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  1. A quick look in the National Archives https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/browse/r/h/C2504463 reveals that, at least for June 1944, aircraft were only listed as "Mosquito VI" with no serial or code letter. You can see what missions were flown by each crew but not the aircraft id. Even the combat reports https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_q=seid+418+squadron&_sd=&_ed=&_hb= don't seem to identify specific aircraft. Aviaeology is a Canadian company specialising in RCAF research and decals https://www.aviaeology.com/#/ and maybe BM member
  2. Some help for Mac users https://superuser.com/questions/91608/how-can-i-convert-a-ttf-font-for-use-on-a-mac
  3. It seems possible that Windows .ttf files won't work on a Mac although TrueType is an Apple format - see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/truetype/ Maybe there are some that will work with both Mac and PC and some that are platform specific?
  4. Also try https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=52672.0
  5. Would a Swordfish one be close? I don't have one to check what it looks like.
  6. Hi Juanita, My web page http://hrmtech.com/SIG/coastal_cam.asp may not be much help as Air Sea Rescue (ASR) aircraft did carry dedicated schemes at times. I can hopefully dig more at the weekend but my immediate thought is the codes on BV411 were either red (specified in 1942) or yellow (seen in some photos of ASR aircraft) and the camouflage was the Temperate Sea Scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Grey and Sky, Best, Ross
  7. Have a look at my web page http://hrmtech.com/SIG/coastal_cam.asp From memory Temperate Sea Scheme - Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Grey and Sky
  8. If you search the National Archives for Clostermann you will find some of his later combat reports which are downloadable for free at the moment if you have an account (also free). If you search for Mouchotte you will find some downloadable combat reports including one for the day he was lost which gives a brief description of the circumstances with less detail than quoted above.
  9. If you are prepared to replace enough of it ! I'm just buiding a Mew Gull where the only kit parts used will be the canopy, the forward 3/4 of the fuselage and the horizontal tail parts.
  10. You've got me looking at the ORB now, mostly because I want to build an XVIII from the detachment at Predannack/Portreath before or after it was absorbed into 248 Squadron. I've the Tamiya kit and Paragon conversion set so just need to decide code/serial and source the decal for the code - if I do the well known 'O' then a red letter with a white outline is needed. I assume the same red/white would be needed for other aircraft. I fancy "L" or "I" as they were involved in attacks on U-boats and I think the serials are MM425 and HX903? As an aside there is a Dominie (X.7383) mentione
  11. You're probably aware of this pic of DZ700 https://www.airhistory.net/photo/136604/DZ700 which looks like it could be at a Coastal OTU. It's mentioned in Curtis' book near the back in the copy of a page from a logbook - sorry, don't have the book to hand at the mo to be more exact.
  12. It is simple and some way from perfect - I'm currently well on the way with one but a kit to modern standards would be welcome. There's also the Matchbox/Revell Twin Otter, the Airfix Islander/Defender, Airfix Skyvan, Airfix Heron, Frog/Maquette Herald and Heller/Airfix Dragon Rapide, all on my list for airliners associated with Devon & Cornwall and all elderly to ancient mouldings. A 1/72 DHC-7 would be a nice addition.
  13. Did you get DZ700 ? A MkII which shows up in Des Curtis book "A Most Secret Squadron" in April 1944 - but I suspect you are looking at an earlier period. There's no obvious mention of a T.III though.
  14. If you read the French language edition of the book Blair is not mentioned in the description of the incident, the name of the other pilot is given as Jacques Remlinger, another Frenchman on the squadron. Back then, after capitulation and occupation, France was in need of heroes which may explain some of the "artistic licence". I've started reading his autobiography, "Une Vie pas Comme les Autres" but I don't read French that fast and I'm a long way from any description of that incident. In later life Clostermann was very clear that "The Big Show / Le Grand Cirque" was not 100% ac
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