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  1. Sorry, somehow my brain interpreted your post as white ones - doh!
  2. Hoiw about this https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72129?result-token=0ETJ2 or this https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ML729022?result-token=jFafJ Both have 48" serials but different fonts
  3. You can trawl his website which is full of reference material https://ipmscanberrasig.webs.com/
  4. Sorry, I'm locked down away from my references so I can only tell you what is on my laptop which relates to Devon and Cornwall airfields only. For those counties it was the only successful Beaufighter attack on a U-Boat, there was another partially succesful one on 12th June when 3 aircraft of 248 Squadron damaged U-441. Anyone with 'Search, Find and Kill" by Norman Franks can check for you although it will take some time as you have to scan every page in the book!
  5. This will help with serials as it includes some with the white outline often seen over rudder stripes. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/VA7287?result-token=JE7m9 The MA sheet also seems to cover the Gauntlet, leaving Gloster Gamecock , Westland Wapiti , Hawker Horsley , Westland Wallace , Hawker Woodcock and unidentified ones.# IIRC the Woodcock served with 3 Squadron which had a plain green stripe as it's marking so you can probably do that with generic markings and careful masking or reworking the 3 Sqdn markings for the Bulldog on the MA sheet you have. It should also be possible to find Wapiti, Wallace and Horsley options without squadron markings so again generic decals should do those leaving the Gamecock as the only problem - for which you could go left field - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/GAL72008?result-token=1AOfL
  6. 'Search, Find and Kill' by Norman Franks also has it as a VIC, operating from Predannack. The Mark may be derived from the ORB which just has a general heading for the page of aircraft types as VIC. Looking through the ORB it was not the first attack on a U Boat by a 236 Sqdn Beaufighter but it was the first successful one.
  7. Something similar, but only visible as a lump, appears in the last photograph on p96 in the Profile..........
  8. I've always liked the Dolphin and that just takes my breath away, absolutely splendid.
  9. Wasn't the prototype Me163 overall red, or maybe one of the development aircraft? That's what I'd go for I think.
  10. I think Revell are re-releasing their EF-111 this year, I could try emailing to see if I can buy just the decal sheet - or when we can do "Wanted" posts again maybe someone would like to swap for the Hasegawa prototype sheet. I've got bits of the old F-4E in the spares box but I don't recall the pods, it'll be worth a search to see if they're there. For paints I prefer acrylics, I just don't get on with Humbrol or Xtracolour enamels, but the latter is the only source for 36492. However if you believe online references the RGB values for 36495 and 36492 make the former lighter and a touch bluer - which might match better with my photos although I suspect Kodachrome had a tendency to blue - and 36495 is available in Xtracrylix. RGB #B7B4AB | FS 36492 Gray RGB #C6C5CA | FS 36495 Light Gray Thanks for the tip on the fin leading edge.
  11. And I must have it in the (inaccessible) stash.
  12. Thank you, I think the Modeldecal set will provide everything except the slime lights but I won't know until I try it!
  13. And could be the ones in Hasegawa Weapons set 1? I've got that in the remote and locked down stash so that would solve that problem.
  14. I've just gained a Hasegawa 1/72 EF-111A delivered to my door for half the price showing on the big H's website. The attraction was that I've recently digitised my slides from IAT Fairford 1985 and loved the EF-111A pics. However it's slightly outside my usual comfort zone for colours and accessories and I'm locked down away from my colour references so I've some questions..... The kit is the latest 'protoype' boxing so only has prototype decals, not a problem as I already had Modeldecal 91 for the Hawk option. Although 67-034 is not obviously on that sheet there is an aircraft with the same nose door code of 734 and a note that the tail code was wrong so I'm happy, especially as I'll be leaving off the nose art to suit the earlier date. Looking more closely the formation 'slime' lights are meant to come from the kit - now there's a problem as they're not in that boxing. There's an assortment of pylons in the kit but not the pods - travel pods? The decal sheet is also missing the NATO Raven logo for the pods so I'll have to draw that up and print it. Colours listed on MD91 and equivalents from the IPMS Stockholm table are:- 36320 - Dark Compass Grey - Xtracolour/crylix 135, HU128 36492 - doesn't seem to have a name - Xtracolour X147, there doesn't seem to be a Humbrol equivalent in the IMPS Stockholm table although this thread suggests HU40 For the fin leading edge which looks a slightly different tone Scott Van Aken https://modelingmadness.com/scott/mod/us/ef111.htm used 35237 - X/XA 126, HU145 The nose radome could be the same shade as the undersurfaces or ever so slightly different, it's hard to tell. So my questions are:- 1) What is the cheapest source for the formation lights? 2) Is there a source for the underwing pods? 3) Are there more modern equvalents for the paint colours - preferably Vallejo? Any other relevant comments welcome, TIA, Ross
  15. It's a well known effect that ortho film renders yellow and red as very dark tones.
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