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  1. I'm not convinced that is a Bulldog with those V struts angled out - more Grebe/Gamecock ???
  2. rossm


    I agree, I'm part way through a Mach2 RB-57F. Be prepared for work but, if you do it right then you will be rewarded. I've done a lot of test fitting, adjustment and filling of joins and surface blemishes but I feel happy with it so far except I made a lousy job of painting the cockpit.
  3. I've only built one so far, a matchbox Fury. I used Tamiya Flat Aluminium and metal foil - but my source of that was a Kit Kat wrapper and they no longer wrap those in foil. I got a very good polished aluminium effect once with Alclad so I'll probably try that on my next biplane.
  4. Glad to see my web page is of use - it was the best I could do with the information I could find. I'm always happy to amend it or add to it if anyone has good information, just PM me.
  5. Warwick would get my vote ahead of Manchester if any kit manufacturers are reading this.
  6. Come to that the Airfix Battle has only a resemblance to the real thing.
  7. Wallace was used by for target towing by various AACUs, surely counts as much as the Henley? Listed as a future release from Dora Wings.
  8. And from Paul Lucas article on the Sunderland in MAM a while back Admittedly talking about white but definitely anti glow paint as an official stores item.
  9. Post no.8 in this thread is a good start https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32192-bristol-engine-collector-rings/&tab=comments#comment-346017 I'm sure there was a thread that had a diagram of how the various bits fitted together which helped make it clear which bits got hot but I can't find it - I thought it was the one above.
  10. Thanks for the exact dates which throw into doubt the caption for the photo in Fighter Squadrons of the RAF which states it was taken at Hendon but has no rudder stripes. 54 took part in Hendon in 1934 but that was 30th June. I rather think the photo was really taken at Mildenhall during the Royal Jubilee Review at the beginning of July 1935. Certainly the large number of aircraft visible in the background match with photos of the Royal Review - see https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1935/1935 -2- 0046.html and https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1935/1935 -2- 0047.html Could it be that JDR Rawlings had the wrong information supplied to him for the photo caption?
  11. Thank you, camera gun and tailwheel are variations I wasn't aware of, definitely a photo is the best reference. The one in Fighter Squadrons shows a tailwheel. The Profile booklet is similar to the Warpaint but with rudder stripes on both variations. Reading the Grainger booklet and the ORB carefully I doubt the red diagonal stripes unit marking appeared on the Bulldog, it wasn't authorised until 20th September and the Bulldogs were disposed of in an entry prior to 14th Setptember in the ORB. So unless a photo turns up I'm even more sceptical than usual with colour profile drawings.
  12. Having stumbled on this https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1935/1935 - 1358.html with the imminent re-appearance of the Airfix Bulldog comes the chance of another type for my Devon/Cornwall collection. The exercise appears to have based the whole squadron at Roborough (Plymouth) from 6th to 21st May 1935 so I need a squadron aircraft from that period. I've got the Profile and the Grainger Data Plan which give drawings for two possibilities - K-1653 and K-1641, both on strength at the time. Whell hubs and propeller bosses are in Flight colours, blue and red respectively. The Data Plan indicates there was a change in colour scheme at some point with the yellow bar squadron marking changing to red with some diagonal stripes. It seems clear this was in 1936 so for my aircraft the yellow bar is correct. The other changes in the Data Plan show black struts changing to natural metal, the antiglare panel (dark green or NIVO?) disappearing and the rudder stripes disappearing. I vaguely recall the latter happened in 1936 but what about the first two? The Profile shows the antiglare panel with the later squadron markings but not the earlier ones ??? Also the fuselage yellow bar is shown aft of the roundel only where Grainger puts it fore and aft in his drawing of the early scheme and aft only for the later scheme. The photos in Flight are not clear enough to give any clues. Does anyone have more information on what the exact apperance would have been in May 1935? EDIT - just found a drawing of K-1641 dated as 1934 in On Target Special - Wings of Silver. Yellow bar aft of roundel only, no antiglage panel, black struts, bulldog badge on fin. Reference is given as Richard Ward in Aircraft Modelworld December 1984. Anyone have that issue to check if there is a photo or just another drawing? EDIT 2 - A photo in Fighter Squadrons of the RAF, undated but at Hendon, shows it in the same scheme as Wings of Silver but without the rudder stripes - was it 1934 they went not 1936? - and with silver struts and no bulldog on the fin. If I can confirm the date fits this looks like the best reference so far. EDIT 3 - The ORB confirms 54 took part in the Hendon display in 1934 so I'm going with that photo, sometimes you have to start a query to remind yourself where to look to solve it EDIT 4 - its photo 11 on this page https://www.raf-in-combat.com/downloads/november-2016-bristol-bulldog-32-photos/ but I'd like to find a decent copy of photo 20 as well EDIT 5 - there's even a set of decals for it on Modell Alliance 72-157 Wings of Silver pt2 but Hannants are out of stock - time for a wanted post methinks. Thanks for your forbearance if you read all through this and any additional thoughts are always welcome.
  13. Thanks for the wishes. You can't read the lettering on my test print at 600dpi so the extra S is definitely LTS as it wasn't on the logo in Paul's link. I might print a blue version as well. The links to the photo you mention and the one that appears in the book :- https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/the-aviators-betty-kirby-green-and-charles-william-anderson-news-photo/503022801 https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/the-de-havilland-dh88-comet-burberry-at-gravesend-kent-before-its-picture-id88898882 Between them I just can't decide on the colours. The lighting and probably the film and possibly filtration will be different but in the first the logo and lettering look the same and in the second they could be the same or different. I fancy maroon logo and blue lettering just to stir the pot but I might chicken out and go with blue for both, note the pale colour of the lettering in this one https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/flying-officer-arthur-clouston-and-betty-kirby-green-leave-news-photo/88897662 which is fairly convincing to me that it would be blue, early films being more sensitive to blue. I'm about ready to print decals - my first ever attempt covering 5 different projects - if you want some I have room to squeeze some more in but let me know in the next couple of days. I'm ready to paint as soon as the mask set arrives and then I'll print the decals and see how they turn out.
  14. Thanks for the link Paul, I took it from the first time of posting and here is my interpretation after a bit of hammering: Bear in mind that's at 1200dpi and your screen is lower resolution so it appears much bigger, in reality it's about 5mm wide when printed. It's probably going to need a white rectangle under it so I may yet go with the kit version with no lettering for simplicity even if accompanied by inaccuracy but preventing possible lunacy cutting decal sheet into tiny pieces.
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