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  1. Today
  2. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Hi @seadog How do you do the little rings on the aerials - I never got that to work on my poor attempt??? Tried finding suitable rings, but no luck Tim
  3. Well I have seen something things but this is something else. Just absolutely superb in every way. Quite amazing. Laurie
  4. Yesterday
  5. WOW! There's no words I can think of to say just how good these are, will Fantastic be enough
  6. Best change that to us. Fastboat modeller!
  7. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Interesting build their @seadog, I also have snaffled some photos for future reference. The aerial array looks like a rather interesting build on its own! Stuart
  8. I'm in if the men in white coats have not found me and locked me away Kev
  9. Thanks Kev. And this is just the start. Hopefully, this one wont'd take 33 years, or I'll be finishing it an old folks home.
  10. Nice work ! Can see why it took 30 years to build the ' D ' Kev
  11. BPBC 466-MTB

    Halfway there, then. I had hoped that I'd posted some pics on photo bucket of when I went through this, but it seems I didn't. I think I shouldn't have written "easy enough". Looking back I now recall a fair bit of swearing....you'll get there.
  12. Hi again! I've started to detail the boat's hull & deck. Here's my attempt at making Foot Rails for the forward deck of the boat. The actual rails are about 1.5" thick, 2.75" high, & 297" long (the rails on earlier boats, such as PT 109, were 358" long). I found a detailed drawing of the rails on the 'net, & scaled it down to 1/72. The rails for this model are approx. .02" wide, .04" high, & 4.1" long. I cut .02" wide strips (or at least as close as I could) from a .02" thick plastic sheet, then cut the tiny end & base pieces, & glued the base pieces to the rails. I was amazed at how complex these rails are on the actual boats. There's different size base pieces, different spacings between the base pieces, two different end piece lengths, and a splice piece in the middle. All being a challenge for an anal modeller like myself. In the end, I'm fairly happy with the result ... at least that's what my old eyes are telling me . Here's a photo of the completed rails; Thanks again for stopping by. John
  13. Too true, I keep running across stuff I didn't know and then have to decide whether to start ripping up some of what I've done a do it again, or just grit my teeth and carry on. One of the reasons why Fair Rosamund is stalled.
  14. BPBC 466-MTB

    Kev that would be great thanks appreciate all your help with this It is the photo you posted that has made my mind up about changing it will pm e mail soon thanks again beefy
  15. BPBC 466-MTB

    A tough decision but at the end of the day you know it's the best one. Do you want me to email you a copy of the plan? Kev
  16. I can understand your frustration at the moment Keith. Trust me we've all been where you are BUT you are well capable of building anything you want to high standard as proven by past builds. Part of the problem with knowledge is you don't know you need it until it's tooo late. Chin up and full speed ahead Kev
  17. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Why I posted the link! Photobucket is a PITA, but the original shots have long since vanished from my computer, so at least they can be got at!
  18. BPBC 466-MTB

    Well I had hoped to get this done soon but looks like I may be a while bit the bullet and a lot of cursing and removed the streak One side done now for the other I will then spend some time sanding and reflecting on my mistake of not checking first beefy
  19. Limiters that,s what them bars are for Yes tis a great thing knowledge when you have it unlike some on here great work with the band stand fiddly looking thing must start learning to be at bit more patient with my builds beefy
  20. Pity the Video is no longer on Youtube, I'd have loved to have seen it, I'm just doing a lot of finishing off on the 1/350 scale model of this great ship
  21. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Hope you don't mind of copied them for future reference, lovely build Kev PS If anyone wants to know what the collective is for a swarm of Ads / stop script or recover webpage it's called a &*^%$£"! photobucket.
  22. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    The rails were fabricated from soldered Brass, or maybe copper wire. I have pics of the entire build, over on photobooket. Here's a link to the page. http://s1021.photobucket.com/user/seagull47/library/ASRL?sort=3&page=1 There's a few pics of the alterations to the turrets underway. PS, the aerials were, um, interesting to fabricate.
  23. U-Boot Typ VII C 1/350

    Thanks a lot, lads. Glad you like my "Boot". @Bill: You can NEVER have enough kits 😉 All the best Tobby
  24. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Seadog - that is a very fine build How did you do the Turret cage rails? You've nailed them!! Rob
  25. Ah but it's guesswork based on knowledge around the subject! Rails , splinter mats and limiter rails would again be a reasonable supposition Keep up the good work Kev (post coffee)
  26. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    Lovely job Matey The sacrifices we make for BM Kev
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