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  1. The Frog Sea Fury only gives you the 5 blade prop, not the early 4 blader.
  2. Ah, those strobe lights aren't present - were they above the wing a couple of feet in from the tip?
  3. And another one which I found after test fitting the Nazca decals for the rear section of the u/c doors............... Judging by the walkaround photos the flaps are too narrow in chord and the fairings for their actuators are too long. Hobbycraft have, however, correctly lined up the u/c legs with the forward edge of the flaps. Result - the u/c legs and moulded well are too far aft so the Nazca decals would end up in the wrong place. Applying LTS I'm going to have to remove a chunk off the forward end of the decals which won't be seen as it's on the underside of the nacelle in order that the part that can be seen ends up in roughly the right place. Nazca 1 - Hobbycraft Nil. I've also found there should be 'Brymon' titles on the inside faces of the nacelles which aren't present on the S+M sheet, a pain as I can't get to my laser printer to print my own for several weeks. Decalling continues...................
  4. As the title - please does anyone know where the anti-collision lights are on a Dash 8 srs100? Specifically G-BRYH in 1991 as the photos linked below if that makes any difference but I'm happy to do a generic fit. https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosedale7175/38278652554 http://saadonline.uk/wp-content/uploads/Brymon-DHC8-G-BRYH.jpg Looks to me like there's one on the top of the fin and one under the fuselage but are there any above the wing or fuselage? Thanks in advance, Ross
  5. Just started decalling, thought I'd do the difficult ones first so I tried one of the fin ones and it went much better than I feared, conforming well around even the tight curves at the top. A bit difficult to get it perfect on the leading edge so I think a little paint might be needed but hopefully it won't be too noticeable.
  6. Brymon Airways. I originally thought BA Landor and bought the decals and paints for that but decided that as BA were the authors of the change that eventually killed Plymouth airport I wasn't going to display a model in their livery. So now I will have two models in Brymon colours (DHC-8 and DHC-6) but at least they will be in old and new style markings - when I get round to building the Twotter that is Then, some way in the future, I will complete my Devon/Cornwall civil collection by building the BEA Rapide, Southwest Aviation Skyvan and Isles of Scilly Skybus Islander that are in the stash. And then there's the HP Herald kit that's missing an upper wing half which might, just might, emerge in Brymon colous one day with the help of a scrap B-29 kit - the outer end of the wing of that is a good match in chord and taper to the Herald wing so it could be a starting point for surgery. I'll also have to home brew the decals for that. I really should spend more time modelling and less time planning (or is that dreaming...............?).
  7. The underside is now done although the Xtracrylix came out darker than the Tamiya, probably too dark but LTS. I've also replaced the top aerial. Windscreen frame has been masked and painted and now it's the turn of the exhausts. although you can't easily see the masking was as follows:- 1mm wide strip across the top of the nacelle touching the trailing edge of the wing, 9mm long piece sat centred on this purely to align a 6mm piece each side. then a long thin piece wrapped around just below the exhaust and Maskol outside this to allow for my ham-fistedness with a paintbrush. It's not perfect but as near to the shape of the metal panel around the exhaust as I can get. There is another metal panel in front of this which is covered by the Nazca decals but I might have to overpaint it to get a darker silver, we'll see. Tamiya NATO Black has been used for the inside of the exhaust, probably with an Exhaust Brown wash to come. Next is the silver for the panel and outside of the exhaust, finally there'll be a little black on the top of the rear portion of the nacelle.
  8. BTW the aerials are metal, from a Mini World set intended for something else entirely (CL604?)
  9. The first coat of grey is on and Medium Sea Grey looks ok to me. This is Tamiya XF-83 then some Xtracrylix for the second (gloss) coat. Note I've masked the rear end to try to avoid the decals as they are designed to go over white. I daresay there'll be some touching up to do. I've also done the obligatory trick of breaking the aerial off the top while masking the bottom Propellers now have white primer and u/c is almost completed painting so it's looking possible for the next club competition on 28th Jan
  10. You don't have to wrestle with that lobster back - it looks like it wasn't always fitted.
  11. I think only the new variant that they did - the 217M - has the new interior and that probably isn't suitable for the N variants. Back in the mists of time both Guano and Airwaves did K-2 conversion kits that included a replacement part for the rear fuselage where it is too skinny, just the lower part IIRC. Sadly Airwaves discontinued their set when Italeri released the K-2. I imagine the relevant part from either would fit the N kit.
  12. rossm

    DHC-8 details

    Please can anyone suggest a good grey for the underside of the fuselage of G-BRYG as in this photo https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1063032. Ideally in Tamiya or Humbrol. I'm tempted by the RAF camouflage colour Medium Sea Grey as I've got a gloss version to hand. Also the colours around what would be the APU exhaust if G-BRYG had one which I don't think it did - it looks like yellow with a black outline in this photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/gary_morris/11630853055 Yes my WIP really has got this far - only 3 and a half years ! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235005525-hobbycraft-172-dhc-8-dash-8/
  13. Still building up coats of white with occasional polishing out runs (whoops!). Hopefully the final coat tomorrow. Please can anyone suggest a good grey for the underside of the fuselage of G-BRYG as in this photo https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1063032. Ideally in Tamiya or Humbrol. I'm tempted by the RAF camouflage colour Medium Sea Grey as I've got a gloss version to hand.
  14. Hewy

    Hi ross I'llĀ  take the Boeing 777 landor decal set if you still have themĀ 

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