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  1. As someone who also has the William Green tome it seems that the use of the single fin was a very brief experiment and used on one of the three 'V' K-1 prototypes, (V1) which presumably had the normal tail retro-fitted at some point after a short period? Pat.
  2. Which turrets are you looking at, all of them or just the dorsal one? There are plenty of war time and post-war Lancs that operated with some or even all of the turrets removed so just depends which ones and I can then give you a few possible ideas, as will many other forum members I suspect! Pat.
  3. John, Sorry, I cut and pasted the wrong info so now corrected! The following is everything that is on Wiki for 2/33 which may help a little as it confirms that E-3's were still on strength in March 1943, plus some elderly C-5's too. Pat. Formation and Training. (Dec 40 - May 41) Formed or ordered formed second half of December 1940 or first half of January 1941 (new) in the West, probably in southern Germany under Luftflotte 3, and equipped with Messerschmitt Bf 110s. Stationed at Kassel from 1 Mar 41 to 7 May 41.[1] Central Russia. (Jun 41 - Jan 43) 9 May 41: at Hohensalza (to 16 Jun 41). 12.6.41: Ju 52 crash landed at Kasse1-Rothwesten, 20%. This probably in connection with the transfer of the Staffe1 from West to East. 17 Jun 41: trf to Sudauen (Suwałki. 22 6.41: Sudauen (Suwałki) in East Prussia directly under Koluft Panzergruppe 3/Army Group Center for the attack on the Soviet Union this date - line of advance from East Prussia was via Białystok - Minsk area (29 June) - Vitebsk (6 July) - Nevel - Velikiye Luki (August) - Vyazma (13 October) and then on toward Moscow. 22.6.41: Bf 110 E-3 (8H+DK) failed to return from a recce mission over the Grodno area/90 km NE of Bialystok, 100%, 2 KIA and 1 WIA. 23-26 Jun 41: at Olita. 27-28 Jun 41: at Wilna (Vilnius)/Lithuania. 29 Jun 41: trf to Smorgonie (Smorgony). 6 Jul 41: trf to Lepel. 7.7.41: Bf 110 (8H+CK) failed to return (FTR) from a recce over the Vitebsk area, 100%, 3 MIA. 16 Jul 41: trf from Lepel to Janowitschi (Yanovichi). 26 Jul 41: trf from Yanovichi to Moschna (Moshna) and there to 11 Oct 41. 12 Oct 41: trf to Sytschewka (Sychëvka) (to 24 Nov 41). 25 Nov 41: trf to Vitebsk and then via the Reich to Denain/W France, arriving on 7 Dec 41. 1.42: removed from operations and returned without aircraft to Germany for an extended rest and refit. 1.3.42: Staffel reported 4 x Bf 110 E-3 on strength. It was beginning to re-equip and train prior to being deployed back to the front. 30.5.42: based at Shatalovka/East under NAGr. 6. 20.6.42: Staffe1 back on the central sector of the Eastern Front and possibly operating from Fp. Naumovo/140 km ESE of Smolensk or Fp. Roslavl/110 km SE of Smo1ensk - reported 12(6) Bf 110s on strength and probably assigned to Nahaufklärungsgruppe 6. 30.6.42: Bf 110 E-3 shot down by AA-fire near Vyazma, 100%, 1 WIA. 8.7.42: Staffel ordered to transfer to Dugino for a planned stay of 3 to 4 days. 19.7.42: Bf 110 shot down near Yukhnov, 100%, 3 KIA. 5.9.42: Bf 110 shot down by a fighter over Malyzhev, 100%, 1 KIA and 2 WIA. 10.12.42: Bf 110 C-5 crashed and burned on take-off from Fp. Shatalovka, 100%, 3 killed. 12.42: at Shatalovka under NAGr. 6 in support of 4th Army. 19.1.43: Shatalovka under NAGr. 6 in support of 4th Army. 29.1.43: transferred from Shatalovka to Chuguyev/37 km SE of Kharkov together with other components of NAGr. 6. South Russia and Germany. (Feb 43 - Aug 43) 1.3.43: Staffel reported 3 x Bf 110 C-5, 1 x Bf 110 C-5/U3, 3 x Bf 110 E-3 and 1 x Bf 110 F-3 on strength. 8.3.43: Bf 110 crashed at Kasmokust due to engine fire, 100%. 28.3.43: Bf 110 G-2 shot up by ground fire over Planquadrat 5042/c.30 km SW of Kharkov, 50%, 3 WIA 28.4.43: Bf 110 G-3 crashed at Fp. Kharkov-North due to engine failure, 80%. 14.5.43: Fiesler Fi 156 crash landed at Uman/W Ukraine due to technical problems, 80%, pilot injured. 18.5.43: Bf 110 G-3 crash landed at Fp. Kharkov-North, 90%, Oblt. Günther Lahmann (observer) + 2 injured. 4.6.43: Bf 110 G-3 shot down by a fighter north of Belgorod, 100%, 2 KIA. 6.6.43: Bf 110 G-3 (8H+GK) FTR and believed shot down by a Russian fighter over P1.Qu. 70/3 (near Kupyansk/SE of Kharkov), 100%, 3 MIA. 12.6.43: Bf 110 G-3 force landed at Fp. Kharkov-North, 100%, 2 injured. 6.43: withdrawn from operations and reassigned from NAGr. 6 back to Germany during the second half of June 1943. 1.8.43: Staffel reported 7 x Bf 110 G-3 on strength. 28.8.43: at Wertheim near Wurzburg - renamed Stab II./ZG 76 on or about this date, but in practice many of the air crew personnel were used as cadre for 6./ZG 76. FpN:2.(F)/33 (L 40849). Staffelkapitän:
  4. Found the following on tinternet re the unit 2.(F)/33: Formed 12.40 in Germany. In 1.42 became 2.(H)/33. In 8.43 became Stab II./ZG76. Known bases: Kassel-Rothwesten, 6.41 (Bf 110) Radoskowicze, 7.41 Moschna, 8.41 - 10.41 Konaya, 10.41 - 12.41 Germany, 1.42 - 6.42 Schatalowka, 7.42 - 4.43 Charkow-Nord, 4.43 - 8.43 And this on Wiki 2.(F)/33. 9 May 41: at Hohensalza (to 16 Jun 41). Central Russia. (Jun 41 - Jan 43) HTH. Pat. Ps. the E2 and E3 variants started production in early 1941 I think
  5. The spinner suggests the C/D/E type so perhaps a C5 from 1940/41 over the UK, however this particular unit is not listed in the Luftwaffe Order of Battle for this period so I'm guessing it would be somewhere in Russia in 1941. The fairing on the upper nose, as Troy notes, suggests it is more likely to be the E variant in which case it would be the long range E-3 recon version which was identical to the E-2 fighter-bomber version but had the Rb 50/30 camera fitted in lieu of the central bomb rack and the two cannon. However the under wing bomb racks of the E-2 were still retained. Hopefully someone can shed light on the unit history to give you a clues as to where and when. HTH. Pat.
  6. Absolutely superb! What on earth came 1st I wonder as this is almost beyond comparison? Pat.
  7. Quite superb! Love the exposed panel showing the detail of the life raft. Pat.
  8. Model and base built and finished to a very high standard indeed, and so realistic as well. Superb! Pat.
  9. Lovely pair of less well known aircraft done to a really high standard too. Well done! Pat.
  10. Superb detail and finish in this very challenging of scales. Pat.
  11. Oops, forgot about the comms element so you have very kindly and patiently answered my rather daft question. Still greatly impressed with the build and diorama setting, absolutely first class! Thanks. Pat.
  12. Innovative and superbly done too. Just wonder if at such low level would the crew need the oxygen masks on? Pat.
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