pleased to see that the Eduard aftermarket works well since I have invested quite a bit into these sets. Like others have said, I'm having some difficulty accepting an Air Force without the C-130 in the inventory since it seems to have been around forever (well at least for my 41+ years of previous service) and the A400M just seems to big for some of what we used to do in TAC Airlift. Anyway, Well Done, Sir !
  3. I've got both kits in the stash so spoiled for choice when the time comes. This is a great model, Ray. I have lost count of the number of recent models that I have seen ruined with over weathering, especially on modern jets. There are, of course, exceptions such as the Hellenic A-7 Corsairs and Vietnam-era USMC F-8Es but by and large most jets are kept pretty clean and I believe the weathering on your model is spot on, having studies countless photos of F/A-18 Super Hornets. Well done, Sir ! I also have to agree with you on Australian Hornet Ball 2020 - I've also lost count on the number of times I have watched this video. I have even used elements of it in one of my Air Power Lecture intros at the College where I work !. Again, very well done on a great model and a great finish
  4. Great pictures...............Thanks for sharing
  5. I remember these well during my deployments to Nellis between 1983-86. I think it was in 1984 that one OA-37 Squadron Commander got himself into a bit of 'bother' by leading a four ship the opposite way around the circuit 'down range' sending a variety of USAF/USN and our Jaguars in all directions at extremely low level !.
  6. I was so looking forward to this series of kits when they were first released since the subject is one of my all-time favourites, but then totally disappointed to hear about the many issues with the kit. I therefore congratulate you on persevering, where I could not, and producing a superb example of the two-seater variant. Well Done, Sir !
  7. Someone asked me in a recent thread if I had more images of Spanish Dassault Mirage F.1Ms. Silly question since this is one of my all-time favourite aircraft !. Anyway, without further ado................more Spanish Mirages.
  8. Yes..................I have quite a few................are you looking for more general shots or some walkaround ?.
  9. Thanks for sharing these. Like my co-respondent above, I have just (literally yesterday) finished reading Tug Wilson's great book 'Confessions of a Phantom Pilot', which features quite a few of his own episodes 'down South'. Tug and I served together at RAF Valley - I was an honorary member of his Squadron and went on several Dets with him so can attest to his 'work hard, play hard' mentality. My own career spanned both the 'Cold' and 'Hot' War period so I can attest to much of went on in the 1980s RAF. I also had great fun working out the various characters that feature in his book (he used false names to protect the innocent/guilty !). As said, it was a great read and thoroughly recommended.
  10. Northern Germany in September 2004. Challenging weather conditions throughout did not make life easy. Enjoy !
  11. Nice to see this classic kit (which IIRC was judged to be one of the best in those days and still holds it own) completed in a different colour scheme and markings. Well Done, Sir !
  12. What a GREAT Build and presentation. The model is superb...you have done justice to what looks like an excellent new kit from Airfix (I have one patiently waiting in the stash). Well Done, Sir !
  13. Delving further into my photographic archive from a recent Laptop cleanse. Here's a selection from Bosnia (EUFOR) in 2009. Enjoy Slovak Mil Mi-17 Hip Slovak Air Force Mil Mi-17 Hip - Digital Camouflage Swiss Air Force AS.332 Super Puma at Dusk - I remember this trip well - it was around -15C that morning ! Spanish Army Bell UH-1H Huey - on the same morning Swiss Air Force AS.332 Super Puma on a slightly warmer day Hope you like them.................
  14. Barzin, Great, great model.. I love the 'Asia Minor' colour scheme on the F-4 Phantom and its nice to see a RF-4E for a change. Well Done, Sir !
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