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  1. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kits-at-war-k7-1-bomber-command-part-1--1136026 The full list of B-29 items is here https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="boeing+b-29+superfortress"++1%3A72 I think the Air Craft set is OOP. I do have a set I'm looking to sell but as part of a complete package of kit, AM & decals when I next get my hands on the stash and I think posting a kit that size from the UK would not make sense. If you - or anyone else - is interested then keep an eye out for my "For Sale" post which is likely to appear in January (de
  2. I'm with you on that, maybe with the grey some panels being "Mixed Grey" and others Ocean Grey? The expedient "Mixed Grey" was IIRC 7:1 Medium Sea Grey and Night and I've mixed this previously and it's slightly different from Ocean Grey, at least when using Xtracrylix. In my case it was for a Whirlwind where it was noticeable there were two tones in the grey areas on the reference (B+W) pic and a mixture of the two colours was my best guess. The differing areas were those that would have been overpainted for Dieppe so a repaint seemed possible although maybe it was just the removal of the temp
  3. Yes, A&V rings a bell now you mention it.
  4. Once upon a time I had a resin Hurricane camera bulge but I sold it some time ago. It wasn't from SAM - maybe LF models ? Hazy memory suggests a rounded front.
  5. That gives me an even better idea of what to do with the former in my Mew Gull than your first post about it
  6. I'll join in the gnashing of teeth, I built it from a mix of Heller bits with the Ventura decals many years ago and finished it in late war Xtracolours - I think they might have dried by now but it felt tacky for years
  7. I have an Airframe Mew Gull to build or blend with a Kiwi resin kit and I wondered what you did with that former - thanks for the demonstration.
  8. I did put the caveat about the purchase contract so I wouldn't argue against FB.VI being in the standard Night Fighter scheme. I also wouldn't argue with anything Aviaeology say as their research is usually very thorough, although their Liberator sheet, long out of print, had some things where I felt the percentages were more in favour of a different interpretation. Not having the 333 squdron sheet I wasn't aware of the scheme you referred to, sorry for any confusion.
  9. At some date - which I can't determine from the copies I have but which is likely to have been early in 1944 - the EDSG over Sky Coastal Special Duties scheme was included in DTD 360 which I think was the document used by the aircraft manufacturers so the aircraft would have been finished in that scheme at source, no overpainting required, as long as the role was clear in the purchase contract. Nothing "ad hoc" about it - it appeared on Beaufighters before D-Day. PS - it originated from the EDSG/DSG/White Coastal Special Duties Scheme A, again well documented, not "ad hoc". What w
  10. Arrr, I didn't know that but 'tis a long way from home m'booty Seriously, going back up the thread the trials missile seems to have a rounded nose (radar?) but the model has a pointy nose (IR?) so Blue Jay? and was that just the designation of the IR homing system and the carrier missile was still a Red Dean? I'm a bit confused, as you can probably tell.
  11. I'm not sure you can draw any conclusions on scale from my photo, all I did was lay the part on my computer screen! The missile is part of the 1/72 conversion set for the P.12 Canberra all-weather fighter project https://www.scalemates.com/kits/freightdog-models-scc7210-ee-p12-all-weather-fighter-canberra--204883# It seems to be out of production but if you are interested I could be persuaded to sell mine as it's well down my list of projects - PM me if so.
  12. I can't scale my screen exactly but it looks like Freightdog aren't too far out
  13. If only I was adept with 3D scanning and printing - a left/right flip is probably just a mouse click.
  14. I've just bought my first car kitbut being an aircraft modeller I don't know where to look for detail or conversion parts. For this one - Hasegawa Porsche 968 - I'd like to convert it to RHD. Can anyone point me to a trader who offers parts for this sort of thing please?
  15. I've sent a message to Zero via the contact form on the website..................
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