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  1. Yesterday
  2. That is a real gem of a model! Martian
  3. Very smart and very different! I love it! Martian
  4. Thanks Ian, they should be very useful in any future build. The captions with the photo's are a bit of a laugh, especially image 46/62 "Petit Officer Martin......" Cheers Mike
  5. The Currant Bun has some good overhead shots, here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3905099/hms-queen-elizabeth-maiden-voyage-russia-royal-navy-sea-trials/ Cheers, Ian
  6. In the ship building industry its anyone involved or was. MoD keep changing requirements, Governments can't make their minds up then realise they need something else, the old union demarcation in the 60s/70s pushed up delays and costs, then the strikes. Potential customers walked and stayed away...I knew an RN Commander who was on the Ministry team during a Type 42 build. The whole time he was there he saw one bloke spent all day with a drawing sat on a box smoking, he just moved around the ship with his drawing,box and roll ups. Didn't do a stroke and he said quite a few were "at it" and got away with doing nothing because they were over manned. The original hangar design couldn't take chopper . The original elevators design on Invincible couldn't take a Sea Harrier it was due to carry.
  7. Not just unions mate management have also got to take a fair proportion of the blame too
  8. Thank you very much for the comments and support. In answer to your question Beefy the PE mesh is 1mm fine and comes from scale link: http://www.scalelink.co.uk/acatalog/Meshes___Mailles.html I hope this helps.
  9. About time, there's loads of ships from the Russian side, but only Mikasa from Japanese.
  10. Very nice job Ray.
  11. Great work there especially at that scale!
  12. Last week
  13. Hi I was thinking about building this one, but bit out of the box, as a little diorama of the sub as it looked just prior to soaking in sodium carbonate. I've seen one picture of it and looked great for play with corrosion effects, something different. Has anyone some nice pictures of it in that period? Cheers Mick
  14. Outstanding work all round Ray looks superb.
  15. At this rate I reckon you will have her done by October easily, great work! Martian
  16. I have an E class in the stash and depending on when I can clear the ways I hope to get started on her soon. Great build by the way Cheers
  17. Hi all here is the next update I noticed a split in the vac form mizzen sail and was going to patch it with a stitched square then thought I would experiment with some super glue. Unfortunately the superglue made the weathering go white but a coat of acrylic white and you would never know. I've finished all the ratlines on the forecast
  18. It was closed to pedestrians. There was also a heavy police and military presence on land, water, and air. I agree. I didn`t fully appreciate just how much the flight deck and towers exceed and overhang the width of the hull. Nothing really prepared for that until she was free of the dock. Here`s a nice vid of her sailing under the Forth Rail Bridge from seaward side (go straight to 5 minutes into vid).
  19. Very nicely done! And a great little pen story to boot! Really good rigging on such a small kit as well. Good job. Geoff
  20. That is one hell of a big ship! The transom shot really brings it home! Lets hope she doesn't have to go back there to often!
  21. A great looking ship and well presented
  22. Just a beautiful build, well done. I remember those pens, i had one as well, bought it from pen shop near the bank of england when i worked in the city, no idea were it is now. All the best Chris
  23. I see traffic on the bridge. Wasn't there meant to be road closures as she sailed underneath? you know, for security reasons?
  24. Now THAT was impressive! Well done all involved!
  25. Get a look at his 1/1250 scale pre-built yours for a dandy £175.00 http://www.anticsonline.co.uk/2533_1_107593369.html Or similar in 1/1250 for a slightly less price £49.95 kit and £69.95 built. http://mountfordmodels.com/marketplace/23-1250-Waterline-Ships-Models-Spares/305-mm382kp-hms-queen-elizabeth
  26. Airfix getting flak over their 1/350 Model of HMS Queen Elizabeth (LOL) not too serious of course http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2014/07/06/airfix-criticised-for-not-including-any-aircraft-with-scale-model-of-hms-queen-elizabeth/ When asked about two years ago if they would look at a model, they stated at the nationals may be not much interest, I have had a number of calls this morming asking to buy a model that does not exisit.
  27. Cracking build and a great story regarding your venerable pen ... ! BillyD
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