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  2. Thanks Ced, I think my sprue-cutters will be up to snuff, they're Xuron's. The kit parts look to be in good nick, I suppose it was a big investment at the time and the moulds have been well looked-after, as far as a cursory inspection indicates. Some of the parts look a bit simplified but should be hidden to a degree by the sheer bulk of the thing I accept no responsibility for your brain's choice of earworm Cheers, Stew
  3. Crikey Stew, what a lot of parts! One of my first thoughts was "I hope your sprue cutters are up to it" but that's just a current fixation of mine at the moment. My second thought was "I hope there isn't any flash". Of course my very first thought was "A ship? Oooer..." Jack's expression is classic - "You're using me for scale? Where are you going to put this thing when it's finished?" I did zoom in on the figures and, for some reason, I now have 'In the Navy' by The Village People bouncing around my head. Thanks for that... Good luck with the competency exam - I'm in!
  4. My friends, colleagues and evil overlords at Sovereign Hobbies have pointed out to me that in order to achieve my core competencies and qualify as a fully-accredited member of the Associated Federation of Henchpersons, Goons, Thugs and Minions, I was going to have to build a ship. Believing, as I do, that building a model in anything other than 1/72 scale is a perversion of the grossest nature and an affront to all that I hold dear left me somewhat limited in my options if I was to successfully complete this task. Still, I cast my mind back to 1979 when I was still a mere slip of a lad and Matchbox was not only still a going concern, but perhaps at the peak of its powers; the year that they released the 1/72 Flower Class Corvette kit. It was a remarkable offering, for the subject, the physical size of the model and the number of parts – and far too expensive for me; it became for me one of those semi-mythical uber-kits that you promise yourself: “One day...” I managed to get the Revell 2000 re-box of the kit for a pretty reasonable price on ebay so that day seems to have come: It's a big box - Jack is a full-grown male West Highland Terrier and is shown for scale: There are a lot of parts too: Sadly this edition of the kit does not include the transfers for HMS Bluebell although the specific parts for her are still included on the sprues. I'll probably go with HMCS Snowberry rather than the other option - the USS Saucy - even though the decals for the former are a bit rubbish and the latter has a great name. I'll be building it OOB as far as possible; I appreciate there are innacurracies in the kit but it is still an impressive model particularly if, like me, you are not au fait with the real thing. Also I am very lazy, but mainly this: I like building kits and I'd like to build it just as I would have done at the tender age of 14, just for the pleasure of building it. Unless I feel like changing something (the crew figures for example), in which case I will Cheers, Stew
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks once again for the comments folks, I'm just polishing off an MTB build and have made a trip up to HMS Belfast ready to get cracking on her next. Andrew
  7. One of my favorite sub , hope a release in 1/350th . Good job Chris Pierre
  8. Impressive range of K class ken Well done Pierre
  9. The hull sides of the two kits are different - this model has promenade deck open for it's full length whilst the Titanic kit correctly has the forward section enclosed. It was the main distinguishing feature of the two sisters. As for the rest of the kit I'm not surprised that Revell haven't accounted for the minor differences between the two ships. Mike.
  10. Thank you very much mate. It takes a lot of patience and i don t build all the time on my ships. Working with PE parts is fun but it can be boring after a while and there is alwas something different at hand.
  11. That is certainly looking absolutely superb Bernd! I seriously do not know how you have the patience with all that PE! Wonderful! Kind regards, Stix
  12. Neat work the paint work with all these weathering effects is stunning. Good luck with painting all these little guys
  13. Excellent work and a good bunch of progress since my last visit. Its taking really shape.
  14. Thanks for the kind reply, my experience with this set is quite positive, no bigger problems its only fiddly.
  15. Great job has been done here. I like your brass work.
  16. Thank you, I am now working on the guard rails on the hull, it's slow work but I hope the result will really give a lift to the model. An update will follow soon.
  17. Thank you for that, I have added them to my Christmas list.
  18. Looks great with all added details.
  19. Still underway with some new photos.
  20. This are is still unfinished like the rest but its taking shape. The aft main range finder with photoetched brass on. Unpainted deck details and the white disk for the swastika. A decal from Tamiyas Spitfire Mk.Vb in 1:48. The RB gun barrels attached to Revell plastic parts. Now with the turret body on, details on all four gun turrets are in place. Some new progress from the last weeks. Basicly i have added details to the superstructure. For a better view i have put all sub assemblies together.
  21. Those technical plans from the first book look really good!
  22. Look forward to seeing the ROV images hopefully in August. Thanks for posting, very interesting.
  23. MikroMir

    MikroMir are certainly doing some interesting stuff.
  24. What I can find out it is the Titanic kit just with new decals...
  25. Last week
  26. This is so interesting, and beautifully neat, fine work.
  27. Always happy to have a visit from Mars mate! Hoping to have the first actual modelling post for this project this weekend - just waiting on my mate at work to finish scanning, rescaling and plotting the plans.
  28. A couple of recent purchases.......... First as recommended by Ray S Cracking book with coloured sketches, plans and lines. Just the job for anyone looking to build early to late steam coasters Well pleased Second one is great for anyone looking to start scratch building Chapters 1 Research 2 Scale & Proportion 3 Tools & Facilities 4 Traditional Materials 5 Synthetic Materials 6 Adhesives & Joints 7 The Slipway 8 Hull Construction inc bread & butter 9 Hull Construction inc plank on frame 10 Clinkered hulls 11 Fibreglass hulls 12 Detailing the hull (Research) 13 Detailing the hull (Techniques) 14 Weather decks 15 Deck Planking 16 Ships' fittings 17 Casting & etching 18 Painting & airbrush 19 Digital dewberries 20 Rigging the model 21 A Wee Boat from scratch The book gives a good insight in to how to go about the various stages. Beautifully illustrated. Kev PS Thanks Martian & Keith for the help
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