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  2. Hi Joss, 1/700 destroyers are pretty small, somewhere around 5" depending on the class. Few come with photoetch in the kit, apart from resin kits and the IBG mentioned above. But specific etch sets are readily available. The cruisers and battleships are a different matter! Although the part counts and amount of photoetch goes up accordingly... 1/350 destroyers would sound like a good place to start for you, not too small, lower parts count and a good few come with basic etch to bring out the details. Geoff
  3. thanks Geoff, Im not sure on scale. Im not really sure how big or small 1/350 or 1/700 are? Id say id like something big enough not to be dwarfed among 1:48 aircraft? I do like the tribal class and accuracy is not an issue at the moment as id just like to get stuck in building something. I shall have a look at the flyhawk models and may have to try a 1:350 and a 1:700. Will photoetch be necessary in 1:700 or will what comes with the kit be sufficent? Thanks again joss
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi Joss, what scale are you looking at? 1/350 or 1/700? If you're thinking 1/350 I'd look at one of the Trumpeter Tribal class although they're not 100% accurate. If you're looking at 1/700 then you're really spoilt for choice! The Flyhawk models are beautiful and come with photoetch. I've the Aurora and Naiad in the stash, can't wait to start them! There's the IBG hunt class which build up easily and again come with photoetch or you have the good old Tamiya and Trumpeter range. Really just depends on your taste and budget! Have a butcher's around here and see what people are building and see what catches your eye. Good hunting! Geoff
  6. Need to aquire an old relay. Really good PE work!
  7. This is looking very smart with the brass in place! Martian
  8. Looking good! I think that the hull should glue down with some epoxy so I wouldn't lose too much sleep over the missing bolts. Martian
  9. Small up date Pom Pom built up why did I think of doing it that way Got to admit it was hard work very delicate but it does look better Also started to add the mast Halyards using thin copper wire from a old relay And painted the name plate up Beefy
  10. Hi Rob I,am considering the Fairmile D the one with the shark teeth on the bow as per your book referance photo but they are all great kits already have the BPC 466MTB Hope to pick up some tips and info from your build Beefy
  11. Hi Bernd. Glad you are well and I will keep checking back for any more progress. Kind regards, Stix
  12. Hi Stix i am well but my modelling has suffered a major blockade, for almost four weeks i didn t made nothing. Hopefully more soon. Cheers Bernd
  13. Hi Paul, I tried the centreline first method with Ophir, but that one bowed too - maybe I am using too thin a base plate. I agree with the bowing being hidden, that will also come about as when I fitted the second skinning, it went below the current level of the bottom of the hull, so disguises it even more. Thanks for the tip though Hello Morty, thanks for that about Isopon 38, I have had good results with that too in the past (tried once only) but I have run out at the mo, and I am on a bit of a budget. Murdo, I do get a good idea every now and again! However, I also have a tendency to create 'oops' moments too - for example: Well, my planning idea soon went out of the window!!! I fitted the deck after suitable fettling, and it fitted like a dream, except for the starboard bow area where there was a bit of a gap. Later on, at about 2.30am I was having difficulty sleeping and I almost sat bolt upright with the thought 'I did not fit the bolt nuts into the hull to attach the ship to the baseplate or even drill the holes'! Doh... I have trimmed down the surplus plastic from above the deck, but it still needs a bit more to make it really neat, the starboard bow gap has been filled with Perfect Plastic Putty, and a vertical rod of 30 thou square plastic is now attached to the bow, again oversized as it looks like it goes all the way to the top of the bow 'bulwarks'. I have also done the first lot of Milliput to the aft area, this is a bit rough at the moment (I have said that before methinks) but last time I was able to neaten it up with a couple of layers of PPP. I know Kev (Longshanks) suggested once before about using wood for this area, but I am hesitant as I am not sure how to blend it in to the plastic and with what. I will try on another project though. I have tested the hull, and she does NOT become a rudder sitter despite the weight of filler. I just have to wait now for it to set, and hope I mixed it properly. Thanks for looking, Ray
  14. A quick update, I was supposed to start preparation of the seascape this week but I ended up tinkering with the mast instead. I decided in my wisdom to take a look at fitting the radio antenna on the yard arms, a quick job one might think, that is until I lose all sense and decide to add that one extra little touch! The kit instructions show small pieces of stretched sprue of different lengths glued to the mast yards. That might do, but ship masts and antenna is one of those areas where my job and hobby coincide and I wasn’t happy at leaving it as per kit instructions. So drawing on my knowledge and looking at the few clear images I could find I determined that the radio antenna fitted to the end of the upper yards looked like this: I had a quick think about how I was going to achieve this and resolved I can reasonably achieve the effect I wanted using a 1:350 scale PE ladder from which I cut off a six rung length and one of the sides: Next I attempted to bend the PE to make a hexagon (although they actually came out circular) and then I bent the rungs to a point to make the cone: I needed to make three of these which were glued on to 28 SWG copper wire and then onto the tips of the mast yard arms: I don’t know how effective they will look when painted but at least I know I have done it. That is it for now. Thank you for looking.
  15. I'm really struggling with working at 1/700 scale. Think I'll stick to my 1/12 motorbikes 1/24 cars and 1/8 scale Pocher kits. Many advice greatly appreciated
  16. Last week
  17. Thanks Gents. Still tinkering away adding the little bits
  18. Hear, hear from me too. I'm delighted with mine. Couldn't agree more - cracking work Rob
  19. Thanks for that Paul. Beefy - which one are you going to get? 10btaff - I've used quite a few to date. Some of the resin can be challenging to file and clean up sometimes, otherwise love em to death. Thanks Rob Francis thanks - I've pulled a pic off the web of one of the Abdiels and the gear is visible on the rear deck, that's a big step forwards Well spotted Kev Thanks for the comments about the tower - no-ones more surprised than myself! I've got to the hard bit which is fitting the diagonals - in 2 bits - they need cutting at an angle Thanks to all for looking Rob
  20. Outstanding museum quality modelling.
  21. Hi Bernd. Hope you are well. Just checking if there's been any more progress on these two? Kind regards, Stix
  22. Nicely done! I do like the look of these new Russian classes. Mike.
  23. Hi, Some photos of my recent project: the Buyan-M Class Corvette, Project 21631 from YG Model at 1/700 scale available from NNT Modell: More photos available at the following link: Hope you like it. Thanks. Regards, Ayala Botto
  24. Hi Richard Glad you had a good break.... I could see a 'Puffer' alongside in Poole. definitely wouldn't look out of place I grew up in Ferndown 10' NNE of Poole, Happy Days Kev
  25. Beautiful build indeed. So much I could say about the Battle of the Java Sea but I think it has been said well above by Orion, so on this our ANZAC day, I'll pay remembrance to many brave lives uselessly squandered. Lest we Forget. Steve.
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