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  1. Oops, it was posted then deleted 'cos I had an old one. It's there again now.
  2. My recent donation to BM was returned and my "For Sale" post seems to have been deleted. I've no idea why. Does anyone have any ideas please? Ross
  3. That's an idea, the email has been sent.
  4. Thank you, I feel a "Wanted" post coming on as an alternative to printing my own
  5. Thank you @Roger Holden Would you by any chance remember if on Tony Woollett's model the name "The Burberry" was also in blue or could it have been red? I can't find "The Burberry" in the SBS range but "Australia Anniversary" is in pale blue/blue and was, of course, a slightly later incarnation supporting the constant pale blue theory. For the overall colour I've a yearning to use an old pot of Humbrol Authentic HB4 "Duck Egg Blue" as distinct from HB5 "Sky Type S" before it was realised they should be one and the same! I can use the blue registrations from the kit but the name will be red unless I'm absolutely forced to create it as a home made decal in blue. Edit - Bingo! HB4 is now 23 which is the colour recommended by KP for "The Orphan"
  6. Thanks for that, unfortunately pale grey could cover "Morning Mist" or "Burberry Taupe" which is what could have been taken from the Burberry palette and could also be called beige. It's not Ivory though, which is the Humbrol reference in the kit instructions. I'm not a fashionista who can distinguish between shades of taupe, beige and grey at a hundred paces but I don't think any of those shades have as much yellow in them as shown on the kit box.
  7. Another question for my Comet build please............... Is there any evidence for the Beige/Red scheme for "The Burberry" given in the KP kit? My thoughts - it was hired out for each event, after the Paris-Damascus race piloted by Clouston it was flown in the Kings Cup by Ken Walker before being hired to Clouston for the South Africa record - it had an overhaul for this but would it have had a repaint or just a new name/logo? Clouston does not mention anything about colours in his book and Flight only refers to the original scheme for the Paris-Damascus event as Cellon "Morning Mist", no mention of colours for "The Burberry". Photos, being black and white, could be any pale colour with darker lettering. My feeling, unless evidence appears, is that a leased aircraft would not have had a full repaint, especially as Burberry only put up one sixth of the hire charge, and it would have remained in "Morning Mist". Current colours named "Morning Mist" range from Duck Egg Green (Valspar) to Duck Egg Blue (Pantone) - any ideas where the Cellon version sat. I have seen that a Cellon colour chart sold on ebay so there is contemporary documentation if anyone knows where to find it. TIA, Ross
  8. Indeed, Rafdec sheet 7206 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rafdec-rf7206-raf-1945-1954--972924 has all you need for RE164 in grey/white including unit badges and roundels. If I might make so bold as to advertise here - I will be putting together a For Sale post over the next few days which will include this sheet.
  9. You're welcome! I'm grateful for all the information that I've been given via this thread. I made some more progress last night while SWMBO was at her samba band practice and barring any imperfections that come to light when I start painting the fuselage join is now sorted.
  10. Progress has been slow, not worth a photo but I'm now on the third application of Mr.Surfacer to the fuselage joint in the two or three spots that need it after a mega sanding session this afternoon.
  11. rossm

    HMS Howe colour photo

    A fellow modeller kindly searched his references for me and came up with the following: There is a drawing showing Howe's anti-aircraft fit in May 1944 in the Warship No.10, A Quarterly Journal of Warship History, by Conway Maritime Press. There is a vertical view in British Battleships of World War Two, Alan Raven and John Roberts, ISBN: 0-87021-817-4, published by United States Naval Institute Press, 1976 on page 300. This is what creates the puzzle over the deck colour as it could be painted grey??? The same book states her AA fit as 1944/45 refit : 34 x 20mm Single Oerliken 4 x Twin 20mm Oerliken 4 x Octuple Pom-poms 6 x Quad 40mm Bofors PM me for a copy of the drawing if you like. I will be visiting Plymouth library sometime soon, there used to be a Naval Reference section but I don't know what has happened following the move to Armada Way. Hopefully I can find some of the references there. Thanks for the colour references @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies are you at any shows coming up in the SW like Avon?
  12. rossm

    HMS Howe colour photo

    I could finally be starting this one soon so I'm bumping this thread up to pick up any new information that has come to light. Seems like the Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoat paints are the ones to go for - but which ones? If you don't mind @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies are you able to confirm the right ones please?
  13. rossm

    DH 88 Comet racer

    Now I've taken the trouble to read the words the Flight article https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1937/1937 - 2289.html and https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1937/1937 - 2290.html gives the story of all the engine modifications, including the bulges.
  14. rossm

    DH 88 Comet racer

    I'm building the KP kit as "The Burberry" and have one or two questions please....... The dihedral angle in the kit is vague to say the least but a flush fit at the roots seems to give too much judging by photos in Flight like https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1937/1937 - 2289.html Does anyone know the correct angle or the size of spacer needed under the wingtips in 1/72? The bulges (parts 17) that KP would have you put under the wings look like they should go on the starboard side of the cowlings - is that correct? They are there in photos except for https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1938/1938 - 0109.html where the shape of the lower port cowling appears indented rather than smooth as in the kit as well as the bulges in the starboard panels not showing. - Edit the indent is there but I'm not sure the shape matches the photo above. Thanks in advance for help, Ross
  15. Looks like they could be but what I can't make out is how they attach to the aircraft. It looks to me like they go on some sort of intermediate frame but trhe photos I've found aren't really clear enough to tell exactly.
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