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  2. Andy, I see what you mean! Thanks for sharing this. If you want hatches open in my opinion the photoetch deck would be the way to go, but not otherwise based on your pics. Cheers, Tom
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  4. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Brilliant, thanks John & Kev, my miniscule FPB knowledge has just been given a sizeable boost. As an aside, I'm reading "The Battle of the Narrow Seas" again, first read about 50 years ago, & apart from bits & pieces read in the interim, the last time I read it cover to cover was probably 20+ years ago. I'm amazed at how much more I can appreciate it from following builds on here & ARC but also how much more there is to know, which is where this thread began as I was googling for detail in C-class MLs & that photo popped up. Steve.
  5. Hi all here's the next update done some more to the boiler Loads more to do to this bit but quite pleased how it's going.
  6. Airfix 1/144 Wasa

    Hi all next update I was going to add some stays but Airfix would have you use the God awful plastic coated cotton ratline thingies so no hole through the crows nest Wish I hadn't added the main stays now as drilling out the holes in the crows nest will probably slacken them all off
  7. Did you train in technical drawing at all Crisp? This work is of such quality and depth that it fills me with admiration at the level of skill it displays each time I come back to it. Terrific.
  8. I'm moving rapidly towards firing up the airbrush so I need to update you on the decking. I purchased the full PE decking sets on the strength of the pictures on the rcsubs.cz website. The pictures show all the PE parts (including the decking) in bare unpainted brass and look amazing. The quality of the received PE deck parts is superb but they are of coarse extremely flimsy being only 0.2mm thick brass sheet. The supplied instructions show how to construct some basic support bars and strips but in reality I would need to go much further and build a rather complex sub-frame if the PE deck were to be supported fully to my liking. I set about cutting out the numerous PE hatches and bits and bobs then meticulously sticking them to the PE deck. It began to dawn on me that I was basically producing a near replica of the original supplied Revell decking with little gain in fineness or detail. I hit the newly built PE deck, and the Revell supplied deck, with some primer so I could compare. I was a little disappointed to find that there was literally no discernible difference. Now don't get me wrong, the rcsubs PE decking is superb but unfortunately the plastic Revell supplied items are absolutely stunning and fit immaculately. For this reason, I will be sticking with the original Revell deck and save myself a lot of frustrating work. I have used some of the small PE deck detail but only where I perceive a significant gain in appearance. Below are two comparison pictures so you can judge for yourselves. You should be able to work out that the Revell deck is in the foreground on the first picture and in the background in the second picture. Please do let me know your opinions. Andy.
  9. I've only used bamboo for treenails, to date. I've made a couple of the upper yards - royals, out of brass for this build. I've now made a new mast and cap out of DeGame...I'll try to be a bit more careful this time. The disaster has given me a chance to sort out the yard sling before it all gets complicated again! I've been putting all the build pics up on a blog to make them accesible - quite a way to go yet!
  10. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Thanks Kev. I wonder where we would be without J. Lambert's reference books?
  11. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Nice one John! Coming from a different angle PV70 was the original boat built by Scott-Paine to try and get contracts. It was noted that compared to the subsequent boats PV70's 'the sides and top of the trunk cabin met in a rather unattractive sharp angle' Was accepted by US after trials and became PT9 , the origin of the 70' Elco with mods. When the 70' boats were handed over to the RN PT9 was allocated to the RCN in March '41. Stripped of her tubes and engines she was towed to Montreal, where she was fitted out by the newly formed Canadian Power Boat Company and became V-250. From the look of the rest of the Canadian boats they followed closely on Scott-Paine's PV70 Kev PS All my info is from John Lamberts Vol II PPS Now you know Steve
  12. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Hi Steve & everyone! The key clue here is; V252 was a motor torpedo boat built for the Royal Canadian Navy by the Canadian Power Boat Company. Here's some background info, as described in an article by Donald E. Graves entitled "HELL BOATS" OF THE RCN: THE CANADIAN NAVY AND THE MOTOR TORPEDO BOAT, 1936-1941. I came across this article during my RCN BPBC MTB build. The Canadian Power Boat Company was created by Hubert Scott-Paine as a subsidiary of the British Power Boat Co. in May 1940, located in Montreal, Quebec. V252 was one of 12 Canadian Motor Torpedo Boats (CMBT's) contracted to the Canadian Power Boat Co. She was "a seventy-foot craft powered by three 1350-horsepower Packard engines. It was to be equipped with ASDIC and armed with two eighteen-inch torpedoes in forward-firing tubes, four 50-calibre machine guns in twin-powered turrets and four depth charges. Specifications called for the boat to be capable of a continuous speed of thirty-five knots, an emergency speed of thirty-eight knots and a range of two thousand miles. With the exception of the substitution of Packard for Rolls Royce Merlin engines, the reduction in the number of torpedoes and the addition of depth charges and ASDIC , the CMBT was substantially Scott-Paine's 70-foot Private Venture boat. The addition of these two items demonstrate that the RCN's intention was to use the CMBT not so much as a fast attack craft but as a patrol craft - basically a fast motor launch. Canadian Power Boat was to commence delivery of the first Canadian-built craft thirty-nine weeks and the last fifty-nine weeks after signing at a price of $139,449 per craft.42 John
  13. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    I hauled out vol 2 of Lambert & Ross's Allied Coastal Craft, and I have to agree with the description of it as an ELCO. The long pilot house, the two Dewandre turrets, and the aft-mounted torpedo tubes look fairly convincing. The bridge has been enclosed, and there are not sign of the ventilator pipes aft, the turrets are covered, and the torpedo tubes are being fitted. These look to me as signs that the boat has been sealed up for delivery, possibly on the deck of a merchantman?
  14. Hi Marco, Any updates? Andy.
  15. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Hi all I would have to agree with @jaime here. The length to human ratio is in keeping with the 63' boat. But the arrangement of the two AA turrets is different to the usual UK variant - they were staggered over the ridge of the main compartment, while these seem to be side-to-side, more in keeping with the early Scott-Paine MGB, here without armament - there is no (usual) single Oerlikon on the rear and nor is there the larger gun on the front, or the wave deflector - maybe not yet fitted? As mentioned the wheelhouse is not correct for an Elco boat. My 2c
  16. Have you tried bamboo for masts. Probably to small for you but I've been using barbecue skewers, seem extremely strong for the diameter? I would guess the safe bet is brass, there is a lot of tension on the top mast as you're setting up the rigging ... Kev
  17. Ta Kev, you're probably right, grit teeth and, um, keep calm etc. Cleared the debris...puzzling over the next step - new mast in wood or try to do one in brass?
  18. Hello Bitzer, Very impressed with your result. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  19. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    I wouldn't presume to contradict those who know these small craft far better than me, but the Elco wheelhouse looks different to me - most seeming to have a row of 3 similar shape windows behind the windscreen. The wheelhouse on Steve's link looked more like the 63ft HSL I thought? But my knowledge of these is pretty much non-existant!
  20. I feel your pain ...... One of the bits I'm mucking about with at the moment 1/144 masts and spars for my luggers Easy for me to say but you've such along way it would be a shame to give up on such a beautiful boat Kev
  21. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    I agree, MTB 258 - 268 ex Elco 70' formed the 10th flotilla in the Med. The pic shows a boat prior to RN service with the US Dewandre MG turret and US pattern 18" torpedo tubes. Steve yo were right about the BPCO heritage. The initial Elcos were designed by Scott-Paine HTH Kev
  22. Third time. Not repairable now. Either I try to use my wood lathe to make a new topmast out of a bit of brass rod - probably how it should have been done in the first pace - or I pack it in, Tempting. The big lesson in all of this shambles is: If you're nuts enough to work this sort of scale, EVERYTHING needs to be planned out. Think what needs to be where, before other stuff gets done, making those things imbloodypossible to get to, like getting all your blocks that need to be on the mast on before further rigging. You don't, after all, get a set of instructions to ignore with a scratch-build. Might have gotten away with it at a larger scale, say 1/72nd....but 1?144th? Nuh-uh!
  23. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Looks like an early 70ft Elco PT boat to me, around 10 of those made their way into RN service.
  24. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Just guessing, but V for Vosper and fresh from the factory? Which might explain the non-standard gear of the personnel on the deck, as the guy over side appears to be in RN gear. Either a build number of its eventual service number?
  25. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    Same to me Jamie but the number didn't look like an RAF one neither do the crew which made me wonder if it was US crewed. Steve.
  26. Mystery(to me) rescue/patrol launch, anyone can ID?

    That looks like a whaleback ASR launch to me http://www.raf-lincolnshire.info/marinebranch/airsearescuephoto9.htm
  27. Great news. Looking forward to that Scharnhorst. Keep up the good work. Andy.
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